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so you or anybody is conspiracy. think we're going to see some kind of sea change in the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia we have an obligation there's a journalistic integrity and there is that in this case it was betrayed told only. going after a saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man u.s. senate has introduced a resolution to hold him accountable for the death of jamal. hello i'm a and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. china demands the release of the chief financial officer of telecoms giant huawei after she was arrested in canada. on the table the french government cancels
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plans for higher fuel taxes after a six month suspension failed to stop violent protests. are great and noble ran around. the barracks for older assure your daughter to hear. and former american presidents and well it leaders bid farewell to george h.w. bush. six senior u.s. senators from across party lines have introduced a senator as aleutian to hold the saudi crown prince accountable for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi if approved by the senate it would officially condemn mohammed bin sound man for killing in the saudi consulate in istanbul in october but the resolution doesn't end there it also holds been accountable for alleged atrocities committed during the war in yemen which saudi arabia entered in twenty
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fifteen the saudi u.a.e. alliance has launched more than eighteen thousand air raids part of a war which has killed tens of thousands of civilians the resolution also calls on the kingdom to end the blockade imposed by three other arab states on cattle in june last year the senators want the release to of. women's rights activists and other detained political prisoners john hendren reports from washington d.c. . a number of members of the united states senate at introduced a resolution condemning the kingdom of saudi arabia and mohammed bin some on the crown prince in the killing of jamal khashoggi this measure was introduced by a number of senators but one of them republican lindsey graham who is a close ally of president trump says this resolution without equivocation definitively states that the crown prince of saudi arabia was complicit in the murder of mr coup shoji and has been a wrecking ball to the region jeopardizing our national security interests on
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several fronts now this resolution also makes a number of demands including it condemns the in the strongest possible terms the murder of jamal khashoggi it found that the crown prince mohammed bin someone was in control of the security forces at the time of jamal khashoggi murder goes on to say the senate based on the intelligence given to it has a high level of confidence that mohamed bin so man was complicit in the murder of jamal khashoggi it urges the united states government of the international community to hold all parties accountable and then it does a couple of other things it asks the kingdom of saudi arabia to negotiate directly with representatives of the government in order to end the war in yemen also calls on the government of the kingdom of saudi arabia to negotiate a political solution to its dispute with cadotte qatar expeditiously and in a way that restores diplomatic relations with kids who are so this is a kind of wish list from the senate but there is some legislation with teeth going
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through the senate things that would call on the united states to end military aid to saudi arabia and yemen so this is one of a number of things going through the senate but it is very strongly worded in the bill hurry as a former u.s. diplomat and deputy chief of mission in yemen he says the senate just starting to view mohamed been found man as a destabilizing influence. dump has lost the debate with congress on what should be done above the official g. murder and while he was out with the simple beo arguing about the value of saudi arabia what congress is that ling and no one is contesting that we're contesting that their actions solidly paul as soon as they can under m.b.'s they have no link all that these that belies ng actions that m.b.'s has taken starting with yemen passing by the fish orgy murder on to qatar and even lebanon and so now.
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he has also trump has also lost control of the republican majority in the senate because fifteen of them are going against him his options essentially the administration would have to act behind the scenes maybe to pressure solid n.a.v.i. into some kind of an acceptable corrective course or this is going to get worse and we have to remember that congress in the end the specially the house controls the purse strings and can surely aforesaid ministrations hands. talks aimed at ending yemen's nearly four year long war appear to begin in sweden on thursday the rebels and yemeni government representatives are in stockholm aside from the fighting a famine is also adding to the suffering of millions of people. are porous. and.
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meet. one of the hundreds of thousands of yemeni children suffering severe malnutrition he's being treated at a hospital inside the clinic is struggling to cope with the growing number of emaciated bodies of the young. mohammad he's five years old but war famine abunda tradition slowed his growth he may never be able to fully recover. and. like mohammed's health deteriorated over the last year and we rushed him to hospital hoping he would recover and the doctors are giving him fluids but he doesn't want to wait. the u.n. is brokering a new round of talks between the warring parties in yemen in a bid to ease the humanitarian crisis. after almost four years of fighting between who the rebels and yemeni government troops aided by saudi u.a.e. coalition fourteen million yemenis are on the brink of firemen. now many no less
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and i pad and i pray talks will succeed we have had enough of all the aggression and bloodshed we've lost so many people in this war. he met them another minimum of the yemenis should rican sile and we should end the war in the ring of peace. it's the first time opposing sides in the conflict will have met since two thousand and sixteen past talks collapsed because of growing differences between who should play a bigger role in the future of yemen and. the internationally recognized government says a deal will only be possible when the whole thing is hand over their weapons and put out of the capital sana'a a demand with jetted by the rebels for say all parties should be prepared to compromise. we're going to talks we made concessions and we want the saudi backed government to make concessions as well the un's special envoy for
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yemen martin griffiths has insisted there wizard a military solution and that negotiation is the only way to find an agreement but it's unclear if with its will be able to succeed where his predecessors failed the talks come at a time when the international community is putting more pressure on the saudi u.a.e. coalition to and its military campaign and seek a peaceful way out but the biggest challenge is to convince yemen's warring factions to set aside their differences agree on a national unity government and the transition that will ultimately and the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. the town of rimbaud north of stockholm. the french government is abandoning a fuel tax hike which has led to weeks of violent protests they've spread into why the demonstrations against president emanuel macro economic policies and become his
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biggest challenge in office so far david kato reports from paris. to prime minister edward felipe announced the complete abolition of the fuel tax hikes at the end of an address to m.p.'s in the national assembly he was speaking against a no confidence vote from the opposition is parties majority meant it was never going to succeed but he realised the real no confidence vote was being lost in the streets. to the yellow vests to all french people to you numbers of parliament say that the government is open to dialogue with and support a majority. of the students have now joined the growing fray of protest against president mccraw and the demonstrations are spreading right across from it's been set on fire blocking a road in ma say the same tactics in toulouse a high school set on fire. in a suburb of paris another school shrouded by cheap gas and smoke in the city's
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a pantheon so bones professors were blocked from entering the campus as hundreds of undergraduates voted to join the other vets revolt with a march this weekend. mooted that. there is a rising of the people since race and it's caused by a single recent government policies that only look to take from the poor people to the rich on the mall just. the anger doesn't stop at the gates of the university we're facing a problem that touches everybody in society the yellow vests to supporting us and we're supporting them. that they already know that these spontaneous demonstrations by groups of students are now breaking out in paris moving through the streets also rice waving at the work of the sicko by getting support from bands. even ambulances so this is now
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what. president macro is facing the protest is pretty wait for the concession she's already given and the pressure on him that he's a bit astray she is only growing. no president macron though got a very different kind of reception on a visit to the old why did you tell the people gathered by the side of the road to swear at his presidential convoy and shout resign. david chaytor al-jazeera paris. the cost to former u.s. president george h.w. bush has returned to texas where he'll be buried on thursday he died on friday at the age of ninety four you're watching live pictures from sanaa since church in houston earlier politicians past and present were among the mourners as a state funeral for the forty first president in washington d.c.
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our white house correspondent kimberly how get reports. after lying in state in the rotunda of the u.s. capitol building george h.w. bush made his final journey past the white house he once occupied to a state funeral service at washington's national cathedral friends and dignitaries from bush's decades of public service stood as his flag draped casket entered the cathedral. at times such as this u.s. presidents typically set aside their political differences but as president donald trump took a front row seat he shook hands with only some of the former first families former first lady hillary clinton his democratic opponent the twenty sixteen election did not even look his way bush senior's long time friend former canadian prime minister brian mulroney acknowledge the forty first president's time in office as a narrow which saw the end of the soviet union the first gulf war and the
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introduction of the north american free trade agreement no occupant of the oval which was more courageously more professional and more. than george herbert walker bush but it was the eulogy of bush's son george w. bush the forty third president of the united states that delivered the most personal of tributes praising his father's character and public service he was an empathetic man he valued character over pedigree bush closed his speech not as a former president but as a son overcome with grief the bashful older assuring her daughter here hear to. bush dried his eyes as the final hit was song and his father's casket was laid in procession out of the cathedral. president george herbert walker bush will be laid to rest alongside his wife barbara april he will be buried at his presidential library in taxes it is the thing for
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a man who dedicated his life to public service kimberly helping al-jazeera. where the next but still ahead on al-jazeera more criticism of the british prime minister to plan this time from the us the post a supporter and so close yet so far central american asylum seekers in mexico even the smallest chance to enter the u.s. . from. winds to an inch on to greece. hello there is still really quite unsettled across many parts of the middle east at the moment the satellite picture is showing this huge area of cloud this making its way north was then it wraps backgrounds and works its way back into the coast along the mediterranean again so generally speaking
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a lot of us seeing some unsettled weather and some of that radio is quite heavy some of the what is weather recently has been in the northern parts of iraq but as we head through into thursday we'll see that push for the southward so we'll see it just about nudges way into the southwest and possibly round as well and then as that system works its way east was the next one is head making its way in from the mediterranean giving some of us some heavy rain could cause a little bit of flooding here and further north as it hits the cold air we'll see a lot of that tim wintery so a lot of snow in parts of turkey a bit further towards the south and we still got a few showers here over the western parts of saudi arabia but to the south of all of that is just quite humid so there's the chance of seeing a little bit more the way of mist folk a rideau hall or over the next few days that risk still with us as we head through friday still with us every pulse the u.s. to down to was the southern parts of africa and we're seeing some more wet weather push its way in here and that's going to spread its way along the south coast of south africa so twenty degrees is the maximum in cape town on thursday but by friday we're only seventeen and that we more showers or along the south. there with
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sponsored by qatar. where the online when you're looking at wildlife and how the solutions come together to benefit all parties involved that's where we're going to see long term success or if you join us on sand if you could take me around the continent where would you take me you don't have to set up your experiment for your experiment is the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a point stuart actually read several interesting points there that several of our community members are going to join the global conversation on out is iraq.
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welcome back. a reminder about top stories this hour six top u.s. senators have introduced a resolution to hold saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound accountable for the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi it follows a private briefing with the cia director on tuesday over the matter at the saudi consulate in istanbul in october. the french government is abandoning a fuel tax hike which has led to weeks of violent protests the demonstrations have spread into wider rallies against president emanuel macro his economic policies. the cost because of former u.s. president george h.w. bush has arrived in texas where he'll be buried on thursday he died last week at the age of ninety four on wednesday politicians past and present were among the mourners at a state funeral in washington d.c. . china's embassy in canada is demanding the release of the chief financial officer of huawei technologies men ones or was arrested in vancouver on saturday she's
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facing extradition to the u.s. on suspicion of violating sanctions against iran is the deputy chair on what ways forward and the door of the found rings and say says it's not aware of any wrongdoing by making. the party propping up the u.k.'s minority government has accused prime minister to resign may of breaking her promise over how breck's it will affect the irish border the democratic unionist party says her agreement with the e.u. separates northern ireland from the rest of the u.k. may has been fighting to convince parliament to support her breaks a deal ahead of a vote on tuesday next week jonah hill has more. to reason may will likely be relieved to have emerged unscathed from her weekly encounter with opposition leader jeremy corbin on wednesday corbin chose not to grill her at all on the loss of her parliamentary majority in three separate votes on tuesday she was instead taken on by an m.p. for the scottish national party is it time that the prime minister took responsibility
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of responsibility for concealing the facts on her bricks and deal from members of this house and the public who should take responsibility to raise a maze problems crystallize around the so-called backstop arrangement in the breaks it deals he struck with the e.u. last week it seeks to avoid a hard border on the island of ireland by keeping northern ireland aligned with the republic of ireland until a final future trade relationship is struck while mrs may has just days left now to sell the deal to a highly skeptical problem and we will not be accepting free movement these are matters which means that the european union does not see this as a as an attractive as an attractive place for them to put the u.k. they think that's an attractive place for the u.k. to be in and they won't want us to be in it for any longer than is necessary. but despite may's attempts of reassurance the credibility of the backstop has been undermined by the attorney general's legal advice which the government was forced
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to publish in full the attorney general writes but the backstop would endure indefinitely or until a superseding agreement takes its place the deal does not quote enable the u.k. lawfully to exit the backstop without a subsequent agreement and there is a legal risk that the u.k. may become stuck in quote for a trach to and repeated rounds of negotiations where many m.p.'s think that doesn't sound much like taking back control as they were promised in the two thousand and sixteen breaks of referendum in particular the democratic unionists of northern ireland who prop up mrs may's minority government in a statement the deal you present this is totally unacceptable and economically mad in that it will be erecting internal economic and trade barriers within the united kingdom add to that more than one hundred conservative m.p.'s who say they'll vote against the deal then double that number among the opposition parties and mrs may
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appears to be heading for a crushing defeat next week leaving her a deal her premiership and possibly even breaks it itself in question jonah hill al-jazeera london. police across europe have carried out coordinated arrests on members of the italian mafia the european units fighting cross border organized crime conducted raids in italy germany belgium and the netherlands has more. duesberg in western germany and police carry out a raid as part of a coordinated action in four countries here they search an italian cafe in a shopping mall as well as in this region north rhine-westphalia there were raids in bavaria in the south later euro just the agency that fights cross border crime held an exceptional news conference in the dutch capital the hague why we have decided to do it don't forget you about an m president an extraordinary result that we have reached today with their joint judicial action that has been carried
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out in different member states you know order to fight the drug no one know the most powerful organization going to station in the world as well as raids here in the netherlands and in belgium there were arrests in calabria the southern italian heartland of the in drawing getter the operation involved nearly ninety european and domestic arrest warrants and the various police forces involved seized around two point three million dollars in criminal proceeds as well as drugs including ecstasy and cocaine this episode result has been achieved thanks to they would appear an approach that all the concerned not all of these decide to confer took even to this case. these are a model to follow also in the future. the became italy's most powerful organized crime group from the one nine hundred ninety s.
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onwards it's involved in drugs trafficking extortion and money laundering internationally operating independently from the better known sicilian mafia or cause a nostra this police handout shows a nighttime operation in sicily's capital palermo on tuesday it reportedly dismantled because a nostrums rebuilt leadership with forty six people arrested but the latest international operation is a reminder of the reach of their counterparts on the mainland the enduring getter nadeem barber al jazeera. thousands of people from central america not giving up hope of seeking asylum in the united states that's despite increasing efforts from the trumpet ministration to keep them out i mean reports from tijuana. is the morning scramble at the border asylum seekers hopeful their child will come to cross into the united states. but these days only a trickle get through every day based on a number system others like marked up with that have to come back tomorrow or the
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day after or maybe for many more to follow. when i was being forced to sell drugs when i refused they'd beat me up i had to flee here they told me to come back in three weeks from my turn not far from the official crossing some are trying to sneak in the u.s. on their own but they're still of guatemala with her two children about three weeks ago she wants to go to the u.s. at any cost despite knowing that attitudes towards people wanting to reach there are changing. but again it's still better than at home because there is work it makes me sad to see the other side because you want to be there but i can't it's not easy to climb the wall but i won't lose hope. the next stop is the official crossing in a nearby town of take kathy. but there quickly turned away the disappointment is immense but like many others will continue roaming along the border wall to try to
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find their way in the biggest hurdle is this war but even if you get past it illegally once you're on the underside you're officially on american soil and so migrants usually if they make it will sit and wait for border patrol to show up surrender and claim asylum. the border on the american side has been fortified recently. any weak spot along the metal bars reinforced and it's closely monitored round the clock. it's still not enough to deter sicilia and his friends they decided to take their chance after sunset they walk several thousand kilometers from honduras to reach this point his wife and daughter are already in the u.s. they took the same route he hasn't seen them in three years and just it's too difficult to get a visa they want financial guarantees that are don't have a hope not to get caught if it happens i will seek a song. it's almost like a moment there seem so close cecilia looked hopeful as one of the group reached the
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top of the wall. they were quickly spotted it's game over but only for now as going back home is not an option anymore without that hamid al jazeera the one of ukraine's president petro poroshenko has said you will the meeting next week to create an independent church has been pushing for and ukrainian orthodox church that would be free from russian control the move would split the world's largest eastern orthodox christian denomination and would reduce moscow's influence. british academics have named denmark the u.k. and canada as the nations making the most progress to fight climate change research is from imperial college really released the report as delegates hold the latest round of un climate talks in poland one of the countries lagging behind is brazil
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which has canceled hosting the next summer's night club has more. next year's climate talks with jews take place in brazil but that's being reverse by the president elect's jab also norah has made no secret of his desire to open the amazon to mining farming and done building the world's biggest rain forest is already threatened after a year in which brazil broke its own deforestation record with latest satellite images showing in a twelve month period almost eight thousand square kilometers of forest were cut loose in human now reports that's five times the size of mexico city. deep inside the world's largest rain forest chain saws drown out the sound of jungle animals. after a ten year low the destruction of the amazon is again sharply on the rise and this is the first step logging much of it illegal requires opening roads that then give access to soil in cattle farmers to clear even more. but despite appearances these
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lawyers from brazil's tropical forest institute are actually trying to save the rain forest there's a block a few this park is the identification of the tree deemed apps for cutting of cord they explain that the institute has developed a sustainable method of logging that requires carefully selecting trees by age and size but. we also cut the tree so that it will fall towards the light it indicates that the force is less dense there which reduces the collateral damage. the system which is now compulsory put strict limits on harvesting no tree can be cut here unless it has a minimum of fifty centimeters in diameter and a maximum of five trees can be cut in an area the size of a football field for the next thirty five years this allows the younger trees to flourish but starting in january when brazil swears in a new government the old system of logging which has little if any restrictions
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could become the norm again scientists insist that the amazon is vital for countering greenhouse gases responsible for climate change but president elect not all questions its very existence he's intent on opening up the amazon to cattle ranchers farmers miners and construction companies that supported his campaign. amazon expert warns the price of further deforestation is too high we have evidence that is already harming our climate system brazil depends a lot on the rain that is associated with the forest. not only because of it. but also because of power generation new satellite data shows that in the last year alone amazon deforestation has jumped thirteen point seven percent a loss of nearly one point two billion trees the reduction of forest cover is
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provoking. extreme drought and forest fires that are actually contributing to c o two gases. it's a manmade phenomenon that if allowed to expand may end up choking the amazon rain forest known as the lungs of the world you see in human al-jazeera brazil. i'm a star and these are the top stories six top u.s. senators have introduced a resolution to hold saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound accountable for the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi it follows a private briefing with the cia director on tuesday on the matter at the saudi consulate in istanbul in october john hendren has more from washington d.c. it takes them just six pages to save it in their account by account there you cues the crown prince of saudi arabia of being in charge of the security forces at the
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time jamal khashoggi was murdered and of being complicit that's the word they use for his killing the resolution goes on to demand an end to the war in yemen and to demand and and to the dispute between saudi arabia and qatar who the rebels and yemeni government representatives in sweden on thursday talks in stockholm aimed at bringing the four year war in yemen to an end millions of yemenis are on the verge of famine. china's embassy in canada is demanding the release of the chief financial officer of huawei technologies main ones i was arrested in vancouver on saturday at the request of u.s. police she's facing extradition to the u.s. on suspicion of violating sanctions against iran mang is the deputy chair on while ways forward and the daughter of found a red face a while way of says it's not aware of any wrongdoing by making. the french government is abandoning
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a fuel tax hike which has led to weeks of violent protests a promise on tuesday to postpone the rise for six months wasn't enough to quell the demonstrations which have spread into wider rallies against president emanuel macro economic policies the party propping up the u.k.'s minority government has accused prime minister to resign may of breaking her promise on how brics it will affect the irish border the democratic unionist party says her agreement with the e.u. separates more than islands from the rest of the u.k. parliament will vote on may's bricks a deal next tuesday. the cost is a former u.s. president george h.w. bush has returned to texas where he'll be buried on thursday he died on friday at the age of ninety four politicians past and present were among the mourners at the state funeral for the forty first president in washington d.c. those are the headlines join me for more news after the stream a recent u.n. report has given relief agencies in the fight against climate change and from its
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threats like sea level rise at this year's climate talks in poland time the international community seize the opportunity to take concerns you've got starting with al-jazeera the latest from the front lines of the climate crisis from the conference itself. hi emily could be here in the stream today editing the human genome and what kind of genetic editing technology accomplish and should there be limits to the science let us know what your take is on gene editing just your comments and questions to us live via you tube or twitter. chinese scientists how john quigley has claimed to have created the world's first gene edited human babies twin girls who were resistant to hiv last week the news was leaked on.


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