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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2018 8:00am-8:33am +03

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investigation on al jazeera i think it was difficult to say whether someone is going for someone if it really doesn't matter who you meet i think it's how you approach an individual and that's what it is a certain way of doing it you can't just. just a story and now it's. going off to saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound the u.s. senate has introduced a resolution to hold him accountable for the death of jamal khashoggi. hello i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up china demands the release of the chief financial officer of telecoms giant while away after she was arrested in canada. off the table the
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french government cancels plans for higher fuel taxes after a six month suspension failed to stop violent protests. are great and noble may not . the barracks for older assured daughter. and former american presidents and wild leaders farewell to george h.w. bush. six senior u.s. senators from across party lines have introduced a resolution to hold the saudi crown prince accountable for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi if approved it would officially condemn mohamed bin salmond for killing in the saudi consulate in istanbul in october john hendren reports from washington. it's an extraordinary rebuke from the u.s. senate to a long time american ally
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a diverse group of senate leaders from both parties introduced a resolution that definitively blames the crown prince of saudi arabia for the murder of jamal khashoggi the measure which could be scheduled for a vote as soon as monday condemns kesho g.'s murder demands that the saudi arabian government negotiate an end to the war in yemen and an end to the political dispute with could talk and release saudi blogger rife by dolly and other political prisoners they have now linked old at least that belies ng actions that m.p.'s says they starting with yemen passing by the sharks the murder on took up on any other level it is the latest bipartisan rebuke of the saudi crown prince and president trump support for him we are with saudi arabia we're staying with saudi arabian oil and not look at the king of the same way senators erupted in anger on tuesday after a long awaited briefing from cia director gina haskell sort of hard to call this a cover up given the fact that everybody in that briefing last week knew that tom
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pale and madison were misleading us knew that there was no way this murder happened without the consent and direction of m.p.'s in the senate is already considering an unprecedented bill to invoke the never before used one thousand nine hundred seventy three war powers act to force an end to u.s. aid to saudi war efforts and yemen. this six page measure would record the view of the senate that mohammed bin solomon is responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi and it urges the u.s. and the international community to hold him and anyone else involved in the killing responsible and a joint statement democratic senator ed markey calls the crown prince a fuck up and republican senator lindsey graham calls him a wrecking ball rare harsh words for the leader of an allied nation. the resolution phones short of calling for regime change in saudi arabia but whether president trump likes it or not the rift between the u.s. government and its ally of eighty five years has rarely been wider john hendren
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al-jazeera washington well lawrence korb is a former assistant secretary of defense and a senior fellow at the center for american progress he says the resolution could lead to toughen measures on saudi arabia i think it's very significant because it's bipartisan you have senator graham was one of the closest people ahd to president trump marco rubio from florida who was also a supporter of and senator young from indiana so those are three are or republicans in addition to having a significant democrats life senator dianne feinstein and what it does it basically says not all of you need a whole lot could show the m.b.'s responsible for killing who show he you have to get a peace treaty in. in yemen and stop the blockade of gutter so it's a very very sweeping resolution i think what will happen is if. this will be
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the beginning of a process that if president trump and the saudis don't take action you'll see them now as the legislation now we're bent on sales for example going to saudi arabia that would make it very difficult for them to continue to prosecute the war in yemen if they decide sybase to want to do that well u.s. defense secretary james nasa says he needs more evidence on who is behind jamal khashoggi is that before he points the finger meanwhile istanbul's chief prosecutor is demanding the arrest of two of the crown prince's closest aides mounted valve has more from istanbul. turkey has said it won't let the world forget about the murder of journalist on what is the istanbul chief prosecutor filed a request with the penal court to issue an arrest warrant for two former senior aides to saudi crown prince mohammed bin said his top advisor saudi bonnie and deputy chief of intelligence ahmed siri were removed from their posts by kinks
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a man in connection to the murder of. the turkish judiciary now wants them extradited to stand trial in turkey a similar request has already been made for the fifteen members of the hit squad that killed the journalist at the saudi consulate in istanbul on october second saudi arabia said it wouldn't hand them over before. until now we have patiently requested information about an investigation in saudi arabia but unfortunately we couldn't get any information in saudi arabia always asks to get information from us so it's their rights we always share information with them but saudi arabia needs to be transparent to us and to the international community they need to share the findings of these investigations but instead we see contradictory statements. cover so blue also reminded the saudis of the need to disclose the whereabouts of remains and to respond to all demands otherwise we will go until the end but if there is an impasse which is an issue we have been seriously contemplating about and talking
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with our colleagues in these days we will not hesitate to go for an international investigation on this point turkey has outside support we don't have the mandate to do a criminal investigation so we ask we mentioned to the to the to the secretary general that we thought it was needed a crime and a mistake ation international investigation. these statements the arrest warrants follow an announcement by eight senior u.s. senators about the absolute certainty that saudi crown prince mohammed the order of the killing of the mother based on a cia briefing the likelihood saudi arabia will comply with the new turkish request is beyond the remote's what turkey wants to keep the pressure on saudi arabia and has vowed to never give up until justice is served until the real culprits are brought to account. of the zero on board china's embassy in canada is demanding the release of the chief financial officer of huawei technologies meng
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windsor faces extradition to the u.s. on suspicion of violating sanctions on iran she was arrested in bank reaver on saturday way says it's not aware of any wrongdoing by making out china correspondent adrian brown joins me now from beijing adrian this is a hugely high profile arrest of the c.f.o. of an enormous chinese company can you can texture lies this faurisson and what reaction has there been from huawei or indeed the chinese government. well the stars of the company has been commenting a statement was posted on its web site a few hours ago a very mild statement essentially saying that they weren't aware that she had broken any laws they say that they hope that she can be released soon and really portraying someone who is completely innocent but the language coming from the chinese government via the chinese embassy in ottawa her is a lot more hostile their statement says that essentially her human rights were
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being harmed and that a chinese citizen has been accused an innocent chinese citizen have been accused of violating laws and they demanded that she be released as soon as possible it's worth pointing out that she is not just any chief financial officer she is the daughter of the founder of a company that is one of the biggest telecommunications companies in china and for some for some context here just last year another chinese telecommunications telecommunications company zed t. was fined one point two billion dollars in the united states for selling its products to iran and north korea now we have this case online they've been quite a bit of chatter on thursday morning on china's equivalent of twitter which is way below one comment said that the united states is shameless another said that canada is the united states dog another post says that we should start arresting u.s.
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executives here in china but i think the really big question is this it's the timing because what impact if any of if any really could this have on the on the fragile truce between china and the united states in their current trade war it's certainly not going to improve things i think age and i want to ask you a little more about mang so she's the daughter of the founder of he was also an engineer in the people's liberation army and and in may after. hearing cia director gina haskell said she would never use a while a phone in intelligence agencies in the u.k. australia and new zealand have all expressed concerns about while way of potential links to chinese spying and some of them are banning the use of weiwei equipment and five g. network rollout how much of this is about western countries worrying about chinese intelligence gathering as well as all the technological and trade aspects
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well certainly you're correct a number of governments around the world as you mention new zealand australia the united kingdom canada and of course the united states have been taking a very close look at this company because of its links to the chinese government because of the questions that it raises over national security and that is going to be i think really a continuing issue because this company is not any ordinary telecommunications company it is as i say one of the biggest in china and it depends on trade with these companies countries but increasingly it's finding itself locked out of a number of deals deals that it thought had been locked in but then it finds that these governments and companies in those countries backing away from those deals so yes it's going to be i think a cause for potentially more friction certainly between beijing and washington and that will become clear i guess you know in the coming days and weeks adrian brown
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in beijing for us thank you very much adrian. the french government is abandoning a fuel tax hike which has led to weeks of violent protests they've spread into why the demonstrations against president emanuel macro economic policies and become his biggest challenge in office so far david schaper reports from paris. the prime minister edward felipe announced the complete abolition of the fuel tax hikes at the end of an address to m.p.'s in the national assembly he was speaking against a no confidence vote from the opposition his party's majority meant it was never going to succeed but he realised the real no confidence vote was being lost in the streets. to the yellow vests to all french people to you numbers of parliament i say that the government is open to dialogue with and support a majority. of the students have now joined the growing fray of protest against president macro and the demonstrations are spreading right across france. been set
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on fire blocking a road in ma say the same tactics in toulouse a high school set on fire. in a suburb of paris another school shrouded by cheek gas and smoke in the city's a pantheon so bones professors were blocked from entering the campus as hundreds of undergraduates voted to join the live s. revolt with a march this weekend. mooted that. there is a rising of the people of the race and it's caused by a single recent government policies that only look to take from the poor people to the rich on the more just. the anger doesn't stop at the case of the university we're facing a problem that touches everybody in society the hell of a supporting us and we're supporting them. and it was that these spontaneous demonstrations by groups of students are now
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breaking out in paris think through the streets all through rice waving at work of the sick go by we're getting support from bands. i've even ambulances so this is now what. president macro is facing the protest is pretty wait for the confessional season already given and the pressure on him and he's a bit astray she is only growing. president macron though got a very different kind of reception on a visit to the old wa would you tell the people gathered by the side of the road to swear at his presidential convoy and shout resign. david chase to al-jazeera paris. where the next but canteen more still ahead on al-jazeera who calls the shots mexico's. and in politics say it's not just enough being in
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congress they want the influenced as well and gambling on its future a troubled region in myanmar stakes its hope for peace on casinos. hello there is still really quite unsettled across many parts of the middle east at the moment the satellite picture is showing this huge area of cloud does make its way north was then it wraps background and worked its way back into the coast along the mediterranean again so generally speaking a lot of us seeing some unsettled weather and some of that radio is quite heavy some of the what is weather recently has been in the northern parts of iraq but as we head through into thursday we'll see that push for the southward so we'll see it just about nudges way into the southwest and possibly rant as well and then as that system works its way east was the next one is head making its way in from the
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mediterranean giving some of us some heavy rain could cause a little bit of flooding here and further north as it hits the cold air we'll see a lot of that tim wintery so a lot of snow in parts of turkey a bit further towards the south and we still got a few showers here over the western parts of saudi arabia but to the south of all of that is just quite humid so there's the chance of seeing a little bit more the way of mr volcker rideau holler over the next few days that risk still with us as we head through friday still with us every pulse the u.s. to down to was the southern parts of africa and we're seeing some more wet weather push its way in here and that's going to spread its way along the south coast of south africa so twenty degrees is the maximum in cape town on thursday but by friday we're only at seventeen and that we more showers or along the south. capturing the moment in time. snapshots of the lives. of the stories. providing
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a glimpse into someone else's world. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. with nice documentaries to open your eyes. welcome back. a reminder about top stories this hour six top u.s. senators have introduced a resolution to hold saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound accountable for the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi it follows a private briefing with the cia director on tuesday over the matter at the saudi
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consulate in istanbul in october. china's embassy in canada is demanding the release of the chief financial officer a while way technologies mang ones are faces extradition to the u.s. on suspicion of violating sanctions on iran she was arrested in bank on saturday. the french government is abandoning a fuel tax hike which is led to weeks of violent protests the demonstrations have spread into wider rallies against president emanuel economic policies. talks aimed at ending yemen's nearly four year long war began in sweden on thursday the rebels and yemeni government representatives in stockholm aside from the fighting the threat of famine is also adding to the suffering of millions of people are reports. meet. one of the hundreds of thousands of yemeni children suffering severe malnutrition and he's being
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treated at a hospital inside the clinic is struggling to cope with the growing number of emission ated bodies of the young. mohammad is five years old but war famine abunda tristian slowed his growth he may never be able to fully recover. and. mohammed's health deteriorated over the last year and we rushed him to hospital hoping he would recover and the doctors are giving him fluids but he doesn't want to wait. the u.n. is brokering a new round of talks between the warring parties in yemen in a bid to ease the humanitarian crisis. after almost four years of fighting between who the rebels and yemeni government troops aided by saudi u.a.e. coalition fourteen million yemenis are on the brink of firemen. now men may not last cannot that and i pray talks will succeed we have had enough of all teach
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aggression and bloodshed we've lost so many people in this war. he met them another minimal we the yemenis should rican sile and we should end the war in the ring of peace. it's the first time opposing sides in the conflict will have met since two thousand and sixteen past talks collapsed because of growing differences between who should play a bigger role in the future of yemen and. the internationally recognized government says a deal will only be possible when the whole thing is hand over their weapons and pulled out of the capital sana'a a demand with tactic by the rebels for say all parties should be prepared to compromise. we're going to talks we made concessions and we want the saudi backed government to make concessions as well the un's special envoy for yemen martin griffiths has insisted there wizard
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a military solution and that negotiation is the only way to find an agreement but it's unclear if with its will be able to succeed where his predecessors failed the talks come at a time when the international community is putting more pressure on the saudi u.a.e. coalition to and its military campaign and seek a peaceful way out but the biggest challenge is to convince yemen's warring factions to set aside their differences agree on a national unity government and the transition that will ultimately and the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. the town of rimbaud north of stockholm. the cosco to former u.s. president george h.w. bush has returned to texas where he'll be buried on he died last week at the age of ninety four you're watching live pictures from st martin's church in houston politicians past and present were among the mourners at a state funeral for the forty first president in washington d.c.
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our white house correspondent kimberly help of reports. after lying in state in the rotunda of the u.s. capitol building george h.w. bush made his final journey past the white house he once occupied to a state funeral service at washington's national cathedral friends and dignitaries from bush's decades of public service stood as his flag draped casket entered the cathedral. at times such as this u.s. presidents typically set aside their political differences but as president donald trump took a front row seat he shook hands with only some of the former first families former first lady hillary clinton his democratic opponent the twenty sixteen election did not even look his way bush senior's long time friend former canadian prime minister brian mulroney acknowledge the forty first president's time in office as a narrow which saw the end of the soviet union the first gulf war and the
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introduction of the north american free trade agreement north your point of view over which was more courageously more principled and more. than george herbert walker bush but it was the eulogy of bush's son george w. bush the forty third president of the united states that delivered the most personal of tributes praising his father's character and public service he was an empathetic man he valued character over pedigree bush closed his speech not as a former president but as a son overcome with grief. the bass for older assuring her daughter could hear. bush dried his eyes as the final him was sung and his father's casket was lit in procession out of the cathedral. president george herbert walker bush will be laid to rest along five his wife barbara who died in april he will be buried at his
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presidential library on top that it is the king worst for a man who dedicated his life to public service can really help what al-jazeera was . the party propping up the u.k.'s minority government has accused prime minister treason may of breaking her promise on how bricks it will affect the irish border the democratic unionist party says her agreement with the e.u. separates more than island from the rest of the u.k. may has been fighting to convince parliament to support her breaks a deal ahead of a vote next tuesday we have an arrangement to keep the government in par and keep the government working between nani on the end of this fixed term parliament promises were made and promises in the samberg we stuck with the prime minister in downing street where she said i will make sure that northern ireland has the final say in this because the assembly will be the final arbiter as to whether or not these arrangements are put in place they were with they were taken
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out of the agreement there has been biography of the agreement on the understanding we have to meet broken. a spanish court has confirmed a controversial ruling which cleared five men of gang rape and sentence them on lesser charges of sexual assault people protested against the decision outside the justice ministry the five men who called themselves the wolfpack have been jailed for nine years for assaulting an eighteen year old woman at the pamplona bull run festival two years ago spanish law requires proof of physical violence for a rape conviction. mexico city has sworn in its first female mayor women now make up half of congress fifteen years after agenda quota system was introduced but many female politicians still face obstacles as john holmes reports. on wednesday cloudy a shame became excuse city's first female elected mayor. it's
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a historical bluth and just part of a gradual seismic shift to mexico's politics the country now has the fourth highest percentage of congresswoman up worldwide to take up about half the seats in both chambers of the house a big advance for a traditionally male dominated nation but the present students mean they're involved in the big cool's says lawmaker marta tiredly is the real decisions are taken by an organization called the political coordination council and that's still made up of men so the real power in the congress and senate is with this group of men their female colleagues is still more likely to be assigned so-called women's issues though that slowly changing in a country with a far higher percentage of women lawmakers in the u.k. and the u.s. this hasn't happened over the years so in the qualities in politics but so have most of the countries in latin america the difference here is that women's rights advocates and lawmakers have worked hard to make sure that those are applied the
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more strictly the parties just call get round it they have the field and. women candidates that's taken time to filter down less than a quarter of local mayors are women and only three of the thirty two state governors the playing field set up because it's still not equal women face a specific and particular from solve by right they question their their space they question and question their private life they question the way they dress and not the way they act as politicians so they are not they are not measured the same way men and women in politics those who make it into office like their male counterparts also tend to be lighter skinned the better off indigenous women are how they represent their african american african mexican women are hard represented so so there is still a lot of issues that need to be sorted out plenty of challenges ahead but also
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clear momentum for the country's increasing number of women politicians john hoeven how does it or mexico city. near an ma is considering a plan to legalize casino areas some already operates under special provisions the changes to the law being proposed to encourage more tourism and tax collection when he reports. it's still under construction but this eight hundred hectares site has already become known as china town the remote region of korean state bordering thailand is being transformed thanks to chinese investment the extension of cocoa town will include housing a golf course an airport and perhaps at the center of it all casinos which of the moment are illegal in me and. we have to mission from the me a mark of them to build a chinatown developed economy within two ladies who meet that target then we will build hotels the project is being built in an area controlled by
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a group known as border guard forces former ethnic korean rebels who are now aligned with the me and my army fighting continues in some areas between the ball. guards and other rebel groups vying for influence and control of the region people here hope the new investment will help promote peace in the area which like many in myanmar has been held back by civil war. we want to be secure like other countries that don't need to worry about fighting in conflict the development is providing employment but it could also provide problems casinos operating in the unregulated sometimes lawless border regions of thailand and laos are often suspected of being gateways for drug trafficking the communities are vulnerable to exploitation but leaders here say so far this project has been good for them. it's been two years since the chinese company came to invest in our town in the past we didn't have jobs my family and i had to find work in thailand but now we're back and can
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work here aside from the casinos economic activity is set to increase early next year when a second bridge across the river separating thailand and is opened the border crossing will help formalize and regulate travel between the two countries the casino developers hope the bridge will make it easier for thai tourists to travel across the border even if gambling remains illegal in both countries wayne hay al jazeera bangkok. and these are the top stories six top u.s. senators have introduced a resolution to hold saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound accountable for the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi it follows a private briefing with the cia director on tuesday on the matter at the saudi consulate in istanbul in october john hendren has more from washington d.c. . it takes them just six pages to save it in their account by and count
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the u. cuse the crown prince of saudi arabia of being in charge of the security forces at the time jamal khashoggi was murdered and of being complicit that's the word they use for his killing the resolution goes on to demand an end to the war in yemen and to demand and and to the dispute between saudi arabia and qatar who think and yemeni government representatives in sweden on thursday talks in stockholm aimed at bringing the four year war in yemen to an end millions of yemenis are on the verge of famine. china's embassy in canada is demanding the release of the chief financial officer of huawei technologies and then one's own faces extradition to the u.s. on suspicion of violating sanctions on iran she was arrested in vancouver on saturday says it's not aware of any wrongdoing by may the french government is abandoning a fuel tax hike which has led to weeks of violent protests
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a promise on tuesday to postpone the rise to six months wasn't enough to quell the demonstrations which have spread into wider rallies against president emanuel macro economic policies the policy of propping up the u.k.'s minority government has accused prime minister to resign may of breaking her promise on how brics it will affect the irish border the democratic unionist party says her agreement with the e.u. separates northern island from the rest of the u.k. parliament will vote on may's breck's a deal next tuesday. the cost as a former us president george h.w. bush has returned to texas where he'll be buried on thursday he died last week at the age of ninety four on wednesday politicians past and present were among the mourners at his state funeral those are the headlines i'll be back with more news after witness. ever since i was a little boy in india my dream was to meet bollywood films so five years ago i
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decided i was finally going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition the story i choose the laws of my own will it and its transformation going behind the lens as gautam singh brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood. people know people here when everybody was here and everybody be outside walking around walking their dogs.


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