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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 339  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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and said that the united states is shameless another said that canada is the united states' dog another post says that we should start arresting the u.s. executives here in china but i think the really big question is this it's the timing because what impact if any if any really could this have only on the fragile truce between china and the united states in their current trade war hoofy rebels and yet many government representatives are preparing to meetings sweden talks are aimed at the talks are aimed at bringing the four year war in yemen to an end the united nations says the conflict has created the world's worst humanitarian crisis and the french government is abandoning a fuel tax hike which led to weeks of violent protests a promise on tuesday that us on the rise for six months wasn't enough to quell the demonstrations which are spread into wider rallies against president emanuel economic policies with headlines on al jazeera coming up next year inside story.
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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. after nearly four years of fighting both sides in the yemen war appear ready to end the conflict government and hooty delegations are meeting in sweden for talks but what would a peace deal look like for yemen and what are its chances of succeeding this is inside story. welcome to the program and hasn't it could be the best chance yet for peace yemen's
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hooty fighters and saudi backed government delegates are in sweden for u.n. sponsored talks to end the conflict the murder of saudi journalist and dissident jamal khashoggi has increased the pressure on the kingdom to end its military campaign in yemen saudi arabia along with the u.a.e. launched their offensive in twenty fifteen to support the internationally recognized government of the hoody rebels took control of the capital so now since then we've seen a conflict that has killed tens of thousands of people and left more than a million facing famine the united nations has warned this could rise to fourteen million will bring in our guests in a moment but first question what about a has more from those talks in sweden. for the united nations this is quite a significant moment because this is the first time yemeni rival factions meet since two thousand and sixteen now as far as the expectations are concerned i think everyone understands that this is
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a quite delicate moment but this is what the international community and the u.n. are hoping to achieve here in stockholm they would like to start with some building confidence building measures like prisoner swap a cease fire that would extend across yemen it would be for about by means to try to consolidate yemen's economy and then they would start a political talks about. a transition to democracy a national unity government that's something that is going to take quite some time because for the time being the government insists that it is willing to forward only with the hope these make significant concessions if the talks for the war there would push with their military offensive to take over the port city of. the whole things are concerned they say that we are the legitimate authority of the control huge area that's russia's from saddam all the border with saudi arabia all the way to the city of ties. but for the u.n.
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and aid agencies it's a situation that could further deepen the humanitarian crisis which is one of the worst in the world we're talking about forty million people on the verge on the brink of famine two million children who suffer from severe malnutrition and thousands of people who are driven out of their homes and villages across the country they see that and the port city particularly against the backdrop of the international pressure building up against saudi arabia and the united arab emirates for the need to stop the military campaign in yemen and and pursue a peaceful way out to the crisis this explains why there are huge expectations here in stockholm about the need for a breakthrough that would put and and to the conflict that has been going on for almost four years now in yemen.
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let's bring in our panel now to talk more about this joining us via skype now from london is elizabeth kendal a yale specialist at pembroke college and university of oxford in san our we have her say nil haiti air hooty affairs specialist and also on skype from the swedish city of gothenburg frog nasir a yemeni exiled journalist good to have you with us hussein and let me start with you that you then i think it's fair to say that no one people are realistic about these this first round of talks no one is expecting peace to break out in in yemen anytime soon these are going to deal with sort of confidence building measures the prisoner swap getting more humanitarian aid into the country and so on how confident are you that there will be any sort of tangible success from these talks . exactly as you say don i think if the parties in sweden
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succeeded in building confidence. by like two to talk about how to a prisoner exchange how to keep the flow of humanitarian aid into yemen the opening of the ports and other humanitarian issue if they succeeded in solving this then we can see this as a good step they will solve other biggest block the security situation yemen the political situation the transition government but all this big issue they only will be told after build an image because what the boy has done which is different than the previous man is that he wants first to secure yemeni civilians to secure the income of yemenis and the flow of humanitarian aid because all the toll that we have seen in her in in kuwait and in geneva one and geneva two they actually they haven't done anything to yemeni civilians so that's why yemeni civilians have to be confident of what the spot is going to do on going to speak about this thing to
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keep them away from this war. to keep this devastated many civilians away from them and i believe that if they succeeded in doing this then we will see a good step that will come of that as we did. last year it was reported that the the yes the hooty delegation only agreed to come to these talks in sweden if the u.n. envoy martin griffiths traveled on the plane with them because they were going through sound the airspace and they will they were worried about what would happen to them there so clearly there is a lot of mistrust there the needs to be dealt with do you think these talks are a first step in in dealing with. this just something i think consequence of the last. three months in geneva i think. realize that the u.s. special envoy has to do more to show that his. late these
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undersigned all are trying to protect that and these peace talks but i think the main motive behind these talks in sweden is that the huge international pressure on sorry the saudi arabia after the killing of that i'm fortunate to be as tragic and pensions murder of the saudi journalist but probably one of the best things that happened to or the crisis and you know that because saudi arabia today with the united arab emirates seem to be willing to compromise and see. in the face of the international. pressure on that but i also want to stress. the fact that the. peace talks are not happening as
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a consequences of the famine and yemen or out of humanitarian concerns we need to talk politics here we need to understand that saudi arabia wants to find an exit today because it's who is going to turn national. climatic relations with especially with the movement going on in the congress and the u.s. and also the economy of saudi arabia is also. declining because of the costly war in yemen elizabeth kendall what are you expecting to come out of these talks and. well i think you're right to be very cautious i'm certainly not expecting the long peace deals again to come out of these talks but i think it is very significant already that we have both of the major warring sides together in
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the same place in the same location at the same time to face each other that is already a huge amount of progress but will it actually move beyond confidence building measures we've already seen some of these confidence building measures what we want now is some time to pull talks haps not to sort out all of the elements problems that the two most urgent matters that we must hope come out of the talks are a cease fire and some kind of agreement to prop up the economy that's in meltdown because both of these situations the ongoing conflict the latter persists and is spiraling out of control economy exacerbates in this appalling humanitarian crisis so matters is still getting worse if the talks can solve those two issues then the other really big questions can come later do you think there is more of a political will this time around for that to happen i mean a frog mentioned there. the killing of. shoghi.
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as kind of increasing the pressure on the saudis and we mentioned that of the top do you think that's kind of made a difference here. i think it has made a difference and one of the township of pieces of evidence for that would be the resolution that's been going through the united states senate this resolution has been that with rule before the killing of jamal khashoggi in march and it did not make it through this is a resolution to try to cool us military support for saudi military intervention in yemen this time it won't comfortably it want to majority of sixty three to thirty seven that's to me is very symbolic of the way in which the international community is changing its tune we've also seen various european countries germany denmark finland join the netherlands and norway in saying that they will cease selling
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weapons to saudi arabia for its war in yemen so i think barry's general will now to see the masses move on and see some real fs peace come to the table. let me turn back to you on this. how do you see that the u.s. is involvement in this. do you think you expected to change now as a result of. the embarrassment of the pressure that saudi arabia is facing over the killing. i don't think so if it hasn't changed after the brutal killing of the knowledge of the saudi deny it for many days and then they admitted killing the journalist chopping him in pieces and what the united states is clear about it's basically the white house statement that tom have said we cannot like. give away billions of dollars that you are what we have it is exactly the same with yemen most of the saudi. us were been sold to saudi arabia united arab emirates is now
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used in yemen so is exactly the same case but what has made this situation yemen now different after the killing of jamal khashoggi that international media like the washington post new york times and others but especially british media because they that they have found that they cannot like you know. as they say downfall muhammad bin salon because of the killing of so they found yemen as a case that they can bring to the international media to attack mohammad bin solomon and to bring all his crimes in yemen because i think that they knighted state and u.k. if they really wanted any peace in yemen they should have huge pressure of against saudi they should at least ask the saudi to ease the blockade which is actually is the main killing of yemeni civilians because it's ok two hundred forty five yemeni civilians have died of the blue many of them children from some of the event of
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diseases like malaria cholera. that the saudi direct strike has killed sixteen thousand yemeni civilians just imagine the most devastation in yemen is because of the blockade if the united states want to help be any they should at least live for the port open for all humanitarian aid to come without any of that action from the saudi question. not so when we look at the war in yemen broadly speaking a lot of it seems to center around a kind of proxy war in the region between the. saudis and the u.a.e. on one side and iran on the other although iran has has vocalise of express support for the hoodies there's no clear evidence that they have given them material support but is it is it more about this war principally driven by the kind of factionalism within yemen itself and all of the all of the various opposing groups
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inside the country and that that's really what it comes down to that that they need to to come to a solution. when you raised a point let me go back to. one thing that you say that mentioned the fact that look eight i think is very very important that these peace talks though come out don't come out with. any peace plan but at least it's very imperative that it has to be open again and that look it to be lifted the blockade is killing more people inside the un and then the direct violence when i talk with my family and somehow where the north part that is mainly under the blockage most of the appalachian live in the north part under the blockade my family tell me about prices that are more expensive than food prices in sweden it's
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imagine how life has been difficult the magically of human beings and you know that so it's very very important and i have to mention the blockade and lifting the blockade but that the other point that you you talked about about the different many qualities and and the conflict it's very important to remember that the wooer has drastically changed the political fabric in yemen and two thousand and eight when saudi that question began its military operation with political legitimacy and international legitimacy of the un security council with that is emotion twenty two sixteen. that is illusion has never been a pita and today it's really out to be and if those are really a collective you dynamics on the ground when you mention that you then you. have
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been vocally expressing their support for that but they also expressed that they support peace peace talks and it's a critical actor to nettie that we take this moment where it all abused pieties and willing to discuss peacefully and and caucus on. the this conflict essentially began after the took over the capital sanaa by force in august of two thousand and fourteen which forced out what what was and still is the internationally recognized government of yemen what do you say to that . i mean doesn't matter i've developed agree with the ho to the who the or the what happened it was an internal. case that in yemen when yemen we have had many fighting between the north and the stopped on as will the fighting in central yemen and we had many
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a crisis like that most of yemeni president i mean in the last forty years been assassinated in the north or in the south but we have to reach this point of entire economy that has collapse that entire country that has been bombed and garbage bombing back to the stone age it just only because of the saudi direct intervention and involvement and to be honest with you if we see the saudi why they attack us because they said about that the hotel caused it to saudi arabia because they are right on the border i mean saga is the heartland of the road just across the border the saudi arabia if they really wanted as they say just to attack the road if they could have come from the saudi border why they hike come all the way out to aden then to can to try to control all the coast of yemen to destroy all the any infrastructure the main goal of this is to control the coast of yemen to control the island to control babylon devastate which is which is one of the most important she'd been alive in the war and this clearly otherwise if they want to fight the
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whole the they can justify them at the border was this out actually has not succeeded the main goal is to to yemen and the hoses when they took power in into the twenty first of september two thousand and fourteen heidi has resigned after that i think three months he was chosen for two years to be the president and then they extend it to one year and it comes to that i mean his third has ended so they had to come up with a solution but how did they do want they want to keep going as president and now can you imagine on the top of the three it's now almost four years. without any election without any solution so the destruction of yemen it will not solve anything the whole the actually out of becoming a stronger and stronger every time we know now that they can fire missiles they can upgrade their weapon to talk about it in an involvement in yemen that's over the
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blockade that hasn't allowed for that medicine to come into yemen i mean how can a missile that's long or other. weapons and material coming together if the saudis will allow in food and medicine they have so tight blockade they have banned yemeni to first in the course they have destroyed all human farming industry that the prison industry all the infrastructure water companies already does all these modified what does this have to do with how these i want to only get elizabeth kendall back back into this if i can does this ultimately coming come down to both sides need needing to to get something from this to save face if there's going to be a last thing solution and and does that does the global community need to put equal pressure on both the east and the saudi led coalition regardless of who's to blame here. yes i think you're right both of these main warring sides need to be
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able to position any outcome from these talks as a victory for themselves but even if that happens and they are able to show that to their constituents then at some point other more in constituencies within yemen will meet to be brought into these talks in order for peace to translate on the ground and the reason for that as you rightly identified is that this ultimately was a domestically generated conflict yes it now has international actors involved but ultimately there are some very serious grievances that he sees half that need to be addressed as other outlined regions that that need to be addressed and peace will never prevail in yemen and less that happens and i should just say that unless that happens fairly rapidly then we could see a whole raft of other conflicts erupting in yemen by that i mean the north-south fault line outlying regions secessionist movements growing sectarianism all of this
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could boil to the surface unless progress is made in these peaceful. so what do you say to that is a legitimate concern that if the if this if this war isn't a solution to this isn't addressed then there are other conflicts within the country that could also fester as well. yes absolutely and there is also on a very important stick and that is that the way that you and now yemen especially in war it's conducting. process. he seems to be having now and the third of the trial and error because the last time he also tried to evacuate some of. the members but he failed and then he tried another way are having maybe their quita. if you can fly so he seems to have. a step by step method and that's. really we're losing time here
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i remember clearly working your piano at the u.n. security council when there are u.n. humanitarian coordinator that we are losing the fight against famine and yet that and the u.n. special envoy seems not to have like a rapid and urgent and comprehensive method of dealing. with the challenges ahead of it's very very important to include all sides because the were in human is no longer just two sides parties it's very important to include all the new different factions inside young that and and and also it's very important to include the women now. and here because they had a present of the like voices that never been included at the other peace talks.
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hussein whitey is this the best chance for peace at this point given the fact that the hoodies continue to maintain their control of the capital. despite the continued attacks. from the saudi led coalition that have gone on for most for years now. i think the hoti will keep fighting for the area they control as long as it take but the if they come with a solution from sweden regarding the when it hit and cries in yemen on the blockade on the ports and as well have to mention paying the salaries. for two years because the saudi has moved the bank from sa into eight then after that i believe that there should be told directly between the hope this and with the saudi arabia we have noticed in all the agreement either that has been struck to or the agreement that has failed before that the saudi has not a single paper of that they just imagine if they have issue with that with the
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hoses they do need i mean like a hobby or how the government they just really with and then they should make agreement both both should sign in this agreement and then the united nation will so was so bought a vice those payments because if the saudi is not going to be mentioned in any u.n. security council u.n. envoy statement this all with you will think that they are not a part of this war that's why they still call it a civil war and it will be exactly the saudi denial about what what they are doing in yemen is exactly the same denial we have seen. in the case all right and on that we're going to have to leave it thank you to all three of you elizabeth kendall hussein and nasr thanks very much for being with us and thank you for watching as always you can see this program again any time by going to our web site and use it to talk common for further discussion you can go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j.
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the viewfinder asia series on notice zero. zero. where ever you. but. showing a united front u.s. senator is introducing a resolution to hold the saudi crown prince to account for jamal high show g.'s kidding. no i'm fully back to go this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the long awaited talks to end the war in the yes.


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