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tv   Lebanon Holiday Inn Beirut  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2018 8:32am-9:01am +03

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off in your neighborhood every ten seconds for months and that is what the oil and gas industry and the trumpet ministration want to subject. the marine environment off the east coast to. the temp ministration for this discussion we reached out to get a common problem the national oceanic and atmospheric administration not the u.s. government agency that's monitoring climate and here's what they told us we have also. under finalizing these authorizations we've also carefully reviewed and assured propre is the best available information scientific information available in meeting the requirements of the n.p.a. the endangered species act national environmental policy act and other and implementing regulations for these geophysical surveys. and with respect to the endangered species act to ensure that the effects of the authorisation should not result in jeopardy of in danger threatened species to the e.s.a.
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and have prepared and signed a biological opinion documenting that analysis so michael it's a bit of alphabet soup there but her point is that the government has heard this complaint and they're making sure that they're doing things in compliance with laws what do you make about yeah i mean unfortunately this is ministration isn't exactly long on science and this is another case in which they're just disregarding the basic facts about the activity that they're that they're authorizing. seismic surveys have it extraordinarily large environmental print footprint and we know that the blast that they admit can silence whales for hundreds of miles around a single array and what. they proposed here involves running some seventy thousand miles of air gun tracked line like a long mower back and forth. over the the mid atlantic and and southeast
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regions so you know it's what the trumpet ministration is doing is it's like looking at that it's taking a smokestack and looking for impacts just within a few meters when in fact the pollution emitted by that smokestack goes out for miles and miles that's their approach and it it's just completely out of scale with what the scientific community understanding to be the environmental impacts of the activity so i want to present to our audience two opposing sides of this is solo press who tweeted into the stream saying that the impact of this is making america great and creating millions of jobs on the other side of that coin we got a comment from someone who stands opposite to that this is diana and she is the campaign director for oceana have a listen to what she had to say this actually flies in the face of massive opposition to offer drilling in some regard and lasting including over ninety percent coastal municipalities in the last i mentally if we go down this path you
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play close to the turn from beach towns to where the people have spoken that's not the more we're the harm that comes from seismic here in los oceana is preparing to fight in a lawsuit is one tool we're considering. michael a lawsuit do you think that's the way forward. well it does as you just heard it's it's it's one tool that can be used to fight this the fact is that the administration has violated multiple laws in approving this this activity and whether it's before the court or the court of public opinion whether it's in coastal communities or and capitol hill where the opposition to seismic blasting and offshore drilling is wide and deep in bipartisan. we are we are going to have to fight this action. michael and here with this from two peat who says the battle for the atlantic is now in full swing go tell your representative let them know
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that giving our pristine coast to the oil industry is unacceptable thank you to michael jackson us all the time we have a parade now be sure to keep tabs on the stories we discussed and the other stories we're following following. twitter we're at eighty three we'll see you next time. a recent u.n. report has given renewed urgency to the fight against climate change over those threats like sea level rise at this year's climate talks in poland and the international community seize the opportunity to take concerted action stay with al-jazeera the latest from the front lines of the climate crisis from the conference itself the important thing if you were walking around in beirut was not to be in the line of fire from the holiday. we heard gunshots i was the first one to flee the heart of. the battle lasted three days and three nights and there were no prisoners at the control of holidaying in and you control the region around and
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that's why it was such a bloody battle an icon of conflict at the heart of the lebanese civil war beirut holiday in war hotels on al-jazeera when the breaks and the story there it's the fight against isis still continuing in the arm are desert when people need to be helped. and the story needs to be told by families status and wealth has benefited from their choice translated people al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more reward winning documentaries and live news on and on line. the lights are on. and there's nowhere to hide isn't the easiest way to solve this to allow u.n. observers who you invited into the country earlier this year to finish their job i haven't said it's a right wing conspiracy or anybody's conspiracy straight talking debate do you
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think we're going to see some kind of sea change in the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia we have an obligation there's a journalistic integrity and then so in this case it was betrayed totally up from its own al-jazeera. turkey's intelligence chief briefed u.s. senators on the jamal. as they discussed measures to punish saudi arabia. hello i'm mr and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up yemen's warring sides signed a prisoner swap deal as they start talks in sweden but back home the fighting and suffering continue. a u.s. sponsored motion condemning hamas fails to get enough support at the u.n. general assembly. and looking to clean up the one country is pinning its hopes on
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food labels to try to reach that goal. the tuc intelligence chief has briefed some u.s. senators on its investigation into the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi there's growing pressure on the white house to hold the saudi crown prince responsible for the killing a group of democratic and republican senators has met behind closed doors to discuss ways to punish riyadh she added tansey reports from washington d.c. . turkish sources say her comfy dumby turkish intelligence chief was in washington for prescheduled meetings with his cia counterparts jena high school on a range of issues including syria as cia director hospital has been leading the u.s. investigation into the crucial g murder after she briefed some senators earlier this week they said they were certain that the killing could not have happened without
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saudi crown prince mohammed bin son's involvement there's not a smoking gun there is a smoking cell but only a few senators received that cia briefing turkish sources say feeder gave those he met on capitol hill on thursday information regarding the evidence ankara has in the because shoghi murder as well as the information ankara has supplied to the administration and washington senators are considering three lines of action against saudi arabia not just as a result of the khashoggi killing but the humanitarian disaster that's been caused by saudi action in yemen the a's are sixty three the nays are thirty seven the motion is agreed to first a procedural vote is expected next week following a vote to move a resolution on invoking the war powers act to end u.s. participation in the yemen war to the senate floor last week if successful a debate will begin and a final vote held meanwhile senators have also proposed a bill to suspend arms sales to saudi arabia and a resolution to personally hold the saudi crown prince responsible for the
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khashoggi murder some senators who voted to advance the war powers resolution last week now say they would prefer going down these legislative routes instead but while any action by the senate will be a symbolic but historic breach of the u.s. saudi relationship none of these measures are expected to reach the president's desk as the leadership of the house of representatives showing their willingness to also vote on the measures but following november's democratic success there in the midterm elections that may soon change if i were the saudi government i would be very concerned now obviously no one wants to see the total destabilization of saudi arabia but the special relationship with the saudis and the arms sales and the u.s. support really have been called into question the trumpeters station though says it remains firm in its support for the saudi government she ever turn see washington. the u.n. envoy to yemen has called for both sides in the four year long war to end the violence now he made the comments at the start of talks in sweden the day began
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with some progress with agreement over a prisoner exchange as an album reports from rim. it was a rare moment of agreement yemeni rivals engaging in friendly chat before the start of talks this is the first time they've met says to thousand and sixteen. u.n. envoy barton has praised a prisoner swap deal agreed between the two sides but said the political process to and the war will take time the country's institutions or reduce the fragmentation the country. is enormously so we must work. before we lose control of the future of yemen the who thiis who control most of yemen said they were willing to make concessions hoping the talks in stockholm would lead to a comprehensive peace plan some
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a lot of move ahead now we heard the other parties are serious this time the humanitarian and security situations require all of us to come together and seek a solution we really want to deal. the prisoner's exchange deal is a small step forward in a complex political reality most of these government representatives live outside yemen their influence has why did a client says the who things took over the capital it's a thousand and fourteen but they remain determined there. must hand over their weapons before there is a final deal on said this. is twenty two sixteen and nothing more they should respect international community wote they should surrender their ads in the missions and missiles that they're used to attack the yemeni people and their own countries and that then that there will be no settlement nor solution they should withdraw from this additional state would end the hand-bag institution of the
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states to the legitimate government the two parties remain divided over who should run the ports of her data it's a vital lifeline for yemen's food imports who think who control the area say they are willing to let the united nations oversee operations of the port the saudi u.a.e. backed government warns if the talks fail it will resume an offensive to capture the city in the meantime eight agencies are hoping the talks make progress so they can deliver aid to millions of yemenis on the verge of famine while the political divide remains the biggest obstacle to any wreck through to the yemen conflict the international community insists the talks here in sweden are a crucial opportunity for the yemenis to end the war al-jazeera the tunnel. well as those talks take place in sweden back in yemen the fighting continues at
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least seven hundred fighters and one soldier from the saudi u.a.e. coalition have been killed in fallujah province coalition forces are trying to push the treaties from the hills to south of the town of dams there's also been fighting in the central city of ties a u.s. sponsored draft resolution that would have condemned the palestinian group hamas has failed to pass in the u.n. general assembly the resolution didn't get enough votes to reach the required two thirds majority the outgoing u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley told the assembly that it could make history and called him asked one of the most obvious and grotesque cases of terrorism in the wild the vote on the resolution got the support of eighty seven nations fifty seven countries voted against while thirty three abstained al-jazeera is diplomatic editor james bays has more from the u.n. this was one of the final acts of ambassador nikki haley before she leaves her post she put before the general assembly a resolution condemning hamas as
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a terrorist organization the united nations has never once passed a resolution condemning hamas never over seven hundred resolutions condemning israel and not one single resolution condemning hamas that more than anything else is a condemnation of the united nations itself. today in this moment the united nations can change that awful record in a tense meeting the general assembly first had to decide how the resolution would be voted on it had a vote on whether it would be a simple majority or a two thirds majority that result was very narrow but went in favor of two thirds giving a much higher bar for the halley's resolution and when it was finally voted on she got a majority but she didn't get the two thirds a blow to the u.s.
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ambassador but both she and israel said this was a moral victory. the chief financial officer of chinese tech company huawei is expected in court on friday mango was arrested in canada and faces extradition to the u.s. on suspicion of violating sanctions against iran some analysts fear this could wesson a trade fight between the u.s. and china. has the latest from washington. from the very start it was going to be a day of losses stocks losing value at a fast clip on concerns the u.s. and china trade dispute is only going to get worse this is happening after news broke that at the request of the u.s. canada arrested when joe the chief financial officer of wall way the giant chinese technology company she is also the daughter of its founder quote way is a really big company and china and. you know is considered you know tech
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royalty she is the c.e.o. of the company and so she's a big deal in china her arrest happened saturday the same time that u.s. president donald trump was meeting with his counterpart president xi jinping hoping to calm fears of an escalating trade war announcing a ninety day truce of sorts in an interview with national public radio the u.s. national security adviser was asked if the president knew about the arrest during the dinner i don't know the answer that i knew in advance but this is something that that we get from the justice department and and that these kinds of things happen with some frequency we certainly don't inform the president on every one of them and bolton wouldn't say nor would anyone else in the u.s. government what she was arrested for although some senators implied it had to do with potentially violating sanctions on a.


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