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an indication of that is you don't know anything about it except when you file something court and that's richard b. so don't trump has now been implicated directly in campaign finance violations but it's not clear what these latest findings have to do with the russian collusion investigation if anything however taken in conjunction with this heavily redacted documents that was filed earlier this week in conjunction with the investigation into a former security advisor michael flynn there's plenty of speculation she had out his era washington still think this is professor of political science and international studies at the university of birmingham in the u.k. and hayes says that president trump will be cool to end the constitutional crisis big of them also gays if he five as the special counsel robert muller well we are on two paths right now and one of those pounds will culminate the combination of the federal prosecutions and of robert muller's investigation as to when miller will bring his full legal case with political implications against trump i think
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that will probably be in the spring the second path is whether donald trump can get rid of robert mueller before that point a curse the problem for trump now it is not only the weight of evidence that's piling up but his new attorney general pointed yesterday william barr he's the one that has the authority to fire more and i think william barr is regarded in washington as more of a straight shooter on the legal front and will be unlikely to carry out a trot order to stop more if donald trump insisted on getting rid of robert moore to try to shut down the evidence and the charges you would be in a constitutional crisis even greater than in one nine hundred seventy three when richard nixon used an attorney general to fire the special prosecutor archibald cox to try to shut down watergate but of course the lesson from out of there richard nixon couldn't shut down the watergate a congressional investigation followed a nixon was forced to resign and i suspect the same path oh wait still trying to if he does try to fire. there is
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a third day of talks aimed at ending the war in yemen there's been some small breakthroughs there are deep divisions between both sides on the major issues meanwhile of course the war in yemen continues with maybe one hundred twenty civilians being killed every week so these talks are taking place in in sweden they're taking place in the town of rimbaud which is just outside the capital stockholm our correspondent has a whole bar is there for us and hashim now we're in day three and we're getting a much clearer picture only of the negotiating positions of both sides. yes martin we are at a critical moment now for the talks it's about three main issues prisoner exchange deal the future of the airport of international airport of sun and the support of
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her data and the political settlement and with just being told that all the parties are trying to put more pressure to come up with some major concern concessions and we have know who has just joined us from the meetings is mr i did i say there's nobody who is the top advisor to president of global so how do you and he's also a member of the yemeni delegation i'll ask him about the latest developments. can i ask you about the latest when it comes to the prisoner exchange swap what about. what about diversity as far as the deal is concerned an adjournment we haven't told him a hotel and. we won't know the answer at least who are present as you know home including . my thought of him president like i did the minute as well as i know because until you're not insist that it will include all of them i've got to be more war i have to sleep through the month we are also one of them to hand over the bodies of everyone who was killed you know and i think i. mean if you had to
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think you know in the body of this man hours and i'll buy you know for all sources idea that was buried inside or could it have been a slightly different if you know i don't you know it's not true. do you ever hear of you know when you have a solid mass of support in yemen woman had to go home and they really deserve to surely who because she had to take her part in a decent funeral of him my second question to mr disease of your body the what he said yesterday that they would there must be a phase two which is a political settlement where a new body runs yemen other will also have these out of power. and almost like this we are doing what i would our soldiers off be don't have to. give me and he said no he said he had this is not the issue in michigan i've been going to. it has not our problem is the military coup that took place in two thousand and fourteen. which cannot be made out of that i was going. through aggression took over our country had turned off. let's say the hardys out of the way didn't much care less is not
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going to solve them relax them and on the contrary of what i said i know there will be the ongoing fighting over. a world that is our problem is that it is that. which has hijacked the state so my last question to you do you have any hope that these talks will bring about some breakthrough what are. you. i don't know. but. if you are not what it is you know what about peace we are general about peace thank you very much indeed mr advisers about it well he's been very diplomatic at the very end of the interview saying that let's be optimistic and hopeful but from what is happening from our sources beneath the walls in the buildings behind us it is a really critical moment both parties are entranced the chances for a genuine political settlement is really slim hashim live in limbo just outside the swedish capital with the very latest coming from those all important talks taking
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place behind him as to the conduct and the continuation of that war in yemen has been thank you. let's go to comair including a museum reopening in belgium come from the country's dark past. hello i don't think we'll push when to back now it's floods across the korean peninsula this is all low temperature rather than clouds have satellite picks up such things so by day the highest temperature in pyongyang is subzero same insult same in beijing well but has warmed up to minus seventeen even see the extent of the cold air is producing snow and it's forward edge and there's a high ground for holzschuh and lower grounded or carder this is most likely c four
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to be honest and you're right that hangs around low cloud on the west coast subzero in sapporo would not change things great to the west that we have got this persistent line that goes into china so how far south as the winter got here about maybe a bit further south than that there's been snow falling near our if not actually in one of the focus on these for to be further south and string itself out towards shanghai daytime temperature ten suggest nothing's going to stick here of course by monday they want to feel like the war has sort of won the battle and the snow line's gone further north but you can see winters settled in to the north charleston charlotte nazi and the coast of vietnam is still looking tenshi wet as indeed is sudden tolerance surprisingly wears rings uneasy which should be wet what looks like something is dry.
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singapore is being accused of expanding its coast and illegally dredged satins some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanished it's a big business will go into syria when they will take this very filling the sand is our parent you see the beautiful beach behind it is something that's not so plentiful tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sound walls on al-jazeera. some of the top stories here it out there paris have used tear gas on protesters who are trying to march on the french presidential palace hundreds of people have already
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been arrested and thousands of police have been deployed to avoid a repeat of last saturday's deadly string. and the talks hoping to end the yemen war continue at a castle just outside of the swedish capital stockholm each side now is putting its position and we've just heard from our correspondent talking to a presidential advisor that on that side they would like the release of the body of . documents released by u.s. prosecutors have for the first time directly linked donald trump to financial crimes committed during his twenty sixteen presidential campaign it's also been revealed that a russian who offered quote political synergy with that campaign reached out to transform a lawyer michael cohen as far back as twenty fifteen. now iran's president says
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donald trump's decision to reimpose sanctions on his country is economic terrorism the oil and financial sanctions came into force a month ago after president trying to hold out of the twenty fifty new clear deal in may speaking at a conference on regional cooperation hassan rouhani western nations risk an influx of drugs if the sanctions weaken iran. i want those who impose sanctions that for ron's ability to fight drugs and terrorism are affected you will not be safe from a deluge of drugs asylum seekers' bombs and terrorism. that's the name of the new leader of the. ruling party in germany she replaces angela merkel as leader of the christian democratic union she takes over at a time of increasing discontent with mainstream politics and a surge in far right support dominic cain reports from hamburg. in the
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end it was a close contest decided by a margin of just thirty five votes out of almost a thousand some wondered whether an eclipse come as closeness to angela merkel would be a help or a hindrance with her victory the cd you can now expect a period of evolution not revolution then here it is no more time. if we have the courage we will live in a strong year of which will complete open towards the inside and security with the outside if we have the courage we will live in a europe which will finally make the year a stable and we will live in a year with the european security council and the european army which does not just articulate but implements a common security interests her closest rival fleetly melts it spent a decade on the sidelines forced there by angela merkel despite there once having been allies he returned with a promise to take his party to the right and with straight talking both
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domestically and on the international stage ones even for more you can i mean you probably know i'm a true friend of the united states but from time to time the americans need a clear message and that message is credible when it's not just germany delivering it but when the entire e.u. says this is not how we want it americans accept strength not weakness merit says strong showing means he can now expect to have much greater influence in the party if he wants it in one sense winning this election is the easy part now i know that some con man must persuade voters in germany states and in a general election to go and she and her party are the ones to vote for. but that's for the future right now the c.d.u. is witnessing the passing of an era albeit one in which the chancellor will not be handing over ultimate power anytime soon dominic came out just era. a protest march in malaysia's capital has turned into
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a rally of support after the government decided not to sign a un convention which would have eliminated racial discrimination now malays which of the largest ethnic group in malaysia welcome but concerned that this convention would impact them florence louis has more from kuala. this rally with initially organized as a protest march to demonstrate against the government's decision to ratify a un convention to eliminate racial discrimination and the reason there's a backlash against this here in malaysia is because the majority race the malays who make up more than sixty percent of the population are concerned that this would lead to a low tide of special privileges and threaten the position of islam as the main religion in this country the privileges granted to the malays and other indigenous groups give them advantages in a range of things from business to education to. affirmative action all of these were put in place decades ago because the malays even though they were the main
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group considered economically disadvantaged compactor the chinese and indians the other two main races in this country and the government mindful of the backlash reversed its pledge to ratify the convention but this rally is still going ahead people here tell us they want to send a message to the government that they will reject anything that threatens the malays special privileges a point. that we've gone through and all that we know enjoy will be a factor that is what we don't want the wish to do and there's already an agreement made long ago between the military and the chinese and it was in trying to into the constitution there's no need to change anything we already have human rights or equal rights in malaysia but this is also about politics this rally is organized by the two largest opposition groups in the country one is an islamist group the other is a module that had led to malaysia since independence for more than sixty years until its defeat in the general election in may say it's intended as
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a reminder to show the government and the supporters that they are still relevant. now humans have been exploring the surface of mars remotely for more than two decades now but for the first time now we've heard what it sounds like. all about that's the sound of vibrations cools by when does it rolls across the solar panels of nasser's new mars in sight land it touched down on the red planet last month now a controversial museum focusing on belgium's colonial past is reopening excuse me after a year of having been closed the event though is being overshadowed by demands from former colonies like the democratic republic of congo that it returned some of its artifacts that are shipped buffalo reports. for more than a century this opulent museum outside brussels was
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a symbol of belgium's colonial past it was created by king leopold the second with wealth amassed from his kingdom's plunder of congo its exhibits put trade africans as savage and primitive hundreds of congolese people were put on display in a human zoo but there was no mention of the fact that millions of people were enslaved or killed by their oppresses us until twenty years ago belgium didn't have any critical reflector ryssdal on your past and nobody really questioned about how did google is really perceive it and if you talk to the release of the period i'm in they'll talk about your profession about the way they were prepared and so when go to this visit this was the a little star reflecting well maybe the colonial system wasn't all that good at all king leopold presented belgium's colonise ation of congo as a humanitarian mission but that was far from the brutal reality congolese artist mam panny hopes his work will force people to reflect on history as the author mars
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and older priscilla posit it is thinking together about the past the present and making sure what happened never happens again and to end stereotypes and colonize the image of central africa with pierre kompany came to belgium as a refugee from congo in one thousand nine hundred seventy five he's now the country's first black man he son vincent plays for belgium's national football team he says the museum could be a cultural bridge or you know from out his museum would be a different color both congo and belgian would better understand the mistakes made in the future that awaits us. while those behind the reopening of this museum hope that it will help belgians confront their colonial past some critics say it's a missed opportunity that a greater gesture would have been to return some of the looted artworks and objects to congo so much. these are not mere outworks for us they represent our ancestors
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so if my ancestors on closing the museum frozen in time then they are dead so i don't want to celebrate in this cemetery perhaps i would visit in the future if we start returning the works state museums across europe have come under increasing pressure from campaign is to return objects taken from africa they say it would address some past injustices but also force people in former colonial powers like belgium to know and confront a history that for too long has been ignored natasha butler al-jazeera brussels belgium and one of africa's largest museums says opened in senegal the one hundred forty eight thousand square foot venue has at exhibits from ancient black civilizations as well as modern art work including paintings that recount slaves passages to the americas centuries ago.
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congress take a look at the top stories here and out as they are french police have fired tear gas and arrested hundreds of people as the latest weekend of the so-called yellow vests protest get underway in paris. demonstrators are calling on president emanuel macro to resign earlier this week mackerels government canceled planned hikes in fuel taxes which sparked the protests but many insist they won't stop demonstrating until the government needs to have wide it in the. documents released by u.s. prosecutors have for the first time directly linked donald trump to financial crimes committed during his twenty sixteen presidential campaign it's also been revealed that of russian who offered quote political synergy with the campaign reached out to trump's former lawyer michael cohen as far back as twenty fifteen
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well enough and she have returns and what this means the president. to bits regarding cohen from robert that of interest that current provided the special counsel's office with useful information concerning certain discreet russian related matters core to its investigation that he obtained by virtue of his regular contact with company executives during the campaign now that could just be more dodgy business dealings which would relieve some questions about tom's motivations during the campaign or as some pundits i'm sure hoping for this could be something to do with russian collusion again we do not know so we will be very clear about that third current provided relevant and useful information concerning his contacts with persons connected to the white house during the twenty seventeen twenty eighteen time period this is after the campaign we didn't know what it was looking into about period during a peer first year in office. while ways chief financial officer.
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will spend the weekend in custody in canada with a bail hearing due on monday u.s. prosecutors are seeking her extradition accusing her of breaching sanctions on iran . a stampede in a nightclub in italy has killed six people and injured more than one hundred others have a near in kona on the adriatic coast. today those are the very latest headlines stories next. top executive of china's biggest technology company has been arrested in canada and one financial chief for wall play is wanted in the united states so why is the company being targeted and could this arrest worsen the u.s.
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china trade war this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm peter dubey it's being called the crown jewel of the chinese tech industry but one of its top executives has been arrested she. is the chief financial officer of walkway she was detained in the canadian city of vancouver the request of the united states the arrest comes as heightened tensions between the u.s. and china who are locked into a trade war seemed to be cooling at least just a little last week the u.s. president donald trump on china's paying help talks on the sidelines of the g. twenty meeting and washington agreed not to increase tariffs further come january the first the rest happened on the same day so who knew about it the u.s.
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national security adviser john bolton says he was aware in advance on what he called a law enforcement matter the canadian prime minister justin trudeau also gave a somewhat vague response. the appropriate authorities took the decisions in this case we were advised by them with a few days notice that this was in the works but of course there was no engagement or involvement in the political level in this decision because we respect the independence of our judicial processes japan says it will ban government use of huawei products sites in cyber security concerns. each ministry of the government is working and cooperating on the necessary measures with the cybersecurity center as a corner i'd like to refrain from commenting in detail at this stage japan will continue to take firm measure to look at this issue from
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a variety of perspectives some of them in order to improve cyber security controversy and huawei have gone hand in hand in the years the company provides technologies to iran and north korea both countries are under international sanctions there are suspicions walkways five g. wireless internet could boost china's spying capabilities but the company denies any collusion with the chinese government the u.s. australia new zealand and the u.k. have all banned huawei from five g. internet trials and japan and canada are looking into the risks the company's technology is could pose to them too despite all of that remains the world's largest telecommunications equipment and service provider and the second biggest make a smart phones after some song. ok let's get going let's bring in our panel today in taipei taiwan on skype ross darryl feingold a political analyst who advises multinational corporations on political risk in asia in hong kong and really on an international and independent china analyst and
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in birmingham in the u.k. also on skype scott lucas a professor of american politics at the university of birmingham a warm welcome to you all ross darrell feingold in taipei to companies know the risks when they do this kind of thing. well there are certainly a pattern of u.s. authorities taking action against companies that they view as in violation of either u.s. law or international and specifically united nations sanctions we've seen this with iran we've seen this with north korea we've seen it with other countries that are prone to follow the international community going back many years it's certainly not something that's exclusive to the trump administration we've also seen this in other contexts besides equipment sales such as facilitating financial transactions through the international financial system many european financial institutions have paid significant fines to u.s. regulators first priscilla taping these kinds of transactions that were clearly
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prohibited under either u.s. floor international sanctions under law in hong kong there is allegedly a ninety day truce in the trade war between china and the united states just around the corner they kind of agreed not to make it was than it was before will this impact that arrangement. well i like to put the whole thing in a special context of course there is also always been u.s. enforcement on while relations perceived violations of u.s. law international law that's nothing new but what is new in this case is that that is once mention of the us china a rivalry for dominance. let's face it it's not just the trade war is the war on again in the come on doing heights of technology the next generation would be five g. and walk away of course is china's leader in this game and indeed as the largest
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manufacturer of this are the products and then many of these products are used by many countries including the west and there lies the concern is that a lot of the stuff that could be embedded in our waste products and that's why a lot of the americans western allies have been called to attention to this fact and in fact the weiwei products have now been banned especially by the so-called americans are five are as you know the alliance of five nations the united states caliber australia new zealand in the united kingdom monitoring kind of military intelligence around the world targeting what is perceived as the potential and tacking is to the united states so at the heart of it all is. this kind of. perceived china threat so it's a push back almost three hundred sixty degrees not only on trade up with the there
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are loss of trade practices from beijing or from china which have perceived to to cause problems but also on the military the south china sea technology of course as i mentioned before and also ideology a lot. the stopping highlighted the negative aspects of the rise of china as a potential threat to the world order underpinned by american dominance. invalid clearly sets up and lots to talk about in the next few minutes and well let's just take it as you say this in birmingham scott when it comes to predicting where this will go do we need to know the nature the nitty gritty nature of the allegations or the claims being leveled at this woman. absolutely you need to know the process which is going to take place and perhaps the cutting edge is will she be released and allowed to go back to china or are you facing detention in the united states
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let me talk about a couple of distinctive elements of this case before we know the specifics the first is that while u.s. sanctions have been used against a number of companies to level billions of dollars in fines and while they have carried out asset freezes unnamed individuals to actually use the same sions to detain a high ranking official from a foreign company which is what's happened in this mom's case that is very very unusual now her extradition hearing is today in canada we have to see if she will be extradited i suspect she will but we need to hear the exact charges in the american courts because to put these two together because law enforcement's never suffered from politics on the immediate cases is this case going to be quote resolved very quickly or is it going to drag on for some time because the white house has put a ninety day limit on the trade talks with china and said if there's no advance in ninety days they will escalate tariffs from ten percent to twenty five percent and i suspect right now that what has happened in the past twenty four hours brings
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that possibility of an escalation of the trade war much closer restoral feingold it is part of the undertow heah of washington's attitude towards what china does here with cheap tech because clearly this is about so much more than just building a ripoff i phone because their phones are really good and that two thirds of the price and that's why people want to buy them and use them it's about the way that washington expected economic liberalization on the part of beijing when beijing started getting economically successful and they haven't liberalized well it's certainly popular over the preceding day or two since the news of her detention in canada was made public to say that this is part of the u.s. math. in a trade war so when the technology. battle between u.s. technology and chinese technology and frankly all of that is just not true the u.s. doesn't win a technology battle for dominance in five g.
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networking appointment by detaining this chief financial officer of huawei in fact that just borders on being pro caution they're not going to get any secret code from her or designs to networking equipment or nor would they get her to stop where her company to stop competing worldwide against u.s. companies for dominance in this sector clearly this is about violation of sanctions and to trying to conflate it to other issues is again it's just not justified by the facts and it defies logic because you can't win the technology battles you don't get china to allow us to compete fairly in china by detaining the c.f.o. of a company that has committed sanctions violations allegedly so we have to keep these issues separate and keep some clarity on why she was detained which again we don't know the precise charges that she will be facing we should know hopefully in the coming hours or days but most likely it's about sanctions violations and i have to
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disagree with the professor because the u.s. has detained all individuals not just going after companies company officials have been targeted before from foreign companies or foreign financial institutions for facilitating violations of either sanctions or u.s. law so there's really nothing unusual here but again it's not a way to win the technology battle a think we need to give the u.s. government a little more credit that they're not going to win a technology fight by this action. scott i think you want to come in that. with respect i agree with the general point that this is not you know as it were an advanced battle on the technology front but i'm afraid it's a that's a bit simplistic and what's happened here first is this is a high level official not just an official this is the chief financial officer this is the daughter of the company's founder and what is missing also what needs to be added to the alice's is that although we don't know the specific nature of the
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charges people who are close to investigation says it has to do with wall ways technology transfer to iran using an american based bank or an international bank with american connections h.s.b.c. now if that is indeed the specific charge what this means is is that the law the legal path is connected to a political aim here which is the u.s. sanctions on iran and that is to pursue the u.s. sanctions on iran the americans will go after foreign companies including chinese companies and they have chosen to do so with a very high profile case here so both in the general competition with china does you can't dismiss that the u.s. has gone after companies for iran sanctions violations for many years preceding the trudge administration the obama era this operation did years if day you're misunderstanding they have never detained an official at this level in the pursuit of iran sanctions they have detained a few people who are at a far lower level but they have never gone up.


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