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member of scene yes dolphins leaving donald trump's white house chief of staff john kelly at the end of the year a retired marine general has been in the job for sixteen months is one of a series of resignations as the white house prepares to take on a new democrat led house of representatives. john kelly will be leaving but i don't know if i can say retiring but he's a great guy john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year will be announcing in john's place. that over the next day or two john will be leaving at the end of the year and he said i had her on the news including concerns that a volcano called the mountain of gold could have brought in tanzania. medians take to the polls for the first time since the so-called above that revolution but with it cements the new power shift. and the biggest football match in south american
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club history is being held in madrid later we'll have all the build up to the couple of extra is final between the plate and book a team is here in sports. rival protests are being held in london ahead of a key vote on the prime minister's breck's at dale on tuesday reports from one of those rallies where far right groups i'm to give independence posse have gathered to denounce to me as a brazen breck's a proposal. this is a cross-section of britain's right wing that includes nationalists and far right ultranationalist to there are supporters of the english defense league here its former leader tommy robinson will address crowds a little later on he has a man with a string of convictions but somebody who's become very much the face of anti muslim activism not only here in the u.k. but internationally too and according to a recent report an investigation by the guardian newspaper you may have also
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received financial support from wealthy backers as far away as the united states and australia two there's also supporters of ukip here is well the u.k. independence party that was huge the instrumental in pushing for the e.u. referendum in the first place but in recent weeks and months the party has lost an awful lot of supporters leadership has collapsed into political infighting all in all the right here in the u.k. voted to leave the e.u. over fears and concerns about immigration specifically about the effects of immigration on services like the national health service and on the health of the british economy as well issues that remain hotly contested here in the u.k. fiercely debated in society at large but whatever their political opinions these voices here on the right wing of british politics have joined a chorus of voices to reject to reuse
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a maze latest bricks of plan they feel that it's too much of a compromise to the european union they've described it as a patrol of their vision of bricks it it is a plan the theresa may is hoping to have passed in parliament on choose day it looks increasingly like that she will not have the support necessary to win that backing to make sure that her vision for breaks it is passed in parliament it doesn't mean she says that u.k. will be in uncharted waters she said in an interview on sunday in the future a plan that she hoped would bring the country together only appears right now to be dividing it even further. organizations that provide services to refugees and migrants in say there's been an increase in racist attacks a rise of rightwing politics and have been blamed and now many of the arriving and they don't feel safe reports from rome.
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a rallying call on heard voices for those gathered here it is an anxious time caught in a no man's land they face hostility in a country where nationalism and populism have surged in the past year. activists like andrea who work with refugees and migrants say they have seen the effects face to face and they describe how italy's government has treated those seeking refuge dominated as it is by the rhetoric of the far right deputy prime minister but they are. it's somebody can feel free to do it because they say look we're the cheap a big city so that migrates. that. really scares me a little. there's little in the way of options but those caught in the asylum system may come fleeing war or hardship but one thing is certain they do not feel
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welcome. that i didn't mean we have to go and sleep in a station or on the street there are no other choice and nowhere else to go so that's how it is. there have been warnings of a climate of hatred accelerating in italy since the far right went into power the ruling politicians have denied that there is any such crisis but the promotion i have done to my father since has for the right number of italians justified that in the name of law and order so i mean when you look what the current mood has power with the rise of the extreme right as a pound has been attempting to normalize fascism since the one nine hundred ninety s. squatting in the state owned building in central rome the group is part of a wave of white european so-called identity tarion movements they offer classes to disadvantaged youngsters especially men who they say have been left behind in
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today's italy and the lesson today italy's ancient history a standard subject for a group looking to the past but its focus is very much fixed on the present and future political scenes. we are convinced that ca's a pounds role is to guide the government and they know this because if they don't live up to their promises voters may end up voting for us. because a pound may claim to unify all italians but its tactics have exploited divisions within a country that has seen a recent mass influx of refugees and migrants combined with a stagnant economy this extremist movement has found ground to take root and incessant cases thrive sony diagonal al-jazeera rome. the unit has infiltrated generation identity that's a far right group in france the undercover investigation reveals the group's violence and its close links to the mainstream political party led by marine le pen
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david harrison reports. that. an undercover reporter from al-jazeera is investigative unit captures an argument on the streets of france was a far right activists clash with arabic speaking teenagers. the man who led the race attack is an activist with generation identity a far right youth movement dedicated to what it calls reconquering europe from what it sees as muslim an immigrant invaders didn't want to see. one of. the undercover reporters spend six months inside branch in the french city of louisville. at the group's headquarters a bar called the citadel more talk of violence against arab speaking youths. pushed . off. for the recession. to do
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with the usual jamila i'm having trouble expressing myself i'm sent to stand for jack tomorrow if these are people who make direct references to hitler who speak with phrases the nazis use. generation identity has thousands of followers with branches across europe including italy germany and the u.k. but its origins and heartland are in france the. group's campaign videos and stunts include this attempt to block a border pass used by migrants of all cannot be. nearly thirteen your last of their all already and is the g.i.'s leader in. he boasts about writing speeches for one of france's most powerful political parties coming to washington. to work sort of. our investigation found that generation
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identity has infiltrated other parts of marine le pen's national front national rugby as it is now known last year only legs are legal or illegal immigration is longer tenable. the head of parish g.o.i. who was also working for the national front. too says he is reason. he is one of a number of g.i. activists to work for le pen's party he has since left his job. in a statement marine le pen denied that her party had any links with generation
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identity and that already in the hassel lotty had worked for the national front. david harrison al jazeera. and you can watch the full documentary by our investigative unit generation hates us on al-jazeera saucing at twenty g.m.t. on sunday. a volcano in northeastern tanzania known to the masses of people as the mountain of gold is showing signs that may have brought. lang guys the only known active volcano with a type of lava that can move faster than a person now as katherine so i reports from the foothills threatening nearby villages and three major sites of human development. towering above everything else around the lake natural area in north in tanzania although new length stands at more than seven thousand feet the local mosque community call it the mountain of god for the last two years it's been rumbling geologists a morning tearing its activity more intently because of the reasons care an
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eruption was imminent that threat level has since diminished but scientists say nothing can be left to chance hansen is professor at the university of the ressa lums geology department he says tanzania needs a working observatory center to be able to keep a closer eye on the mountain itself rather than getting information from other countries experts has been unfortunate but even so continue to perform germany europe they have no information because they have been working there at the moment and then we do disguise the know much more scientifically than what we have. because they have money this is the world's only active volcano that bulges out of black love a rich with a type of rock called cup on a tight when it comes to contact with it turns white. volcanic eruptions have been
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recorded here since eight hundred eighty three the largest deposited ash hundred kilometers away and that's a concern because a mountain is also close to important ancient historic sites like this one on the southern shores of lake notch on named the dance floor. more than human footprints left between five and nine hundred thousand years ago and preserved by debris and ash from the volcano. those who live in the foothills of the mountain have watched and fear the mountain of god route to life this mountain last erupted in two thousand and seven those who live here say it had loudly rumble for months before and when it finally spewed its love they ran for cover no one died but some lost their cattle and grazing grounds were destroyed and our psyche says it sounded like a thunder storm and describes the flowing lover a scary. i was afraid at first i thought i choked to death it was like a fire then it cooled down and became white the dust settled on our cattle and when
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we tried to get it off the animals it would peel off the skin. her son maurice king he told us immediately happened he knew what to do in line with the culture of his community and. elders and i took up on top of the mountain that same day god listen to us and they love us stopped i don't know what we have done. communities here believe this folks is sokrates they say they're not worried because like their ancestors they know just what to do when the mountain of god rose again catherine. in the foothills of. one of all the weather and his staff was rather chilly looking weather not just chilly downright dangerous a lot i so on a lot of ice let's take a look at the details them because we have these pictures from lubbock in texas showing what does look like quite a beautiful scene we had twenty five centimeters of snow here in just from this one
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storm and the average over the entire year is normally twenty one centimeters so just below that and the most we've ever seen in one day before is about eight and a half centimeters so this is a phenomenal amount of snow that we've seen from this one system now it's working its way eastwards in the south we're seeing a lot of heavy rain there's been over eighty millimeters of wet weather along the south coast there a bit further north and we've got a lot of snow where there used to meet that's where we've seen a lot of ice black ice form in from some freezing rain and that's probably the most dangerous type of weather there is it turns everything into she ties and it also makes things very very heavy so it can pull down trees and power lines pretty quickly the whole storm is working its way eastwards but it hasn't finished with as yet we've still got around thirteen thirteen centimeters of snow that we've seen just in the past few hours as more still coming as it works its way eastwards and we've also got some very strong winds as well those winds are gusting over sixty
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kilometers per hour in places the whole system though is beginning to pull away and i think over the next day or so we'll begin to see that at your way finally towards the east or. stefan kim said on al-jazeera the sports and civilian rookie is taking matters into his own hands full the dallas mavericks place will be here with more. anti fascist anti establishment and pro violence. despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing a basque separatist movement just found alive and well on the terraces of a build bound stadium. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform and ideology with violent football hooligan. read or death on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera
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is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for it is you know it's very challenging given the particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. and again you're watching there has reminder of our top stories this hour pressure is building on france's president to bring an end to the so-called yellow vests
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crisis the day after more violent protests across the country. is expected to address the nation in the coming days. presents to. john kerry has quit his posts donald trump is in talks with the vice president's top aide to succeed. at the end of the year. regional disunity is hanging over the gulf cooperation council as it meets in riyadh saudi arabia open the summit is not addressed the blockade of cattle by his country and to other g.c.c. member states that dispute on the diplomatic crisis around the murder of gibraltar of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi are among the issues overshadowing the annual gathering of. we have faced a lot of challenges and on top of them there are other differences between our g.c.c. nations we need not to risk the interests of our peoples the peoples of the g.c.c. council states the g.c.c.
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must not be hesitant we need to keep our situation firm stand firm and we need to be able to face the challenges in our region. joins us now live from kuwait city we have a mare in his speech to the summit a call for unity but it's a miss and a very disunited gold body isn't it. indeed i mean the thing that is worrying people the most or has been worrying people the most have been monitoring the d.c.s. developments over the past year and a half is the fact that this cooperation has in and of itself mechanisms that's been designed in order to try and find a solution to when crises take place the fact that the g.c.c. has essentially been power lies because of the blockade on qatar imposed by saudi arabia united arab emirates and that these mechanisms haven't been used has been something of concern with regards to then posing
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a question of what purpose does this for the. service of the kuwaiti i mean was somebody who has always been leading attempts to try and find a mediation in fact the last summit took place here in kuwait and qatar sent its amir as a sign of respect or maybe encouragement or support for these mediation efforts however the saudis the united arab emirates on the behind has refused to send any senior official to represent them this time around in the riyadh it is qatar that's has decided to truce to send its deputy or assistant foreign minister was the heads of states or at least senior members of the blockading nations exist what's interesting gloria is that the saudi king king solomon when he spoke in his opening remarks spoke about many different issues but refused to talk about the blockade on qatar and these threats posed to the unity of the gulf countries the kuwaiti amir we spoke hard that did mention it she did say that maybe there needs to be
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a lot of work put into the discourse in the media campaigns that have been ongoing now against different member states however obviously fall short of maybe demanding more serious action from the political leadership of the blockading nations but at least that will be seen by some that creates hasn't lost all hope despite the fact that this blockade has gone on for a year and a high. significantly speaking we think of what's most likely to come out of the summits from a tangible perspective very little really far as the saudis are concerned their media will try and shine a light to show that they still have some sort of leadership role in the region and therefore for them it will be seen as a success but when you're talking about the gulf corporation council that seen very little cooperation on economic fronts on the security from some diplomatic fronts this summit will be very much like the one before whereby the optimists will say there is something good in the fact that at least it has taken place as
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a miss will point to the fact that obviously not all the heads of states are there and the realists will say well this corporation counsel short of maybe allowing for free remove mints and trade which now isn't the case it really hasn't achieved much over the years ok jim many thanks indeed that's cause i haven't been job eighty's salo crossing on the castle sounding boards and that we can see the effects of this disunity homie cattles only land border closed for the past eighteen months what's been the impact of that. well or it's not just that the border has been closed reve seen tensions escalating between these two countries and a war of words that we've seen especially from the saudi side where they were hanged by. somebody one of the advisors of mohamed bin sell man who's also been named in the murder of. turkey's actually issued a warrant for him when he talked about possibly cutting off qatar as a peninsula and making it an island and making a canal so that it will have no more land border so that has been the extend of the
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animosity between these two sides when it came to the saudi led blockade but it's not just saudi arabia it's a troika of nations saudi arabia bahrain and the united arab emirates who blockaded qatar in. june last year where i am right now would have been a very busy border crossing where not just families but lorries and trucks would have been going in shipments would have been coming in from saudi arabia and the trucks would have been say heading back but now as you can see behind me as the sun sets around us we can see that it is an abandoned place we went to the last checkpoint where the qatari offices here have been telling us that it is open from their side but it is blocked from the saudi side and there is no sign that it will be opened any time soon and this is not just had an economic impact it has also had an impact on the social fabric which binds together the tribal societies of all of this region not just these countries into marriages have been taking place for
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generations between the saudis and the immoralities the battery needs and the trees and so on and so forth and that has all been broken up because of this blockade people have been separated families cannot unite and they are having to find new true ground to try and meet and there have been pressures on various people in these countries to break their long term ties if you were in the united arab emirates and if you tweeted this. thing about cutter that could land you in jail for about fifteen years so it is as you mentioned a fractured union between the gulf cooperation council assigned emblazoned on these border crossings but it remains just that a sign of good days that have gone by. may thanks for joining us now from the cast border i speak now to. political science at university joins us now here in the studio good to have you with us last year the previous gulf cooperation council saudi. old did not send him is this castle is not sending them
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a lesson ings ending assistant deputy foreign minister how much of a countess not. just to first of all correct the nation it's the state minister for foreign affairs it's heading the other he did occasion so it's a ministerial post another cabinet post and number two in the qatari diplomatic hierarchy who is attending this summit and surely it was it was not expected to participate on in any of the vote as the summit is being held there we are the other is located in qatar at the moment the rhetoric against qatar is quite high from coming in from the other to surely would not be expected for the leader for the to participate in the summit and to provide. the saudis with. the media when the fuel through his attendance however qatar could have simply not participated in this isn't it rather than doing that and in the recognition of the kuwaiti position
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of mediation qatar sent a delegation on the ministerial level and it is very clear that from the speeches we heard today that from the saudi side there is no interest in discussing the issue there is no interest in talking about it and there is no real interest in giving the g.c.c. the digital b.c. it needs in this crisis and therefore it is very clear that. he was on the right position when it decided to. lower its representation to be of the how relevant is the g.c.c. at all in this current state of affairs well of course it is very clear that. the blockade in countries have decided the g.c.c. should not have any role in this crisis at all and any political will for that matter we remember that last year during the summit while the summit was being held in kuwait there immoralities in the saudis signed an agreement whereby they launched. a bilateral. alliance between the both of them basically
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bypassing the g.c.c. which means that it's very clear that the position of the three countries is to sideline the g.c.c. completely and it's very clear doctrine you are there with or so without us so you are the fall in and become a proxy state of the saudis and the iraqis are just going to neglect your presence altogether it was very clear today from kuwait his highness the emir of kuwait speech and the omani position that we have three positions in the u.c. at the moment we have the locating countries who have just basically sideline the g.c.c. all together we have kuwait in oman who are working towards mediation working towards a stable g.c.c. and we have got out of that is still calling for a dialogue over the issue however as long as there is no real discussion of the crisis under the umbrella of the g.c.c. that makes a doozy completely irrelevant and this is why as a company and as a citizen of the gulf i do personally thank his highness the emir of kuwait for raising the issue in the album at least for somebody to bring that issue to the
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table even if it was not discussed and the say we shouldn't expect much to come out of this meeting in riyadh thanks very much much of a coming in now this is joins nobel peace prize winners have held a news conference in oslo ahead of tomorrow's awards ceremony congolese dr dennis mcquay and against easy activists not jointly awarded the prize and over it received the honor for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and asked how governments can help bring an end to the practice. there is an international humanitarian law what we're here to do is to make sure that this law is respected and that those actions are punished we need an impartial application of the law the problem we have in the democratic republic of congo is a problem with the post complex situations we have warlords at the head of state at very high levels and no justice has been served after this conflict of charges. not a single i saw fighting has been brought to court we haven't seen this perhaps it
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will be a different group that commits these crimes if there is no justice we will continue to see this injustice in the world if this is not dealt with now. joins us live a. very strong very strong voices representing the help from one side and survivor of sexual violence on the other. absolutely you can almost imagine the women in the democratic republic of congo who dennis mccuaig has helped cheering when they saw his appearance and his words in that press conference and just to give you a little bit more background on this extraordinary man who trained as an obstetrician in france and then returned to the d.r. c. to set up a maternity clinic in one thousand nine hundred nine but the first patient to walk through his door wasn't pregnant she was actually a survivor of rape mutilated by men fighting in the armed conflict there and in the twenty so years since then fifty thousand women have followed them and he has had
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to invent new surgeries to deal with the horrific injuries he's winning the prize for that but also for developing a new model of rehabilitation finding out how to heal these women physically psychologically and economically removing the pain the trauma and the stigma and getting them back into their communities he says that his inspiration is the women that he treats his threats to his life and he has returned to continue his work and today he is their voice and you heard him calling on the international community to make sure the law is respected and the actions are punished the other prize winner . equally strong. woman who was trafficked by ice so in iraq and has bravely told her horrific story of rape and torture in front of huge audiences in the united nations and the european parliament as she seeks justice for these e.d.'s with no idea you could hear her frustration she says she's traveled the
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world she's met many world leaders and she is trying to get them to help the three thousand you see the women still in captivity the three hundred thousand years e.d.'s languishing in a refugee camp in kurdistan but she feels she's picked up many awards already but she received expressions of sympathy that has seen little action and that is why. she is going to be talking about today about press conference and also on monday when she picks up the award she says you have hope but that hope has an expiration date so two nobel laureates who have been actively fighting and campaigning for sexual. abuse me to eradicate sexual violence in conflict against women and as dennis mccuaig said this fix this prize is not a victory but it is the start of a new struggle and. joining us live from thanks so much i owe any
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ns a voting in their first parliamentary elections and demonstrations earlier this year and a decades of one party rule polls suggest a landslide victory for acting prime minister nicolas he came to power in may after what became known as the velvet revolution when for so walker joins us now live from the capital. in this election is considered important so why is the turnout lower than last year's parliamentary vote. yes you might think that people. going to the polls. to endure the changes that have been happening here and so i did about what's happening but what we're hearing is that it is actually a good start in many ways because in the past the party of power to the classic the post soviet arrangement would have been able to use what we called administrative resources using party members in states like you know to school professors or
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university professors doctors and teachers that kind of the go out and vote now everybody is religiously it being said to people with speaking to a saying nobody wants to break the rules and so the turnout's down because these are apparently free and fair elections and this is the very throw missed nickel patch and the very first promise that he made back in the spring so i'm with that revolution where he said the most important thing for our media now is to have a free and fair election and so that may be the case right now so what's the likelihood that passion and my staff alliance will win a convincing majority. it's highly likely. opinion polls suggest that the party may get as much as seventy percent of the vote there was a mayoral election a few weeks ago here in the capital and his party candidate got over eighty percent
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of the vote so there's a very good chance that question is going to have an right majority which would be good news for him obviously and for the armenian people saying they want him to to bring about the reforms the promises that he's promised to deliver a poem and they'll have that mandate to do it the downside of course is if he is with an overwhelming majority in parliament where they are going to be opposition a viable opposition so you have to put the checks and balances on his all story see if that turns out to be the case ok many thanks the updates there from. now activists have marched in the polish city have got a v.h.s. a two week u.n. climate summit is underway calling for more action from governments to tackle global warming tends to incorporate a scientific study into climate talks failed often.


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