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tv   Palestinian Seed Queen  Al Jazeera  December 10, 2018 1:32am-2:00am +03

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dalgleish took his message about the need to help vulnerable children far and wide christie just schools invited him to give motivational talks to their students. united world colleges or you w c which has seventeen schools around the world said dalglish spoke at a number of their events about his work with the un and with street children five months before he was arrested you w.c. investigated rumors of a possible exploitative p.t.v. are they then suspended him from the board of trustees of you w.c. thailand and released a statement. it read we thought mr dog was part of the fight for education opportunities for disadvantaged children across the globe it is shocking that the precarious situation of these children may have been used for their sexual exploitation. maybe the
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most high profile man to be accused of child abuse in the paul but he's certainly not the only one. since april of this year police have charged for other foreigners with similar offenses. most of the arrests took place in katmandu magnet for tourists and for poor vulnerable children. at the very beginning all of the files there were concentrated because. of these two children and it is easy to find a small boy. deputy superintendent have to wall was off duty at a park with his two sons when he first noticed a foreigner surrounded by young boys i was with my family and i noticed. he was with children young child. and sixteen sixteen and one was
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sixteen i noticed i was secretly. i have some sense you see because i was very doubtfully that guy. that guy was dutch child psychologist p.s. kind than true. he had visitors nepal ten times in the past four years always staying in the capital's tourist district we made about fifteen dates r.b.'s around the clock. we located the boat. where the. the boy used to. come from morning about the authority to label pm so the featured used to take to the. boy through the park for streaming sometimes for something. we were familiar about all his
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activities. after weeks of surveillance police arrested joey's guy in a third floor hotel room the alleged victim was with him. but we immediately this boy. from the don't. we call the father and mother we took the immunity interview with the. boy in front of the balance. during our industry is and it was revealed that. the perpetrator. he had family connection with the family very intimate relationship with the family the boy's father and alder brother agreed to meet with us because the alleged victim is still under age we cannot identify him or his family. of us or with words. he used to call me son in law and address my wife is daughter. and he used to call my two sons his grandkids
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we were poor so i thought he helped us because of that i was suspicious from the beginning that this man is not right there must be some hidden self interest here. but the generous foreigner soon won over the boy's father with gifts and cash. he helped that time around thirty five to forty five dollars and it continued from there he visited as frequently it was good he used to give us gifts on birthdays he was shocked by his son's revelations. he touched him in inappropriate places put oil in powder on him did this and kissed him on the cheeks held his cheeks and grabbed the unwanted places things like how do you feel. i felt very bad about it he did that to my son. is also now
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being investigated back in the netherlands. we got abundant support from the land police. i mean photograph. is being held in katmandu maximum security prison if convicted he faces up to eleven years behind bars this is the case. given. his lawyer not he. says is not a paedophile instead just an innocent foreigner caught up in a crackdown by the police the central investigation bureau or c.i. p. they view has not been that in physical evidence i missed my point because there is a good mood of the. victim. but.
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actually. it's there's that is very weak the police here are are really doing very old fashioned police work where it's just straight surveillance and the foreigners who have been caught it's been by chance. more we had is a veteran humanitarian worker who tracks the buicks in the international aid said she's not surprised that so many of the foreigners arrested in nepal for child sexual exploitation have been working for n.g.o.s or had been financially supporting founder. i do think that nepal like any country where there are a lot of very poor children is a target because for disposable children nobody should be shot because this is how pedophiles gain access you don't gain access to children by being this horrible nasty person right you gain access by putting yourself in position of power
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vulnerable children so you get involved in children's charities you join the boys and girls club you're a shining light in the boys and girls club predators are social paths usually so they come across charming and you think oh this is such a lovely man but he just loves children and so there's a huge imbalance between the predators and the survivors. that imbalance between the accused and the alleged victims presents a major challenge for authorities prosecuting these cases police say two ways because family in the netherlands came to nepal to convince the victims' families to withdraw the accusation. there would. be referring to. money some sort of money. to be competitive. and they would. trying to negotiate. giving. some dollars some.
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thousand of those may be actually amounts but there was. money to. dismiss the case. was family and their lawyer say the conversation did not happen he says his clients family only keen to nepal to visit to with guy in prison. here through their. brothers were there is also guilty. only did. they had to give. whatever the truth of the two is case those who work with victims say perpetrators often try to buy their way out of trouble increasing rana is a human rights activist and a board member of sofie
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a local organization that counsels abuse victims and their families it is very difficult because first of all. families don't want to bring out the issue because it's a matter of shame also on top of that happened to a boy so it's you know something that even the communities don't want to talk about or even accept. when going to the court there is a sense of feeling that you know they may not get justice. and also another challenge that we do see is there are always people from the perpetrators side who are trying to. convince them not to fight cases through different mediums including bribes and so these foreigners have the resources definitely try to make it go away definitely definitely they do feel that it's a matter of exploitation sexual exploitation is there but then at another level
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it's a rotation through power also you know so power money is being used to prevent them from registering cases as well as. trying to prevent them to even talk. making an official complaint about abuse can be difficult for any child anywhere but here in nepal where foreigners are held in high esteem it can be even more challenging there is a sponsored saying guests like gods so. when foreigners befriend and you know build up very close relationships with the parents of some of these abused voice than for them it's even harder to believe. so he is now looking after about one hundred girls and eighty boys in several shelters many of them are street children and orphans with nowhere else to go a lot of foreigners have been found abusing young boys. in hot spots such as in the
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tourist areas and more recently we are also finding that they are not only in tuchman or you know so much more well known to response but even moving slowly to the remote areas is where. advocates say vulnerable communities need to be aware that not everyone comes with the right motivation and more needs to be done to protect children. are n.g.o.s doing enough screening to prevent possible predators from infiltrating their organization to exploit kids know these countries not at all not only non-governmental organizations but u.n. agencies as well there's no screening going on whatsoever. laurie hadra hand says part of the solution is for n.g.o.s to monitor their employees' online activity most of the pedophiles. themselves it's become
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a currency and it takes on values so they very rarely rape children without also videoing it and taking photographs and then immediately sharing those so to me an indication that we were starting to stop the problem would be that every humanitarian is monitored so you sign a consent form just like you have to get random drug testing for some jobs right so i would sign a consent form that all of my electronics even my personal and tronics would be subject to random search the way to monitor and. there are more than forty thousand registered n.g.o.s and nepal and even more unregistered. and there's a growing awareness amongst them of the potential dangers strangers can pull ups in the beginning we have to have you open but we all know that we would be like a platform for some of the things they were doing everything in.
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the bell kendra's school in katmandu cares for about seventy vulnerable children most of their parents are poor migrant laborers with little support here in the city. funded by a small american engine you know many foreigners come here for income but principle here indebted to you says the school ensures those who come have good intentions when somebody we want them to write to later and have a different person that you may want to contact and we are. based all gave. most of the spending to us we need to blow up the confidence that they had worked together with the new problem. and you know you never leave the children alone with foreigners without one of their i don't think we should and we should all be that it's our policing. the bow kendra's school and other local n.g.o.s are determined
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to do whatever it takes to protect the polls children. which of them are just the. little flowers they are very for giant you know they trust and they're wonderful they're all rich trust everyone. nepalese authorities insist that they too are doing all they can to crack down on child sexual abuse. the government recently introduced a longer prison sentences for perpetrators and fast track courts to speed up criminal trials. we want to bring those who are committing a crime against children it is not. able crime. deputy superintendent cut to wall says he's more committed than ever to the fight against child sex abuse children there are the puter powers if we can't protect
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them the mission will be collapsed. it's clear this poverty stricken country is an easy target for abuse but increased community awareness and a determined police force will hopefully make nepal safer for its youngest and most vulnerable citizens. the war on drugs in the philippines is pushing jails to breaking point a record number of inmates languish behind bars for years awaiting trial one on one east philippines locked up on al-jazeera.
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because we're not defending them as we should the. rights of being vineet. and free to be stripped away. on the seventieth anniversary of. the whites that stand up. stand up for human rights. the. pressure builds on the french president. another weekend of violent protests in paris and elsewhere also al-jazeera and best a geisha reveals how a far right racist youth movement has infiltrated
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a french mainstream political party. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up smiles and calls for unity at the g.c.c. summit in saudi arabia but serious divisions of our farmers all. plus says protests brought down a prime minister now are manias new leader looks to consolidate his power via the ballot box. france's president is to meet with unions and protest groups on monday as he looks for solutions to what has become known as the yellow vests protests and micron has been largely silent after the fourth saturday or protests across the country turned . violet the demonstrations were initially over the fuel tax hikes but they become an anti-government mass movement with calls for mccrone to resign the french
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finance minister has called the protests a catastrophe for the country's economy in law france's foreign minister has told the u.s. president to stay out of french politics and for donald trump blame the violent protests on the paris climate agreement twenty i say this to donald trump and the french president said it to we do not take domestic american politics into account leave our nation be get more of an update now what's happening in paris with dominic cain so dominic benno microbus is supposed to address the nation at some point what can he possibly say. well that's the question many people here are asking that when they look at the situation of what their country is in right now the violence that has been happening this weekend but also on previous weekends they wonder what sort of concession president might make to assuage the fears the concerns of those yellow vest protesters but also why does
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society which has become disaffected with president might call the fact that he now in the opinion polls is as low as twenty four percent indicates that many people have serious concerns about the conduct of his government on that note politically organized political opposition to president methyl max on his government well on monday in the building behind me the assumption s n l the parliament the opposition will table a motion of no confidence in the government as little chance that it will be passed or voted through because mr mcneil is government has an absolute majority but it's just a ratcheting up of the pressure on mr mccall so when he meets unions when he makes a speech to the nation the question will be how much concession can he make can he show that he is listening to what's the concerns of these protesters but also what white a society believes can he show any kind of concern can he make concessions that's
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certainly what people in paris and indeed in france are asking. are dominic a live for us in paris dominick thank you. crowds have gathered in london demanding what they call a people's vote on bracks it's a second referendum on the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. with an option to remain inside the block tuesday will be crucial in the brics that process the u.k. parliament will decide whether or not to approve prime minister teresa mayes e.u. withdrawal deal earlier probe rexin demonstrators including far right groups marched to denounce prime minister may and her deal saying it will leave britain trapped in the e.u. . the sangeet. godfrey.
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the gulf cooperation council has met in riyadh with divisions between the six members increasingly exposed the mirror of kuwait addressed that deterioration in relations head on used a speech to call for an end to the disputes and deepening hostility through media campaigns that was an obvious reference to the blockade of qatar by three g.c.c. members saudi arabia the u.a.e. in bahrain all have used their t.v. and newspaper outlets to criticize qatar to the point of demonisation but kuwait is also in dispute with saudi arabia revenues from a shared oil field then there is the war in yemen qatar in amman are non-involved walkway to bahrain are limited that too has made it difficult for the g.c.c. to present a united front saudi arabia as the largest country in the block and is traditionally been able to drive the agenda the differences between the six member nations has weakened its position the secretary general read the final communique not
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long ago hear some of what he had to say. i mean. the leaders of stress the important goal of the g.c.c. to bring peace and stability to the region and to fight terrorism and extremism we need to face the challenges by boosting the values of tolerance and human rights in our region and to adhere to the law and principles to drive from our religion and culture we need to work with our international partners to get rid of terrorism in order to avoid regional and international conflicts we need to have a unified a vital foreign policy based on the principles of the g.c.c. our meszaros here he is al jazeera senior political analyst so those are nice words but is this all largely ceremonial at this point you know i got the feeling that not only that i've heard these words before not only the sounds like a cut and paste communique but in fact those where decisions taken in previous summits and they were included in final communiques in fact
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a lot of them as the communique said where for example conceived in two thousand and fifty and now we're just going to make sure we actually carry them out. so yes there were a lot of words but so general and not dealing with any of the specific issues that are truly challenging the gulf cooperation council including the very important questions the emir of kuwait spoke about that shaking the pillars of the council which is the crisis with qatar so not even addressing that at all while talking about and i'm quoting paraphrasing almost about deepening strengthening and solidifying the unity of the council and not even talking about the crisis facing the council or minus of a time that the g.c.c. was a strong and and united and effective what you know i mean it's what is it was established in one thousand nine hundred one it really it has gone through many
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challenging years or the iraq iran war the gulf war and the you know the u.s. invasion of iraq and the crises with iran and so on so for there were a lot of issues going on but no there is for example a very fundamental issue facing the gulf cooperation council not only saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and that's called yemen yemen what the united nations colds the worst manmade disaster the world faces what does any awareness of this of the gravity of this reflect at the g.c.c. so what does the g.c.c. said by this they say that we are helping the people of yemen. assisting the people assisting so we're talking about thousands laying one hand and assisting and the other is where there are so i mean to say this is a paradoxical is is actually to be kind to this kind of communique that wouldn't even address as the united nations called once again let me underline this like in
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big letters this is the worst men made human disaster so who is the men in the manmade who's the man in the manmade well we know and it is part of the g.c.c. so to address a question like that and saying we are assisting the people of yemen not even saying look we started by assisting the people in yemen and now we have a big crisis on our hands just like the emir of kuwait once again that we have court said we have a big challenge next door called the war in yemen that must end but the final communique does not reflect that unfortunately there are some calls that the negotiations or in swed in sweden you know that they could lead to some political solution but for sponsibility or the g.c.c. for this war or some members of the g.c.c. of this war it has not been addressed r.k. ashara thank you so much for joining us we appreciate it very much. out of there as
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investigative unit has infiltrated generation identity as a far right group and france and a cover investigation reveals the group's violence and its close links to the mainstream political party led by marine le pen david harrison reports. that yeah. that was it was. an undercover reporter from al-jazeera as investigative unit kept as an argument on the streets of france far right activists clashed with arabic speaking teenagers right there and. the man who led the race attack is an activist with a generation identity a far right youth movement dedicated to what he calls reconquering europe from what it sees as muslim an immigrant invaders consider what you see. should be. the undercover reporter spent six months inside brunch in the french
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city of louisville. at the group's headquarters a bar called the citadel more talk of violence against arab speaking youths. the wish to feel you're talking. about of course the recession. to do with the usual jamila i'm having trouble expressing myself i'm sent to stand for jack tomorrow if these are people who make direct references to hitler who speak with phrases the nazis use. generation identity has thousands of follows with branches across europe including italy germany and the u.k. but its origins and heartland are in france was. the group's campaign videos and stones include this attempt to block a border pass used by migrants of all cannot be. nearly thirteen you know most of the. already in the hustle is the g.i.'s. leader in little. he boasts about writing
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speeches for one of france's most powerful political parties. to which a. sort of. our investigation found that generation identity has infiltrated other parts of marine le pen's national front national rugby as it is now known the last year only legs are legal or illegal immigration is no longer tenable thanks to meeting at the ota france regional council in lille. philip emery head of the national front of the council is talking to. the head of parish g.o.i. who was also working for the national front. let me put it at two cents this is reason.


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