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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 343  Al Jazeera  December 10, 2018 3:32am-4:00am +03

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go ahead of tomorrow's award ceremony congolese doctor dennis quaid activists were shortly awarded the prize october they receive the honor for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war erasto governments can help bring it to an end. until. tonight there is an international humanitarian law what we're here to do is to make sure that the floor exist is respected and that those actions are punished we need an impartial application of the law the problem we have in the democratic republic of congo is a problem with the post complex situations we have warlords at the head of state at very high levels and no justice has been served after this conflict of charges. not a single i still find to has been brought to court we haven't seen this perhaps it will be a different group that commits these crimes if there is no justice we will continue to see this injustice in the world if this is not dealt with now. for coverage of
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the nobel award ceremony and all slow including an exclusive live interview with both his present laureates nadim arad and denis that is al-jazeera monday sixteen g.m.t. . so head on al-jazeera. oh my goodness a star in performance from a young singer at the home of one of analysis youngest teens the action a major league soccer's cup final axed. a helper of victims of sexual violence in the democratic republic of congo and a survivor of sexual abuse and trafficking in iraq through this year's recipients of the nobel peace prize will be interviewing nadia mirage and dennis mccuaig a right here in oslo c.
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hall will change to them about their efforts to heal women victims of sexual violence and the quest for justice joining us live for the no doubt interview on al-jazeera. i reporters retreat in a brutal civil war if the commodore hadn't been there the israeli invasion would not have been so well because the commodore had become a journalistic center you could be in a safe enclave and then you went into civil war i started off leaving the sort of a suite at the commodore hutto the next room i was in was underground in a tiny prison cell as a hostage beirut the commodore war hotels on al-jazeera. and
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for sport at peter thank you very much for showing just over thirty minutes time south americans show peace football match will kick off in madrid fans of origin time clubs but could juniors and river plates have started arriving at the bernabeu stadium for the second leg of the cup in the better those final it was moved to the spanish capital following fan violence ahead of the original game when our side is a two weeks ago we can go live to the spanish capital now and join our sports correspondent. what is the security situation like in madrid ahead of this match. while you might be able to head which is why i'm on how do my a place in here a helicopter guy had one of many helicopters circling the planet our stadium there are tanks as well i'm a place vehicles we're talking about four thousand secure it's a mixture of place undercover security stewards nothing has been taken to chance
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here with madrid this being part of madrid sighting so argentina as i to the south american football confederation we will host this time we can host this guy a very controversial decision of course it's been a. strange atmosphere in many ways because it was a lot of argentinian finds most argentinian fans of by the cops haven't been able to travel here or the five thousand tickets it's meant a mixture of fons from a spy in europe and the atmosphere has been different to how it would have been for show if you had been in argentina with so much security you think the chances of containing any potential trouble hey were quite high and that there might be more chance of trouble perhaps like in argentina and there is an element of anger over this match not being played in buenos aires but how is it being embraced by the argentine community in madrid there's a population of over seventy thousand syrians in madrid some of them have snapped up tickets there were twenty thousand a viable from madrid
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a not for margin say no people of charges from other parts of spain as i mentioned some of coming from parts of europe who support these cards other tickets have gone to new troops some tickets hadn't been so chilly before kickoff which is another reason why some people are questioning did it have to be played in madrid of course this was a decision that was largely about the south american football confederation but also faith it's cosmetic it's about the finances and making sure that savy commitments of fulfilled and yes it has been itching to say people from both clubs some of the same families that we saw your father and son yesterday i want to come to the going together they wouldn't mean i would say that in argentina but having to play the game in spying has left a bad taste in a lot of mouths of argentinean suppose of these cops thank you very much we'll talk to you going to little bit later let's go straight to buenos aires now for more from tennis a bow today so there was anger in the audience on capitol from some friends over this mess being played in madrid like we just discussed with less than an hour away from take of now what's the mood like now among supporters in the argentine capital
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. well there are those who were able to afford to travel to madrid and then there are those the vast majority who was unable to travel because of financial reasons of other mothers and there's mostly disenchantment among fans from both teams mostly because they say that it is an embarrassment that argentina was not able to host this team they say that this shows the enormous problems that not only argentinian clubs face today but also the problems that argentina as a society as they say that it cannot be possible that they pay every month to be able to go and watch the most important match of their lives this is what they're telling us and them not being able to be there so obviously there's lots of frustration and then blame not wholly without us as the hooligans or are known here are violent fan groups but also they blame the government they blame the security
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forces they blame the clubs the complicity that exists among the a lot of without us that clubs and security forces among other things there's right now an investigation ongoing about what sparked the violence that happened last month and that investigation shows that river played by to have us might have triggered it all because they were angry because the day before security forces doing an operation confiscated at least two million dollars and also take it so don't put it really that investigation is ongoing now whatever happens people will be coming here to the center of when outsiders to celebrate what they're saying is that this has a completely different taste if the match had happened here had to have taken place here in what is tightest to disavow in britain sort of thing to. the city of atlanta is celebrating its first major sporting trophy in twenty three years of redlands united be the portland timbers to lift the cup the game hit a high note football and its friends in the u.s.
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says joanna goes to rob school reports. oh. wow. i. was was i was starring complements from a young singer at the home of one of the m.l.s. is the youngest team in atlanta united are in just the second season in the league but the city has embraced it. was a record seventy three thousand fans watched united beat the portland timbers in the final atlanta were perfect throughout venezuelan joseph martinez who is the league's leading scorer and m.v.p. but the one not before the break martinez then provided an assist for arjun time
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defender franco escobar in the second was the two no result sealing the city's first major sporting trophy since the atlanta braves in one thousand nine hundred ninety five for team still finding its feet and a sports battling to gain a mainstream following this m.l.s. cup final provided a dream finish to the season joining us rasika to zero. the head of afghanistan's football federation has been suspended because of allegations of sexual abuse against female players in addition to a carer mood encourage him five other afghan federation members have also been suspended by the country's attorney general this comes after afghanistan's together with fifo launched an investigation last week into allegations of physical and sexual abuse made by players in the national women's team. teil thirty's to release a former bahrain international who's been detained in bangkok since late november hakim to be flayed bahrain four years ago after being tortured by authorities there
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he was granted political asylum in australia and now plays professionally there but last month he was arrested when arriving in bangkok on holiday it sparked protests outside the thai consulate in melbourne a.b.a. is now facing extradition back to bahrain. twenty ten open when earlier we were states and has added the south african open series list of career titles and he did it in fine style in johannesburg on sunday the storm to a six shot when equal in the competition recall victory margin the thirty six year old carded an eagle and five birdies in the final round and that's all the sport more later. said in un climate summit in poland are taking a break after the first weeks of talks delegates are nearly two hundred nations are looking at ways to tackle global warming but several sticking points still remain that clark has more in our special coverage across the world efforts are being
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stepped up to develop energy sources that do not rely on fossil fuels and geothermal energy that's basically generating electricity from hot rocks under the surface has huge potential to provide power while reducing carbon emissions in the kenya supplies around forty three percent of its electricity from geothermal power millions of kenyans still do depend on trees to make charcoal but as climate talks proceed in poland the east african nations efforts are an example to the world's biggest misses his malcolm with. hot rocks deep inside the earth and the steam shooting to the surface. pipes to a power station here in kenya to generate electricity. be sustainable. doesn't emit any carbon dioxide. and he thinks spending president to hurry kenyatta came to start construction of a new plant. more than half of kenya's electricity generated by renewable sources
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we set a star gets for a quick transformation to renewable energy and to be more specific we as a country have committed ourselves with a hundred percent green sufficiency by twenty twenty. the power stations plaque is on bail. and the delegation drives off in a convoy of diesel fuel cars. ten years fossil fuel usage is increasing soon every yeah thousands more people buy cars and take to the roads but like many african countries the harmful carbon emissions here a tiny compared to those of the world's industrialized powers in particular the u.s. and china. can is not contributing much to global warming and its green power programs aren't going to stop it either. only bare their foes if also
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other countries across the world are doing the same because what america does what you do what affects what happens in town so far trying to limit. some of kenya's power may be green but the energy sector is mired in corruption scandals. electricity uses pay a high price. about half the population can't afford it their main energy source is charcoal made from felled trees another contribution to growing carbon emissions. i would use electricity but i can't afford it i'm taking care of my grandchildren but just one thousand of chuckle is enough to kill all of them. there are no easy answers. but geothermal power helps. and if the world industrial powers embraced this kind of technology climate crisis might be mitigated malcolm webb
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al-jazeera nairobi kenya. thank you for joining me richelle carey for the news hour we're going to hand it off track colleagues in london will keep it here much more on the other side of the break. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after a while it borders between five safe countries facing realities the pain starts from the very beginning of the ballet school providing context housing is not just
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about four walls and a roof hear their story on talk to al-jazeera december on al-jazeera. from hospitality to hostility toward hotels tells dramatic stories about high cons a complex and last resort shelters in divided cities an exclusive interview with nobel peace prize laureates now g.m.o. rudd and denis mccoy get an ad thrice special antarctic sanctuary follows greenpeace says the campaign to create the largest protected area on. an annual convention that gives a platform to a global dialogue on critical challenges facing our world a new two part documentary that reveals the shocking realities of the global arms trade december on al-jazeera. auntie fascist anti establishment and pro violence despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing a basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of the bilbao
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stadium. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform and ideology with violent football hooligans. read all death on al-jazeera. al-jazeera exclusive the fiance of the mudded john is jamal khashoggi demands to know way his body is and says the trial of those involved must be expedited. hello i'm maryam namazie and on to new al-jazeera also coming up this hour smiles and calls for unity at the g.c.c. so much in saudi arabia but serious divisions look far from
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a result. pressure is building on president macron as paris cleans up after a fourth weekend of protest and violence and the acting prime minister hoping for a landslide victory as the votes are counted in amini as market action. a fiance of mud at saudi john is spoken exclusively to al-jazeera detail in a desire for those responsible to be brought to justice in her first interview since u.s. senators were briefed by the cia chief jane hospital a teacher changes also said locating her fiance's body was a basic human right i don't know if i want to expose the details of this horrific crime i did to fire the perpetrators and put those who carried it out on a fair trial including those who ordered the hit so they can receive the justice they deserve and on behalf of jamal's relatives and loved ones and i say this is
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one of them we need to know the whereabouts of his cool this is a basic human right. i don't know why i kept feeling he was still alive no way i didn't expect such a horrendous crime to take place inside the consulate any decent human being would never imagine what happened and saw and jamal didn't commit a crime he didn't do anything wrong he didn't hurt anyone here and he walked inside the consulate so he could get his paperwork done so we could get legally married we were trying to do the right thing and that's why we were there he wanted to build a new life as you know he was living abroad away from family he was in deep sorrow being away from his harm in all honesty i never expected ever in my life to be in this position and i still can't understand what happened yes i am sitting here and i am talking to you about what happened but the human being is i have no words really of the saudi foreign minister spoke on the sidelines of the gulf cooperation
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council about. he rejected turkey's demands to hand over the suspects. with regards to their runs we will not hand any of our citizens to turkey even the turkish constitution prohibits the extradition of their own citizens so why should we turkey has not provided us with their formation that we need on the investigation the legal way. well g.c.c. is meeting in riyadh as we were saying in that meeting has appears to have exposed divisions between six members the emir of kuwait shakes us. address that head on using his speech to call for an end to disputes and hostility through media campaigns an obvious reference to the blockade of katsav by three members of course saudi arabia the u.a.e. and bahrain all have views that t.v. and newspaper outlets to criticize cas are heavily but kuwait is also in dispute with saudi arabia over revenues from a shared oil field and then of course there is the war in yemen catherine and us
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involved while kuwait and behinds roles a limited lack too has made it difficult for the g.c.c. to present a unified front saudi arabia is the largest country in the block and has traditionally been able to drive the agenda though the divisions there between member countries have impacted it's decision on the shale reports from kuwait city. as heads of states and leaders from the gulf cooperation council met at the altar for their annual summit a notable absence he was the emir of qatar doha instead opting to send the junior minister qatar remains under a land air and sea blockade imposed by fellow council members saudi arabia bahrain and the united arab emirates eighteen months ago it's a crisis that has brought into question the very existence of the g.c.c. nevertheless the saudi king said fail to even mention it during his opening remarks instead choosing to focus on iran and other issues.
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when it is witness a huge challenges that we all know we face to resume and iranian policy we also need to stop these come from interfering into the affairs of our country this is the second summit to take place since the blockade on qatar began the last one was held in kuwait which is the leading mediation between the two sides on that's occasion shift i mean but hamas tended while the blockading nation's leaders refused to show up and despite failing to solve the g.c.c. crisis amir it seems has not given up i don't know we have faced a lot of challenges and on top of the middle of the differences between our g.c.c. nations we need not to risk the interests of our peoples the peoples of the g.c.c. council states the g.c.c. must not be hesitant we need to keep our situation. and we need to be able to face the challenges in our region. a core reason for the success of the g.c.c.
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has been in its provision of free movement of people and goods between member states with the embargo and the council's inability to resolve the crisis there are those that question the future of the organization i don't think we can say confidently that the g.c.c. is dead i think it's more realistic to say that the g.c.c. is dormant right now possibly down. on the road when circumstances in the region change you have different leaders in these countries possibly the g.c.c. will return to being a relevant institution in the middle east although that's certainly not possible right now given the culture crisis for the average person in the g.c.c. very little will change as a result of this summits the huge aspiration of the soviet single currency neutral style dolph defense force of a railway network connecting member states that were once on the agenda of meetings like these seem like distant memories now instead it would appear that simply being
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able to hold such a summit is seen by saudi arabia and others as an achievement in an over itself. or you are just you know who are you. al-jazeera senior political analyst marwan bashar joins me now from doha marwan as we were hearing in that report there the g.c.c. summit taking place at a time when the bloc really is facing fresh challenges you have the largest security challenges in the region but then also. speaking about a number of smaller challenges around shared oil fields and revenues and that sort of thing how does all this impacted the cohesiveness of the block. it impacted it profoundly for sure there are more challenges and less capacity to deal with those challenges must lead because of the failure of the many leaders in the g.c.c. to face up to what these challenges are and what third responsibilities are the
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problem here is that not only are they not they ignoring the problem and trying to address it the main problem is that they would not recognize what these problems are and if anything there is this that you know continuous denial of what these problems are and why the need to be resolved for so take for example the question of. and gulf citizens they keep talking about improving the lives of gulf citizens but then they go out and massacre journalist and arrest numerous activists they talk about deepening unity in the gulf but then they deep in the crisis with qatar and in fact all money and kuwait they talk about improving the lives and assisting the yemenis but they have created. the worst men made catastrophes of the twenty first centuries so there's really
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these countries contradictions between the declaration of two of the three of the leaders of the g.c.c. the drivers if you will notably saudi arabia the united arab emirates and the actual actions they say something but they're doing something completely the opposite and so then i suppose that puts the focus very much on the international community marwan in that doesn't appear to be any appetite in the u.s. or europe to move beyond the rhetoric and to take measures which might at least encourage some sort of self reflection. alas you are absolutely right if anything much of the media i have of heard today from the various capitals in the gulf seems to be quite dependent on the idea that president trump has lent his support to saudi arabia to the united arab
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emirates and to their war in yemen that the administration has gone even against its own congress in support of the saudi war in yemen and basically for their drive against iran is this i think not only is creating a set in. a certain. you know laxity if you will of action. but actually they set in complicity with a trumpet ministration therefore they're acting very little they're doing very little to improve the overall atmosphere in the gulf a summit like this could have included iraqi leaders yemen the need there is not to see irena leaders certainly a real effort to bring the emir of qatar in order to mend fences in order to find regional solutions to regional problems but none of that now they're blindly going behind trump relying on trump and drawing on trump son in law apparently.
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for their support against iran and everything else is taking the backseat ok well thank you very much algeria's senior political analyst on the sharon. french president. will be meeting with unions and employers organizations on monday as pressure builds on him to bring to an end weeks of violent anti-government protests the finance minister says the demonstrations been catastrophic for the economy with an estimated loss of one and a half billion dollars and smith reports now from paris. that the only businesses that have seen profits go up because of the yellow vest protests along with more than seventy percent of french people the owner of this window fitting company is sympathetic to the protesters motives to citizenship their anger is legitimate it would be nice if mr michel could enable employers to give bonuses free of tax to
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their employees so that everyone is better off a deal of the month but also understand the government's position saying beseech it's not easy to deal with they have to find solutions that you got this restaurant in central parish stayed open on saturday but takings were down ninety percent were picked up criminal would be really bad if the situation persisted and got worse however it is nothing compared to the wave of terror attacks from three years ago when tourists asserted paris yesterday there were futurists but it will be a lot of considerations no matter what patel's will be the most impacted but restaurants like mine will suffer as well because in fact they won't come. with the power turned off in the city of light in the shops boarded up the cost of the.


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