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tv   Sand Wars  Al Jazeera  December 10, 2018 9:00am-10:00am +03

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no vital national security interest and not only that i think our involvement in this terrible war is one of the things that engender is more terrorism as more people die from starvation as people pick up bomb fragments when a school bus is killed and on the bomb fragment it says made in america it creates more terrorism so i think it's actually a risk to our national security to be involved with the saudis and we should not be aiding and abetting their bombing of civilian areas we'll still have hit on al jazeera we take a look at the economic impact and past months of protests as head of the. river plate with the entire battle for south dakota's top club football trophy in the long delayed much moved to europe because of violence. from long flowing on in the winds to an enchanting desert breeze.
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hello again welcome back we're here across parts of china we're seeing some classic on the satellite image and that means we're going to seen plenty of clouds and rain as we go towards the next couple of days take a look at the forecast map as we go towards monday rain showers down here toward the south down here across vietnam the rain continues we have seen heavy rain of the last several days that will continue here as we go towards monday for such a china well the rain is going to turn to snow as it makes its way towards the north a lot of single digits here the overnight lows are below freezing so we are going to see the switch over as we go towards the daytime of torching high it is going to be a cloudy not such a wet day for you with the temperature there of about eleven agrees as a break away down here towards the south we are seeing the rain continue anywhere from thailand all the way down here towards parts of malaysia that's going to continue over the next few days with those thunderstorms a really bubbling up as we go towards the afternoon timeframe bangkok rain for you at thirty one singapore rain as well continuing as we go towards tuesday and for manila well
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a partly cloudy day for you with the time to there of thirty degrees very quickly over here towards the southern part of the bay of bengal more heavy rain across the region sri lanka we do expect to see some rain and that is going to be heavy across the region bengaluru that means clouds view with a temperature of about twenty one degrees. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. al-jazeera wild follows the struggles of the new rocky painter a syrian screenwriter and a palestinian filmmaker as they come to terms with their lives as displaced tastes in lebanon. it is only the first to go to the last two to zero. i've invented a new home in my imagination. beirut's refugee artists on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera has a whole run a reminder of our top stories the fiance of jamal khashoggi has told al-jazeera that she will continue to fight to ensure everyone involved in his murder is brought to justice new details on the side of journalists moments of emotion the u.s. media and according to those reports his final words were and we quote i can't breathe and. also the gulf cooperation council summit has ended in saudi arabia with no firm agreement on how to resolve simmering disagreements between member states. and the saudi coalition fighting in yemen says has issued seventeen permits for ships with food to enter and fuel to head to ports in the country u.s. senators will this week vote on a resolution to withdraw support for the coalition republican senator rand paul
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says being involved can only be negative. china has some of the u.s. ambassador in beijing to protest against the detention of a top executive of the telecom giant har way its vice foreign minister called on the us and we quote immediately correct its wrong actions last week holloway's chief financial officer mangwana joe was detained in canada on washington's request she's accused of violating u.s. sanctions on iran the company says all its operations in iraq were in compliance with u.s. e.u. and e.u. sanctions bangs says that she was taken to hospital five attention after detention and that she is innocent. well u.s. from within senator marco rubio says he plans to reintroduce legislation that could bad chinese tech companies linked to the state on security grounds so i think both while we're in c.t. and multiple the chinese companies pose a threat to our national interest our national economic interests and our national
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security interests and the why we case what they're accused of here which is accused of is violating the iran sanctions so at a minimum we should be doing to them what we did to z.t. when they violated the sanctions law and which included not having access to american suppliers and i hope that what will happen that's what we're encouraging the administration to do as soon as possible in a fleet is chief technology correspondent for access joins me now by skype from sub the cisco good to have you with us the arrest of being joe is really not helping the company's image globally when we have countries such as australia the united kingdom and the u.k. all wanting to ban its products correct i mean this is one step in a very geo political battle between the u.s. and china that's really affected the entire global taxi because while we is so important globally there are only a few providers of network equipment and while way is by far the least expensive of
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those in terms of how the company proceeds surely they're in the hands now of the diplomats and we can see sort of the diplomatic fallout happening between beijing and washington d.c. . definitely i mean they are caught in the us has certainly had this big tension with wall way that's been brewing for a number of years now over just how influential the tech company is what role the chinese government has so you have that going on on the one hand and then you have the broader u.s. chartered trade issues going on it's made for an incredibly complex situation that it's hard to kind of see now are they i'm ravel themselves from is there any evidence or research that you know all of that supports the u.s. allegation that holloways technology can be used if i just generalize in some sort of spy scenario. well i mean there's two issues one is could there be and two is
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is there a concern i think certainly there could be a concern i think as to whether there really is a concern there hasn't been a tremendous amount of evidence the u.k. i believe their security arm which the u.k. does use some figures test it thoroughly and recently lowered the security rating it gives so it said that there's probably not which was lower and then asked ratings where they had cleared the air but i think the big issue here is it super hard to tell it's hard to tell whether there's something that might be maybe in the software that could allow it to act in a future date i think what the u.s. what ideally like is less reliance globally on wild way but that's difficult for two reasons again the biggest one being there are the lowest cost provider globalise or some countries it's just not economically feasible and even in those countries where they could you know most companies like to go with the lowest cost provider now obviously us while we equipment is not allowed to be used by the u.s.
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telecom providers and so they you know almost exclusively with while way it's more expensive rivals and to them you touched on just a few moments ago there are trade talks all going between both china and the u.s. not saying of course in relation to the trade tariffs that both countries want to impose and that the arguments that both are having how is this incident of holloway going to impact on those talks because the first of march twenty nine teen is the deadline for those tariffs to be implemented if the two countries card find common ground to salt their differences out. well larry kudlow of the u.s. it is here said that he doesn't see it affecting the trade negotiations but of course it takes two sides to that and so you know i weathered effects china's position is entirely unclear he general it would seem like this would escalate tensions so far they've responded by you know summoning diplomatic officials from both the u.s. canada condemning the move but certainly there's
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a question mark of how china deals with this both whether it affects the trade talks but also whether they're going to cali one of the big questions now is if you're a well tech executive do you stop sending your executives to china there is some fear that what if they retaliate what if they arrest a u.s. or west executive when they're visiting china so i think you know it's really unclear right now but there is a lot of concern and this all gets back to the fact that no matter how much tension there might be between u.s. and china the countries are tremendously dependent on one another obviously china still needs u.s. technology and u.s. don't need strain eased companies to many of their goods so you have a lot of tension in a relationship of mutual and or see what happens in the coming weeks and months for the moments in a faint thanks so much for joining us. after weeks of violent antigovernment protests the french president is due to address the nation on monday about the also meant unions and protest groups the so-called yellow vests demonstrations were initially over fuel tax hikes but they've now become an anti government mass
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movement calling for my call to resign i mean while the french finance minister says the protests have been catastrophic for the economy bennett smith has been speaking to some of the workers affected. they're the only businesses that have seen profits go up because of the yellow vest protests along with more than seventy percent of french people the owner of this window pitting company is sympathetic to the protesters motives to citizenship their anger is legitimate it would be nice if mr merkel could enable employers to give bonuses free of tax to their employees so that everyone is better off at the end of the month but i also understand the government's position saying beseech it's not easy to deal with the hours to find solutions but did you get this restaurant in central paris stayed open on a saturday but takings were down ninety percent. would be really bad of the situation persisted and got worse however it is nothing compared to the wave of
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terror attacks from three years ago when tourists asserted paris yesterday there were futurists but it will be a lot of considerations no matter what hotels will be the most impacted but restaurants like mine will suffer as well because in fact they're working. with the power turned off in the city of light in the shops boarded up the cost of the economy is estimated to have been at least one and a half billion dollars for the protesters who took the place of christmas shoppers in central paris have succeeded in forcing the government of president emanuel to agree to their main demand and abandon a hike in fuel taxes we must now urgently work together to find a path to dialogue to provide answers to all of those french people overwhelmed by the level of taxes and even through their work. can manage to get by but this can only be done in peace in dialogue and certainly not with violence scrapping the tax rises blows a five billion dollar hole in the government's budget but the protesters want tax
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cuts they want better pensions benefits and they want a higher minimum wage demands president is going to find difficult to meet and there's little money to pay for bernard smith al-jazeera house though the future of the international pact on migration drawn up by united nations looks like it's on shaky ground even for it's been formally adopted it will be signed to morocco on monday after eighteen months of negotiations but a number of countries are refusing to support it including australia israel like to fear poland hungary chile and the united states. early results from the media's stop parliamentary election show acting prime minister nicole. has a commanding lead the vote is the first since the velvet revolution process. which swept the reformists to power robert foreseeable reports from the capital. even in a suit and tie nicole passion and acted like the ordinary guy just checking in at
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his local polling station is the person you're in are you looking for your name on the list a family man is my name your voting is where they were with your father. but this is armenia is revolutionary leader on a mission. i can say that the we would have preached already general. and it is really free transparent and democratic elections and democracy its general to reach and i think we have already reached out and. general. for future peace to strengthen institutionally democracy. demanded free and fair elections when he began a protest march more than six months ago that march ended twenty years of unpopular one party rule but he then needed
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a mandate to govern he's promised to end corruption in cronyism lift armenians out of poverty and resolve conflict with armenians neighbors this has been the finishing touch of nicole passion yan's velvet revolution that started with a war and a mass movement and found its logical conclusion at the ballot box turnout was down from previous elections but so too were reports of cheating the joke has been doing the rounds that people are complaining nobody bribed them this time to get out and vote. everything is called nine students this election has been legacy liberation i was very happy i was very proud. of the democratic system. things have improved but everything will be clearer after the elections. this is the man who was ousted in the spring says. costing his vote for his once all
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powerful republican party a party now facing annihilation nicko passion yan's my step alliance looks set to take this country into a new era of democracy but the hardest part delivering on all those promises lies ahead robin first year walk al-jazeera year of a. the british prime minister treason may has reiterated that she'll push ahead with her brakes it deal ahead of tuesday's parliamentary vote despite growing pressure from some m.p.'s to renegotiate with the e.u. many people who voted in favor of brac said not happy either thousands marched through central london to denounce ney's deal saying it'll leave the u.k. trapped and the e.u. rules while at the same time a crowd gathered in east london to demand a people's vote on breaks as a second referendum on leave his departure from the e.u. his needs baka he was at the protest in london. this is a cross-section of britain's political right there are some hardline ultra nationalists here we've even seen some white supremacist flags but also
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nationalists to members of the u.k. independence party ukip that played such an instrumental role in pushing for an e.u. referendum in the first place but they are united in their anger and frustration that the british government is not prepared to deliver the kind of breaks it that these people overwhelmingly voted for many of them breaks it because they believe that the borders have been open for far too long and they believe that mass immigration has put a strain on the national health service and the british economy as well now i'm in london and i'm now living don't you know one living don't stay in the west country not because i love those states because i can't live in my own town they did it for the bloody immigrants and it's got nothing nothing about right it's about the fact that i want to live with my own but they're taking our jobs you are taking our fish and all we've got to do is this jury to my bicycle
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e is committing treason we come from all eyes and we have many different opinions on many different things but in this in our opposition to this you can still be unified. why are you wearing the donald trump. because we live in a country where you know people are so divided he believes in the nation stay you know he's even said before he's a nationalist in this and then ashton being a nationalist has been turned into a dirty word for some reason but being a nationalist you know i'm a nationalist i put. our nation's interests before international interests and choose to a british m.p.'s will vote in parliament on whether to accept or reject to rescind may's breaks it plans to resign may though says that if her plan is not supported and the key vote on to say in parliament then we will be in this country in uncharted waters she said on sunday but her plan that was seen as
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a compromise aimed at uniting this divided country only seems to be dividing people even further. well football fans are celebrating in argentina's capital buenos aires these are live pictures coming from the argent time capital because it's a vivid plate supporters that are happy they won all arjen time battle for south america's top club trophy three one win came after the match was moved to spain's capital one desires because of violence but druid police stepped up security ahead of the game. they want you all to zero five zero robert these are all top news stories the fiance of jamal khashoggi has told al jazeera the she'll continue to fight to ensure everyone involved in his murder has brought to justice the details of the saudi journalist last moments have emerged in the us media now according to reporters final words were and we quote i can't breathe one of them to the sword i
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want to expose the details of this arrest a crime identify the perpetrators and put those who carried out the killing on a fee trial including those who ordered the hit so they get the punishment they deserve on behalf of jamal's relatives and loved ones and i say this is i'm one of them we need to know the whereabouts of his body this is a basic human rights the gulf cooperation council summit has ended in saudi arabia with no firm agreement on how to resolve suing disagreements between member states quite severe used his speech to call for an end to the disputes and the deepening hostility through media campaigns and the saudi u.a.e. coalition fighting in yemen says it's issued seventeen permits for ships with food to and fuel to enter ports in the country u.s. senators will this week vote on a resolution to withdraw support for the coalition republican senator rand paul says being involved can only be negative. china has summoned the u.s.
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ambassador to beijing to protest against the detention of a top executive of the telecom giant way chief financial officer main one joe will be detained or is detained in canada on washington's request she's accused of violating your sanctions on iran godley says all its operations in iraq were in compliance with u.s. e.u. and un sanctions boeing says she was taken to hospital for hypertension of detention and that she is innocent and after weeks of violent antigovernment protests the french president is due to address the nation on monday and more macro will also meet unions and protest groups chile has become the latest country to pull out of the un pact damed at tackling the causes of migration it's to to be signed in morocco this week a host of countries are refusing to support it including australia austria and the united states you can follow all of those stories by logging on to our website at al-jazeera dot com about with more news in half an hour the next on al-jazeera it's
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inside story so you can stay with us. on an easy gathering the g.c.c. has met in saudi arabia but the blockade of the war in yemen but a journalist's moda overshadowed the summit can this powerful six nation block survive what does the future hold this is inside story. a welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan leaders at officials from six gulf nations of met in the saudi capital riyadh to discuss cooperation from the economy
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to security but its regional disunity that's hanging over the summit in his opening address saudi arabia's king solomon didn't mention the blockade of cost by his country and to other g.c.c. member states bus it's that dispute the war in yemen and the diplomatic crisis surrounding the murder of the saudi journalist the shuttering the event there was a plea however from leaders to work together. how would you know if. the gulf cooperation council states is working for the prosperity and solidarity and cohesion of these uses see gun trade is true of this country as all the ambitions will be achieved and we need all to work hard in order to keep and in. these great
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solidarity cohesion and synergy. i don't ever there and we have faced a lot of challenges and on top of them there are other differences between our g.c.c. nations we need not to risk the interests of our peoples the peoples of the g.c.c. council states the g.c.c. must not be hesitant we need to keep our situation firm a stand firm and we need to be able to face the challenges in our region well there was one notable absentee at the meeting the emir of qatar i mean bin hamad all funny. explains why. i thought of treason to send a low ranking official there and obviously there are several reasons behind it so the from a macro perspective let's say that you are talking about the crisis still ongoing that is the blockade imposed by saudi arabia the united arab emirates i'm behind now for almost two years and specifically speaking however if this summit was to
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take place let's say in amman or as it did last year in kuwait so very much likely that's what i would have sent the head of state to shift. sunday however the fact that this has taken place in the yard and there's been a lot of let's say. unconventional policies to put it in a diplomatic term pursued by this how do you need to ship in terms of the reports of them detaining kidnapping essentially a head of state previously prime minister satisfied eighty all of lebanon in the sense that there have been reports that the saudis together with our allies in fact tried to orchestrate some sort of cool inside ohio it isn't very surprising that the company leadership did not feel truly well confidence in funding. head of state there let's hear now from al-jazeera some of the job at who's on cattles border with saudi arabia. if this was made two thousand and seventeen we would have been standing in the middle of a very busy traffic lane where people would have been moving from cover to words
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saudi arabia this is the only land border this country has which has been blockaded by saudi arabia the united arab emirates and behind three of the six members of the gulf cooperation council who are meeting in riyadh they have been discussing various ways of corporation and try to keep this you alive a very rare success story between these members of the middle east that has been ongoing since one nine hundred eighty one but has been facing a lot of difficulties since the blockade of qatar began it is also happening on the backdrop where journalists jamal khashoggi was murdered by agents of the saudi government where saudi arabia is also facing internal and external pressure and at the backdrop of qatar leaving the oil producing club opec as well but are insisting that its decision was based on wanting to explore more gas than any politics but the future of the g.c.c.
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still continues to hang in the balance of where the blockading nations saying that they are confident that this this crisis is not going to change the future of this six member cooperation council but everyone else looking at it from the outside thinks that this is going to be very difficult for them to be able to keep this face on while three of their members are blockading one nation some of the al-jazeera at the blue some are a border for inside story. well the gulf cooperation council is a political and economic alliance made up of six countries saudi arabia kuwait the united arab emirates oman qatar and bahrain established in one nine hundred eighty one its aim was to provide regional national security at that time the islamic revolution in iran was taking place also the iran iraq war the g.c.c. countries are among the wealthiest in the world their primary exports being oil and gas but in june last year there was a big fall out saudi arabia led
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a blockade which also included the way in bahrain against cattle in december the summit in kuwait was cut short after the three book aiding countries sent lower level delegations instead of heads of state and this is gathering comes amid a diplomatic crisis following the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi with many people saying that the saudi crown prince is to blame mohammed bin solomon has also been criticized for his role in the war in yemen where thousands of civilians have been killed. well let's bring in our guests for today's discussion joining me here in doha is mo one couple and head of policy analysis of the arab sense of research and policy studies from kuwait city we're joined by a. professor of political science at kuwait university and from tehran moustapha. journalist and political commentator gentlemen welcome to you all. will start with
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you given the dysfunctional relationships that exist and tension between its members does the g.c.c. have any relevance today was sunday's meeting a waste of time. well i think many people are questioning the very future of the g.c.c. indeed i mean this is not the first crisis the g.c.c. is facing group have seen many other crises before most important behalves was the one nine hundred eighty six clash between qatar and bahrain of our border dispute but perhaps this is this is the more serious crisis since the establishment of the g.c.c. in one nine hundred eighty one i think the contrary is the met the member countries are actually now having very different entrance and are having very different threat perception in one thousand eighty one it was established and is said as you said as a security as a collective security umbrella to defend the security of the member countries
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against iran as we are not in iran they are not evolution nine hundred seventy nine at the time expressed its intention to explore the revolution to neighboring countries so this that was the key reason why the g.c.c. well established but today actually we we see that some members are facing a threat from other members within the same bloc so now i doubt that we that we have many many blocks within this one bloc we can actually delia need at least three different groups within the g.c.c. now qatar doorman on one hand we have saudi arabia emirates and body on the other hand and we have quit trying to mediate between the two so i think the summit to the end riyadh is merely. it seems to many people actually as sort of a. summit because nobody actually want to pronounce the g.c.c.
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they everybody wanted to be alive but without as you said having a very important role to play for the time being professor in kuwait who's responsible for the current state of the g.c.c. is that cats are a man and q.h. on one side or the crown prince of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and their policies. alist the clash of projects the essence of a law and the alliance still have a unanimous view and door to a hash out their troubles and their differences from within the organization itself and not to let it fester on and. undermined the whole establishment the whole organization now all parties are suffering that there is a serious zero sum game that is and irrationality in tackling these disputes i just
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published a book on the g.c.c. crisis and i argue that the main reason behind such crises is that we lack at the lack of a unified vision and the lack of who is the adversity and this is the most serious dispute that has erupted over the last thirty seven years of the existence of this mall was one of the most formidable and the most successful regional out of integration organization and now the illness has bee fallen disorganization like all other arab illness and symptoms and because of that there is an urgent need to help this organization from within because this is a very damaging dispute that is undermining the very existence on the various and the future mustapha how should what's the iranian view of the current state of the
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g.c.c. it was after all a regional grouping that was designed to counter iranian policies. well only in zero zero zero p. g.c.c. is of one of those products of the united states iran the full be a policy that started after these lawmakers aleutian in iran and through a misuse of some slogans and mulattoes and causes of the islamic revolution that was stated by iranian officials that's why some arab states especially slowly or abia and you know its allies in the out of war supported saddam hussein against iran in that war are the same climate was a spreading in the region all throughout the last several decades thanks to the united states israel and saudi arabia that have been trying to use of regional capacities and potentials against iran to harness iran to actually stop iran's
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growth and strike at iran's economy and political dominance and influence in the region but the p. g.c.c. is. you know a failure actually because of that iran a phobia has now changed into a so before via because of the inexperienced policies exercised by the house of soul in the last couple of years of from the case to to the blockade of the tower to the war on yemen and to the massacre of the civilian population in eastern sol the arabia the world can very readily see that the arabia is exist sizing hawkish and provocative policies that could end up in wars in the region so the solow of the leaders are discrediting themselves they are weakening and all affiliated group beings and bodies in the region that are led
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by the soul of these orders so these have. the major say in them they are also weakening accordingly and the p. g.c.c. is no exception to this fact and that's only one of the reasons the other one is the rift this might call existed between the two groups of of france within the p. g.c.c. though what the rift between qatar and kuwait on one side in the u.a.e. about rain in seoul the arabia the rift between these two groups have never been wider than present and p. g.c.c. is now believed to be a failure that would somehow be replaced by new groupings in future as you know could be seen readily mo one couple on the last gulf crisis in twenty fourteen came to an end because g.c.c. states felt they needed to show unity in the face of
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a threat from islamic states which at that time had taken over huge swathe of territory in their own backyard the u.s. of course wants to see a unified g.c.c. now to act as a counterweight to iran in the region but the current gulf crisis as we've reported shows little sign of being result is that because i mean basically some g.c.c. countries don't perceive iran to be a threat in the way that the u.s. and saudi arabia. the absolutely right i think the saudis they have been pursuing a very damaging from policy in my opinion especially over the past two years says the ascendance of france mohammad pencil man since he became competence in two and two thousand and seventy. and i think the saudis the saudis this for this foreign policy actually is in might be in backfiring because at that time when they are actually saying that they want to cut to counter act. policies and the region and yemen and syria and iraq and and lebanon everywhere they are in fact as i said best
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selling a very damaging foreign policy because they. policy led in fact to dividing. the air it also actually led to increasing iranian influence somehow and and the region by actually forcing qatar to. get closer to iran and you know qatar in fact has withdrawn its ambassador from tehran in two thousand in early two thousand and sixteen during the crisis of. the storming of the of the saudi embassy in tehran and the saudi consulate in so the saudis maybe need to to rethink their foreign policy if they want really to counter act iran but i don't agree with with that with the statement that in two thousand and fourteen it was they need to show unity i think it was ended in two thousand and fourteen because their vote with there was no much support and sympathy by the
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obama administration with the saudis that a moderate is under heinies the obama administration was not in fact at that time willing to go as far as this administration in supporting the saudis that in monarchies and the behind the is and the blockade against against qatar that is the key factor in my opinion which has led to that two thousand and fourteen the end of the crisis in two thousand and fourteen in my opinion that was a truce more than ending the crisis because it was a new mood again in two thousand and seventeen professor. the g.c.c. long ago abandoned its role of building closer ties between member states why continue with it saudi arabia and the u.a.e. already have an economic and military partnership why don't. you and q. wait for the regional grouping which perhaps brings in iran and turkey to. thank you for your alarm is just a bottle to our guests from iran i hope you will quit using the.
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p. g.c.c. it's not feed you see see the it's called the other gulf states here is for the states their heritage their race not for the persian saw that there is really a for be where they are any ends they keep saying. g.c.c. so please quit say using that term we're not disputing now we're not gonna argue with the semantic of our diversion our indian government talking about the arab gulf states the us for the states and not for the gulf. then to god in the fall the it's not only on it was also saddam hussein regarding the g.c.c. i think there is a need for this organization to keep going on yes it's limping yes it's lingering but at the end of the day g.c.c. is used to be or has been the most successful integration organization there
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is a need for it to stay even the meeting today the summit that is have right now and riyadh and saudi arabia as all gulf leaders have argued very convincingly that we need the g.c.c. organization to keep going and just holding the annual summit on an annual basis on a regular basis uninterrupted since nine hundred eighty one is a testament to the resilience of this organization yes and the alliance will have troubles and the alliance will have disputes but. it's not unsurmountable it could be solved but that has to be a political a political will among the g.c.c. leaders because there is a much needed need for the southern ization to continue to face all the challenges and the troubles that is emanating from iran from from a fractured iraq from a terrorist organization and there is
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a need also at the worst also though i would love to see a united g.c.c. president from the talks about the may set the middle east certificate alliance how could you have that alliance when you have a major dispute like the the g.c.c. crisis and result you cannot talk about. the luxury of forming a formidable military alliance to stand up to the all the challenges facing our region and you don't even discuss or you try to solve. this dispute that has been going on for too long and a zero sum game that's really weakening all party. involved and strengthening our adversities so i hope call ahead and brushing the lead would prevail and we will have to sort out this crisis that we have withstood so many crises before including the iran iraq war including the the nine eleven attacks including the disputes
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among did you see see themselves but this is the most critical and because of that there is an urgent need for it to resolve it before a long stuff. i want to get bogged down about a in this discussion about about what to call this this group ing what impact has the g.c.c. had on iran in terms of politics the economy security has it been held in check regionally by the g.c.c. . not at all actually you know iran has always reiterated that it is once the best relations with the regional states including the arab states on the southern whims of the persian gulf and you know this is been the sole these that have been you know starting this provocative policy against iran and its allies so this all these have been marginalized right now in that in political equations in syria and in iraq now let's get back to the opec where qatar has been
9:42 am
also bothered and know it by the soul of the policies and it's threatened to leave opec to weaken the organisation you know if it loses its members it would be weakened more than before and it's all because of the saudis over supplying the market they tried to sabotage the market to bring down the prices through their over supply but because they are totally dependent on oil revenues they sustain the harms more than anyone else so the solow these inexperienced hawkish policies and the against iran to prove that they could lead the front against iran they have caused much harm not just to others but also to themselves they might go bankrupt after a rich country like solve the arabia had somewhere around one hundred billion dollars of budget deficit last year the saudis are paying in the saudi people are paying
9:43 am
for these naive policies and kept our has various smartly i believe this thing itself from seoul the arabia in the war in yemen they change sides after a while very smartly now we can see the saudi arabia cannot even win one you know not just the whole war but also a single battle in order to win the upper hand in the negotiations they have failed in whole they the port city. battle and they can not get out of this quagmire this since itself after the riff under sold is intended to punish them of a but they failed and this hawkish policy in saudi arabia towards doha has pushed the hawk who are still ran more than ever oman has not changed sides it has remained so it is in good terms with iran and with the opposite sides both but it has not this from iran so as you see the roofs of widening and there are clear i know you're short of time
9:44 am
but let me get through with this one sentence that there are clear indications that kept our iraq iran turkey and oman are starting some or are we willing to start a new grouping to replace the fiji c.c. or whether you call it more one couple and some some pretty controversial statements and that on said you what do you want to go to counter those i think it's really important to i mean to state it differently iran is not innocent as your guest from the han is trying to tow birthrate in iran is also sending money and weapons to militant groups in syria and iraq and and yemen iran is interfering in the end if areas of the most of most of the countries in the region . at the g.c.c. was established and the fair system and the fists of the first place because of the best section of the iranian threat and we must look at these small gulf countries
9:45 am
on the eastern shores of the any and you can actually come between iran as a big asian one additional power and that asian and these small countries and iran is not actually giving any assurances to these conti's in order to at the right to defuse the tension that is all about the that these are the they are and so. i'm just i'm just trying actually to to make this spawns between between what the saudis are. doing and what they are doing and in fact most of us here in the region are stuck in between are caught in this crossfire between between the iranians and us are with these because because of this conflict between the iranians and so on and i can see actually the attitude of the saudis and the iranians not very much from from each other it's looking across across the region and we need maybe to see an end to this conflict so it's not one side or. a threat or.
9:46 am
something like ok we need we need to you know we're out of time i'm afraid no one. professor. shady and the stuff but he thanks for being with us on today's inside story as always thank you for watching don't forget you can see the program at any time just by going to the web site of al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can join the conversation on twitter our handle at a.j. inside story for me avery and sort of the whole team here thanks for watching we'll see you again.
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in the darkest of times brave men and women stood up. when oppressed they rose. together they fought for greater justice respect and compassion. they had a dream for a better future. today we are at a turning point when the stakes are high climate change inequality us hate speech you may feel overwhelmed but there is hope. you. we together can create the change we want. by speaking out by standing up by taking action. be the leader you are looking for stand up for human rights. i really felt
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liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as an eyewitness that's what this jobs. plan. oh you're watching al-jazeera and so robin in doha these are all top news stories they feel served america she has told her that she'll continue to fight to ensure everyone involved is murder is brought to justice new details of the sunday journalist last moments of emerged in u.s. media according to those reports his final words were and we quote i can't breathe . don't often do this sort of i want to expose the details of the surete
9:49 am
a crime i did to find the perpetrators and put those who carried out the killing on a fee trial including those who ordered the hit so they get the punishment they deserve on behalf of jamal's relatives and loved ones and i say this is i'm one of them we need to know the whereabouts of his body this is a basic human right she have returns he has this update from washington d.c. . this latest account of the transcript of the recordings made while jamal khashoggi was being murdered is consistent with all the information we've had so far about his death but it does out a few details because rock these last words i can't breathe followed by multiple screams gasping and then the sound of a saw cutting its sense was also significant is the three phone cools placed by what c.n.n. says was abdul aziz tribe who is often described as a frequent companion of muhammad been salma the crown prince of saudi arabia and c.n.n. says the trip is updating someone who turkish officials say was in riyadh with
9:50 am
a very calm step by step sense of detail about what is taking place is no panicking going on this is very very calm c.n.n. put this to the saudis and their only query was that in the transcripts that they've seen and the information that they've had from the turks there's no mention of a cool that's the only thing that they're querying about this information but the information does appear according to c.n.n. exactly the sort of information that those on call in congress have been hearing from the cia and others and that perhaps explains why the lindsey graham remains so angry as he was on the sunday talk shows if it weren't for the united states said be speaking farsi in about a week in saudi arabia their military can't fight it out of a paper bag they give us nine percent of our all imports we need them a lot less than they need. this you've got to hook up to a murderous regime can be america from iran quite the opposite i think hooking up
9:51 am
with him we heard our ability to govern the region and we are expecting congress to act on three fronts in the coming week first there is the resolution to end support for the war in yemen that's primarily driven by the appalling humanitarian catastrophe that but it's gain support as a result of the murder of khashoggi in addition there are also resolutions to suspend all my cells to saudi arabia and to hold muhammad bin some on personally responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi. the gulf cooperation council summit has ended in saudi arabia with no firm agreement on how to resolve simmering disagreements between member states amir used his speech to call for an end to the dispute sand the deepening hostility through media campaigns and the coalition fighting in yemen says it should seventeen permits for ships with food and fuel to enter ports in the country u.s. senators will this week vote on a resolution to withdraw support for the route coalition republican senator rand
9:52 am
paul says being involved can only be negative. and china has summoned the u.s. ambassador to beijing to protest against the detention of a top executive of telecom giant how a chief financial officer main one joe has been detained in canada on washington's request she's accused of violating u.s. sanctions on iran the company says all its operations in iran were in compliance with the u.s. and u.n. sanctions and after weeks of violent anti-government protests the french president is due to address the nation on monday the man well back from will also be tedious and protest groups. like pictures from argentina because football fans there are celebrating in the capital but as a result of a plate all argentine battle for south america's top club trophy their three one win came after the match was moved to spain from buenos aires because of violence madrid police stepped up security to head off that case more news in half an hour with me as a whole robin next on al-jazeera is al-jazeera world if you stay with us.
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kharkiv known as carrying. on with that of what up on egypt he did. a lot of. that feasible or he will look on me with my no we when edging to define and. monica of us. thought it would have. to be. either that. or they're. getting. the news is looming. the sky fight so long side
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