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tv   Palestinian Seed Queen  Al Jazeera  December 10, 2018 12:32pm-1:00pm +03

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oh that's it don't do it i don't want to since i'm going to. keep my own case in montreal. hearing with us. tonight to see. did you see all the young woman joy i'll come with. you but so. long. why the whole goal a moment same on monday oh. you can. come up with all. my heart. let me. see you home. so you'll be. home on. sunday to be like i. do you go she said he said. we don't
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a little to. you that you and i agree. i don't know the bin laden i don't want to see. the seat of the somme the common the for the holidays singing money wasn't me buzzing around thinking i was the funny thing. they didn't find a good day how to meet him and some gal is an. elderly. he sounds to me. also say they voted wow you must only. pay my dear boy. guy. you know those is so you don't need to i said but. did you know all these things to funny why and how the fuck i eat my days i spent five.
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months old you. feel sad but also among them i would see the need for you to get me to. see how the days i send money to deal with you i don't know what i mean how you found. it hard. to go i miss you go home go you say boy. i'm not i don't. take you home oh oh oh oh oh oh oh why. do i. phone game home news here. there. goes my film.
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so if. so you know how you. are going. to go amid all of you to his house i. thought i'd like to have fun. i'll help i'm sort of like i feel. lonely i'm not after. a million. you all when you wake up dole would die cause. you've got. death on the. humans.
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so will have to choose.
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also you know i don't feel your thumb your last thing. in my. thing. but you know we've. got the whole. thing.
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so you're going. to go i'm not going to. do we're going to go where you're. going to go to a modern you some. more for you some of you. know somebody. somebody from. my are. you going to. go with. me how do you most interview.
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so. right away. we. tonight the little bit of. coco you also goes in with a pot. i love will go all the so with. this. ball i say how how do you know how i don't know what they were one of. the would like to see. this all you know the whole walk through it you had to go and you don't see.
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the side the of. the . in malaysia schooling is a luxury for children of rocking or muslim refugees but. every child deserves an opportunity for faith and creativity the arms them with the skills to overcome any hurdle and seize the threat to his schools existence as a test of his faith. school of parts of the viewfinder asia seems
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on al-jazeera. the latest news as a franks yellowcard the failure will continue not only in july but into next week with details coverage plastic of criticism of capitalist economics to a fifty six billion dollar i.m.f. loan to argentina from around the world these are the victims of one of the world's most forgotten conflicts and without agent help they could become a lost generation. singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline with illegally dredged south and some of the islands off the coast of indonesia and literally vanished it's a big business boggling one that will take the same there in through the sand is a very good use of this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so plentiful tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation
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into a global emergency sand was on al-jazeera. a helper of victims of sexual violence in the democratic republic of congo and sexual abuse and trafficking in iraq through this year's recipients of the nobel peace prize will be interviewing nadia rod and dennis mccuaig right here in oslo city hall. about their receipts to heal women victims of sexual and quest for justice joining us live for the no doubt interview on al-jazeera. we need to know the whereabouts of his boat this is a basic human rights an al-jazeera exclusive the field say of mad in saudi journalist calls for the past the traitors to be identified and put on trial.
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hello i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up china summons the u.s. ambassador over what it calls the violent rest of the top corporate executive. coalition turmoil in belgium withdrawal by chilling domestic politics undermine support for a un migration pact. river plate wins the all argentine battle for south america's top club football trophy and the long delayed match moved because of violence. it's been seventeen days since last saw her fiance saudi journalist alive outside his country's consulates in istanbul he was there to collect papers for their upcoming marriage but instead walked into
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a deathtrap saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond is being accused of all. during his murder now in an exclusive interview with al jazeera his fiance says she'll fight to ensure everyone who's responsible for his death is brought to justice i don't often do this sort of i want to expose the details of this horrific crime identify the perpetrators and put those who carried out the killing on a fifth trial including those who ordered the hit so they get the punishment they deserve on behalf of jamal's relatives and loved ones and i say this is i'm one of them we need to know the whereabouts of his body this is a basic human right. now you know. i was convinced he was still alive i never imagined such a crime could happen in a consulate and a simple normal person can never imagine what happened in the jamal never committed any crimes in never did wrong in any way and all he did was in turkey consulate to get hold of legal papers to get married we were on the right track him and i he
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wanted to build a new life and as you know he was excelled in she was in so much pain over it so to be honest i never imagined the day i'd be in this position to be honest it still hasn't sunk in yes you see me sitting and talking and talking about what happened but human can't the words fail me. and us media are reporting new details about democracy last moments they cite an unnamed source with access to a transcript of all your recordings of just what happened inside the saudi consulate she had returned he has more from washington d.c. . this latest account of the transcript of the recordings made while jamal khashoggi was being mooted is consistent with all the information we've had so far about his death but it does out a few details because rugby's last words i can't breathe followed by multiple screams gasping and then the sound of
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a small cutting it sense was also significant is the three phone cools placed by what c.n.n. says was abdul aziz tribe who is often described as a frequent companion of muhammad been salma the crown prince of saudi arabia and c.n.n. says the trip is updating someone who turkish officials say was in riyadh with a very calm step by step sense of detail about what is taking place there's no panicking going on this is very very calm c.n.n. put this to the saudis and their only query was that in the transcripts of that they've seen and the information that they've had from the turks there's no mention of a cool that's the only thing that they're querying about this information but the information does appear according to c.n.n. exactly the sort of information that those on call in congress have been hearing from the cia and others and that perhaps explains why lindsey graham remains so angry as he was on the sunday talk shows if it weren't for the united states said
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be speaking farsi in about a week in saudi arabia their military can't fight it out of a paper bag they give us nine percent of our all imports we need them a lot less than they need. this you've got to hook up to a murderous regime can be america from iran quite the opposite i think hooking up with him we heard our ability to govern the region and we are expecting congress to act on three fronts in the coming week first there is the resolution to end support for the war in yemen that's primarily driven by the appalling humanitarian catastrophe that but it's gained support as a result of the motive could show in addition there are also resolutions to suspend almost sells to saudi arabia and to hold muhammad bin some on personally responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi. well turkey wants all eighteen suspects extradited to stand trial but saudi foreign minister has once again
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rejected those demands. with regards to their runs we will not hand any of our citizens to turkey even the turkish constitution prohibits the extradition of their own citizens so why should we turkey has not provided us with the information that we need on the investigation the legal way. and it is a mess in riyadh for the gulf cooperation council summit that the meeting has. between. as heads of states and leaders from the gulf cooperation council met in riyadh for their annual summit a notable absence he was the emir of qatar doha instead opting to send a junior minister qatar remains under a land air and sea blockade imposed by fellow council member saudi arabia bahrain and the united arab emirates eighteen months ago it's a crisis that has brought into question the very existence of the g.c.c. nevertheless the saudi king said fail to even mention it during his opening remarks
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instead choosing to focus on iran and other issues. when his witnesses. that we all know we faced a resume and iranian policy we also need to stop these countries from it to fearing into the fares of a country this is the second summit to take place since the blockade on qatar began the last one was held in kuwait which is the leading mediation between the two sides on that's occasion. tended while the blockading nations leaders refused to show up and despite failing to solve the g.c.c. crisis amir it seems has not given up i don't know if we have faced a lot of challenges and on top of them there are other differences between our g.c.c. nations we need not to risk the interests of our peoples the peoples of the g.c.c. council states the g.c.c.
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must not be hesitant we need to keep our situation firm. and we need to be able to face the challenges in our region. a core reason for the success of the g.c.c. has been in its provision of free movement of people and goods between member states with the embargo in doha on the council's inability to resolve the crisis there. those that question the future of the organization i don't think we can say confidently that the g.c.c. is dead i think it's more realistic to say that the g.c.c. is dormant right now possibly down the road when circumstances in the region change you have different leaders in these countries possibly the g.c.c. will return to being a relevant institution in the middle east although that's certainly not possible right now given the culture crisis for the average person in the g.c.c. very little will change as a result of this summits the huge aspiration of the soviet single currency nato style dolph defense force in the railway network connecting member states that were
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once on the agenda of meetings like these seem like distant memories now instead it would appear that simply being able to hold such a summit is seen by saudi arabia and others as an achievement in an over itself. just you know who eats. the saudi u.a.e. coalition fighting in yemen says it's issued seventeen permits for ships with food and fuel to enter ports their aid is desperately needed in a country which the un has described as facing the wild west humanitarian crisis twenty million people don't have enough food or in parties met in sweden for the fourth day of un led talks with little progress on a political solution to end the conflict in the coming days u.s. senate as well votes on a resolution to withdraw america's support to the saudi u.a.e. coalition republican senator rand paul says u.s. involvement in yemen can only have a negative impact. i think that when we're dealing with arms that no personal
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financial dealings should have anything to do the decision and really not even the finances of the country i think selling arms should have to deal solely with our national security not jobs not money nothing and i really think that the war in yemen that we have no vital national security interest and not only that i think our involvement in this terrible war is one of the things that engender is more terrorism as more people die from starvation as people pick up bomb fragments when a school bus is killed and on the bomb fragment it says made in america it creates more terrorism so i think it's actually a risk to our national security to be involved with the saudis and we should not be aiding and abetting their bombing of civilian areas qual way has rejected allegations that it breached u.s. sanctions against iran the chinese telecoms giant says it communicated with u.s. government agencies on a daily basis to obtain guidance and follows the arrest of one of its top executives in canada on washington's request the detention and exhibition process
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have opened yet another rift between the welds two top economies who are already engaged in a trade war adrian brown has more from beijing. well a lot happening on many different levels in this case right now over the weekend the ambassadors of both canada and the united states were summoned to the foreign ministry for a dressing down by a vice foreign minister who warned of unspecified action if monk is not freed immediately they continue to complain that monks human rights are being violated by this action and there is a growing belief here in china that her arrest her detention was politically motivated because of course how a way is a company that is at the heart of president xi jinping strategy to make china a leader in technologies of the future by twenty twenty five the language in state controlled media is going from really purple to crimson the nationalistic global
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times on monday warned that the detention of mung amounted to an act of war by the united states and i think that's going to be the tone of the language in the coming days weeks and months if mung remains detained her next bail hearing is on monday vancouver time her lawyers are likely to argue that she is not a flight risk because she owns two large properties in vancouver and so of course would have somewhere to stay as the legal process continues they also say that she has health problems and is apparently suffering from hypertension whether up next but still ahead on al-jazeera can do your engineering help stop the planet from everything we'll have more in our special coverage of the global climate summit. and fighting for justice for the victims of sexual violence and conflict the powerful message from nobel peace prize laureates.


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