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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 12, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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on al-jazeera. our jazeera where ever you. french police search for a gunman who killed at least three people at a christmas market in strasbourg. hello from doha everyone i'm come on santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera there are reports of a possible leadership challenge to tourism a as the british prime minister pleads with the e.u. to rethink the brags that deal also free for now a chinese executive is granted bail in a case that i can trade tensions with the united states looking for
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a way out palestinian refugees seeking new routes to meet desperate conditions in lebanon. so the government who killed at least three people in the french city of strasbourg is on the run from stepped up border controls as police try to track him down these twelve people were also injured when the attack opened finding a christmas market in the city center and talked about that as a report. police cordoned off the area around stress books christmas markets after the shooting. while medical workers evacuated victims. what should have been a night of pleasure for shoppers and tourists had turned into a nightmare is all pondered over i heard several shots and thought maybe it's firecrackers also a lot of people running skied crying kids and all and then when i saw people crying in the crowd leaving i said it was
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a shooting right next door my. city officials said the gunman went on a shooting spree just before eight o'clock in the evening local time before fleeing they urged people to stay indoors as police search for the suspect. france's president emanuel might call held a crisis meeting in paris late to tweeting the whole nation stands in solidarity. with straws full of victims and their families the french interior minister who had rushed to strasbourg said that the gunman was known to police. as war is now at seven fifty pm a man killed three people and wounded many others soldiers use their weapons he was confronted twice by forces the hunt continues he's well known to the police three hundred fifty people were mobilized to find him the french government of place the country on a heightened state of alert and tighten borders while people in strasbourg try to
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come to terms with what has happened in their city their hope is that the police will find the gunman soon natasha butler al jazeera paris. so other news in the british prime minister is reported to be on the brink of a leadership challenge over brags that deal a contest will be triggered if forty eight m.p.'s from our own party were to submit letters of no confidence theresa may spend tuesday however meeting e.u. leaders trying to get changes to the bags that deal which was told the talks cannot be reopened. she's trying to save not just have breck's it deal but also her credibility and her career teresa mayes whistle stop tour of e.u. leaders started in the hague for breakfast with her dutch counterpart marc ruta the outcome productive according to his spokesman. in the german capital berlin to meet angela merkel the prime minister found herself momentarily trapped in her car.
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before the e.u.'s open door policy was finally restored. and then finally to brussels to explain british concerns about the irish back stop whatever outcome you want whatever relationship you want with europe in the future there's no deal available it doesn't have a backstop within it but we don't want the backstop to be used and if it is we want to be certain that it is only temporary but do you leaders point out that mrs may signed up to the withdrawal agreement backstop and all just three weeks ago and assured the other e.u. twenty seven leaders that she would be able to carry it through parliament now she's back for more facing certain defeat at home and an uncertain reception in brussels there is no room. for negotiation but of course to this room if used intelligently isn't enough. to further clarification and further interpretations we vote open you do we've written the sentiment here
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exasperated at the british political chaos and grim preparedness now for the worst case scenario which would be even if the only possible agreement and we've done a lot of concessions to reach it so we sincerely hope that there can be a majority. to or ratify the was the world agreement but they have children stand ready for a new deal and we are preparing for it downing street says the bracks it vote perspective and from choose day may now not take place until mid january i think the prime minister is going to see things through a number ten until at least christmas which in modern politics constitutes long term planning here at westminster the prime minister's decision to postpone choose day's crucial votes and head off around europe seeking reassurances clarification's has drawn howls of protest from the opposition parties for party leaders have friends of the main opposition leader jeremy corbett asking him to join them in trying to force a vote of no confidence in theresa may these are grim times for the british prime
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minister and her room for maneuver is dwindling but so are the options facing the u.k. paul brennan al-jazeera london seven am in london here's john to westminster morning jonah so rumors that seems about the forty eight letters they might have got to that point which would trigger a leadership challenge to theresa may. that's right come on every speculation about that let's let's kick off by by issuing a caveat that we were here not so long ago just a few weeks ago assuming those letters were in being assured they were in and they turned out not to be in so let's keep that in mind but yes speculation is rife that letters went in on tuesday following the postponement of that that vote in parliament and that now the threshold has been reached fifteen percent of sitting in these makes forty eight the chairman of the one hundred twenty two committee graham brady has to receive letters issuing people's desire for
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a no confidence vote into reason may at once that number is is hit she's then obliged to inform her first and then trigger a vote of course if she were to win the vote by a simple majority conventional thinking now under the circumstances that she'd have to win by some margin then she could continue as prime minister and be immune from further challenge for twelve months but if she were to lose the vote she'd have to resign then the messy business of a contest to elect a successor now it's indeed possible it's not likely that some letters would have gone in on tuesday m.p.'s were not being their colleagues to write in many of them extremely annoyed that they were deprived of the opportunity to vote down and brings a deal that they don't like but remember letters that have gone in over the course of the last few weeks even months this has been bubbling for a long time now can just as easily be withdrawn possibly by m.p.'s who may feel that this moment is not the right one for the ruling party to be distracted by
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a messy leadership election the only man who knows is graeme brady the reports are that he's asked to see the prime minister later this afternoon after her weekly appearance in the house of commons at the end cues with all those caviar and place that you mentioned jonah mean what there be some sort of broad timeline for where all this might happen because i mean the well put it this way the clock is always running against a reason they. well the clock indeed is running against the country at this moment kemal there are no hard and fast rules all graeme brady has said in the past is that a vote of confidence vote must take place expeditiously we look back to the early two thousand the last time this happened to be in duncan smith then the conservative party chairman he wasn't prime minister of course the vote took place within a week there was any leadership contest. and a vote issued to the membership of the party where there is in fact a contest where there are multiple challenges that we need to take place that took
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all of two months to resume a herself succeeded the leadership of the party though opposed in the end and that was able to happen very quickly because our challenges challengers fell away so there is the potential timeline of months here and if you put that up against what we're staring down on march the twenty ninth this country and its exit from the european union that is a very precarious period of time for this sort of thing to be taking place it just finally joe just to rewind to yesterday teresa mayes tour through europe what do you think was actually achieved in the end there. i mean in the end it's quite hard to say there is some it do to take place in the next couple of days thursday and friday where all things going well she is due to to appear she met chancellor merkel rooter she met separately with the e.u. commission and council president you know the e.u. has always operated as a twenty seven in lockstep and warned against any attempts to divide and conquer
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she may have got encouraging words of support she may have been issued some sort of a guarantee of wording to come out of the summit in a separate document that would offer assurances to m.p.'s about the dreaded backstop what she got was a cost iron refusal to renegotiate the withdrawal treaty so the idea of her bringing back something substantially different that could win over such opposition here to her deal appears extremely slim good talking to your journey thank you jonah holes in london after more than a week behind bars the chief financial officer of the chinese telecom giant while way is out on bail in canada. was released after agreeing to pay more than seven million dollars and to surrender her passport she'll also be subject to electronic monitoring the white way executive was arrested on december first in vancouver and faces extradition to the united states where she's accused of violating sanctions
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against iran wolf in vancouver. while away executive mung one joe was allowed to go free on ten million dollars bail with a stringent set of conditions among other restrictions imposed by the canadian court she will have to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet stay under close observation by a private security firm and she is forbidden to travel outside of vancouver the canadian government argued unsuccessfully that bungs vast wealth and lack of ties to canada made her a flight risk u.s. authorities want mung to face charges of fraud in connection with a scheme to have while away secretly do business with iran in violation of u.s. sanctions the u.s. has until january the eighth to file a formal extradition request but the reuters news agency reports u.s. president donald trump says he might intervene directly in monks' case if it would
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serve national security interests or help close a trade deal with china the u.s. and china have been locked in a damaging trade war amongst the tension seems to have touched off a diplomatic powder keg canada confirmed that one of its former diplomats michael quote of rig has been arrested in china coverage works for a nongovernmental organization it's unclear whether he's been charged with any crime canadian diplomatic officials have been in touch in touch with their chinese counterparts to to explain how seriously canadians view this and the deep concerns that we have the canadian government is considering warning its citizens of increased risk levels in traveling to china and the u.s. called on china to stop arbitrary detention through her lawyer monk pleaded with the court that if she were released her only goal would be to spend time with her
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husband and her daughter adding. she's been working so hard for the past twenty five years she hasn't even had time to read a book now mon will have plenty of time on her hands free on bail and preparing to fight extradition to the united states robert oulds al-jazeera thank whoever. is president says he's willing to intervene in the case against my lungs if it helps to avoid a further decline in relations with china in an interview with the voices news agency don't trump also promise not to raise tariffs on chinese goods while the two sides on negotiating a potential trade deal on handwritten will from washington president trump is optimistic the u.s. will ended trade war with china soon the president says the chinese are already buying enormous amounts of soybeans from the united states after soybean tariffs were enacted by china against the united states among other things this summer
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farmers and traders say that is not yet the case the price of soybeans edged up slightly on tuesday but they remain at about the lowest level in a decade and that is largely because of retaliatory tariffs by china and other countries among those suffering are american farmers who farm corn soybeans milk and beef the chinese buy twelve billion dollars of soybeans from the united states a year that's about sixty percent of u.s. exports however the two sides are at the table president trump says he believes the chinese will lower tariffs on autos from the current forty percent to fifteen percent of the president says he will meet with china's paying one more time if necessary the two sides haven't acted a truce on december first and the president says he will not raise tariffs again on chinese products until he knows there will be no deal. in the news ahead we will
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speak to the editor of reuters exactly a year since two of his journalists were detained in may and. and the world is not about hoffa's coral reefs in just the last thirty years we are in kenya to find out why they are so. that of the snows on the ground in much of central eastern europe they reason more to come and this is really where it's coming from the warm black sea is generating heat cloud and that's falling out of a cold grounded snow and ukraine is the real focus now you know it is temperature wise we're all above freezing only back a few degrees right there way back through germany to the low countries that even in west you know where it's the warm recently wrote of the speaking is an eleven in madrid and seven in london but in the sunshine whereas this is a pretty cloudy area cloudy and snowy the snow is largely confined to ukraine
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actually just across the borders but not by much in turkey the rain's going to snow dissipate and more rain developing through its early and they will come down in the second same time through spain western france and having guns reports go that's a pretty stormy system to reactive weather at the moment again and that shows itself first of all new eastern med this is rain in the levant and down towards far north of egypt and then as you already aware of the rain developing just east of it through the adriatic and then the genes agrees the focus at the same time mostly north after it's been nice and find temperatures around the low twenty's but it's cooler now was rain once again returning to a robot and the rest of america. so
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the top stories for you on al-jazeera france's stepped up border controls as police search for a gunman who killed at least three people in the city of stroudsburg at least twelve people were also injured when that attack opened fire near a christmas market in the city since. the british prime minister teresa mayes
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returned to london after meeting the e.u. leaders to try to save a briggs a deal on an entry inside is the same a could be confronted with a vote of no confidence from british m.p.'s and an executive of the chinese telecom company while way has been granted bail at seven and a half million dollars canada faces extradition to the u.s. for allegedly violating iran's actions. the us president donald trump has reiterated his support for the crown prince of saudi arabia from told reporters he was standing by mohamed been summoned despite the outcry over the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi he described the crown prince as very strongly in power director the cia agent haskell is due to brief leaders of the house of representatives on wednesday about casualties death. meanwhile the u.s. magazine time has collectively named kushal g. and other journalists as its person of the year was in jordan as that story two
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months after his murder at the saudi consulate in istanbul. has been honored for the very reason he was killed for questioning how the saudi regime rules every year the time editors spend months debating and talking about who they think who we think should best represent the trends of the year who had the greatest impact on the news and on the world and this year we've chosen the guardians and the war against truth. introduction and headdress graces one of four covers put out by the magazine we didn't do anything wrong the others feature the two reuters reporters jailed in me in march for reporting on atrocities against the revenge of the staff of a local us newspaper who survived a deadly attack by a gunman angry with their coverage of his criminal case and a former t.v. reporter turned online website editor in the philippines targeted by a president who doesn't want his behavior covered we are not against the government
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we are not against president detective but we do want to hold him and his government accountable for the tens of thousands of people who have been killed in the drug war from the impunity that we see online you are creating and also a lot of the reporters recreating violence by not writing. the fake news is creating violence analysts say press freedom is more vulnerable than ever because politicians on six continents are attacking the public's trust in the media but they add that in washington jamal khashoggi is murder on orders of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon has congress and the public taking a very close look at the trumpet ministrations priorities alliances and values. this is a moment where one understands that from a foreign policy perspective the us has to demonstrate what it stands for and because shows she killing in the fallout has opened up much of the subtle debates
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we've had behind the scenes in the full public view and that's why it's become so contentious time editors say gee and the other on a resemble eyes the journalists around the world who try to hold their leaders accountable a tribute to those who question even at catastrophic risk to themselves while still in jordan al-jazeera washington and as rosalynn mentioned time also on a to reuters journalists jailed in me and activists and journalists around the world still calling for the release of wallow and chill sue who were arrested exactly a year ago they were investigating the killings of muslim ranger in me and by special forces and civilian mobs that were convicted under colonial era laws and then sentenced to seven years in jail when i'm pleased to say we've got steven at the with us who is the editor in chief at reuters joining us on skype from shanghai mr adler i mean part of me wants to say congratulations because for journalists to
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be recognized as persons of the year is tremendous just the circumstances obviously terrible exactly united well it is an honor but obviously what we really want is to get mad a prison we think they the time recognition could help. provide even more attention on this globally and we think the global attention is important but the most important thing is to get them out of prison and we've been working on that day since the day that they were us that and tell me how you have been working on it because clearly you're up against an antiquated legal system there do you go down legal avenues in me and now or is it about external pressure. well i think there's really three things we can do we have in fact repealed the case so there will be a hearing on the appeal so we are using the legal system we're also trying to get global support and that's been really gratifying countries all over the world have supported wallowing in just a move the u.n.
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has been very helpful the government leaders have talked privately on sung suchi and to other members of the government so we we hope that both publicity and diplomatic efforts will help us well so far nothing has worked but we're going to continue our efforts i want to emphasize they're entirely innocent of wrong doing they were doing nothing but reporting a very important story they were arrested in a set up to prevent them from continuing that reporting and also know that we went ahead and wrote the story of that massacre with their full support even though they were already in prison you say that there are diplomatic discussions and even with the likes of ng sang suchi as well but i mean can you have any real face in that process given this is the system that has put the two journalists in jail in the first place well we remain hopeful what we hope will happen is that on science and she will part in them and we hope that will happen because she has spoken out were severely for democratization in the end more for freedom of expression pre-human
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rights and we think this would be a great demonstration by her of her commitment to those principles if she pardoned them so we are still hopeful that she will do that. just quickly the time magazine. on our question of the year i mean as you say it's obviously a tremendous on a do you think that and i don't want to split the cases here but the publisher they brought with the jamal khashoggi case that actually helped as well. i think in general it's really important to put attention on press freedom and i think the risks to the press have increased quite dramatically in the last few years there's been a lot of negative talk about the press and about the press being the enemy of the people i think it's important for an institution like time to to make that point so forcefully and it's important for all of us to stand up for free expression around the world and so we're doing that and i know you were doing that and it's very important for institutions all over the world including the u.n. including multinational organizations to stand up for press freedom and so we can't
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be quiet about it right now because there is so much pressure on the media. yeah and we will keep up the pressure ourselves stephen thank you so much for your time hashtag them on press freedom as well remember and and and think thank you and appreciate that and by the way we doing a thumbs up thumbs up campaign on social media so everybody can do thumbs up lalo and just so that we really appreciate it excellent ok thank you for letting us know all right thank you well to that. palestinian refugees meanwhile have been leaving lebanon for years actually legally or illegally but i am a great because of the dire economic conditions in which they live they also leave because of the lack of any prospect of a solution to the entire was only palestinian conflict from beirut to say no one to reports now and the recent figures which suggest more are now seeking a way out. muhammad wanted a better life for his family but their attempt to reach failed palestinian refugees in lebanon are ready to sell everything and borrow money when a smuggler offers
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a way out even if the route to europe south america. we flew to ethiopia on october twenty ninth brazil where we stayed in a hotel for a night before traveling to bolivia we tried to travel to spain but we were detained for about forty eight hours before being sent back to lebanon we trusted this broker because many people including my wife's cousins managed to reach europe . spanish police believe at least one thousand two hundred palestinians from. madrid libya since the beginning of this year the criminals being suspected of smuggling them through fraudulent asylum claims has since been caught but the network in lebanon is still very much operational. very well known and. his name is. and he has reportedly helped a few thousand palestinians to europe and elsewhere and it's. turning
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a blind eye to. encourage palestinians. in recent years tens of thousands of palestinians left the country legally or illegally affected by the dire economic conditions here and government regulations that deny them basic rights four hundred fifty thousand used to be registered with the un earlier this year the first ever government census showed the number dropped to one hundred seventy five thousand we hear very frequently. particularly. again. it is among those who no longer wants his family to live in such desperate conditions even though he is better. just he has unemployment among the palestinian workforce is eighteen percent. now waiting to
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sell his house hoping to make enough money to pay. thirty five thousand dollars and he will help me and my family to travel to belgium hopefully god willing things will go as planned and we arrive safely palestinian activists. say up to four thousand refugees made their way to europe this year. and his family . but he hasn't given up he says he's planning to make another attempt soon. the most diverse ecosystems on the planet but the world. in the last thirty years and most of what remains could be twenty fifty. story from the coast of kenya. every morning. to see to catch fish. thousands of people here on kenya's coast do the same. some days he'll make a hundred dollars some days nothing. you work for yourself.
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as you choose to sell to women make their own money it's been a fitting everyone in this community. the fish he catches depend on nearby coral reefs to reproduce. he went to have a look. at. the world's most diverse ecosystems i found here. and there on the threat because of climate change corals are a little bit like tiny upsidedown jellyfish in the sea temperature rises stresses them a bit like a fever and a human being and it causes them to spit out tiny microbes they depend on for their survival and they turned white and they start to die. it looks like this
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is cool bleaching and it's already happened to about half the world's coral global warming causes oceanic heat waves at our dive instructor franco witnessed one of the worst ten years ago. but know that developing slowly is only. to coral he made a remarkable recovery that time but scientists say the heat waves are becoming more frequent and more intense what we'll see is more and more coral bleaching events which means more and more coral death and mortality and if we don't change course we can lose up to ninety percent of the world's coral live coral within the next few decades. to support the incomes of five hundred million people through tourism and fishing. collimating among them. he doesn't make a lot of money and if the coral goes his livelihood goes to malcolm webb
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al-jazeera on kenya's coast. headlines for you here on al-jazeera and reuters is reporting a police operation around the stroudsburg cathedral that is after a gunman killed at least three people near a christmas market there twelve other peoples are injured the suspect escaped after shooting at police and the army. british prime minister teresa mayes reported to be on the brink of a leadership challenge she just returned to london after meeting leaders to try to save her breaks that deal she will face. today at prime minister's questions. and executive at the chinese telecom giant huawei has been granted bail at seven and a half million dollars in canada faces extradition to the u.s. for allegedly violating iran sanctions u.s.
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president donald trump says he is willing to intervene if it helps improve u.s. relations with china and donald trump has reiterated his support for the crown prince of saudi arabia he told reporters he was standing by mohammed bin salman despite the outcry over the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the director of the cia gina housefull meanwhile is due to brief leaders of the house of representatives on wednesday on. activists around the world are calling for the release of the reuters journalists well known and who were arrested exactly a year ago the two had been investigating the killings of muslim revenge in me and maher by security forces and civilian markets they were convicted under colonial era laws and sentenced to seven years in jail you're up to date with the headlines here on al-jazeera we are back with more news right after inside story. anti fascist anti establishment and pro violence despite the recent official
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disbanding of its militarized wing a basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of a build palace stadium. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with violent football hooligans. read old death on al-jazeera. is it one step forward two steps back for britain's prime minister on drugs it tourism they despise the palm tree vote on had deal with the e.u. and meet european leaders for multiple while the e.u. commission says there's no room for negotiation so what now this isn't possible. to play.


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