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to build a relationship with one of the key campaigns who paid. people in power on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the news hour live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. i will contest that vote with everything i've got defiant and combative to resume a braces for a leadership challenge over her unpopular breck's a deal. a nationwide hunt across france for the gunman who killed at least two
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people at a christmas market in strassburg. free for now a chinese executive is granted bail in a case that's heightened trade tensions with the u.s. . and calls get louder for the release of two million marginalist named as time magazine's person of the year. we begin in the u.k. where the bricks drama has triggered a challenge to to resume a's leadership of her governing conservative party tory m.p.'s will vote in the coming hours to decide her fate prime minister may has responded defiantly saying she'll face the vote of confidence with everything she's got she's insisting the challenge from more than forty eight of her own m.p.'s does risk derailing the brics a process. a change of leadership in the conservative party now will put our
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country's future at risk and create uncertainty when we can least afford it. a new leader wouldn't be in place by the twenty first of january legal deadline so a leadership election risks handing control of the bricks in negotiations to opposition m.p.'s in parliament the new leader wouldn't have time to renegotiate a withdrawal agreement and get the legislation through parliament by the twenty ninth of march so one of their first acts would have to be extending or rescinding article fifty delaying or even stopping breck's it we have two correspondents covering the story in a moment we'll speak to dominic cain in brussels on the reaction from european leaders first let's go to john a whole who's in london so journal she's found her line basically if you get rid of me you will have possibly prime minister corgan running backs it. what world or possibly no breaks it at all yes though those seem to be the two
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stark options she has presented at least to the country speaking to the country earlier outside ten downing street and she'll probably repeat them to her own m.p.'s when she addresses them at five pm ahead of that vote we know because there's been a lot of talk in the last few days since the government decided to pull the meaningful vote on her deal on her breaks a deal which was due to happen on tuesday night we know that they've been loud calls for the labor party for jeremy corbin the leader of the official opposition to call a vote of confidence in parliament over the government with smaller opposition parties lining up to say they'd support it the thinking is that jeremy corbyn is waiting for his moment to strike and that moment he assumed would be when parliament votes down her deal it could equally be when she herself is thrown from from office by her own party in a new prime minister is brought in that's the that's the threat of an election if you like but then a new prime minister would have to pretty much start again because the deal that
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she has negotiated when it's got her name stamped on it she has staked her premiership her reputation on it we know there's no majority for it in parliament a new deal would have to be sought and there isn't the time for it that raises the very painful prospect for a lot on the right of the conservative party and progress that is generally of rescinding article fifty percent stopping the entire process in its tracks these are her dual pitches to the country to her party to give her more time to win concessions from the european union and try and get the deal that she's got through parliament is there a penny there that hasn't quite dropped yet with some of the governing conservative party and is this what this one hundred six hundred seven days to bricks it this process if she loses the vote must by definition take at least half that time so therefore whatever happens they may have to consider rolling over article fifty and they can only do that one time. well i
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mean yes indeed that must now start to factor in people's calculations about this what is in effect a huge gamble because of course if she wins this confidence vote she is immune from challenge for twelve months if she loses it then as you say that possibility comes into play it's a one off chance extend article fifty and sort of hope for the best but there's a there's a date a little sooner than that peter which also will be pressing heavily on people's minds and that's the twenty first of january at which point the government is mandated by legislation passed in parliament here to turn up with a deal or to make a statement of parliament saying we've not been able to make a deal and that effectively hands control of the entire process to parliament now if this leadership contest goes on at two to elect a not just a new leader of the total party but a new prime minister that may well past the twenty first of january date so that the hard bricks of his if you like risk the possibility of losing control of the entire process all of these things will be weighing heavily on the minds of employees in the conservative party because it's all about the conservative party
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as indeed it has been for years on this issue tonight jonah clearly you're standing there on college green just in the shadow of big ben ten downing street from the corner but outside the westminster hothouse the voters whether they went for breakfast it or not the people of the u.k. must now be looking in on this and going really you're going to do this now. i mean you know one can only imagine them being newsman to among voters and citizens of the country watching this process and you know the polls when you look at the polls and they're coming out daily now and different polls note fluctuations in all sorts of different directions towards a second referendum possibly calling the whole thing off towards to reason a vote towards a softer breaks or to norway option towards a no deal breaker the crucial thing is that there is such a level of division not just in parliament but among the electorate that there is
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no evident majority for any of the possible outcomes on the table that's a problem in itself and when you add compound the uncertainty and confusion around all of those options add to that a leadership election within the governing party a prime ministerial potential change in the weeks and months to come with so little time left anyway yes i can only imagine how that must confound the average of you looking in turn i will talk to later i am sure about that one for them in the meantime many thanks ok just after ten local time in london that means it's just after eleven local time in brussels our correspondent cain is there any reaction yet from european parliamentarians or european leaders indeed. not so far but the point to make here peter is that the president of the european council the council of ministers donald tusk is meeting michel barnier the man
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empowered by the e.u. institutions to lead the negotiations regarding briggs's we wait to see exactly what will emerge from that meeting perhaps they are talking about well what they discussed with me what mr discussed with to resume a yesterday remember that she'd had that whistle stop tour of european capitals yesterday that took in the hague it took in berlin and of course it took in brussels here and indeed she was in the building behind me in the european commission meeting president jiang claude younker the man who had said to european m.p.'s in strasburg before she arrived that there was no possibility of renegotiation of the deal but he did perhaps offer her a crumb of comfort by saying well with intelligent use of clarifications and interpretations maybe there is a way through this question is what would those interpretations be because we were hearing from jonah there about the divisions in parliament the divisions in the conservative party in the united kingdom well by contrast here certainly at the
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e.u. level of institutions no division whatsoever they believe that the deal that they struck which they thought they had struck with to reason may is the only deal in town and indeed that was the message that she took from her meetings with mark router the dutch prime minister from angela merkel in berlin the german chancellor and indeed from the meetings with two presidents of e.u. institutions donald tusk and john quote here in brussels yesterday so that's the dilemma that she came back from brussels effectively with a message which was well we we really understand your predicament but the deal we agreed is the deal we agreed and that's it dominic thanks very much. ok let's unbundle some of the numbers for you what happens next all three hundred fifteen conservative party m.p.'s in the house of commons are eligible to take part in the vote of confidence in mrs knees. leadership she needs a simple majority to win that means one hundred fifty eight votes if all m.p.'s take part they will if she does win she remains in office and can't be challenge
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for another twelve months if she loses she'll have to resign and cannot join the leadership race in the vote to replace if there are more than two contenders a secret vote will be held among tory m.p.'s the two remaining contenders will then face a postal ballot of all conservative party members whether takes charge of the party will become the next prime minister but won't necessarily have to face a general election john ashmore is the deputy editor of the british online news website cap ex he joins us now live from london john good to have you back here on al-jazeera would it be better for the country and better for brics it if she wins and wins big. well i heard that it's really up to debate it depends which part of the debate you're on for the heartbreaks it is it's the worst of all scenarios but either way i don't see a clear path at the moment for her to get her deal through parliament anyway so we're stuck in this very strange kind of impasse where the tears on the right of
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the conservative party want to get rid of theresa may but there's no real sign of a coherent plan on their side either and it's worth remembering in all this as well that let's say that a city or a lever does oust to reason may well their version of bricks is not necessarily going to appeal to the more program main wing of the conservative party so it's kind of like a parliamentary game of whack a mole you plug one gap and then another comes up and throughout all this also we've got to bear in mind the position of the the u.p.a. the northern irish party who are implacably opposed to stories amaze breck's it so i don't think even even if she comes through this vote intact i don't think it's necessarily bolsters her position all that much and on the numbers as you said in the lead in they need one hundred fifty eight to one seat to resume a but i think a sense among a lot of people is that if
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a very substantial number of tory m.p.'s vote against her that she might then resign anyway even if she has technically won the vote so you know all still very much up in the air i'm afraid ok say by nine or ten o'clock tonight she is political toast and then it goes to a leadership challenge that would have to be preceded today by somebody signalling that they are prepared to wield the knife given their personal popularity ratings across the country it's never going to be boris johnson it's never going to be michael gove but might it be somebody who by definition for the past two and a half years for the voters feel lettre in the u.k. has been part of the problem not part of the solution. but you know it's hard to say i mean there are there are a lot of possible names in the house i think half the cabinet have had their names raised at some point you know sajid javid the names you mentioned michael gove boris johnson possible i mean we saw what happened last time there was
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a tour of the ship contest with the who's two. but i think if she's unseated it doesn't really make sense for for whoever replaces to not be a threat satiric given that the whole reason for her being pushed out would have been to pursue a different kind of breck's it. but again i mean it's really not not clear at this stage who might be willing to put their name forward or even who commands the support of their colleagues. boris johnson is certainly popular among the party faithful. but not necessarily so popular among his parliamentary colleagues and remember in all this that in order for someone to be put to a kind of general the tory members they have to first get through the parliamentary hurdle so if m.p.'s kind of conspire to stop someone getting on the ballot then they might not ever get the chance to you know test their popularity among the
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membership so again it's just another of the sort of massive number of imponderable scenarios in this whole you know mess of a situation not wishing to get too high brow about this is this beginning or beginning to pivot into being something else is not just about bricks it is not just about to resume a given that some people on the rights of the governing conservative party is saying look don't roll over article fifty just freeze the process because constitutionally we can do that because government is broken the country is broken the country is divided is this tipping over into being almost like an existential debate or an argument about democracy because whoever british prime minister whoever that person becomes if it's not mrs may they come please the fifty two percent who voted for breaks it and they're never going to please the forty eight percent who voted for no breaks it. yeah i think that that's probably right to a degree i mean for the people who oppose to reason may's deal is also very much part
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of the calculation it's not just about you know the customs union terms of trade it's about an extra central threat to the united kingdom because of the states of northern ireland but also a complete destruction of faith in politicians willingness and ability to carry out the instructions of the electorate i think if they the other thing to mention is that if you know there might be willingness in our parliament to suspend article fifty but the debate in the u.k. tends to be quite parochial we don't talk that much about what's going on in europe and i don't see much willingness on the european side or patience to be frank to extend the process any further than it's already going i mean they from their point of view they put a lot of toil and swear and compromise into getting to this deal as john claudian said yesterday this is the only deal available from their point of view so i'm not sure they're going to want to extend things any more but yeah as you say i think
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you have a con becomes prime minister is going to face the same quite intractable problem of trying to reconcile two sides who become very polarized particularly not just among m.p.'s but in the in the country more widely so yeah i mean a huge challenge whoever that is even if it's to resume a still or whoever succeeds or john ashmore in london thank you very much. thank you plenty more still to come for you here on the news hour including looking for a way out palestinian refugees seeking new routes to leave desperate conditions in lebanon. time magazine picks its person of the year. on a group of journalists were on. hand of the sports news we n.b.a.'s best team so far this season sends out a message to the reigning champions ahead of their showdown in california. story in about thirty.
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french police have arrested five people suspected of having extremist links to a gunman who killed at least two people in strasburg others were injured at a christmas market on tuesday evening the manhunt for the gunman who's known to french intelligence is stretching into neighboring germany. the french deputy interior minister says it's too early to tell whether the attack was terror related . he was known for many non terror related offenses and he was never known for offenses sling to terrorism but nonetheless he had a rather extensive criminal record and has been sent to prison numerous times where he was radicalized through religion he didn't show signs of committing acts and security services placed him closely under surveillance for this like many other individuals who may have showed signs of practicing radicalized religion in detention we need to be very careful as we speak the terrorist motive for the attack hasn't been established. ok let's stay with that story and with more from
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paris. police cordoned off the area around stress books christmas markets after the shooting. while medical workers evacuated victims. what should have been a night of pleasure for shoppers and tourists had turned into a nightmare. because i heard several shots and thought maybe it's firecrackers or saw a lot of people running skid crying kids and all and then when i saw people crying in the crowd leaving i said it was a shooting right next door. city officials said the gunmen went on a shooting spree just before eight o'clock in the evening local time before fleeing they urged people to stay indoors as police search for the suspect. france's president emmanuel might call held a crisis meeting in paris later tweeting the whole nation stands in solidarity with
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stress of victims and their families the french interior minister who had rushed to strasbourg said that the gunman was known to police. at seven fifty pm a man killed three people and wounded many others soldiers used their weapons he was confronted twice by forces the hunt continues he's well known to the police three hundred fifty people were mobilized to find him. the french government have placed the country on a heightened state of alert and tighten borders while people in strasbourg try to come to terms with what has happened in this city their hope is that the police will find the gunman soon natasha butler al jazeera paris well the other in the story strasburg across one of the burners smith bernard just get us right up to date with the latest on the inquiry as far as we know it. well peter first of all i should so the french of the police local police here
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again of put the death toll at three on they revised down to do but it is three people believed to being killed i was out of sixteen victims of this attack another eight people seriously wounded the street behind me is one of the places where the government engaged police with gunfire they were on routine patrols here through the christmas market at about eight o'clock local time last night it's a narrow crowded street and we've heard reports from witnesses people who were here you describe scenes of panic as gunfire rang out and people run for cover and run to hide and the gunman it's believed hijacked a taxi and it drove him to near village a town where he lives near the french german border very close to the french german border here it's actually dropped in there and there's a taxi driver who told police that he's seen that the government have been wounded he's been named by reuters the sharif shekau to twenty nine year old strasbourg
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born. and he is currently still at large pizza so they'll be looking for some sort of social media footprint any relationship see how they'll be so you'll be talking to friends and family of this individual as well. well you've already mentioned the arrests that have been made the police say he was known to them had a long criminal record and he served a lot of time in prison for a lot of robberies and that sort of thing but he was also on this list that the french police have twenty six thousand names on a on a list the french authorities have of people considered a risk to the state so the police do think there is some other motivation possibly some of the motivation behind him of the interior ministry's made it clear that there is no evidence yet that this is a terrorist related incident pizza remains very quiet here today some of the shops are beginning to open in the street behind me police were on earlier
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on where the police were released a day now been reopened to protest street ins so life beginning to return around here but still no indication of where this gunman is it's done it's possible the interior ministry says that he's he's crossed the border into germany pizza. thank you u.s. president says he's willing to intervene in the extradition case against top chinese executive if it helps avoid worsening relations with china eleven days after her arrest in canada maine one joe was way technology has agreed to a bail bond of more than seven million dollars she also surrendered her passports and is wearing an electronic tag she faces extradition to the u.s. which is accused of violating sanctions on iran rob reynolds has more now from vancouver. while away executive mung one joe was allowed to go free with a stringent set of conditions among other restrictions imposed by the canadian court she will have to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet stay under close
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observation by a private security firm and she is forbidden to travel outside of vancouver the canadian government argued unsuccessfully that bungs vast wealth and lack of ties to canada made her a flight risk u.s. authorities want mung to face charges of fraud in connection with a scheme to have while way secretly do business with iran in violation of u.s. sanctions the u.s. has until january the eighth to file a formal extradition request but the reuters news agency reports u.s. president donald trump says he might intervene directly in monks' case if it would serve national security interests or help close a trade deal with china the u.s. and china have been locked in a damaging trade war amongst attention seems to have touched off a diplomatic powder keg canada confirmed that one of its former diplomats michael
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quote of rig has been arrested in china coverage works for a nongovernmental organization it's unclear whether he's been charged with any crime canadian diplomatic officials have been in touch in touch with their chinese counterparts to to explain how seriously canadians view this and the deep concerns that we have the canadian government is considering warning its citizens of increased risk levels in traveling to china and the u.s. called on china to stop arbitrary detention through her lawyer monk pleaded with the court that if she were released her only goal would be to spend time with her husband and her daughter adding that she's been working so hard for the. past twenty five years she hasn't even had time to read a book now mon will have plenty of time on her hands free on bail and preparing to
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fight extradition to the united states robert oulds al-jazeera thank over u.s. senators are set to vote on a new resolution to end american involvement in the saudi and us led war in yemen a similar vote was struck last march after donald trump voiced strong support for saudi arabia the latest resolution appears to have more backing on capitol hill following the outcry over the murder of jamal khashoggi for years palestinian refugees in lebanon have been leaving because of di economic conditions they also go because of a lack of any prospect of returning home or a solution to the conflict with israel and more than ever appear to be seeking a way out as in a harder reports now from beirut. muhammad wanted a better life for his family but their attempt to reach failed palestinian refugees in lebanon are ready to sell everything and borrow money when a smuggler offers a way out even if the route to europe south america.
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we flew to ethiopia on october twenty ninth brazil where we stayed in a hotel for a night before traveling to bolivia we tried to travel to spain but we were detained for about forty eight hours before being sent back to lebanon we trusted this broker because many people including my wife's cousins managed to reach europe . spanish police believe at least one thousand two hundred palestinians from. madrid libya since the beginning of this year the criminals being suspected of smuggling them through fraudulent asylum claims has since been caught but the network in lebanon is still very much operational. the so-called middleman is very well known in this refugee camp his name is. and he has reportedly helped a few thousand palestinians to europe and elsewhere and it seems lebanese authorities turn a blind eye to his activities because. courage palestinians. in
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recent years tens of thousands of palestinians left the country legally or illegally affected by the dire economic conditions here and government regulations that deny them basic rights four hundred fifty thousand used to be registered with the un earlier this year the first ever government census showed the number dropped to one hundred seventy five thousand we hear very frequently from palestinians particularly the youth that they are very keen to leave and some of them tell us that they have already tried that their not been successful and i will try again. allie hamad is among those who no longer wants his family to live in such desperate conditions even though he is better off than others just so he has a job unemployment among the palestinian workforce is eighteen percent how mad is now waiting to sell his house hoping to make enough money to pay. to get most of the middleman wants thirty five thousand dollars and he will help me and my family
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to travel to belgium hopefully god willing things will go as planned and we arrive safely palestinian activist and lebanese security sources say up to four thousand refugees made their way to europe this year mohamed atta and his family were not among them but he hasn't given up he says he's planning to make another attempt soon to. beirut. ok do stay with us because in a few moments rob will join us with the very latest weather forecast for you but also still to come here on the news out capitalism versus communism in government u. turn is good news for enterprising business of yours. in kenya is coral be kept alive we have the latest on the climate change. going into. the champions league was a bad night for italian football will have more for us in the sports news in fifteen minutes.
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from a fresh coast to breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. and the rainy season was a long time coming to indonesia they season but now it's gone south of the equator and this is an example of the wind damage in jakarta from just one of these storms that kind of killed a regular basis certainly java seen flooding from it and here we are this is the line the classic that was tuesday wednesday there redeveloping and they happened because of the warmth of the daytime sun forecast was if you go a day ahead i think the risk is still there but rather less now a bit for the size still southie quite a bit towards australia we go to another interesting development this is in there somewhere his voice being code a zombie storm it's a tropical cycler and it starts off in the car will see and then wandered across and now it's actually coming to life quite substantially so it's sitting in
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northern australia its winds at the moment are one hundred twenty case gusting to one hundred fifty but it's not moving and you know happened when these things don't move where they got so much more power and they just cause flooding luckily it's not particularly well populated this area however this is got a full cost movement and there it is across the cape york peninsula and down towards brisbane this is a most unusual path but if it goes that way you can imagine what sort of potential damage can short but as at the moment stationary so even tomorrow it's still there peter. the weather sponsored by cat time place. the tunas in scientist who led a double life so secret even kept it from his family. but his activities would have a military impact for which he would pay the ultimate price.
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out as zero world investigates the life and death of miami. the tunisian drone engineer. fresh perspectives and new possibilities fearless journeys in. debates and discussions global terror attacks trial by a fair and so talented from those attacks followed by a quarter that's a good news story al-jazeera is award winning programs take you on a journey around the globe because we. only on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera this is the news hour mining's piece of recapping the top story today the u.k. prime minister to resume a social contest a leadership challenge against her with everything she's got sponsors mayors insisting the challenge from more than forty eight of her own m.p.'s risks do you railing at the bricks at process. french police arrested five people suspected of having extremist links to a gunman who killed at least three people in strasburg others were injured at the christmas market on tuesday night the gunman who is known to french intelligence is stretching across the border into neighboring germany. donald trump says he's willing to intervene in the extradition case against top chinese executive to avoid worsening relations with china man one joe chinese telecoms giant otway is being freed on bail in vancouver she's wanted in the u.s. for violating sanctions against iran. to reuters journalists among those named as time magazine's person of the year were arrested in myanmar exactly
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a year ago calls for their release are growing louder on this the first anniversary of that tension while alone on shore so all we're investigating reports of a massacre of villages when they were detained they were convicted for obtaining secret state documents and sentenced to seven years florence louis reports. to win is bringing up her three year old daughter without her husband journalist charles so one of two reuters reporters imprisoned in myanmar having met all cleared up our daughter started to ask why doesn't that he love us why isn't he living with us so i tell her he loved me so much that's why he's working at the prison. quali wallowing is also in jail and missed his wife giving birth to their child. i miss him there are just a lot of things i miss about him all the time and everywhere both reporters were arrested last december they were sentenced in september to seven years for
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possessing secret state documents the journalists were investigating reports of a massacre of revenge of alleges by security forces in northern uganda while the one and torso who say they were set up by the police who handed the documents to them moments before their arrest caused an international outcry on the first anniversary of their jailing colleagues are intensifying calls for their release the fact that they remain in prison for a crime they did not commit calls into question meanwhile as commitment to democracy freedom of expression and rule of law every day they continue to be behind bars is a missed opportunity for me and maher to stand up for justice social media users have post itself with the thumbs up sign that was the signature pose of the reporters each time they appeared in court but the hash tag free wallow in charge so. human rights advocates say a free press is more important now than ever the alternative to not speaking out
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doubt they're not recognizing the value of breath white. silence and white. at the moment untenable if we are to are told press freedom. the reporters were arrested months after the military launched a crackdown in rakhine state that cost around three quarters of a million roger to seek safety in neighboring bangladesh a u.n. fact finding mission concluded that the soldiers had acted with what was described as genocidal intent against the revenger committing mass killings in gang rape and the un has called for the prosecution of army commanders florence louis al jazeera . is also among the journalists who've been collectively named as the person of the al-jazeera as ross and jordan as mourner from washington. two months after his murder at the saudi consulate in istanbul jamal has been honored for the very
1:36 pm
reason he was killed for questioning how the saudi regime rules every year the time editors spend months debating and talking about who they think who we think should best represent the trends of the year who had the greatest impact on the news and on the world and this year we've chosen the guardians and the war against truth. introduction and headdress graces one of four covers put out by the magazine we didn't do anything wrong the others feature the two reuters with foreigners jailed in me in march for reporting on atrocities against the revenge of the staff of a local us newspaper who survived a deadly attack by a gunman angry with their coverage of his criminal case and a former t.v. reporter turned online website editor in the philippines targeted by a president who doesn't want his behavior covered we are not against the government we are not against president detective but we do want to hold him and his government accountable for the tens of thousands of people who have been killed in
1:37 pm
the drug war from the impunity that we see online you are creating you had also a lot of the reporters recreating violence by not writing. the fake do is reacting violence analysts say press freedom is more vulnerable than ever because politicians on six continents are attacking the public's trust in the media but they add that in washington jamal khashoggi is murder on orders of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon has congress and the public taking a very close look at the trumpet ministrations priorities alliances and values. this is a moment where one understands that from a foreign policy perspective the us has to demonstrate what it stands for and because shows she killing in the fallout has opened up much of the subtle debates we've had behind the scenes in the full public view and that's why it's become so contentious time editors say and the other honorees symbolize the journalists
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around the world who try to hold their leaders accountable a tribute to those who question even at catastrophic risk to themselves rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington and the us president donald trump has reiterated his support for the saudi crown prince and says mohammed bin selman is quotes very strongly in power the director of the cia gina housefull is due to brief leaders of the house of representatives in a few hours time about the murder of jamal. u.s. president and democratic leaders of spot in front of the media over plans to build a wall along the border with mexico mr trump has threatened a government shutdown if the new budget does not include money for the wall which he has repeatedly promised to build there are no folks in the house a majority vote for a wall no matter where you actually write if i ever needed the votes for the wall in the house i would have them in one session and it will be done for them it
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doesn't help because we did ten democrats and actually putting on their first brigade on the go shave let me ask you this just and we're doing this in a very friendly manner it doesn't help for me to take a vote in the house where i will win easily with the republicans on it doesn't help to take the advice because i'm not going to get the vote one for the senate i need ten senators that's the problem. government leaders in the democratic republic of congo are blaming rebel fighters for killing nine people the allied democratic forces are suspected of the attack in the troubled eastern region of benny a teacher in the town of said gunmen knew she homes and stole farm animals a.t.f. suffused of killing hundreds of congolese during their battle for power over the past four years a sit in a village in the occupied west bank is now into its sixth month the israeli government has been threatening to demolish connel are under the pretext of the homes they're illegal and describes the bedouins who live there as squatters is
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natascha going am. six year old is that islam begins his day just after sunrise he has a short track up the hill to hono ahmar school it's unclear how much longer he'll be making the journey because the school is scheduled for demolition at any moment when. the school is not for them to demolish as twenty eight hundred ends the principal says each of the students has stayed as a show of defiance but they're struggling to set and will not mimic the way the children experience fia and they feel the disruption they can't concentrate they always ask when will the school be demolished will you continue teaching us. the israeli government told one hundred eighty better when they had until october first to leave the land they've been living on for decades after a nine year legal battle the supreme court ruled earlier this year the community
1:41 pm
was illegal human rights groups say what illegal is the israeli government trying to forcibly remove these refugees as part of a broader expansion plan in the occupied west bank. look the issue of cause is very disturbing there is no lie told dog news i compare it to the death of a human being and plans were announced to move the bedouin to another area which the israeli government said would be safer they'd have a water supply access to electricity and a sewage system with international pressure mounting to stop there even in the october deadline past or now plans to forcibly move them have stalled in those it should we are all united around one goal to evacuate this illegal construction there is no argument about this the international criminal court or i.c.c. is conducting an investigation into israel's planned displacement of the people of
1:42 pm
conall amara. and the i.c.c. says it's made quote significant progress in determining whether it should investigate wider allegations that israel is the victim palestinians and demolishing their property in the occupied west bank and east jerusalem. from the palestinian point of view hano amr has become a powerful symbol showing the world the way in which israel is continuing what critics say is a wide scale land grab the israeli government has lambasted the palestinian authority for using a bar as anti israeli propaganda the villagers who continue to call it home remain in the middle and in limbo for who knows how much longer natasha going to name does era in the occupied west bank guns opened fire in a cafe drove them brazil killing at least four people the forty nine year old gunman killed himself after being wounded by the police in the southeastern city of
1:43 pm
company us he has no criminal record and has most of us yet on korea. breakfast owners in cuba have something to celebrate so do privately run restaurants communist leaders have backtracked on imposing new restrictions on private enterprise in latin america at a certain c n human. the owner of this have an apartment rents rooms to tourists just when new and highly unpopular restrictions on cuba's fledgling private sector were about to go into effect last week authorities surprised everyone. would have been families from having more than one license but now they've lifted the limit so that for example we can also sell handicrafts or food. in another unusual response to public pressure plans to limit private restaurants to only fifty chairs also scrapped. thirteen percent of the workforce has moved over to the private sector many of them professionals have abandoned their jobs in state run into
1:44 pm
prizes like mechanical engineering. a lot of you know i would have preferred to haul for a quarter of what is just to stay my profession which i love but i couldn't even a fraction of the. family working for the state until the dominant state sector is struggling to keep employees which may help explain attempts to limit small privately run businesses they're very. specific in which people will start their own businesses mean that. in every area in any area of the economy in every sector. new demands and restrictions have been placed even on private taxis despite the huge shortage of public transportation unlike vietnam and china the communist party here still use the private sector with suspicion for many reasons including ideological social and geo political human
1:45 pm
governments are afraid that a growing increasingly sophisticated private sector that. that's the u.s. government's. agenda here in fact president barack obama president donald trump. said that they want to help and encourage the private sector because as an engineer . here but the decision to backtrack on plans to reduce the private sector even further seems to be recognition that like it or not to the struggling economy needs it you're seeing human al-jazeera having. video policeman pulling a baby from the arms of his mother is causing outrage in new york for the news on. that story. that. for the moment what should have been a routine call out turned a new controversy a mother screams for help as new york police department officers try to pull her
1:46 pm
one year old baby from her arms of government assistance center in brooklyn was right. as the officers became more aggressive the outrage from onlookers. witnesses say the chaos unfolded on friday after twenty three year old jasmine he'd lease sat on the floor of a crowded waiting room with her son as she waited for a child care about sure it escalated when security staff called the police and she refused to get up jasmine was eventually arrested and held without bail charged with offenses including resisting arrest and in danger a child her son was taken into his grandmother's care. the outrage on social media was swift and widespread and on tuesday demonstrators held a rally at new york city hall to call for justice for jasmine and protest what they see as yet another example of police brutality by the n.y.p.d. against african-americans you know she's
1:47 pm
a young african-american woman single mother who's looking for support and to watch this woman be demoralized and disrespected by a system that is supposed to help are its sat in the just speaks to a lot of racism that's that's perpetuating what throughout our country what mother wouldn't hold onto their child in in a situation like that for us we need to make sure that this never happens again the n.y.p.d. commissioners reaction has been more cautious james o'neill tweeting the video is very disturbing to me but also saying we were called to a chaotic situation and we're looking at all available video to determine why certain decisions were made on tuesday the charges against jasmine feedly were dropped but in a statement by the district attorney of brooklyn he said he was outraged by the violence that was depicted in the video for those who are upset at her arrest in the first place this is an issue that's far from dying down gabriel's andro how
1:48 pm
does it new york. still to come here in the news another big performance by one of . us and coming up on the other side of the break.
1:49 pm
coral reefs contain the most diverse ecosystems on the planet but the world has lost about them in the last thirty years and most of what remains could be gone by twenty fifty. from the coast of kenya. every morning
1:50 pm
kalou make a hindi sets out to sea to catch fish. thousands of people here on kenya's coast do the same. some days he'll make a hundred dollars some days nothing. you work for yourself just sell it as you choose you sell to women and they make their own money it's been a fitting everyone in this community. the fish he catches depend on nearby coral reefs to reproduce. he went to have a look. at. the world's most diverse ecosystems are found here. and there on the threat because of climate change corals are a little bit like tiny upsidedown jellyfish when the sea temperature rises stresses them a bit like a fever and
1:51 pm
a human being and it causes them to spit out tiny microbes they depend on for their survival and they turned white and they start to die that looks like this. he's cool bleaching but it's already happened to about half the world's coral global warming causes oceanic heat waves. and with dive instructor frank witnessed one of the worst ten years ago. but know that. only. the coral he made a remarkable recovery that time but scientists say the heat waves are becoming more frequent and more intense what we'll see is more and more coral bleaching events which means more and more coral death and mortality and if we don't change course we can lose up to ninety percent of the world's coral live coral within the next few decades. the incomes of five hundred million people through tourism and
1:52 pm
fishing. collimating among them. he doesn't make a lot of money and if the coal goes his livelihood goes to malcolm webb al-jazeera on kenya's coast ok time for sports news here's paul thank you very much liverpool have managed to stay alive in this year's champions league last season's finalists great past not fully booked their spot in the last sixteen the english premier league leaders beat the italians one nil out and failed mohammed getting the goal the results crush out liverpool and paris progress from group say i'm still full of adrenalin i could fill in bottles bottles again so this game was just amazing it was on hold standing unbelievable. the boys played
1:53 pm
their whole heart on the pitch and not to have the right saying but it's just that they were with each part of their body they were in the game. in someone's elimination compounded a bad night for italian football i could only manage a draw with p.s.v. eindhoven which season finished third in group b. behind tottenham and barcelona business a bit of shit that agrees to this we have to accept the result because the team played a decent match it was not so outrageous but we could have done better however this was the result of us. outlets comin. through to the knockouts p.s.g. beat red star belgrade for one that result sees the french champions go through as group c. one is ahead of liverpool porto and shaka are into the last sixteen from group. will drop into the europa league shocked don't yet scan leo or go head to head for a place in the knockout someone's day the much has been moved to kiev because of tensions with russia in the east of ukraine it kicks off the home of shuttles
1:54 pm
domestic rivals dana have who have loaned out their stadium and asked their own funds to support the team from the east and north to go to. evolve the fact that we are playing in our rival stadium and the fact that the president of this club has asked their finest support shocked our is something to admire this is an example of how great the people of ukraine are at a time when we are talking about martial law and wars to share the stadium shows that in ukraine football is a space of freedom this is an opportunity to show how great this country is i am really amazed and i really want to say that here in ukraine we are giving an example to the world an example of freedom and an example of respect. same wellington of new zealand are getting ready to make their debut in the club world cup the oceania champions play a in the from the host nation the united arab emirates and a playoff round on wednesday river plates of argentina untitled holders realm of trade well and for the tournament the semifinal stage. we the underdogs coming into
1:55 pm
this and i think for us that is actually quite a good thing. you know as you see it more of the pressures on them to perform in you know it's allows us to really express ourselves you know be free and in what we do on the pitch vietnam will take a slight advantage into the second leg of the southeast asian championship final vietnam scored two goals in the first leg of this title decider in malaysia vietnam in the final for the first time in ten years twenty ten champs malaysia did recover to ensure the game finished to take their turn like will take place in hanoi on saturday. the best team in the n.b.a. so far the toronto raptors will face the reigning champion golden state warriors on wednesday tronto warmed up for it with a convincing win over the los angeles clippers the raptors were without star forward quite leonard who is reportedly being hunted by l.a. on free agency next summer trying to i don't seem to need him as much as the
1:56 pm
clippers might l.a. fall into one hundred twenty three to ninety nine a loss on home court the biggest defeat of the season so if your back is twenty five points leading the raptors to that twenty second when you head of that big game up the coast in oakland later. the san antonio spurs rudy gay got a coast to coast basket as the texans dominated the phoenix suns blocking josh jackson and getting the points at the other end that meant that the suns never got close to leading this game. marcus older age with eighteen points in twenty five minutes for the spurs terrible season for phoenix they say one just for the last twenty four times spurs one hundred eleven to eighty six the twenty fourteen champions edging back towards the playoff picture in the west after three straight wins. washington capitals star alex ovechkin has scored his first hat trick of the and i chelsea's and he got a triple as the capitals took apart the detroit red wings six to two on tuesday the
1:57 pm
russian was already the league's goal relatable for the game he now stretches his tally to twenty five in thirty this was the twenty first hat trick of his career. they columbus blue jackets are having a rough patch in what's been a pretty good season so far the metropolitan division second best team have slipped to a second straight loss they were beaten by the vancouver canucks three to tell you they're having a bit of a revival it's a third straight win for the pacific divisions third bottom same. badminton season ending finals are underway in the chinese city of going joe former world champions mohammed our son and hendrick sets here one we're up against two young pretenders from japan here yuki endo and utah watson are they came out on top partially thanks to watson our bodies diving save her the japanese winning twenty one for twenty one i mean against the indonesian pack. all right that's all us both
1:58 pm
now back to you peter paul thank you so much when we come back on the other side of this short break kamala's here with all the latest developments shenanigans coming to us out of ten downing street i will see you from.
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documentaries to open your eyes on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would that's what this job. i will contest that vote with everything i've got. but defiance and combative theresa may braces for a leadership challenge over her unpopular brags a deal. from joe harper when i'm home all santa maria and this is the world news from al-jazeera there is a nationwide hunt across from its for the gunman who killed at least two people at
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