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the weather sponsored by cats are always. coming our. my. life and never. bank. this is al jazeera. hello again i'm watching the news hour live from my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. i will contest that vote with everything i've got. defiant to resume a braces for a leadership challenge over unpopular deal. a nationwide hunt across france for the gunman who killed two people at
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a christmas market in strasbourg. chinese executive was granted bail in a case that trade tensions with the united states. and sport to try to raptors once again proved they are a big team to make the l.a. clipper think day before their showdown the reigning and champion. ok let's get going u.k. prime minister series i'm a remaining defiant today in the face of a vote of confidence in her leadership shuttled for six pm london time it was triggered by forty eight employees from her own party unhappy at her deal if she loses a contest would be held for another conservative party leader under simmons begins our coverage from london. to raise a may finally facing
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a vote of confidence not imposed by her parliamentary opposition but her own party and she intends to fight. i will contest that vote with everything i've got a change of leadership in the conservative party now will put our country's future at risk and create uncertainty when we can least afford it. a new leader wouldn't be in place by the twenty first of january legal deadline so a leadership election risks handing control of the bricks in negotiations to opposition m.p.'s in parliament what triggered the process was a threshold beyond fifteen percent of conservative party m.p.'s against the rules a quite straightforward the. if if at least fifteen percent of the parliamentary conservative party write letters to various trail to the right straight to committee then it is for me to inform and consult with the prime minister i did that over the telephone last night. and then to proceed with the
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ballots as soon as is reasonably practicable in the circumstances the prime minister time isn't on may side she has until wednesday evening before her fate is sealed and the rod hood really set in on monday when at the last minute may postpone the vote on the bricks that agreement with the e.u. on the basis that she knew it wouldn't have any chance of being successful in. the last ditch attempt was on tuesday to try to save the bracks a deal against the august first as she flew to meet the dutch prime minister. then on to berlin where she ended up locked in the back of her limousine before meeting the german chancellor then on to meet e.u. leaders in brussels but she made little progress and headed back to the u.k. to face the showdown she shayna she carlita fact really she doesn't listen to colleagues she doesn't listen for advice and she has a box herself into samy corners with her own necessary red lines and she was always
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going to disappoint people i'm sorry the moment has come to be honest about that and now we're seeing the results i stand ready to finish the job. it's been an extraordinary few days in british politics and the u.k. will find out on wednesday night if may can surprise her critics and survive the move against andrew symonds al-jazeera. london. well in the last series a may face question time in the british parliament mrs may push back against calls for another general election but she said it would not be in the national interest the opposition labor leader gerry corby demanded that mrs may let and penes vote on her deal. this is fake or the time for dancing and to live by this government is. the prime minister has negotiated good deal she's told us it's the best and only deal available there can be no more excuses no more running away put it before parliament and let's have the vote yes whatever happens with her conservative
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leadership vote today it is our chile irrelevant to the lives of people across our country. he should be honest with people about his position he couldn't care less about breaks is what he wants to do is bring down the government create uncertainty so division and crash are one of. the biggest threat to people and to this country isn't leaving the e.u. it's a corbin government. ok let's unpack this for you we have two correspondents covering the story in a moment we'll go live to dominick in brussels on the reaction from european leaders but first let's go to ninety barbara outside the commons in london so the team crystal ball time how do we think the math is going to stack up for her or against her. will it would be
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a brave person who went ahead with a strong prediction we're hearing from british media over one hundred fifty members of her conservative party members of the commons have said they were back her in the vote which is happening in about six hours time but whether or not that means that all of those members of parliament will do so is another matter of course some people think that it could be extremely close and many of her colleagues will not want to come out publicly and oppose her in that situation it really could be quite close of course sarma members of her conservative party notably the the european research group have said openly that they want the person at the top of their party to be a true brecht it is somebody who really believed in it somebody who voted to leave in twenty sixteen to reason may would counter that by saying that she has led to lead the process as best as she could over the last two years you heard her just
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then saying that she received a mandate doing everything she can to put off discussion of a people's vote of another referendum on her deal saying that the people's vote was what happened back in twenty. sixteen but also sticking to her guns and saying as jeremy corbyn was reminding us she has already all consistent consistently and is still saying that it's her deal or no deal breck's it so in some people's opinion trying to scare parliament into a backing her deal but that deal clearly has no strong support in the commons which was why she pulled the meaningful vote on monday now she's been around european capitals trying to get some reassurances at the very least have they happened she says there's been progress she had no detail detail to offer jeremy corbyn then pointed at her saying i take that as a no so all of this really adding to the impression that the government is in disarray the tory party tory party certainly split and it's anyone's guess what
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will happen in six hours time really and when she starts talking to the m.p.'s who will be casting a vote for her or against her as part of this vote of confidence or no confidence i should say i mean she will also say we can assume safely a look you know there are so many unknowns here if you get rid of me what happens to the backstop proposals what happens to our relationship with the s.n.p. played comrie the labor opposition parties that's the domestic picture what happens to bret's it because you would at least have to then probably whoever got her job if somebody else gets the job would have to go to the country to get a mandate and then that becomes a general election which is actually a referendum on again. that's right it certainly is a remarkable prospect it's of course the prospect of a general election one which the labor party would officially welcome all along vest stated like well at least since their conference a couple
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a few months ago stated preference has been for a general election and if they fail to get that then they'd entertain the idea of a referendum on the deal now of course some people are saying what when when is their time for all of this the deadline is march the twenty ninth twenty nineteen for the euro for the for the u.k. to leave the european union with or without a deal there are many variables the country could ask for article fifty to be extended it could as we've just found out from the european court of justice this week it could actually revoke article fifty and say hang on we've changed our minds as a nation they could ask for an extension of that transition period as well but really what's crucial is whether or not article fifty still stands if it does there is that hard deadline when do you get the time to start campaigning when does labor for example get the time to outline and that there are different factions within labor as well to outline what kind of what kind of breaks it deals it wants whether
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it would offer a new referendum and so on i think a lot of the public is getting very very concerned in not just the public but british businesses as well and all the while they're hearing from the other side in europe that it's not possible now to change that withdrawal agreements they might give some reassurances explanations and so on but for example on the backstop which so many in trees amaze party are unhappy about the backstop is only a backstop by nature because it will be permanent if it were limited in time that it wouldn't offer reassurances it wouldn't it wouldn't get around the problem of a hard border in the e.u. is opinion in northern ireland so. so many conundrums right now you can see why things are hard for to resume a but it's possible that in six hours time it will actually emerge that she stays on as the conservative party leader but definitely a damaged one if she is still
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a conservative party leader and therefore prime minister what nine o'clock ten o'clock your time tonight and then she goes to europe and then she comes back again with something anything she didn't seem to very much so far from her trip this time yesterday does that mean that she will then put a modified plan to a vote in the house of commons. or that's a crucial question she has her government has only offered. the details but that meaningful vote will happen by january when it legally has to lots of m.p.'s are saying hang on a minute. that's crazy we need a vote before the christmas recess which is next week jeremy corbett said would she guarantee that it would come back to the house of commons by then he did not get that reassurance so people really are wondering whether in fact to resume
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a strategy if she continues to head the government is to run down the clock until early in twenty nineteen so that there's no time to start picking things apart and present parliament with my deal or a no deal breck sort of prospect of no deal breck's it which which does worry a majority i would say of the members of parliament here so it's hard to know exactly what's going through trees amaze mind right now she says she will contest this vote with all of her strength she's sticking to her guns saying that it doesn't matter that she didn't vote to leave the e.u. she has taken that monday to on board she's listened to all sides and she's gone back to brussels and other european capitals as she keeps saying. pointing out these concerns telling them what needs to happen for that deal to to go through the house of commons but from the other side she's really not hearing anything positive she's got nothing so far although she says there's been progress in the last twenty
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four hours she's got nothing explicitly that she can show and we keep hearing again and again from her counterparts that there is neither the inclination all the time to change that withdrawal agreement nadim thank you very much donna cane joins us live here on the news hour from brussels don she seems to be putting a hope on getting well getting the votes she needs tonight london time so she's still then prime minister so then she can meet other european leaders tomorrow and then get something anything in the bag which she then takes back to the house of commons and then she's legally got to have a vote by january the twenty first the twenty second. well it's interesting isn't it the contrast between the splits and divisions that nadine was telling us about in london in parliament in her own party in a own cabinet contrast that with the unanimity of purpose that we've seen and heard about from e.u. leaders whether that's marketed in the hague from the dutch prime minister whether
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it's angle americal the german chancellor who met to reason me yesterday and who's today said she doesn't see there being any renegotiation of brings it no change in the situation these are the this deal after the summit this coming and indeed whether it's from donald tusk the president of the european council of ministers or president jiang called young president of the european commission the building behind me here remember that he spoke to european m.p.'s in strasbourg at the european parliament and said no chance of renegotiation perhaps with intelligent clarifications and interpretations we can find a way through this so she's if she comes here as prime minister what can she take from here there are those who say that european summits are renowned for the last minute agreement the last minute accords that can be reached at that sometimes they go past their deadlines in the diplomats turn off the clock so they can pretend that they're still in the same day and try and negotiate a negotiated deal but so far at least publicly there is absolutely no suggestion of
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that they're absolutely adamant that the deal that they believe they had negotiated in good faith with a reason may is the only deal in town so coming here if she comes here is prime minister she's confronted with that reality. and if she loses the vote of no confidence between six and eight london time tonight. are we into that weird situation where that makes a second referendum in the u.k. on brics it more likely not less likely but doesn't that have to be constituted and signed off by signed off on by all the other existing e.u. member countries. well the thing to say here is that we know as nadine was saying that the european court of justice has ruled that member states who invoke article fifty in other words the article of e.u. treaties that allow them unilaterally to withdraw from the european union in the
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e.c.g. has ruled that the same country can decide to revoke that and therefore unilaterally opt to remain in the e.u. so they could do that without a referendum but then there's the rail policy how likely is it that a country which has had a referendum to leave would then decide no no we're not going to leave we'll just stay and won't consult the people in so far as having another referendum is concerned the u.k. would not have to consult the e.u. about it given that e.c.g. ruling clearly all of this is not taking place in some intellectual vacuum it's taking place in the real politic in the real world where the e.u. countries look on at what's happening in the u.k. and wonder what exactly who which government they would be negotiating with bear in mind also that the irish government is so concerned about the prospect of a no deal briggs that they've been in conversation with the european commission about what help there could be for the irish economy if the u.k.
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falls out if it goes into what's called the w t o situation in other words no deal and therefore falling back on world trade organization trading rules so there are lots of questions being asked by lots of different people parliamentarians in the u.k. but also governments around the e.u. what might happen if there's no deal what might happen if truism a loses her job tonight and so far no answers everyone's waiting to see what will happen in the house of commons when the conservative party votes this evening questions than answers those bricks and dominic thanks very much ok let's take a closer look now at how the leadership vote will stack up all three hundred fifteen conservative party m.p.'s in the house of commons up. eligible to take partner mrs may needs a simple majority to win that means one hundred fifty eight votes if all m.p.'s take part if she does win she will remain in office and cannot be challenged for another twelve months if however she loses she'll have to resign and she cannot
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join the leadership race to replace herself if the vote to replace her if there are more than two contenders a secret vote will be held among conservative m.p.'s the two remaining contenders will then face a postal ballot of all conservative party members whoever takes charge if it comes to it of the party will become the next prime minister but they won't necessarily face a general election. policy analyst with local europe an online news service he joins us now live from london julia do you think she's means going to pull it off or not . i think that's right now it's looking like theresa may pull it off as we've reported we believe that we can believe that theresa may have the one hundred fifty of votes required to stay on the curious thing to note is that she seems to be bargaining with her career as prime minister by stepparents the state saying that's she will not stay on for the next elections well that's happened before hasn't a conservative prime minister john major one remembers it was back camille sacked
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me but if she wins the vote is that better for brics it therefore better for europe . i think overall tourism is possibly one of the only promises you could ideally see this frew simply just the fact that if you look at the way the party is structured right now there's too much division there are too many alternative groups trying to pull the party in every which way and like you replacements would likely candidates to replace through as mayor of light so george johnson michael and on that rob who would advocate some form of heartbreaks it or what's brussels like to cherry picking so you're concerned the fact that she started the bricks it campaign as a remainer but ended up as a brick sit prime minister who has to implement bracks if that's actually her us piece she's gone from one side to another just necessarily change her opinion but of course we'll never know what her opinion is. because she's approaching it from
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a very logical sense as a former home secretary now a prime minister you're saying that's a good thing. while not saying anything is a good thing when it comes to briggs it the main thing to remember is that there is a male while having been to remain a house for intense purposes pushed the party line of brakes it's as far as we could. the big issue that we have to look at now is ever not a she can bring her party back under control which is incredibly unlikely and b. if she can somehow get the concessions that her party are looking for that would get them to vote for the voters of course as we all know your opinion on likely to negotiate or renegotiate a deal anymore and they have only offered to explain in this sort of spell out what exactly things like the backstop mean ok about the backstop that's what it's all boiling down to there are people who are saying the backstop isn't really an issue it's a construct it can be dealt at some point down the line she got nothing in europe
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yesterday assuming she's still prime minister come ten o'clock tonight your time and she meets other european leaders in brussels tomorrow what can she gets what can she bring back to the house of commons later on this week and then sell it to get her deal on bricks and through the vote in the house of commons which she must by the middle of january. well the big issue is that the backstop which is the key sticking point for many conservative m.p.'s is primarily a british inventions so the europeans don't like kids micro merkel and. barney don't like it but it's sort of a necessary evil and the big confusion that i've been hearing has been this has been president britain britain want to do this and the big issue is purely just britain doesn't now that they've gotten it into a broad agreement seems to have decided that it would like to get rid of it because
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it's too restrictive or because the fact that it's in quotation marks devising a year for the united kingdom but some of the concessions i don't think mrs may will find many and i think you'll find sympathetic is in brussels however sympathetic ears do not go very far. ok we'll leave it there jim you know it's in london thank you very much. wrapping up some other top stories for you french prosecutors have named the suspect gunman accused of killing at least two people at a christmas market in strasbourg police say he was injured after fleeing the scene on tuesday nights smith is there police cordoned off the area around strasbourg christmas market after the shooting. while medical workers evacuated victims. witnesses describe scenes of panic and chaos. i heard several shots and thought
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maybe it's firecrackers or saw a lot of people running the skid crying kids and all and then when i saw people crying in the crowd leaving they said it was a shooting right next door the. city official said the gunman went on a shooting spree just before eight o'clock in the evening local time before fleeing as police search for him city officials urged people to stay indoors. france's president emanuel macron held a crisis meeting in paris later tweeting the whole nation stands in solidarity with strasbourg our victims and their families the french interior minister who had rushed to strasbourg said the gunman was known to police and war is no that's at seven fifty pm a man killed three people and wounded many others soldiers used their weapons he was confronted twice by forces the hunt continues he's well known
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to the police three hundred fifty people are mobilized to find him. the french government has placed the country on a heightened state of alert. and berner joins us live now from strasbourg so burn it this is a cross border multi agency investigation. peter yes there is a concern that the gunman may have already crossed the border from france into germany and it's something that the interior minister admitted earlier on today there is a large church at least six hundred soldiers military and border enforcement officials involved in the search meanwhile here in strasburg where you can see behind me this is one of the christmas markets that they have across the city center this ordinarily at this time of the day would be packed with all the christmas stalls are closed and many of the shops around the city center a closed as well and while the police have lifted some of the cordons that were in place around strasbourg city center of course many people are still scared off by
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those terrifying events last night peter. and is that one of the worries as far as the police are concerned bernadotte mean prison we not thinking is going to happen again but you know christmas market in that part of europe at this time of year such a soft target. yeah i mean and in fact the gunman name by the police is twenty nine year old sharif sharif checkout he had been identified as somebody on a on a list of people who might. carry out some sort of attack like this and there were patrols throughout the city center as there are in christmas markets all over france to try and be alert to potential attacks like this the paris prosecutor who's taken over the investigation into this case remi heights this is what he had to said about what's going on so far in the investigation. if the in the event
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sharif's he was born on february fourteenth one thousand nine hundred nine in straws he is well known to police in the judiciary mainly for offenses such as robbery and violence his criminal record contains twenty seven convictions in france germany and switzerland he's been jailed many times and was known by president already as for his radicalization work and his efforts to convert others while in detention in two thousand and fifteen he was also known to police for his radicalization and he was put on a watch list and placed under surveillance. now while the police say they cannot say the most of the definitively that there was a terrorist motive behind this attack sharif was on the list of some twenty six thousand people in france who the all forty's considered a risk to the security of the french state peace and then a thanks very much u.s. president donald trump says he's willing to intervene in the case of extradition against top chinese executive if it helps avoid worsening relations with china
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eleven days after her arrest in canada joe huawei technologies agreed to a bail bond of more than seven million dollars jill says the reins of her passport and is wearing an electronic tag she faces extradition to the u.s. where she's accused of violating sanctions on iran china's foreign ministry is welcoming any intervention to release ms monk. in the group or any person especially a leader of the united states or a high level figure who is willing to make a positive effort to push the situation towards the right direction then of course deserves to be well received well one man one job being arrested was a mistake from the start we have already made our position clear to united states and canada who should immediately correct their mistake and release one joe. turkey says it will begin a military operation east of the euphrates in syria targeting what it calls rebel groups the turkish president made the announcement of the presidential palace a large part of northeast syria on turkey's southern border is under the control of
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the y p g kurdish rebel group ankara's labeled them a terrorist organization saying the y p g have connections to groups in turkey that are pushing for independence the us has provided arms to the y p g in the past for us in those rigid turf we have said and we are saying again that we will start the operation to clear the east of the euphrates from separatist areas in a couple of days our target is never u.s. soldiers are targets separatist terrorists who are active in the region. ok time to weather his rubber old get a bit windy over there it did on twenty knots an event but this is the zombies are now going be zombies come back to life here oh i think it's going to affect the strategy that is already so another one thousand solomon says it'll group thunderstorms formed into something like a tropical soccer walnut around the coral sea did a bit of a we go came across the funnels of queens and is now sitting in the gulf of
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carpentaria so that's its history and that's what about two weeks worth of it well it has not finished yet as it went across port douglas which this is daintree national park just in queensland north queensland see amount of rain that fell when it was just you know a baby tropical thing not particularly when these little rain and you can see it's bloomed little baby son still with a big size i know but they're real circulation since so it's injected a lot of moisture into the area but it's now officially a tropical slackness given the name of it all along it's creating waves of forming it isn't potential for rain is up to half a metre in the next two days more typically about two hundred fifty millimeters is constant i'd likely as a category three. internationally but a category one hurricane equivalent so it's quite it's a major storm it has got some movement in the next two days because across the gulf of carpentaria then beyond that it goes down through queens and heading towards bruce been given the strength it might to take in the next two days that makes it
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a pretty dangerous storm we will watch it peter. rob thanks very much still to come here on the news a u.s. senator has put pressure on trump to end support for the war in yemen will be live in washington and it is exactly a year since two reuters journalists were detained in myanmar and activists around the world are calling for their release plus in the sports italian teams have a bad night in the champions league as the group stage comes to an end. where the online are you looking at wildlife and how the solutions come together to benefit all parties and that's where we're going to. join us on sat if you could take me around the content would you please you don't have to set up your experiment and for your experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually write several interesting point there that our community members are going to join the global conversation on how to.
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use as a franks. will continue on into the night but into the next week with details coverage of criticism of capitalist economics two zero eight fifty six billion dollars i am asked to argentina from around the world these are the victims of one of the world's most forgotten conflicts and without agent help they could become a lost generation. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha. your
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headline the u.k. prime minister to resign may says she. contest a leadership challenge against her with everything she's got mrs mayor's insisting the challenge for more than forty aides of her own m.p.'s risks derailing the bricks of process. french prosecutors have named the suspected gunman accused of killing at least two people that a christmas market in strasbourg the twenty nine year old known as shareef c. was convicted twenty seven times in three different countries police say the suspect was injured after fleeing the scene on tuesday night. donald trump says he's willing to intervene in the case of extradition against a top chinese executive to avoid worsening relations with china mong one job of the chinese telecoms giant way has been freed on bail in canada just wanted in the u.s. violating sanctions on iraq. let's get more on our top story the political turmoil in the u.k. in the aftermath of breck's it because of bricks that people who voted for both leave and remain are growing increasingly frustrated barkha as more. it is
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a time of great up here of all for britain the people of canton southeast england voted overwhelmingly to leave the e.u. many here hope brags it would be the dawn of a new era but they remain in limbo everyone is just disgusted with the government at the moment so i think that's the biggest there because there's no answers as to yet i think a lot of people are a vote for. wouldn't if i knew it was going to break this fast it's turning into a bit of a circus where your message for the promise of. go it to and you've had your time said. behind the scenes the local council is preparing for the worst. this document a contingency plan to avoid being potentially crippled by the effects of brecht's it in the event of a no deal there's likely to be major disruptions to border and customs arrangements
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causing huge disruptions across kent and beyond. percent ninety percent of all the roll on roll off ferries and trains come out of kent so if there is disruption the impact on the current economy is really severe with the roads getting blocked unplugged by having to hold and park twelve thousand lorries at any one time in two thousand and fifteen a strike by french ferry workers lead to kilometers of congestion the report warns that breaks it could lead to an even worse situation affecting not just the delivery of goods but also the collection of rubbish children going to school the registration of births and deaths and even the transfer of bodies to mortuaries some of the plans on paper already being realised the government spent seven million dollars keeping this disused airport available as a potential lorry park for thousands of stranded drivers. this is the nearby port of ramsgate serving mainly pleasure craft in the occasional freighter it's been
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earmarked as a possible over spill for the major cross-channel ferry port of dover in order to keep the county and the country moving these plans need to be watertight historically the county of kens made its fortune by trading with europe and the rest of the world by keeping its doors open in more recent years the county forged even deeper time with the european union through the euro tunnel trade and travel depends of course upon the. post brags that there are absolutely no guarantees at all about what could be on the horizon next. barca al-jazeera ramsgate kent. donald trump has reiterated his support to the crown prince and says mohammed bin some man is quote very strongly in power the cia director general has full is used to brief leaders of the house of representatives in a few hours time about the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi u.s.
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senators are set to vote on a new resolution to end american involvement in the saudi and u.a.e. led war in yemen a similar vote was struck last march after donald trump for strong support during a visit by the saudi crown prince can really help that joins us live here on the news from washington kimberly what can we expect today. well we can expect that the senate will press forward after its own hearing last week with gina haskell where the senators came out very vocal and strong saying in fact that they believe the cia's assessment that the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon ordered the killing of journalists. that is very different though the conclusion of the u.s. president donald trump and as a result we're seeing in the senate the first vote in the first effort really to try and we're buke the president and to shift the relationship between the united states and saudi arabia this is a going to be a long process but this is seen as the incremental first step legislation to invoke
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the nine hundred seventy three war powers act what this would do would be to end and withdraw the u.s. support for the saudi led conflict in yemen which has made members of congress very uncomfortable for some time but that discomfort escalated after the death of jim so we'll see a series of procedural votes but ultimately this is the measure that will be voted on in the senate it is largely symbolic but again seen as an important first step what does this mean for the administration and its relationship with. well it's becoming increasingly isolated in terms of its view we know that donald trump has put its foundation for middle east policy on the relationship with saudi arabia in order to confront iran and that is what is making this so difficult the facts are getting in the way of that strategy and so what you see is a u.s.
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congress now checking the power of the executive branch or the white house but the white house is certainly fighting this effort we've seen members of the state department including the secretary of state going out publicly saying that this is sending the wrong message at the wrong time that this would empower iran still this is concrete action a first step toward. ultimately changing the relationship between the united states and saudi arabia that's been in place for decades kimberly thanks very much. well jamal khashoggi is murder it does appear to have put one of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon's projects in doubt mohammed and so man has reportedly suggested that foreign investors won't invest in a five hundred billion dollars development of the so-called neeleman city and to the rival is the financial times senior energy correspondent she joins us live from london and she rather welcome to the news is he completely pulling the plug on this or just putting it on the back burner. well the what we seem to have heard from our
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sources is that you know he's essentially laying the groundwork for saying look this is not going to happen anytime soon we were a lot of these projects these kind of big. announcements in saudi if they are going to cancel them they never quite say they're canceling them they just say that things are going to move along slowly in fact we're just going to sort of shelve these projects and it seems like that's what's happening here i would say they're completely just canceling it but it does look that way was it completely his pet project or was the entire country behind it. so remember the big neon project was one of the landmark announcements that was made a big investment conference last year and since then there have been a few of these big mega projects and they're there to sort of signify what the new saudi arabia could look like they're all part of this vision twenty thirty economic
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reform program that might have been sound man has set in motion. but it's one of these things that was very much linked to the crown prince whether obviously most people in saudi arabia would would have to say yes of course we are behind each one of them but there are lots of people domestically and definitely a lot of foreign investors that are already wary about. the scale and the scale of these projects but also how feasible they were well before the affair even happened does this mean that they're having to be a little bit careful with money given what's going on with the oil price given what's going on with opec you know where i'm sitting has said we are pulling people are focusing in on the future travel direction of the oil petroleum producing countries or is it just that the crown prince himself is still pretty toxic so investors might just want a sense of distance between themselves and him. so there are
4:41 pm
a few things going on i think one question is is saudi arabia able to attract the kind of foreign investment it believes it needs to fuel this vision twenty thirty reform program and as of right now we've already seen signs of concerns that they might not be able to attract these kinds of funds and so what that means is that the kingdom would have to rely more on its traditional economy this is its oil prowess which is why opec policy and the kingdom starts regarding its oil revenues is in focus again saudi arabia will need higher oil prices to fund. social and economic programs ready ongoing as well as stuff to come in the future which is why as as he said you know opec together with its allies such as russia agreed last week to cut production and this is with a view to keep oil prices as elevated as possible there was also talk maybe it
4:42 pm
started a year ago but it stopped about maybe three months ago of the saudis deliberately turning cattle into an oil and there was talk of them building a massive massive go to tourists resort on what would have become a canal a big canal separating from saudi arabia and there was also talk of a nuclear power plant being built someplace along the water border does that mean that those three things have now gone away as well. i mean the story that we end up writing about near him is a little bit separate to the kind of the politics between qatar and its neighbors obviously the relationship is incredibly volatile and it's true extremely antagonistic how that plays out it's anyone's guess i think qatar leaving opec was just another sign of just how bad things are the fact that a member of the card has been in place for almost sixty years has decided to leave
4:43 pm
. if anything of course it was a massive political jab at saudi arabia how how those things are linked to ceylon clear but what we're seeing is that people are asking these questions you know how does the the economic vision of saudi arabia fare from now on how is this linked to the regional politics is what is the international politics whether it be saudi arabia's relationship with cats off whether it be saudi arabia's relationship with the u.s. and it's all becoming more internet than ever before. with t.f.c. there in london thank you very much. to reuters journalists among those named time magazine's person of the year were arrested in myanmar exactly a year ago calls for their release are growing louder on this the first anniversary . chore so who were investigating reports of a massacre of villages when they were arrested florence louis has the story. chits to win is bringing up her three year old daughter without her husband journalist charles so one of two reuters reporters imprisoned in myanmar having met
4:44 pm
all cleared up our daughter started to ask why doesn't that he love us why isn't he living with us so i tell her he loved the phone much that's why he's working at the prison it was quietly while lone is also in jail and missed his wife giving birth to their child so i miss him there are just a lot of things i miss about him all the time and everywhere both reporters were arrested last december they were sentenced in september to seven years for possessing secret state documents the journalists were investigating reports of a massacre of revenge of alleges by security forces in northern uganda while owen and torso who say they were set up by the police who handed the documents to them moments before their arrest caused an international outcry on the first anniversary of their jailing colleagues are intensifying calls for their release the fact that
4:45 pm
they remain in prison for a crime they did not commit calls into question meanwhile as commitment to democracy freedom of expression and rule of law every day they continue to be behind bars is a missed opportunity for me and maher to stand up for justice social media users have post itself with the thumbs up sign that was the signature pose of the reporters each time they appeared in court but the hash tag free wallow in charleston. and hong kong journalists held a solidarity rally human rights advocates say a free press is more important now than ever the turn of the in the not speaking out doubt they're not recognizing the value of breath white. silence and white. at the moment untenable if we are to our press freedom the. authors were arrested months after the military launched a crackdown in rakhine state that cost around three quarters of
4:46 pm
a million ranger to seek safety in neighboring bangladesh a u.n. fact finding mission concluded that the soldiers had acted with what was described as genocidal intent against the revenger committing mass killings and gang rape and the un has called for the prosecution of army commanders florence louis. the gunman who opened fire in a cathedral in brazil killing at least four people the forty nine year old gunman killed himself after being wounded by the police in the southeastern city of company us he has no criminal record and his motive is unclear. breakfast owners in cuba have something to celebrate so too do privately run restaurants communist leaders of back tracked on imposing new restrictions on private enterprise in america it is a human. the owner of this have an apartment rents rooms to tourists just when new and highly unpopular restrictions on cuba's fledgling private sector were about to go into effect last week authorities surprised everyone. could have been
4:47 pm
families from having more than one license but now they've lifted the limit so that for example we can also sell handicrafts or food. in another unusual response to public pressure plans to limit private restaurants to only fifty chairs also scrapped. thirteen percent of the workforce has moved over to the private sector many of them professionals have abandoned their jobs in state run into prizes like mechanical engineering. a lot of you know what i would have preferred to and haw for a quarter of what i am here is just to stay in my profession which i love but i couldn't even a fraction of the. family working for the state to move the dominant state sector is struggling to keep employees which may help explain attempts to limit small privately run businesses they're very. specific in which people
4:48 pm
will start their own businesses mean that. in every area in any area of the economy in every sector. new demands and restrictions have been placed even on private taxis despite the huge shortage of public transportation unlike vietnam and china the communist party here still use the private sector with suspicion for many reasons including ideological social and geo political government and are afraid that a growing increasingly sophisticated private sector. well i hope the advanced and u.s. governments climbing is that agenda here in fact both president barack obama and now president donald trump have repeatedly said that they want to help and encourage the private sector because as an engineer political change here but the decision to backtrack on plans to reduce the private sector even further seems to be recognition that like it or not. the consummate needs it you're seeing human
4:49 pm
i'll just have. still to come here on the new song in sports a twenty first korea cricket one of these all time great stars here with us story when we come back.
4:50 pm
thank you so much news historic peter thank you so much jim guests who were sexually abused by former united states team dr larry nasr say there is still a toxic culture surrounding their sport an independent report found that the u.s.
4:51 pm
olympic committee hadn't done enough to protect young athletes earlier this year nasser was given a jail term of more than three hundred years for molesting jim this report concluded that while nasir bore ultimate responsibility for his actions numerous institutions and individuals enabled his views and failed to stop him. favored presented with the choice of stopping abusive practices that led to the worst serial pedophile in recorded sports history and the choice of moving towards healthier coaches and they have consistently chosen to uphold and maintain and defend the abusive atmosphere that they created. and also cases the biggest abuse scandal in sports history has victims include some of the world's most famous female athletes including four time olympic champion small bottles the report concluded that inaction from u.s. gymnastics and the u.s. olympic committee allowed nasser to carry on abusing athletes for more than a year even after the first allegations surfaced u.s.
4:52 pm
olympic bosses say reforms have been made and on monday it's had a sports performance alan ashley was fired in the wake of this new information they've got an army of attorneys doing everything they can to shut these women up and shut their cases down so do i fear for people safety don't have proper supervision outside of your city gymnastics yes or i do. the future of the cycling team that's won six of the last seven tour de france titles as and team sky sponsor has said it will withdraw financial backing at the end of next year cash from raw casting company sky has helped power chris froome to six grand tour victories this year o.-port by u.k. parliamentary committee said the team had crossed the ethical line over its use of medical exemption for banned drugs liverpool did just about enough to progress into the knockout rounds of the european champions league last season's finalists be to napoli to book their spots in the last sixteen english premier league leaders one
4:53 pm
one nil at anfield lomond solid getting the goal the result sees napoli crash at liverpool and p.s.g. progress from can see. i'm still full of adrenaline i could fill in bottles bottles again so this game was just amazing of us and outstanding unbelievable. the boys played. their whole heart on the pitch i'm not to have the right saying but it's just that they were with each part of their body they were in the game and your lands elimination compound in a bad night for italian football they could only manage a draw with p.s.v. eindhoven which sees them finish third in group b. behind top them and barcelona brazilians a bit upset that agrees to this we have to accept the result the team played a decent match it was not so outrageous but we could have done better however this was the result at a level madrid and russia dortmund were already through to the knockout rounds from
4:54 pm
group a.p.'s she beat red star belgrade four one that result sees the french champions go through as group c. winners ahead of liverpool porto and shaka are into the last sixteen from group d. gala taseer i will drop into the europa league. schechter join yes and we all go head to head for a place in the knockout rounds later on wednesday the match has been moved to kyo because of tensions with russia in the east of ukraine it kicks off at the home of shakhtar checked hours domestic rivals dynamo kiev who have loaned out their stadium and asked their own fans to support the team from the east north you've got to. evolve the fact that we are playing in our rival stadium and the fact that the president of this club has asked their finest support shocked our is something to admire this is an example of how great the people of ukraine are at a time when we are talking about martial law and wars to share the stadium shows that in ukraine football is a space of freedom this is an opportunity to show how great this country is i am
4:55 pm
really amazed and i really want to see that here in ukraine we are giving an example to the world an example of freedom and an example of respect a team wellington of new zealand are getting ready to make their debut in the club world cup champions play from host nation the united arab emirates and a playoff round later this wednesday were played of argentina and title holders round the trade will enter the tournament at the semifinal stage we the underdogs coming into this and i think for us that is actually quite a good thing. you know as he said more of the pressures on them before me and you know it's allows us to really express ourselves you know be free in and what we do on the pitch vietnam will take a slight advantage into the second leg of the south east asian championship final vietnam scored two way goals in the first leg of this title decider in malaysia vietnam or in the finals for the first time in ten years twenty ten champions way
4:56 pm
should did recover to ensure the game finished an eighty two draw the return like will take place in hanoi on saturday. all the best team in the n.b.a. so far this season the toronto raptors will face the reigning champion golden state warriors on wednesday trauma warmed up for that game with a convincing win over the l.a. clippers the raptors were without star forward he was reportedly wanted by l.a. on three agency next year toronto didn't seem to need him as much as the clippers might falling to a one hundred and twenty three to ninety nine loss on home court at the staples center their biggest defeat of the season serge ibaka twenty five points late in the raptors to their twenty second when will face golden state later in oakland. san antonio spurs ruud brigade was the center of action as the texans dominated the phoenix suns blocking josh jackson and then getting the points at the other end the suns and never came close to leading this game marcus aldridge with eighteen points
4:57 pm
in twenty five minutes for the spurs terrible season for phoenix they've won just or and lost twenty four times one hundred and eleven to eighty six the twenty fourteen champions edging back towards playoffs and the question for us. watching the couple star alex of action has scored his first hat trick of the n.h.l. season he got the trip once the capitals took apart the detroit red wings six two one choose day the russian was already the league's top goalscorer before the game now stretches his tally to twenty five in thirty games this was the twenty first hat trick of his career although columbus we jackets are having a rough patch in what's been a pretty good season the metropolitan division second best team have slipped to a second straight loss they were beaten by the vancouver canucks three two it's a third straight win for them. and that tell you sport for more later back to you peter for a very much when we come back live from london. bridge the aftermath continues
4:58 pm
with recently. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of the lives. of the stories . providing a glimpse into someone else's wild. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. with nice documentaries to open your eyes. on al-jazeera. and under ported world on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their
4:59 pm
days looking for deformed dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war.
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al jazeera. you ran for your. i will contest that photo with everything i've got defiant and combative to resume a braces for a leadership challenge over her unpopular brick city. hello again i'm peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here and also coming up a nationwide homes across france for the gunman who killed at least two people at a christmas market in strasbourg. free for now a chinese executor.


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