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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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that we can look at to agreement signed serious effort has been taken firstly the release of prisoners and those that have been forcibly abducted and the other agreement is they had a good agreement but these are virtual agreements we are assuming that the other party will withdraw and will release the prisoners and then we have a lot we are ready to implement the peace agreement and give the u.n. a logistic role in running sana airport and who data port but we need more guarantees because the other side keeps sabotaging everything we didn't get anything major in sweden but there were some good developments there is no military solution in yemen and still we can reach an agreement if the other side agrees to a political solution the un special envoy martin griffiths who led the negotiations will now brief the un security council on friday here in new york diplomats are pleased the agreement is seen at the high end of their expectations i think it's a breakthrough. and
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a good first step because now the commitment we've seen is start from shows that there is a genuine commitment i think both sides realize that this war as is bringing nothing and going nowhere except for a huge you're going to turn suffering so i think this is beneath usually important agreement there's still a long and potentially difficult road ahead diplomats from the u.n. security council to be meeting discussing the possibility of a resolution next week to endorse the measures that were taken in stockholm the difficult bit though is the last thing political deal for yemen and that is something they still have to come up with james buys out his era at the united nations let's take you back to the senate where a vote is expected any minute now on a resolution to end u.s. support for the sound erotic our nation and yemen let's bring back in rose rosen jordan has been following this for us. not long now before we get the results as i understand it. not long now where a less than
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a minute away from the final vote they will confirm how the senators have decided to vote on this resolution and then they will announce it as whether it has passed or whether it has failed there's been a lot of vigorous debate on whether this measure which does invoke the one nine hundred seventy three war powers act is actually a responsible way of trying to hold the saudi government accountable for its conduct in the civil war in yemen and whether the resolution goes too far by telling the executive branch in this case the white house and by extension the department of defense what kind of support it should be giving to the saudi coalition but then again there's also the very the very real question which has been a really boiling under the radar debate for much of this year whether the u.s. has been enabling the suffering of yemeni civilians we have seen the video and the
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photographs of starving children the vote is coming down to the last five seconds we have seen the carnage of the villages and the cities around yemen that have been destroyed in the fighting between the saudi led coalition which has been supporting the guy government in exile and who the rebels who have been supported by iran. rebels who want to take control of the country for themselves this civil war has been quite deadly it's also led to a massive starvation crisis cholera has broken out there have been incidences of polio in the last year and a half a very very devastating situation and you have had members of congress law in questioning whether even the idea that the u.s. it might be providing intelligence in guidance to the saudi led coalition whether that kind of indirect support might end up harming the yemeni civilian so this is
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very much. real pushback from the u.s. congress on a president's foreign policy initiative of course it doesn't hurt to remind people that really things really set off in the last couple of months after the murder of jamal see the journalist who was writing for the washington post who had moved to the united states because he feared for his safety if he stayed in his native saudi arabia and this real sense that just because someone was questioning the way a government perform did not mean that he should have been targeted and then killed so this is really become a signal moment for the u.s. congress in trying to raise these issues and trying to communicate not just to the white house but to the international community that there will be accountability there will be scrutiny about how these sorts of behaviors are carried out and just
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coming through on the was here that that resolution has been approved on the ending of us rich a moment in saudi arabia and they said it would not diminish the action in yemen and the voting then continues. you've got confirmation of that that. not yet and they're trying to get the final count i mean just on the on the the other issue that was. being discussed by the by senators sort of separately outside of the house and the issue that one of the they in the specific foreign relations committee chairman was going to introduce legislation holding the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man responsible for that matter. where where does that stand and i mean is that something that they're going to vote on or not. well they're not going to vote on it right away he heads bob corker who is the foreign affairs chairperson has
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just introduced this resolution in the past hour it does hold home in solemn on the saudi crown prince responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi it calls into question and i'm paraphrasing here what it calls of the saudi government's reckless foreign policy initiatives you know it makes no to the fact that there have been. a number of issues since mohammed bin solomon became the crown prince matter such as the detention of the lebanese president mr hariri the detention of members of the saudi royal court extensively on corruption charges the arrest and detention of political activists journalists women taping for equal rights ongoing conduct of the war in yemen the ongoing conduct of the saudi government in any number of realms criticism of that is in this resolution but it also does include
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in order to try to get more support for more conservative members of the senate a criticism of iran's support for who the rebels in yemen because it can be argued that it was these who staged a coup and basically helped plunge yemen into nearly two years if not more of a. devastating civil war so this measure was just introduced as i said in the last couple of hours it has to be circulated among the full members of the senate we don't know yet when they're going to actually have a chance to discuss it whether they'll do it through the committee process or whether they're going to fast track it and have all of the debates on the senate floor but this is another way of trying to again show disapproval for what the saudi government has been doing and for what the trumpet ministration has been doing by not putting more pressure on riyadh to change its ways. for the time being thank you very much indeed and i speak now to yemen analyst and georgetown
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university visiting fellow of him down he joins me now from washington d.c. and as i understand it this element of the vote has pasta to the u.s. mint chain volman to in saudi arabia but as we've been talking about this this is only really a resolution that affects the senate and it can't go any further so how significant you think it is in the end. well it's not just symbolic this is the legislation that's going to become law and that's the importance of that is you know there was an amendment that was added by senators young and shaheen that stated that all kind of u.s. refueling has to stop and so if all of these things are passed they then become law so it's not just a symbolic message it's a clear message and so in that sense it's not just a message to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. it is a message to say that the american people have reached out to their senators saying
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that they do not want to be part of this war and they do not want to be responsible for human life and human suffering in yemen so this is what this resolution is about and the fact that we're coming back to it now this was introduced originally in march two thousand and thirteen and now it's back on the senate floor so which means that it is not going to go away such a drop you would just look at the numbers in fifty eight voted in favor and forty one against what your interpretation of the scale of that. well obviously it's a lot more than before so the first time in march they were missing only three votes so now you know on the votes that you need to pass this is fifty one and so now you don't just have fifty one you have seven more votes that were added that means ten more senators have now looked at yemen's case and said that they do not think that the u.s. should be involved in this conflict and i think you know besides what the administration is doing besides what president trump is saying this is a message from senators that represent the people you know this is this is what
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they're saying to the president is that you know the u.s. involvement in this war should and should not continue and so this is you know this is where we need to focus we need to look at yemen and we don't need to just look at you know i've heard you talk about. g. and what happened to him and it's not about time out of this is about the eighty five. thousand yemeni children who've been dying it's about color it's about the disease there and it's about the fact that this war continues over and over again without end in sight and so just as this is happening you have huge pressure on the yemeni government and on the hoof these to come to some sort of peace in sweden and we just had the first meeting there so this coupled with the sweden talks means that the world is ready to see peace in yemen no matter what other people think there is enough international pressure on all sides including the american president that it's it's time for this war to end so you know you mentioned the
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process in yemen and actually for the first time in ages actually very promising today hasn't it how much difference. the events in the u.s. senate have made to that persons do you think it's had a kind of an effect to try and encourage people to come to an agreement in sweden i think the fact that it was happening before and then it kind of went away in march and then it came back again is just a reminder that it's time for those parties to wrap it up themselves before it becomes too late it's kind of a mechanism to give them to say face and to come forward and find peace on their own because otherwise there will be pressure from the world to kind of and this conflict and you know talking about the resolution in the senate while we know that for instance speaker ryan may not allow it to come to the house we do know that at the start of the next year the speaker of the house will be from the democratic
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party which means that there is a chance for it to go and be voted on in january two thousand and nineteen which is just a month away which means again yemen will be revisited not just in the senate but also in the house. just stay with us just for a second i was going to check whether we can listen in. to the. what the distinguished chairman of the foreign relations committee is trying to do here at the core of it is the critical element and i'm going to be supportive because of this one singular state under the resolve clause by the senate and the house of representatives at the senate believes crown prince mohammed bin solomon is responsible for the murder of jamal a show that regardless of all of my other concerns about language is the central essence of what the chairman is going to do i think it's incredibly important for the senate to speak on that issue and hopefully speak with one voice so with that i
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will withdraw my objection. to the senator from virginia reserving the right to object and i will not object but i stand to support this jamal khashoggi was a virginia resident his children are american citizens and virginia residents and it is important for the senate to speak on this matter i would withdraw any objection. his objection to proceeding to the measure without objection i ask unanimous consent that the joint resolution be considered and read a third time. without objection. i know of no further debate on the resolution. there's do further to. the questions on the passage of the joint resolution all in favor say aye.
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as appear to have those do have a joint resolutions passed. as president right. and then so let's bring in. now i think this was the the resolution. i think we've still got so we're going to just clarify that but we think that she was the resolution by. the senate foreign relations committee chairman which would then hold the senate when crown prince madrid sound on responsible for the murder of gee what's your reaction to that going through. i mean it's not surprising you see a harsh reaction in the united states a lot of the senators who did not pay attention previously to yemen are now paying attention to what's happening in yemen in a sense the death of. me and has you know assassination in turkey has kind of changed the equation for yemen because it allowed
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a lot more senators to pay attention to what's happening there you know it's not just that saudi arabia is waging war in yemen it's not just that they are doing many other things they are now kind of the way that they attacked in turkey kind of put the spotlight on them in an unfriendly way of course we know that the u.s. has been allies with saudi arabia for about seventy years and they don't want to sever these ties but at the same time many senators in the united states have felt that we need to send a clear message to saudi arabia that they do not. turn a blind eye to violations of human rights and they do not turn a blind eye to behavior that comes across as irresponsible and destabilizing of the region and so i guess for senator bob menendez this is definitely a. while for other people including senator bernie sanders senator murphy
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and and senator. lee who introduced this bipartisan bill bill before it was about the yemen war thank you very much indeed. for your thoughts this bring back in roseland jordan rose how much difference willis vote mean make two to two u.s. policy on saudi arabia. well it basically just toughened because now you have two resolutions in the space of just a few minutes after a rather contentious few weeks here on capitol hill both saying that things need to change i'm taking a look at the resolution that was introduced by senator bob corker earlier on thursday afternoon the first stop point did note that. according to this resolution the senate believes and i'm quoting here that crown prince mohammed bin sol man is responsible for the murder of jamal it makes no to the fact that the u.s.
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government has already sanctioned seventeen saudi nationals for their roles in mr death and then goes on to talk about calling on the saudi government to release political prisoners including right by dolly including the women who have been agitating for increased civil rights and equality for women in saudi arabia warns that the government of increasing purchases of military equipment from russia and china is challenging the strength and integrity of the long standing military to military relationship between the u.s. and washington and riyadh and that could jeopardize the long term alliance this resolution also as i noted earlier iraq criticizes iran's support of who the rebels in the yemeni civil war and it also was strongly endorse is the ongoing u.n. efforts to walk try to broker a lasting peace between all the parties in the yemeni civil war we've already heard
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about the agreement for a ceasefire this goes further and pushes for an end to that civil war and it does underscore the need of the u.s. to stop providing military support for ra the saudi led coalition in the yemeni civil war so it's a rather global resolution but again it's significant that senators from both parties feel. that it is important to was show the international community that they are aware of what's going on that they don't like what's going on and that there have to be represents if conditions and behaviors don't change and so rose just to remind viewers who may have just joined us last few minutes what happens next i mean that this both of these resolutions which have now been passed as i understand it for which i met earlier don't necessarily go back to the house of representatives now because of a technicality that you talked about idea where does that leave it and. well this resolution that we just talked about the one that was introduced by senator corker
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and five other co-sponsors that has not yet been dealt with in the house and because it doesn't involve the war powers act it may be easier to get people from both parties in the house to actually vote for this resolution the one that was just passed fifty six to forty one a few minutes ago the one calling for the u.s. to stop all military support for the saudi coalition in the yemeni civil war basically they're going to have to go back to the drawing board because the house rejected a similar version of that measure on wednesday so that one they can go ahead and keep moving on the other one they're going to have to start over russia in jordan thank you very much indeed and just. while we've been talking to some men live for developments in strasburg which is where we as you remember there was a shooting
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a couple of days ago at a christmas market and a suspect sherry shakeout to twenty nine year old was on the run has been on the run for a couple of days now and there's a police operation in the center of strasburg and we have got ben smith on the line now so ben and some shit shots fired and so interest to us what's going on there. lauren well we understand from police sources talking to french media that sharif cast has been killed in a confrontation with french police it's understood that the french police fired in response to shots that came out of them from sharif chicago so they had wanted to try and take him alive but it seems that he has been shot in an area not actually in noida or on the edge of strasbourg not far from where we understand he was dropped off by a taxi driver and she's not going to escape the scene of the shooting armstrongs school so this is just a we've just arrived at the scene now and then we can see the police operations
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ongoing at the moment but the most significant news for your loss i say is that sharif a cat after. arrest since tuesday night has now been killed in a shootout with police in strasbourg along and to this. case wouldn't because it with the shakeout they had actually as i understand it raided his house in the morning before he carried out the attack on the christmas market if anything people dead. other any kind of questions about. you know how they conducted their operations and what kind of level of. investigation he was on the well the he was he the attack he carried out on the choose not was asked on the morning all day his property was raided by police who wanted to wanted to question him in connection with an attempted murder in the summer of chicago has a long history a long criminal record history jail time in germany and in france for
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a string the violent crimes that he was a very well experienced criminal i think there was no suggestion as far as we understand that the raid in the in the morning. for the attempted murder was connected in any way for a hundred some. you might have done something like this it just seems that. believe . it or after the rape you to do this you'll never know about it now of course because the police would hope to catch him alive but they weren't able to yet you bore home a list of people who wrecked created being a security risk to the french. twenty six thousand people in crime you know the front door court is impossible. all the time on every one of those people and it's myth thank you very much indeed tessa recapping that breaking news there from. the suspected gunman who killed three people to a christmas market in strassburg on tuesday as being killed shareef cat was killed
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in the node off main our area of the city after a police operation that was bennett smith reporting live for us from strasburg i want to some other news in the been a series of violent incidents between palestinians and israelis in the last twenty four hours two palestinians were killed in separate israeli military raids or two israeli soldiers died after a shooting at a bus stop in the occupied west bank and they have been casualties in other violent incidents are a force that reports from western aslan. even without the pressure of a particularly violent night this would have been a major incident now it risks becoming part of a wider escalation the israeli military said at least one palestinian man got out of a car near this bus stop in the occupied west bank and fired on a group of soldiers and civilians the army said two soldiers were killed one seriously injured. the murder of israelis innocense israelis standing at
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a bus stop is acceptable we will not accept this terror here in binyamin here in israel and we're going to have answers to this we expect the government to build as many homes as possible to do everything possible to stop this terror. israeli army says hamas has been establishing what it calls terror infrastructures and units for attacks in the west bank as it began a manhunt the nearby city of ramallah the seat of the palestinian authority was declared a closed military zone roads in and out choked with stationary traffic in a statement the palestinian president condemned the cycle of violence blaming it on israeli incursions incitement and the stalled peace process. on gaza hamas celebrated the attack. we praised as harrigan brave operation which is a natural reaction is to crimes of the israeli occupation and violations against our people it all follows two overnight raids in which israeli forces shot and
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killed two palestinians suspected of carrying out recent attacks in the northern city of nablus soldiers stormed a building and shot dead. who made been hunting since an attack in october in which two of his israeli coworkers were killed in a separate raid soldiers shot dead silent barghouti the suspected gunman in sunday's drive by shooting near the legal settlement of offer it came just hours after the death of a baby who was delivered premier chile by a woman injured in the attack. and in the early hours of thursday an attack in occupied east jerusalem in the old city a palestinian man stabbing and injuring two israeli security forces members before he too was shot dead and there's been further violence through thursday afternoon a palestinian drive a shot dead by israeli soldiers near ramallah in what the israeli military characterized as an attempted ramming attack israeli settlers stoning palestinian vehicles along route sixty the same highway where the earliest shooting took place for months these races curious stablish what has been warning politicians here of
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the potential for a renewed eruption of violence in the west bank the events of the last twenty four hours will only have given greater weight to those warnings are a force that al-jazeera westerners. sri lanka's supreme court has ruled that the president's order to dissolve parliament and hold new elections was unconstitutional the case and more than a dozen petitions that challenge president matter policy are centers bid to trigger a snap election sure one could descend into a political crisis when serious in a sacked his prime minister run away when another blow to the president won a confidence vote on wednesday when alpha and as has the latest from the capital. the decision that many out here the supreme court. has this story basically found that president. was in violation of the constitution. when he dissolved parliament now the business is. being questioned was the fact that the president according to
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the constitution could not dissolve parliament before parliament completed who and a half years of its term at the point that president seriously in the dissolved parliament it was at least a year and two months short of that time period and the seven judge bench where hearing made a unanimous decision all of them agreed that the president had violated the constitution so what this means is stands basically reinstated the dissolution has been knocked down by the court. now there are still issues yes the entire disillusion of the changing of prime minister sparked a constitutional crisis but there are issues which will be coming up in for the day there is the sacking of prime minister. who. prime minister his successor the former president rajapaksa. has his authority has been questioned in the court of appeal and there is a restraining order stopping him from functioning as prime minister now he has
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appealed that restraining order but as you can see many things still remaining to be resolved. canada has confirmed a second of their citizens has been detained in china with beijing saying he is suspected of endangering their national security michael spot or as a chinese based businessmen organizes trips to north korea including former basketball star dennis rodman's meetings with kim jong un former canadian diplomat michael couric was also detained on a visit to beijing on monday relations between the nations have been strained since the arrest of huawei executive one zero in canada twelve days ago. the u.k. parliament will hold a vote on to reason may's breaks it deal as soon as possible in january according to the prime minister's office it comes as may is meeting e.u. leaders in brussels for two days of talks after surviving a confidence vote from within her ruling conservative party it was triggered by
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m.p.'s who were unhappy with her withdrawal agreement that the e.u. has already cautioned the deal cannot be renegotiated only clarified i'm going to be addressing the european council later and i will be showing the legal and political assurances that i believe we need to displace the concerns that members of parliament have on this issue and i know the e.u. twenty seven would also be discussing the deal planning to deeds the government of the u.k. is discussing no deal planning but i think it's i've always said that the best arrangement for everybody for both the u.k. and the rest to agree a deal and get this deal into line. jonah hill is following events in brussels which it wants to reason may have been to achieve with these meetings. well that phrase she used in that clip there legal and political assurances over the backstop is what she's looking for she's looking desperately for it it's help that she needs to get the breaks that deal painstakingly negotiated with the e.u.
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over eighteen months through a very skeptical hostile british parliament and the problem she's got is that there is a majority in that parliament of m.p.'s who are very worried about the terms of the withdrawal agreement the meat and bones of this deal the legal meat and bones of the deal it is specially the backstop and this is the insurance policy preventing a hard boarder on the island of ireland in the event that no trade deal is reached now she appears to be asking the e.u. to give legal assurances that somehow the british parliament can retain control over the mechanisms of that backstop how it will end when it will end up giving britain a unilateral right to end it should they wish the problem she's got is that the fundamental nature of the backstop to act as an insurance policy means that it can't be time limited that britain can't have a unilateral means of exiting it the british parliament can have them troll of it
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it simply wouldn't be an insurance policy if that were the case so no amount of good will and there does appear to be quite a lot of goodwill here among e.u. leaders to help to resume a because they want to see this deal passed but no amount of goodwill is likely to be able to do that so what about the future i mean if there isn't any kind of fair room for cosette concessions now could there be some in the future. you know never say never and this is the nature of things particularly with the e.u. we've seen it time and time again that final concessions are made at the eleventh hour things that have been repeatedly said are impossible suddenly materialise and what has been repeatedly said is impossible in this case is that there will be no renegotiation of the withdrawal agreement in which that backstop. is it that is what the e.u. would have to go back on to fundamentally alter the situation so that tourism a has a hope of passing the deal through parliament at this stage all they're talking about are clarifications of what's in it there's another summit mooted for january
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possibly just before the vote in the british parliament they may waive a piece of paper at her then with something that they will call a legal clarification it's hard to see how on earth it will be good enough to satisfy those dissenting m.p.'s that live in brussels for us thank you very much indeed. a fire at a warehouse in the democratic republic of congo has destroyed thousands of voting machines just ten days before elections seven thousand machines which account for eighty percent of the capital kinshasa as voting infrastructure have been destroyed voting machines had been a sensitive issue ahead of the vote opposition politicians have held rallies against a use. report. this is what remains of a large election commission warehouse in kinshasa the capital of the democratic republic of congo inside were voting materials destined for polling seem to throughout the city ahead of presidential elections on december twenty third is that it's
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a dirty trick because they have guards why didn't they call the fire brigade that night but it's all scheme to find ways of pushing back the elections. it started at about two o'clock in the morning local time and he still may should sivan thousand voting machines were destroyed the majority of election materials for other provinces had already been delivered. another person took place but we have the impression that this may be a criminal act as the fire was the clarity in two places inside the store in the same moment we cannot say more for now but we would like to ensure our populations that the equipment from kinshasa that burned here will be replaced there is no worry about the coming elections even though the damage is serious and the voting machines are a sensitive subject in the d.l.c. traditionally elections here are decided by pin and paper ballots they arrived for the first time in february when hundred thousand of being distributed across this vast nation the second largest in africa to be used by forty six million registered
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voters is the government marketed the benefits saying they would cut costs and speed up vote counting. the protests have been how across the country against the use critics have argued they need power to work and only nine percent of the country has electricity which is often unreliable others say they are illegal untested and easy to rig at rallies in september and october there was backlash. yeah. i know the money did this system by machines and. we cannot participate in elections that. we know already will fail because of these voting machines. the election commission has yet to confirm whether the fire was caused by arson they are now tasked with salvaging a lick sion that is already long delays and momentous president joseph kabila has been in power since two thousand and one twenty one candidates are vying to replace
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him what may be the country's first democratic transition of power since independence really sixty years ago charlotte dallas. let's return now to our breaking news this hour from strasburg and the shooting of the suspected christmas market killer let's bring in bernard smith live now from strasburg been quite a dramatic or not they told us through what happened happened. well lauren in the last forty five minutes or so behind me is the french police cornered sharif should not to have fact far from where he was born and brought up in noida off on the edge of strasburg and it's the area way was dropped off by a taxi driver on tuesday night after the attacks the christmas market in strasbourg where three people were killed another six are fighting for their lives all at the
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hands of sharif a car to run amok with a gun and a knife attacking shoppers in the center of strasbourg so it's taken since tuesday night to pin him down there were fears that him out across the border into germany and the been enormous holdups for traffic as border controls reimport reimposed on the bridges that cross between strasbourg and the german side but it seems that he never made it that far he ended up back here there was a police operation earlier on this evening in fact. we got indication that something might have been going on in this area but it's only just the last half hour that we understand that she kept house being killed by security forces like what happened that is about that. that happened orgon. well the clapping before and i think it might be the thermocouple befalls when the french c.r.s.
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the swat team the french security forces came out from down the street walk down the street they were clapped by the locals who live in this area so that what that was made of we know that we understand from french media reports citing police sources that they'd of course wanted to take out alive but he had fired at them and the shooting that killed him was in response to the gunfire that came from should count the intention had been to take him alive and to find out his motives we know is a criminal with a long criminal record for crimes of theft and violence in his home and been raided on tuesday morning by french police who wanted to question him in connection with attempted murder in the summer and the speculation that was that raid the provoked his attack on the christmas market on tuesday evening and bennett i mean there's a huge high level of security isn't there across france i mean christmas markets have been a target in the past not just in france but in other countries what are the kind of
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the levels of security now after this so this latest attack. i'm not sure if bennett can still he can still hear me about it. we may have lost the line to vanish literally. yet i think we've lost certain bennett smith epona smith reporting there on that breaking news from strasburg where the shooter in the strasburg market shooting that was happened on tuesday night sherry scheck at is now dead he was killed in a police shootout and the remnants of that police operation there still in the streets and the area where he lived. and i said move on to other news again as president. he has arrived in somalia his first visit since he took office twenty five years ago he was welcomed by a somali president mohammed abdul hakim mohammed in the capital mogadishu said he aims to strengthen ties between the horn of africa countries after a turbulent recent past so we're going to go has more. a sign of the rapidly
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changing times in the horn of africa. eritrea as president as i as a work his presence in mogadishu for talks with the somali leader mohammed. his first ever visit and a continuing attempt to mend what has often been fraught relations between the two countries following on from eritrea's own softening stance but it's called the enemy ethiopia. there is much riding on this visit past somali administrations had accused eritrea of supplying weapons to al shabab eritrean government has repeatedly denied this saying the accusations were concocted by ethiopia but since july this year both countries that they plan to a stop a diplomatic relations as ties improved across the horn of africa brought on by ethiopia's new reformist leader a b r mitt. my mother wore them. to two presidents discussed how to strengthen
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economic and security cooperation in the somali government has been campaigning for a lifting of the arms and promise of eritrea where this visit is also about strength in the recent transformation to the horn of africa countries from somalia ethiopia and eritrea before. another factor in the talks the strategic importance of the area representatives from six countries bordering the red sea and the gulf of aden met in riyadh on wednesday saudi arabia has been seeking an alliance with the area is vital to global shipping and increasingly a contentious issue with regional rivals like iran turkey and qatar so far no agreement has been reached meanwhile president off work his visit comma somalia's president up to law he faced an impeachment motion filed in parliament last week one of the grounds for the impeachment is allegations the president secretly signed agreements with ethiopia and eritrea that move failed trumped perhaps by
5:41 am
a desire to transform the. rates of play in this region that has borne witness to conflicts and humanitarian devastation they caused a meeting on thursday is the third time this year that the leaders will have met and attempt to reset the troubled relationship in a highly tense region al-jazeera. gunman in northeastern mali have killed dozens of people in the past week first according to reports from local officials in minako near the border with tunisia they said at least forty three millions were killed by attackers on motorbikes at several nomadic camp sites it hasn't been a claim of responsibility but violence between ethnic try reagan for learning groups has killed hundreds this year many companies and governments around the world are aiming to be carbon free by twenty fifty to help keep global warming in check there's a growing focus on countries like poland where coal is the primary source of energy the nation is hosting the annual un summit cup twenty four where leaders are
5:42 am
working to implement the paris climate agreement that clark reports from qatar pizza. across poland this is still a familiar sight the smoke of domestic coal fires burning to keep the chill of winter at bay and it's a sea replicated by the chimneys of millions of homes across the country you know the acrid smell of coal smoke in the air in this part of the city of code of it's a weather climate conference is being held is almost overpowering and you can really see why in the week leading up to the climate conference that the city was found to be the second most polluted in the whole of europe. i head off to meet me col damas sick third generation miner he receives sacks of coal as part of his pay to feed a hungry boiler that heats his home just yards this is the way ninety percent of rural people heat their properties gas is coming more and more to the cities but coal we still prevalent the climate conference wants to change trains by i don't
5:43 am
think it's possible in our country because the mining industry is too established people would lose jobs. it's not just emissions from the chimneys of people's homes but also of course from the coal fired power stations that provide eighty percent of the nation's electricity it's an industry that provides sixty thousand jobs in industry woven into the fabric of the salafis in region of poland and live distrait many say is here to stay. out of coal plays a big part in the so-called energy equation and it's important because simply we have it with a sixth biggest producer of coal and i don't see it changing we need to make the important distinction between coal mining and c o two emissions and we can still use coal but in a friendly way it's clear these are sensitive times for polish coal twenty kilometers from cuts of it this happens. so we literally just arrived started
5:44 am
filming the premises here and security from the cold arrived in the college locked it in the calling the police they don't want to talk after some debate we're moved on we can't film at the site. i say to the hay city stand inside the conference train you remember it's all about cleaning up our climate and polish coal is the thing is coal jewelry is coal say three of the event sponsors the coal companies this is an element of our past we need to focus on our future and in my opinion and if you and therefore see it's green in poland there will be up to one. hundred thousand new jobs created in the green economy sector in two thousand and fifteen so there is an alternative the most important is to call me kate minus poland's president john j. doodad says he will not let others murder the polish coal industry coal is here to stay he says it's evident that for coal dependent nations like poland the
5:45 am
transition to clean energy is a law law way off. the clampett al-jazeera part of its. virgin galactic say they could start commercial space flights as early as next year after their rocket plane reached space for the first time on a test flight. spaceship two launched from the mojave desert in the western united states with the help of its twin carrier plane it found itself eighty three kilometers above the earth's surface into suborbital space with a pilot's experiencing weightlessness or successful test comes four years after the crash of the original spaceship two and virgin plans to offer ninety minute space flights costing two hundred fifty thousand dollars the united states a recap of our main news this hour the united states senate has approved
5:46 am
a resolution or resolutions i should say recommending the u.s. end support for the saudi led coalition in yemen by fifty six votes to forty one a similar move was defeated in march but support has increased since the murder of saudi journalist. said it has also voted to find the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man responsible for the i shall dream murder. that's it for me more news and then went on the news hour. big stories generate thousands of headlights. separate the spin from the facts caravan is fact. with the listening post on al-jazeera. xenophobe violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. al-jazeera infiltrates one of the continent's fastest growing far right
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organizations and exposes links to members of the european parliament and marine appends national rally party generation eight. part two of a special two part investigation on al jazeera. the tunisian scientist who led a double life so secret even kept it from his family. but his activities would have a military impact for which he would pay the ultimate price. for. outages zero world investigates the life and death of mahmoud so ari the tunisian drone engineer. with bureaus spanning six continents across the deep. sea
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to. al-jazeera correspondents live in the stories they turn. to world news. this is al-jazeera. alone and taylor this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. u.s.
5:49 am
senators unanimously declare crown prince mohammed bin cell man responsible for the murder of a journalist. and a vote to end american military support for the saudi an iraqi coalition in yemen and in sweden yemen's warring sides richard deal after the u.n. agrees to play a leading role in the port city of her data also on the program. a man suspected of being behind the christmas market murders in strasburg is killed during a police operation. and a sudden rise in violence in the occupied west bank after israeli raids and palestinian attacks. and in s'pore the fee for president jannie incentive to know is in town and he's talking about plans ahead of the walk up over here in qatar and says he has wide support for forty. eighteen expansion in twenty twenty two.
5:50 am
and i would begin that capitol hill where the united states senate has unanimously passed a resolution declaring resounded crown prince responsible for the murder of journalist eight minutes earlier senators backed another resolution by fifty six to forty one to end u.s. support for the sound a mirage a coalition in yemen measures a considered a rebuke from both democrats and republicans to the trumpet ministrations policies toward saudi arabia in the fallout since herschel g.'s killing. this is now unanimously unanimous way the united states senate has said that crown prince mohammed bin salman is responsible for the murder of her mouth to show. that is a strong statement i think it speaks to the values that we hold dear the rest of this resolution i'm glad the senate is speaking with one voice unanimous voice
5:51 am
toward the san. let's take a closer look now at the united states' involvement in the war in yemen washington has been providing support to the sound coalition in yemen since twenty fifteen until recently much of that assistance was in the form of in-flight refueling the first saudi jets that was halted last month by mutual agreement of the us still cooperates with the coalition on intelligence and is the top arms supplier to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. it says its offices advise on potential targets to minimize civilian casualties but saudi strikes have killed thousands of civilians including dozens of children on a school bus inside our province in august when jordan is live from capitol hill in washington d.c. was two major decisions up by the senate in the last hour. that's right the one that had been building up all week was the vote to say that in the senate's view the u.s.
5:52 am
military should not be providing any support whether it's refueling equipment training or even intelligence sharing with the saudi coalition as it conducts its war against who the rebels in yemen this was passed as you noted fifty six to forty one there had been considerable pressure from the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and senators to not pass the resolution because it had the potential of actually having a real impact on the pentagon's ability to engage with saudi arabia and with the united arab emirates in this way however because of a technicality on a similar vision of this resolution over in the house of representatives this resolution now is symbolic but it is a very strong rebuke of the way that the saudi coalition has been conducting its itself in the war in yemen especially given the amount of humanitarian suffering the thousands of people who have been starving the numbers of people who have been
5:53 am
who have become ill with cholera or with polio the widespread devastation to the yemeni economy could take decades to restore that country which was already poor before the civil war started two years ago and only the on the matter of the unanimous vote crown prince said mabyn soundman responsible for the magic of the genesis shuggie and this puts the senate very much at all does with what president trump has been saying on this doesn't. it does even though you saw it mitch mcconnell saying don't pass the resolution on yemen because it could affect the way that the u.s. works with a key ally in the middle east on national security matters he was one of the co-sponsors of this resolution. directly blaming the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon for the murder of jamal me back on october second there was a real sense with this resolution that you could get full bipartisan support
5:54 am
because it not only deals with the civil war in yemen not just with the murder of jamal but also takes a look at other security issues that are of interest to u.s. senators and to where u.s. foreign policy writ large including the ongoing presence of iran as it and its support for who the rebels are throughout the civil war that is of course something that would persuade those senators who might be reluctant to cross the u.s. president donald trump who has tried since the beginning of his administration to make iran his number one foreign policy priority so a very very strong rebuke especially when you get something unanimous that's not something you see every day certainly in the u.s. senate so not new to see that the unanimous side of things but it also how unusual is it to to get the kind of bipartisan approach that we've seen on these issues.
5:55 am
it's been a while since you've seen anything of a bipartisan nature i would hazard to guess going back to the decision to go to war in afghanistan after the september eleventh two thousand and one attacks where you saw both houses acting as one body regardless of political party the war in iraq by contrast when that started in march two thousand and three you did see a split between democrats and republicans between more liberal politicians and more conservative politicians certainly that partisan divide has worsened in the past fifteen sixteen years but on this matter when it comes to the idea that the u.s. made the aiding and abetting humanitarian suffering when that is something that the u.s. trade. only has tried to avoid that is something that has been bothering legislators on capitol hill for some time but then when someone who is
5:56 am
a us resident someone who is a journalist someone who is well known to people on capitol hill is targeted by a foreign government by a government that holds itself out to be a very close friend of the united states when that person is savagely murdered and they have been told by intelligence officials that this was in fact the case this is really has seized the imagination of both the senators and representatives and so it's really set up this momentum to really take a very close look at how the trumpet ministration is conducting its foreign policy and really as the independent senator bernie sanders said really reminding members of congress that it is they who make the ultimate decision on whether u.s. forces should be committed to combat zones for any reason president jordan thank you very much indeed. what is sweden there was a major breakthrough on the final day of talks between the yemeni government and hoofy rebels organized by the united nations but it's science have agreed to
5:57 am
a cease fire in her data and the withdrawal of troops from the red sea port city which is the main route for food and medical aid into yemen the u.n. also says that what they call a mutual understanding has been reached on deescalation in the city of thais the other major center of fighting but this comes after a deal was agreed on tuesday for a prisoner exchange in january involving around fifteen thousand people on both sides nations has announced another round of talks will not take place at the end of january james face reports from new york. a handshake marking an interim deal for yemen the hoofy chief negotiator and the yemeni foreign minister and some are doubted would even agree to meet at least talks were both beaming the first good news after years of war in a country that has the worst humanitarian situation on earth. we have reached an agreement on the day the port and city which will see any moocher really point
5:58 am
of forces from the port and the says the and the establishment of a gun or date a governorate wide ceasefire. the un will play a leading role in the ports and these will facilitate the many turning excess of the flow of goods to the civilian population and it will improve the living conditions for millions of yemenis the talks in the swedish castle had lasted seven days some of the language in the deal they produce seems vague and there are many details still to be resolved trust between the two sides is clearly lacking both made it clear that they don't need abide by the deal if their opponents did too at a low that we can look at to agreement signed serious effort has been taken firstly the release of prisoners and those that have been forcibly abducted and the other agreement is they had a good agreement but these are virtual agreements we are assuming that the other
5:59 am
party will withdraw and will release the prisoners. that you want we are ready to implement the peace agreement and give the u.n. a logistical role in running sana airport and who data port but we need more guarantees because the other side keeps sabotaging everything we didn't get anything major in sweden but there were some good developments there is no military solution in yemen and still we can reach an agreement if the other side agrees to a political solution the un special envoy martin griffiths who led the negotiations will now brief the un security council on friday here in new york diplomats are pleased the agreement is seen at the high end of their expectations i think it's a breakthrough. and a good first step because now the commitment we've seen is start from shows that there is a genuine commitment i think both sides realized this war as is bringing nothing and going nowhere except for
6:00 am
a nuke you are going to turn suffering so i think this is beneath usually important agreement there's still a long and potentially difficult road ahead diplomats from the u.n. security council. we'll be meeting discussing the possibility of a resolution next week to endorse the measures that were taken in stockholm the difficult bit is the last thing political deal for yemen that is something they still have to come up with james zero at the united nations i speak to you have an honest and georgetown university visiting fellow. who joins us now from washington d.c. how do you view the progress in those talks in sweden what's your analysis. well it's definitely a lot better than all the previous talks that have taken place especially the most recent one right before this one where the hope is that in even show up to the peace talks now you have them sitting at the same table talking about the issues that yemenis really care about and more importantly you have that symbolic image of
6:01 am
both sides shaking hands the importance of that image as to give the yemenis who are living under the war for the past three years.


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