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tv   Who Paid For Brexit  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2018 6:32am-7:01am +03

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motion filed in parliament last week one of the grounds for the impeachment is allegations the president secretly signed agreements with ethiopia and eritrea that failed trumped perhaps by a desire to transform the state of play in this region that has borne witness to conflicts and humanitarian devastation they caused a meeting on thursday is the third time this year that the leaders will have met and attempt to reset to troubled relationship in a highly tense region al-jazeera at least nine people have died and dozens more were injured in a train crash at a station in turkey's capital investigators say a high speed train travelling it to konya in central turkey at another train traveling on the same line the collision also caused a pedestrian overpass to collapse onto several train cars. at six thirty local time the accident occurred at sift neighborhood after a high speed train traveling from uncorrupted kanya collided with
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a locomotive inspecting truck. or an accused of acting as a russian agent to influence u.s. policy has pleaded guilty in a federal court in washington area between or now faces a prison sentence and deportation back to russia she's admitted her activities were part of an effort by moscow to imprint politics in the united states from washington d.c. alan fischer reports. it reads like the pages of a spy novel a young woman admits she's a russian government agent in america her mission to shape u.s. politics to make it more favorable to more school money a britain has admitted walking to infiltrate the national rifle association a gun rights group with close ties to republican politicians among the people and supported over the last few years president donald trump. britain has admitted this was a concerted effort shaped by senior russian officials the man thought to be behind the operation has been identified as alexander torsion the recently retired deputy
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governor of russia central bank he bankrolled the operation prosecutors laid out a plan which ran from twenty fifteen to twenty seven thousand which are not held parties and lunches and meetings for key people with political influence she even attended a national prayer breakfast in twenty seventeen she told prosecutors the people there would help us stablish a back channel of communications between russia and the united states the prosecution is not linked to the ongoing investigation by special counsel robert miller into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election something the president donald trump has dismissed as a witch hunt just a few days ago and more school to russian president vladimir putin. was a russian spy to move seriously i asked all the heads of our intelligence and special services who issues nobody knows anything about her beauty now has agreed to help prosecutors and as a result is now expected not to serve any longer than six months in prison and her
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cooperation may well be welcomed by robert miller it's likely she'll be deported back to russia at the end of her sentence alan fischer al-jazeera washington. only her. business updates.
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business updates.
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thank you very much laura why the president football's world governing body. hasn't ruled out the possibility of the qatar twenty twenty two world cup being expanded from thirty two to forty eight it seems in france you know speaking at the end of the three day fifa meeting in doha where the topic was high on the agenda our sports correspondent andy richardson was there well john infancy now has been in a half a what is known as a fee for executive football summit translated that means he's been meeting a number of representatives from more than fifty member associations for an exchange of views about where world football is at the moment inevitably with this event taking place in qatar much of the talk about the twenty twenty two world cup and whether or not it will be a forty eight team event or thirty two team events which is what qatar are currently planning for the forty eight team event will happen in two thousand and twenty six when it's hosted by the u.s. mexico and canada a very different sort of tournament the one will be seeing here in qatar has
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already the smallest ever host nation to take on this event but in france he now is still not ruling out the ip big games could be shared with neighboring countries us despite the fact that cats are is currently the subject of a blockade imposed on it by countries like saudi arabia the united arab emirates and bahrain will get a final decision at a free for council meeting next march in the meantime let's have a listen to what he had to say about is it feasible or not that's the question is it feasible to do it only in qatar. difficult probably is it feasible to have a few games being played in neighboring countries well maybe this is an option of course not that naive not to nor not to read the news and not to know what is going on but we are in football we are not in politics. sometimes. control while in france he was saying many options are still being
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explored about the possibility of forty eight seems one thing he did say was that there is no way the tournament will be expanded beyond twenty eight days already being moved to november december is being compressed into just a four week period as opposed to thirty two team tournament as we saw in russia in order to limit the sort of disruption or cause of many european domestic leagues also being discussed here in the possibility of an expanded club world cup that's currently ongoing in the united arab emirates currently involves only a handful of teams he would like to see many more teams in association is involved and also the expansion of the nations league such a success in europe this year in france say you know i would like to see going global bigger fee for tournament outside of the world cup i'm more revenue coming into the member associations something that was under threats when big sponsors started to pull out in the midst of the corruption scandal involving his
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predecessor so if he can keep the money coming into fee for it massively increases the chances of him staying in football's most important administrative job. and say i have won the corpus of the american or the second biggest prize in south american club football the reason is it be colombian surgeon you are in the final semi locascio action. of a dramatic final would decide this year's copa through the americana. both that let you co-parent in fiji and junior were looking to win their first ever continental trophy. there was little to separate them after the first leg ended one all and while there was plenty of excitement in brazil for the climax there were also plenty of nerves. lets go didn't take too long to relieve the tension though they struck just twenty six minutes in i. hapless leap to charities and good known students in lower league football and even japan soaking up his move.
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things took a bad turn for them in the second half however the unitel feel good here is leveling things for the club. his head to go was the last of the nineteen and sent the game into extra time. and it started to look like it to be good news night they want to penalty with eleven minutes to play leaving the home fans hearing the worst jr though have a poor record from the sport missing the last two attempts in this competition. junior holland brown made sure that streak continues his myth ultimately meaning a penalty shootout would decide the game. that spells more misery for the colombians they missed to their camp. it was left to brazilian journeyman tiago to wrap it up for the home side. and he delivered. let's
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go taking the shootout for three and landing the biggest title in the history of rival brazilian towns and never considered africa's top of the country's book only for now though we'll have to call them champions any surveillance al-jazeera. for the winners of south america sell it club competition are getting ready to start their club while cup campaign. aside the river play to book their place as the tournament in the united arab emirates four days ago basing fierce rivals boca juniors to win the copilot better doris that match took place later than planned one fan violence in when osiris caused it to be moved to madrid river goes straight into the semifinals and all say see the host alliance alton is yes as bill was on tuesday. forces biasing on team is being investigated over doping violations joining the twenty seven thousand world championships in austria the team is currently competing at the same venue where last year's walls that were
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held five actually some five officials have been questioned by the austrian police the women's tennis association has announced new measures to protect the rankings of players returning to the two are off to childbirth they'll now be able to use their previous ranking for three years to enter up to twelve tournaments but serena williams this wish for seedings in line that with that ranking has not been granted is said the w t a i have said that returning mothers one faces see that in the opening round of the tournament williams made her comeback in february after giving birth in twenty seventeen mexico. will attempt to win a title in the third weight division this saturday when he takes on britain's rocky fielding at new york's madison square garden well despite moving up a weight division the twenty eight year old is considered favored fielding
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a one on mine a version of the w.b.s. a super middleweight title in july but this is the biggest fight of his curia so far. he's of all of the civil rights so it's all very much an extreme jima one there is a fight here. of cultural much with him of a lot of supporters of composers. and he don't mean that mean names or around the dinner. and finally the head coach of new zealand's rugby team steve hansen has announced he'll step down after next year's world cup in japan the fifty nine year old has been in charge since twenty eleven following a seven years as an assistant coach on the hasn't the old black successfully defended their world cup title in twenty fifteen. and that's if only i had you about to larn in london far and i thank you very much indeed virgin galactic say
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they could start commercial space flights as early as next year after their rocket plane reached space for the first time on a test flight spaceship two launched from the mojave desert in the western united states with the help of its twin large carrier plane fried itself eighty three kilometers above the earth's surface into what's described as sub orbital space with the pilots experiencing weightlessness a successful test comes four years after the crash of the original spaceship two virgin plans to offer a ninety minute space flights costing two hundred fifty thousand dollars. and just to recap of our main stories. the u.s. senate rebute saudi arabia over the yemen war they fought back to resolution to end u.s. military support for the saudi arabian led war in yemen in defiance of president
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trump with a vote which is ready underscored the anger felt by lawmakers over the matter of the prominent saudi jenna's jamal khashoggi and on that the u.s. has passed separately a unanimous resolution saying the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man is responsible for the murder of the journalist. and that's it for made our intel of this news are back with more in just a couple of minutes passionate. in malaysia schooling is a luxury for children of writing
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a muslim refugees but. every child deserves an opportunity for faith and creativity the arms them with the skills to overcome any hurdle and seize the threat to his schools existence as a test of his faith. school of hope to the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. it's the first day of school in bubble elementary school in mosul i still use this school as a military base firing rocket propelled grenades and mortars at nearby iraq that forces. most up forgotten what it is like to be a school of the three years old war. six year old. does hauser survive them as like his home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the popular destroyed house with his father and grandfather. solace for the prepares his son for the first day in school he is hopeful new friends would help is that
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a company. medieval western society was a feudal society that detail to keep the wind out of the bubble and as soon as the pope ended his speech some people stood up and said we'll sit down and the entrance to the city was horrific they killed people in the streets in their houses and in. the crusades and arab perspective it was sold one shot at this time on the. u.s. senate has unanimously declared crown prince mohammed bin solomon responsible for the murder of the journalist. and vote to end american military support of the saudi him erotic coalition in yemen. and in sweden yemen's warring sides richard
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deal after the un agrees to play a leading role in the port city of the data. on the emptiness is al-jazeera live from london also coming up a man suspected of being behind the christmas market matters in strasburg is killed during a police operation. the sudden rise in violence in the occupied west bank after israeli raids and palestinian attacks. would begin at capitol hill with the united states senate has unanimously passed a resolution declaring the saudi crown prince responsible for the murder of journalist. minutes earlier senators backed another resolution by fifty six to forty one to end u.s. support for the saudi emirati coalition in yemen the measures are considered
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a rebuke from both democrats and republicans to the trumpet ministrations policies toward saudi arabia and the fallout since her killing this is now unanimously unanimous way the united states senate has said that crown prince mohammed bin salman is responsible for the murder of her mouth and showed. that is a strong statement i think it speaks to the values that we hold dear the rest of this resolution does i'm glad the senate is speaking with one voice unanimous voice toward the san. as to her closer look at the united states' involvement in the war in yemen washington has been providing support to the saudi erotic coalition in yemen since twenty fifteen until recently much of that assistance was in the form of in-flight refueling for saudi jets that was halted last month by mutual agreement the u.s.
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still cooperates with a coalition on intelligence and is the top arms supplier to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. it says its offices advise on potential targets to minimize civilian casualties but saudi strikes have killed thousands of civilians including dozens of children on a school bus inside a province in august our correspondent was in jordan is live from capitol hill in washington d.c. it was two major decisions there by the senate. that's right the first was the senate resolution that is compelling of the u.s. military to stop all support including intelligence sharing with the saudis and emirates military says they conduct their part of the war in yemen of course other supposed to now be a ceasefire coming in the yemeni civil war so we'll see how long that lasts but there had been growing concern among senators pretty much all year of about the human cost of the yemeni civil war the inability of humanitarian groups to gain
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access through any of the port cities to deliver emergency food and medicine to those people who needed it the images of children starving because there is no food in there because the economy has been shattered by the saudi led air war that people can't even afford to buy what food there is available in the country and certainly there was this question about whether especially in light of the school bus strike in august whether the u.s. indirectly was supporting the saudi efforts to go after who the rebels and in some cases some suspect to go after civilians as a way of trying to break morale and so with between that and the fact that she was murdered on october second it really led to a real sense of outrage here on capitol hill and so this was
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a chance with both wives aleutians for the senators to express their disgust with the conduct of the war in the amman and with the in regard to the murder to express their disgust that the someone who might be a future king of saudi arabia could a stance a bully ordered the murder of a journalist and think that he could get away with that many many people found that patently offensive and i think the fact that all ninety nine senators voted on a resolution. condemning mohamed bin saddam on ford's murder sends that message loud and clear and what impact will these votes have on the trumpet ministration. and will arnett sends a very clear message to the trumpet ministration that the days of the presidency conducting foreign policy and not getting any criticism or any pushback or any oversight from congress those days are over and is in the reason for this is
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because congress has the traditional legal responsibility for deciding when the united states should be engaged in war and they and congress has interpreted that involved with very very broadly not just u.s. forces deploying to a combat zone and engaging directly with an enemy military this includes the whole gamut of military activities and so you're going to see more pushback it is quite telling that you had republicans as well as democrats voting for the resolution on the war in particular because that is saying that now when the defense secretary or the secretary of state comes to capitol hill asking for support for some part of foreign policy that these cabinet officials are going to get a lot of scrutiny and a lot of pushback and that is something which donald trump has not had to experience in the first two years of his presidency. thank you very much indeed.
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but in sweden there was a major breakthrough on the final day of talks between the yemeni government and who she rebels organized by the united nations both sides have agreed to a cease fire in her data and the withdrawal of troops from the red sea port city which is the main route for food and medical aid into yemen and the u.n. also says that is what they call a mutual understanding on deescalation. in the city of tire is the other major center of fighting this comes after a deal was agreed on tuesday for a prisoner exchange in january involving around fifteen thousand people on both sides united nations has announced another round of talks will now take place at the end of january james bays reports from new york it's a handshake marking an interim deal for yemen the hoofy chief negotiator and the yemeni foreign minister and some had doubted would even agree to meet at least talks will both be the first good news after years of war in
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a country that has the worst humanitarian situation on earth. we have reached an agreement on the day the port and city which will see a move will really poignant of forces from the port and the says the and the establishment of a gun ordered a governor it wide cease fires. the un will play a leading role in the ports and these will facilitate the many turning excess of the floor routes to the civilian population and it will improve the living conditions for millions of yemenis the talks in the swedish castle had lasted seven days some of the language in the deal they produce seems vague and there are many details still to be resolved trust between the two sides is clearly lacking both made it clear that they don't need abide by the deal if there are opponents to to. oh that we can look at two agreements signed serious effort has been taken firstly
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the release of prisoners and those that have been forcibly abducted and the other agreement is they had a good agreement but these are virtual agreements we are assuming that the other party will withdraw and will release the prisoners. that you want we are ready to implement the peace agreement and give the un a logistical role in running sana airport and who data port but we need more guarantees because the other side keeps sabotaging everything we didn't get anything major in sweden but there were some good developments there is no military solution in yemen and still we can reach an agreement if the other side agrees to a political solution the un special envoy martin griffiths who led the negotiations will now brief the un security council on friday here in new york diplomats are pleased the agreement is seen at the high end of their expectations i think it's a breakthrough. and
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a good first step because now the commitment we've seen is start from shows that there is a genuine commitment i think both sides realized this war as is bringing nothing and going nowhere except for a huge you're going to turn suffering so i think this is beneath usually important agreement there's still a long and potentially difficult road ahead diplomats from the u.n. security council. the meeting discussing the possibility of a resolution mixed week to endorse the measures that were taken in stockholm the difficult bit is the last thing political deal for yemen that is something they still have to come up with james by al-jazeera the united nations joining us now on this huge agenda is to build lord of the gulf matters website so how big a deal is it the fact that they've managed to agree initially on what looks like a sort of sort of a roadmap towards peace in yemen well one was doesn't want to be too overly optimistic on it but i think it is very significant what martin gryphus has
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achieved and i think we are beginning to see the possibility that this awful war will come to an end and the key was getting the u.n. in play that appears now that that will happen the next step i think we need to see the saudis stop the bombing campaign that's got to stop but you know i would say that tonight i'm much more optimistic than i was twenty four hours ago and it's very impressive what martin garbus is done because clearly he's been able to establish trust on both sides which is the key to any negotiation and to bring them together and to get the movement for example e. the the prisoner swap that's fifteen thousand people and the families all the families involved so i think that there's a long long way to go but it's a very very promising start and oldest to this evening this in the senate on. blocking u.s. military aid to the to this coalition how much of an influence will that have had
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on what they've managed to achieve in sweden. well i don't think that they probably connected the two in sweden but it's coming it's coming a very fortuitous time because this all goes back to the and this is an expression by the senate of really rich that don't trump continues to stand by muhammad bin salman in spite of the fact it's clear that he is responsible for the murder of her she so one of the ways that the senate and it was bipartisan they said you know what we're not going to stand by this we're not going to accept this position and they and they have now used the war in yemen as a way to get at trump on on that i mean bipartisan but also you notice that on the only space you can look. at unanimous vote to say this man this crown prince this unruly young young man is is the one responsible for the brutal murder and you think about it this is this is unprecedented.


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