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how much of an influence will not have had on what they managed to achieve in sweden well i don't think that they probably connected the two in sweden but it's coming it's coming a very fortuitous time because this all goes back to the and this is an expression by the senate of really their overreach that don't trump continues to stand by muhammad bin solomon in spite of the fact it's clear that he is responsible for the murder of show she so one of the ways that the senate and it was bipartisan they said you know what we're not going to stand by this we're not going to accept this position and they and they have now used the war in yemen as a way to get a trump going on that i mean bipartisan but also unanimous that on their own especially on the. yes they mean the unanimous vote to say this man this crown prince this unruly young young man is is the one responsible for the brutal murder and you think about this is this is unprecedented an attack on basically he's the
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leader of saudi arabia how much difference is it going to make there to the u.s. policy in the end you think i mean obviously the senate has as passed these resolutions but but would it really affect the tremendous mission does this resolution is more symbolic than anything else at this stage. but. clearly there are thousands tens of thousands of yemeni children who are starving right now as we speak and so will trump simply let this die or will he be forced to actually acknowledge the terrible price of the war and also again on both sides. that america's involvement in it so i think that and he himself is increasingly vulnerable just as mom been some on as vulnerable so it's always been a question of how long would trump continue to support him been some on the point where he sees that as damaging him fundamentally then i think he cut some loose and
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i think that we're getting to that stage now then mom but some man himself becomes increasingly vulnerable and his position ever more fragile a little thank you very much indeed thank you. french police have killed the gunman who shot three people dead at a christmas market in strassburg on tuesday at least three shots were heard in the district to strasburg where police operation was underway to find shahid shake at it on the run since the attack on tuesday which also wounded eight more people hundreds of police and soldiers and remember lies to find tell you about it smith is in strasburg with all the latest. the hunt for sharif account has ended here at the end of this street in what we think was a row a good yard where he's been hiding out since the attack on strasburg market on tuesday night it's essentially the area roughly worship grown up in southeastern strasbourg and it's where close the area where he's dropped off by
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a taxi driver on choose united been forced to drive in here should cat suspected of killing three people in the market and leaving another six fighting for their lives after launched a knife and gun attack on tuesday night in strasbourg market this has been a manhunt since then that a swarm the area with police and security officials causing huge delays as well on the border with france and germany on the border there as police stopped all vehicles crossing as it was a fear should count they have crossed into the german border we know he had a long criminal record served jail sentences for theft in violent crime and on the morning of choose day one of the ninety suspects suspected of carrying out this attack his home had been raided by police wanted to question him in connection with attempted murder in the summer but she can't wasn't in the house at that time but french police pinned him down here it seems he fought open fire on them and was killed by police to return fire. still to come on al-jazeera. the best
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arrangement for everybody to play c u k i am c.e.o. is frustrated real deal and get this deal if you like a woman can fetch a reason may in brussels but that's continue to break faith in a bedsit talks of. a warehouse fire destroys thousands of voting machines in the democratic republic of congo but the election will still go ahead. helen if you want to be the early summer sunshine in australia the place goes probably put us where we are officially cloud free anywhere else and that's not the case it's been raining fairly heavily in melbourne and in canberra as well and still a circulation here developing in new south wales and just tuck into victoria so this is pretty stormy weather windy and wet once more tempers are about hybrids
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windows better chance of you getting sun still the quite hard and up in the north currently in the gulf commentary moving eastwards is a tropical cyclone called so it's all pretty active in the in the least bit summery i mean moves down towards kansas as a day or week a storm but with potential for flooding once again yes a second visit the area by the way the still the potential rain shadow dancer brisbane down the coast and talking back in still still to the west of melbourne very pretty site and in perth is clouding up the potential of few showers late in the day twenty four degrees where has summer gone i was springs maybe. there are new zealand circulation as well which indicates car the potential of some right nothing like the same vigor as you have in australia and it's quite worn okrand twenty three degrees less so in wellington that's a rather poor seventeen ross going to.
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the war on drugs in the philippines is pushing jails to breaking point a record number of inmates languish behind bars for years awaiting trial one on one east philippines locked up on al-jazeera getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after you while eight borders between five safe countries facing the realities the pain starts from the very beginning go to school and while you're providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. going to rwanda top stories. united states senate has approved two resolutions at
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recommending ending the u.s. support of the saudi led coalition in yemen and is blaming the saudi crown prince for the murder of jamal khashoggi. in sweden there's been a major breakthrough on the final day of talks between the yemeni government and the rebels with both sides agreeing to a cease fire in the port city of her data. and french police have killed the gunman who shot three people dead at a christmas market in strassburg on tuesday. i mean a series of violent incidents between palestinians and israelis in the last twenty four hours two palestinians were killed in separate israeli military raids well two israeli soldiers died after a shooting at a bus stop in the occupied west bank and there been more casualties and other violent incidents are a force that reports from west jerusalem. and. even without the premier of a particularly violent night this would have been a major incident now it risks becoming part of a wider escalation the israeli military said at least one palestinian man got out
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of a car near this bus stop in the occupied west bank and fired on a group of soldiers and civilians the army said two soldiers were killed one seriously injured. the murder of israelis innocense israelis standing at a bus stop is acceptable but we will not accept this terror here in binyamin here in israel and we're going to have answers to this we expect the government to build as many homes as possible to do everything possible to stop this terror. israeli army says hamas has been establishing what it calls terror infrastructures and units for attacks in the west bank as it began a manhunt the nearby city of ramallah the seat of the palestinian authority was declared a closed military zone roads in and out choked with stationary traffic in a statement the palestinian president condemned the cycle of violence blaming it on israeli incursions incitement and the stalled peace process. on gaza hamas celebrated the attack. we praised as herrick and brave operation which is
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a natural reaction is to crimes of the israeli occupation and violations against our people it all follows two overnight raids in which israeli forces shot and killed two palestinian suspected of carrying out recent attacks in the northern city of nablus soldiers stormed a building and shot dead. who made been hunting since an attack in october in which two of his israeli coworkers were killed in a separate raid soldiers shot dead silent barghouti the suspected gunman in sunday's drive by shooting near the legal settlement of it came just hours after the death of a baby who was delivered prematurely by a woman injured in the attack. and in the early hours of thursday an attack in occupied east jerusalem in the old city a palestinian man stabbing and injuring two israeli security forces members before he too was shot dead and there's been further violence through thursday afternoon a palestinian drive a shot dead by israeli soldiers near ramallah in what the israeli military
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characterized as an attempted ramming attack israeli settlers stoning palestinian vehicles along route sixty the same highway where the earliest shooting took place for months these races curious stablish what has been warning politicians here of the potential for a renewed eruption of violence in the west bank the events of the last twenty four hours will only have given greater weight to those warnings are a force that al-jazeera westerners. the u.k. parliament will hold a vote on to reason may's breaks that deal as soon as possible in january according to the prime minister's office it comes as mayor has been meeting in new leaders in brussels for two days of talks after surviving a confidence vote from within her ruling conservative party it was triggered by m.p.'s who were unhappy with her withdrawal agreement the e.u. has already cautioned the deal cannot be renegotiated only clarified i'm going to be addressing the european council later and i will be sharing the with legal additional resources that i believe we need to displace the concerns that members
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of parliament have on this issue and i know the twenty seven would also be discussing the deal planning and indeed the government of the u.k. is discussing no deal planning but i think it's i've always said that the best arrangement for everybody for both the u.k. and see this frustrated real deal and get this deal into line. a bill that will legalize abortions as passed its final hurdle in the irish parliament sixty six point four percent of people voted to overturn a ban on abortion in a referendum in may. the bill allows for unrestricted access to abortion up to twelve weeks of pregnancy subject to some restrictions including a consultation with a medical professional and now be given to the president to be signed into law canada has confirmed a second of their citizens has been detained in china with beijing saying he's suspected of endangering their national security michael spiral is
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a chinese based businessmen who organizes trips to north korea including former basketball star dennis rodman's meetings with kim jong un a former canadian diplomat michael couric was also detained on a visit to beijing on monday relations between the two nations have been strained since the arrest of huawei executive make one zero in canada twelve days ago. sri lanka's supreme court has ruled that the president's order to dissolve parliament and hold new elections was unconstitutional and a judgment marks the first time the judiciary has ruled against an executive president in sri lanka the country descended into a political crisis when mr parlor series cena sacked his prime minister run electorate which are a singer who in another blow to the president won a confidence vote on wednesday but now fernandez explains from colombo. allowed to wind up outside the court as news of the judgement broke the seven judge supreme
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court bench had to decide whether sri lanka's president might upon a seriously enter had the authority to sack the entire parliament earlier last month on thursday and said he didn't know their decision was in response to a series of petitions that said the constitution does not allow the president to dissolve parliament before he completes four and a half years of its term the first is in which court actually reviewed an act of an executive president and declared it to be white the president dissolved parliament during a political crisis he triggered when he sacked prime minister around the vehicle missing on twenty sixth october and replaced him with former president mahinda rajapaksa we committing a challenge the decision insisting he commanded the majority in parliament book seriously in an rajapaksa claimed otherwise but when they couldn't prove it the president dissolved parliament this particular. landmark decision
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will give one clear message to all rulers and the ruled that if we are citizens of our country we have to respect the rule of law. despite coming to power in two thousand and fifteen recommitting a lost credibility for not keeping election promises to stamp out corruption and bring previous offenders justice but the president's move to remove him in such a controversial we brought him wide support no matter what side of the political divide you're on one thing is clear the verdict delivered by the supreme court today is historic for sri lanka the fact that the country's highest court found the actions of the executive president unconstitutional but whether this changes the immediate political crisis remains to be seen as al-jazeera colombo
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a fire at a warehouse in the democratic republic of congo has destroyed thousands of voting machines just ten days before elections seven thousand machines which account for eighty percent of the capital kinshasa voting infrastructure have been destroyed voting machines have been a sensitive issue ahead of the vote opposition politicians have held rallies against they use short ballots reports. this is what remains of a large election commission warehouse in kinshasa the capital of the democratic republic of congo inside were voting materials distant for polling seem to throughout the city ahead of presidential elections on december twenty third is that it's a dirty trick because they have guards why didn't they call the fire brigade that night but it's all scheme to find ways of pushing back the elections. it started at about two o'clock in the morning local time and he still may should say even thousand voting machines were destroyed the majority of election materials for
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other provinces had already been delivered. another person took place but we have the impression that this may be a criminal act as the fire was the clarity in two places inside the store in the same moment we cannot say more for now but we would like to ensure our populations that the equipment from kinshasa that burned here will be replaced there is no worry about the coming elections even though the damage is serious and the voting machines are a sensitive subject in the d.l.c. traditionally elections here are decided by pin and paper ballots they arrived for the first time in february when hundred thousand are being distributed across this vast nation the second largest in africa to be used by forty six million registered voters is the government marketed the benefits saying they would cut costs and speed up vote counting. the protests have been how across the country against the use critics have argued they need power to work and only nine percent of the
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country has electricity which is often unreliable others say they are illegal untested and easy to rig at rallies in september and october there was backlash. yes. i know. money did deceased them by. then. we cannot participate in the election. that we know already will fail because of these voting machines. the election commission has yet to confirm whether the fire was caused by arson they are now tasked with salvaging a lake that is already delays and momentous president joseph kabila has been in power since two thousand and one twenty one candidates are vying to replace him what may be the country's first democratic transition of power since independence really sixty years ago charlotte dallas zero. virgin galactic say they could start
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commercial spaceflight as early as next year after their rocket plane reached space for the first time on a test flight spaceship to launch from the mojave desert in the western united states with the help of its twin if his large carrier plane could find itself eighty three kilometers above the earth's surface into suborbital space where the pilot's experiencing weightlessness a successful test comes four years after the crash of the original space ship two virgin plans to offer a ninety minute space flights costing two hundred fifty thousand dollars. catch up pro or quit one day you can catch up any time with our website our desire dot com. let's take another look at the top stories making news on our syria united states senate has unanimously passed a resolution declaring the saudi crown prince responsible for the murder of
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journalist. minutes earlier senators backed another resolution by fifty six to forty one to end u.s. support for the saudi iraqi coalition in yemen. this is now unanimously unanimous way the united states senate has said that crown prince mohammed bin solomon is responsible for the murder of your man can show you that is a strong statement i think it speaks to the values that we hold dear the rest of this resolution does i'm glad the senate is speaking with one voice unanimous voice toward this and there's been a major breakthrough on the final day of talks in sweden between the yemeni government and hooty rebels which organized by the united nations both sides have agreed to a cease fire in the port city of data which is the main route for food and medical aid into yemen and
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a deescalation in the city of ties. french police have killed the gunman who shot three people dead at a christmas market in strassburg on tuesday at least three shots were heard in the lemon or district of strasburg where a police operation was underway to find sharif shakeout. i mean a series of violent incidents between palestinians and israelis in the last twenty four hours two palestinians were killed in different israeli military raids or two israeli soldiers died after a shooting at a bus stop in the occupied west bank and they have been well casualties in separate incidents with ortiz in jordan have deployed hundreds of riot police in a month after protesters marched towards the prime minister's office an estimated fifteen hundred people joined the demonstrations angry about tough austerity measures which are backed by the international monetary fund to guest was fired to discuss to disperse the crowd
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a bill that will legalize abortions as passed its final hurdle in the irish parliament sixty six point four percent of people voted to overturn a ban on abortion in a referendum in may. well we had on this one i won a state is up next life now. those big stories generate fountains of headlights just separate the spin from the facts caravan these facts have lead me to the highly dangerous way for the listening post on al-jazeera. in the philippines president wrote regal deter day has declared a war on drugs has left more than twelve thousand people dead. but they're not the only victims tens of thousands of people are languishing in jail as courts struggle to process a record number of drug arrests but unloveable i thought. why am i here and i
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shouldn't. what is this place. i'm steve cho on this episode of one east we investigate the shocking conditions inside the world's most congested jails and the inmates trying to survive them. it's early in the morning and a full moon is rising. in the shadows lie thousands of bodies waged into every corner of every inch. welcome to manila city jail one of the most congested prisons in the world. we've been given extended access here to find out why childs in the philippines
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a so overcrowded and to meet the inmates who've been called monsters by their own government. so tell me about the jail missed the story here on the south side j. rex preston yera is the jail's chief records office uk even he is shocked by the conditions here right now based on the united nations minimum standards are ideal capacity should be around one thousand one hundred inmates but the actual jail population right now is up to six thousand three hundred inmates. that's almost six hundred percent of the capacity. we should be scared you know because we can be outnumbered . and that's not an exaggeration according to international standards this should be one god for every seven prisoners. the ratio here is one to about two hundred. to cope
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officials have adopted some unusual solutions. i think the most unique is when you use the inmates the police are there you get the elect their own leaders and then we delegate some of our authority again there to me there's. they act as marshals they help us in such a place in order to. post in the era admits the jails here have always been crowded but it has reached unprecedented levels since president rhodri go to to take announced his war on drugs two years ago our jail population has increased by fifty percent since the since twenty six been a time where he took office five zero fifty percent yeah fifty percent.
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in the slums of manilla this war has become infamous for the extrajudicial killing of thousands of drug suspects rights groups accuse the police of being involved. but look beyond the blood shed and you find tens of thousands of people who are incarcerated indefinitely after being arrested for drug crimes. to see this campaign in action we joined the drug enforcement agency on an operation to boston a suspected dealer. in a manila parking lot undercover agents away sing in this car to buy crystal meth or shop from the suspect. almost all of them about another mission out of a bomb about. like that it's
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a tense weiss as agents negotiate the deal so we're still waiting for we're in signal. in the driver of the car. so what will that the lights flash. the agency using to make the rest. it wasn't until. they seized just on the hof a kilo of shabu with a street value of about sixty thousand dollars. how much jail time is looking at. you can be there was he really thought for a few minutes later and then. the operation is a success but our investigation suggests that not all drug arrests on this claim.
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since two thousand and sixteen almost one hundred sixty thousand people have been arrested in the anti narcotics campaign. guilty or not they go straight to prisons like manila city jail. jails in the philippines were built to hold around twenty thousand people but today they take more than one hundred and thirteen thousand most of these people haven't even been convicted of a crime based still waiting for verdicts in the case of. one of the inmates stuck in this limbo is good they're maupassant he's already spent more than two. hundred for a verdict in his drug case. we miss him as he's heading to yet another court hearing. the first time i set foot inside here i felt like i was being choked. i thought where am i why am i here i shouldn't be here
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what is this place. suddenly i found myself crying i was so scared i. was charged with section five and eleven possession and dealing drugs the police report that he. he was busted with zero point two four grams of shampoo but glamour says he was set up by a good cop during a drug operation in his neighborhood only. one a policeman shouted they arrest him he has a gun i was like wait i don't have a go. when they didn't find anything the same policeman said i'm going to charge you with five eleven a much more serious crime. there my says the offices planted evidence against him at the police station in london a day on the table there was already the evidence and they told me to point at it
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so they can take a photo but i refused i said that's not mine why do i have to point out that. they told me do you want us to kill you we should have killed you while ago. they asked me how much can you give i said what do you mean they said just give us two thousand dollars you can bail yourself out. i told them i don't have any money i'm poor. i have to admit i was skeptical of glamor story almost everyone in jail says they're innocent but he says he has no reason to lie he's already pled guilty to the charges. even if you didn't do anything you have to admit to it just so you can plea bargain to be released early . we have to bite the bullet we don't have
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a choice. we're doing this for the sake of our family. there is no bail for drug offenses if glare mo for the charges he could spend years in prison just waiting for a verdict. by pleading guilty he got a reduced sentence that technically he's already served my bias and now. because i know i'm in motion when we get the things. after a long ways. it's finally go there most tune to appear before the judge. but within minutes he's back out in the hallway the judge did not grant his release he still has to have a mandatory drug test to determine if he's an addict and that could take months.
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because their mo is devastated. he was sure he was going home to his family i don't . get that. right. now you're watching a moment then said. but the. muslims having a bomb and begin. their most not the only one having a rough day at the course how many people here i hear for drugs cases raise your hand. most people ok and how many people here had their hearings canceled or postponed. so all of these hearings
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scheduled but as you can see a lot of them never got to come before a judge. every time a hearing is perspire and it prolongs the trial adding months to an inmate's incarceration. the courts a so of a stretch that this happens all the time leaving people stranded behind bars for years. it's enough to push some to suicide by. the. at the jail inmates have set up a support group to help each other cope good morning but maybe it was. six months eleven simply in shock or. near six months like most of the prisoners many here were arrested for drugs but no it was i think about how much.
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more does anybody made you and me. these sessions are led by fifty eight year old dr helio reyes he's one of the prisons longest serving inmates with his trial dragging on now for more than fourteen years. he says is what's kept him a my. mcgovern among my cock up building being. one man up i believe that people should know bank loan mom. was a decorated public servant working for the manila city council but in two thousand and four he was charged with falsifying public documents and embezzling money charges he says were politically motivated what should be done.


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