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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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realize that this war is bringing nothing and going nowhere except for you sure you're going to turn suffering and so i think this has been the usually important agreement there's still a long and potentially difficult road ahead diplomats from the u.n. security council to be meeting discussing the possibility of a resolution next week to endorse the measures that were taken in stockholm the difficult bit though is a last thing political deal for yemen and that is something they still have to come up with james pays out his era at the united nations well no bail hurry is a former u.s. deputy chief of mission in yemen he is optimistic about the future. beyond the atmospherics having come to an agreement on even partial will draws the redeployments mainly and what they the is a very good breakthrough obviously it's not the whole thing but instead of the un
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observers from across the red sea in djibouti they can be right there on the ground instead of one side or the other controlling the port that's excellent and that is the best confidence building measure i think so there will be difficult steps ahead to be sure the whole proxy thing has been exaggerated and has been a game from the beginning. in the end there any outside intervention has not been helpful because for four years it just lead to destruction and death i think right now the un having brought the two parties most directly involved together some kind of a joint resolution on their part to say to all outside powers thank you very much please make sure there is a general cease fire and we'll take it from here that would be excellent the un security council if they can produce a resolution demanding
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a total ceasefire and if the us government can lean on the saudis to stop the aerial bombardment completely i think that would be a terrific second step to this breakthrough in sweden and we can we can look hopefully towards the future. president almost trump's inaugural committee may have misused funds that it raised the wall street journal is reporting that prosecutors are looking into whether some donors gave money in exchange for favors such as policy concessions or influencing the administration's positions mike hanna joins us from washington d.c. mike just how dangerous is this for president trump and what sort of consequences could this have. well at the moment must must be pointed out that this is a single source story the manhattan prosecutor's office soon the report says it's investigating the matter will not comment at all other figures mentioned in the
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report deny any form of comment to essentially the wall street journal is saying that some one hundred two million dollars were raised for that twenty seven thousand inauguration this is twice as much as the previous record which had been established by then candidate obama back in two thousand and nine now the thrust of the report is based on recordings it says were obtained from michael cohen president trump's former lawyer who was sentenced on wednesday to three years imprisonment but this is got to be seen in the wider context and that has to do with wider campaign violations now michael cohen pete is guilty to at least two campaign violations which he insists were carried out with the knowledge of then candid a trump importantly to within the last few days american media inc this is the parent body of the national enquirer has confirmed that it paid money for stories
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that it then did not publish in cooperation and in discussion with then candidate donald trump now all of these issues career guarding campaign finance have got to be seen along with this alleged investigation into misuse of inauguration funds very clearly there is still ongoing investigations on a lot of matters mainly running through at this stage the manhattan prosecutor's office out of there is like hannah there in washington d.c. thanks thanks very much mike. plenty more ahead on the news alan creating a court ruling in sri lanka that's a big setback for the country's president plus. reporting from the u.n. climate talks in poland and they should not relies on coal eighty percent of its energy. and could the twenty twenty two world cup be expanded from thirty two to forty eight teams the president of football's governing body says there is support
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for his idea we'll hear more from him in sport data. after a two day manhunt police in france say they've killed the man they say attacked people at a christmas market and strasburg on tuesday sharif account was killed late on thursday evening off to opening fire at police a new door in the city's south more than seven hundred officers have been involved in the search for twenty for the twenty nine year old after he allegedly killed three people and injured thirteen of his in choose days attack button and smith joins me from strasburg but of this seems like quite the dramatic end to a very large manhunt tell us more about what happened. yeah this is home for sure each account ended up essentially in the area where he grew up just about three kilometers away from the killings of in the stressful christmas market on tuesday night it happened just at the end of the street behind me should cut
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we're in a suburb of strasbourg southeastern suburb of straws books accounts have been spotted by a police patrol we've been on the run in this area since tuesday night the police patrol we're told went to trying to rest him and he shot those police officers and they fired back killing him sure sure sure katz had managed to hide out in this area since tuesday night after he was brought here by a taxi driver. who said he apparently had been wounded by police after the attacks in strand's book market on tuesday night and a reminder there that he sowed panic and chaos through central strasburg on tuesday night after shooting some passers by some shoppers and police and slashing out at others with a knife three people were killed and three others are fighting for their lives in hospital at the moment ben to tell us more about the gunman that they worry is that has attacked might have brought
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a plus of some thought. well you know we have the police haven't given us any indication of that at the moment we know though that he was a criminal with a long history of criminal offenses served jail time here in france and in germany for theft and violent offenses and we know that on the day that he carried out the attacks in the strand market on that morning police had raided his home in this part of southeastern china school trying to arrest him in connection with questioning for an attempted murder in the summer he wasn't in at the time now whether that's what happened on the tuesday morning prompted or provoked the attack later on tuesday night and market we will of course never know because he has been shot by the police but this individual with a long criminal record of a lot of time in prison or well known to the authorities he was also on a list of twenty six thousand people that the french authorities consider
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a potential security risk to the french state but of course as the police will say it is impossible for them to keep tabs on all of those people all of the time al jazeera has been smith there for us live in strasburg thanks banners well while police looked for the suspect hundreds gathered in strasbourg to honor the victims of the attack mourners attended a service of the city's five hundred year old cathedral outside candles were lit and flowers placed at the site of the attack five of the thirteen people injured remain in serious condition britain's prime minister to raise the mayor says she is not expecting an immediate breakthrough as she attempts to renegotiate deal she addressed you leaders in brussels on thursday at an e.u. summit just a day earlier she survived a confidence vote triggered by her own m.p.'s unhappy with her withdrawal agreements they already said the deal cannot be renegotiated clarified here's what
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theresa may said before heading into those days meeting with u.s. officials. i'm going to be addressing the european council later and i will be showing the with legal and political assurances that i believe we need to assuage the concerns that members of parliament have on this issue and i know the e.u. twenty seven will also be discussing the deal planning and indeed the government of the u.k. is discussing their geo planning but i think it's i've always said to the best arrangement travel body for both the u.k. and the us to agree a deal and get this deal over the line china hell has more from brussels. we don't know quite what she said to her fellow twenty seven e.u. leaders before dinner this evening in terms of laying out for them as she said there what she wants in terms of political and legal assurances we don't know quite what it is she's asked for essentially to resign may's got a problem and she's here desperately looking for help to try and solve it she's got this deal that she painstakingly negotiated with the e.u.
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over eighteen months which she knows she cannot pass through her own parliament back in britain because there is a majority of m.p.'s very worried about the so-called northern ireland backstop and worried in particular that the backstop is a sort of constitutional trap that will relegate britain to a customs union arrangement with the e.u. in which it will follow e.u. rules but not have any say in making them potentially indefinitely according to her own legal advice and with no means of escape she wants the e.u. to offer some means of escape or legal assurance that somehow the backstop isn't all of those things the problem really is one of logic the backstop is an insurance policy ensuring that there can be no hard border on the island of ireland in the event that no trade arrangement is struck with the e.u. in the future where you don't have an insurance policy if it's a time limited and b if one of the two parties can simply jump out of it whenever they want to and that's really the problem she's got so there will be some vague assurances wording in a conclusion document we've already seen
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a draft of it that will assure the british that the e.u. doesn't like the backstop either that nobody really wants it to come to pass and if it does everyone will work very hard to make it go away as quickly as possible but legally surance is that the backstop isn't what the backstop is in the withdrawal agreement i think she's not going to get that. sri lanka's supreme court has ruled the president's order to dissolve parliament and hold new elections was unconstitutional the judgment marks the first time the judiciary has ruled against a president in sri lanka the country descended into a political crisis when presidents miter palace there a sellout sacked his prime minister running the crossing in elephant and as reports from colombo. allowed to wind up outside the court as news of the judgment broke the seven judge supreme court bench had to decide whether she lanka's president might your partner seriously and had the authority to sack the entire parliament earlier last month on thursday and said he didn't. their decision was in response
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to a series of petitions that said the constitution does not allow the president to dissolve parliament before it completes four and a half years of its term the first is in which court actually reviewed an act of an executive president and declared it to be white the president dissolved parliament during a political crisis he triggered when he sacked prime minister on a vehicle missing on twenty sixth october and replaced him with former president mahinda rajapaksa. bigger missing a challenge the decision insisting he commanded the majority in parliament book serious enough and rajapaksa claimed otherwise but when they couldn't prove it the president dissolved parliament this particular. landmark decision will give one clear message. to our rulers and the ruled that. if we are citizens of our country we have to respect
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the rule of law. despite coming to power in two thousand and fifteen became a signal lost credibility for not keeping election promises to stamp out corruption and bring previous offenders justice but the president's move to remove him in such a controversial we brought him wide support no matter what side of the political divide your run one thing is clear the verdict delivered by the supreme court today is historic for sri lanka the fact that the country's highest court found the actions of the executive president unconstitutional but whether this changes the immediate political crisis remains to be seen. colombo police have clashed with demonstrators in jordan and the latest protest against new income tax laws tear gas was used to despair surround a thousand people who gathered near prime minister omar results as office and amal
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on thursday jordanians have been holding protests since parliament approved legislation last month the critics say increases taxes for low and middle class families still ahead on al-jazeera. a setback for election officials in the democratic republic of congo just days before an election for a new neda. pageant galactic says it could start commercial spaceflight as an early as next year after its rocket reached space been a best time on a test flight. and boxes canelo alvarez and rocky fielding gear up for their title bout in new york that's coming up in sports but santa. and i were almost still in season this transition in the snow and the ice which showed itself in the southeast in states for
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a few from north carolina down to as georgia and beyond is about to replace by rain and melt and when that happens in the rains showing up here on issues and states you like to get record a lot of water all at once the flood potential has increased significantly for these studies and the top when the sun snows come out of it but not mushy to think that's not much of a problem and to the west it's clouding up on the pacific coast but the rain sun far as production in british columbia is just coming across the border into washington than northern california has snow of course on the mountains at the same time this rain is rather slow to go it's moving slowly north was in washington warmed up as high as new york so you get rain on top of any remaining snow here too i mean the junior which is likely to melt the flood potentials back was wrong time of the year really south this isn't quite so this is more like it should be the caribbean apart from occasional light daily show isn't very much rain at all but there are streaks of cloud indicating what's strewn across the gulf of mexico from the u.s. this is one for friday increasing the rain potential in billy's in mexico and still
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in honduras one hundred has had some recent flooding could be more to come. he fled to protect his life but denied asylum a congolese activist must return home facing an uncertain future he once again finds himself at the forefront of a political revolution but fighting for democracy can come at a heavy personal cost. back to kinshasa a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the tunisian scientist who led a double life so secret even kept it from his family. but his activities would have a military impact for which he would pay the ultimate price.
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out as zero world investigates the life and death of mahmoud's. the tunisian drone engineer. welcome back i missed on a reminder of our top stories this hour. the u.s. senate has passed a resolution to end all military support for the saudi embassy coalition fighting in yemen and a separate legislation senators blamed saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond for the mud of journalist jamal khashoggi. yemen's warring sides have been meeting in
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sweden have agreed to a ceasefire and her data the u.n. says that under the deal government forces and who the fighters have agreed to withdraw from the port city it's the main supply route for getting aid into the country. after a two day manhunt police in france have killed the man they say attacked people at a christmas market and stroudsburg on tuesday sharif the couch was killed late on thursday evening more than seven hundred offices have been involved in the search for the twenty nine year old after he allegedly killed three people and she stays intact. saudi arabia's government has been buying its own stocks to conceal the effects of the political fallout caused by the murder of jamal khashoggi the wall street journal reports that foreign investors dumped saudi stocks when news of death came to light it says the royal court has been ordering its public investment company to buy off stocks when markets are down to make sure local indexes doesn't plummet it's the strategy of the kingdom used after it launched the blockade on cata as well as off to the detention of lebanon's prime minister best my money is
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professor of political science at the university of waterloo in canada she joins us on skype from there this mattel us a little more about how this might work and how widespread this might have been when would we have seen this kind of buying behavior. well it looks like the role street journal's been tracking this and showed that indeed multiple times when there's been sort of a crisis of confidence and potentially a real drop in the stock value of the the market you've seen the sovereign wealth fund basically intervene to buy back some of those stock to basically. change the the message or a deal or that somehow there is a problem in the stock market so it's an intervention obviously it's not good news for saudi arabia a stock market is supposed to be in syria allow you know supply and demand to speak for itself and of course this is a big part of what is mohamed been so man the crown prince's vision of twenty thirty
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a very ambitious economic reform plan to show that there is confidence in the saudi economy and if that's not the case and there's government intervention i think it doesn't bode well for the optics of of this kind of private sector led type of growth there's no we've seen other countries like china try to control their stock markets to what set saudi arabia's behavior pot. well i mean i think that people expect this of the chinese government you know it's pretty much a state run economy and in many ways so to arabia has historically been that way but you know the real effort of vision twenty thirty and much of the economic plans that have been in place for the past you know three years or so have been trying to change that both in terms of trying to attract foreign investment but of course i think more importantly trying to get saudis themselves to invest in their economy to change the relationship between the state and the citizens to be less of one of dependency and more of the people frankly investing in their own economy and of
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course what this really shows is that there isn't nearly as much confidence amongst the domestic population in the economy itself which again speaks volumes about how people feel about their own future. bessemer in terms of market analysts who might be watching this play out especially ones in saudi arabia how might they be reacting would would a saudi economic advisor or a saudi economist be supportive of a policy like this. well i mean you know again study or break now isn't a very you know political say a crackdown at the moment so i think it's very difficult for many dependent economists and analysts to speak up or criticize the government's move we have a number of very prominent economists who are part of the the supporters of the vision twenty thirty who are in fact in prison at the moment so they'll be very difficult for people to independently disagree with this move but i think fair to say that any sort of market analyst who works in this industry would be frankly
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appalled by this kind of intervention it's not something that one wants to see it does create this fake market so to speak of the stock exchange and again it's not the kind of conference you want to build in a plan that is meant to sort of be more probe market pro i think investors and again really trying to espouse that confidence in the domestic economy based on the money they're speaking to us from canada thanks for your time and thoughts. thank you to palestinians and two israeli soldiers have been killed in a series of violent incidents over the past twenty four hours the palestinian deaths came in israel israeli military raids while the two israeli soldiers died and later attacks how the force of reports from wester aslan. even without the privilege of a particularly violent night this would have been a major incident and now it risks becoming part of a wider escalation the israeli military said at least one palestinian man got out
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of a car near this bus stop in the occupied west bank and fired on a group of soldiers and civilians the army said two soldiers were killed one seriously injured. israelis innocent israelis standing at a bus stop is acceptable i will not accept this terror here in binyamin here in israel and we're going to have answers to this we expect the government to build as many homes as possible to do everything possible to stop this. israeli army says hamas has been establishing what it calls terror infrastructures and units for attacks in the west bank as it began a manhunt the nearby city of ramallah the seat of the palestinian authority was declared a closed military zone roads in and out choked with stationary traffic in a statement the palestinian president condemned the cycle of violence blaming it on israeli incursions incitement and the stalled peace process. in gaza hamas celebrated the attack. we praised hysteric and brave operation which is
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a natural reaction is to crimes of the israeli occupation and violations against our people it all follows two overnight raids in which israeli forces shot and killed two palestinian suspected of carrying out recent attacks in the northern city of nablus soldiers stormed a building and shot dead. who made been hunting since an attack in october in which two of his israeli coworkers were killed in a separate raid soldiers shot dead silent barghouti the suspected gunman in sunday's drive by shooting near the legal settlement of it came just hours after the death of a baby who was delivered prematurely by a woman injured in the attack. and in the early hours of thursday an attack in occupied east jerusalem in the old city a palestinian man stabbing and injuring two israeli security forces members before he too was shot dead and there's been further violence through thursday afternoon a palestinian drive a shot dead by israeli soldiers near ramallah in what the israeli military
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characterized as an attempted ramming attack israeli settlers stoning palestinian vehicles along route sixty the same highway where the earliest shooting took place for months these races cutey establishment has been warning politicians here of the potential for a renewed eruption of violence in the west bank the events of the last twenty four hours will only have given greater weight to those warnings are a force that al-jazeera westerners. eritrea's president. is in mogadishu for talks with somali leaders as the to rebuild diplomatic relations. the two nations agreed to restore ties in july ending fifteen years of hostilities somalia had accused eritrea of supporting the armed groups. a fire as a warehouse in the democratic republic of congo has destroyed thousands of voting machines the first presidential election in seven years is due to be held in just ten days time the lexan commission says the vote will go ahead chad at best reports
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. this is what remains of a large election commission warehouse in kinshasa the capital of the democratic republic of congo inside were voting materials distant for polling seem to throughout the city ahead of presidential elections on december twenty third is a dirty trick because they have guards why didn't they call the fire brigade that night but it's all scheme to find ways of pushing back the elections. it started at about two o'clock in the morning local time more than nine thousand voting machines were destroyed the majority of election materials for other provinces had already been delivered not impatient so. we have the impression that this may be a criminal act as the fire was declared in two places inside the store in the same moment we cannot say more for now but we would like to ensure our populations that the equipment from kinshasa that burned here will be replaced there is no worry about the coming elections even though the damage is serious. voting machines are
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a sensitive subject in the sea traditionally elections here are decided by pin and paper ballots they arrive for the first time in february when hundred thousand are being distributed across this vast nation the second largest in africa to be used by forty six million registered voters is the government marketed the benefits saying they would cut costs and speed up vote counting. the protests have been held across the country against their use critics have argued they need power to work and only nine percent of the country has electricity which is often unreliable others say they are illegal untested and easy to rig at rallies in september and october there was backlash. yes. i know they have only the money plated deceased them by using decent machines and having a dubious vote does just that we can all participate in elections that we know
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already will fail because of these voting machines. the election commission has yet to confirm whether the fire was caused by arson they are now tasked with salvaging an election that is already known delays and momentous president joseph kabila has been in power since two thousand and one twenty one candidates are vying to replace him what may be the country's first democratic transition of power since independence really sixty years ago charlotte dallas. a bill that will legalize abortion says past its final hurdle in the irish parliament sixty six point four percent of people voted to overturn a ban on abortion in a referendum in may the bill allows for unrestricted access to abortion up to twelve weeks of pregnancy subject to some restrictions including a consultation with a medical professional and will now be given to the presidents to be signed into law.
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a group of forty eight countries as appealed for grace a unity between poor and rich nations and there's more focus on countries like poland which is hosting the cup twenty four climate summit there cole is the primary source of energy in a clock reports from kassovitz. across poland this is still a familiar sight the smoke of domestic coal fires burning to keep the chill of winter at bay and it's a scene replicated by the chimneys of millions of homes across the country. you know the the acrid smell of coal smoke in the air in this part of the city of kind of it's where the climate conference is being held is almost overpowering and you can really see why in the weeks leading up to the climate conference that the city was found to be the second most polluted in the whole of europe. i head off to meet me called dhamma sick third generation miner he receives sacks of coal as part of his pay to feed the hungry boiler that heats his home. this is the way ninety
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percent of rural people heat their properties gas is coming more and more to the cities but coal is still prevalent the climate conference wants to change things i don't think it's possible in our country because the mining industry is too established people would lose jobs. it's not just emissions from the chimneys of people's homes but also of course from the coal fired power stations that provide eighty percent of the nation's electricity it's an industry that provides sixty thousand jobs in industry into the fabric of the salafis in region of poland and live history many say is it to stay. coal plays a big part in the so-called energy equation and it's important because simply we have it with the sixth biggest producer of coal and i don't see it changing we need to make the important distinction between coal mining and c o two emissions we can still use coal but in all friendly ways it's clear these are sensitive times for
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polish coal twenty kilometers from cuts of it this happens. so we literally just arrived started filming the premises here and security from the cold to arrive in the college to sit in the calling the police they don't want to hear it too after some debate we're moved on we can't film at the site say to the hay city stand inside the conference venue remember it's all about t.v. up our climate and polish coal is the theme is coal jewelry is coal sape three of the event sponsors the coal companies this is a time and of our past we need to focus on our future and in my opinion if you turn and therefore see this yeah it's green in poland there will be up to one hundred thousand new jobs created in green economy sector in two thousand and fifteen so there is an alternative the most important is to call me u.k.
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miners poland's president john jay do says he will not lead others mud at the polish coal industry coal is here to stay he says it's evident that for coal dependent nations like poland the transition to clean energy is a long long way on. al-jazeera kind of itself. while those talks at the climate conference in poland from maine deadlocked they when secretary general says failure to agree on just how to implement the paris agreement of twenty sixteen would be suicidal scientists say we have a little more than a decade maybe two to cap global warming to a moderate but still serious level that. our planet is heating up and fast what once took hundreds of thousands of years has happened in decay since the industrial revolution where burned fossil fuels or guess and coal to power our changing world and pumped carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the
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atmosphere the guess is lit the sun's light in but stopped some of that heat escaping warming the planet much like the glass walls of a greenhouse it's now one degree hotter since pre-industrial times where on trek to so past one point five degrees celsius and around twelve years and three degrees at least by the year twenty one hundred our oceans are expanding as they warm arctic sea ice glaciers are melting sea levels have risen by around twenty two seem to meters since eight hundred eighty and that's it just one degree imagine that in our planet at triple that this is the coastal city of shanghai in a three degree world more than seventeen million of you your homes your businesses your lives could be swallowed up by the rising tide the coastal city of miami could cease to exist many of you joining hundreds of millions of climate.


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