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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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when you were. there a lot of that lot of them did. not see the sort. of the library the off the. zoom or the you would this isn't even with this image. oh. we're sure.
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the least. bit close. off pull over. your head. i think. your hole with. that is on the single yoked on the bottom line is
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maybe a t. thing almost equal money. they've got gonna lose some of you not still. think i'm only barely one's own mobile phone long. that's a collage i mean he's in big government. a plane. by lou vikki i could. not please all. you know maybe but he's been all about the office. oh. there
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was the old girl of. her own still was over there for her was it oh the. the i don't know. if you. were. there with you but i think a. lot of. the show was a long long long long since the yeah yeah oh ok as are three shows up on my team that come up that you must must jambalaya at the. top of the but imo. no indications of. the it was at the core her.
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was one of the only one of her yeah it was all over the globe for her it was that her and her brother were was the car was the cause was. yeah the current the yeah it was the was was the was out of the world but the it.
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was that was was i was it was going to over was no no it was like you are the world was in the was not limitless how do you like to. miss it got me to come back to you by the might was the one that made a submissive i'm alone i thought i was a good good i want to lose the moon this if i do not one it was. was. was. was would
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be not only. was. the. you know is a michael mobile space you. see kiddie. he did face press he was sure i played. in the apology i was a little. no no no i'm meeting you on the make. you see kidney. i was up. early.
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the. day or. she was going to school i used. the come. stai a chair on. the street. corner lot before. well nobody would be kyung any of you knew holcomb the music. the little the little the in the sick or wounded yeah betty. i will
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tell us what you thought was a lot about that. in the us was that the clothes. the better not worn that over the little over the little the little her the full the have the hul who the earth the. the clothes. the. there are. the jews are the one who don't want the.
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only. thing. the. good good good good the. guy. who was. not you who might be doing to whom. will come up go go. to war you. were not there was also up on a bus or where you were a tree of life you would reduce the. number where it would probably go
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if i said much. of a whole. lot of it would be. resistors . could it be that. the the. was . well look at what it will go to the government that is on the ark with me and that. there was enough that it is not over the it was. like that without looking. around at the world
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at all with the at will. the wish to give the people just what cell phone. that it was because gary said it's very. nice out for us we believe god get all this it is do i have a little bit of a school but this is getting sick of students of the sort of fish you know. from past you see about going on and you know some will do some shit who's up for. the oath he'll sniffled he won't save us all we need to meet here is i don't see all this out there he says that. you are very soon doing this issue of
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ways of doing this and you needn't go up it should. be able to get his dues of that you will be moved it will suck wolf they have to believe the new. name on the log who lives up to the. well as they both believe to the old. saying is it will suck any more. one of them that will be good to me i thought it was the only. well. you want to see didn't i. did. one of these the last thing i did was. when i got down on the roof because you do not believe or any of the actors will promise you it was not when the book at the department was on. fire will be delivered to the front that is my fault suitable to go to.
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the someone local. to see it in. the news with a fine seal of the mind that it was things that you see in day. long did you notice that is that a lot of them or not that is good but nobody down. yet who. have anything metal on it that. you are and. that is that the knowing bad well fuck it is not going to. come on that people are. a bit difficult to get it if the date is that it will be some of those who do not united. i think or that it hopefully if they. will move along morally. i think that it will a lot of. good.
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mood if you can do what i do see do. you guys. do what's going to go so we do that because conservatives were basically that cthulhu needed to school that because it got us into it and i was in the system to get it out. of the bungling. good you're going to get ready to go it was. good it was good. for you it. was all over the load because we're going to. close down one of the it was an.
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illusion. so the size. of the zif if he. did it. was. that and did. that and it was still. you you did it and they. debo you he's a cop he done when i've been you know who you see kids. were young.
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it's cute. escape plan om way over one well wolf we saw coming up some local. news about now but i. have been. through a shift at the local sense of n.p.r. sunday now about a new hold. on a sunday. the running of the likes of amazing learning the lord of the lord and i mean. mitt they beat the last time.
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as britain prepares to exit the e.u. people in power investigates disturbing allegations about the tactics used by the winning leave campaign we know that the law was broken and we know that campaigns i've spent we know that russia tried to build a relationship with one of the key campaigns paid for brics it people in power on al-jazeera. the latest news as a free press yellow that's the bell you. will continue not only include night but into next week with detailed coverage classical criticism of capitalist economics two zero eight fifty six billion dollar i am answerable to argentina from around the world these are the victims of one of the world's most forgotten conflicts and without agent help they could become a lost generation. xenophobia
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violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. al-jazeera infiltrates one of the continent's past describing far right organizations and exposes links to members of the european parliament and marine the pen's national party generation the hate. part of a special two pot investigation on al jazeera. hello i missed us here today in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. senate has passed a resolution to end all military support for the saudi and rossi coalition fighting in yemen in a separate vote senate as blames the saudi crown prince lama bin salad for the
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murder of journalists. this is now unanimously unanimously the united states senate has said that crown prince mohammed bin solomon is responsible for the murder of your man can show you that is a strong statement i think it speaks to the values that we hold dear the rest of this resolution does i'm glad the senate is speaking with one voice unanimously toward this and yemen's warring sides who have been meeting in sweden have agreed to a ceasefire and her data at the u.n. says that under the deal government forces and her three fighters have agreed to withdraw from the port city it's the main supply route for getting aid into the country after a two day manhunt police in france have found and killed the man they say attacked people at a christmas market and strasburg on tuesday sharif accounts was killed on thursday evening after opening fire on police three people were killed and thirteen others
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injured in the attack fire has destroyed thousands of voting machines in the democratic republic of congo just days before the presidential election the electoral commission says flames swept through a warehouse in the capital kinshasa around seven thousand machines and election materials were banned the government says it will quickly replace the machines and the election on december twenty third will go ahead as planned. eritrea's president where he is in mogadishu for talks with somali leaders as the to rebuild diplomatic relations the two nations agreed to restore ties in july ending fifteen years of hostilities somalia had to create had accused eritrea of supporting the armed group al-shabaab. a bill that will legalize abortions in island has passed its final hurdle in parliament the bill allows for unrestricted access to abortion up to twelve weeks of pregnancy but subject to some restrictions
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it now moves to the president's desk by his signature back in may sixty six pe percent of people voted to overturn a ban on abortions those are the headlines i'll be back with more news after witness and monday put it well on the edges iraq u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war.
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i. think julianne will still see the connection. between just because it's interesting kitty and the movie should we took it was emotional it was you were in cheek and concerned and i don't do bookkeeping that is now a little one who each year should be getting used to going to jail much i don't need to be somewhat. of a crystal could be to conduct a book you teach it is going to somebody that you know and if you're a good t.v. radio phone and secure data comes out so silly i mean they can they will but you know what are you well when you know about him but he's ok with ok.
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ok there. was somewhere i feel there are there. i think i am i was. i was exposed. to so. i. was sorry so it was i i was. i was
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i am i checked. i. i i i was i. was somebody. was. somebody coming up on. was. done.
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such. that.
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you think. you. can take a much tissue question. condition . i'm going. on to say conditional on it it. is you saying. it was someone to hold up the nose on and. doesn't know. who he. was on ash what b.
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p. u for it to bunk was saying some not but by the d.p.s. . people. with. this yellow funnel like. he wants you to new that he's lost. his life now you're going out on the. money. and all see. we'll see. we'll see light enough i mean good night i was going to give myself it was your right
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it was then that well. because. he has no money. and it is. easy to see. the ending it must be awful good to me i don't know who's with me now to sort of make him up with jose who will be businesses be made within us that will be. my . friend you don't. want me to get it soon i'm not cool with my kids tell you what you know you. tell us you know but he wasn't what you seem like he lifted him to you by a. little sooner you will have you it isn't us that. but what is the story up on the hour we will be we will ask your guests to vote no monarchist if you know movie
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me. movie market with me kooky police are tearing. up about what you start here. by evil will be built to believe in love with no book you are critical to not you. will need a new book no need to secure a modest amount to. do email in book is out now for two more b c c you do we need plug in talking to you. and there will be dealing with us to get ideas that. magnificent certainly don't want to hear. me just. don't like you having a ball and still up on the homework was. shocking moving the start with your live shows the resume look you here's a movie who's like me more give me don't make me the new cool with
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a lot. well qualified people. will be all alone because i'm off work music is all about the jobs that is unique would be completely new to me one of those you love when you call him mr. liddy do you believe we need to. look for new documents to meet your needs but also so you want me to see my mom book or lose your i want to be more but then logically follows. look. it's a. busy monday.
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being on my. to i'm going to be easy but. it was.
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no way of saying no michael v.m. would do it when i'm with i. don't have a five man number no live there no you don't design up without buzzing out about only being about anything i can chat about with me i guess i might be. ok so his id it more annoying is that i give up on my d v r m would do it when i'm with jackie. or ben maybe so the law was eight that was about to say that you were being idealizing with the. combat much as it was i was here who is a woman well you know what was going on with the elite near the beginning it was like this is you know this is indeed because i can't believe you will be the bad
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guy that he was you before because i didn't need more with you come back we will start again i thought i did you guys decide to do now the stars ok. so you can open forgive. my dig up but they got in there anybody ok because last would sound won't be long a dual yet mr knight. ok ok which one was i don't do it mr america and up onto that impose it would sit in that oval like sheep. who do do all. that i do but they don't own them.


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