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without a deal is unthinkable here but the help the prime minister seeks may be out of reach. not that i cannot see is changing. we can of course talk about additional insurances but on this the twenty seven member states will appear united and will make their interests clear it will be can possible to bring. the negotiations with. the sick but. we must not start renegotiating again we are not here to renegotiate earlier made it clear without high hopes i don't expect an immediate breakthrough but what i do hope is that we can start to work as quickly as possible on the shore and says if necessary i will be showing the fifth legal and political assurances i believe we need to assuage the concerns that members of parliament have on this issue there is appointed which all of this becomes potentially terminal for tourism breaks a deal but not quite yet in january it will be decided in the british parliament
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and such is the professed willingness of e.u. leaders to help that there's talk of a january summit here as well at which point maybe some final concessions can be made. but there is a fundamental difficulty in the logic of prime minister may's problem dissenting u.k. m.p.'s want britain to be able to control the mechanisms of the so-called northern . but that would render the backstop worthless as the insurance policy it's intended to be against a hard border on the island of ireland. it's a very good health. coverage and no amount of good will changes that. brussels still ahead on al-jazeera. the first. flight. early as next year.
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hello for iran and the levant the weather is turd quantic and cold by night the sunny by day except when you see the cloud which is back in the caucasus and they have a turkey where recently it has brought some snow the remaining rain to the northeast of iraq has gone apart from occasional flurries a snow on friday in turkey on the high ground you'll notice it disappears and i'm correct a slightly warm saturday at seven degrees in fact attention by routes up to twenty one by this time and with more or less cloud free except around the caspian coast heading south similar sort of story most declared for a bit of an all the breeze keeping the temperature in the middle twenty's the u.a.e. and for qatar and the low thirty's from mecca where that breeze actually increases and is a potential for a shower or thunderstorm near riyadh and the same is true in the high ground in
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east and among during saturday cloud also looks as increasing on the amount of coast near or in the notes for breeze from the northeast or is indicative of the right time of the year and we finally got that sort of weather in central southern africa after from angola eastward and then down towards mozambique in madagascar should be wet now and it is wet and the same time is going to all settle down quite warm in botswana counts in the sinai the cape town is too cool. a reporter's retreat in a brutal civil war if the commodore hadn't been the israeli invasion would not have been so well for the commodore had become a journalistic center you could be in the safe enclave and then you went out into civil war and started off leaving the school of a grad suite at the commodore hutto the next room i was in was underground in
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a tiny prison so as a hostage beirut the commodore war hotels on al-jazeera. are watching out to syria let's recap the top stories right now the u.s. senate has passed a resolution to end all military support for the saudi immorality coalition fighting and yemen and a separate vote senators claim saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon for the murder of journalist mark schleifstein. emmons warring sides who are been meeting in sweden have agreed to a ceasefire and the data at the u.n. says that under the deal government forces and who the fighters have agreed to withdraw from the port city it's the main supply route for getting aid into the
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country and britain's prime minister tracy may says she's not expecting an immediate breakthrough if she attempts to renegotiate her bracks a deal she met a new leaders in brussels on thursday a day after surviving a no confidence vote by her own in these. two palestinians and serious violation holders have been killed in a series of violent incidents over a twenty four hour period the palestinian deaths came during israeli military raids while the two israeli soldiers died and suffered attacks are fostered reports i must respond. even without the president of a particularly violent my. this would have been a major incident now it risks becoming part of a wider escalation the israeli military said at least one palestinian man got out of a car near this bus stop in the occupied west bank and fired on a group of soldiers and civilians the army said two soldiers were killed one seriously injured. the murder of israelis innocent israelis standing at
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a bus stop is unacceptable we will not accept this terror here in binyamin here in israel and we're going to have answers to this we expect the government to build as many homes as possible to do everything possible to stop this terror. israeli army says hamas has been establishing what it calls terror infrastructures and units for attacks in the west bank as it began a manhunt the nearby city of ramallah the seat of the palestinian authority was declared a closed military zone roads in and out choked with stationary traffic in a statement the palestinian president condemned the cycle of violence blaming it on israeli incursions incitement and the stalled peace process. in gaza hamas celebrated the attack. we praised as herrick and brave a parade in which is a natural reaction is to crimes of the israeli occupation and violations against our people it all follows two overnight raids in which israeli forces shot and killed two palestinians suspected of carrying out recent attacks in the northern
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city of nablus soldiers stormed a building and shot dead. whom they'd been hunting since an attack in october in which two of his israeli coworkers were killed in a separate raid soldiers shot dead solid barghouti the suspected gunman in sunday's drive by shooting near the legal settlement of it came just hours after the death of a baby who was delivered prematurely by a woman injured in the attack. and in the early hours of thursday an attack in occupied east jerusalem in the old city a palestinian man stabbing and injuring two israeli security forces members before he too was shot dead and there's been further violence through thursday afternoon a palestinian drive a shot dead by israeli soldiers near ramallah in what the israeli military characterized as an attempted ramming attack israeli settlers stoning palestinian vehicles along route sixty the same highway where the earliest shooting took place for months these races cutey establishment has been warning politicians here of the
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potential for a renewed eruption of violence in the west bank the events of the last twenty four hours will only have given greater weight to those warnings are a force that al-jazeera westerners. as president. for talks with somali leaders as they rebuild diplomatic relations the two nations agreed to restore ties in july ending fifteen years of hostility. war. a sign of the rapidly changing times in the horn of africa. eritrea as president. presence in mogadishu talks with the somali leader mohammed. his first ever visit and a continuing attempt to mend what has often been fraught relations between the two countries following orders from eritrea's own softening stance but at school the enemy. there is much riding on this visit past somali administrations had accused eritrea of supplying weapons to al shabab eritrean
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government has repeatedly denied this saying the accusations were concocted by ethiopia but since july this year both countries said they plan to a stop diplomatic relations as ties improved across the horn of africa by ethiopia's new reformist leader. the two presidents discussed how to strengthen economic and security cooperation in the somali government has been campaigning for a lifting of the arms and. this visit is also about strengthening the recent transformations in the african countries somalia ethiopia and eritrea. another factor in the talks the strategic importance of the area representatives from six countries bordering the red sea and the gulf of aden met in riyadh on wednesday saudi arabia has been seeking an alliance as the area is vital to global shipping and increasingly a contentious issue with regional rivals like iran turkey and qatar so far no
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agreement has been reached meanwhile president off work his visit comus somalia's president up to law he faced an impeachment motion filed in parliament last week one of the grounds for the impeachment is allegations the president secretly signed agreements with ethiopia and eritrea that move failed trumped perhaps by a desire to transform the state of play in this region that has borne witness to conflicts and the humanitarian devastation they caused the meeting on thursday is the third time this year that the leaders will have met and attempt to reset to troubled relationship in a highly tense region. a decision by sri lanka's president to dissolve parliament was unconstitutional that was the judgment from the country's supreme court. saying i wanted to trigger a snap election after sacking as prime minister and naming the former president. to the post
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a bill that will legalize abortions has passed its final hurdle in the irish parliament the bill allows for under strict access to abortion up to twelve weeks of pregnancy or in conditions where there is a risk to the life of the pregnant woman it now moves to the president's desk for her signature back in may sixty six percent of people voted to overturn a ban on abortion. the presidential palace in mexico is usually off limits but the country's newly elected leader is changing that manual lopez obrador has opened up the residence to the public. home and was among those who went along for the tour in mexico city. the presidential residence los pinos has always been shrouded in secrecy sealed off toward mary mexicans last week that suddenly changed the new president under his money while loop is over the door opened the gates since then crowds have been swarming in to take a look at the imposing buildings and to even roam around the president's private
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office. it's excellent a privilege for all mexicans to been here enjoying the wonders we were all missing out on because it was always close palatial houses cabins and look tree conference rooms with all the fittings around of alaska's was taking full advantage for a fifty birthday photo session the all important can see on us the way. this is ours really we built this with our own money so it feels good that they've opened the doors. the new president says los pinos will become a cult true center to live instead ms own house it's part of his drive which is also seen him selling the presidential plane and traveling to his inauguration and his old volkswagen jetta epifanio who traveled from two hours away to visit thorley approves. of me can always come to you that's why the mexican people made the change because of so much corruption and poverty officials enjoyed the best planes
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the best shoes for their children while the poor in the hills walk barefoot but his wife rosa isn't so sure about opening up most people's don't they get a look at that dirt over there that are in it to me no scum ok he's opened it up well it's very nice but give it a year it's going to get very dirty. there's certainly a lot to clean not just the extensive grounds and houses but a few extra features this is the private cinema underneath the main presidential residence and the guides who tell us the directors themselves used to occasionally show the president their films there and there's another interesting room if you move along this corridor. this is the bunker built by former president felipe calderon and he might have thought that he needed it because the so-called drug war started shortly after he came to power. off to seeing you these little students weren't sure if the new president's gesture means much or is just to show no signs
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you know what i'm i don't know if it's really a good idea if you really want to do it or if it's just to get points to show he lives like the people then he may feel the same about a populous president whether they agree with lopez obrador as decision or not this certainly no shortage of visitors don't hold with al-jazeera mexico city. a group of forty eight countries meeting at the top twenty four climate summit in poland has appealed for greater unity between poor and richer nations scientists seem to have little more than a decade maybe two to cap global warming to a moderate but still serious level around the han has more our planet is heating up and fast what once took hundreds of thousands of years has happened in decay since the industrial revolution where burned fossil fuels or oil gas and coal to power our changing world and pumped carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into
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the atmosphere the gases lit the sun's light but stopped some of that heat escaping warming the planet much like the glass walls of a greenhouse it's now one degree hottest since pre-industrial times where on trek to so past one point five degrees celsius and around twelve years and three degrees at least by the year twenty one hundred our oceans are expanding as they warm arctic sea ice glaciers are melting. sea levels have risen by around twenty two seem to meet his since eight hundred eighty and that's it just one degree imagine then our planet at triple that this is the coastal city of shanghai in a three degree world more than seventeen million of you your homes your businesses your lives could be swallowed up by the rising tide the coastal city of miami could
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cease to exist many of you joining hundreds of millions of climate refugees from coastal cities around the world on the current trajectory expected stream weather events to increase along with insurance premiums for homes and our health our water supplies and l. food will be affected some crops just won't grow with they once did and they in this the declining health of our oceans the carbon dioxide they absorb is making the waters acidic large underwater areas are becoming uninhabitable from the heat. all of this amounts to a compelling case to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions and make the switch to clean energy problem as the world's climate change experts say al pledges in paris three years ago and nearly enough and fact to global c o two emissions have gone up for the second year in a row the fossil fuels industry still powers most economies growing grain requires
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long term thinking and the bite of change. times be sharp some world leaders appear more concerned with winning votes to stay in office no i don't. know you probably don't then how future generations might judge their actions some of us are already taking action the consequences if we don't we'll be catastrophic this isn't a job for the future generations for most of us irreversible damage to our planet will happen in our lifetimes. fortune galactic says it could start commercial space flights as early as next year this comes after its rocket reached space for the first time on a test flight spaceship to launch from the mojave desert in the western u.s. and reached eighty three kilometers above the earth's surface the successful test comes four years after the crash of the original spaceship two earch a galactic plans to offer ninety minutes base flights for two hundred fifty
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thousand dollars. we now have a space that is capable of going to space we'll do more test flights and we'll learn something from each of those test flights then the whole program moves to new mexico to a beautiful spaceport we have that i will go up and then after i've been up. paying passengers who want to become astronauts will will follow and i hope that in the years to come many people watching this program will go to space and become astronauts. says out to syria these are the top stories of the u.s. senate has passed a resolution to end all military support for the saudi iraqi coalition fighting in yemen and a separate that senators blame saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon for the murder of journalist mark associate this is now
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unanimously unanimously the united states senate has said that crown prince mohammed bin solomon is responsible for the murder of jamelle can show you that is a strong statement i think it speaks to the values that we hold dear the rest of this resolution does i'm glad the senate is speaking with one voice unanimously toward this and. emmons warring sides who have been meeting in sweden have agreed to a ceasefire in who data the u.n. says that as part of the deal government forces and who the fighters have agreed to withdraw from the port city it's the main supply route for getting aid into the country after a two day manhunt police in france have found and killed a man they say attacked people at a christmas market on stross forward on tuesday trade chicago was killed on thursday evening after opening fire on police three people were killed and thirteen others injured in tuesday's attack britain's prime minister says she's not
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expecting an intermediate breakthrough as she attempts to renegotiate her brakes a deal theresa may met a year leaders in brussels on thursday a day earlier she survived a no confidence vote triggered by her own m.p.'s are unhappy with her withdrawal agreement a bill that legalizes abortions in ireland has passed its final hurdle and parliament the bill louse for unrestricted access to abortion up to twelve weeks of pregnancy but there are some restrictions and now moves to the president's desk for his signature back in may sixty six percent of people voted to overturn that ban thousands of whom gary and so protested in the capital budapest after a new labor law. riot police use tear gas on demonstrators to march towards parliament they're angry about changes with a which they say rather will hurt workers m.p.'s passed a law which allows employers to demand up to four hundred hours of overtime from
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employees and a year those are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera there's much more news to come next or hotels. the two new zealand scientist who lead a double life since secret even kept it from his family. but his activities would have a military impact for which he would pay the ultimate price. outages zero world investigates the life and death of mohamad soiree the two new zealand drone engineer. the commodore hotel was safe and then you went out into
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a very grave civil war. and other commodore there's a mob beautiful off the end of the tax debate. the wall. if the commodore hadn't been there the israeli invasion would not have been so. it was a great new center and over all was this godfather of the journalists use of massage. the next room i was in was underground in a tiny filthy dirty prison cell basically as a hostage. we've
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. welcome to nineteen sixty's beirut. for several decades this cosmopolitan city attracted international jet setters who could get from the ski slopes to the beach in no time. the hotel district was at the heart of its a luxury tourism economy and in its heyday hotels like this and george the funny sure on the holiday inn were full of wealthy tourists business men journalists diplomats and the occasional spies. travelers on a tighter budget stayed at hotels like the commodore and in the mid one nine
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hundred seventy s. it became host to the world's media when the lebanese civil war erupted. in one nine hundred seventy a young arab millionaire use of took the commodore hotel on a twenty year lease from the kuwaiti royal family. in the zone was a leading investor in the hotel industry in the region and responsible for attracting thousands of tourists to lebanon. mohammed should borrow worked with ms ali in ticketing and still runs a travel agency near the commodore with the same name. but that. the ballot. they it was the those that fund the. atlantic. or canal or for the taliban or the.
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but the luxury beirut lifestyle obscure the gap between rich and poor that was widely all the time. the international press used beirut as a barometer of what was happening in the middle east. and one of the foreign correspondents who predicted the violence in lebanon was i t v's jonathan dimbleby . i first went to lebanon in nine hundred seventy two as a young reporter and i wanted to see whether something was happening there or not i stayed in what was then relatively modest hotel called the commodore hotel the overall impression was of some something some a society which was held together by a rather loose series of ropes and it didn't take much for that to. shatter. the thirteenth of april nine hundred seventy five
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mile to the official start of the civil. it was a proxy conflict full during the cold war. on one side never unease christian right wing parties backed by the us wanted to end the armed palestinian presence in lebanon and. on the other one muslim left wing parties allied with the p.l.o. and backed by the soviet union they saw the right wing christians a simply an extension of israeli and american influence in the country. when the war broke out an army of foreign journalists headed to beirut including the former b.b.c. middle east correspondent tim llewellyn all of whom wanted a safe place to stay. in november one thousand nine hundred seventy five i was taking what turned out to be one of the last n.e.a.
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flights into beirut from london which was virtually empty except for a few journalists and use of massaro who i didn't know but of course it was them it was to turn out that he was the manager of the commodore. so he drew me he took out a piece of paper and a pen and he drew from me the various sections of beirut who controlled what where you could go safely i said the use of what we needed was a base the next time i went to beirut. use of it created this fantastic hotel in the space of a few weeks the commodore had become that journalistic center. nine hundred seventy five and seventy six with the fiercest two years of the civil war with sectarian killings massive destruction and the division of beirut into the christian east and muslim west. the former times correspondent robert fisk
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decided to base in self permanently in beirut in one nine hundred seventy six. so when i came to bear i already knew the city but i knew it before when i went downtown here i could not believe the extraordinary destruction i mean it takes you can destroy a city very quickly fix an awful long time to rebuild it. i casually went to the commodore with a peace stuff just to have lunch sometimes or meet other journalists but i didn't stay there i didn't like it very much when i thought it was another seedy hotel with extraordinary high prices the commodore hotel was safe and so you could be there and it was quite bizarre really you could be in this it'll save enclave and then you went out into a very grave civil war. and
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the use of management the beirut commodore became a global center for news and information. for years and as i was a young man then and he seemed to have an extraordinary uncanny ability to know what journalists wanted and he realized quickly and brilliantly that the journalists would need first of all all above. good communications what the commodore had and what no one else had was communications and you know if a journalist has a story and he can send it he might as well go home and you had three working tax machines and they could get your call to london. started by using lines and talents machines from his private business in beirut's london a man and cypress but as reported demands grew he had to get hold of extra lines at any cost.
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or. is that. all the fluff. alone. as the war spread the militias took control of different neighborhoods the challenge for the commodore was to keep the hotel safe for its media guests. i was there on one occasion. when we were down in the bar and suddenly there was a fantastic noise of gunfire from inside the hotel everyone ducked down i'm ok you know everyone was on the floor and the better like that stopped silence the only sound was of the parrot which had a peculiar position on the edge of the bar and the parents. talked quite freely
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while everyone else was sand which made you half you know in in when you're in when you're frightened if you wanted to laugh it wakes this funny squawking parrot was going on talking. the african parrots name was coco and his project tricks became legendary. this parrot used to do various things it could do the opening notes of the beethoven's fifth symphony and various other things but it's b.s. the resistance was to imitate an incoming show. on the sixth of june one thousand nine hundred eighty two israel invaded lebanon. israel claimed it wanted to take out the p.l.o. the rocket launcher positions but there was more than that to the israeli action. these. really siege of beirut was one of the bloodiest episodes of the whole sorry
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conflict. the destruction was enormous and twenty thousand lebanese and palestinians were killed and nearly fifty thousand wounded. amid the mayhem the commodore hotel became the de facto ministry of information. lebanese photo journalist ramzi hyder was at the commodore jury in the israeli invasion. but. given this it is a. question of people. in the early days of the israeli invasion of lebanon use of stockpiled large amounts
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of fuel food and cash millions of dollars he said enough for the hotel residents and stand for the months to come. also lent journalists money. money. flows better. life for the commodore base journalists joining the invasion was tough. west beirut was under siege with constant israeli air raids and reportedly indiscriminate shelling. but they told the real story.


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