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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 348  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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what do you see i don't know we're all. here is your thought on a lot of. issues given that. inside the citadel bluey talks to a g.i. activist about lottie's role of the national front. critical says there is a future period in the attack getting a chip on fungal should be legal for you to selfishly have by closer to be sure it was a good day to all you could you have by. the before you do the. searching look into. these photos to look for if you should call the microphone. three of the good news he says were the biggest put on leaving the conditions you can still be. able to dish if they came in here with us or with what you were given the three dollars he. told you good for partly because clearly the
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media easy opportunity to interview the selection area is so good to see even though. amory is a hardliner who appears to provide a link between generation identity and the party leadership already in vassal plays a key role in recruiting identity ariens who want to work for the national front. as louis discovers when he asked me if you could get a job with the party. are you doing what you say where you are a lot of presidents are jersey but i thought the president of brazil or you would you know always on your side lord your thoughts which they recover feel with the president is not a rhetorical you know of the right. as it were not of what it is very surprising to see or really unfair hassel has so much influence with the national front folks this is a political force which is into. rating with the national front which will end up
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in the party's programs and the speeches of national front officials it is important because the identity ariens have succeeded in their strategy of entry. after the first round of the presidential election the two most popular candidates competed for france's highest office. marine le pen against the country's rising political force former banker emmanuel mccraw. the pen performs poorly during an election debate. but is also assume. that all was on the run off comfortable.
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you know if there was enormous despair and disappointment after the second round of the presidential election. after the debate between the pan and macron which led to her being internally contested. her strategy was put in doubt notably phillipos strategy that i want to cut to. the national front moderate vice president was the biggest casualty of the infighting. you know what the role of laurean philippo was in the end to bring on board people who didn't come from the far right to vote for marine the pan which was a partial success he was the face of d.d. administration in the media why did florrie and philip. because in the end he felt that this cleanup at the national front was impossible of. course one mind of them are in love pan insists she is with the party of extremists the dexcom gaudiness know that it was decision. if and no one was
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a mate then as you. say you. know what sas is if i truly can v.n. said you'll do pre this and there in you know of want. of a signal. is . not the guy in the college who generally thought of the done such and such i don't know some of the most if not most have no conception of that he can come up with lots and lots of. the hassle blamed phillipos moderate law and full of pens defeat. for neighbors interferes with dr who cut i just want you to listen to just the popular opinion is one thing if you show yourself the cleanup of public opinion is up at least you have a good opportunity to talk to the complete. remy murad took
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a job with the national front to promote the policies of generation identity he found an open door. deal with the. destructive of the truth of the. efficiency often with. the victory of theory if you don't know if this is people like it but for. the record i don't know if she's missed the boat so you all had to give your boss but maybe you got all the fault. of the knocked up when she lost the elections last year all the historic figures of the party who were fighting their tongues came galloping back and took the national front back to where they would sound to the fray with these identity hereon positions in their baggage notably on the questions of immigration. he wants to learn more about generation identity strong. to influence the policies
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of the national front. he meets a prominent activist from paris. are you surprised that it was going to be because they were absolutely sure of this is what it's going. to be that has not been incredible to me just because i might. just be the best. artist on the outlook with. yourself didn't push you to do as you speak in public. and sometimes you're not governed as if some of the right you struck circular if you look at it was also a big job that want. to see that you think that you couldn't lose if you want to keep going to demand when you lose yourself.
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in the main square. joined by another far right activist. he tells them about an invitation he's received to meet a senior member of the national front on policy spokesman. did he get that it would just sit there nothing to see just what it was the biggest mistake was not here the not so. sebastian shannon is open d.k. . hostile in the far right activist make homophobic remarks. mostly from the north as always presuppose he is from there you see even if it was as you say well. he didn't mean it was unusual to get one. from.
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the hustle confirms that he also had a meeting with channel. but it's always obvious it was difficult. because we don't have those who come to see it once a year what is working for them. in the world isn't what i think of. since new trends presidential election defeat china has emerged as one of the most powerful allies. share news part of the national front group of the ota france council along wi fi needs a marie. le pen is also a member. who is about to discover more entre news links to generation identity. is it's the apartment of an activist he's met at the citadel. matters that isn't sure of the
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inside generation identity symbols so we're stuck with. curing the twenty seven thousand election campaign that was filmed alongside already and the hassle. they were attending a national front ruddy nearly where the niece of the party leader merriam are a shell was speaking. initially vassal was not going to attend. this. or that or that it. is if it's all. matters that claim that vassal only went after a personal invitation from the senior figure in lipans party.
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this shit you see is a sushi roll so it all. but the hassle then run into another problem. it. fit into the vehicles all of us loves. the hassle needed chinese help one small. oil for years into the flow the foods that all the fish has. also although he said it was focused with. vaseline and went into the hole. much as i tells lucy about the hassles but for the national front this is just sluggish affordable to the foolish people think that it's just. the force that is the more the consequence is they all.
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are on the cover reporter discovers that members of the national front all welcome visitors at the citadel they discussed what would happen if the national front were to form a government. group who might be your defense expert see she could keep it out if you feel the need at all. i'm not able to give you all go ask alice ross says they would need to be all. in your arms if she didn't meet the indignity of the beauty of it which were the girls on the ship is that if you don't you give us your material for the use of judgment of your because employers use the money for sure the. eat your own food because on top of that if you.
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but it. was good i don't usually have to do it all. but buckle it up because my little bit of a shape. shifter to. the national front members post often a ray of weapons. jacket and those images of six months of yourselves if you're curious to see him extradited to. people of. those years it certainly. conventicle. there is a breeding ground that makes it possible to mobilize french white people against islam and muslims more precisely by promoting the idea of an ethnic war the idea of
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a probable civil war between muslims and of this is what it is. issue so often to to fit the profile of this point. or do you know the meaning of those you know. knowing the pen said that since he became president of the national front is publicly kicked out all those have been filing racist or anti semitic she said pierre last week has never worked for the national front of the o. de france council. the pan added that already in vassal has never worked or written speeches for the national front. john duffy cattle stated that his association lazy don't tell was distinct from generation identity and was not dependent on it. sebastian.
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confirmed he told the hostel that the meeting with marion mar a show was open to everyone he said that while basle did contact him to say he was not allowed in he did not go looking for him and that the hassles subsequent application to join the national front had been refused. filipe amory said the recruitment of party assistance at the regional council is done within the law. he said the evidence presented by al-jazeera is an obvious interference by the cat's real authority east in the run up to the european parliamentary elections in may twenty ninth. the hassles lawyers at the citadel does not represent generation identity and welcomed a wide range of members of diverse persuasions. he said vassell is not responsible for members who allege skirmishes took place which are either imaginary or which he strongly condemns the hassle said that being secretly filmed in a private space is detestable and that his discovery of this has irritated him.
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in episode two of generation hate the hassel tells g.i. members use political violence when necessary for example if you go easy with. the dish. on some of the national fronts biggest names see could be turn up at the citadel. maybe this was a. very useful for. us on the. xenophobe violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of
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europe. al-jazeera infiltrates one of the continent's fastest growing far right organizations and exposes links to members of the european parliament a marine le pen's national. generation eight. part two of a special two barge investigation on al jazeera. zero. every year. this is. hello i'm the star detail and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the
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next sixty minutes a scramble to get much needed aid into yemen but as it arrives in the main port city there's more fighting despite a cease fire deal. i'm done being loyal. to president trump donald trump's former lawyer insists the president knew it was wrong to make hush money payments during the election campaign. a young girl dies just hours after being taken into custody by u.s. police at the mexican border. and a robust exchange presents prime minister continues to demand more assurances from the e.u. on the breck that deal. there are reports of fighting on the outskirts of had data just a day off to yemen's warring factions agreed to a cease fire in the port. city. aid agencies took advantage of the truce to distribute desperately needed food and humanitarian supplies more than three
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thousand possibles were sent to have data the cease fire was agreed between who's the rebels and the yemeni government at un back to talks in sweden on thursday. about american prisons about delegation in sweden is very important and we've sent a message to the world that we're with peace and we want to achieve peace the talks are successful and put on the right path to peace and to improve the humanitarian situation the human tragedy in yemen is unprecedented the un special envoy on yemen mohsin griffiths says it's a daunting task to end the four year war he was briefing the security council on the progress made in the talks in sweden our diplomatic editor james bay is reports from the u.n. in new york. the day are after an interim peace deal in yemen the u.n. negotiator at the talks warned the security council there was still a long and difficult road ahead mr president i also have before you today with
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a call for caution our collective achievements this week were date i hope you will agree a significant step forward but what's in front of us is task and as ever. in the context of such negotiations or realizes at the end of the goetia actions that the hard work is only about beginning. the u.n. senior humanitarian official warned against complacency he said a quarter of a million people were on the edge of a phase five food emergency the technical term for that stage is catastrophe so i can confirm again what humanitarian agencies have known for a long time a terrible tragedy is unfolding in yemen and it's getting worse the special envoy revealed that general patrick comer of the netherlands a veteran of the u.n. who's commanded peacekeepers headed inquiries and written reports for the united nations will set up a team of monitors who will deploy to yemen as soon as possible it's believed
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general comet's team will be unarmed and we tossed would provide incredible monitoring of the cease fire in the port city of her data the monitoring mission will have to be endorsed in the u.n. security council resolution that is likely to be difficult to negotiate with passed resolutions saudi arabia has put pressure on members of the security council including the current arab member kuwait to try and shape the words of the resolution to their interest james al-jazeera of the united nations some an asset is yemen analyst he joins us now on skype from new york thank you for your time salah i'm came to talk through the practical implications of this deal and involves the deployment of u.n. monitors and local groups managing the port of her data are there any real points of contention that you feel when it comes to the implementation of all of this on the ground. sure absolutely there are many more mechanisms there's
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a lot of ramifications to implementation of any agreements on the ground obviously the sweden talks were based on humanitarian aspects and trust building measures however the real struggle is implementation and that's really up to the un security council and we obviously the yemeni people find them they are most accountable to implement that at the time and in the next few weeks some of the there are local groups who were in charge of the port and twenty fourteen who will be offensive be in charge of the port again and i believe some of the revenues from the port are then going to go to the central bank is there any contention around what's going to happen to that money and who manages that process that is one of the problems when it comes to this agreement the language that was used for the central bank of yemen in regards to management of that bank was not clear and it was very we obviously are still waiting for the details and that's something
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that needs to be addressed in details about we can avoid and sever complications as we go and move forward for other peace talks as the yemeni prime minister hudud to manny he had stated that that there will be no movement in any political discussions or a dialogue unless the agreements that were done in sweden are implemented respectful. obviously a big big strides forward from where we were not very long ago in your mind what needs to be in place for the next round of talks in january to to be successful at all. right i mean everything that was agreed upon as what was signed in sweden must be implemented it is for respects of international community but also for the respect of the many people they are going through a very dire situation with the humanitarian crisis and this is the suffering and if this moment is not going from the implementation side or the ground then there will
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be no movement humanitarian again the humanitarian aspect is important but also for long term peace we also need a sustainable political dialogue in the next few weeks probably at the end of january even in february and the three references that the yemeni people wish and really push to see is obviously the security the. security council resolution two two one six the g.c.c. initiative and also the outcomes of the national summer we've seen some aid began trickling in through her data. is it enough is the agreement around the port of a data and nuff to try to alleviate some of this humanitarian catastrophe. not necessarily it's something that as you said it trickles down it's not these the a very large scale operation it definitely will not leave at the suffering overnight the crisis is obviously over sixty million people are starving this is
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going to take a while and it's not just her data poor again it all comes back down to the political situation stability governance you know national institutions being placed there needs to be a sense of law and right now there are obviously group says has these are out of the. out of the country's constitution and they're breaking that law and so you know i've seen over the sweden talks we hope that there is a push to hold them accountable for their actions unfortunately there have been kidnappings from different areas and reportings of that from whose these and on civilians journalists you know obviously woman activists and that's something that has to be again i gess some as someone who's worked on the ground in yemen yourself let me ask you that are you at this point optimistic. you
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know in terms of our work on the humanitarian also being on the ground. when we look at yemen's situation it's always been and now there's always unfortunate loopholes because we're not dressing the crisis the crisis of the coup in two thousand and fourteen am i hopeful i pray and i hope that there is a respective children see and there's a respect for law and that we can we stabilize our country but we are skeptical yemenis are skeptical because we've seen multiple agreements with these have never been. respected and so for us the key process is implementation you know obviously when it's also as high level as i love. individuals from the international community and it's great behind you know obviously for camera and all of that but let's let's turn that the time the hype and let's focus on action i mean that needs to be done from the u.s. side and we hope that they prevail some a nasa speaking to us there from new york thanks so much short time in your
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thoughts. thank you anger against saudi arabia has been rising in the united states with the senate voting to condemn its longstanding ally for the war in yemen and its role in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi the washington post is running a full page ad vet in tribute to khashoggi who is a regular contributor to the newspaper the post says it will continue to push for meaningful action of a saudi arabia's role in his killing friday that is part of a larger campaign planned for twenty nineteen. donald trump's former lawyer says the president told him to pay hush money to two women during the twenty sixteen presidential election knowing it was wrong michael cohen made the comments in his first interview since he was sentenced to prison this week on multiple charges some relating to payments aimed at silencing allegations on trump's sex life committee health it reports. as the courtroom drama surrounding donald trump's former
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personal lawyer came to a dramatic conclusion this week michael cohen was largely silent not anymore i knew what i was doing was wrong in contrast to his earlier statements cohen now says trump knew about the hush money payments he was making to two women alleged to have had affairs with trump according to cohen the payments were directed by trump in an effort to influence the outcome of the twenty sixteen presidential election nothing of the trump organization was ever done unless it was run through mr trump he directed me to make the payments he directed me to become involved in these matters the payments were in the hundreds of thousands campaign finance law caps contribution to a campaign at twenty seven hundred dollars making the payments and the legal donation to trump denies he ever directed his former lawyer to break the law i never directed him to do anything wrong whatever he did he did on his own he's
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a lawyer a lawyer who represents a client is supposed to do the right thing that's what you pay them a lot of money on wednesday cohn was sentenced to three years in prison his crimes include making false statements to congress tax evasion and arranging those payments during the twenty sixteen election he will begin serving his sentence in march he denies he's speaking out to embarrass the president but instead to further the probe into possible ties between the trump campaign and russia the special counsel stated emphatically that the information that i gave to them was credible and. helpful there's a substantial amount of information that they possess that corroborates the fact that i am telling the truth here done with a lie i have done with the lying i am done being loyal to president trump cohen's conviction and scandalous revelations come as president trumps political and potentially legal problems are.


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