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stopping asylum seekers from crossing into the united states is one of the main campaign pledges of president trying. to tear into one or is a radio war that was first started under the administration of bill clinton. it stretches from the pacific ocean. and into the valleys. this is the old wall the new part is higher the razor wire was put up about fifteen days ago so now with the arrival of the caravan they harden the border. they hire one was added during the obama administration but asylum seekers are resilient and find new ways like through these water drainage pipes metal bars have been added on the american side but police say some just dug a hole and went in. seven hundred kilometers to the east and we are nogales it lays on both sides of the border with arizona i. hear the war is part of the daily
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life along with the sad stories of tragic crossings this part was built on the george w. bush just an hour's drive away from the city and this is how the border looks like we haven't seen any patrol on our way here but anyone can just crawl underneath and on the other side you're in arizona the real challenge is to reach this area that. it was once a territory of now it's under control of its chapel a senior low a cartel. is through here that have year takes asylum seekers on a long trek through the mountains into to us he's been doing this job for more than twenty years. it's the same people on the other side they give us the green light to move but it has changed a lot before the journey took three to four hours ten years later it was fifteen to twenty now we can take for fire. days it's a big deter it used to be
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a straight line. these rugged mountains are used to smuggle drugs and people both are done in close coordination but not a descent time. for take leaves people trafficking is a business that involves many on both sides. of the way. you have bad guys on both sides are no border guards who kept migrants in their homes or put them in the cars and let them go i saw this happen so build one wall or two walls people will continue to cross and we will continue providing our service. a fortified border added personnel a new technology has slowed the movement of asylum seekers over the past two decades it will take more than a war to stop it altogether but that they have made al-jazeera along the mexican us border still to come here and al-jazeera deadlock at the u.n. climate summit is talks are extended for at least another day.
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from long flowing island winds to an enchanting desert breeze. hello it started snowing in the balkans it's raining quite heavily through montenegro and through northern greece and that's the clouds causing it with the driving force a low spray in the central med so this is obviously cold air up here and what's coming in further west from the atlantic as you well know it's normally much warmer was coming up against the cold so temperatures dropping three in paris because snow at first i think this is the picture roughly middle of day journey saturdays was rain falling on an all news east which is a snow spreads out through hungary into world germania and beyond so significant snow seems likely here we end up with other rather wintry looking picture in the middle minus two at best on sunday in vienna snow on the ground admittedly but the fresh those falling further west here it's five is fine but in the mountains it's
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snowing heavily and it's still doing much the same in western rumania and possibly by this time in montenegro northern greece as well so the central med is the place to look for stormy weather effectively and it's an obvious kill shop in the cloud so big thunderstorms are potential for not only sharp downpours just catching tunisia more fishy running across and catching maybe it's a rather cold wind as well seventeen the best in shipley only fifteen in algiers for about slightly better and sunnier at about eighteen by sunday. the weather sponsored by qatar and these. stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives cara families fact help point. one of the major issues before voters is the institution president trump cannot stop talking about the news and to separate the spin from the facts of the misinformation from the channel and some pretty sharp rise of the
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p.c. is reporting free to leave the listening post on al-jazeera. still without jazeera these are our top stories true lanka's disputed prime minister to him director paterson has quit he defines his resignation letter within the past few hours he was appointed seven weeks ago and that set off a political crisis that left her lanka without a functioning government. but fighting on the outskirts of her day less than twenty four hours after yemen's warring parties agreed to a cease fire in this vital city video shown on hooty t.v.
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appears to show airstrikes by the saudi m.r.c. coalition that is battling against the rebels witnesses say at least one woman was killed. there thousands of france's yellow vests demonstrators are out on the streets of paris again it's been more than a month since the start of their protests which has plunged president government into crisis. we go live now to andrew simmons our correspondent who is in the heart of paris at the arc de triomphe and so paris then is bracing itself then for more of what we've seen over the last four weeks. well yes might seem but the numbers seem few a this stage would be far too early to gauge what is going to happen later but right now the numbers are down certainly here in the center of paris compared with this time last week one way of gauging is the number of arrests there were a margin of arrests early in the day last week we have french media reporting right
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now that there have been six arrests in central park as compared with three hundred a week ago but there is still a lot of contention there's no doubt whatsoever there's a still a major amount of dissent in this country hundreds of thousands of people intending to express themselves again this saturday however as i have been concessions by president ma crawl across the board particularly in the tax sector and that has assuage the minds of lots of people although there are many who insist that they still want prof governments they lose they describe it also a different attitude as well from the president because there's a lot of resistance to what's been sieved as an arrogant form of messaging this president carries and absent that the tax burden that so many ordinary french people particularly in the middle class is not just football feel really deprived
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by so what we're seeing now is once again one more the month one month on a major security operation different tactics being applied by the police perhaps more containment now rather than confrontation and also on the part of the protesters the yellow vests you can see here right now a lot of them forming but not of the numbers before they are now using different tactics it's quite likely we'll see this saturday a big of us a big big a spread of demonstrators across paris and other parts of france rather than a mass of people here in the center and i'm sure there has been at conception. expressed by the government for the most part but also by protesters themselves that this protest has been infiltrated if you like by other more extreme groups those who are perhaps more willing and holding that question but i i think you're making the point about the situation with micron whether or not he's succeeded in
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trying to calm things down well take a look at the situation you still have much of power is blocked off streets blocked off and here the show's ailey's a ten days before christmas this would be a place that's bustling on a saturday with people shopping everywhere with so much business being done but instead and it's go right across the street here over here and just see look at those stores all boarded up all of that business gone it cost ten billion euro for the president to introduce his tax saving package for the people of france is trying his best to try to calm this whole situation down but the problem is this it isn't like a trade union dispute where you have a set of demands this is just a rainbow colored situation in terms of people with their grievances people wanting
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to hear more dialogue people which is to him more understanding it's really a social explosion of sorts and it doesn't just apply to france is spreading elsewhere too this is quite a colossal situation so even if the numbers are reduced it could be a mixture of the christmas holiday season a call to the security forces being under pressure after the strasbourg attack in which four people died for people to bear in mind that the police are under pressure to maybe calm down a bit now but this is not going away martin anderson is live in paris. israeli ministry is currently involved in demolishing the home of a well known palestinian activist in the occupied west bank soldiers entered the mahdi refugee camp overnight they said six places around the house. who have shares with her son a son who's been accused of killing an israeli soldier earlier this year
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palestinians are protesting against the demolition they say it's a form of collective punishment which is illegal under international law the tasha good aim is a correspondent in ramallah this morning several hundred israeli soldiers stormed the home of the abu hamid's inside refugee camp they use sound bombs which we could hear from my hotel relatively short distance away but pretty loud nonetheless they use drones and they began to demolish the home this family is unique there are seven brothers one is dead the other six are sitting in israeli prisons accused of attacks on israelis one of the brothers is considered to be a clue founder of fatah's military wing and their mother latif abu hamid was a woman of distinction or some note you might say because in two thousand and eleven the palestinian sent her to the un to make a presentation regarding palestine's bid for statehood inside the home today it was
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miss abu have made she said they can go ahead and demolish my home but we will rebuild and quote we will liberate palestine. and the british prime minister to resume a has returned home pretty much empty handed from brussels where she had hoped to get some sweetness for her bracks it deal in order to get it approved by the british parliament leaders showed no sign of budging but mrs may still thinks there is some wriggle room jonah how now or. all the talk was of a disastrous summit for to resume a tense exchanges rebuffed by e.u. leaders her pleas for help fallen on deaf ears but the tone from the prime minister reflected none of it the e.u. is clear as i am that if we are going to leave with a deal this is it but my discussions with colleagues today have shown that further clarification and discussion following the council's conclusions is in fact
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possible. there is work still to do we will be holding talks in coming days that's how to obtain the further assurances that u.k. parliament needs in order to be able to approve the deal prime minister may's brave face probably preempts the furious reaction she's likely to receive at home having delayed a vote on her briggs a deal this week promising assurances from the e.u. the dreaded northern ireland backstop isn't the trap many m.p.'s fear it is she returns from brussels all but empty handed and e.u. leaders aren't doing much publicly at least to help. we have good. open. mrs may's insistence that legal assurances could yet be forthcoming seems contrary to the events of thursday night the e.u. twenty seven removed language in their pre-agreed conclusions that had pointed to
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the possibility of future discussions reportedly some simply don't believe there's any way make can get her break the deal through the british parliament the northern ireland backstop is intended to ensure that there can be no hard border on the island of ireland until a future trade agreement is in place between the u.k. and the e.u. it is an insurance policy it has to be open ended can't be unilaterally breached want to resume a once from the e.u. therefore a legal assurance that somehow the backstop isn't what it is is a legal assurance that can't be given which is why all that was ever on offer from the e.u. were clarifications not renegotiation to resume a still hope some legal sleight of hand can be performed to persuade doubting in peace to back her deal the message from this e.u. summit is probably not join a whole al-jazeera brussels. three war trophy bells taken by u.s.
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troops during the philippine american war in nineteen zero one being returned the bells were handed back to the philippines at a ceremony in manila run choose day and now being brought back to the church where they were taken from in. american troops seized during the bells as a reprisal for an attack by filipino villages that killed forty eight u.s. soldiers to me and then do the reports now from bell and. the but only the massacre is considered the single biggest defeat for the us military during the philippine american war between one thousand nine hundred ninety two ninety two but for the philippines it is a reminder that over a century ago a handful of filipina guerrillas on the dollars fought against a superpower to fight for democracy. here in the found. there is a festive area residents say they are thankful after one hundred seventy years the
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bells are finally home they say these antiquated bells evokes so much emotion not because they would look good in this town that has long been held back by poverty basically but they see the bill so represents something deeper like missing chest pieces of history i remind you as well that once upon a time filipinos did whatever it took to fight for their freedom. delegates to the. twenty four summit taking place in poland due to stay on for at least another day because that had no final agreement as yet negotiations went on through the night the u.n. event is spilling over into at least saturday as representatives from around two hundred nations discuss how to implement the paris agreement to reduce global warming. they're waiting for politicians are on climate change can be pretty frustrating many on the whole and with five things we can do right now to help save
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our planet climate change it's real it affects us all and climate scientists say if we don't act there will be irreversible damage to our planet with then decades the solution cut greenhouse gas emissions enchanting to claim green energy but don't wait for politicians to make the switch these plenty we can all do to reduce our carbon footprint number one become more energy efficient insulate our homes use energy save a light bulbs in appliances and if we're not using the lights switch them off basis still make the switch to renewable energy number two is a bit more of a challenge but the costs of going green are going down as more of us use it number three is another big ask for many of us as a major cubbon dioxide polluters so consider using the car a little less and if we need a new one going to literally and no matter what we drive maintain it deflated ties
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to now come into gas guzzlers number four it's the three r.'s reuse what you have recycle what you don't need and the big focus right now reduce especially single use plastics like these. they choke our oceans clogged the landfill and then made from fossil fuels finally consider going flexitarian scientists say eating a literalist mate least a refuel eggs and embracing a more plant based diet will help save our planet from the deforestation water pollution and greenhouse gases that record numbers of livestock produce each one of us can make a difference and inspire a ripple of change to hold our politicians and the fossil fuels industry to account and protect our planet while these still time.
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i am time visiting a lot of the top stories here it is their sheer longas dysphasia prime minister main director part for his quid he signed his resignation letter in the past couple of hours the surat about so was appointed seven weeks ago that said of a political crisis that left sri lanka without a functioning government there is fighting on the outskirts of the data less than the day of the yemen's warring parties agreed to a cease fire in this fight will pull city video video shown on he t.v. appears to show air strikes by the saudi a morality coalition that is battling against the who says israeli soldiers have begun demolishing the home of a prominent palestinian activist latif or abu how meade her son allegedly killed an israeli soldier in may palestinians are protesting against the demolition in ramallah calling it collective punishment. australia has formally recognize west jerusalem as the capital of israel prime minister scott morrison says it's
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australia it won't be moving its embassy from tel aviv but it will open a trade in defense of its their muslim majority countries like indonesia malaysia have threatened to cancel the free trade deal in protests the us recognized all of jerusalem as israel's capital last year a strategy that now recognizes western resume being the seat of business and many of us do to show his government is the capital of israel which jerusalem is the capital of israel and we look forward to moving our embassy u.s. troops and when practical in support of and after final status determination anger against saudi arabia has been rising in the u.s. with the senate passing a resolution to condemn its long standing ally for the war in yemen american said this is also blamed the saudi crown prince for the murder of journalist jamal
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khashoggi the washington post meanwhile has run a full page tribute to mr it was a regular contributor to the newspaper. coming up next here that is there soliciting peste. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after you while eight borders between five safe countries facing the realities that from the very beginning of the group providing context housing is not just about four walls and a river hear their story and talk to how does iraq. face inform the public of cambridge and when it has access to my profile political site oxidative tell me about the guy. you met my crush on five our site has been violent yes really i think i think i really. think the alarm richard gives birth in europe the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week facebook's
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two thousand eight hundred it's year in review is not a pretty picture there's a lot not to like four hundred eighty news outlets in hungary are consolidated all under one roof and the regulators just look the other way activists armed with cameras are documenting the way the american authorities go after undocumented immigrants and. are rhapsody reworked for the social media generation. new year's resolutions are tricky promises of performance can prove difficult to keep but that did not stop facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg valuing at the outset of two thousand and eighteen that this would be the year that he would fix things that his company would start protecting its users from abuse and hate defend them against interference by nation states and bad political actors and make sure as he put it that going on facebook would be time
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well spent since then multiple controversies and unfavorable news stories including the cambridge analytic a data breach and the un's report on facebook's role in ethnic cleansing in the in mar have exposed some of the prime. magic business calculations the company has made they've also provided a glimpse into how facebook goes after its critics and they put the lie to the feel good image that the company has worked so hard to sell it will be interesting to see what kind of new year's message zuckerberg comes up with a couple of weeks from now our starting point this week is facebook's california headquarters in silicon valley usa. facebook released its two thousand and eighteen year in review marking various global of its election and celebrity weddings and sporting occasions the drove engagement on the site what it did not know was itself because end of year facebook
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which might have been a time. i would have thought started with to cambridge analytic us dorian which this company run by a bunch of bond villains had sensitive data from untold numbers of facebook users around the world to coerce people and move elections that's only the start i would have had clips of refugees and me and mom driven out by the worst sort of propaganda spread by the government of myanmar and many religious leaders explicitly using facebook to foster genocide then i would have gone through all of this stammering. that mark zuckerberg committed. no while testifying before various committees the level of scrutiny is facebook too powerful the level of criticism of the purpose they use their remit is to cover facebook's riri and then i'm going to finish with the embarrassing revelations that facebook itself has paid political operatives to engage in the spread of the very
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same kind of propaganda that people have been accusing facebook of fostering it's been a stunning year for facebook. and all of that came after the news. years message zuckerberg posted in january in which he admitted facebook had a lot of work to do the company was dealing with the hate speech and misinformation rampaging across the social media network and there was the aftermath of the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election when facebook was accused of enabling russian operatives out to meddle in american democracy the public noises sucker berg and his number two sheryl sandberg were making were along the lines of we're try doing our best and we have a lot more interest here statements that after the cambridge analytical data breach story came out in march no longer passed the smell test the cambridge analytical scandal is not quite what people think it is that scandals about hell
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a company used facebook exactly as intended cambridge a link or not the only people that are downloading facebook data using it to like or target people in order to go back and send more advertisements to get people's attention on facebook because this is their very core business model this is what advertising is fraud essentially came journalist and russian descent from ation has gotten in the u.s. in the u.k. the reason for me the real impact that facebook has had twenty developing areas of the world. is one that has got the most attention and we've seen there how facebook has been weaponized and the government has and the army have spread hate speech against the muslims which is inciting violence now facebook repeatedly told us that they're doing more and more people but they still don't have a full time employee and man on their. facebook suffered another reputational blow last month the latest of many at the hands of the new york times based on leaked
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internal communications the times reported that facebook had hired a washington based p.r. firm called definers to investigate and smear some of facebook's critics like that did not exactly square. sugary words electing people building community and bringing the world closer together one of those critics was george soros who in addition to being a powerful individual is also a lightning rod for right wing movement he's obviously a billionaire investor but he's also to the right wing sort of a symbol of jewish power and so the idea that facebook was looking into george soros really played into one of those powerful emotional narratives and made the company really look bad the report spoke to. a certain level of chaos within the company. and said it didn't realize that the company had hired to finers ultimately
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elliott schrage who's the head of communications he put his hands up and he said it was his fault but it just added to the sense that facebook is a company that you couldn't really trust in that they were doing things that facebook shouldn't really be doing. trust when dealing with the news media must be earned and facebook's corporate culture when dealing with journalists asking troublesome questions seems to be rooted in avoidance batting away stories refusing to answer on the record then finding itself on the defensive when the story comes out anyway in the case of the cambridge analytical data breach facebook tried to ignore the questions then after the observer published the story mark zuckerberg went on c.n.n. to do the talking what happened what went wrong zuckerberg is a self described and well it's hard to know what we'll find but we're going to review thousands of as
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a television performer and he's not exactly killing i think facebook was caught flatfooted used to getting a relatively favorable perception from the press and after cambridge analytic that the public and the media. change there too and that lack of being able to see itself the way the world did for in lee hampered facebook throughout two thousand and eighteen as it tended to under react under intense and paid the level of scrutiny that it would get. the bottom line on facebook will always be the numbers and their mixed it has two point two billion users worldwide and is still growing in asia and africa however growth is stagnant in europe and the americas where most of the revenues come from and that has shaved about one point two billion dollars off facebook's share value a drop of about thirty percent the real threat to facebook though the one mark zuckerberg must be thinking about comes from governments and their regulators they
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have been a slow to react to the facebook problem as the company has but more and more of them are talking about and inching towards reigning in the social media giant potentially effective regulatory action of sin against facebook has come out of the european union with the introduction in two thousand and eighteen of the general data protection regulation the very fact that now companies that take our data have to allow european citizens to explicitly offer their permission for the use of the data i think is crucial those are important rights that i wish the rest of the world had across the water in the u.s. regulators have a much more hands off approach compared to their counterparts but that could all change because with the switch in the hopes in washington come january we may see democrats want to pursue a more aggressive approach against these companies especially over the rush of this information campaign which is
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a huge issue and i think that ultimately we're going to see regulators come down on facebook much much heavier than twenty nineteen what we're seeing is governments are trying to flex their muscles and we're just one to see ever more examples. of governments cracking down on this though magic within the next year we'll probably see the first example of a government just outright shutting down facebook in their country and seeing what happens i don't know which country it'll be or how long it'll be for but i imagine some government is going to want to test their resolve relative to facebook and that will be that will be interesting. we're looking at other media stories on our radar this week with one of our producers will yong well we've reported on hungary before and how much media consolidation has occurred there under prime minister viktor orban but four hundred eighty separate news outlets now merged into one single entity yes it's called the
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central european press and media foundation and it's headed by the media mogul couple or list guy who's a close ally of prime minister orbán that's hundreds of t.v. and radio stations magazines newspapers including all of hungary's regional newspapers all handed over by their owners as charitable donations free of charge the political pitch for this is that newspapers a struggling economically so consolidation will help them to survive but many of the previously independent outlets that been handed over were struggling because the government was stopping them of advertising revenues which enabled the prime minister's allies to buy them on the cheap and here's the kicker although the government has blocked media mergers before on competition grounds or ban has decreed that this conglomerate not be investigated by the competition authority because the merger is of national strategic importance among the questions that this raises that is what's the effect going to be on news content in hungary and
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what political opposition exists there to this move if any observer say this is about politics and cost cutting second and that hunger ariens we'll be seeing more shared content. and less diversity in their journalism the opposition socialist party says it will sue hungary's media council which is also controlled by or ban and they are also looking for outside help from brussels but the e.u. has a pretty poor track record on intervening when it comes to member states and what governments do on the media side or burn knows that and is probably counting on it and time magazine has announced its person of the year for two thousand and eighteen collectively honoring journalists under fire who's on that list and why the subsequent debate online well there are four front covers for this week's time for different individuals or groups the capital because that newspaper in the u.s. state of maryland where five star for killed by a gun.


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