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tv   The Listening Post 2018 Ep 46  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2018 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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countries eastern bloc or region least forty three people were killed in the attack most of whom were civilians about one hundred civilians have already been killed in the region this year. when south sort of became independent more than seven years ago there were high hopes for the oil rich nation but it's been at war for much of the time hundreds of thousands of people have been killed or millions more forced from their homes now recent peace deal agreed to meet you could change all of that here but morgan has been meeting refugees in neighboring sudan in her spare time monica likes to sue her sheets with colorful stitches she says it reminds her of the good times when she was in her home village in south sudan instead of a refugee camp in neighboring sudan a village she would like to return to with conditions you know you know i don't want to get all i want to go home but peace for me is not just paper they have to be no more guns no more displacement they have to be schools for the children food hospitals. civil war started in south sudan two years after it gained independence
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when president salva kiir accused his vice president rick machar of attempting it nearly four hundred thousand people have been killed and more than a quarter of the twelve million population has been displaced as a result of fighting a deal signed in twenty fifteen collapse less than a year later leading to a new fighting and really displacement there was another deal signed in september a deal that's not known to all those it's meant to help. and i'll get if i get what deal i'm not aware of any deal signed nobody told me anything if they want to start returning home then we should be informed about what's going on. they greenman provides power sharing between the worrying party in south sudan will have five vice presidents a three year transitional period to be followed by elections and a unified army but before all that there are state borders to be determined commissions to be formed and verification of forces to be completed. many of the provisions of the peace deal are yet to be implemented and
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a transitional government will not be formed until may next year but refugees here are holding on to the hope that it will provide the stability and security they need for them to return home you hannah is the camp leader for south sudanese refugees in germany a camp here in white nile state he says the talk of return is something that comes up occasionally when he meets other refugees. and although many refugees here talk to me about wanting to return home but that can just happen we have seen it before when the last deal was signed and they say there was peace but fighting happened again and people were displaced we have to be sure this time before attaining. a confirmation that can only be given with time but for now all refugees like monica can do is hope they will get to raise their children in their countries instead of refugee camps he will morgan al-jazeera jamais a camp in white nile state sudan to europe where the u.k. prime minister to resign is back in london after crunch talks with european leaders she went to brussels looking for concessions on her breaks that agreement but
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european leaders showed no sign of budging paul brendan's been looking at her british m.p.'s on the media are reacting. members of parliament scatter around the country to the constituencies and mull over local issues you know housing benefits joblessness that kind of things but no doubt bracks it is dominating the headlines and the thoughts all rattled through a couple of the headlines from the newspapers here in the u.k. here's the times rich leads with may's deal is dead it says the cabinet has agreed that may's deal is dead but they can't agree what kind of alternative proposal should take its place in the guardian it says angry and bruised may returns empty handed the guardian saying she's been left brutally exposed by the failure to find some kind of compromise from the european union on the very breck's it approach daily express says why the hell do we bother that is why the hell do we bother
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trying to find an accommodation with the european union the express would prefer just to go for a hard breck's it's the article it's getting probably the most mileage here is an article by rudd she is the work i'm pensions secretary a former home secretary and she has asked how can we break the bricks if deadlock and what she's advocating is a kind of government of national unity she's not the first to advocate such a proposal nikki morgan the former education minister proposed it on monday during the press of debate but amber rudd is certainly the most senior and a current cabinet minister and so it's adding extra weight to the fact that there doesn't seem to be an agreement a majority for anything. origin teena has long been recognized as one of latin america's most important literary capitals now though the economic crisis is threatening to open a dog new chapter for the country's book industry trees about the story.
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for years i know and he has been publishing children's books he sells them to local libraries but also exports them around the world he says the devaluation of the base of these year and the lack of demand is forcing small companies like his to cut costs to survive in the. me is dependent on the u.s. dollar the last devaluation affected the continent most companies paper is a commodity and it's in u.s. dollars but we cannot raise the price of our books because we will sell even less. argentina has historically had a strong literary culture many here i resprout of authors like. or jorge we jorge's as the heir of international football stars like. in fact there are more bookstores per person when a site is meant any other capital in the world when a fight is a field with a small bookstores like this one that play a crucial role in the fiftieth cultural life and even though libraries are offering
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customers the possibility of financing their purchases it has not been enough the ongoing recession is forcing many to shut down. in the last two years more than thirty five bookstores have closed or been bought out by larger companies things are in getting any better with book sales dropping just over ten percent so far this year home and so on the run of this office space has gone up the electricity bills tripled water bills have doubled inflation is over forty percent but we can increase the prices as much because if we did we'd be out of business we're asking for some tax benefits to make it a bit easier for us but nothing has been resolved. the argentine pork industry says it's warned about the current situation as impact will be felt not just in lost jobs but also culturally. the biggest problem is a drop in consumption and this is something affecting most sectors of the economy
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there are some small measures that can definitely help but the biggest problem is that people are buying less books that means they're reading last and this is a drop in the consumption of cultural goods. austerity inflation and the i.m.f. bailout iran everyone's minds in argentina these days it appears the skate found in a good book is a luxury many here can no longer afford that is how will. this. more of the news hour including sports far will tell us about pittsburgh back up goalkeeper getting a lot of love from the night he's replaced up to a crucial save against boston. xenophobe violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. al-jazeera infiltrates one of the continent's past describing far right to
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organizations and exposes links to members of the european parliament and marine appends national party generation the hague. won the special two pot investigation on al-jazeera when the news breaks on the story below the fight against isis is still continuing in the bar down there when people need to be heard . and the story needs to be told by family status and wealth has benefited from their choice translated people al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you moon reward winning documentaries and life. on air and online.
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book about to start a sport is for so thank you so much the trauma raptors have had a dose of reality after their win over n.b.a. champions the golden state warriors they lost to the portland trailblazers on friday despite the return of star forward leonard portland's on the attack here damian lillard got twenty four points for them but that wasn't toronto's whole problem the problem is that the best team so far this season have a better record when it isn't on the course despite his impressive personal form here he is scoring two of his twenty eight points raptors are sixteen wins and six losses with leonard playing but seven and one when. i would him as when they beat the warriors. brother of golden state's steph curry gave portland daylight in the fourth storm back to within two points with c.j.
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mccall and sealed it for the trailblazers hundred and ninety eight one hundred and twenty two in the end. but the defending champions did manage to bounce back from wednesday's loss to golden state beating host the sacramento kings steph curry finishing with thirty five points and seven rebounds while clay thompson added twenty seven including four huge three pointers the warriors winning one hundred thirty to one hundred and twenty five snapping in two game winning streak for the kings. and the new york knicks have been way off the pace in the eastern conference a morale boosting win at charlotte was just what they needed after five straight losses emmanuel media getting a career high thirty four points in the next wanted in overtime one hundred and twenty six to one hundred twenty four kemba walker didn't make the buzzer beater for the hornets who are nevertheless and six place. english premier league champions manchester city have returned to the top of the
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table their leading everton two one at the moment seven matches in total on saturday their place tottenham meet burnley at wembley following host a west west ham in the london darby liverpool will be in action against manchester united on sunday. brown madrid will be hoping one of their misfiring stars can get back in form to help them move into second place in the league on saturday to do so they'll need other results to go their ways the lauri's man host. at the bernabeu. suffered a record champions league last midweek form has generally improved since he took over after a disastrous starts this season but not the same can be said for is co the man who was expected to step up after all those departure has been out of form and favor despite being a key part of the spanish national team. if. it's normal but it is cool he's a man he's a grown man a professional who has given so much to disclose so much joy and we all sure he
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will continue giving us he and all the players work every day to give their best to be available for the next game the most difficult task of a coach or the most ungrateful is having to choose who's playing eleven starting players those who will sit on the bench those who won't even get change there are so many few of those lesser hardest part of a close work had to have the start of the day's action against real sociedad that match is just coming up to full time and it's one too tough way to lead host let it go who starts saturday in third place ahead of sydney arrivals rel league leading barcelona in second place of the air play their games on sunday and i bar host the landsea and the late kick offs. italian leaders eventis play in the turin darby against arena as they try to bounce back from a champions league defeat to young boys in switzerland their coach says is leading
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scorer were not all that won't be given time off just yet as the games comes thick and fast before the winter break and then last a move into was no time to rest yet now to be skipper of the matches we have against at salon to roman some doria of already spoken with him have told in the league i'm out of one of these three matches mexico's canelo alvarez says he wants to make history when he steps in the ring later on saturday to face britain's rocky fielding the super middleweight title held by fielding is on the line in new york it's one of the sport's least less prestigious world titles but winning it all nonetheless mean a championship and a third weight division for canelo both fighters made weight on friday and despite canelo giving away height weight and reach advantage he's the heavy favorite. all of us from penguins are having a pretty shaky season two years after winning back to back n.h.l. championships but they've been kept in contention by goalie casey to smith he stopped a career high forty eight shots against boston bruins the man he's replaced and
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some injury matt murray celebrating the save with them pittsburgh going on to win five to three. that's all you sport for now be back with more later but for now it's back to you so thanks very much for well you have been watching the al-jazeera news or you can follow those stories of course on our web site stubs of a dot com. for hof our in a few minutes time but from flora and me on the news our team thanks for your time and your company. because we're not defending them as we should the. rights being vineet. and food being stripped away. in the seventh year anniversary of. the whites that stand up. stand up for human rights.
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in malaysia schooling is a luxury for children of writing a muslim refugees but for. every child deserves an opportunity for faith and creativity the arms them with the skills to overcome any hurdle and seize the threat to his schools existence as a test of his faith. school of hope to the viewfinder asia seems on al-jazeera. generation after generation men work under the merciless sun of northeastern state. in this slum there's no sewerage running water or other basic services sixty percent of the people here are now living in poverty their need. are so great and their pockets so empty that they are easy prey during election time for politicians they can come here and buy their votes for as little as ten dollars of course if i'm
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a politician and i give culture and education to people i'm in pairing them and if i'm in pairing them they may not vote for me so that's why it's in their interest to keep things as they are. it's a vicious circle of inequality aggravated by a severe recession and government austerity that's left thirteen million brazilians unemployed and even if the next government can start the recovery process those living here at the bottom of the social ladder will be the last to benefit. since police try to stop another week the government protests from turning violent in paris.
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when you're watching al-jazeera headquarters here in there also coming up. a crime committed by the government. and. the chief palestinian negotiator criticizes israel for demolishing the home of a well known activist. also climate talks going to an extra day with big polluters pushing back on the details of a final agreement. and how an economic crisis is hurting the latin america's literally giant argentina. welcome to the program police have arrested more than one hundred people at yellow first protests around the french come. little in paris the fifth weekend of demonstrations has seen just far fewer people turn out onto the streets than before but in the months since they began the yellow vests have morphed into a movement that opposed fuel tax increases into
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a campaign against the president and manuel mackerel in an effort to quell the anger tax cuts and income increases for working poor and elderly people saying he's heard calls people on the minimum wage will earn about one hundred fifteen dollars more a month starting in january while taxes on overtime pay will be scrapped also retirees earning less than two thousand two hundred dollars a month will no longer have to pay a recent increase in social security taxes so protesters have welcomed concessions as a good first step but critics are denouncing what they see as half measures which are too little too late let's cross over to bernard smith who's following the story from paris there have been seems to be clashes should i say bernard where you are be it the hurling of some sort of canisters with gas in it.
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plus a lot of the several gathering spots it seems to have been throughout paris today this is. some own yellow bus protesters left behind me but the crowds are dispersing from here the police of essentially got the area sealed off but they're allowing people to make their way through the starting line from the protesters through as long as they have their back searched and everything there have been other parts of paris where there have been confrontations with the police or where the police have used tear gas. was one area and there's another couple of other gathering areas in paris i think although the numbers are down the disruption in central paris has been as bad as it was last week that is because if you a lot of metro lines are being closed if you want to get into the central paris you can't because the stations are closed if you want to go and do christmas shopping a couple of weeks before christmas it's much harder to do so business is. are perhaps as badly affected this saturday as they have been on saturdays before we've
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got places boarded up that cathay pay has been boarded up as lots of other businesses have been boarded up some more of trying to stay open this weekend but i think the disruption still as significant as it has been foreseen of course government officials have been talking about the pain they say is causing the economy as a whole because of course paris is a very popular go to destination during the christmas period. it is in the one of the fed a business federations here in france has said that even before this is a couple of weeks ago their calculation was a billion more than a billion dollars worth lost in trade in the very import the most important trading time of the year the run up to christmas so they'll be even more that number will be significantly higher following another two weeks of disruption we've had hotels that have lost fifty percent of bookings at least and advance bookings being councils now as well new year's eve where paris is very popular the new year old
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tells of reporting cancellations we spoke to restaurant owners one last week ninety percent loss of trade last saturday he tried to stay open but he lost all that business in the small and medium sized businesses in paris these are very difficult losses for them to be able to sustains of the only elevates protesters want to get the message across and continue to disrupt the functioning of french cities particularly paris and that they are still managing to do not say for the moment we'll leave it there bernard of course follow events with you as time progresses thank you. the israeli army has demolished the home of a prominent palestinian activist sparking protests across the occupied west bank demonstrators say it's a collective punishment more than a hundred people have been injured and one killed in related violence between israeli soldiers and palestinians are going to report the refugee camp on the outskirts of ramallah. the booms of sound bombs
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echoed and the smoke of tear gas formed clouds above l m r a refugee camp on saturday morning israeli soldiers stormed the camp to demolish the honeyed home one of the sons islam is in prison for allegedly throwing a cinder block from a roof and killing an israeli soldier last may despite being illegal according to international law demolitions of palestinian homes are a common tactic used by the israeli military human rights groups say it's an unjust form of collective punishment when i was the international community the international community is backing israel they are not steadfast with the palestinian people the family has become a symbol of resistance in the occupied territory six sons are in prison accused of attacking israelis one is a co-founder of fatah's military wing and their mother latifa abu hamid is a well known activist in two thousand and eleven she was sent to the un to make
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a presentation in the palestinian bid for statehood. the palestinian authority has condemned the demolition and called for peaceful protests the number of crimes that are to committed against palestinians have reached an unprecedented level because of all of that the lack of potential for any peaceful resolution and because of the . on the ground i think of the situation is moving towards a popular uprising the demolition the raids the administrative detention of hamas members and the increased military presence at checkpoints and roads in the west bank these are all measures israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu valid to take in retaliation for the deaths of a baby boy and two soldiers this week there is a manhunt underway for the suspect or suspects involved in the killing of the. soldiers meanwhile says the israelis have demolished her home not once not
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twice but now three times she vows to rebuild the palestinian authority says it will help her do just that natasha good name al-jazeera l m r e refugee camp in the occupied west bank as a. disputed prime minister and the rajapaksa has quit he was appointed seven weeks ago setting off a political crisis that without a functioning government and facing the prospect of being unable to pass next year's budget alexey o'brian explains. less than two months ago he was being sworn in as sri lanka's new prime minister but after weeks of political turmoil mahinda rajapaksa has submitted his resignation. since i have no intention of remaining as prime minister without a general election being held and in order not to hamper the president in any way i
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will resign from the position of prime minister and make way for the president to form a new government rajapaksa was previously sri lanka's president for a decade bringing to an end a long civil war with a brutal final assault on the tamil tiger rebels. but in october sri lanka was plunged into a constitutional crisis and president palace or a cena appointed rajapaksa as prime minister and unceremoniously sect ronald victor missing. within days thousands turned out to show their anger at sarah's saying his decision and since then they've been demonstrations supporting and opposing rajapaksa and on the negative this is not good the should have been prime minister he finished the war and was developing the country our people don't have gratitude mind and all of this happened because mahindra did not have a majority in parliament when a country is on stable it is difficult for people like us to make
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a living. sri lanka has now been without a functioning government for nearly two weeks after a court suspended rajapaksa and his cabinet when they lost to no confidence votes and on thursday the supreme court ruled that a decision by the president to dissolve parliament and call a snap election for early january was unconstitutional. rajapakse is resignation may not end their political crisis in needs to be a new government in place by january first to approve next year's budget brian al-jazeera at least seven people have been killed after a gun battle in indian administered kashmir security forces launched a search operation on saturday morning for suspected rebels in the region fighting broke out in protest followed in the confrontations that several people were killed by gunshot wounds four others have been taken to hospitals in the region in a serious condition. within touching distance of
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a global warming deal after two weeks of talks between representatives of two hundred nations in poland an agreement will cover the fine print that was left unfinished after the u. twenty fifteen powers climate accords this includes how countries will report the greenhouse gas emissions and the efforts they're taking to reduce the let's cross over to nick joins me now from the summit in catch of each are in poland of course this whole summit has been extended by one day hoping to try and get a positive conclusion will it. whether it's remains to be seen is very much in the balance it seems there has been a bit of a flurry of excitement behind me. i think it is no more the delegates negotiations are actually going into the conference hall this week we haven't actually seen for a few hours probably not since yesterday vote and what we're waiting for is for the moment where they assess the final version or the latest version of the draft text
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so they will gather had been there was d.n.a. discussing at this moment in time at least not in the main hall is also a little but rooms where side meetings are going on lots of arms being twisted and so forth as usual process these climate conferences and let's speak not somebody who knows all about the system here and how it all works out and we'll see how it does transpire just morgan from greenpeace had a greenpeace what's your assessment of where we're at right now well i think that many of the negotiations are done but there are a few sticking points and they're trying to come to a final conclusion for example on will there be a signal for ambition coming out of this conference that countries will do more and the feeling is not good right it's not seeing looking good right now now it's looking like they're going to be very very unambitious on that that they haven't actually connected that they have to respond to the science and to respond to people and say they're going to go and do more that's one key issue so who are the culprits hit because clearly the vulnerable nations and we have.


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