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tv   Maria Fernanda Espinosa  Al Jazeera  December 16, 2018 11:32am-12:02pm +03

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new chair a campaign issue. u.s. president donald trump has welcomed a cool to ruling against the affordable care act commonly referred to as a bomb a cat the decision cost on certainty on the health insurance coverage for millions of americans president trump wants to completely replace obamacare but if the republicans and the democrats get together we are going to end up with incredible health care which is the way it should have been from day one and it's going to happen it now has a chance to. the family of the seven year old girl who died in u.s. custody is disputing the official story lawyers for jacqueline call's family say she was in good health as she traveled through mexico with her father that said all this with u.s. border agents who say the girl was dehydrated when taken into custody. next.
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where ever you. can. see. founded in one nine hundred forty five the united nations struggles to keep up the challenges of today's world. the u.n. has been criticized for being ineffective in the crises of syria yemen for example it's also come under fire after many scandals including allegations of sexual misconduct by peacekeepers its leadership promises change but can its one hundred ninety three member states come to a consensus on how to take the u.n. to the next level. a question we posed to move spinoza president of the united
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nations general assembly. thank you for being here and talking to obviously are very pleased to be here sami thank you you know some ask the question is the u.n. facing perhaps the greatest threat with the rise of nationalism in the west in europe the current u.s. administration's opposition to multilateralism where does that leave your organization and your job well i think that multilateralism more needed than. never because we are facing so many goble challenges and the only response to global challenges is through global leadership and collective fact but this it feel like fewer and fewer believe that today well i think that people are seemed you know the fruits of multilateralism we are seeing that we are delivering on the twenty thirty agenda sustainable development goals that we are making the change we just had up
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at the global compact on migration we are about to adopt a global compact on refugees we came out out of poland we rule book with our program of work to implement the paris agreement but there is no other way to tackle climate change which is an existential threat but humana isn't feel that way when you listen to the statements of people like donald trump doesn't undermine the united nations well i think that the majority of member states are absolutely in favor of a strong multilateral system of rules based international system and a stronger role for the united nations maybe the majority but when you have a big power like view u.s. does that you know opposed to some aspects of multilateralism if not all of it does that undermine the u.n. well what i would say is that for example take let's take the issue of climate change that i just mention what you see is that cities hundreds of cities in the united states individual states they're taking very seriously seriously the paris
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agreement in they are getting together to deliver on the paris agreement and that is a very positive sign which means that you know perhaps our government doesn't feel like they're ready to join an agreement or to be part of a process and that's perfectly fine i think one of the beauties of the multilateral system is that eat eat also is prepared for dissent your meeting in doha for the door for him and many representatives of many countries are here but yet the host country is suffering a saudi led boy called. does that undermine the spirit of multilateralism multilateral action well i would say that. sometimes the capacity of regions to shape their own destiny to come up with solutions is the best approach always the united nations our system can broker
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facilitate enable dialogue but at the same time i'm a strong believer on the regional responses and i think we can call for an end to the boycott well what i would say is that it is very important that all the parties involved they seat in the talk because the only way to solve problems difficulties conflicts is through peaceful means through dialogue the transformative power of dialogue is what the united nations stands for dialogue is difficult when you have a blockade and a boycott right do you think that should end well dialogue is always difficult when you have a you know contention situations but dialogue is the only weapon you know really truly efficient weapon to end any kind of conflict and difference between two member states of the united nations is that in
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a so. the caller would be to look you know from a regional perspective how to address the difficulties that gulf countries are facing and how you know they come together because they have more issues that unite them than issues that separate them would you like to see one way or another this boycott and did you see it as president of the general assembly is it more of a problem for you in organizing diplomatic action that you'd like to see and. well i would say it doesn't really matter if it's a problem for me or not what we would like to see a more peaceful world where everybody has the same opportunities where we are really firm in combating poverty and inequality in providing equal opportunities to everybody in that requires peaceful environments and i think that this country as
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every other country the reserve to live in peace talking about regional issues what's your feeling on the cause for a u.n. investigation into the killing of jamal khashoggi well i think that i have been very outspoken on this issue as soon as his death west's come for it i called pawlick lee for an urgent and independent investigation should be a un in need of end and. the concerned parties should request the un to act and to undertake. an independent investigation but this there is a need to from member states to request the secretary general in this case it's our executive arm which is the secretary general and the secretariat that is that should take that on board but it is very long to see that call made and you do well and what is important is that there is no impunity on this issue do you think the saudi investigation so far has been credible just your personal opinion of months
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of the killing and they still haven't found the body. well it's not up to me i mean my own you know this really it's not what is important is to have a thorough in being truthful as urgent and urgent investigation on the issue might be important for viewers to know what you as the president of the general assembly think about an investigation which doesn't even produce the body is that credible well what i'm saying and my call has been i repeat again for an urgent independent and thorough investigation on this case have we seen that so far well i'm saying that if the u.n. has requested it has to go through our secretariat i don't have to be the decision of the secretary saying that in the saudi investigation so far no independent and thorough investigation well my opinion i just mention it do you believe the crown prince mohammed bin. could not have been involved in this killing in my position as
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president of the general assembly my personal opinions on things are really not worthwhile i do re present the hundred ninety three countries and in of course i stand for human rights for protecting the rights of journalists. u.-t. and i am really shocked in knowing that you know close to fifty journalists has had been killed only this year this is the information we have this is unacceptable and journalists should work be protected and leave in a safe environments to deliver on their work clearly that wasn't the case with mr jamal khashoggi that he went into his own embassy by the admission of the authorities and did up killed that's a major. at the very least to put it mildly failure to protect a journalist well i think that these really runs against what i was just saying that we are and the united nations as an organization is in favor of the right to
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free press and safe working environment environments for journalists. do you believe the trumpet ministration can bring peace between israelis and palestinians the world has been waiting for this new peace plan to be unveiled and it's been repeatedly delayed do you think at the end something productive will come i am a strong believer on regional responses and i think that the palestinian issue is so is long do we have passed i don't know how many resolutions both in security council and a general assembly and the call i had made to as president of the general assembly is for the compliance of the agreements we have made on the palestinian issue which is the typical and we all know two state solution i guess my question is do you think this trump administration do you have any hope that vale the ones who are
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going to be able to finally bring peace i think that we should not rely on one party or one country alone i am saying that it is very important that this is first taken up by the regional the region as a whole in really come up with something that would. enable to have progress on the peace talks which we haven't seen so far in when we get organized and act on this issue there are so many hundreds of thousands of civilians that are suffering at the humanitarian issue in palestine in the gaza strip we know that this is it's very it's pain for and we're in we need a collective response but i don't think that we should just address one country i think because the larger the united states of course is the most powerful country when it comes to the middle east peace process right will be merely regional
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attempts and initiatives nothing seems to work unless the americans are fully committed would you not agree to that when they are yet another partner very important. partner but i think that the all the stars have to align in order to really find you know a sustainable solution for the palestinian people talk about regional suffering yemen is another sore spot in the region there's been some good news lately though but a question how will we have the announcement of a truce in a day or do you have any idea how the u.n. will oversee the withdrawal of combatants from the city of data well i think that this very first step which is the seas of fire in her data is going to really. you know make a difference and we are all worried about the humanitarian situation in yemen in this very fact will allow you know all the goods and services to come you know
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in really change you know the very. you know painful situation of the yemeni people there so we'll be sending troops are you aware of any country we are ready to send their troops well and still is not a decision that is made by the general assembly this is something that the. security council should do you have anything new and u.s. hopeful i haven't heard about that this is an issue that has to be dealt with in the security council but i think that the this has been a very important step forward this ceasefire is going to really make the change to the yemeni people that are suffering in that are have been victims of a you know one of the you know most. you know terrible humanitarian crisis talk about humanitarian crisis of course the syria to we can't not mention that one do you really believe that the syrian president bashar assad will accept
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a committee half of which is made of opposition members to write a new constitution for the country. well i don't care i cannot predict especially on the do you have confidence you know un is working on this well what i'm saying is that it is very risky i am not a person to predict anything on the yes i'm just i follow the facts and. that's you know also my job and my responsibility as president of the general assembly but since i don't know they're related yes working on this do you have you very much just might succeed because yeah i'm very much looking forward to the talks that are starting you know under the auspices of of russia iran and turkey for this constitutional committee to be formed in that i think would you know send you know positive signs for hopefully you know sustainable solution of the syrian conflict what do you say to those who might say though isn't the real
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diplomacy being brokered by russia turkey and iran in arranging a truce in lip rather than through the u.n. effort because the u.n. effort doesn't have any teeth. how do you respond well absolutely not because i mean the mission to spy different countries to seat in to contribute to address an existing conflict is perfectly fine and their the umbrella of the united nations as an enabler as as our own as broker it's always there of course and i don't think that the un has failed at all the u.n. failed in the use the instance second charter you know and international peace and security the united nations is made of the member states the united nations does not like. supra creation of of no it is mainly of member states so when they are initiatives of member states you know to really contribute
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you know to peaceful solution of the syrian conflict it's more than that welcome and the united nations have had i mean we have you know made a difference in so many issues and of course we have failed on others but because of there are failures doesn't mean that we do we do not have more active minutes and more things to be you know more issues to be proud of. if you look at how do the thousands of civilians have died in some of these conflicts that's a pretty big failure i'm not blaming you personally for a but i guess what i'm asking you is whether it's frustrating for you as president of the general assembly to be beholden to the will of others to your member states while you carry a lot of responsibility the world looks towards you to find solutions but as you have said repeatedly in this interview you know it's it's up to the will of the member states or it's up to the security council we know the security council is
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dominated by five world powers is there frustrating for you. but you have your own ability to enforce your will as a general assembly right well i think that east challenging sometimes is very good that people understand at the very complex structure of the united nations we have three main bodies of the united nations the social and an economic council the. security council and the general assembly the general assembly is the parliament of humanity is where the hundred and ninety three states are represented we all sit in the same seat we have the same microphone we all vote also it's the will and that the situation of hundred ninety three states but what resonates here and then we have a poly the seasons we are the normative body of international law and the in the big responsibility on peace and security issues relies very much on the security council but the entire human family i think that we will ask you know every member
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state do you want to live in a peaceful world or in a chaotic and violent world they would say we want to be yes but they were say that tarmoh can call government to account the parliament can even sometimes bring governments down you can't do that you're a parliament but without any power is that not frustrate madame not your opinion that it's not mine in certainly not the opinion of hundred ninety three member states that could a lot of effort trying to. do their best in the norm setting process for international law in sometimes we succeed other times we were not able to deliver it is true however that we need a stronger united nations we need a stronger general assembly we need to undertake this very profound structural reform process that we are under a call it is not a matter of opinion general assembly resolutions are not binding right well general
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assembly resolutions are part of the norm setting of international they're not binding as you know household as we have. i can't really know all the well we have accountability mechanisms we have been monitoring mechanisms countries are doing their best if you look for example at implementation of agenda twenty thirty so we should not forget that the united nations us in the charter that was drafted seventy three years ago has three pillars one is the pillar of peace and security which main responsibility relies on the security council you have the development peeler and the sustainable development efforts of countries and then you have the human rights as well we cannot think about a peaceful world without development without sustainable development without you know fighting poverty and inequality and that's very much the work that the general assembly does do you ever feel let down by the security and sometimes we are disappointed but it i think it is. it's true we can always do better of course
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you mentioned the un's chancellor written over seventy years ago is it time for reform well that there is an ongoing process to reform to securing ground so long time ultimately while it is themselves outdated now well no i think we shouldn't you know get confused because there is a reform process of the organization that is in progress the implementation will start in general next year it's a three peeler reform on the peace and security architecture on the new development a new architecture for the development system and very strong management reforms only to read through some of the indicators on a global scale the two thousand and eighteen world inequality report that talks about increased global wealth and income inequality the two thousand and eighteen rule of law index that talks about declining global standards of human rights the
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very own u.n.h.c.r. global trends study cites record for school will displacement in two thousand and seventeen does that not make you worry about whether the world is going in the wrong direction when it comes to development. of course we have huge challenges we don't i don't think that we live in an ideal world and can be turned around and in i think that we we that's why we are for you know just to tackle to be responsible and to deliver on this issues i am also stopped for the multiple crisis that we are facing our days the climate crisis the displaced persons the human rights standards but you know what is that we can do about it to have a stronger corporation international system to have a very strong international rules a system that is can respond to these challenges one of them in here i want to be
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very bold one of them major major you know challenges that we face is precisely you know the eradication of poverty and inequality if we are able to tackle that i fear many are after matter of action policies you know to narrow the inequality gap that is good for the other two people or it's good for human rights is good for peace and security is good for development very guess my question is can you fix these problems when multilateralism itself is becoming a bit of a victim listening to the statements of some of the rising forces from the right wing in europe or from the administration currently in the white house in the u.s. you get the idea many powerful players in the world today or some of them are not on board with the idea of multilateralism they want to head into what they call a nationalistic sovereignty based world well i think that that's of the car to me
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to say it's either you go for our already full in the asia leave it doesn't undermine your job the globalisation here and the multilateral system and the un one side or. or you know exercise your national sovereignty and decide for the good of your own people it's either or it's not an either or in i think that we should be very bold about are about a strong narrative that maybe a wrong way you may be right but do you know how four countries don't believe that madam president is not a problem for us and i don't see that it is a permanent issue you see what we have absent downs of course we need to prove ourselves that the only way to address global challenges is through collective action you know no matter if you're a big country a powerful country or a very small country but if we do not act together on the climate challenge you would do not act together on the terrorism issue one the go it alone
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a formula does not work in this is not because i believe in it is there a way to address and tackle terrorism. one country alone possible is there a way to address and tackle the issue of a massive migration one orange or climate change but you know who because if other you call you cooperate and you have a dialogue between the countries of origin of transit and this in nation or you cannot address the issue of migration no matter how stronger laws are no talking about migration there was some good news in december one hundred sixty countries signing the global compact so migration that is a non-binding agreement though it is true is a non-binding framework but is an enabler to foster cooperation exchange of good practices to foster. dialogue on international
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migration so what practical difference do you think it will make can you tell our viewers that this compact will make to the people. involved in very risky deadly migration path it's well more than two hundred and fifty million people are people who move or migrants around the world and we need to deliver for them to ensure that their fundamental rights are guaranteed at the convent you were born oh i think the compact is going to help a great deal the compact has twenty three you know policy recommendations for countries and they will decide how they adopt them and how they translate them into their national policy the they have to move. under their own constitutional framework so the compact this doesn't harm the contrary national sovereignty it's on the contrary it helps countries and to establish cooperation mechanisms with partners and neighbors but what i'm saying here is that these millions of migrants they do need you know
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a shared framework to guarantee their rights and the compact speaks very strongly against one of the bad worst worst a phenomena that is happening now adays which is. trafficking and smuggling of people in from the smuggling and profit king of human trafficking you know seventy percent are women and girls so i think that the world has to stand up and stop that very often and spinoza united nations general assembly president thank you so much for talking to all the syrup thank you thank you very much. i. the tunisian scientist who led a double life so secret even kept it from his family. but his activities would have a military impact for which he would pay the ultimate price.
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out as zero world investigates the life and death of mahmoud soiree the tunisian drone engineer. they call this bleeding the treat. first substance the world is addicted to now at the center of the global trade war . it's latex in its purest form found in tires phones toothbrushes satellites or mattresses it is an essential element in daily life and so deep in the ivorian forest where you get a book goes from tree to tree scarring them for the precious liquid trump is imposing two hundred billion dollars in tariffs on china the world's largest manufacturer of rubber goods china in response imposes tariffs on synthetic rubber the west produces while in the short term this is bad for african producers in the
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long run some hope the continent could benefit from this trade war unaware of the global trade war and despite falling prices at opel calls rubber white gold at least for now. it is something that the work has been waiting for only a few hundred nations agree on the rules to limit climate change but leave the most contentious ses friend of the day. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm on team denis also coming up. seven weeks after he was sacked triggering a political crisis right now with the government saying it's warm back in there's
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sri lanka's prime minister. zimbabwe's ruling party celebrates the president's latest plan to turn things around but the people are running out of patience plus zero zero zero zero zero zero m. of them all because despite some of the put up with russia's president changes. suggesting are to speak control rather than silence. illness two hundred countries a struck a deal that lays out ways to implement the landmark paris climate agreement but nations are already struggling with the consequences of global warming say it won't be enough reports from cavite poland where the marathon talks took place. hearing no objections it is so the site. after a long hard fought might find its parents really because of greed some say it lacks
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ambition i think that the good thing is they now have this rule book which gives them the guidance that they need so there's.


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