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this time as you know. this is al-jazeera. the whole room when you're watching the al-jazeera news our lives my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. it is absolutely essential to have a credible investigation the u.n. chief retrace his call for saudi arabia to arrest and punish everyone responsible for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. he was triggering
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a political crisis running. back in because prime minister plus. one of the. russia's president changes his tune on music suggesting artists be controlled rather than silenced. and. order including you than to. any italian sorry yeah but it had a price for the portuguese are. talking to the news that turkey has accused many european countries of turning a blind eye to the murder of jamal khashoggi the saudi journalist was killed inside the kingdom's istanbul consulate on october the second the turkish foreign minister . says his country has done all it turned to expose the truth but that still hasn't been enough for allies to act. president other one has been so determined from the
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beginning to go to the end of this case and to reach the outcome of the investigation and many european countries who are promoting the freedom of media through freedom of expression are closing their eyes while appearing at the hall for a year in chief and turning to terrorists also repeated his call for saudi arabia to investigate the murder properly what we have said since the beginning is it's absolutely essential to have a credible investigation and to have the punishment of those that were killed. well joining me now is that royal william fallon he's a former commander of u.s. central command he's here in doha at the forum thanks for joining us live on al-jazeera i mean what's your reaction to the u.n. secretary general's comments about bringing those responsible. to justice. well i think it's it's long overdue that we have
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a four explanation of what happened the story seems pretty prosperous. it's just another event here this rift among the gulf countries and we've been discussing it for that is they're really not helpful to any of the countries who are the region certainly not friends and allies such as the united states. so that would seem there is certainly an impasse between anchor and riyadh over the questioning and perhaps even sort of the extradition of those suspects and that doesn't look promising i mean how or where can the breakthrough come from if there is foreign ministers can only profess their frustration at what's going on. you know i don't know i'm not into the details i haven't seen any any information or certainly no intelligence reports so i think the same information that's available to you and the rest of the public but my sense is that. a couple of things that
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might be useful for the turkish government releases are openly whatever information they have and clearly. a long time long overdue that. the saudis. come to a weak point on what actually happened so i doubt that's going to happen so i suspect they're going to be in this just continual. period of discussion with their claims and counterclaims bottom line is this just another band i guess this turmoil of the gulf that needs to be resolved plus an apple certainly if you just bear with us i want to just bring in a quote from the secretary general antonio terrorist who spoke about yemen saying the number of people in need of aid that will double this year now he says this should add c. to un backed efforts to end the cold but this is what he said. the declaration of feminine is a technical declaration that relates to
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a number of indicators and sometimes people think that the fact that famine is not that limited doesn't means that people are not suffering no there is a high level of hunger in yemen we are supporting eight million people with food in yemen and we assume that if the humanitarian situation does not improve will be supporting forty million people next year and that is indeed how and that in yemen that is extremely worrying the question of calling it feminism as i said a sickly technical seemed related to a number of images but images but the effect that fed meeting was not yet declared does not in any way. diminishes a huge concern with the very high level of hunger that exists in in yemen with the number of people dying in very dramatic circumstances and with the effect
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that to be adults because we will be facing in two thousand and nineteen much worse situation than today a profile in the u.n. secretary general speaking earlier at the doha forum emphasizing how dire the situation is for ordinary yemenis how important is this tentative cease fire that was agreed in sweden in terms of sort of finding a lasting peace in the area with talks should you look at and for the end of january. here another thing that's long overdue i believe that the situation as it drags on is certainly not going to be resolved anytime soon certainly not by force we have practically again an operational stalemate so the real solution here is to get down and come up with some kind of a political agreement. i fully support moving forward with. hope doing parties recognize the fact that. this thing could pull want for quite
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a long time without any result on the battlefield so it's time to go get a political decision on the scene trying to corral and keep you might say abreast of how regional powers feel about the situation on one side you've got saudi on the other side allegedly there's iran supporting the hooty so where does the us sort of how does the us sit in this particular situation it heads towards twenty nineteen when the president himself is also being you might say warned by the senate himself about his actions and his allegiances to his friends all photos in the middle east . putting all that aside the real issue is that there's a conflict that dragging on for years going nowhere quickly a lot of people are being killed or certainly displaced and it's time to. just get
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to the bottom line and that is that we need to end it and get to a solution it's never going to be perfect there are going to please everyone but it's clear that the military actions are not succeeding and it's time to get serious about the diplomatic side for the moment we'll leave it at more william fallon very good of you to join us from the doha forum in doha thanks. let's get more what's being said about jamal khashoggi janus is our correspondent outside the saudi calls to the office in istanbul where the journalist was murdered a very clear. statement being made by the turkish foreign minister really emphasizing his frustration as to how far the investigation of the speed of the way the investigation is going. puts the blame down at saudi's front door. well yes but at the same time blaming the saudis for a lack of cooperation but also blaming the west for in action turkey is growing
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impatient turkey like you mentioned is frustrated a simple question that turkey has been asking for weeks now has not been answered by saudi arabia and that is where is the body and turkey believes that the saudi legal process has been satisfactory we have to remember that turkey has demanded the extradition of the suspects to be tried here on turkish soil a demand which was rejected by saudi arabia and really the rhetoric in turkey has changed particularly from the president himself president russia tell you are the god in the first few weeks following the murder he avoided using the name of hammad bin salmen the saudi crown prince as of late he has been mentioning mohamed bin so man's name at the g twenty summit he criticized the saudi crown prince's explanation on killing and a few days ago he said that those who were actively involved in the murder were his
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closest aides yes he stopped short of directly blaming mohamed man but his aides and party officials ruling party officials in the past believe that he was the man who gave the order to kill she because the evidence that turkey has presented turkey believes shows that this was a premeditated murder and unlike what saudi arabia has been saying that this was a rogue operation and the plan was to convince her she to go back to saudi arabia the foreign minister did so in the presentation for him but you know he had spoken to all of the senior officials in the white house he was disappointed with international leaders across the globe who had really come. to turkey's aid or put pressure. to come clean with what they know it seems very hard to know what more turkey can do only look towards the u.s. in terms of putting pressure on saudi arabia how does that dynamic work so you know . well turkey was hoping that president trump
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would take action that president trump would have put pressure on saudi arabia to cooperate instead what we saw happen was the trumpet ministration embraced mohamed bin salomon and said that there wasn't any direct evidence linking him to the murder even though the lawmakers the senate they all believe that following a briefing by the cia director mohamed bin so a man was involved in the order to kill the saudi journalist so they were hoping that the u.s. administration would take more more of a tougher response like you mentioned there's only so much turkey can do is specially if it wants to maintain a relationship with saudi arabia even the president himself has repeatedly said this is not about a relationship with the saudi arabians it's not even about their relationship with the royal family it is about crime we are seeking the truth now there's a lot of talk now about the possibility of a u.n. investigation but the biggest question is the u.n.
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investigation cannot force saudi arabia to cooperate we've seen this happen in the past u.n. commissions of inquiries they demand for example investigators have access and the country involved denies investigators access so there's only so much the u.n. can do if it is not forced upon by the security council for the moment we leave it in istanbul. the turkish foreign minister also said u.s. president told trump is working on extraditing for the golan and he's been turkey's government accuses of orchestrating the failed coup in twenty sixteen. the perpetrator of the attempted coup the leader of this terrorist organization still in the united states but recently i have seen the credible investigation of the f.b.i. in several states and they have actually seen or not these the darkness of this organization and how they have been while eating the us laws including tax fraud
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these are for all and also some other illegal activities and how professional they are well last time we met in bonus areas the president trumped all at the one that they have been working on that but we need to see concrete steps. to the news that we claim a singer has been reappointed destroying because prime minister nearly two months after his firing set off a political crisis he took the oath of office before president. set aside the man who sucked him prime minister with promising always maintained his dismissal was a mole for his replacement failed to get parliament's approval. you wonder what the end name. and let the monday land today we're committing to first bring back normalcy to the country and then bring back development as well i'm pledging to bring a bit a standard of living for all economically and socially but i also learned more from the capital club. from the victim missing having been lost in this political crisis
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which is written on top for almost two months these right from the beginning when he was still on seven were sacked by prison by the by the city saida said it was the nation of a prime minister of this country who said it had the parliamentary majority no matter who said otherwise the president the. new prime minister by and the budget cuts at the time they all claimed that he had the majority but become a singer has basically shorn that he has gone the distance and once again standing before the band sacked him on the twenty sixth of october to take all that as the prime minister of sri lanka now obviously a lot of water under the bridge a long history of the attacks from the president against the missing her to the point that he said never consider working to take the single once again but if he has he was ever a long time in politics and have become the singer once again as prime minister a lot to be sorted out still who is going to be in the cabinet what is a composition of the government going to be and how this country is full with
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plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including. it is something that the work has been waiting for. countries agree on the rules to look at climate change but leaving you for the most contentious issues for another day. all the four decades after the vietnam war ended the trumpet ministration looks to send back some of the refugees. or the easing of arrivals of england later we'll hear from liverpool's manager all the premier league's classic cars sport news coming. almost two hundred countries have struck a deal that lays out ways to implement the law more powers climate agreement but nations that are already struggling with the consequences of global warming say it won't be enough. in poland where the marathon talks took place
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hearing no objections it is so the site. after a long hard fought night finds its separate parents rule because of greed some say it lacks ambition so one of the key questions here was there's this new science that comes out and says we have twelve years to keep global average temperature below one point five degrees so you would expect countries would come here and say we get it we're going to do more we didn't get that here we didn't get that clear signal and i think there's a huge gap between the science the public and what governments are willing to commit to. and here the only things left there's just some technical things so the big things here are really done as ever this was a long exhausting process negotiators working through the night seeking agreement. there were constant reminders for delegates from the sidelines upping the pressure to get something done the fortnight had started and finished with stark warnings
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about where we're heading from two generations the people have spoken leaders of the world you must leave the continuation of our civilization. and the natural world upon which we depend. is in your hands thank you. you say you love your children above all else and yet you're stealing their future in front of their very eyes. until you start focusing on what needs to be done rather than you just what is politically possible there is no hope there were fears at one point that the main headline from poland would be no agreement to talk with brazil protesting wording about carbon markets this is not exactly what we bargained for i think in
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a negotiation really we get what really we bargain for but this is a good start i think you're right we need to increase the emission and the commitment to reduce the carbon. carbon emissions globally next stop on this long climate road is a major u.n. summit to be held in new york next september hosted by the un secretary general and tony could terror's that summit will also be attended by world leaders to give it added impetus as it comes just months ahead of the paris agreement finally being implemented in twenty twenty. al-jazeera part of it over. well as peter john that are in new delhi on sky p.c. deputy director for the center for science and environment in india good have you with us live on al-jazeera i mean there were huge divisions at this conference in sort of overarching way sort of to make the cop twenty one the paris agreements work whether it was transparency or compliance of the divide between rich and poor
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countries wanting to implement the paris agreement i mean what's your opinion about the success of whether this conference did achieve what it should have achieved. first of all it's a belief that we have that. you know at one point in time it almost looked like that you could not have little book and the negotiations continue next year so that is that we have a rule book in place now there are certain nicknack galaxies that discuss next year . but on the other hand this little book is very weak. it is not sufficient to keep the world from the worst in backed up. it's an onion be sure small book in fact. that is the limit which was a very good going to fifty so you know it's a little progress but it is not sufficient. to combat climate change that's the global little picture that emerges from holland in the lead up to this conference
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and there was talk that basically that the big rich countries wouldn't participate wouldn't take leadership but there was surprisingly leadership from the u.s. and china i mean two countries odds with each other politically over trade at the moment but here in terms of the environment where fossil fuels in the americans case were also being promoted they did collaborate in the drafting of the rules governing transparency i mean could you suggest perhaps or could we suggest this is a precursor to sort of future compliance with climate agreements despite where they actually sit right now. well it depends how you define leadership the collaboration that happened between us and china was our school decide the flexibility that can be given to developing countries under porting advanced latency so it's a broad language it's essentially saying is that everyone will meet the same level of transparency and reporting what would it be to the. developing countries have
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some plans where and see. peter i don't think that is a very strong leadership that you expect from the u.s. and china what these don't breathe in gums up and bishan have not failed leadership us in fact organize their fossil fuel be mente out. what it wants to do on fossil fuel and china has are some are strongly in balance of raising your mission as well so i'm sorry to say you know the leadership that you're talking about from my definition is not meters that were bought this could get you clarification on that so we just want to sort of try to stand where but he said to me how serious then is the split between sort of the rich countries and the poor countries because it seemed certainly that the poor countries were dragging the rich countries by the coat tails to the signing ceremony of such to try and at least get some sort of positive outcome from these talks or where does that lead us
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now as we head towards the next conference. he at this point of time i think that has to be a c.d.s. debate on what what what what is the next what is the next step you know we now understand what is the limits the risk governments are going to go ahead in terms of finding a common platform and zalman brown to agree on climate change and it seems that that limit has a nice balance rule book is now a quote unquote bottom are so determined rulebook where countries will meet to get as they want will have to adapt on their own and there's not much money that developed countries are willing to get so it's not a bottom of the gene that that's the base level that we are now you want to put the under-fire sort of look also doesn't have a hook. to actually raise and question it can only prod countries extends it's
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going to give voice to the moral conviction of countries too in fees and we sell but it's going to go beyond that so i believe very strongly that the action has to be beyond governments not civil society businesses are going to have to come together to look at the next step or come back and say i'm with jen because governments are not willing to reach the level of ambition that is required to meet say for example even two degrees the kind of a mission that is on the table there take us into the recent point five degree temperature in people over the phone in the service of this is working with us sitting where we will see what does happen certainly in the coming months and years of a child the bush on thanks so much for joining us us from new delhi thank you. more than five thousand far right protesters are marching in the center of belgium's capital against a un pact on migration these are live pictures coming from brussels police are using tear gas and water cannon to disperse them the green that referred to as the pact of marrakech was ratified by one hundred sixty four member countries last week
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that aims to make migration safer more legal but it's been a very divisive issue some european countries are worried about the deal curbing their ability to shape immigration policies and he sees a very close to the european commission in the belgian capital. migrant families have been detained after jumping the fence on the us mexico border they were stopped by border patrol agents more than one thousand central americans have entered the u.s. illegally to apply for asylum the u.s. state department says it's planning to read and read a go sheet a deal that until now have prevented the repatriation of vietnamese citizens who arrived in the u.s. prior to nine hundred ninety five the majority of that group are refugees who fled after the vietnam war al-jazeera is how did your castro tells us the story of one man who now faces deportation. number two when was seven when his mother put him on a boat with his eight year old brother and pushed them off the shores of vietnam in
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one thousand nine hundred eighty three. son go on this boat going to go to a place with a lot of toys. it was eight years after the vietnam war and as the son of an imprisoned self the enemy's military officer knew wins life was in danger he and his brother drifted for days survived pirates who raped women and pushed men overboard eventually landing at a refugee camp in indonesia two years later the united nations resettled the boys in the united states knew when entered foster care and lost contact with his brother abandoned in angry by seventeen he had been convicted of assault and a probation violation got him sixteen months in prison i make bad choices in myself in this situation a judge ordered his deportation and un went straight from prison to immigration detention for four more years in the decade since new when now forty three became
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a christian pastor married and started his own family but his deportation order remains the only thing preventing the u.s. government from carrying it out is vietnam's refusal to repatriate anyone who arrived in the us prior to the two countries a stablish in diplomatic ties in one thousand nine hundred five i feel very sad for my kids. well you know chances are if i do give that big portion they can end up just like me when i was kids they may end up making wrong decisions just like me. more than forty years after the fall of saigon vietnamese american communities are thriving in much of the country more than two million people form the diaspora to the us and they owe much to the trailblazers those refugees who were the first to flee vietnam after the war those refugees are among the seven thousand vietnamese
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with criminal convictions that the u.s. wants to deport and the trump administration has up the pressure on vietnam to take them back what we know is that the vietnamese community are refugee communities are immigrant communities are being targeted for no other reason than this political regime and the priorities of this administration to really attack our communities and attack america is not new when says he'll likely face government persecution if he's forced to go back. but what he dreads most he says is abandoning his family has. castro al-jazeera washington. sites are now in trouble australia has proved to be quite a sneaky little beast doesn't rub it too we saw the cold seeds to go to them but he can and should have been at his strongest in that gold for that wasn't to be so when we pick it up if you look at the satellite picture that's what it was about twenty four hours ago coming out of the gulf of carpentaria and probably at its
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strongest that was set in the full cost and then it's go back over land this ferries was said to people in north western australia it would have known this sort of ready for it i got a second to get more graphics to work for a day ago we're nearly there so sandbags out this is in cairns they were not going to be caught by this one however they were actually quite lucky in the rain most right now is in the came forward as it fits. it's just her second will make these things with his last day a guy that's what keynes looked like twenty four hours ago bit of a puddle fifteen in the meters this is actually sensible precautions because what actually happened was the thing i went over and spun up to a big white center bloomed into huge sun source for a while just south of cannes and then disappeared off line but that blue moon was quite specific now just south of cannes and out the side of the main belt of rain that two hundred images not much about it as the months average but within that little area just inside the two of them we had something like seven hundred
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millimeters of rain that's at these three times the amount you might expect from such a claim and luckily it's all gone offshore but i think the next few days the feet of winds further south would use yet more heavy rain but not quite to that extent so thanks very much trouble still ahead here on the news are there looks further into links between members of france's main political parties and the far right movement that calls for the expulsion of muslims. in support paul george makes sense rain for the oklahoma city thunder as they beat the clippers. xenophobia violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. al-jazeera infiltrates one of the continent's fastest growing far right
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organizations and exposes links to members of the european parliament and marine le pen national party generation eight. part two of a special two part investigation on al jazeera in the united states i learned that the amendment is really key to being a freedom of the child going to. many of them before. your story is we just don't tell you what the subject of the story. the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth.
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of the market watching al-jazeera news are with me the whole robin a reminder of our top stories turkey's foreign minister says european countries are turning a blind eye to the murder of jamal khashoggi. who says it's clear the saudi his team planned to kill the journalist in advance. finally resulted in a deal to implement the twenty fifteen paris climate accord but countries already struggling with the impact of global warming say the latest agreement in poland doesn't go far enough. really all we have been reappointed as prime minister nearly two months after his firing sort of a political crisis he took the oath of office before president. the man who sucked . now the e.u. has warned turkey against taking any further military action in syria turkish
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president recipe the one has threatened to enter the northern city of man if the u.s. doesn't remove kurdish fighters turkey considers them to be terrorists but they've been a u.s. partner in the fight against myself e.u. foreign policy chief fredricka mcgreevy said turkey should not undermine the u.s. led coalition against eyesore. joseph boot is a resident scholar in the middle east program at the carnegie endowment for international peace he's here in qatar for the doha form joins me now live from the but you could have you with us i was a reaction to the comments made by the e.u. foreign policy chief towards uncross when reconsidering attacking whatever the reasons. i mean the european command something probably expected what's more interesting is the negotiation or the heated negotiations that are all carrying between i care and washington at the time i think this really highlights the difficulty of the question that the americans are trying to hold in the north
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of syria by reopening ties to turkey and this has been something that that has started with the nomination of a new syria envoy in washington who's the former ambassador in ancora who's more that's a closer to the turkish point of view and also the necessity of keeping good ties with in fact the p y d who is perceived or their fear that are perceived by washington as the main partner in the struggle against isis and that are supported also by another branch in the american administration so there's an interim american part of that that people see ition or off that question but there's also a grander picture that has to do with the global understanding between washington and cut off on many things part of them have to do with north of syria a lot of them have to do with syria such in front of them have to do with the elephants for example and in the hours that we were witnessing this tension over
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many years there were for probably truck stations between president trump and president there the gun about the expulsion order extradition from a high level then from the u.s. so everything is now between the country and there's a whole another side of that which is that which has to do with also the relations and the negotiations and the between tradeoffs. in turn can draw from the other book you can as a broad brush stroke of all the things we have to consider with turkey and syria let's just focus in then on the turkish troop buildup in recent days i mean where do you think this is going in terms of if there's no imminent plan to attack what is turkey's intention to have so many troops on the border. i think first of all it's it's a way of. holding cards and probably i mean you're eating the bargaining position with the u.s. probably it's a way of creating the pressure also in order to it struck or advantages from
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washington one of them i already quoted it or cited it which is something that has to with the bilateral better relations let's think about something else also has to be understood with what's happening or what will happen in the coming weeks and months and live by think that probably also the turks are trying to signify to russia that they would accept or they would maybe close on the push of the regime and russia in the lip province in exchange for maybe a grander a greater facility given by russia to turkey in order to quiet members but in all these situations and in gold these situations in fact the party that has the most let's say an easy position is the u.s. today because it is really trying to square a circle that is more and more difficult to square which is to hold the neck with this sense between the few ideas yeah fans and on camera and that is becoming more and more difficult unless in fact there's
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a road around this standing that puts everybody on the table around the security arrangements in the north of syria so i think that we're entering a difficult phase in that part of the country and we're far from seeing let's say arrangements that would endure because it's interesting that the foreign minister also the hall for. i'm hearing qatar did say there have been comments made the anchor would work with assad in the future if you want an election what's your reaction to that. this is also i mean part of the circus charger and a mentor that has been ongoing from a while i think that you have downscaled significantly of syrian ambition three years or four years ago it was a syrian descent ambition i start sure there was if you above the regime to come in syria except for today i think that the third is from positions are really clearly limited to the north of the country and maybe to the extreme north of the country security arrangement the creation of the creation of
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a buffer zone and also i think there's a message here maybe underlying the as the earth put itself or saw it coming i mean beginning to negotiate with the syrians something that they had tried to do also in case they were done by by washington so i think that everybody is today reshuffling their cards in view of the new situation that is. that can be summarized first follows the regime is consolidating again russia is holding more and more cards in the north of syria the u.s. is in grander difficulty trying to hold it still position between the turks and the first so everybody is trying to where heads their bets for the coming months and here to see what happens for the moment just that but thanks for joining us from the doha for. also in syria three people have been killed by a car bomb that went off at a market in the northern city of a free in turkey's backed rebels seized the city from kurdish forces earlier this
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year no one has claimed responsibility for the blast. investigative unit discovered links between a far right movement that calls for the expulsion of muslims from europe and senior figures in one of france's main political parties and the second part of a year long investigation we found that members of the pen's party probably supports the policy called green migration david harrison has this report. cristela she is a member of the european parliament for national rally the party led by marine le pen and until recently called the national front the she was elected to its national council at the party's congress in leave earlier this year. our undercover reporter recorded her as a bar run by a far right movement known as generation identity that most of them want to get at it reluctant. status but there's not a slam on us let's actually know. that they're going to be good for peace the
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leverage now and we're only now on. the ready again. generation identity is europe's fastest growing far right movement it calls for immigrants to be returned to their supposed countries of origin to prevent white europeans being replaced by outsiders the sheer volume is at the citadel a ball which acted as the legal headquarters of generation identity. says the politicians must hide their far right views until they are in power. they have let's not i have not asked them privately aspect really of the latin american why are you here i welcome back now i can hear. yet another one that you have a lot of you know little ones that robert well there viendo has some little national the pan has changed the party's name to the national rally to broaden its appeal she doesn't want members to be seen with generation identity. that was the
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standard that the solution that all of this was eleven are that were that we're going to give up this need this is a little male was that your. nickel across the national front's former accountant and an ally of le pen was also at the citadel ball for dinner. very ingenious on. my song it's a little jewish here specifically. in between all your thoughts who will see it. already and vassal is generation identity's leader in lille. in public the movement rejects violence privately he gives a different message to his followers to hear it all. they said. one meeting the hassel who has a string of convictions for violence brings out
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a weapon. after the first part of al-jazeera as investigation was broadcast the mayor of leo called for the citadel to be shut down public prosecutor launched an investigation. the pen denied her party had any links with generation identity. the hassel said the citadel had no connection with generation identity and was opposed to violence david harrison al-jazeera. britain's government insists there is no plans for a second referendum or breaks it despite reports ministers are looking into the option on saturday britain's prime minister returned home empty handed from brussels after two days of talks with the leaders she hoped to sweeten her breaks a deal to get it approved by the u.k. parliament where it currently faces certain defeat the foreign minister says the u.k. would have to delay its march twenty ninth departure date if it wants to put forward a new brics it proposal while the former british prime minister tony blair is war
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the problem voiced backing another vote or britain's e.u. membership so what seemed a few months ago unlikely is now i would say above a fifty percent likelihood we will go back to the people ultimately this could even make sense to the prime minister who could perfectly legitimate he say i did my best idea was rejected by parliament and you the people must give direction because parliament cannot. know through the general strike underway in india administered kashmir a day after security forces opened fire on the protest killing seven civilians he strike was called by separatists who are fighting against indian rule though they say the killings were part of an indian government policy to clamp down on dissent so today's crowds have been rallying against the deaths of rebel fighters. the first services are also being held in ukraine's new orthodox church which split for
4:43 pm
russia on saturday shashi. the breakaway is seen by ukraine as vital to its security and independence but it strongly opposed by moscow there's been growing anti russian sentiment in ukraine since russia annexed crimea in twenty fourteen there's a lesson for graves got promised land that's the new united independent ukrainian church was born today what kind of a church is it it is a church without law the mere put it what kind of a church is it it's a church without but through a career of moscow and all russia what kind of a church is it it is a church without prayers for russian officials and the russian army russia's rappers are going creasing be vocal about their country's social problems and the government is not happy about it president vladimir putin has called for tighter control of rap and other musical genres the sound of silver as well well. some of the because. if you can't stop them lead them advice from president vladimir putin
4:44 pm
to his cultural advisors on what to do about rap music genre that's grown increasingly popular with young russians merope approaches. to the rap and other modern music is based on the three pillars of sex drugs and protest well the biggest concern amongst all these drugs is not the is thing this is a park to the graduation of the nation. putin's comments follow a spate of concert cancellations and artist arrests. last month dimitri also known as husky climbed on to a car and provided an impromptu performance after all four of these cancelled one of his shows alleging his music had elements of extremism was the twenty five year old known for his lyrics about poverty corruption and police brutality was then arrested and his is. not an isolated case just the one to a week later it was the turn of rapper gone flood citing pressure from the police
4:45 pm
he said he was forced to cancel three concerts. the number of similar incidents is rising and the crackdown seems to extend beyond rap to other popular musical genres while the government has voiced concerns about offensive lyrics including references to drugs and people believe there are other reasons why artists are being targeted we never seen it firsthand singers and they sing and rap about things that influence people's thoughts about the government so putin's idea shows what all parties are worried about what every musician speak the truth. whatever the reason the law to be put in seems to recognize that in the age of you tube and the internet music videos will continue to attract and millions of viewers at the meeting in st petersburg he cautioned his advisors that attempts to ban artists from performing could instead boost their popularity which won the silver zero.
4:46 pm
still has hold the al-jazeera news in sport the highest scoring team in europe shows no sign of slowing down far over here but that story but it's up to the bright panda pushing the boundaries despite censorship thousands turn up see this year's offerings at the hope father international film festival to stay with us here on al-jazeera. the war on drugs in the philippines is pushing jails to breaking point a record number of inmates languish behind bars for years awaiting trial one on one east philippines locked up on al-jazeera al-jazeera . where ever you. want to do it by
4:47 pm
millions the stones most famous cookie to arrive just prime minister on the blades of the national celebration. now one hundred days into his leadership he asks whether delivering on promises would be as easy in practice as it was in theory. or you know the nation is more humane cornford and right most people are disappointed with the government in mines one hundred days on al-jazeera. but tough spot on this for so help thank you so much christiane aldo made sure a tally in champions event has continued to steamroll over all opposition in syria
4:48 pm
with this twelve goal of the season and the turn darby terrain of fans holding out hope they could stop the younger not from across town they almost mannish it before a poor back pass from humans as that led to mario and zouk it should be by having the das bernardo's stepped out for the penalty scored it but then got himself a yellow card for bumping into thereto keeper salvador a child so bent is still unbeaten and has won fifteen sixteen. and her ones defeat to you may last week put them fourteen points in two places behind their rivals in third. he was happy the gap didn't get any bigger is this player scraped away in a good suit in a.z. who looked like they cleared this corner before a penalty was awarded to enter on video preview for a handball by seiko for. or a car to put it away interposed three points behind napoli play later sunday.
4:49 pm
english premier league champions manchester city have moved back to the top of the table with a three one victory over everton. scored two goals to end his premier league goal drought dream stirling got the third just three minutes after coming off a bench that ordeal his side are two points ahead of liverpool for now and there's a huge game at anfield later as liverpool host manchester united who are down and six united former manager alex ferguson has called it the premier league el classico the rivalry between the two clubs and tense spot united's current position josie merinos men are undefeated by liverpool in their last eight league meetings united are of the only team that liverpool manager your quads has faced and not beaten in the premier league but if that changes later a victory will take liverpool to the top a standing. be proud of that game is great especially i can say that it's a big woman but it was big in germany years ago then the inevitable that game i tried everything i can to watch it that's the truth.
4:50 pm
very often it was very intense we have to be angry on sunday and we will be we five points. well madrid pulled off a narrow win in spain to continue their recent and prove minutes before the game against can a look a modern team mates can drop congratulated him on his ballon d'or award karim benzema then scored in the thirteenth minute seven people courts was made to injury time states where so only as high as fourth though city is to no win over jarana earlier on sunday keeps them second but they're only separated on goal difference from leaders barcelona the champions play live on t.v. in the late game. the top scoring team in europe's elite league says showing no sign of easing off the gas and home and strikers are the terror of the dutch eredivisie the reigning champions have now scored fifty seven times this season and
4:51 pm
conceded just seven stephen birthday with the first again less on saturday to be fair to them did have found. destined for vero got the last goal in a four nil win for all that p.s.p. are still only five points ahead of by acts who are playing amsterdam now. but there is less than four years to go until kickoff for the two thousand and twenty two world cup the emir of qatar was in the audience as the host unveiled the design for the sale stadium which will hold the opening match and final with an eighty thousand seating capacity will sail as the largest of the world cup venue's its design is inspired by cattery lanterns. stadium which is on track to be completed by two thousand and twenty will also use the revolutionary cooling technology even though the tournament has been moved to november and december. we still retain the cooling on the field of play for the safety of the players and we are. establishing
4:52 pm
twenty six degrees on the field of play in addition to the for a stadium that is absorbing i use a number of people like yourself which we expect approximately ninety thousand people between spectators and other groups movements and circulation is very important of course for people's comfort and safety. trouble doubles from le bron james and longs the ball secured a big win for the lakers over the charlotte hornets in the n.b.a. but it wasn't enough to go above their western conference rivals the oklahoma city thunder as they took on the l.a. clippers on saturday oklahoma's russell westbrook was pretty fired up for this one but he ended up playing a supporting role for his teammate paul george who got thirty three points that's the fourth time in seven games he scored over thirty at westbrook so this one up for stephen adams on the ten as undertow kits one hundred and ten to one hundred four. all the alarms on magic have been kind enough to sacrifice home advantage to play a couple of regular season games in mexico city and they were rewarded for their
4:53 pm
generosity as they came from behind to beat you todd jazz even fornia score twenty four is the magic one nine hundred sixty eighty nine. a last play touchdown secured victory for the dolphins against new england patriots last week in the n.f.l. regular season the move has come to be known as the miami miracle but their coach adam gay's says they have to move on quickly when they play the minnesota vikings later if they are to remain in the playoff contention. i see you guys ready to get to this one understand that we better be prepared we know what we're going against we know that this is a really good defense it's well coached defense we know that the players on their off answer very talented and they've they've had games really been very explosive that scored points done a lot of good things in. a lot of their games. and there's going to be a tough one for us. plenty of action on sunday's teams trying to strengthen their
4:54 pm
position in the playoff race the tennessee titans need a good result on the road at the new york giants and the indianapolis colts will be hoping for a good result when the dallas cowboys visit but the cowboys are themselves fighting for playoff contention. mexico's canelo alvarez has won a world title belt in a third different weight class after stepping up a division to beat british fighter rocky fielding in new york the twenty eight year old from guadalajara dropped fielding four times for the rest stop the fight just over eight minutes on the clock at that point alvarez had already unified the middleweight division for challenging fielding for the debbie be a super middleweight belt but the brit was never expected to be any kind of match up for the mexican and so it proves. australia's cricketers have built a solid lead on day three of the second test against india and perth nathan lyon took five wickets as india were dismissed for forty three run short of australia's first innings score with one quater remains unbeaten on forty one with australia
4:55 pm
having built a lead of one hundred and seventy five runs at them and that's all yours for now more later back to you so i have to say it was far but this isn't you'll have an international film festival has attracted movies from around the world local filmmakers overcoming censorship is among the biggest challenges that america has to tell lucien newman reports not from havana. it's opening night at the call rick's theatre and the floodgates are open nearly five thousand people pour in anxious to see one of the cuban entries in this year's international film festival of havana. it's about the life and struggles of world famous cuban ballet dancer. for film producer. it's been a major accomplishment in which is. used to be easy to obtain permits to film now it's more and more complicated and i think every day there are more obstacles more doors closed. entry in the two thousand and sixteen
4:56 pm
festival was pulled by cuban authorities. but it was very polemical because it dealt with censorship artistic freedom and tolerance and we couldn't show it in cuban cinemas. yes as in other cases it was widely seen anyway circulated on pen drives and hard disks in homes all over cuba cuban films and filmmakers have been pushing the boundaries for decades in a country where vocal criticism of the communist government can land you in prison . we're here to install the microphones says a state security agent in the first of a bold series of satires about cuban life in this case the government's obsession with spying on its citizens. the series lead actor lisa garcia is one of cuba's most vocal young girl i've never set out to make a scandalous or government family what i want is to make films that are strongly to
4:57 pm
our reality i want to tell the truth. are you really at peace during the film festival many cuban movies are screened and attract huge audiences the reason they're running the media is totally and i apologize controlled by the state which paints a politically tainted and very favorable fortune of reality and so many people like me as a way of the more than an hour to get into the movies are anxious to see a mirror in which they can see themselves and their problems reflected in what artists are now sounding the alarm about a controversial law establishing new regulations for artistic expression with harsh penalties for violators and filmmakers like are worried it will make it even more difficult to test the limits of political incorrectness in cuba you see in human al-jazeera have anna. you'll be watching the news with another full half hour of
4:58 pm
news on the other side of the break until then from me the news on t.v. thanks very much for your time and your company. stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives kara families fact help me highly one of the major issues before voters is the institution president from cannot stop talking about the news separate from. the misinformation from the journalism the sharp rise of a.b.c.'s reporting faith to leave the listening post on our. day one of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and felt this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist three weeks ago now there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here. i got to commend you all i'm
4:59 pm
hearing is good journalism president hosni mubarak has resigned. after all the lies the attempts of cover ups the high wire diplomacy. his loved ones some form of closure he saw the syrian army. in the city as well as posters of syrian president bashar assad to record. a good two missiles that landed about a hundred meters away from us we're on the frontline but. that was not now likely exactly. they wanted forty three billion pounds worth of weaponry that was six billion intermission. and there's no hope of any more because there's always
5:00 pm
a small cobbles people for really really good misfits. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function more shadow on al-jazeera. is it's absolutely essential to have a credible investigation. the u.n. chief retrace his call for saudi arabia to arrest and punish everyone responsible for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. and. playing a close on a woman you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up seven weeks after he was triggered a political crisis right near wickramasinghe are a small.


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