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most of the infrastructures which are. almost one way including my life was riddled with obstruct the process of who the individuals all of the mother to working to the capacity that they're supposed to. this is al-jazeera. has a secret this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. is it absolutely essential to have a credible investigation the u.n. chief with another call for saudi arabia to bring to justice everyone responsible for the murder of journalist. protestors demonstrate against new
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legislation in hungary they call the slave law we'll explain. and al-jazeera investigation finds links between members of france's main political parties and a far right movement of course for expelling muslims. victims of war now for decades on victims of a new immigration policy the threat to thousands of vietnamese living in the u.s. . a turkey has accused the european countries of turning a blind eye to the murder of jamal khashoggi saudi journalist was killed inside the kingdom's istanbul consulate on october second the u.n. chief renewed his call for saudi arabia to investigate the murder properly saying a hoarder has the latest from istanbul. it's been almost three months since she was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul turkey continues to accuse saudi
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arabia of trying to cover up the crime because of its lack of transparency in the investigation turkey is also frustrated with what it sees as an action on the part of the west many european countries who are promoting the freedom of media for freedom of the expression are closing their eyes and this country and the politicians you know you see this statement putting some sanctions on the people who are already in prison who will never be visiting those countries calls are now growing louder for an international investigation but we have said since the beginning is it's absolutely essential to have a credible investigation and to the punishment of those that were killed. turkey has recently said there are discussions about opening an international investigation because a lack of cooperation from saudi arabia is blocking progress present ardor on doesn't know that that does not that he can't do this alone he does need the
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backing up and the full force of the international arena we do see the west trying not to be in wild with this but as we see that we also see present i don't want pushing this i'm not letting it go so she's killing sparked international outrage and condemnation but there has been little action against saudi arabia a un investigation would according to experts put more pressure on riyadh but there needs to be international political will of the findings of this mission is not binding for both parties so this. shortcoming of this very winding missions are. need a higher level of cooperation this has this such front cummings has. existed when it comes to the international commission want to enter to myanmar that has been established by the united nations human rights commission in myanmar government has refused to enter the country for the investigators
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a position saudi arabia is likely to take it insists it will handle the case on its soil turkish officials are growing impatient with what they describe as a lack of seriousness on the part of saudi authorities even president russia tell you a border guard has been more outspoken he used to avoid mentioning mohamed bin sound man by name he has now criticized the saudi crown prince's explanation on a killing and accuse those who took an active part in the murder of being his closest aides. turkey is not softening its stance but it continues to tread carefully to maintain ties with saudi arabia but pursuing an international investigation would hurt that relationship and for their al-jazeera stumble. on set is the director of the anchor institute and served as a media adviser to former turkish prime minister ahmed of a toll he says the foreign minister's comments were all about keeping the pressure
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on saudi arabia turkey. just had two important targets during the process one is just keeping the pressure up momentum is high and india at the same time just keeping the issue isn't a legal thing or the political drift between turkey and the saudi arabia but tricky years that you have saturday you used so many cars on it but it is already exhausted the cages it was given he was recordings of how mr kushner was killed inside the saudi consulate and that is the whole thing that is just just keeping just making this very clear that who had committed this crime who is responsible from this and the american. in the senate made the decision on that did did your the left thing is just after this linkages prime ministers or president foreign ministers speeches and statements just trying to keep the pressure up you know but at the end of the day if turkey is left alone against old europe be
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a turkey probably wouldn't prefer to go alone because it is not so easy for turkey to keep up either the political support from the american congress or the make an inspiration is spatial from the european countries it should be done otherwise it would be so difficult for turkey to go after until the bottom. the u.n. special envoy to yemen is urging the warring parties there to respect their truce deal and her data fighting resumed in the port city on friday despite a cease fire agreed by the parties during last week's talks in sweden yemeni officials say at least twelve people have been killed the port is the gateway for most food and aid into yemen the juice is now expected to go into force on tuesday a month later concludes. the date will be the eighteenth of this month it will be the start of the ceasefire in the stupid of what we do know that right now on the ground there is an escalation of fighting there are airstrikes there were tons of them yesterday which means they are not dealing positively with this agreement. or
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the european union has warned turkey against taking any further military action in syria turkish president richard type or one as threatened to enter the northern city of man which if the u.s. doesn't remove kurdish fighters turkey considers them terrorists but they partnered the u.s. in the fight against isis e.u. foreign policy chief federica marini said turkey should not undermine the u.s. led coalition against isis. some man she is is the chief executive of the consulting firm the shia group he says there is still a way forward for turkey in the u.s. . among bijan isn't a strategic place it's on the west side of the euphrates but and it's taken too long really to get the agreement the turks thought they had with the americans and that was particularly to do with the y.p. g. forces now they are moving forward there is supposed to be soon i think a civil and
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a military council and of course that's why the turks including the foreign minister here earlier at the doha forum talked about the man beach road map which is basically based on the principle of local governance and local security backed up and it's absolutely crucial it has to be backed up by turkish and u.s. guarantees the hope is is that that can be replicated all across the north and the east of syria east of the euphrates river valley where we've heard in the dialogue that we're doing between arabs and kurds there is a fair amount of dissatisfaction with the level of inclusiveness of the governance the distribution of resources and even the space for civil society a local civil society to take root we have to remember that the arab kurdish relations in the north east of syria are very finely balanced always have been they call themselves cousins but if if they're on balance it can often lead to conflict
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and it's not just by the narrative kurds it between kurds and kurds as well with regards to why p.t. now the white b.g. have proven themselves to be strong fighters with u.s. support but we've now reached a point where actually continuing to support just one small one of the parties one of the kurdish parties on the military side is actually now threatening to create a new conflict in instead of instability so in fact if that doesn't it will go. fresh opportunities to dash. and their followers. syria that is why ultimately i think we need to find some sort of a negotiated dialogue filled solution of the turkish foreign minister says the u.s. president is working on extraditing fed toner goonan the man turkey is blaming for orchestrates in the failed coup in july twenty sixth seen gooden has been in
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self-imposed exile in the us for nearly twenty years and turkey has been pushing for his return the perpetrator of the attempted coup of the leader of this terrorist organization still in the united states but recently i have seen the credible investigation of the f.b.i. in several states and they have actually seen or not is the darkness of this organization and how they have been while eating the u.s. laws including tax fraud reason for all and also some other illegal activities and how professional they are well last time we met in bonus earners the president trumped all at the one that they have been working on that but we need to see congress stuck around in washington for so rob do we know why president trump is considering this now. well you know how some none of the u.s.
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agencies including the white house and the justice department the state department we've contacted today to get some response to the turkish foreign minister's comments have responded so far we do know that with regard to extradition which the turkish foreign minister reference to at the beginning of those remarks the president as recently as last month said that that is not being considered now the other avenue that the turkish foreign minister spoke about was he seemed to be referring to an f.b.i. investigation here in the united states into whether the tool of google and any of the members of his organization had committed any crimes on u.s. soil and he mentioned tax fraud as one of them if the. if there is such an investigation. and if golan were charged and found
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guilty of any offenses he could then be expelled from the united states and sent back to turkey if he were again if he were convicted but one thing is a lot of this is very speculative unfortunately but one thing is for sure the united states in the united states the president can't simply order a legal resident like that to look cool and to be deported without going through all of the legal measures of the due process of law rob reynolds live for us in washington thanks miles. thousands of people have been protesting in hungary's capital against the government of prime minister viktor orban sunday's rally is the fourth demonstration this week against a new label or critics are calling the slave law it allows employers to ask for up to four hundred hours of overtime work a year up from two hundred fifty trade unions say the extra hours could pose a health risk the protesters are back outside the parliament and rory chalons is
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monitoring the situation in force so roy tell us more about the protesters demands . well it's been going on for many days now since wednesday of last week that was when these two pieces of legislation were passed in hungary and the protests started that evening and they've gone on pretty much ever since now you get the sense from the protesters out on the streets of budapest today and in previous days that they're starting to find a voice a voice that they didn't really think existed before it's interesting i think looking at what has actually brought them out on the streets that you know in the in the many many years that has been building what he calls he is a liberal democracy you know gathering control of the media scapegoating immigrants
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and that sort of thing there hasn't actually been very much in the way of popular opposition but now i think these hunger ariens who are out in the streets are being directly affected by something this is a change in the law that will hit their middle mean that they are having to work harder and giving up more of their time for their jobs in every year and that is obviously riled a section of society that perhaps wasn't particularly incensed by previous things that are your government has done things that have drawn criticism of course for many co-authors not least the european union and as we said laurie this is the latest of several demonstrations that have been taking place this week are the demonstrators gaining any traction on this. well i mean they're certainly not dying down it's. back on wednesday it seemed like about two or three thousand people
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around on the streets over the weekend as there are still several thousand i think the demonstrations are bigger than they were mid week it's the weekend so perhaps that's not surprising but yes certainly these are not demonstrations that are dissipating. and if you look at the numbers turning out you could argue that they are increasing in strength as they get more publicity as the demands of these demonstrators are telegraphed to the rest of the population perhaps they'll keep on growing. as a country in which there is a fragmented opposition and as i was saying previously not that much in the way of opposition to viktor or policies. but you know these are times in which the it seems like the people are finding that something that the government is doing is hitting them they have chosen to come out on to the streets
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the government is fairly pragmatic though as i was hearing from an analyst that i was speaking to earlier on today if feels like key parts of his voter base are being put off him being put off the government it is fairly likely he will make changes to legislation or make it temporary in effect essentially giving the demonstrates is something of what they want in exchange for the ability to keep on in power roy thanks for that really challenge in london. ah plenty more ahead on the news hour the flexibility of bamboo how innovators in hong kong finding different ways to use it. and the devil's in the detail we'll have more on the good and the bad of the global climate change deal agreed in polls.
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and in english football's two greatest rivals meet in the premier league will be here to tell you what happened when liverpool didn't just unite. so all that still ahead but first running will come as sanjay has been reappointed as sri lanka's prime minister nearly two months after his firing set off a political crisis there now fernandes has more from the sri lankan capital colombo . just just. run of the commission has sworn in as prime minister by the president who sacked him fifty days ago. dang mama i don't want to come a verdict i'm starting my duties as prime minister the second thing is to name the cabinet today we're committing to first bring him back normalcy to the country and then bring back the veltman in the country video footage of the short ceremony in
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the president's office showed an awkward exchange. my policy to say and i had vowed never to reappoint become a singer even if all two hundred twenty five members of parliament asked for it saying he would not remain as president even an hour if you returned but serious in his bid to replace the man who helped make him president was struck down by the courts leaving him to choice the prime minister's supporters certainly felt so they made it clear when they cheered him on as he returned to meet them after taking the oath of office the fifth time he has done so and the reason is clear to history by making this country or demoted on. so that's a bridge retrieval mass is it the magazine i'm running on his brains intelligence and strength can not be compared with anyone else in politics the mood here at the prime minister's official residence where he bunker down during the political crisis is jubilant but run a bit of
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a thing and those he has his work cut out he said he was first work on restoring normalcy and then started working on development regaining the premiership has been an enormous challenge to run his vicar missing but reestablishing a stable government to make the most of his remaining time in office will demand even more than f an end as al-jazeera colombo police in northern japan say more than forty people have been injured in an explosion at a restaurant police and firefighters battling flames and smoke in sapporo local media are reporting they warned of a possible second explosion and that several buildings have collapsed the cause of the blast is not yet known. how the u.n. secretary general was called for urgent action on climate change on saturday one hundred ninety six countries struck a deal that lays out ways to carry out the landmark paris climate in the nations
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that are already struggling with the consequences of global warming say it won't be enough and tony a good terrorist says we're running out of time this is a battle for our future and in this conflict nature does not negotiate and climate change is running faster than yacht and we are running out of time. if science has been wrong it is only because things are getting worse that even what was predicted and the facts speak for themselves the impacts everywheres more extreme weather rising sea levels melting sea highs the social economic and environmental costs of climate change dwarf the costs of acting now and mariana handbrakes down the cop twenty four deal force. and a great set of rolls may not sound very exciting but without them the hard fought
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for climate accord in paris three years ago was in danger of not being implemented at all it is so decide. every single nation one hundred ninety six of them managed to set aside their differences and agree to is in poland by any measure that's a major achievement. the rulebook sits out how countries disclose their greenhouse gas emissions every nation has to do it everyone can see what the others are doing and that transparency translates into greater trust it sits out the rules by which we measure what's pumped into the atmosphere not everyone's been working by the same definitions or timeframes plus there's a system to measure the impact of a country's policies against the science the rulebook also sits out of compliance make an ism to ensure everyone is doing what they say they are doing plus it offers flexibility to meet the different needs of developed and developing countries but
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there are problems when it comes to helping global warming the world's climate scientists agree the pledges made three years ago in paris just don't go far enough . on our current greenhouse gas emissions will hit one point five degrees celsius and around twelve years and soar past three degrees by twenty one hundred the head of the un antonio good ted has championed new tougher climate pledges those were parked for another day and countries just can't seem to quit dirty energy. there was anger when the united states and poland promoted the use of coal on the sidelines of the cop twenty four giving and global c o two emissions are up for the second year in a row. a set of rules agreed by all nations is not to be dismissed and the text sits out the way forward for countries to commit to tougher emissions targets at
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a later date but as it stands it's just not enough to prevent irreversible damage to our planet with and decades of jennifer morgan is the executive director of greenpeace international she says citizen participation is one way to fight what she calls a lack of leadership. impacts that are happening now in just one degree rise of temperature if you think about that storms and the fires and the droughts of the world has been experiencing so we had expected that there would be much more our commitment of countries to increase their actual action and what they're doing and unfortunately they didn't come into that partially there's a lack of leadership right now in the negotiations and i think that domestically countries are listening more to the corporate interests that have an interest of continuing to use fossil fuels when extensively instead of the students that we
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heard that were after conference center as well well the good news is is that actually it's cheaper to go clean into renewable energy and energy efficiency so businesses should be committing to switch their energy and move away from coal clean up their whole supply chains and be looking at how to reduce emissions getting to his ear zero emissions i meant century and people can make such a difference in what they buy and how they get around but also just engaging in this debate leaders need to hear from their citizens whether it be at the local or the national level that they care about and they want a different much more stable pathway and future than the one that we're on right now in september the secretary general has invited all heads of state to go to new york to actually announce what more they're going to do and how they're going to increase their targets and then they'll come back a year later and negotiate other details but it really is about national action
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right now in getting those policies and measures put into place. it is synonymous with hong kong's ever growing skyline and has been an integral part of the building industry for centuries but despite its versatility bamboo has also become a waste problem for the government and a group of atsic to architects are taking up the challenge to give this sustainable material a new lease on life so a caucus for. its versatility and strength have helped it survive for centuries here in hong kong it's three times faster to build than steel and costs a fraction of the price but the laws state that each pole can only be used once every year five million poles end up in landfills with landfills at capacity the government has started a campaign to recycle the most important job that we are doing here to promote reduction at solstice so if we can't do without it we instill in them
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a culture of less and save more at ease and save more resources. that we all our next generation around fifty tons of used bamboo has been collected so far this year as well as public workshops design is being invited to use old poles to create new products showcasing his ancient material in a modern life we already know everything we should crossing we're going to launch after that we launched the shoes we launched even allat like the fish at the titian is made up of. bamboo has always had a reputation of being a temporary structure here in hong kong it's mainly used as scaffolding but it's more sustainable in timber and twice as strong as steel and it's increasingly being championed by architect as a move viable alternative in construction. i was search team at the chinese university of hong kong used techniques based on cantonese bamboo scaffolding craftsmanship to design these four story high pavilion it's one fifteen
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international architectural awards the team also wants to promote its environmental footprint as it were new all natural reasons with the ecological push really becoming urgent you start to see that people have a regained interest in this material and a lot of research labs across the globe are starting to study it and see how it can be used in architecture based on its sustainability it's not surprising that the product market is growing rapidly bamboo being used to make everything from bottles to flooring even bikes i think it's really really been a major boost for bamboo. to highlight bunbury was such a sustainable resource something we can actually use much the same way to patients that's helped revive the bamboo industry and change traditional mindsets as well as put a price tag on what was once considered waste stair clock al-jazeera hong kong all
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right still ahead when we come back choppy waters how europe's fishing industry could get tangled up in bragg's it. and in sport we'll tell you about the ski of it's been dominating the slopes in northern italy details coming up next. have i once again you got to get us the idea of a miserable day the cloud is already gathering in the eastern side of the mediterranean and turkey has been the best the root of your swimming lows at the moment and it's being another one off so we've got to get an obvious current of rain from the eastern side of lebanon that's for syria and downs for iraq and that's. position middle day on monday obviously that rain turns to snow on higher ground as you cross the border and it will carry on producing snow as it goes into
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was iran in the following twenty four hours so to choose day we have a picture of rain possibly in tehran itself fine weather behind the obviously not very warm sixteen but baghdad nineteen in beirut in kota still if you go to the north now that line of rain does give the potential for thunderstorms in northern side down towards the red sea and sasa arabian peninsula this cloud has been developing in what's a strengthening northeasterly breeze a range the answer culture and then towards the horn of africa that is the time the year where you do expect to see the heaviest rain in tanzania mozambique sea and further west and that's pretty obvious from the satellite picture but every now and again a decent lot of showers go through south africa as well we've had some big ones recently one to discrete big ones still to come. violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe.
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infiltrates one of the continent's fastest growing far right organizations and exposes links to members of the european parliament. generation a. part of a special investigation. i feel the happiest. women tearing up the track in the west bank. challenge stereotypes. living life in the world it's like a. race with. the sisters on our business.
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and again you're watching the. top stories this hour turkey's foreign minister says european countries turning a blind eye to the murder of. saudi journalist was killed in the kingdom's consulate. the u.n. secretary general says those responsible must be held accountable. the un special envoy to yemen is urging the warring parties to respect their. fighting resumed in the port city on friday despite a cease fire agreed by the rivals last week's talks yemeni officials say at least twelve people have been killed. ron elving kind of saying there has been
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reappointed history lanka's prime minister nearly two months after his sacking set off a political crisis took the oath of office before president metropolit cirrus sr the man who sacked him. the same with our top story the murder of jim our fresh agi germany's foreign minister has told edges in a more countries should follow burns' example in ending arms trade with saudi arabia signal gabriel was a member of parliament made the comment of the doha forum when asked about the murder of the saudi journalist we stopped for example or delivering of defense of defense materials and capabilities after the question of the case you think more countries should follow that when you look at an investigation that hasn't even accounted for where a journalist body is after he's gone in a consulate many people say that's simply not an acceptable vesting of course it's
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not acceptable and i mean it's also a tragedy we should not forget there are relatives because she had a family and i mean the killing of mystical shogi is a catastrophe but it's for the family and the relatives is. a very bad situation that they are not even able to bury the body and to have a place where they can can go to so it for me it's also is not only a political question is also a question of humanity do you think the world will ever believe that m.b.'s was not responsible for that killing in europe. everybody thinks that there is a certain kind of responsibility i don't know if it's personal order or people thought that it could be his wish it's an open discussion in europe but everybody things that it will not that the case will not be organised like an accident.
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does it is investigative unit has discovered links between a far right movement the calls for the expulsion of muslims from europe and senior figures in one of france's main political parties in the second part of a yearlong investigation we found the members of marine le pen's party privately support a policy called re migration they would harrison has this reform. cristela she is a member of the european parliament for national rally the party led by marine le pen and until recently called the national front the she was elected to its national council at the party's congress in leave earlier this year our undercover reporter recorded her as a bar run by a far right movement known as generation identity that was essential to get at it reluctant. status but it was learned and as the atmospherics need to know. that there could be difficulties the leveraged our e-mail now on. the ready again.
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generation identity is europe's fastest growing far right movement it calls for immigrants to be returned to their supposed countries of origin to prevent white europeans being replaced by outsiders the sheer volume is at the citadel a ball which acted as the legal headquarters of generation identity. says the politicians must hide their far right views until they are in power. they have let's not i have not asked them privately aspects of the latin american law you have i will look for correct now i can hear. yet another way out of a lot of you know little ones that are over well there viendo has some little nationality the pan has changed the party's name to the national rally to broaden its appeal she doesn't want members to be seen with generation identity. state of the constitution well martin was the level i was in the uk so maybe this
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is a little male was a sad little. crawshay the national front's former accountant and an ally of le pen was also at the citadel ball. in the sense. on you're here specifically. because you lose all your thoughts is. already en vassal is generation identities leader in lille. in public the movement rejects violence privately he gives a different message to his followers to hear it all. they said it's available. one meeting the hassel who has a string of convictions for violence brings out a weapon. after the first part of al-jazeera is investigation was broadcast the
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marilou called for the citadel to be shut down public prosecutor launched an investigation. the pen denied her party had any links with generation identity. the hassel said the citadel had no connection with generation identity and was opposed to violence david harrison al-jazeera. of britain's government says there are no plans for a second referendum on breaks if the spy reports that ministers are looking into that option on serve on saturday britain's prime minister returned home empty handed from brussels after two days of talks with the leaders she had hoped to sweeten her bragg's a deal to get it approved by the u.k. parliament where a currently faces certain defeat our foreign minister says the u.k. would have to delay its march twenty ninth departure date if it wants to put forward a new brigs a proposal so new gago has more from london. further reports in the sunday papers
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today indicate that her second in command in effect david leading to a senior cabinet minister has been meeting with opposition ministers to try and see if there is anything to be done or to argue for a second referendum a so-called people's vote into really where the british public want to take this and that for some opposition ministers is the only way to go forward in trying to result this debate the fundamental difference i think between now and when we last had this referendum on the e.u. is that we will have to fix specified propositions that is the key thing in terms of the harbor so i think people realise that you cannot have your cake and eat it but even though those arguments have been put forward by even members of her own party there have been strenuous denials about this not least from reason may's own trade secretary liam fox who the division in the country this was what you would do in the country perpetuates the division in the country the second objection is democratic parliament said to the public we can't make a decision on this you make
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a decision and we will take an instruction from that meanwhile this continues to drag on even the former prime minister tony blair making the case for a second referendum was angrily rebutted by the prime minister saying that it was really quite a damaging argument to make and proving to be even more divisive so really there is shorter and shorter time with which to resolve this issue whether that issue of the second referendum will gather any continuous support on the for the british public as well is another matter that will be resolved bartz as has been said so many times in this debate time is running out. a fishing rights are one of the most contentious issues in the whole briggs debate the u.k. hopes to secure sole rights to fish in its territorial waters but on the other side of the north sea denmark is opposing that france back reports from the danish
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harbor town of table. much of the fish alfred fisk hanks who brings home in the middle of the night is called far from denmark shores it's from near the east of scotland where his family has been fishing for generations this is dutch waters this is here with all those the snow we did all those and this is the bridges so. the bricks if you mean european boats are no longer permitted to enter british waters where danish fishermen say they catch about forty percent of their fish when they face the lower where the border is actually uses so some years to remember we did so in some years there in the british so and so we're so small fish in the danish so that they have a tendency to move or don't care about politics. the fishing industry has found itself at the heart of the practice of battle used as a symbol for everything that taking back control would be about during the two thousand and sixteen campaign but
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a few years later that promise has turned out to be a huge obstacle in negotiations. that left coastal communities who depend on fishing fearing for their livelihoods. i think where catastrophic for us we we can't we can't live without access to this water. it will be a kind of tough battle for qualcomm community. be wary about british calls to take back control of their waters after breck's it don't make sense to these fishermen as they say they've been fishing around the north sea even before european union existed. sanzio a type of fish historically and almost exclusively caught by danish fisherman in waters off the u.k. is brought to this factory here it's processed into fish meal and oil providing hundreds of jobs and this thanks to the accolades if not the biggest in the world is one of the biggest in the world with a huge capacity and so on and it's the knowledge that has been the been not to the
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not the people you know think the year so of course it's great importance for the people here in. denmark and other e.q. members want a deal between the european union and the u.k. that regen ice is the historical right of their fleet to fish in british waters they've been insisting on a trade off if the u.k. bars others from their waters they want to allow the british to sell fish freely in the e.u. markets where most of their tax goes through now. there's a balance here we need to think about if you want to have access to markets your system need to be able to communicate with people and have a fair discussion about things a final decision on who will be permitted to fish where has been deferred until further negotiations between the u.k. and the e.u. that could take years leaving fishing communities on both sides of the nurses on the hook. fairlands for al-jazeera to get around denmark. of the u.s.
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state department says it is planning to renegotiate a deal that until now has prevented the repatriation of vietnamese citizens who arrived in the u.s. before nine hundred ninety five the majority of that group are refugees who fled after the vietnam war edges it is hard to judge castro tells us the story of one man who now faces deportation number two when was seven when his mother put him on a boat with his eight year old brother and push them off the shores of vietnam in one thousand nine hundred eighty three says that son going this boat going to go to a place with a lot of toys. it was eight years after the vietnam war and as the son of an imprisoned south of the enemy's military officer new winds life was in danger he and his brother drifted for days survived pirates who raped women and pushed men overboard eventually landing at a refugee camp in indonesia two years later the united nations resettled the boys
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in the united states knew when entered foster care and lost contact with his brother abandoned in angry by seventeen he had been convicted of assault and a probation violation got him sixteen months in prison i make bad choices and myself in this situation. a judge ordered his deportation and un when straight from prison to immigration detention for four more years in the decade since new when now forty three became a christian pastor married and started his own family but his deportation order remains the only thing preventing the u.s. government from carrying it out is vietnam's refusal to repatriate anyone who arrived in the us prior to the two countries a stablish in diplomatic ties in one thousand nine hundred five i feel very sad for my kids you know chances are if i do give that big portion they're going to end up
9:45 pm
just like me when i was kids they may end up making wrong decisions just like me more than forty years after the fall of saigon the enemy's american communities are thriving in much of the country more than two million people form the diaspora to the us and they owe much to the trailblazers those refugees who were the first to flee the after the war those refugees are among the seven thousand vietnamese with criminal convictions that the u.s. wants to deport and the trumpet ministration has upped the pressure on vietnam to take them back what we know is that the vietnamese community our refugee communities our immigrant communities are being targeted for no other reason than this political regime and the priorities of this administration to really attack our communities and attack america is not new when says he'll likely face government persecution if he's forced to go back. but what he dreads most he says
9:46 pm
is abandoning his family as i do joe castro al-jazeera washington. well let's meet now to end the nelson in tacoma park in the u.s. state of maryland he is the director of the east asia and pacific practice at albright stonebridge group a consulting firm based in washington thanks very much for being with us so why in your view is the current administration doing this this is part of the administration's overall attempt to take a very hard line on immigration it's a major part of trump's agenda it's driven by folks like steven miller within the white house view this as an overriding priority and right now there aren't the personnel in places in the trumpet ministration that have real asia expertise in particular southeast asia expertise to push back against those immigration hard liners and why now because they they've been going back and forth on the on pursuing this haven't they they originally decided they were going to do it last
9:47 pm
year and then they kind of quietly dropped it in august this year and now they're going back to pushing for this now what should we read into the timing of this. well the only real change that's happened since then has been the midterm elections and one of the consequences of the midterm elections were those california congressional districts that included many the enemies americans flipped from republicans to democrats so they're no longer word those internal republican voices who are advocating for some of these folks as their constituents saw the grounds for legal challenges to that to this then in the same way that there were legal challenges to previous and efforts by the trumpet ministration on immigration like the travel ban and so on. i'm sure there will be legal challenges of some kind but the actual two thousand and eight agreement between vietnam and the united states is rather loose it simply says its terms do not apply to those who entered the
9:48 pm
united states before one thousand nine hundred five that's always been interpreted to mean that people who arrived before that time were a title to remain in the united states and wouldn't be sent back to vietnam because that was a country that was different from the place that be said back to at that time but the drug administration is reinterpreting it now to say simply just because the terms of this agreement don't apply doesn't mean that we can't designate people for deportation so how do you see this playing out that. well i think overall this is something where vietnam the united states in general have a relationship that's as close as it's ever been vietnam needs to balance its relationship between the u.s. and china it needs to have a strong u.s. in order to has something to push back against china right on its border but there have been voices within the vietnamese government say that a month has been leaning too far towards the united states that the d.p.p.
9:49 pm
for example was a mistake as at the u.s. backed out of it and so this will give be another piece that gives an initiative to those in the vietnamese government who want to edge themselves back towards china appreciate your perspective on this anthony nelson did speak to you. now the leader of ukraine's new orthodox church has called for the faithful to the unite and pray for peace. new church has held its first services since its historic split from russia the move was seen by ukraine as vital to its security and independence but is strongly opposed by moscow has been growing anti russian sentiment in ukraine since russia annexed crimea in two thousand and fourteen there's a lesson on the graves of promise land that's where the new united and dependent ukrainian church was born to do what kind of a church is it it is
9:50 pm
a church without law to put it what kind of a church is it it's a church without but through a career of more school and or russia what kind of a church is it it is a church without prayers for russian officials and the russian army. ukrainian president petro poroshenko says he has no plans to extend its month long marshal nor unless there is a large scale russian attack it was imposed in november after russia captured three ukrainian ships in the curch strait measure affects the region's closest to russia's military bases or shaker said it was aimed at preventing an all out russian invasion a mexico's largest active volcano has erupted in spectacular fashion provocateur petal exploded on saturday evening sending ash two kilometers into the air the volcano has been particularly active for the past few months and the latest eruption follows a strong one last week people have been warned to stay away from the area. still
9:51 pm
ahead on al-jazeera. paul george makes it rain for the oklahoma city thunder as they beat the clippers nor in sports. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after a while it borders between five safe countries facing new realities starts from the very beginning go to school while you're providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story and talk to al-jazeera. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with
9:52 pm
more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. ghettos corner has far has and thank you so much liverpool are back on top of the english premier league they beat fierce rivals manchester united three one on sunday sorry i'm on a handed the home team the lead at anfield but jessie lingered capitalized on a goal keeping error to equalise. vaneta twice in the last twenty minutes to secure
9:53 pm
the win for your can coopt man and take them one point clear of manchester city in the standings. well they were three games in total in the english premier league on sunday elsewhere arsenal's twenty two one beaten run in all competitions was halted they lost three two at southampton and chelsea consolidate fourth place by hanging on to win two one right. i think that. everyone better. because we played very well for sixty minutes so i think. we could see the goal in a moment the knew we were in for. the match. spanish barcelona are looking to extend their lead at the top of the league when they face labonte later earlier silvia's to know when over jarana keeps them second in the table but they're only separated on goal difference from leaders barsa city have now won ten
9:54 pm
straight matches in all competitions mexico's canelo alvarez has won a world title belt in a third different weight class after stepping up a division to beat british fighter rocky fielding in new york the twenty eight year old from waddle a hard drop fielding for ties for the ref stopped the fight just over eight minutes on the clock about points alvarez had already unified the middleweight division before challenging fielding for the super middleweight belts but the brit was never expected to be any kind of match for the mexican and so it proved. i'm happy to be here and i hope it's not the last time i'm here i hope is the first of many and i'm thankful to all of the people who came to see me it's hard to describe this feeling but it's an honor to be here and share it with all of the people here in new york. it's beneath. the people. you know. but they.
9:55 pm
have to respect. you know. trouble doubles from le bron james in a long ball secured a big win for the lakers over the charlotte hornets in the n.b.a. but it wasn't enough to go above their western conference rivals the oklahoma city thunder the hope was almost fifty thousand dollars they took on the l.a. clippers on saturday oklahoma as a russell westbrook was pretty fired up for this one but he ended up playing a supporting role for his teammate paul george who got thirty three points from the fourth time in seven games he scored over thirty and westbrook set this one up for seven adams on the tenth as the founder took it one hundred and ten to one hundred for. the orlando magic had been kind enough to sacrifice home advantage to play a couple of regular season games in mexico city and they were awarded for their generosity as they came from behind to beat the jazz even fornia they scored twenty
9:56 pm
four as the match one ninety six to eighty nine. australia's cricketers have built a solid lead on day three of the second test against india and perth nathan lyon took five wickets as india were dismissed forty three runs short of australia's first innings score. remains unbeaten on forty one with australia having built a lead of one hundred and seventy five runs at stumps although they have lost four second wickets already. the news good class ball in texas will soon as we can expect nothing less from from their bowling attack that it is always a little bit nervous watching the news character when the four have to bet anyway so just to to say that the good quality of test cricket they imply that really made me quite happy it's exhausting because you're drilling going as applied there's nothing better than saying good how to screw it belgium or the new men's field
9:57 pm
hockey world champions they beep in evelyn's in sunday's final in the best of our india after a goal this match against the dutch a penalty shoot out was necessary to determine the winner is a belgians one three to become world champions for the first time olympic champion marcel her sure has extended his record by winning the all to buddy a giant slalom for a six story years seeking a record extending eight the overall world cup championship the austrian finished two point five three seconds had a francis tom often are are sure handed had already become the first man to win six giant slalom races at a single still resort to this victory in the last year the win pits are sure forty points ahead of max friends at the top of the stack. and that's all your support and i will have more later but for now it's very nice to have thanks for all of forth there and as always there's lots more on our
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website c.n.n. dot com get the latest on the stories there that's it for me has i'm sick and for this news hour money and more the day's news from london. this is the journey you've been looking forward to the one you've been dreaming about. that will take you to those you love to faraway places new faces old friends on a new adventure far from the ordinary in extraordinary comfort come with us in award winning style because this is the journey you've been dreaming about where boarding now.
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when the shots came from the holiday and we heard critics we heard some noise. this was no no sniper alley one of the most dangerous intersections in saudi but. it didn't come in through the front entrance was what happened to the people who were shot they came into the wrong and the nightly part of took pics of the fun to try to do that we can remember sure that's get the hell out of sarajevo holiday and war hotels on al-jazeera. medieval western society it was a feudal society so to kill to keep the wind out of a bubble and assume most of pope ended his speech some people stood up and said god
10:00 pm
will sit down and the entrance to the city was horrific they killed people in the streets in their houses and in. the crusades an arab perspective the sold one shot at this time on the. foreign ministry accuses europe of timing a blind eye to the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're with al-jazeera also coming up. twelve dead in heavy fighting on the outskirts of the vital yemeni port of data at a cease fire set to start on tuesday.


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