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they killed people in the streets in the house and in. the crusade and respect the sold one. this time on the. al-jazeera. no this is the news hour i'm fully back to headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes saddam's omar al bashir becomes the first arab leader to visit damascus since the syrian war began nearly eighty years ago accusations of indifference saudi arabia rejects the u.s. senate resolution blaming the crown prince for the murder of jamal khashoggi also
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this hour. thousands on the streets seen hungary protesting against prime minister viktor all ban and calling a labor reform slave law plus. i'm scott either in bangkok's chinatown the work group of performers is trying to keep the centuries old art form of chinese opera alive their story coming up. a president accused of war crimes has become the first arab leader to visit syrian president bashar assad in damascus since the beginning of the war nearly eight years ago say media co sudan's president omar al bashir expressing his hope that syria will recover its important role in the region as soon as possible syria was expelled from the arab league shortly after war broke out in two thousand nine hundred eleven the assad government has been accused by the u.n. and rights groups of committing multiple war crimes sudan's foreign minister said
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president bush's visit shows his country's commitment to resolving crises affecting the reach him. a little bailout from what i said to what the visit reflects the circumstances and crisis experienced by many arab countries and our commitment to find new approaches to arab action based on respect for the sovereignty of states no need to fear this in its affairs and is not just a don several our countries have recently indicated they may be willing to normalize relations with the syrian government in early october president assad gave his first interview to a gulf based newspaper since twenty eleven he told the kuwaiti paper that western and arab delegations had already begun work to resume diplomatic and economic ties just a week prior to that bahrain's foreign minister a surprise observers by embracing his syrian counterpart widely down while i'm on the sidelines of the un general assembly in new york and even neighboring israel has taken steps towards improving relations with the assad regime is kinetic
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crossing in the occupied golan heights was possibly reopened in mid october under russian military supervision jordan also reopened the crossing into syria that say months back turkey is the last major backer of the syrian opposition helping them hold a part of northern syria but its foreign minister now says ankara is prepared to engage with damascus if the government held and one free and fair elections over this will be able to walk the eligible ones in syria on all sides of syria including the refugees in my country and neighboring countries and in other countries to resettle in the last seven years and it has to be a very credible one transparent democratic and further elections and then at the end syrian people will decide who is going to rule the country after this election if it is a democratic elections and if it is
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a credible one then over that should consider the. me is director of the center for middle east studies at the university of denver he says our camp countries want to curtail iran's influence in syria. well i think they're trying to perhaps woohoo assad away from his alliance with iran. the number one priority for the assad regime today after crushing all opposition to his rule is economic reconstruction the west is not going to invest in that economic reconstruction but there are very wealthy arab states that do have the resources the financial resources and so i suspect part of the agenda here is to see whether they that whether you know bashar al assad can be influenced financially. with reconstruction aid in exchange for weakening his alliance with iran you know
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if it wasn't for the wrongs. participation in the horrific war in syria over the last you know seven years bashar al assad would not be alive today he certainly would be in power so you ron has a huge amount of influence i don't think at the end of the day that bashar assad will break his alliance with iran and switch sides but i think what's i think much more fundamental and i think what's uniting bashar al assad with other. arab states in the region is that bashar al assad and other leaders of the arab states in the middle east share a common national security concern and that national security concern is fear of their own populations fear of democracy fear of political change so in that sense they have a very common sort of set of concerns that they that they're trying to fight and push back against meanwhile the e.u. has warned turkey against taking any further action in syria take president bush up
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tie that one has threatened to enter the no of entity of mambo which if the u.s. doesn't remove code is fine to take he considers them to be terrorists but they've partnered with the u.s. in the fight against al qaeda foreign policy through frederick. greeny said turkey should not undermine the u.s. led coalition against isis does have a hole it is a nonresident scholar in the middle east program at the khan again endowment for international peace he says the presence of kurdish forces in mondays is just one of the many sticking points in the turkey u.s. relationship. and this really highlights the difficulty of the question that the americans are trying to hold in the north of syria by reopening ties to thirty and this has been something that that has started with the nomination of a new syria and boy in washington who was the former ambassador in on karl who's more that's a closer to the turkish point of view and also the necessity of keeping good ties within fatah with the white the who is perceived or the s.d.f.
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that are perceived by washington as the main partner in the struggle against isis and that are supported also by another branch in the american administration so there's an interim american farther off of the negotiation or out of the question but there's also a grander picture that has to do with the global on the standing between washington on cut off on many famous lot of them are have to do with north of syria a lot of them have to do with syria such in front of them have to do with biodata redemptions for example in the in the hours that. we were witnessing distension over many days there were probably truck stations between president trump and president of the down about the expulsion order extradition or for the high level then from the u.s. so everything is now between the country. a kurdish on group has claimed responsibility for a car bomb attack in the northern syrian city of a free in which killed at least eight people the city was under kurdish control
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until turkish forces push them out earlier this year a group calling itself the wrath of on is operation room says it carried out the attack near an apples belonging to prove the rebels take he says the roth of his group is a branch of the kurdish y p g group that sponsored by the us. saudi arabia has denounced the resolution by the u.s. senate accusing its crown prince of ordering the murder of journalists. in a statement released by the saudi press agency the kingdom's foreign ministry called it blatant interference in its internal affairs it is crimes the killing of jamal khashoggi as a crime that doesn't reflect saudi policy and turkey has accused european countries of turning a blind eye to the murder of the saudi journalist was killed inside the kingdom's istanbul consulate on october second the u.n. secretary general antonio terrace has renewed his call for saadi rabia to investigate the murder properly zina harder reports from istanbul. it's been almost
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three months since she was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul turkey continues to accuse saudi arabia of trying to cover up the crime because of its lack of transparency in the investigation turkey is also frustrated with what it sees as an action on the part of the west many european countries who are promoting the freedom of media for freedom of expression are closing their eyes and this country and the politicians you know you see this statement putting some sanctions on the people who are already in prison who will never be visiting dos countries calls are now growing louder for an international investigation what we have said since the beginning is it's absolutely essential to have a credible investigation and to the punishment of those that were killed turkey has recently said there are discussions about opening an international investigation because a lack of cooperation from saudi arabia is blocking progress present are the one
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doesn't know that that does not that he can't do this alone he does need the backing down and the full force of the international arena we do see the west trying not to be in wild with this but as we see that we also see president are the one pushing this i'm not letting it go she's killing sparked international outrage and condemnation but there has been little action against saudi arabia a un investigation would according to experts put more pressure on riyadh but there needs to be international political will. findings of this mission is not binding for both parties so this the shortcoming of this very winding missions are. the need a higher level of cooperation this has this such for cummings has. existed when it comes through the international commission want to enter to myanmar that has been
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established by the united nations human rights commission in rome and has refused to enter the country for the investigators a position saudi arabia is likely to take it insists it will handle the case on its soil turkish officials are growing impatient with what they describe as a lack of seriousness on the part of saudi authorities even president pressure tell you border guard has been more outspoken he used to ovoid mentioning muhammad bin sound man by name he has now criticized the saudi crown prince's explanation on a special she's killing and accuse those who took an active part in the murder of being his closest aides. turkey is not softening its stance but it continues to tread carefully to maintain ties with saudi arabia but pursuing an international investigation would hurt that relationship senator al jazeera istanbul osman sirte is the director of the ankara institute and served as media adviser to former turkish prime minister ahmed over to blue he says the foreign minister's comments
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are all about keeping up pressure on saudi arabia. tookie. just had two important targets during the process one is just keeping the pressure up momentum is high and india at the same time just keeping the issue isn't a legal thing another political drift between turkey and the saudi arabia but turkey has that you have saturday you know used so many cars on it but it is already exhausted ok just it was given the watch accordions of how mr kushner was killed inside the saudi consulate and that is the whole thing that is just just keeping just making this very clear that who had committed this crime who is responsible from this and the american. in the senate made the decision on that they did the other left thing is just after this linkages prime ministers or president foreign ministers speeches and statements just trying to keep the pressure up you know but at the end of the day if turkey is left alone against old
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europe be a turkey probably wouldn't prefer to go alone because it is not so easy for turkey to keep up either the political support from the american congress or don't make an inspiration is special from the european countries it should be done otherwise it would be so difficult for turkey to go after until the bottom. plenty more ahead on this news hour including an al-jazeera investigation finds links between members of a prominent french political party and a far right movement that calls for the expulsion of muslims. hitches its economic fortunes to a giant down that's been more than forty years in the making and english football's two greatest rivals meet in the premier league file be here to tell us what happened when liverpool hosted manchester united. persons of people have braved the cold to protest in hungary capital buter pass
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it's the fourth demonstration this week against prime minister viktor orban and controversial lost by his right wing government the new labor legislation which critics have dubbed the slave law hikes the maximum annual overtime hours employees can demand from two hundred fifty to four hundred dollars they're also angry about new measures which set up administrative courts to oversee sensitive cases involving elections and public procurement say this could lead to greater government interference in justice matters many are already concerned that prime minister will ban is eroding the legal system and press freedom rory chalons reports. for the fourth day now protesters have been on the streets of the hungary and capital budapest recent changes uproot foundations of people out to denounce prime minister viktor right wing government has been the lone voice i think that this content is growing and with fish not only anger and frustration but also those
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voices which would like to make change. i do not again banish an answer and again when a mad dash seems like i have had enough and so have my friends this is now not about opposition politicians about who stands on which side but this is about the discontent of hunger in society yet we have had enough of. the rally started last wednesday following the passing of two new laws one gives the government control over a new administrative court system the other perhaps more unpopular move increases allowable workplace overtime from two hundred fifty to four hundred hours a year victor all bans majority in parliament allowed him to push through the legislation despite complaints from trade unions rights groups and opposition parties they say increasing overtime could harm workers health and the government shouldn't control the courts the government says it wants a more efficient legal system and a more flexible labor code i think will these protests suggest is that underlying
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the book you are. seeing election tom obviously little balls that he's. going to resemble discordant. and this. comes to the fore when the government introduced. the seen by many as being against their interests the e.u. has seemed unsure how to respond to a government in one of its member states consolidating power by restricting civil liberties but in september the european parliament voted to impose sanctions on hungry for ignoring the rules on democracy civil rights and corruption the government says those claims are not true picked over and says his aim is to build an a liberal democracy in hungary and he's faced little meaningful opposition but anger over the so-called slave law is a reminder that it does still exist rory chalons al-jazeera journalist benjamin novak has been at the protests indeed
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a pass he says the demonstrations are being driven by young people. it's a real mixed bag you have people from the far right all the way to the left it's primarily young people so this is very this is this is very strange compared to previous protests we've had in hungary so it's a lot of young people coming from all sides of the political spectrum and they seem to have joined together in expressing their distaste been aimed or at the orbit regime and i based on the conversations i've had with young people in this crowd several of told me that if things continue along this fast path in hungary that they themselves will have to leave eventually. more than five thousand far right protesters of marched in belgium's capital against a un pact on migration police in brussels does want to can an empty gas to disperse a group last week one hundred sixty four hundred ratified the un migration agreement which aims to improve how the well coast with increased migration some critics say the deal could care government's ability to shape their own immigration
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policies. al-jazeera is investigative unit has discovered ling speed tween a far right movements that cost when the expulsion of muslims from europe and senior figures in one of france's main political parties in the second part of a year long investigation we found that members of marina pence party privately support a policy called re migration david harrison has this report. crystal is she is a member of the european parliament for national rally policy led by marine le pen and until recently called the national front the chevelle it was elected to its national council at the policies congress in leave earlier this year. our undercover reporter recorded has a blog run by a far right movement known as generation identity that was essential to get it looked into and there's other aspects but there's not a slam on us what atmospherics need now negredo that there could be difficulties
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the leveraged our little now in the i'm glad to read you again. generation identity is europe's fastest growing fall right movement it calls for immigrants to be returned to their supposed countries of origin to prevent white europeans being replaced by outsiders the shivani is at the citadel a ball which acted as the legal headquarters of generation identity. a says the politicians must hide the far right views until they are empowered. to think as they have that's not evidence then right wing aspect really look at latin america where are you i welcome back now i can hear. yet another way out of what i have in your article was that program where there viendo has some little nationality the pandas change the party's name to the national rally to broaden its appeal she doesn't want members to be seen with generation identity. the standard that the
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solution that will nothing whatever of this level are that without counting the votes needed this is. the national front former accountant and an ally of le pen was also at the citadel bar for dinner. very successful. and. specifically. in. your choice to go. hassle is generation identities leader in lille. in public the movement rejects violence. privately he gives a different message to his followers to. what they said it's eleven thirty. one meeting the hassel who has a string of convictions for violence brings out
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a weapon. after the first part of al-jazeera as investigation was broadcast the mayor of louisville called for the citadel to be shut down public prosecutor launched an investigation. the penn denied her party had any links with generation identity. vassal said the citadel had no connection with generation identity and was opposed to violence david harrison al-jazeera. in yemen at least twelve people have died in twenty five others have been wounded in the latest outbreak of violence around the port city of her data i put the rebels in saudi backed government forces have been fighting south and east suffered a death rush saturday night and into sunday afternoon this comes just two days before a cease fire deal agreed at u.n. talks in sweden is set to begin in her data of course he processes about seventy percent of the country's food aid and other imports a healthy soul down to zero at their welcoming the troops
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a month later. the date will be the eighteenth of this month it will be the start of the cease fire in the studio for data we do know that right now on the ground there is an escalation of fighting there are airstrikes there were tons of them yesterday which means they are not dealing positively with this agreement meanwhile the u.n. secretary general has warned that much worse lies in store for yemen unless its warring sides reach a peace deal he said the number of people needing aid will continue to rise if there is no end to the conflict. declaration of feminine is a technical declaration that relates to a number of indicators. and sometimes people think that affected feminism not that it doesn't means that people are not suffering no there is a high level of hunger in yemen we are supporting eight million people with food in
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yemen and we assume that if the humanitarian situation does not improve will be supporting forty million people next year and there is indeed how you get in yemen that is extremely worrying the question of calling it feminism as i said a strictly technical seemed related to a number of images but images but the effect that meaning was not declared does not in any way. diminish is a huge concern with the very high level of hunger that exists in in yemen with the number of people dying in very dramatic circumstances and with effect that to be dealt because we will be facing in two thousand and nineteen much worse situation than today. is the poorest of the whole soviet states in central asia more than one million tactics work in russia because they can't find jobs at home
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but the government holds a major hydroelectric power projects will provide employment and both economy chance stratford reports from rogue on. construction of the rogue and started in one thousand nine hundred ninety six when stan was part of the soviet union but the collapse of the communist state the civil war repeated pointed to failings when he was never completed. now the first phase of a project that it's hoped will generate electricity for industries and much needed jobs is complete now to tell me the man who has rules tajikistan for almost twenty five years. on the country's constitution was changed in two thousand and sixteen in a referendum the critics say was rigged rom on canal potentially be president for life rights groups say he has crushed all political dissent the main opposition party was banned in two thousand and fifteen there is no independent media in tajikistan and the country has suffered decades of economic hardship since rahman was elected
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in one thousand nine hundred four the government is describing the opening of this dam as the single biggest event in this country's history since its independence almost thirty years ago after the breakup of the soviet union. is often described as the poorest country in central asia the poorest countries amongst the post soviet states and one of the reasons why development has been so hampered so critics say is because of the lack of regular supply of electricity thank you stance fragile economy relies on the export of cotton money sent home by up to two million townships working in russia and the export of other medium. this is the largest on a mini implant in central asia you can choose around forty percent of the stans electricity and his government owned plans for expanding the plants depend on the supply of even more power and workers here know they are lucky to have
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a job. i've worked here for twenty seven years i have a family two kids one grandchild this is how i support them this job is important for me and my family. it's in the soviet build neighborhoods of the capital where you see how people are living in poverty and how desperately this country needs an economic boost. hasn't heard from her husband since two thousand and five he went to russia to work and never came back she has two children including a son who left for russia two months ago also to find a job. i want my kids to have a good life i want my own flat i just want a good life i want my son to come back from russia at the rogue and president ramadan pressed the button starting the first of the planned six turbines construction workers waved flags and cheered a sign of hope that economically at least they and future generations of chantix
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can take better control of their lives. the rogue and dharma to start. so ahead on al-jazeera he came to the us as a child after the vietnam war and could be one of the thousands who could be deported. cuban filmmakers push boundaries despite the challenge of censorship. and. the skills being dominating the slopes in northern israel details coming up later with pakistan. by this guy nine of asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. hello again welcome back we're here cross china we are looking quite nice over the
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next few days not a lot of clouds or rain to talk about on the forecast map here as we go towards monday up here to shanghai maybe about thirteen degrees few hong kong at twenty two but we are going to be seeing those exclusive guys stay in the forecast unless you go out here towards the west where we do see a little bit more rain and maybe some higher elevation snow across parts of the himalayas down towards the south though for noise maybe attempt a few of about thirty two degrees well as we go down towards the south here into parts of the indonesia as well as into thailand we do expect to see some very heavy rain over the next few days with those thunderstorms in the afternoon that has been the trend we don't think to see that is going to change too much down towards singapore attempt a few of thirty one degrees and as we go towards tuesday a little bit cloudy are in the area where the temps are there about thirty degrees for you and then very quickly across parts of india well down towards the south we are watching a cyclon making landfall particular here along the eastern shore line it's going to be a week cycle and maybe tropical storm intensity when it makes landfall but we do expect
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to see some heavy rain along the coast stretching all the way up here towards kolkata now as we go towards tuesday a lot of that rain mixed way up towards parts of a bangladesh but new delhi is going to be seeing a touch a few of about twenty degrees and clear. there with sponsored by can time race. when the shots came from the holiday and we heard critics we heard some noise. this was no no sniper alley one of the most dangerous intersections in saudi but. it didn't come in through the front entrance was what happened to the people who were shot they came into the wrong and the monthly part of took pics of the furniture to . show the. sorry a vote holiday and hotels on al-jazeera. when the news breaks on the story bill the fight against isis is still continuing in the desert when people need to be home. and the story needs to be told by family
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status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave people al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you moon reward winning documentaries and live news on air and online. and watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories sudan's president omar al bashir has become the first arab leader to visit syria since the beginning of the war nearly eight years ago state media expressing his hope that syria will recover its important role in the region as soon as possible. thousands of people have been protesting in hungary's
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capital beautiful against labor reforms passed by the white winged government of prime minister viktor orban it's a fourth day of demonstrations in the country. and saudi arabia has announced a resolution by the u.s. senate accusing the saudi crown prince of ordering the matter of tennis. in a statement released by the saudi press agency the kingdom's foreign ministry said the senate's position is blatant interference in its internal affairs. and germany's foreign minister has told on jazeera that more former foreign minister i should say has told aaj there that more countries should follow germany's example by ending their arms trade with saudi arabia signa gabrial was a member of parliament made the comment at the doha forum when asked about the matter. we stopped for example or delivering of defense of defense materials and capabilities after the crash case when you look at the investigation that hasn't even accounted for where
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a journalist body is after he's gone in a consulate many people say that's simply not an acceptable vestige of course it's not acceptable and i mean it's also a tragedy we should not forget there are relatives because she had a family and i mean the killing of mystical shogi is a catastrophe but it's for the family and the relatives is. a very bad situation that they are not even able to bury the body and to have a place where they can can go to so it's for me it's also it's not only a political question it's also a question of humanity do you think the world will ever believe that m b s was not responsible for that killing in europe. everybody thinks that there is a certain kind of responsibility i don't know if it's personal order or people thought that it could be his wish it's an open discussion in europe but everybody
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things that it will not that the case will not be. like an accident and you can watch the full interview with germany's former foreign minister sigma gabrial on talk to al-jazeera this monday at three thirty g.m.t. . turkey's foreign minister says the us president is working on extraditing for two and a girl and the man ankara brains who orchestrating the failed ko in july two thousand and sixteen golan has been living in self-imposed exile in the us for nearly twenty years and turkey has been pushing for his return golan has denied the allegations against him the perpetrator of the attempted at the leader of this terrorist organization still in the united states but recently i have seen the credible investigation of the f.b.i. in several states and they have actually seen or not is the darkness of this organization and how they have been while eating the u.s.
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laws including tax fraud these are for all and also some of the illegal activities and how professional they are well last time when we met in bonus earners the president trump told everyone that they have been working on that but we need to see concrete steps for in scotland insists it has no plans for a second referendum on breck said despite reports some ministers are looking into the option promised a threesome a return home empty handed from brussels on saturday after two days of talks with e.u. leaders she hoped to sweeten her deal to get it approved by parliament wait faces certain defeat the e.u. isn't willing to renegotiate sonia a go has more from london. further reports in the sunday papers today indicate that her second in command in effect david leading to a senior cabinet minister has been meeting with opposition ministers to try and see if there is anything to be done or to argue for a second referendum
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a so-called people's vote into really where the british public want to take this and that for some opposition ministers is the only way to go forward in trying to resolve this debate the fundamental difference i think between now and when we last had this referendum on the e.u. is that we will have to fix specified propositions that is the key thing in terms of the whole so i think people realise that you cannot have your cake and eat it but even though those arguments have been put forward by even members of her own party there have been strenuous denials about this not least from reason may's own trade secretary liam fox who the division in the country this was what he would do in the country perpetuates the division in the country the second objection is democratic parliament said to the public we can't make a decision on this you make a decision and we will take instruction from that meanwhile this continues to drag on even the former prime minister tony blair making the case for a second referendum was angrily rebutted by the prime minister saying that it was
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really quite a damaging argument to make and proving to be even more divisive so really there is shorter and shorter time with which to resolve this issue whether that issue of the second referendum will gather any continuous support for the british public as well is another matter that will be resolved bartz as has been said so many times in this debate time is running out a fifth victim of the christmas market attack in france has died officials say he was a polish national the gunman who carried out the attack in strasburg was killed on thursday night after firing at police ending a two day manhunt. the market has reopened. georgia's first female president has been sworn involving to reconcile political divisions last months until mr ibish defeated great goal of a shot see in elections which the opposition said were rigged international
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observers said they had been unfair use of state resources away from the ceremony in tel aviv scuffles broke out as police brought for shanti and his supporters from entering the city they've taken away our state then they've taken away our elections no they are taking away our freedom of movement that's what's happening they were going back to the ninety's it's absolutely shameful. the leader of ukraine's new orthodox church has called for the faithful to unite and pray for peace the new church has had its first services following its historic split from russia the move was seen by ukraine as vital to his security and independence but is strongly opposed by moscow anti russian sentiment in ukraine has grown since russia annexed crimea in twenty forty years unless it grazed the promised land that the new united independent ukrainian church was born to do what kind of a church is it it is a church without law to put it what kind of
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a church is it it's a church without but through a career of more school and or russia what kind of a church is it it is a church without prayers for russian officials and russian army. an explosion at a restaurant on the japanese island of hokkaido has injured more than forty people police and firefighters arrived to find the two storey building in sapporo engulfed in flames the blast also shattered the windows of neighboring apartments one person is in serious condition but authorities say also the people taken to hospital got away with minor injuries a witness says he smelled gas after the explosion. in sri lanka become a singer is once again the prime minister he took the oath of office before president metzer palace or so you know sacked him almost two months ago sparking protests and political turmoil but serious you know was unrepentant accusing his rival of being corrupt and anti-national in a televised speech soon after that swearing in ceremony and now from under his reports from the capital colombo. front of
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the commission has sworn in as prime minister by the president who sacked him fifty days ago. dang. i don't want to come in but i'm starting my duties as prime minister the second thing is to name the cabinet today we're committing to first bring him back normalcy to the country and then bring back development in the country. video footage of the short ceremony in the president's office showed an awkward exchange. my policy recently had vowed never to reappoint become a singer even if all two hundred twenty five members of parliament asked for it saying he would not remain as president even an hour if you returned but serious in his bid to replace the man who helped make him president was struck down by the courts leaving him to choice the prime minister's supporters certainly felt so they made it clear when they cheered him on as he returned to meet them after taking the
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oath of office the fifth done he has done so for a reason is created history might make in this country remotely country. so although it's a brit retrieval of muslims the magazine among brains intelligence and strength can not be compared with anyone else in politics the mood here at the prime minister's official residence where he bunker down during the political crisis is jubilant but run over convincing and knows he has his work cut out he said he will first work on restoring normalcy and then start working on development regaining the premiership has been an enormous challenge for a new vehicle missing but reestablishing a stable government to make the most of his remaining time in office will demand even more than a finance. colomba canada's ambassador to china has met with a second citizen who has been detained on suspicion of threatening national security business consultant michael spot or was detained only days after fellow
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canadian and former diplomat mike o'connor was held that attention came after a man one zero a senior chinese executive from the tech giant huawei was arrested in vancouver at the request of the united states she's accused of violating u.s. sanctions on iran. the usa devolve and says it's running to renegotiate a deal which has prevented the every patch radiation of vietnamese citizens who arrived in north america before nine hundred ninety five most are refugees who fled after the vietnam war. as a story of one man now facing deportation number two when was seven when his mother put him on a boat with his eight year old brother and pushed them off the shores of vietnam in one thousand nine hundred eighty three says that son go on this boat and even go to a place with a lot of toys. it was eight years after the vietnam war and as the son of an imprisoned self the enemy's military officer knew wins life was in danger he and
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his brother drifted for days survived pirates who raped women and pushed men overboard eventually landing at a refugee camp in indonesia two years later the united nations resettled the boys in the united states knew when entered foster care and lost contact with his brother abandoned in angry by seventeen he had been convicted of assault and a probation violation got him sixteen months in prison i make bad choices in myself in this situation a judge ordered his deportation and un went straight from prison to immigration detention for four more years in the decade since noon when now forty three became a christian pastor married and started his own family but his deportation order remains the only thing preventing the u.s. government from carrying it out is vietnam's refusal to repatriate anyone who
5:43 am
arrived in the us prior to the two countries a stablish ing diplomatic ties in one thousand nine hundred five i feel very sad for my kids. you know the story if i do give that big portion they're going to end up just like me when i was kids they may end up making wrong decisions just like me more than forty years after the fall of saigon the economy is american communities are thriving in much of the country more than two million people form the diaspora to the u.s. and they owe much to the trailblazers those refugees who were the first to flee the after the war those refugees are among the seven thousand vietnamese with criminal convictions that the u.s. wants to deport and the trumpet ministration has upped the pressure on vietnam to take them back what we know is that the vietnamese community our refugee communities our immigrant communities are being targeted for no other reason than
5:44 am
this political regime and the priorities of this administration to really attack our communities and attack america is not new when says he'll likely face government persecution if he's forced to go back. but what he dreads most he says is abandoning his family how do you castro al-jazeera washington mexico's largest active ok no has erupted in spectacular fashion but will cut a palace exploded on saturday night sending a perfume of two kilometers into the air the volcano has been active for the past few months and the natives eruption follows a strong one last week people have been warned to stay away from the area. now a self-proclaimed faith healer facing allegations of sexual abuse and rape has turned himself into police in brazil prosecutors issued a warrant for the arrest of. two different year also known as john of god on
5:45 am
saturday more than three hundred women including his adult dodder have accused him of sexual violence he denies any wrongdoing if arrear rose to international fame when oprah winfrey broadcasts a report on his psychic healing methods. now the annual have an international film festival has attracted movies from around the world but for cuban filmmakers just getting their work shown is a major challenge a latin american to see any man has a story. it's opening night at the called oryx theater and the floodgates are open nearly five thousand people pour in anxious to see one of the cuban entries in this year's international film festival of havana. it's about the life and struggles of world famous cuban ballet dancer. for film producer cloudier it's been a major accomplishment and i'm just. it used to be easy to obtain permits to film now it's more and more complicated and i think every day there are more obstacles
5:46 am
more doors closed. convenience entry in the two thousand and sixteen festival was pulled by cuban authorities. can point to a month where it was very polemical because it dealt with censorship artistic freedom and tolerance and we couldn't show it in cuban cinemas yet as in other cases it was widely seen anyway circulated on pen drives and hard disks in homes all over cuba cuban films and filmmakers have been pushing the boundaries for decades in a country where vocal criticism of the communist government can land you in prison . we're here to install the microphones says a state security agent in the first of a bold series of satires about cuban life in this case the government's obsession with spying on its citizens. the series lead actor lisa garcia is one of cuba's most vocal young girl i've never settled to make
5:47 am
a scandalous or government film what i want is to make films that are strongly to our reality i want to tell the truth. are really at peace during the film festival. many cuban movies are screened and attract huge audiences the reason they're sending chills when media is totally and the tolerant tragically controlled by the state which paints a politically tainted and very favorable fortune of reality and certainly people like me is it the way of the more than an hour to get into the movies are anxious to see a mirror in which they can see themselves and their problems reflected in what artists are now sounding the alarm about a controversial law establishing new regulations for artistic expression with harsh penalties for violators and filmmakers like are worried it will make it even more difficult to test the limits of political incorrectness in cuba. to see in human
5:48 am
al-jazeera have and. work has begun to rebuild a mosque in iraq's second city mosul which was blown up by ice all in twenty seventeen a cornerstone for the top center the landmark on the rainbow family attended to by foreign dignitaries it was destroyed by i saw find is when he walks military and we capture the city last year. all star state.
5:49 am
5:50 am
thanks very much liverpool are back on top of the english premier league they beat fierce rivals manchester united three one on sunday satriani handed the home team the lead at anfield but jesse lingard capitalized on a goalkeeping error to equalize your dincha carry that netted twice in the last twenty minutes to secure the win for you're going to coopt men and take them one point clear of manchester city in the standings very very very it was a good game the brilliant start was one of the best performances we've had. since i'm a little too honest on the season to the person of our was outstanding outstanding . but i repeat i'm really really happy with the players ever served on the beach with their attitude with their effort i more than happy i more than happy and because i'm more than happy i assume the responsibilities of. the defeat and i want
5:51 am
them to be to be even behind behind me they gave absolutely everything on this people they gave absolutely everything they were three games in total in english premier league on sunday elsewhere arsenal's twenty two unbeaten run in all competitions was halted they lost three two at southampton and chelsea consolidate fourth place by hanging on to win two one at brighton and i think that. everyone better. because we've played very well for sixty minutes i think. we can see the moment the new. spanish champions barcelona have restored their three point lead at the top of the standings and legal on sunday barsa hammered labonte five nil aided by a hat trick from lean on messi sabean athletico measured are three points behind
5:52 am
separated only by goal difference obviously i'd hope when our leading goal scorers in europe's elite football leagues with fifty seven goals this season already not surprisingly they leave the dutch eredivisie but second place i x. and so damn aren't doing too badly on the goal scoring front themselves on sunday the famed dutch club faced digraph chop they would help themselves to no fewer than eight goals without any reply. daily blent netting tricks along the way i exert two points behind p.s.p. and. of allele lakers secured a big win over the charlotte hornets in the n.b.a. but it wasn't enough to go above their western conference rivals oklahoma city thunder as they took on the l.a. clippers on saturday oklahoma's russell westbrook played a supporting role for his teammate paul george who got thirty three points for the fourth time in seven games he scored over thirty and west for except this one up for stephen adams says under took it's one hundred ten to one hundred four.
5:53 am
mexico's canelo alvarez has won a world title belt in a third different weight class after stepping up a division to beat british fighter rocky fielding in new york the twenty eight year old from one of the hard draw fielding four times before the ref stopped the fight just over eight minutes on the clock at that point as had already unified the middleweight division before challenging fielding for the w.b. a super middleweight belts but the brit was never expected to be any kind of match for the mexican and so it proved. i'm happy to be here and i hope it's not the last time i'm here i hope is the first of many and i'm thankful to all of the people who came to see me it's hard to describe this feeling but it's an honor to be here and share it with all of the people here in new york. we met some great people. you know. but there to be good days i live the dream but you know i come again i come back. respect don't they fight
5:54 am
you know. belgium are the new mansfield hockey world champions they beat the netherlands and sunday's final in indiana after goalless match against the dutch a penalty shoot out was necessary to determine the winner as the belgians won three two to become world champions for the first time. now over to some ice hockey news the visiting a las vegas golden knights beat the new york rangers in overtime in the n.h.l. the golden knights mark andre clary stopped twenty seven shots from his nine hundred and twenty third career break during leaving him into a tie for nine on leave all time list alex touch scored the winning goal just over two minutes into overtime to a vegas two point three when the rangers dropped their third consecutive home game . and olympic champion marcel her share has extended his record by winning the all to be a giant slalom for a sixty eight years seeking
5:55 am
a record extending eight overall world cup championship the austrian finnish two point five three second ahead of france's thomas for an r. and r. show had already become the first man to win six giant slalom races at a single ski resort with his victory last year when her share forty points ahead of matt. at the top the standings. and that's all your sport for now more later. chinese operas played on the streets of thailand's capital for hundreds of years but as can hide their reports on bank all the good digital age and modern intertainment are pulling younger generations away from the traditional performances prompting concerns about the ancient on. getting ready to take the stage performers carry out their pre-show transformation before they play their role in one of the world's oldest dramatic art forms chinese
5:56 am
opera but this stage is not in china and it's not even in a theater it's in an alley in bangkok's a bustling chinatown it's been a tradition here for hundreds of years but the audiences have been getting smaller and older. some socks out there first put on his make up at the age of seven he remembers when the. tired families would turn up. at night it's a bit depressing it's not like in the past people used to bring their children and grandchildren and taught them the tradition now they stay at home and watch d.v.d.'s but the manager of the sa young hong troupe does not believe the opera will ever close its curtains for good it's the only life he knows he was sold to the troop by his mother when he was eight. if it was to disappear it would have disappeared a long time ago as long as we have chinese shrines and chinese communities in this world the chinese opera will not disappear it will become smaller but the culture
5:57 am
will continue. chinese migration to thailand can be traced back to the thirteenth century and now it has one of the world's largest chinese communities outside of china these open air operas have been a cultural cornerstone passing along folklore and traditions. ancient french document detail chinese operate in thailand as long as five hundred years ago. and they bring their own they bring their own gullet. and they bring that. chinese are there. he went on to say that chinese communities in thailand came to new to grow but new generations are becoming more westernized and few speak any of the chinese dialects making the opera less appealing to the chinese. so the drama is not only on the stage it's also backstage as the organizers struggle to keep seats filled
5:58 am
got other al-jazeera bangkok and. thank you for watching. xenophobe ache violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. al jazeera infiltrates one of the continent's fastest growing far right organizations and exposes links to members of the european parliament and marine appends national rally party generation eight. part two of a special two part investigation on al jazeera. in the darkest of times brave men and women stood up. when oppressed they
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rose. together they forward for greater justice respect and compassion. they had a dream for a better future. today we are at a turning point. the stakes are high climate change inequality. hate speech you may feel overwhelmed but there is hope. you. and we together can create the change we want. by speaking out by standing up by taking action. be the leader you are looking for stand up for human rights. radicalism is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's every west we're told was supposed to be highly suspicious of everybody and everything but our government policies aimed at
6:00 am
tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society the impact is you don't think there's only so much we can try before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization part of the radicalized youth syrians announces the era. sudan's i'm out to share becomes the fast arab leader to visit damascus since the syrian war began nearly eighty years ago. hello i'm a study a tape and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. twelve dead and fighting on the outskirts of the yemeni port of had data ahead of a cease fire set to start on choose day.


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