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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 17, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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so we'll see. the entrance to the city was horrific they killed people in the streets in their houses and in. the crusade and perspective the sold one shot at this time on a just. in a rare outburst saudi arabia condemns the us senate for accusing the crown prince of jamal khashoggi. hello welcome to our jazeera live from doha i'm martine that is also coming out. to dance president bashir becomes the first arab leader to go to syria since the conflict began in twenty in the.
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thousands of on hunger ariens protests against prime minister all bans labor reforms the slave class. and were in the air refugee camp by the million border find out next time this temporary shelter has become the fourth largest town in mauritania. saudi arabia has denounced a u.s. senate resolution which blames the crown prince for ordering the murder of john this jamal khashoggi in a statement released by the state news agency the kingdom's foreign ministry calls a resolution a blatant interference in its internal affairs and it warns that the senate's move could affect its relationship with. on thursday the republican controlled senate voted to hold mohammed bin sound man personally responsible for the saudi
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journalists murder and another a resolution also calls for an end to washington's military support for the riyadh led war in yemen. and canada's prime minister says his country is looking for a way to back out of an arms deal with saudi arabia just in today is demanding answers cooling the murder of jamal khashoggi unacceptable he said canada is trying to see if they can no longer export trucks as part of a thirteen billion dollar deal made by the previous government relations between also and riyadh have been tense since a diplomatic dispute over human rights in the kingdom so candid as ambassador expelled earlier this year at the murder of a journalist is absolutely unacceptable that's why canada from the very beginning had been demanding answers and solutions on that secondly we inherited actually a fifteen billion dollar contract signed by steven harper to export light armored
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vehicles to saudi arabia we are engaged with the export permits to try and see if there is a way of of no longer exporting these vehicles to saudi arabia. well here with me in. the land he's director of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies thank you very much for joining us marwan first of all let's have a look at this statement how rare how unprecedented if if that's indeed the right word is it for the saudi foreign minister to release a statement like this with actually we're expecting that sort of reaction by the saudis because they're unanimous condemnation by the u.s. senate for the current prince. holding him responsible for the murder of jamal how shocked he was a very strong step indeed by the u.s. congress in fact we were expecting something to come out from saudi arabia because this is where he was the most challenging the more serious crisis the relationship between the saudis and the americans saudi arabia and the united states in fact and
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even its more even more worse than disciplined by eleven attacks on. the twin towers. fifteen years ago so actually this is something that is really serious and is really big in the relationship between the two countries so what does this tell us the fact that this statement is being relayed really it was about interference based upon quote untrue allegations what does this tell us about the amount of heat that the saudi authorities are actually feeling as a result of this worldwide condemnation saluted the heat is tremendous in my opinion i mean the saudis the may have not actually anticipated this at the very beginning of the thought that this will just go away as time passes because the strategy was buying as much time as possible so that this case might just go away or diet or the media actually sees focusing on this issue about saudi arabia has in fact become part of this conflict domestic conflict in the united states between
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the u.s. administration that on one hand and the congress on the other hand and i think that is something that's are with these they did not actually realize at the very beginning this is why it's becoming very serious. now everybody talks about the strategic importance of this relationship between riyadh and washington and yet you've seen various outspoken senators particularly lindsey graham of course actually saying point blank that the dependence is on the part of riyadh in that riyadh needs washington much more than the other way round what exactly is the nature of the relationship i mean there is this sort of strategic relationship between the two economies but this strategic relation all saw coming. is subject to change if you can board if we can build that relationship to lift twenty or thirty years ago it was in might be in a much more strategic than it is now why because the united states was very much dependent on saudi oil on oil coming from the gulf region today the united states
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is the biggest we have the largest oil producer in the world is it even produces more all those saudi arabia itself so saudi arabia is not actually because of oil is becoming really important to the americans it's because of other things maybe. because maybe for your arm because of the peace process in the middle east but not actually because of the main that was the main bill out of the relationship between saudi arabia and the united states from the very beginning since one nine hundred forty five the first meeting between king abdul-aziz the founder of saudi arabia and president. franklin roosevelt of the united states. the formal security for all is no longer absolutely they are what we do know currently today is that saudi arabia is dependent upon weapons exports from its western allies particularly the united states and the united kingdom so how much of a threat is it to its stability and the way it conducts itself actually is it is set of reduction if not suspension of arms exports notably from justin trudeau in
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canada the germans and various other smaller nations is this a big threat to riyadh absolutely perhaps this is what lindsey graham. meant actually. and he said we need us more than we need them because he was very aware that the security of saudi arabia depends very much on the united states and that saudi arabia would always need the united states in order to defend itself against version of threats and he also mentioned. the large arms port cheeses by saudi arabia don't forget that saudi arabia is the third largest defense spender and the world after the united states and china saudi arabia spends even more than russia on and last year alone saudi arabia was the largest arms bio's anywhere in the world so the saudi arabia realizes really very much from the united states and they want to see it i mean and they're stunned and realize that very well so i think here where the americans could really put pressure on the saudis
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specially with the coming of the congress when the when the call the new congress starts in in january i think they will go for it after the after saudi arabia in terms of trying to impose sanctions on arms but chooses to saudi arabia that's going to affect the saudis very much. thank you very much indeed thank you well turkey has accused european countries of turning a blind eye to that murder the murder of. the u.n. secretary general antonio he knew his call for a credible investigation a saudi journalist was killed inside the kingdom's istanbul consulate on october the second that the harder reports now from istanbul. it's been almost three months since she was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul turkey continues to accuse saudi arabia of trying to cover up the crime because of its lack of transparency in the investigation turkey is also frustrated with what it sees as an action on the part of the west many european countries who are promoting the
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freedom of media for freedom of expression are closing their eyes and this country and the politicians you know you see this statement putting some sanctions on the people who are already in prison who will never be visiting dos countries calls are now growing louder for an international investigation what we have said since the beginning is it's absolutely essential to have a credible investigation and to the punishment of those that were killed turkey has recently said there are discussions about opening an international investigation because a lack of cooperation from saudi arabia is blocking progress present are the one doesn't know that that does not that he can't do this alone he does need the backing up and the full force of the international arena we do see the west trying not to be in wild with this but as we see that we also see president are the one
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pushing this i'm not letting it go she's killing sparked international outrage and condemnation but there has been little action against saudi arabia a un investigation would according to experts put more pressure on riyadh but there needs to be international political will. findings of this mission is not binding for both parties so this the shortcoming of these very winding missions are. the need a higher level of cooperation this has this such front cummings has. existed when it comes to the international commission want to enter to do myanmar that has been established by the united nations human rights commission and in myanmar government has refused to and through the country for the investigators a position saudi arabia is likely to take it insists it will handle the case on its soil turkish officials are growing impatient with what they describe as
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a lack of seriousness on the part of saudi authorities even president russia tell you a border guard has been more outspoken he used to avoid mentioning mohamed bin sound man by name he has now criticized the saudi crown prince's explanation on a killing and accuse those who took an active part in the murder of being his closest aides turkey is not softening its stance but it continues to tread carefully to maintain ties with saudi arabia but pursuing an international investigation would hurt that relationship senator al jazeera is stumble. germany's former foreign minister has told al-jazeera that more countries should follow berlin's example by ending arms trade with saudi arabia sigma gabriel is still a member of the german parliament was attending this year's doha forum we stopped for example or delivering of defense of defense materials and capabilities after the crash case when you look at an investigation that hasn't even accounted for
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where a journalist body is after he's gone in the consulate. many people say that's simply not an acceptable vesting of course it's not acceptable and i mean it's also a tragedy we should not forget there are relatives because she had a family and i mean the killing of mystical shogi is a catastrophe but it's for the family and the relatives is. a very bad situation that they are not even able to bury the body and to have a place where they can can go to so it for me it's also it's not only a political question it's also a question of humanity do you think the world will ever believe that n.b.s. was not responsible for that killing in europe everybody thinks that there is a certain kind of responsibility i don't know if it's personal order or people
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thought that it could be his wish it's an open discussion in europe but everybody things that it will not that the case will not be organized like an accident you can see the full interview with germany's former foreign minister sigma gabriel on top to al-jazeera on monday that's today at three thirty greenwich mean time and of course you can see it online as well. now at least twelve people have died twenty others try to five others have been wounded in violence around yemen's port city of the days are. the rebels and saudi backed government forces have been fighting in and around the city throughout the weekend a u.n. brokered cease fire is due to come into effect on tuesday the data process is around seventy percent of the country's food and other imports. sudan's president
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omar al bashir has become the first arab leader to visit syria since opposition protests to president assad's rule began almost eight years ago syria was expelled from the arab league shortly afterwards the assad government stands accused by the u.n. and rights groups of committing multiple war crimes al bashir has links to other countries are partly limited by an international arrest warrant connected to conflict in his own country where sudan's foreign minister said president al bashir visit shows his country's commitment to resolving crises affecting the region. the visit be flexed the circumstances and crises experienced by many arab countries and our commitment to find new approaches to action based on respect for the sovereignty of states not interference in its affairs. north korea has condemned. saying they could block the path to meet denuclearization on the korean peninsula
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forever the announcement was made on state television country not the seventh anniversary of leader kim jong il's death washington has face sanctions on three top north korean officials of a human rights abuses. lots more to come here and out there including the hitches its economic fortunes to a giant dam that's been more than forty years in the making. and a fading voice of the struggle to keep chinese opera and live in thailand. to welcome back to the national weather forecasts were here across europe we are looking at some very rainy weather here across parts of italy as well as towards croatia in some of those higher elevations that means we are going to be seeing
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snow here on monday that system is going to be moving quite quickly down here towards the southeast really affecting greece over the next couple days with some windy conditions as well so we're watching that also over here towards the north though it is going to be quite cold for parts of russia with moscow is going to be seeing about minus ten degrees over here towards your high is only going to be minus six and out here towards the west we are looking at another system coming in off the atlantic with some very windy conditions not only for the u.k. but also down here towards parts of portugal as well well for the northern part of africa too bad for most of the areas but where we are going to see the weather is. out here towards the east along the coastal areas anywhere from parts of libya all the way over here towards cairo we are going to see some windy conditions along the coast maybe some rain affecting parts of the eastern mediterranean as well then as we go towards tuesday things get a little bit worse that air low pressure really begins to affect much of that coastal region but out here towards the west we're looking quite nice anywhere along the coast from morocco over here towards algiers with
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a time to there of eighteen degrees in tunis well in quite nice view with a temperature of sixty degrees as well. radicalism is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's everywhere we're told we're supposed to be highly suspicious of everybody and everything but our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society the impact is you don't really know me there's only so much we can try before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization part of the radicalized youth syrians an al-jazeera.
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let's have a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera saudi arabia has condemned a u.s. senator as aleutian holds the crown prince personally responsible for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi the foreign ministry statement calls it a blatant interference in the kingdom's internal affairs on thursday the republican controlled senate voted to hold mohammed bin sound man responsible for the saudi john this murder. at least twelve people have been killed and twenty five others have been wounded in the latest round of violence surrounding yemen's critical port city of the data fighting between hoofy rebels and saudi amorality backed government forces comes two days before a un brokered cease fire is due to come into effect. sudan's president omar al bashir has become the first arab leader to visit syria since the beginning of the
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war almost eight years ago he met the syrian president bashar al assad in damascus both leaders stand accused of war crimes linked to conflicts in their country. thousands of people have been protesting in hungary as capital budapest it's the fourth demonstration this week against prime minister viktor orban and his controversial laws that have been passed by the right wing government bowie chalons reports. for the fourth day now protesters have been on the streets of the hungary in capital budapest recent law changes abroad thousands of people out to denounce prime minister viktor orban right wing government you know it's been a long void i think that this content is growing and with this not only anger and frustration but also those voices which would like to make change. i do not again banish an answer and again when i'm mad at bashing look i have had enough and so
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have my friends this is now not about opposition politicians about who stands on which side but this is about the discontent of hunger in society yet we have had enough of. the rally started last wednesday following the passing of two new laws one gives the government control over a new administrative court system the other perhaps more unpopular move increases allowable workplace overtime from two hundred fifty to four hundred hours a year victor or vans majority in parliament allowed him to push through the legislation despite complaints from trade unions rights groups and opposition parties they say increasing overtime could harm workers health and the government shouldn't control the courts the government says it wants a more efficient legal system and a more flexible labor code i think what these protests suggest is that underlying the book you are. seeing election tom obviously i will say not mean that he's.
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going to resemble a discount. and then this. comes to the fore when the government introduced. the seen by many as being against their interests the e.u. has seemed unsure how to respond to a government in one of its member states consolidating power by restricting civil liberties but in september the european parliament voted to impose sanctions on hungry for ignoring the rules on democracy civil rights and corruption the government says those claims are not true victor alben says his aim is to build an a liberal democracy in hungary and he's faced little meaningful opposition but anger over the so-called slave law is a reminder that it does still exist chalons al-jazeera. there at least sixty percent of all refugees live in just ten countries and all of them are in the globe . the u.n. says there's a need for much greater international cooperation when it comes to sharing
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responsibility needed to welcome them cripples from one such camp at the mauritanian mali and border that is in dire need of support the people of timbuktu are on the move escaping while they can mohammed. as you know war played out away from the public his family survived rebel occupations drone strikes and bombings. deep in the desert rebel groups and armed forces a fifty seven nations including the united states the u.k. and france are fighting the battle field is spreading across the region as big as the european union. it is the continuous attack by the million soldiers meant to protect us that pushed us to flee our homeland we don't feel safe they attack us and pillaged through our villagers like invaders. for the moment this is their home the embarrass you gee camp in mauritania fifty seven thousand people live here
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refugees from mali came here in the early one nine hundred ninety s. escaping rebel attacks settlements turn to homes refugees turned to citizens mauritania a country where most live on less than two dollars a day has opened its borders and welcomed the refugees this is a weekly market in embarrassed few gee camp here you can find all sorts of goods cabbages fruits vegetables fish spices all of it comes from neighboring mali there are now more people from to look to living inside this county than timbuktu itself and so this temporary shelter has become the fourth largest town in mauritania. reeducation in the six primary schools registration and maternity centers water points and food distribution attracts both refugees and locals but the u.n. says this is unsustainable we're bringing disengagement of the international
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community into a different way of working. in. recognising where the burden is and the very is on the host countries neighboring this refugee crisis situations and that needs to be. acknowledged and those countries need to be supported. so far more to you has received only a fraction of the money it needs to help communities in this region with nowhere else to go and still. is the survival of the people to book to. nicholas hawke al-jazeera and barrow along the mauritanian money and. now to. which is the poorest of the post soviet states in central asia more than one million working in russia because they can't find jobs but the government now hopes a major hydroelectric power project will provide employment and base the economy
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child strafford reports from broken. construction of the rogue and dam started in one thousand nine hundred eighty six when tajikistan was part of the soviet union but the collapse of the communist state a civil war and repeated financial failings meant it was never completed now the first phase of a project that it's hoped will generate electricity for industries and much needed jobs is complete and its helm the man who has rules tajikistan for almost twenty five years in will mali román the country's constitution was changed in two thousand and sixteen in a referendum the critics say was rigged on canal potentially be president for life rights groups say he has crushed all political dissent the main opposition party was banned in two thousand and fifteen there is no independent media in tajikistan
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and the country has suffered decades of economic hardship since ron was elected in one nine hundred ninety four the government is describing the opening of this dam as the single biggest event in this country's history since its independence almost thirty years ago after the breakup of the soviet union. and is often described as the poorest country in central asia the poorest countries amongst the post soviet states and one of the reasons why development has been so hampered so critics say is because of the lack of regular supply of electricity. thank you stance fragile economy relies on the export of cotton money sent home by up to two million tons x. working in russia and the export of other medium. this is the largest economy implant in central asia consumes around forty percent of the stones electricity and his government owned plans for expanding the plants depend on the supply of even
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more power workers here know they are lucky to have a job. i've worked here for twenty seven years i have a family two kids one grandchild this is how i support them this job is important for me and my family. it's in the soviet built neighborhoods of the capital de shawn bay where you see how people are living in poverty and how desperately this country needs an economic boost. hasn't heard from her husband since two thousand and five he went to russia to work and never came back she has two children including a son who left for russia two months ago also to find a job. i want my kids to have a good life i want my own flush i just want a good life i want my son to come back from russia at the rogue and dan president ramadan pressed the button starting the first of the plan to six turbines construction workers waved flags and cheered
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a sign of hope that economically at least they and future generations of townships can take better control of their lives john struck at al-jazeera with a rogue and dom tajikistan. chinese opera has had enthusiastic audience is in thailand for hundreds of yaz but as the high lever pulls from bangkok now the allure of multan entertainment is taking over prompting concern that this ancient tradition could soon be lost. getting ready to take the stage performers carry out their pre-show transformation before they play their role in one of the world's oldest dramatic art forms chinese opera but this stage is not in china and it's not even in a theater it's in an alley in bangkok's a bustling chinatown it's been a tradition here for hundreds of years but the audiences have been getting smaller and older. some socks first put on his make up at the age of seven he
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remembers when entire families would turn up. at night it's a bit depressing it's not like in the past people used to bring the children and grandchildren and talk in the tradition now home and watch t.v. . but the manager of the saw young hong troupe does not believe the opera will ever close its curtains for good it's the only life he knows he was sold to the troop by his mother when he was eight. if it was to disappear it would have disappeared a long time ago as long as we have chinese shrines and chinese communities in this world the chinese opera will not disappear it will become smaller but the culture will continue. chinese migration to thailand can be traced back to the thirteenth century and now it has one of the world's largest chinese communities outside of china these open air operas have been a cultural cornerstone passing along folklore and traditions.
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ancient french documents detail chinese opera in thailand as long as five hundred years ago. and. on gullet. and they bring that up there. he went on to say that chinese communities in thailand came to new to grow but new generations are becoming more westernized and few speak any of the chinese dialects making the opera less of. pealing to the chinese tell you so the drama is not only on the stage it's also backstage as the organizers struggle to keep seats filled it's got harder al-jazeera bangkok. it's taken over the top stories here it out. saudi arabia has condemned a u.s. senate resolution that holds the crown prince accountable for the murder of john
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this jamal khashoggi the saudi foreign ministry calls it a blatant interference in the kingdom's internal affairs on thursday the republican controlled senate voted to hold mohammed bin sound man responsible for the saudi jan this murder canada's prime minister says his country is looking for a way to back out of an arms deal with saudi arabia just in two days demanding answers calling the murder of jamal khashoggi on it cept of all he said canada is trying to see if they can no longer export on the trucks as part of an eleven billion dollar deal made by the previous government relations between also a riyadh have been tense since a diplomatic dispute over human rights in the kingdom so kind as ambassador expelled earlier this year. the murder of a journalist is absolutely unacceptable that's why canada from the very beginning has been demanding answers and solutions on that secondly we inherited actually a fifteen billion dollar contract signed by steven harper to export light armored
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vehicles to saudi arabia we are engaged with the export permits to try and see if there is a way of of no longer exporting these vehicles to saudi arabia. the latest fighting yemen's main port of data has killed at least twelve people and injured twenty five clashes between saudi us government forces and the rebels are happening two days before a un brokered cease fire is due to begin. sudan's president omar al bashir has become the first arab leader to visit syria since the beginning of the war almost eight years ago he met the syrian president bashar al assad in damascus thousands of people have been protesting in hungary's capital budapest it's the fourth demonstration this week against president viktor. strike up to date those are the headlines inside story is next.
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there's nowhere to hide do you think we're going to see some kind of sea change in the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia i haven't said it's a right wing conspiracy or anybody's conspiracy but from al-jazeera. hello and welcome to the special edition of inside story coming to you from the door how form. over the next twenty five minutes we'll be looking at the issue of food security and water sustainability with a projected global population of more than nine billion people by the year twenty fifty what's at stake if countries don't insure food and water security will bring in our guests in just a moment but first this reports by sara. starving and on the verge of fun in the place where the u.n. says food is used as a weapon of war twenty million yemenis don't know if they'll be able to eat and malnutrition remains a grave concern where the world's worst humanitarian crisis continues to unfold now
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we've hit rock bottom no words no jobs because of the war hunger is going up for a third year in a row going back to levels not seen since two thousand and eight.


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