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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 201  Al Jazeera  December 17, 2018 10:32pm-10:50pm +03

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because of that it was dangerous and we discussed with all our partners with qatar as well as the emirates some of the saudis how to deescalate and i think at that time the u.s. secretary of state did a great job for deescalation not to go further in the escalation steps as you are away the u.a.e. state minister for foreign affairs on what good gosh there is some of your statements in the doha for about how the region was not far from military intervention simply not accurate not true he's met with you before and you should know better basically how do you read what should what should he say i mean he's a state minister of yemen and of course that bill would be the like oppressed speaker i'm an independent politician and i'm saying today what i said last year and the year before so this is what he's saying is not accurate i don't know read only on twitter and i know under which conditions politicians sometimes have to act
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so he is responsible for his statements i know what and what situation we were in that days and i think everybody should be happy. that there was no further escalation i mean the situation is not good. i think for the region not only for the gulf but the blockade and she's a florist's of course i mean. we tried a lot and others as well to bring the conflict partners closer together but and by the way the qataris tried to do to end the conflict we had a serious debate with our qatari partners about terrorist organizations and financing because the saudis and the emirates said qatar is responsible for that and they open their books we had a very serious debate between our intelligence services together with the with the americans by the way and i think they they tried to convince everybody about the
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situation in qatar and they did a good job unfortunately others did not move on. hopefully you think europe should be can do more should do more apply more pressure perhaps on the blockading countries to end this while there is as the saying in germany by a very famous judge in or in our constitutional court he says sometimes democracy or you can transfer to the situation here. needs preconditions would they could net not. organized by itself so the willingness of the political leaders the willingness of the society must there you cannot impose peace and conflict regulation from from an outside perspective you can offer some ideas you can offer partnerships and that europe did and others as well hopefully the region
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will come down because at the end i think. if you look from the economy. uncertainty is the worst thing you can do for the economy you know me well and yes and it's not only buy it's not. only qatar it's the whole region because investors will be careful and wary of instability has sent instability so that there should be an economic interest to overcome do you think do you think the trump lead white house in particular not the u.s. as a whole i understand the nuance differences between the state department between the pentagon between the white house but the trump lead white house is approach to the region has it fanned the flames of divisions that are feeling and that time was that. some partners in the region thought that they have something like a blanco shekh that they could do whatever they want and when we discussed with
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them and we said look we are of the same opinion like the state department the u.s. the answer to us we only that's interesting but we're only listening to the white house you wouldn't mind telling me which partners that was that told you that we're talking saudi arabia let's call a spade a spade i don't want to blame and want to finger point if you we want to come to solutions i think it's not a good idea to blame somebody i mean i saw it was mr gergen it with me i don't want to do it in the other way in the same way we are not to blame but just for viewers to understand what was this a process where you found yourself in the middle of trying to deescalate a situation which saudi arabia or that side of the blockade felt they getting different signals directly from the white house and therefore look they can ignore the sort of advice they get from you if a superpower like the u.s. is sending different signals from the white house to the foreign ministry it can create very dangerous misconceptions and my feeling at that time was. that there
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were misconceptions because of the different the two different messages coming from the u.s. and it was not only my feeling moving on to looking broadly at some of the episodes that have happened in this region shall we say episodes is a nice word trying to now. seem to say that you're a jew or a diplomat miscalculation some would say by the saudi crown prince towards yemen the whole episode shall we say valving lebanon's prime minister and whether or not he was detained the fair do you think some in the west are concluding that saudi arabia in which the crown prince has so much influence is not so much of a responsible security partner anymore. we saw what the other members of the senate of the united states said in these days and of course saudi arabia is an important
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country everybody knows that and by the way we praise the crown prince for his reform efforts inside the country but under the same time we were very much scared about parts of his foreign policy so it's not only black and white but we saw that even the americans and the members of the senate were very much scared and they are traditionally the strongest partner the most important part of the saudis but. would say it's not black and wide there is a reform process inside the country which is amazing but on the other hand side as i said there were some adventures. which create difficulties in the region and we are very happy about the first steps in yemen coming to a cease fire organizing humanitarian aid for the son who's responsible for those adventures not m.b.a.'s have been so much we think that he
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overestimated his. and the region and i mean of course he has maybe had the feeling that whatever he is doing he he's backed by the white house and you see a man there was a criticism on human rights issues by the canadian for a minister. we are we have many experiences with partners who say you should not criticize me for human rights it's not only saudi arabia which is acting a little but nobody would withdraw the ambassador because another country a foreign minister raised the flag of human rights and that shows us that they they have the feeling that there are no rules they have to follow and that's that's dangerous. talk about human rights do you think there
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should be an international investigation into the killing of jim marshall g's. first of four should be. we have to look what really the investigation in the united states will bring out and of course everybody has the feeling that there is a. responsibility in the among the leaders of saudi arabia but i'm very interested in looking at the details when the senate and the u.s. is publishing what they found out we do not have any you don't have a terse no no no i mean do you think the world should consider it acceptable do you think it's acceptable that months after the killing now the saudi investigation still hasn't even accounted for what happened to his body you know you see i accept that you see that we stopped for example or delivering of defense of defense materials and capabilities after the crash case you think more countries should follow that i think so ok but i hate to press you but your
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opinion i am a politician says thirty years so if you are used to being oppressed while your when you look at investigation that hasn't even accounted for where a journalist body is after he's gone in a consulate many people say that's simply not an acceptable vesting of course it's not acceptable and i mean it's also a tragedy we should not forget there are relatives because she had a family and i mean the killing of mystical shuggie is. a catastrophe but it's for the family and the relatives is. a very bad situation that they are not even able to bury the body and to have a place where they can can go to so it for me it's also is not only a political question is also a question of humanity do you think the world will ever believe that m.b.'s was not
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responsible for that killing and europe everybody thinks that there is a certain kind of responsibility i don't know if it's a personal order or people thought that it could be his wish it's an open discussion in europe but everybody things that it will not be the case will not be organised like an accident. is western policy on syria now focused more on what to do with certain groups or elements there where there are groups where the iranians rather than the broader political future of the country which would be left to others unfortunately europe plays no role in syria is that a mistake.


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