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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 18, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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really good business. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public culture war shadow on al-jazeera. you know i'm fully back to go this is a news hour live from the headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes as ceasefire comes into effect in the many port city of data but reports on the ground say there is still sporadic fighting in the wake of jamal khashoggi is murdered canada's prime minister says he wants to stop an arms sales to saudi arabia old saw this. uncertainty in the u.k.
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as the opposition labor party cause for a no confidence vote on prime minister to be semi and a u.s. senate report says russia used social media to meddle in us politics in two thousand and sixteen and is still meddling today. thank you for joining us a u.n. brokered cease fire has come into effect in the many city of data but reports say sporadic fighting is still taking place in the embattled port the fighting pits. government forces against hoofy rebels in the area the warring sides had agreed on a truce during political talks held in sweden last week international observers are expected to arrive to monitor the cease fire who data is critical for the supply of food and aid for millions of yemenis on the brink of starvation now there are many challenges on the ground. diplomatic editor james frey's explains now from the
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united nations. the u.n. security council has started work drawing up a draft resolution that would indorse what was agreed in stockholm last week and give a mandate for a u.n. monitoring mission in yemen news that has been welcomed by the spokesman for the u.n. secretary general it will be. i think it will send a strong signal from the international from the international community in support of the un's work of this where mr griffiths has done what mr cameron. will lead the dutch general patrick camors who is leading the monitoring mission has been briefing the un secretary general antonio good terrorists on his plan i'm told the first members of the monitoring mission the assessment team will be on the ground in yemen on wednesday the watchwords i'm told of form follows function a look at the security situation see what functions they need to perform and then
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decide on the form the number of monitors they're going to need to come from member states the united nations people with military experience but people who operate on the ground in an unarmed capacity one of the problems the un is facing here is that the talks in stockholm went much better than expected so the un is having to pull together this monitoring mission at very short notice. there is mamma died though has covered the yemen conflict extensively joins us now here on the news hour as we see in and we're already seeing this is an extremely fragile cease fire can it hold well that's the question everyone is asking this is yemen and nothing is simple to begin with. few expected it to have says mina says the ceasefire to hold from the beginning that's why we've seen. clashes in the eastern and southern parts for the past four days since friday have been sporadic
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clashes and just moments after the ceasefire came into effect residents of the city say there was an exchange of gunfire and missiles in the distant part of the city of course this just shows the deep seated suspicion between the two groups and how dicey the whole situation in the day the ease of course the stakes are very high both sides asked expected to withdraw from the militias from the city within twenty one days and as this deadline comes near we'll see more of these clashes so what exactly are the obstacles to implementing this cease fire well the many first of all it is the has not been a wider ceasefire is just confined to the city of data the fighting is still going on elsewhere in other parts of yemen so the animosity is still building up between the two groups again. the two sides are blaming each other for starting this
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clashes with the government pro-government the patchwork of pro-government fighters saying that the houthi fighters are already concealing weapons and fighters hundreds of them who have the required to over the four years they've been in control of the day that in the city. but they are the cause as well and i starting with how vaguely worded agreement that was signed in sweden was for example it doesn't talk about that the neutral forces that are supposed to take over once these militias from both sides leave the city who are they going to be there and suggestions that the two groups will form joint units which is almost impossible. among these the plan by the who it is though for the hoof is to hung over a mop of the city showing landmines improvised explosive devices as well as booby trap compounds and where they are something that could prove to be
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a stumbling block right and as you said mohammed i mean this is just a data for now what are the prospects of a ceasefire being extended to other parts of yemen and militarily right now who has the upper hand who controls what. well the hold the school to a huge swathes of the north and parts of the country will have almost zero representation on the ground all supporters will be in the south. but again everything depends on the success of the current cease fire in the vital port a lifeline for millions of yemenis who need aid in order to survive of course this was welcomed the binge of relations in the city of the day there with residents who have been stuck in the cities is filling that you know spite was lost inside for them but everything this is a litmus test for how successful attempts are talks which are expected to begin
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again in general in quite so the success of these talks this cease fire is going to be the litmus test for what will come later also for a wider cease fire across the country it's not looking very good they just yet thank you very much for that mamma who has covered the yemen conflict extensively talking to us here about the cease fire that has come into effect just about an hour or so ago in the port city of data now u.s. presidents donald trump's travel ban is for venting the many mother of a dying child from seeing her son two year old has time has a rare brain disease and has been receiving treatment at a children's hospital in the u.s. for five months now abdullah is not expected to survive and is being kept on life support so his mother many national could visit him his father ali has pleaded with authorities to allow his wife into the united states despite the child ban the u.s. state department has not commented on the family's request span targets people from
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muslim majority countries including iran libya somalia syria and yemen as you know my work was denied it turned to turned to the u.s. . a muslim of dylan's only two years old recently break his birthday just two days ago so i am here today to support and help bring my family together for the one last time i think you see the muslim bands affecting the most dehumanizing way and we are running out of time we are calling for the department of state to issue a muslim ban waiver to allow us will of the wife of a u.s. citizen the mother of a u.s. citizen to hold her child one last time and to allow her to mourn with dignity.
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saudi arabia has issued an unusually strong rebuke to the u.s. senate's rejecting its resolution that drains the crown prince for democracy. the journalist was killed inside the kingdom's istanbul consulate in october and a lengthy statement saudi arabia said the resolution aimed to fuse in its internal affairs and is based on unsubstantiated claims and allegations a second senate resolution calls for an end to the u.s. military support for the saudi u.a.e. let's coalition in yemen meanwhile canada is looking for a way out of a multi-billion dollar military equipment deal with saudi arabia because of the shoji matter and yemen's war the contract was signed by prime minister just in total spread assessment of the murder of a journalist is absolutely unacceptable that's why canada from the very beginning has been demanding answers and solutions on that secondly we inherited actually a fifteen billion dollar contract signed by steven harper to export light armored
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vehicles to saudi arabia we are engaged with the export permits to try and see if there is a way of of no longer exporting these vehicles to saudi arabia. in other world news in britain the leader of the opposition is submitting a motion of no confidence in the prime minister that's up to theresa may push back a crucial vote on the country's deal to neve the european union to next month with exit day on march the twenty ninth for fast approaching and with no deal officially in place some politicians say the deadlock can only be a result with a second referendum all right and reports from london. with prime minister theresa may adamant there would be no meaningful vote on bracks it until january parliament appeared almost pointless on monday but having failed to make any concrete progress in her talks with european leaders in brussels last week this is may was judy bound to report back to the lawmakers in london she acknowledged the widespread hostility to have a plan but she warned bravely against holding another referendum another vote which
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would do irreparable damage to the integrity of our politics because it would say to millions who trusted intimate prosy that our democracy does not deliver. another vote which would likely leave us no further forward than the last and another vote which would further divide our country at the very moment we should be working to unite the threat of a no confidence vote in the prime minister organized by the opposition labor party appear to have been neutralized and theresa may set the week of january fourteenth for the rearranged meaningful vote to justice proceedings drew to a close labor leader jeremy called and decided to go for it so mr speaker is the only way i can think of of ensuring a vote takes place this week i'm about to table a motion which says the following that this house has no confidence in the prime minister due. to our failure to allow the house of commons to have a meaningful vote straightaway on the withdrawal agreement and framework for future
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relationships during the u.k. and the european union and that will be tabled immediately mr speaker thank you the . people. now is that confidence motions tabled by the opposition will take precedence over government business and its parliamentary convention that any such request be granted this week that seem to be winding down into a christmas holiday just warmed up again brennan al-jazeera. jonathan less is the deputy director of the pro e.u. think tank british influence he explains why no breaks it will be less harmful than no deal it would be a referendum on the same lines as twenty sixteen it's not an arbitrary legal remain it's do you want to have this deal or do you want to have no deal potentially and so people actually know what's the options are so it doesn't doesn't quite work in the same way and also there's just people one voting for no deal option when you say it's a compromise the integrity of politics what does the no deal sonority which actually
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jeopardizes people's lives more and more people in the e.u. side is saying openly that they think that might not happen i was a cigar shamsi half an hour ago i mean ambassador was saying when and if britain leaves on the right order package on this so this is actually being factored into the process decision making because no bracks it is also going to be a lot less harmful than the deal is unacceptable to parliament for the same reason it's acceptable to the e.u. and the irish government that is because it has no unilateral breakthroughs and no end point and if you change that one way it would then be an exacto of the other side so there's really no middle ground on this. more ahead on this news hour including thousands rally in sri lanka in a show of support for the green stated prime minister. say usa this week planes that kills more than sixty al shabaab fighters in somalia and in sports some of europe's biggest clubs are unable to avoid being drawn against each other in the champions league last sixteen details coming up later with peta.
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usa strikes have killed more than sixty people in somalia the military says all of them were fighters from the armed groups. the pentagon says the attacks over the weekend. where in coordination with somalia's federal government a somali intelligence official told media that military vehicles and a camp where hit has this update from washington. the u.s. military not giving out a ton of details but they do say that on december fifteenth air strikes were launched at al shabaab about forty kilometers southwest of the capital mogadishu and that thirty four fighters were killed airstrikes the following day on the sixteenth killed another twenty eight fighters for al shabaab the u.s. military says they don't believe any civilians were killed or injured in the bombing campaign to press is reporting that sources inside the somali government say that the reason for the attack was they believed al shabaab was about to launch
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an attack on a somali government military facility so the air strikes were called in we've seen a pretty sizable increase in the number of air strikes in somalia since u.s. president donald trump came to office he's given the u.s. military pretty much across the globe more authority to launch air strikes this will be the most airstrikes in recent memory in somalia conducted by the u.s. in cooperation with the somali government this brings the total to forty six airstrikes for the year. patty kahane in washington there russia is being accused of using every social media platform possible to influence the twenty sixteen presidential election in donald trump's favor and two new reports say it's still working to support him millions of social media posts have been studied in the first comprehensive analysis provided by someone other than the social media companies themselves alan fischer explains from washington. if you can think of a social media platform there's a strong chance the russians used it to try to influence the twenty sixteen u.s.
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presidential election from you tube facebook and twitter to read it and instagram and more to reports commissioned by the u.s. an intelligence committee says russia's internet research agency or i r e tried to capitalize on divisions in u.s. politics it pushed more than ten million tweets more than one thousand you tube videos and their own one hundred sixteen thousand instagram posts all together that translated into a potential of reaching more than one hundred forty million people. one of the reports concluded what is clear all of the messaging clearly sought to benefit the republican party and specifically donald trump but one expert says it's not clear if just pushing the message had any impact the russian certainly tried to interfere in american elections and continue to try and interfere in american politics are they actually making a difference it's not clear what they're doing legal in some of the more indictments of shown certainly not but it's really important thing to separate out affective ness from legality and morality right these are all survive different
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issues and difference of stakes a place reports say that the russians push conservatives on key issues like gun rights and immigration while sending misinformation to largely democratic supporting african-american voters are doing them to boycott elections and they support u.s. intelligence reports of russian interference and the action of special counsel robert miller who's investigating possible russian collusion in the election to indict a number of russian hackers and officials president donald trump has both criticised possible russian interference and describe it also as a hoax president putin he just said it's not russian except our intelligence community his conclusion that russia is meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election took place the reports also criticized the tech firms who provided data to the investigators saying that they seem to provide no more than the minimum
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information required and will add to pressure on those firms to do more to prevent election interference the report does not cover any potential action in the recent mid-term elections the committee's leading democrat mark warner says it's time to get serious in addressing the challenge of interference and he hopes there could be legislative action to follow alan fischer al-jazeera washington. well let's speak some more about this not in afraid hosey chief technology correspondent at x. news website and she's via skype from san francisco thank you so much for being with us so how is it sir for these two reports all of the different from what we've known and what we've already learned about russian interference in the twenty six any action where much of it obviously employed as what we already know that russia is interfered interfered heavily what's email is how they did it so one of the details that came out is the extent to which instagram with the on a lot of facebook itself in a platform we've heard some about twitter in just
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a tiny bit about instagram but what's clear from this report is it you tube and instagram were also major components of this attack and instagram in particular was affective even with a minimal amount of that. and what's also interesting and alarming i guess is that this is ongoing it didn't stop after the twenty sixteen eat lection it's still happening now high they able to do this well that that shows just how difficult it is you know just spotting it is difficult and you have bought it and eradicate it and then keep it from happening again and it's that last piece the keep it from happening again that super difficult because even if you spotted it is fake and facebook and twitter spot millions of fake accounts every day it's so easy to set up a new one so you know it's kind of there's this american game whack a mole you're constantly you know you're doing one thing and another one's popping
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up that's a little bit out of this is like in obviously the techniques don't stay the same just as the platforms and governments are getting better at spotting in russia and others that are looking interfered developing new techniques themselves and both reports have faulted of course a major social media companies facebook google twitter what do you think can be done what should be done to tackle this crisis around social media. well there's a couple of areas where the platforms are faulted in these reports that are faulted not only for missing it obviously in two thousand and sixteen but also it's providing just the minimal information to investigators and that's a serious issue obviously if we're going to try and stop this in the future we need all the information possible not sort of has taken all the bits that it identified as potentially coming from russia's internet research agency and made those available to researchers that is a step they could mean. in seeing how they operate and potentially spotting trends to prevent future attacks thank you so much train side on this thank you for
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talking to us in a free joining us and from san francisco thanks father former f.b.i. director james comey has called on us republicans to stand up for the values of the country answering questions in congress komi said president trumps constant criticism of the f.b.i. was harmful to the rule of law claims investigations into alleged links between russia and his presidential campaign are a legitimate witch hunts for the president of the united states is lying about the f.b.i. attacking the f.b.i. and attacking the rule of law in this country. how does that make any sense at all at some point someone has to stand up in the face of fear of fox news fear of their base fear of being tweets stand up for the values of this country and not slink away into retirement but stand up and speak the truth. sri lanka's prime minister says his united national party will form new political alliances to safeguard the
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country against corruption addressing tens of thousands of supporters at a ronnie ronnie a vicar missing offend those who stood by him during a political crisis that lasted more than fifty days now fernandes reports from colombo. had. planned as a fight for justice this rally in colombo became a celebration of run of the committee his reappointment as prime minister and the man who's been at the center of the two month long constitutional crisis was in his element of it and i'm i guess he'll be telling people that they were his strength in the historic fifty one days the appointment by president mighty policy to say no of mine the rajapaksa to replace victor messina brought together a fractious united national party angry at what they called a blatant violation of democracy the party and its alliance partners rallied to protect their leader so did party supporters operating at the one lp
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a peach and we voted against mahinda but the president ought to mean it's that pain they need to defend our rights that's brought people here it's become a sing his fifth time as prime minister he's being careful not to criticize president syria cena despite scathing attacks by him party leaders are following his cue realizing they have to work with the president for at least another fifteen months because missing had told supporters that mistakes had been made during his three and a half year government the fifty one day political crisis has given run over her missing her and his political partners a shot in the arm helping them bring together the largest political gathering that they have had in recent years they have admitted shortcomings when they were in government and promised to correctly i believe that. the prime minister ministers and parliamentarians must get closer to the people and we acted against corruption but legal action has been slow we will address this the former president
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and now former prime minister minded rajapaksa says he resigned to ensure the stability of the country and allowed president seriously in a to appoint a new government something the president vowed never to do with become missing hat the helm and on sunday he insisted that his personal stance was not to appoint wickham a singer but said he was doing so to respect parliamentary traditions seriously in his bid to dissolve parliament and called snap elections was ruled unconstitutional by the supreme court last week become a singer says a new political alliance will be formed to safeguard the country a possible reference to plans for his new government and elections that will be tested when they go ahead in the coming months in f. an end as al jazeera colombo. still ahead on news hour major changes in mexico aim to make life better for domestic workers splats. who are in the in their
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refugee camp by the million border find out next this temporary shelter has become the fourth largest town in mauritania and a week after winning the biggest football prize in south america river plates are looking to see another title details coming up in sports stay with us. hello again and welcome back we're here cross the western part united states we are dealing with some pacific storms not only causing some rain and winds but also some very high surf anywhere from washington oregon all the way down here towards southern california we're looking at the rain continuing here on tuesday particular up here towards the northwest and snow into the cascades that snow will start to make its way towards the east into the rockies and we are looking at some windy
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conditions especially down here towards the southern part of canada for the northeastern part and states we're looking at cooler conditions as well with new york seeing a partly cloudy day at five and washington seeing about eight degrees there well not looking too bad for most of the caribbean in terms of the rain we are going to see some rain showers here with this line of clouds anywhere from cuba all the way down here towards the yucatan showers are going to be particularly heavy in the afternoon for have and it is going to be a messy day for you with the temperature of twenty four degrees the rain continues as we go towards wednesday but rain and heavy winds are going to be a problem here across much of central america and then very quickly as we take a look down here towards southern brazil as well as northern argentina heavy rain across much of the area but we still expect to see some thunderstorms over here towards rio de janeiro with a time for there of thirty four degrees but it is going to be a hot day for since you on partly cloudy conditions at thirty seven degrees for you .
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kidnappings and murders in crimea since russia's full stomach sation of the black sea and in syria. i don't understand why he was kidnapped. schools of crimean tatar have been arrested. in cairns most believed by russian security forces. crimea russia's dirty secret on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour a u.n. brokered cease fire has come into effect in the many city of her days but reports say sporadic fighting is still taking place in the embattled ports between saudi and government forces and rebels britain's opposition leader has submitted a motion of no confidence in prime minister theresa may after she rescheduled a crucial vote on the deed to leave the european union maze facing intense opposition to a proposal agreement and house was home the vote in parliament until next month and russia is being accused of using every social media platform possible to influence
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the twenty sixteen presidential election in donald trump's favor to new reports repaired for the u.s. senate say moscow is still working to support. now only half of the central americans who are part of a so-called caravan of asylum seekers have entered the u.s. most are waiting to get in through the mexico border mexican border town of to juana. course. the border patrol has been in position since early morning. trying to discourage asylum seekers from taking the leap. instead in a matter of minutes to him and five teenagers and three children had to touch u.s. soil and quietly surrendered to the guards who seemed preoccupied with the presence of journalists operating on the mexico side a times using a threatening terms that some people say their reporters are covering and punishments all of them just on us against the law. but also coming under pressure
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from american citizens you know separate children from their hair was brought up on a girl done last week in border patrol care. with each day that passes more silent seekers are crossing illegally into the u.s. it's a scene that happens in many spots along mexico's northern border just a few days ago we witnessed several people crossing from this exact point in the meantime a second layer was added to the wall and it's nearly doubled the height making it more difficult to scale and riskier to jump off on the u.s. side. but a few kilometers away it's still possible and it follows a pattern get over the wall then look for the border patrol to take you away see the way in my explains that months in custody in the u.s. is better than one day back at home in their salvador and safe she has already done this once before in june and was deported back to her country she fed again under
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threat and now hopes to be accepted as a refugee. this time she's with eight months pregnant every. who wants to get term america before the babies jews being born american will give the baby opportunities she never got in life it's a practice that president trump was to put an end to the herd honestly i'm not afraid now but i might get nervous at that very moment now i'm calm. for a brief moment to side stare at each other every one of these people and off they go there's a little hesitation. a sense of urgency evelyn's father is worried about her fear. come on darling you can make a t. says. it looks like she's not feeling too. she. while getting over that wall or maybe it
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was just too much stress for her pregnancy. we don't know but evelyn is taking away the rest the question they will spend the night in custody one of the rare times where detention represents the possibility of a new life. but at the hammy along mexico's border border you're a constant is director of the americas program at the center for international policy she says all parties need to take steps to solve the problem. basically there has to be response from the three sides first of all the united states government has to realize that it is not illegal to cross the border and request asylum people who are persecuted in their home countries have a right to do that and see protection for themselves and their families right now they're processing around fifty to seventy people a day in this two one a section that we just saw and there are some five thousand people on the waiting
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list so they're purposely creating a bottleneck there that means that people look to cross the border an official crossing points in order to request asylum that needs to speed or they should be processing at least three hundred requests a day then secondly in mexico a larger number of central americans now that these exoduses are coming along in huge numbers like the seven thousand people who arrived in october are requesting asylum here in mexico and decided it's too dangerous or unlikely to go to the united states so mexico has to make it safer and they have to give more permits here and then finally in the home countries in guatemala and honduras in el salvador and also in nicaragua they have to provide a safe and a decent standard of living for their people so that they don't feel like they're forced to migrate because what we're seeing here is force displacement saying with
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mexico big changes are on the way there for more than two million domestic workers supreme court judges say they will now that now have access to the social security system including health benefits and child care john heilemann reports from mexico city. a frugal breakfast before isabel heads out to clean someone else's house more than two million mexicans almost all of the women start the day in the same way in this small army of domestic workers almost no one has health benefits job security or a pension for isabel at fifty nine years old that weighs heavy less than the future is very uncertain i live day to day i don't know what will happen tomorrow. but things are changing in a clay new film roma dedicated to the domestic worker who helped raise the movie's director has helped make the move visible and more times of the supreme court has
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just ruled that they now must be signed up to state social security that means benefits like child care housing loans and health care it's the small but determined domestic workers union and it's found the muscling about to have been fighting years fool she explains why it's desperately needed that i mean this is. our quality of life goes downhill while our employers just get better they get ill less but when we get ill we don't have any health benefits they don't have to pay for childcare or an old age home but we lock up our children or our old people to go to work for them the supreme court decision is part of a slow cultural shift in a country where traditionally domestic work is a cool chuch is goes some are treated like part of the family others suffer discrimination or abuse and they get one employer would say to another allin you her allin you her as if you're just an object. the social security contributions
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will be paid for between the state workers themselves and employers it's sure to cause ripples in a society used to inexpensive help this is a big issue in mexico because almost every household from the lower middle class hires a domestic worker it's cheap enough that they can afford to so a change in the system could mean a change in lifestyle for some of those people the new social security measure faces resistance even from some domestic workers who fear employers won't fire them or cut their salaries if they have to contribute to bus alina's says that can't be allowed to stop the change that's the point everyone who has a bit of money want someone to clean for them but we want them to be responsible if they don't have enough money to hire someone nature clean for themselves not pay people under the table for the union it's just the beginning they're pushing for paid overtime holidays and full contracts times are changing for the millions like
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it's about john hoeven. mexico city. refugee camp in mauritania has grown so large it could now be called the fourth largest city many of the people are from neighboring mali and fled fighting in the remote desert of northwest africa as nicolas hack reports from them bereshit ji camp the government are in dire need of help from donor countries the people of timbuktu are on the move escaping while they can. mohammad. as you know war played out away from the public his family survived rebel occupations drone strikes and bombings. deep in the desert rebel groups and armed forces a fifty seven nations including the united states the u.k. and france are fighting the battle field is spreading across the region as big as the european union. but it is the continuous attack by the million soldiers meant to protect us that pushed us to flee our homeland we don't feel safe they attack us
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and pillaged through our villagers like invaders. for the moment this is their home the embarrass you gee camp in mauritania fifty seven thousand people live here refugees from mali came here in the early one nine hundred ninety s. escaping rebel attacks settlements turn to homes refugees turned to citizens or to in your country most live on less than two dollars a day has opened its borders and welcomed the refugees this is a weekly market in embarrassed few gee camp here you can find all sorts of goods cabbages fruits vegetables fish spices all of it comes from neighboring mali there are now more people from to look to living inside this county than timbuktu itself and so this temporary shelter has become the fourth largest town in mauritania. reeducation in the six primary schools registration in
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maternity centers water points and food distribution attracts both refugees and locals but the u.n. says this is unsustainable we're bringing disengagement of the international community into a different way of working. in. recognising where the burden is and the burden is on the host countries neighboring this refugee crisis situations and that needs to be. acknowledged and those countries need to be supported. so far mauritania has received only a fraction of the money it needs to help communities in this region with nowhere else to go and still. is the survival of the people to book to. nicholas hawke al-jazeera and barrow along the mauritanian money and. the malaysian government has filed criminal charges against the u.s.
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bank goldman sachs and two former employees they're accused of diverting. three billion dollars from the state investment fund one. the bank denies giving false and misleading advice to investors malaysia's former prime minister najib razak is facing thirty eight charges of corruption in connection with the scandal. has made landfall in sofie sin india local media bringing the storm for the death of one man who was killed by a landslide the winds blew into the coast seoul in the coast of andhra pradesh around one hundred kilometers per hour they have been heavy rains as well thousands of people were moved to shelters this is a third cycle and to hit the area in three months. a french court has ruled against three former high school students of african descent to accuse the state of racial discrimination they said they were stopped and searched by police on a school trip because of a skin color but a judge in paris disagreed reports from the french capital. it was
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a visibly disappointing verdict for these french former students they had sued the state for racial discrimination for an unexplained police stop and search in paris after high school trip in twenty seventeen but a french court ruled that the police had done nothing wrong. the judge said there was no discrimination because the students were in a class where there were other so-called ethnic minority students of a young french people who were black and arab so because the others were not search but have a similar physical appearance they couldn't be racial discrimination. this injustice makes me want to fight more this verdict makes me through shocked and outraged it was a para says gal do you know train station the police officers took aside the three students after the train arrived from brussels they had to open their bags and hand over id cards in front of their classmates mamadou said the verdict sends
2:42 am
a message the young men like him are second class citizens. but this is. france's motto is liberty equality and fraternity but i don't think it's the same for everyone it depends on what you look like we grew up and your origins racial profiling is illegal in france but some young people say that they feel singled out by police because of the color of their skin according to france's human rights as many young french men of african and arab heritage are twenty times more likely than others to be stopped and searched by french police without an explanation. even if she happens to me you are hanging out in town the police come and search you the last twenty minutes they stop you without any special reason the case is thrown a spotlight on the often tense relationship between french police and young men from the suburbs those here say that although the verdict was unexpected they will
2:43 am
continue to exercise their rights and appeal the decision. al-jazeera paris the greek government does describing a bomb blast at a t.v. station as an attack on democracy sky's headquarters near athens is badly damaged but no injuries are reported anti-terrorist police are looking for a motive at one of the largest privately run stations in greece far left and are accused organizations of attacks media houses in the past so. more russian warplanes are being sent to guard the crimean peninsula the kremlin says ten additional fighter jets are on their way because ukraine is worth paying what is described as a provocation russian troops and expire mia four years ago tension in the black sea soared last month when the russian navy fired on ukrainian boats and took sailors prisoner. government leaders in tajikistan are hoping a major hydroelectric projects will boost the economy in more ways than one
2:44 am
providing power is one aim and so is providing jobs. reports huge numbers of tajik workers travel from the former soviet state to find a job in russia. construction of the rogue and dam started in one thousand nine hundred eighty six when stan was part of the soviet union but the collapse of the communist state the civil war and repeated financial failings meant it was never completed now the first phase of a project that it's hoped will generate electricity for industries and much needed jobs is complete at its helm the man who was rules tajikistan for almost twenty five years the moment iraq more on the country's constitution was changed in two thousand and sixteen in a referendum the critics say was rigged. can now potentially be president for life rights groups say he has crushed all political dissent the main opposition party was banned in two thousand and fifteen there is no independent media in tajikistan
2:45 am
and the country has suffered decades of economic hardship since román was elected in one nine hundred ninety four the government is describing the opening of this dam as the single biggest event in this country's history since its independence almost thirty years ago after the breakup of the soviet union. that is often described as the poorest country in central asia the poorest countries amongst the post soviet states and one of the reasons why development has been so hampered so critics say is because of the lack of regular supply of electricity. thank you stans fragile economy relies on the export of cotton money sent home by up to two million tonnes ics working in russia and the export of other medium. this is the largest economy implant in central asia consumes around forty percent of the stones electricity and his government owned plans for expanding the plants depend
2:46 am
on the supply of even more power workers here know they are lucky to have a job. i've worked here for twenty seven years i have a family two kids one grandchild this is how i support them this job is important for me and my family. it's in the soviet built neighborhoods of the capital to shun bay where you see how people are living in poverty and how desperately this country needs an economic boost. hasn't heard from her husband since two thousand and five he went to russia to work and never came back she has two children including a son who left for russia two months ago also to find a job. i want my kids to have a good life i want my own flat i just want a good life i want my son to come back from russia at the rogue and damn president ramadan pressed the button starting the first of the plan to six turbines construction workers waved flags and cheered
2:47 am
a sign of hope that economically at least they and future generations of townships can take better control of their lives. but the rogue and dom tajikistan. chinese opera is a played on the streets of thailand's capital four hundred but modern in detainment is pulling younger generations away from the ancient form and as can hide every force from bangkok that's prompting can sense it could soon be lost. getting ready to take the stage performers carry out their pre-show transformation before they play their role in one of the world's oldest dramatic art forms chinese opera but this stage is not in china and it's not even in a theater it's in an alley in bangkok's a bustling chinatown it's been a tradition here for hundreds of years but the audiences have been getting smaller and older. so i'm sock sock they first put on his make up at the age of seven he
2:48 am
remembers when entire families would turn up on friday. night it's a bit depressing it's not like in the past people used to bring their children and grandchildren and talk in the tradition now and i stay at home and watch d.v.d.'s but the manager of the saw young hong troupe does not believe the opera will ever close its curtains for good it's the only life he knows he was sold to the troop by his mother when he was eight. if it was to disappear it would have disappeared a long time ago as long as we have chinese shrines and chinese communities in this world the chinese opera will not disappear it will become smaller but the culture will continue. chinese migration to thailand can be traced back to the thirteenth century and now it has one of the world's largest chinese communities outside of china these open air operas have been a cultural cornerstone passing along folklore and traditions.
2:49 am
ancient french documents detail chinese opera in thailand as long as five hundred years ago. when the chinese immigrant the go overseas and they bring their own they bring their own goal it then that one college and they bring. chinese communities. to grow but new generations are becoming more western. any of the chinese. to the chinese. so the drama is not only on the stage it's also backstage as the organizers struggle to keep.
2:50 am
2:51 am
time to catch up on sports town has peter thank you very much the draw for the champions league last sixteen a served up some blockbuster fixtures with some of europe's biggest football clubs certain of early elimination the runners up from each of the last five seasons have been drawn against each other at atletico madrid versus you venters liverpool have drawn german giants by munich real madrid play i.x. and boss alone to face neon manchester united will take on paris and to man man city of the one shell roma will be up against porter and go to see a doctor and will do battle with tottenham the first legs will take place on twelve
2:52 am
and thirteen february but i think it's an interesting draw you know where two teams are fantastic history in the champions league you know a lot and i think when my first game was against by moonachie in the semifinal european cups of i think thought personally it's very interesting to me think two teams are. great in the history you know in the champions league. are all they be looking forward to it it's got some great attacking talent. demario play for us of course. it's a challenge but as i said there was no easy game in there and we're looking forward to really our. correspondent takes a closer look for us now at that champions league drawl. well before the champions league begins each season and certainly when we get to the knockout stage we wonder if this will be the year that the two richest clubs in world football manchester city or paris and you mine if one of them can actually lift the trophy or the very
2:53 am
least reach the final manchester city will be pleased with the draw that had coming out against struggling in the bundesliga those certainly feel that they should get through that and they'll certainly feel that this is the year under pep guardiola to go all the white power such that i will play manchester united who is struggling at the moment but will united still be in that position when we get to february when the first exactly plight this small plane to the highlands of around madrid the trophy holder is doing better under santiago's by play i ax and that will be placed with that though there would have been harder matches that had not even though i act have done very well to reach the last six days i fancied athletico madrid before the tournament started because they played a fan in their own stadium a really tough match against christiane i analogize eventis and we got two games between premier league and bundesliga clubs liverpool v by munich who are not very great in the blunders they go but they've had some great caches with little over the years and tottenham versus the leaders in germany don't mean doing so well
2:54 am
under this was coach lucy in front of nobody can be ruled out of course. and then pulled who did really well in the group stages with sixteen points. not one thing to tell you about the january transfer window this time around if a huge club buys a big player that player will be eligible. in the last sixteen that could change the dynamic of the tournament as always of the european football money talks. the champions of south america river plate are preparing to face host side in the semifinals of the fifo club world cup on tuesday just over a week after the riverbed won the second leg of the final of the cup and the better though it is in madrid the side looking to seal another title in the united arab emirates after beating arch rivals back a genius of late face a local side that knocked out calf champions esperance in the quarter the winner faces defending champions real madrid in the final. a relation to what is it in the
2:55 am
league louis the way we played at the couple leiber to doris give us a chance to be here at the world cup this is a very beautiful feeling for us to have this opportunity we want to take advantage of this we know that we are going through an exciting moment and a joyous moment and this is very motivating for us it was a historic moment when we won the cup a lever to doris and that has given us the chance to carry on and maybe win this title to. elaine great club great story in this part of the world but on the world map ali needs not. known like plate or. read or wherever they. like he said many times we have to take these two and i meant as a bonus privilege to be part of these two and i meant tuesday marks four years until the final of the twenty twenty two world cup taking place in qatar the design for a sale stadium was unveiled on saturday it's where the opening match and final will
2:56 am
be paid on december eighteenth twenty twenty two for construction for stadiums are in full swing it's still not clear if it will be an expanded world cup fever president giani in france you know is pushing to increase the number of teams from thirty two to forty eight qatar says it's looking into the feasibility of hosting a bigot's moments i might be able to have the forty eight team issue is being looked into and the outcome of the research will come out in march so far we are happy and proud of our achievements we're still four years away and i hope god will help us to shoulder the responsibility of organizing a tournaments that will give pride to arab countries. to the n.b.a. now where western conference lead is the denver nuggets made eastern conference leaders the toronto raptors on sunday the raptors had lost to the potent trailblazers last summer but looked on course for a win in denver. helping them to a seven hundred fifty seven lead at the end of the food court or useful twenty nine on the night but it wasn't enough the nuggets jamal murray schooled fifteen of
2:57 am
these nineteen points in the fourth quarter as the hosts ready to a ninety five eighty six when they tenth in twelve yards or st skiing superstar marcel hirsch's successful streak at the world cup events in italy continued on monday her show was up against france's t.-bo fabro in the final of the men's parallel giant slalom a day earlier the twenty nine year old had won the giant slalom event this victory of several ensured him he's sixty second the world cup career when the seven time defending overall world cup champion is still twenty four wins behind in them all stand marks world cup race victory recall though not surprisingly leads the overall world cup standings by one hundred points and that's all the support from us for now we'll have another update for you again later on peter thank you very much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera but do stay with us we've got plenty more world news coming up after this short break.
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violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. al-jazeera infiltrates one of the continent's fastest growing far right organizations and exposes links to members of the european parliament a member of the pens national. generation a. part two of a special to investigation on al jazeera.
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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to. one iota disputable modified current six hundred force power i feel the happiest. women tearing up the trunk in the west bank. challenge the stereotype. living life in the fast lane it's like the target of the race for the big. sisters on al-jazeera. the growing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to be able to say freedom of the challenge is going to be up to the men and women to the resources that are available but that's al-jazeera
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story to me is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. as ceasefire. comes into effect in the many palter of who data but reports on the ground say there is still sporadic fighting. this is al jazeera live from doha also ahead the u.s. says its war pains have killed more than sixty al shabaab figes in somalia a u.s. senate report says russia use social media to meddle in the u.s. .


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