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to tackling radicalisation in fact pushing youngsters to the bridges of society the impact is. there is only so much we can try before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization part of the radicalized youth series on al-jazeera. reports of sporadic fighting after the first day of a ceasefire in yemen's port city of how data. nor intend of sound jazeera live from london also coming up sentencing is delayed on donald trump's former national security adviser after his face he criticized by the judge. foreign ministers from russia iran and turkey agree to accelerate their
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efforts for a political solution in syria. electronic voting machine controversy and d.r. c. fears the people won't know how to use them and the election could be raped. and begin in yemen where a un brokered cease fire is largely holding the key port city of her data despite some reports of sporadic fighting hoofy rebels say one civilian has been killed in a shop district by coalition forces themselves say three civilians have been killed by hoofy shelling into hate a district yemen's warring sides agreed to a truce for her date at peace talks held in sweden last week when a judge and reports. as the ceasefire officially began on tuesday night sporadic fighting was reported to have continued for a time in and around the besieged port city of her data as the. past the situation
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appeared to become calmer but it remains fragile some worry that could block much needed aid from getting this is one of the problem of the. agreement because it has . the flow of human he did it with this it could. actually. allow food and medicine. into a video oh the. united nation has said before that it defied but isn't over many dead an aid coming is coming today that. yemen is suffering what the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis aid workers say the situation around her remains desperate. to get access to care. in focus a key. to. access
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to care. from. which is. in sweden last week representatives from the who the movement and the saudi u.a.e. backed government the president. agreed not only to pull back fighters but also to establish humanitarian corridors and to allow for the deployment of un supervised neutral forces for now many yemenis hope that this truce will hold no matter how tenuous the situation on the ground remains. as part of the agreement international monitors will be deployed to yemen for the on diplomatic editor james has the details from the united nations in new york. my understanding is the man who's coming up with the plans general patrick is going to chair the
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first meeting of the coordination commission committee of the two sides so he'll have the yemeni government who have the who thiis on video link you'll be in new york that'll take place here on wednesday and then going forward he himself will travel we believe by the end of the week to yemen with a small team and they'll be the assessment team trying to come up with a plan for exactly how many monitors they're going to need on the ground all the problems the u.n. is facing here is the talks in stockholm actually achieve much more than they were expecting and so the u.n. is in a real hurry to try and set up this monitoring team and find the monitor monitors from a number of different countries my understanding is these people will be people from a military background but we're also hearing that they will go into this hostile area this fragile cease fire in place so a dangerous place for the u.n. to deploy on the go in unarmed and we understand not wearing military uniforms
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a yemeni woman who'd been prevented from traveling to the u.s. to see her dying son because of donald trump's travel ban has been given a waiver sherm this will air is technically banned from entering the u.s. due to travel restrictions on mostly muslim countries imposed by chump's administration her husband appealed to the state department to sign a waiver so that she could see a son who was a life support machine in california the council of american islamic relations now says really will be able to land in america as but to fly to san francisco. a u.s. federal judge has delayed sentencing for president trump's former national security adviser michael flynn a case as part of an investigation of possible collusion between trump's campaign and russia in the run up to the twenty sixteen election lawyers asked the judge for a continuance that would allow him to complete his corporation in the russia probe by special counsel but want to. joins us live from washington d.c.
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particular small details behind the delay in sentencing. the bottom line is it was very clear that michael flynn was going to prison the judge asked prosecutors should he be charged with treason he said that he had betrayed his country sold everything that the flag represents that he wasn't inclined to be lenient on him michael flynn these attorneys saw the writing on the wall the special prosecutor and said look he's given us so much cooperation one thousand different meetings hours and hours of help just give him maybe zero to six months the judge looked like he was just going to throw that out because he doesn't have to listen to the prosecutors and flynn was facing the possibility of up to five years in prison so basically the judge handed him over life i said do you want to wait on sentencing continue to cooperate with the special prosecutor he said i'm not saying that that's going to change my mind in ninety days but you want to take ninety days flynn said absolutely so basically what this means is now he has to go back see what else he can give to the special counsel or another prosecution to have his
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associates of now been charged as unregistered foreign agents for turkey possibly cooperate in that case come back before the judge in march and say look i did even more so please take it easy on me all the judge really made it clear that he might not be inclined to do anything for michael flynn who he basically said he was disgusted by him and his crimes and there was a setback for the trump supporters in the media. so basically what the right wing media fox news in particular had been clinging to was the sentencing document from flynn's lawyers that did not go over well with the judge they basically said hey he didn't know it was a crime to lie to the f.b.i. and you know the should have been interviewing him anyway because what he provided was an material to the investigation all of that is wrong and the judge basically if you've been watching fox news took flint point by point by point through their argument did you know he asked that it's a crime to lie to the f.b.i. after all this man was in the intelligence community for decades he said of course
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i knew it was a crime to lie to the f.b.i. and he admitted he lied to the f.b.i. now that he was trapped that he knew it was wrong he knew it was illegal he did it anyway and he accepts that this was a crime and that he's pleading guilty to it so we're going to have to watch the right white conservative space in the media to see what they hold onto now but they've been really holding on to this idea that flint is a victim and that the f.b.i. acted inappropriately and the judge really spelled out the case before the entire country that know he knew it was wrong he did it anyway and now he admits he committed a crime. thank you very much indeed for. a us president don't trump charity the trump foundation has agreed to shut down this part of a legal battle with the state of new york foundation is alleged to have operated as an extension of the president's businesses and political campaign if a state which is wind up would have to pay thousands in penalties and be barred from running other charities foundations lawyers say they had been planning to
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close the foundation for months and that any legal violations were mine a favorite of his own who has more from new york. new york attorney general barbara underwood gave us gaping rebuke of the way the trump foundation work she said there was a shocking pattern of illegality involving the trump foundation including unlawful coordination with the trump presidential campaign and in a statement she said that the trump foundation functioned a little more than a personal checkbook for donald trump to serve for his business and political interests essential a the trump foundation was used by trump to pay for legal bills related to his business even pay for a piece of artwork for one of his golf clubs and also make an illegal political donation now the trump foundation overall is a very small part of the trump organization portfolio was founded in one thousand nine hundred eight and at its peak it had about three million dollars it was run by
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donald trump and three of his children evoke a don jr and eric there's about two million dollars remaining in the foundation that will now be distributed to. needy organizations but it will be a court that will oversee that distribution of the final remaining money now trump it should be noted has said that the foundation has done nothing wrong and that this lawsuit from the new york attorney general is nothing more than politically motivated but attorney general barbara underwood has said that this is an important victory for the rule of law making it clear there is one set of rules for everybody while the trump foundation will be shut down the lawsuit into ily ily go illegal activities related to it will continue for mrs of russia turkey and iran have agreed to accelerate their efforts to find a political solution to the syrian civil war and they say they will work towards
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convening a committee next year which would negotiate a new constitution for syria but the un envoy for syria said much more remains to be done. the best of the foreign ministers of turkey russia and iran could come up with was a commitment to agree to take efforts aimed at convening the first session of the syrian constitutional committee in geneva early next year but there is still no indication on exactly who the hundred fifty members of that constitutional committee are going to be because at this meeting these three countries overlooked by the u.n. special envoy stephan to restore it when i were unable to agree on the final fifty members of the committee there are fifty from the syrian regime fifty from opposition groups but this other fifty there's a been a lot of haggling on who should be on this committee and who shouldn't be on this committee and they clearly haven't been able to agree the final names it was perhaps particularly for straightening for staff and in this story because as he spoke to the press here this evening this was his last statement to the press you
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report to the u.n. secretary general but he's leaving the post and handing over to a norwegian in the new year these conflicts never ended with a wonderful peace or death be sure treaty and a conference and everybody embraced each other it is actually a process that may go on and on until all death and hopefully in the best way for devalued people the two constants in this conflict over differ a lot for year one that is never been a constant moment of anything there being constant shift of what they're being the military invents and the facts on the ground and a political position just look where we were four years ago and where we are today second constant there have always been the syrian people suffering. u.s. special envoy for syria jim jeffrey has confirmed the deployment of kurdish fighters
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from northern iraq into northern syria the unexpected deployment came after turkey threatened further military action in man b. if u.s. backed kurdish wacky fighters don't leave the area they know how to reports from istanbul. turkish military reinforcements have already been sent to the border with syria president pressured to tell you border guard says a cross border operation against what he calls terrorists can begin at any moment the target is the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces the s d f is mainly made up of the y.p. g. or kurdish peoples protection units it won't be the first time the turkish military has confronted the kurdish armed group on syrian soil but if this offensive does happen it will be the first time turkish troops are targeting the group east of the euphrates river where its nato ally the united states stations its troops are two guns announcement followed a visit by u.s.
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syria envoy jim jeffrey to ankara last week geoffrey said he told the turks their plans offensive is a bad idea u.s. support for the y.p. g. has strained relations but jeffrey confirmed arrangements are being made to address turkey's concerns. deployment across the border was done with our understanding but also with the understanding of the ocean so. that's one of the various steps that are being taken. the white peachy and the peshmerga are viable kurdish forces but kurds in northern iraq are allies of the u.s. and turkey they are likely to be deployed along the borders between syria turkey and iraq the y.p. she controls a continuous strip of territory from iraq to the eastern banks of the euphrates river almost thirty percent of syria's territory the first one is aiming to prevent p y e g.'s y. p. g.'s territorial continuity alongside the turkey's border and turkey is planning to
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infiltrate into this syrian territory the white peachey already enjoys self rule which turkish leaders reject because they believe the white peachy is an extension of the outlawed kurdistan workers' party the p.k. k. which is fighting for kurdish autonomy in south east turkey. for that we have said and we are saying that no we will begin our operation to rescue the east of the euphrates from the separatist organization within a few days turkey says any operation would not target u.s. troops but the white b.g. is an important element in washington's syria strategy and the trumpet ministrations only syria giving its leverage and influence in any political settlement turkish leaders know that and are treading carefully so as not to rupture a relationship with a strategically important ally. the u.s. envoy for syria is now stressing washington's ties with armed groups in northern syria are tactical temporary and transactional such
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a description is unlikely to please the white peachey or satisfy turkish leaders but the u.s. says steps are being taken turkey has had to say whether they are enough to prevent military action senator al jazeera has stumbled. still to come on out here i'm dorset to find out the qatar national base calibration where the country's military is put on display for everyone to see. and one of the world's most successful football managers is fired from one of the world's biggest clubs there's a marine unit sacked by manchester united. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast well here across europe we are watching still some very stormy weather down across parts of the aegean sea a lot of rain
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a lot of winds with this one storm the good news is by the time we get to wednesday that storm system makes its way more towards the east and really it's going to be across central portions of turkey down across syria lebanon as well that will be seeing very heavy rain as social with the storm also some snow into the higher elevations now by the time we get towards thursday it moves a little bit more towards eastern parts of turkey and it's really going to start to dissipate as we go towards the end of the week here towards the northwest it is going to be the winds as the storm system comes in off the atlantic brings some very windy conditions as well as rain london a rainy windy cloudy day for you here on thursday down towards work about seven degrees there but sun and your forecast for madrid about twelve degrees as your high well down across the northern part of africa that same air of low pressure is still going to be causing some windy conditions anywhere from libya all the way over here towards parts of turkey and also down here across parts of the middle east we are going to be seeing cairo with windy conditions along the coast as well alexandra are you going to be seeing some rain in your forecast but as we go
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towards thursday things begin to improve and we're going to see partly cloudy conditions for cairo with a temperature of nineteen. medieval western society was a feudal society so detailed. the will. assume most of pope ended his speech some people stood up and said god will see him and the entrance to the city was who refused they killed people in the streets in their houses and in. the crusades an arab perspective the sold one shot at this time.
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and one of the top stories here a un brokered cease fire is holding for the yemeni port city of data despite some reports are sporadic fighting a truce was agreed by rebels and the saudi government after a breakthrough in peace talks last week. the president's former national security adviser has had his sentencing delayed by lying to the f.b.i. . asked for a continuance so he can cooperate with an investigation into possible russian collusion during the twenty six thousand election. the foreign ministers of turkey russia and iran have agreed to accelerate their efforts to find a political solution to the syrian civil war a committee will be convened next year a new constitution for the country. which is in democratic republic of congo preparing to elect a new president for the first time in sixteen years candidates in the december
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twenty third election vying to replace joseph kabila whose mandate to govern ended two years ago among them is kabila has chosen successor ruling party candidate emmanuel diary the e.u. renewed sanctions against him that this month for ordering a crackdown on anti-government protests opposition parties have united to stand behind businessmen martin for you lou the former oil executive hails from a minor party and was a surprise choice critics to security was until recently part of the opposition alliance now he's going for the top job after supporters urged him to stand where they are trying virtue machines be used for the first time in sunday's elections but it's catherine sawyer reports from the capital kinshasa many voters don't know how to use them while the opposition fear they'll be used to rig the result. the conversation in just this one on the edge of the river is all about sunday's election and electronic voting machines. to say they're concerned by the general
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lack of information and what's expected on them on voting day. we don't know what to expect we might do the wrong thing they should have told us what to do before now we'll just learn on polling day. in another village on the outskirts of kinshasa. who lives next to his polling station has similar concerns about what people in my village know nothing. expression just go forts and hope for the best some opposition leaders and civil society groups fear the south korean voting machines being used for the first time here could be manipulated to rig the election. people across the country have never seen this machine and that's why we are worried they are asking what shall we do how will we know if we are being cheated so i mean they're not even seen a smart one along the water in the place i'm concerned the election is already set up for dispute and violence the electoral commission says the process is fairly
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simple and takes about a minute one hundred five thousand machines are being installed in eighty thousand polling stations a logistical nightmare for africa second largest country with bad druids limited electricity poor security and any damage in the. on top of all that a fire in the capital is causing controversy one thing materials are still being distributed to different parts of the country but a warehouse in kinshasa where the feet is forming machines were being stored was burned down last week destroying most of the material the wired to be used on fourteen day the building has been filled off police are investigating but politicians for more sides of blaming each other for the fire the various problems are increasing election tension nationwide. at the stonecutter steel shop they just want a fair election as well as a leader who will help make their lives
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a little more bearable catherine al-jazeera kinshasa. online holiday rental company air b.n. b. says it has not reversed a ban on listings of properties in illegal settlements of the occupied west bank it follows a claim by israel's tourism ministry which stated that abyan be had backed down from its decision after threats of legal action in israel and the us company made the announcement to delist those properties in november education workers in a number of us states are complaining that their work contracts include language preventing them from supporting palestinian rights in texas a federal lawsuit has been filed on behalf of speech pathologist i m o r m r we who says she was fired from a public school district after refusing to sign an oath saying she would not engage in any boycott israeli products courses required under new state laws intended to confront the boycott divestment and sanctions movement also known as b.d.s.
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is ticking for a peaceful end to the israeli occupation of east jerusalem and the west bank through economic pressure something. belgium's prime minister has resigned after losing a vote of no confidence sharon mission had been leading a minority government for a week after his coalition partners walked out of the alliance the flemish nationalist party quit over me shows decision to sign a un migration pact that critics say will increase migration into europe and the remains were violent protests in belgium over the weekend and rallies attended by far right leaders including the pan and see battery. after a so breaking its national day with a military parade asho and fireworks is the second one since saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain imposed a blockade on the gulf state they cut diplomatic ties with doha accusing it of sponsoring terrorism a claim it strongly denies also barry has this report. the
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annual national day festivities took off in the usual grand style and this year after eighteen months of a land sea and air blockade by former arab states qatari celebrated not only their leader but also their culture. of the people are. all. signs of patriotism or on show everywhere as was a sense of national unity and pride as well as the fire ants. saudi arabia the u.a.e. reign in egypt cut diplomatic relations and impose their blockade on qatar in june of last year doha strongly refutes their allegations that it supports terrorism a resolution to the regional crisis looks no closer to a meeting of the gulf cooperation council in riyadh last week made no progress people celebrating on tuesday appeared not to care and credited the amir come in.
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overcoming the isolation today is the day that we all even citizens kotori as we all serve celebrate guitar we all so how much will of qatar we all share what. we're always happy no matter what everyone is very proud of the camera a few holiday marks the dates in eight hundred seventy eight when safe just someone mohamed al funny succeeded his father as the emir and lead the country towards unity and it is that your if you that is on display here today this was the main event a military parade along the corniche in the capital it was three times larger than last year. a fireworks display was the finale of the public celebrations both atari's an expatriate coming together in a country that continues to thrive despite facing out for. dorsetshire bari al jazeera. an inquiry in zimbabwe has found the zimbabwean military's use of
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live bullets to stop post-election violence was disproportionate and unjustified six people died and dozens were injured in clashes following the dry thirtieth vote or so and this in the one god were declared the first elected head of state since probably garbage removal from power. manchester united have thanked there's a marine year for his work during his time at the club and wish him success in the future thanks giants sacked the portuguese manager following the club's worst start to a season in twenty eight years and he wanted his takes a look back at what went wrong for marina when josey marina arrived at manchester united in twenty sixteen fans were hoping he would prove he was still the special one but he's going to old trafford was not special instead it will be remembered as a disappointment of a his sullen defensive and argumentative approach you know what these men three
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knew but also me i'm sorry premierships and i want more premierships alone then the other ninety minutes of together. this is really for me and it's all for them receiving respect and respect for respect i think it was clear there was a problem between the radio would stop players mainly paul pogba a hero for france in their world cup win but failing to produce his best form for united and outspoken against his boss on social media and united suffered their worst start with things in the nearly thirty years but it was with reluctance that the club's reclusive american owners the grazes decided to sack another manager their big criticised for the failures of david moyes and louis van all of the thirty eight trophies in a glorious twenty six year reign of alex ferguson marino was successful in portugal italy spain and twice in england with chelsea particularly his first drawing from two thousand and four he had a different energy about him in those years but he's second spell at chelsea and it
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with his dismissal in twenty fifth day in a job that was marred by off the field issues he's treatment of the club's medical staff mainly eva kenya oh that's a court case and the discrimination settlement in her favor this didn't stop united appointing him and there were bright spots in the marine air united as they won the english league cup and the europa league in successive seasons but united are used to winning bigger competitions and the executive in runs the clobbered woodward has the club after much success in business deals with better football and trophies the players are not playing for him so hopefully we'll see a different. yeah i hope you see it if different where the play to change i mean look at look at his demeanor look at look look at them in terms of the way he's an absolute misery this guy. criticizing his own players in public. is signings. often. with substantial financial
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compensation having had a contract until twenty twenty one on the reported salary of more than twenty million dollars per year but his reputation as a world class coach and serial winner has suffered considerable possibly irreparable damage. much more here any time on our web site the address that is al jazeera dot com. and one of the top stories on our desire a u.n. brokered cease fire is largely holding for the yemeni port city of her data despite some reports of sporadic fighting with the rebels say one civilian has been killed by coalition forces in al shaab district of kurdish forces say three civilians have been killed by who shelling into a to district the truce was agreed by warring sides after a breakthrough in peace talks last week. a u.s.
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federal judge has delayed sentencing the president transforming national security adviser michael flynn the case as part of an investigation of possible collusion between trump's campaign and russia in the run up to the twenty sixteen election that is noise asked the judge for a continuance so he can cooperate with an investigation into possible russian commission during that election. the delay is something between general flan and the courts and that's something for them to determine what that timeline looks like in the meantime we wish general flynn well and we'll continue to focus on doing what we do here every single day. yes president donald trump's charity foundation has agreed to shut down as part of a legal battle with the state of new york the foundation is alleged to have operated as an extension of the president's businesses and political campaign if the state wins champ will have to pay thousands in penalties and will be barred from running all the charities. the foreign ministers of russia turkey and iran
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have agreed to accelerate their efforts to find a political solution to the syrian civil war they say they will work towards convening a committee next year which would negotiate a new constitution for syria but the u.n. envoy for syria said much more work remains to be done meanwhile kurdish fighters are being sent from northern iraq into northern syria at the unexpected deployment came after turkey threatened further military action in member if u.s. backed kurdish fighters don't leave the area online holiday rental camp company says it has not reversed a ban on listings of properties in illegal settlements of yorkey part west bank or as a claim by israel's tourism ministry stated that he had backed down from his decision to stay with us to become the stream is up next i'll have more news for you straight after that.
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i am fabio ok and you're in the stream today indian independence i call mahatma gandhi racist legacy as a state has a statue of him is torn down in ghana the story with us on twitter by community member d.j. c.l.a but you too can be part of this conversation tweet us your thoughts or leave them in our live chat. i need you.


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