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and then you come to this. sort of science in the golden age. and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha. welcome to the newsgroup as democratic republic of congo heads towards its long delayed presidential election. and suspends campaigning for security reasons teens are on the ground in the capital. for a historic controversial bush two years in the making also on the grid the so-called hit squad you pictures emerge on turkish media of the fifteen men suspected of murdering. but are they any closer to facing any sort of justice and
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more dramas for facebook in a year full of them this time the new york times has revealed just how much of your information the social network is making available to the likes of google apple and spotify and the cultural appropriation is that. disney's trademark all the phrase. that. connects us throughout the say the hashtag we're going to be using is aging. with the new live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live in it al jazeera dot com and every time it seems democratic republic of congo is on the path to its presidential election there's another hack up last week it was a fire that destroyed voting machines now the opposition rallies ahead of sunday's election which should have been beginning right about now have actually been suspended by the governor of can. security reasons for his to see.
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he said in a statement of for his have information that court extremists are preparing a confrontation in. covering events talk us through what's happened today and why. and just look. at it by the local authorities the. people. there will not. say that they're going to wait for the presidential candidate. and . now we have been told. to make us wait. and it by huge and many. we're also told that.
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the road where he's going to be. we're being told that they want you. both on point from coming through they only want. a vehicle and then maybe. they do not want. then you wouldn't have been waiting. then going to be. in. of the people who. think that they want. to bring in. that they are saying they want to keep. a lot of on that because it could potentially cause. the ballot confrontation between the police and the supporters of. tell me about the levels of. the concerns they might have about. coming in the next few days. i mean
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people are. the ones who booked anything for a couple of days and they. had a problem here. people are very poor an employment rate. as well to the want to. change. their election and. they don't think. they. have been very very. you know. being. the people that they.
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will not. going. to happen and what's going to be what's going to happen how those elections going. and what instructions are going to. thank you we're moving to london. with us a research analyst at the risk consultancy group very. have you with us how do you say. it was alluding to things like sort of a potential of obstructionism and people complaining of intimidation and the like how do you see all this sort of playing out in the next few days up to the. i think what we're saying hey is
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a very clear indication of can be as intentions he intends to be able to influence the results of these elections on sunday through from behind the scenes so he has stepped back and he's appointed the successor shattering who is meant to take the reins from him at least until twenty twenty three i think what he's trying to do by for example the governor of can of withdrawing the ability for you to hold this this demonstration today is is he's he's really trying to target for you liz campaign because he sees for you as the main contender the main contender to actually legitimately when this vote share that shatter is intended to take from them it all seems to go it seems also transparent at least for us looking from the hours in that all this is happening that could be the risk pulling the strings that he's still trying to vent influence things do you think that's the way people understand it and read it as well actually in control so i think there's
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a lot of understanding about the way the can be allies trying to manipulate this vote on sunday i think there is there is still an element of hope there is still an element that fire you or to the end of the couple additional small will be able to to succeed and to win but ultimately these two main scenarios that we have various maple crafts see a fast way chattery winning and i'm out right and secondly a scenario where shattering a. well is meant to win this vote but he actually is it has to co-opt opposition members into a coalition government both scenarios will involve great unrest and without doubt a contest of result. why wouldn't things out a little bit the d.l.c. border is i think at least seven more countries is there a risk of spillover here do you think those neighboring countries will be concerned about what could happen. i think definitely with with anything that's going on india see there is a regional element i think i'm
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a take you know we're looking to the east we're looking to rwanda we're looking to burundi for their reactions to what's going on already we've seen a step up of troop action on the border with their india on the border with south kivu and as well we see we see in rwanda there have been just yesterday there was an attack on rebel militias coming over from d.s.e. into a wound and they in the process of doing that killed two companies army members i think this is the main issue that we have to see that anything that goes on that effects the instability in the east is going to spill over into the into the regional neighbors i think at the moment rwanda burundi will be watching what's going on in kinshasa very carefully today indigo joining us from london talking to sleep thank you for that new from the witness team has this documentary called back to can shall so follows three activists as they braved the possibilities of bullets prison exile war this is they fight for their future and they typically powerful first hand account from the witness team it is on the channel right now it's also online of
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a documentary section at al jazeera dot com and looking for your comments and questions as well maybe you're in same want to get in touch with us please do the hash tag as a.j. newsgroup you can tweet us at a.j. english ne how does on duty tonight looking for your replies in our thread of tweets there facebook dot com slash al-jazeera for the live stream if you want to comment amongst yourselves and with us directly you've got to find handy plus one seven four five one triple one four nine open up on the whatsapp or telegram and you can get in touch with us directly now to some developing news where u.s. media is reporting that the united states is planning to fully withdraw its troops from syria we have got patty culhane as you see joining us from washington d.c. to talk through this hi patty what more can you tell us at this point just reports isn't. sorry about that i'm checking twitter because this story is developing and we're seeing very mixed narratives coming out so the reason i'm on twitter is president donald trump took to his favorite medium to basically say the we have
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defeated i says isis in syria the only reason for being there during the trump presidency seeming to confirm these reports first report in the wall street journal then picked up by the washington post reuters news agency the basically the u.s. was going to pull out all of its two thousand troops out of syria starting immediately but now we're starting to get some pushback the pentagon basically is putting out a pretty brief statement saying nothing has changed we're continuing to work with our partners and then this tweet from the u.s. embassy in syria basically saying the coalition mission in northeast syria remains unchanged we're going to continue to man our observation posts the mission to defeat isis remains the the lasting defeat of isis remains our mission reports to counter that are simply false so what it seems is happening because all these reports are coming out of the pentagon is we know the pentagon we know the state department the national security apparatus in the united states has basically been saying no mr president we know you said that you wanted to pull out of syria but you can't because i sold has not been defeated although they are minimized there's
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a at the pentagon estimate about two thousand eisel fighters and they control less than two percent of the territory but here's what's happened president trump got on the phone call got on the phone with turkey's president to price of arab tara there turkey's president and now all of a sudden he's made this statement that he wants to pull out u.s. troops so it seems that there's a fight going on between the administration and the nationals security establishment and it's taking place in public and on twitter ok thanks for the update patty fresh off twitter there let's go to our anchor now and here is i know how to with an update from turkey what more you hearings on and i guess you know some analysis of how significant it would be for the u.s. to withdraw. well come out as of yet there has been no reaction from turkish officials but we have to take these reports within the context of turkey's and now it's meant that it plans
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a cross border operation into northern syria an announcement turkey's president made last week following that announcement there was a phone conversation between the turkish president and the u.s. president days later or dig on the turkish president said that trump supports his his decision and then we heard from the turkish foreign minister a few days ago saying ankara believes trump is considering pulling out of syria so these reports on doubt of the are linked to turkey's announcement now what we understand is that the united states is the ministration what they have been trying to do for some time now but as of late there have been intensive efforts really to try to pull turkey away from russia and iran at the end of the day yes u.s. troops stationed in thirty five percent of syrian territory controlled by the kurdish armed forces gives the united nations the united states leverage and influence in
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syria but undoubtedly a stronger alliance with turkey pulling turkey away from iran and russia would give america a much stronger position so is this decision or reports about the possible u.s. pullout aimed at appeasing turkey and if so and if indeed this pullout actually happens will turkey still go ahead with this threat in the cross border attack there will no longer be the risk of the engaging in any confrontation with u.s. troops but it will be a very difficult battle in the turkey i have to point out considers the y.p. to the kurdish on force terrorists and they want them away from their border but more importantly as well we don't we haven't heard from the russians or the or the syrian government or the iranian government. these three countries considering the presence of u.s. troops occupying forces very interesting developments we're keeping on top of that with as you know heart of a an encore thank you staying with issues in turkey once again turkish media has
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leaked images of these saudi suspects accused of murdering journalist jamal khashoggi the new photos of peter show the so-called hit teen arriving at the consulate in istanbul charlotte bellus has the full story. walking through istanbul airport dressed casually dragging suitcases the suspected saudi hit team arrived for the mission new photos leaked to turkish media showed them arriving at the saudi consul general residence in istanbul the faucheux time stamped eleven away on the second of october the day jamal khashoggi was killed at the same time others into the consulate this is from the same camera that captured the final images of. the saudi journalist entered through the same doors two always later at one fourteen pm there is about three thousand five hundred hours of footage that the investigators are actually looking into saw due to the fact that this is taking time and there is new evidence come in notes we get these leaks was no while.
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within days the world learned khashoggi had been murdered and dismembered inside the consulate over weeks who was mounted for justice and accountability he was put on the cover of time magazine as person of the year saudi prosecutors responded with criminal charges for the men in this so-called hit squad five face the death penalty six a charged with related offenses it is also rejected turkey's request to extradite the suspects for trial using the vienna convention on diplomatic immunity as reason not to or the major question of who was at the killing has been left unanswered the results are fifty six and forty one news u.s. senators gave their verdicts last week passing resolutions blaming saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon for khashoggi sticks and calling for an end to u.s. military support for a saudi prince of in yemen this is now unanimously unanimously
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united states senate has said that crown prince mohammed bin salman is responsible for the murder of her male. the saudi foreign ministry denounced the senate's position saying it is based upon unsubstantiated claims and allegations contained blatant interference in the kingdom's internal fear is undermining the kingdom's regional and international role but condemnation and denials aren't enough to stop the leaks these timestamp images reveal more about the movements of the suspected saudi hitting before and after the killing of jamal khashoggi shelob ellis. to u.s. politics now and the sticking point of who is going to pay for the wall along the us mexico border this is been something of an obsession for donald trump since the start of his not as president his presidential campaign he has been adamant mexico would pay for it but for the first time the white house appears to be backing away
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from that claim we're going to look at that in a moment but first just a quick dive into the trump twitter archive to help us tell the story later on tuesday night he was claiming that we are not building a concrete wall we are building artistically designed steel slats so that you can easily see through it and that it will be beautiful and give our country the security that our citizens deserve but then there is always the issue of who pays six days ago trump was saying i haven't stated one way or the other mexico is going to pay for the wall new deal with mexico that is the trade deals so much better than the old nafta deal that just by the money we save mexico is paying for the war which is a curious interpretation of paying previously of course in this is going back to the campaign trail and twenty sixteen accompanied by all those chants of build that wall trump said mexico would pay one hundred percent well this demand has become more of an issue recently as the administration and congress scramble to avoid a government shutdown this weekend in fact in the oval office just last week the president got in a heated argument over funding for the wall with the democratic leaders and see
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pelosi and chuck schumer trump declared he'd be proud to shut down the government over the issue. we should shut down the government over a dispute and you want to shut it i don't know how you're talking about the last time you shut it down no no no and then you open quickly and we need i don't want to do what you did twenty times shot a call for i will shut down the government if i don't get my will none of us if you want to know something you've said ok you want to put that in i said i'll take ok good you know and i'll say yes if we don't get what we want one way or the other whether it's through you through a military through anything you want to call i would shut down the got ok. so it's like i forgot the cameras with a gun to his you have pretends in washington to talk us through a little bit more of this you have who's going to pay is going to you tell me. i think he knew the cameras were there this does play very well with his base especially to be having this this fight with the hated nancy pelosi and chuck schumer so does we're very well with that forty percent of courtroom supporters
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will always support him or thirty to forty percent right now though it doesn't look like congress is going to pay for it in the next week at least at least to give that five billion dollars that the trumpet ministration was insisting it would shut down the government over all the indications are that they've lost that argument on capitol hill the members of congress not coalescing around having a continuing resolution which is a temporary stopgap measure to continue funding the budget until continue funding the government until february when the goetia nations will begin again but that freezes freezes sums of money allocated to levels that are currently in place right now no money for that no five billion dollars for the war and you got that sense just in the last few days that that realisation was settling on the on the white house because we kept hearing tweets and administration officials talk very vaguely about alternative sources of funding perhaps other cabinet departments could skim off some money and will funding could be could be procured that way the military
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could fund it as we just tweeted actually in the last few hours even though that would also take congressional approval and then this theory that donald trump is floating that the newly renegotiated north american free trade deal will somehow give the money for the war which has a lot of people scratching their heads but they they they should be backing down he's not going to get the five billion dollars this week but he still has to sign that continuing resolution if congress does agree upon it in the next few days and you never know whether he will or not until that until he actually does it yeah and what struck me as he said all of that she had is that he's still talking about building the wall he's pretty much halfway through his presidency and it hasn't happened yet this is been you know trump is a guy talks about delivering on promises this is one that he speaking hasn't. right and it's interesting that he's been tweeting about slaps and about not having a concrete border and he's said in some recent tweets he's been lighting what upgrades to existing walls and they are democrats and republicans have supported.
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fencing again on the board of a sometimes a very allocated billions of dollars to that and he seems to be slowly alighting that now with his vision of a concrete wall so yeah i mean it is a major problem and maybe that's why now he's talking about syria who knows i can see some people suggesting well this is a campaign promise he can keep taking trips getting troops back from syria but the ball seems the wall rather seems to be slipping away and there is one other thing to say that this idea is a part of that campaign promise was getting mexico to pay for it and he said that this this new nafta deal the new the the new deal that the u.s. embassy is it's not going to be called which hasn't passed congress will pay for the war and economists have been looking into that very briefly and saying look well what on earth are you talking about the only way they can think off that that will give revenue for a potential war is the economic growth that will be achieved so economists have looked at that they said ok what's a ten thousand new jobs are created because of the new economic deal each one has a salary of one hundred thousand dollars
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a year that's taxed at eighteen thousand dollars even then even with these incredibly rosy possibilities it would still take one hundred years to pay for the war and that's assuming it's about eighteen billion dollars for the war so even that doesn't make any sense and even that is actually taxpayers paying for the wall and what mexico is it still doesn't really make much sense ok thank you ships in washington with the latest on the war now we had a fascinating special series on al jazeera few years ago called walls of shame and it is still online for you to watch interestingly this first screened in two thousand and seven because i partial wall has been in place for some years and it already divided mexico and the u.s. along its three thousand kilometer border this is really worth a watch this one walls of shame is on the us mexico border but there is also belfast spain and the west bank in this series just search for walls of shame. let's have a quick run through of some of the other stories making news around the world weapons day and u.n. observers that usually arrive in the red sea port of data to monitor a fragile cease fire in place since tuesday warring parties in yemen are accusing
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each other of breaching the truce they have been for explosions in and around the city but it's not clear who was behind them in a small. pictures emerging from her data on tuesday show a relative calm at who the checkpoints documents were requested before people were allowed to pass in some areas streets were largely empty in others the traffic slowed in the meantime and we are optimistic about the ceasefire decision but who's implementing the resolution brokered by the united nations who is implementing the decisions taken during this meeting negotiations the saudi aggression did not implement any of the decisions made in sweden yemenis are suffering what the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis where millions are facing starvation. aid workers say the situation remains desperate around her data the main gate way
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for eighty percent of much needed food and humanitarian aid in sweden last week representatives from the who the movement and the saudi u.a.e. backed government the president will months old had agreed not only to withdraw fighters but also to establish humanitarian corridors and to allow for the deployment of un supervised neutral forces the redeployment from the ports of ho data salif russy signed critical parts of the city associated with the humanitarian facilities shall be completed within two weeks after the cease fires entry into force the full mutual redeployment of all forces from the city of ho data and the ports of ho data salif and russ isa shall be completed within a maximum period of twenty one days after the cease fire enters into force it is the responsibility of the parties to fulfill the agreement local leaders in her day to say they're determined to ensure the truce no matter how fragile it is holds.
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and the would have the island and sending the agreement that was discussed thank god we in the province of the data and the local authorities are committed to the ceasefire but there are somebody nations aircraft that are still flying over the city and despite the reports of explosions and sporadic fighting yemenis in and around the besieged port city are for now at least feeling some small semblance of hope how much. in syria the conflicts key power brokers have failed to agree on the makeup of a committee to rewrite the country's constitution to help in the war as a un brokered meeting in geneva the foreign ministers of russia iran and turkey pledged to bring a committee together early next year hoping the process can pave the way for elections and a lasting political solution in syria zimbabwe's former first lady grace mugabe faces arrest in south africa or after police issued a warrant for allegedly assaulting a model in johannesburg last year the wife of the former president robert mugabe
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and is accused of hitting gabrielle enjoy with an electrical cord in a hotel room last year the south african model suffered a serious head injury mcgarvie has said she was acting in self-defense. voting has begun for the presidential runoff election in madagascar the former leader is under a raja lina and marc ravalomanana are vying for the top job rosalina narrowly won the first round thirty nine percent of the votes this is the first time the two of faced off since two thousand and nine when rival manana was forced from power by protests led by roger lena the head of the european union's monitoring commission says the elections have been carried out peacefully. tuesday i've just come from two law the two teams to represent the candidates there told us we are ready to accept the other side's victory so it's a pretty good atmosphere the european commission says it's not to promote preparations for a no deal breaks it in the case of the u.k. crashing out of the e.u. without a plan this includes measures to limits disruption in key areas including finance
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and transport british prime minister theresa may has told m.p.'s that negotiations with the e.u. is still going on but the u.k. has set aside two and a half billion dollars in funding to government david departments to prepare for any fallout from a so-called no deal breakers are following developments for us from london. well in parliament on wednesday jeremy corbyn the leader of the labor opposition accuse prime minister to resign me of being reckless in announcing these new measures for speeding up preparations for no deal breaks it come the end of march next year the government has one cabinet approval for measures worth more than two billion u.s. dollars more in funding for things like special flights to ensure medical supplies continue to arrive stockpiling a certain imported chemicals in britain putting three and a half thousand troops on standby in employing thousands more civil servants
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he is not the only person who's worried about that prospect five of britain's biggest business organizations have written to the government saying they're watching on with horror as as they see it politicians engage in factional fighting rather than doing what's best for britain will on wednesday the european commission did outline some of its own measures that it's going to take to try to limit the damage if there were no deal breaks it next year it says that the e.u. will continue to allow the u.k. based financial companies to access european markets for a twelve month period and similarly it says that british flights will be able to continue to use the so-called single european sky agreement an air traffic control system for twelve months but also extend some aviation licenses but i think that
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there is an admission on both sides that there will be an impact now one of the world's biggest stock market flotations in japan is locked. thank you jack price of softbank health fourteen percent is the telecoms company made its debut on the tokyo stock exchange softbank had hoped to raise twenty four billion dollars but investors apparently not so impressed analysts blame the disappointing stock on recent network glitches and links with china's telecoms company qual way university professors said you know thank you she says invest as a questioning soft banks growth strategy. i would be a little sympathetic considering the fact the market itself environment had been very bad as you seen in the united states in japan following that i mean nikkei has reached his nine month low in december alone the market has dropped by six percent and that sense it was a very very weak environment to start out with i think one real big worry amongst
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the larger investors are that this musical chair game that you know the south bank and playing on a growth after growth after growth expansion after expansion they're all worried when the music will stop it hasn't and they've been working out quite eloquently but if you look at the external environment of the telecommunications in japan for example the mobile carrier i would say contract has dropped the growth is definitely winding down on top of it you've got the conventional competition from entity docomo and get it and also a new company you come from iraq and so the environment itself where it's maturing and you've got the pressure from the competition and you've got the government basically trying to lower the price so you have quite a lot of pressure surrounding this industry as a whole all right this is the news great if you're with us on facebook live you got a bonus story for you know about the importance of diversity in blood donations this is in the united states and then laid up a could i'm a tata can disney copyright was actually
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a swahili phrase from its movie twenty five years ago will be looking at that in just a moment. or . hello again welcome back to international weather forecast where we have been seeing some very stormy conditions here across the eastern mediterranean and the western part of on notice the clouds right there bring some rain not only to israel but also to syria as well as into parts of turkey now the snow is not going to be as heavy as what we have seen previously but we are going to see quite a bit heavy rain across parts of northern or. back as well thursday will be like that by the time we get to friday most of the heavy rain will have dissipated we'll see some lingering showers here across southern parts of the caspian maybe tehran will see a passing shower to their twelve degrees in your forecast but down towards quite city it will be a cool day for you at about twenty one degrees across much of the gulf we are looking at dry conditions we did see some clouds down here crosscut down towards
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yemen as well heavy showers were a problem down across parts of somalia but up towards the north doha is going to start at twenty four degrees on thursday may be getting a little bit warmer as we go towards friday and abu dhabi seeing about twenty five degrees in your forecast and then very quickly across parts of southern africa we have seen some clouds pushing across cape town but no real rain in the forecast over the next few days so for cape town twenty three degrees there over here toward johannesburg it is going to be showers in your forecast at twenty three and durban twenty one degrees for you. xenophobe violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. al-jazeera infiltrates one of the continent's fastest growing far right organizations and exposes links to members of the european parliament and marine le
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pen's national. generation a two. part two of a special two part investigation on al jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for each other's lives but it is but the good because you have a lot of people that if i did on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel in favor to the audience across the globe.
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the headlines from al-jazeera dot com and what's trending as well more in the short of course is remember we have a lights up but it's. on batteries. number three is interesting how britain stole forty five trillion dollars from india and then more number five facebook giving netflix spotify and others access to users' messages we're going to be looking at that in just a moment that is what's trending though this wednesday at al-jazeera dot com. thank
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you know your story patty callahan and then heard over telling us about the plan it seems to withdraw u.s. troops from syria donald trump has been hinting at that on twitter also on twitter lindsey graham who's of course an influential u.s. senator just been checking his twitter feed very much in opposition he says in a series of tweets withdrawal of this small american force in syria would be a huge obama like mistake with all due respect isis is not defeated in syria and iraq and certainly not afghanistan president trump is right to want to contain iran an expansion withdrawal of forces in syria might undercut that decision would be viewed as a boost to isis i mean what's it five four five tweets there a lot of opposition from a very senior u.s. senator who is usually pretty close to donald trump but certainly hasn't been on this or on the issues so that's just an update on u.s. troop withdrawal potential u.s. troop withdrawal from syria we're going to look now at an investigation of the new york times which has discovered that facebook has been providing major tech companies uncensored access to its users private messages this is the latest blow
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for social for the social media company which has come under heavy scrutiny over the past year for its behavior towards user data according to the times facebook granted netflix sponsor fire and others full access to its users private messages which most account owners believe were safe from such data sharing it's also accusing that microsoft's bing search engine could see the names of virtually all users friends without consent sorry this is all sounding very very concerning and highlighting how valuable our data are is right i think more than we sometimes imagine and we're all victims of that including myself a lot of those apps but contrary to belief today's most prized commodity is actually not oil. no it's personal data and incredibly they've controlled by just five make a companies bigger than most governments and fights and those are facebook apple amazon google's parent company as well called alphabet now they all provide us with a free service been reality nothing comes for free while you might think these are
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all products they aren't because actually you are the product so what's the cost will your personal data being shed in more ways than you and me realize effectively anything you click on writes read or listen to watch or even share is being spied on whether you're ok with that or not and google and facebook alone they control eighty eight percent of all new internet advertising the apps and interfaces help spot those trends now in response to the new york times facebook has actually posted on its website a statement and what it's written is to be clear none of these partnerships or features gave companies access to information without people mission that's the key word now did they nor did they rather violate our twenty twelve settlement with the f.t.c. but if you actually scroll down it's quite a long statement this is what's interesting because it offers several questions and it says did partners get access to messages well the answer is yes but facebook
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makes it clear not without your consent for example if you log into even log into my own thoughts if i account via facebook effectively it's as if i'm still in the facebook app itself and you can send and receive messages private ones without ever leaving the app which means spotify can access your private facebook messages and facebook is making several changes us through to be more transparent like having pop up facebook stores to talk about privacy this week it was one in canada and it's keen to explain ways that people can know more about their personal information that's being shared now they say that they it says here this is one of the posts no facebook does not sell. they advertise this but what it is doing is sharing the information with the likes of spotify on netflix coma thank you for all of that sorry good information for us to put to our guest in a moment but first of all just want to sort of something a facebook just released its two thousand and eighteen year in review which you may
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have seen it looks back on you know the biggest events on facebook in the past twelve months so that's going to mean celebrity weddings and sporting events and big breaking news and online movements always things maybe though facebook could have looked a bit closer to home when reviewing the year luckily our friends at the listening post did i would have thought it started with to cambridge analytical dorian which this company run by a bunch of bond films had sensitive data from untold numbers of facebook users around the world to coerce people and move elections that's only the start and i would have had clips of refugees and the them are driven out by the worst sort of propaganda spread by the government of myanmar and many religious leaders are explicitly using facebook to foster genocide then i would have gone through all of the stammering. that mark zuckerberg committed. no while testifying before various committees to the level of scrutiny is facebook
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too powerful the level of criticism the purpose of the user agreement is to cover facebook and then i'm going to finish with the barest revelation that facebook itself has paid political operatives to engage in the spread of the very same kind of propaganda that people have been accusing facebook of fostering it's been a stunning year for facebook. and if you like the look of what the listening post was up to in that recent episode do check out the full edition either on the channel or online resolutions versus reality facebook's disastrous twenty eight in the title kind of says it all that is of course in the show's section at al-jazeera dot com with us from new york now kevin dillon he is the co-founder and c.e.o. of the news website courts and has written extensively about facebook first of all this new york times report kevin take me through your initial reaction to it because as we've just highlighted it has been bad news upon bad news for facebook this year how does this sort of stack up in twenty eighteen. i think you've done
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a really good job of laying out the issues that the new york times highlighted and i would zoom in on one specific thing which is this question of consent facebook is saying that users consented to have their information shared and what it's sort of be using very specific language is here with these partners which include microsoft and amazon and netflix and spotify which facebook in this instance considers quote extensions of itself so facebook is basically saying that these partners these big tech companies are all extensions of facebook and therefore they don't require additional consent on the part of the user to share their pretty private data which is lists of their friends their contact information in some cases their personal messages and the content content of their personal messages with companies like yahoo and microsoft amazon actually some other companies even farther afield like
6:42 pm
yandex the russian search giant and i think most users would say they didn't consent to that and they have a problem with that and facebook's interpretation of these other companies relationship a mater of the consent that users is probably going a bit too far there are legal implications of this because facebook is operating under a twenty eleven consent decree for privacy violations with the federal trade commission which governs precisely this sort of thing and when you're talking about consent be it with facebook be it with any of these other tech companies are you simply talking about that thing when i get a page saying have you read out terms and conditions and i take it my to yes and it's screeds of rising it's all in a tiny font and i would never read it and no one would ever read it but when i take it and i click ok i am consenting. i think that is an issue but actually this goes even farther which is that you have an agreement with facebook to allow it to use your data and then what facebook is saying is that in certain
6:43 pm
instances microsoft amazon netflix spotify all these other companies are effectively stand ins for facebook itself so your agreement with facebook itself should actually apply to them as well this was a specific this was defined specifically in the two thousand and eleven consent to create to allow facebook to use service providers like credit card processing companies and other companies that they need to actually do their own business i think most people would say they didn't imagine that it would actually apply to the these tech giants who had access to the state and facebook does give you control as you know as people know to let you turn off who you're sharing information with one of the most troubling things about this is that these companies that the new york times is reporting on according to the new york times they didn't necessarily appear listed in the controls that you could turn off data sharing when and so you had no idea in the first place that they had access to your data final question for
6:44 pm
you and this is more maybe of a sort of sociological question than a tech one but does this all lend credence to the argument that facebook has become too big and too powerful and not just facebook all of these other companies have got a hold on pretty much everything we do now. you know i think that is a really good point and i would say the answer is the argument is definitely supported by what we've just learned facebook was operating under this consent decree with the federal trade commission which was meant to keep a close eye on activity like this but is not doing so apparently you know as we're learning the f.t.c. is opening another investigation into facebook's privacy practices and i think that you know there's actually developing a consensus even among the technology industry that companies like facebook and google require real regulation and i think that is definitely definitely where
6:45 pm
we're headed and this new york times report today only reinforces the arguments that facebook is a public utility that requires regulation in areas like user data kevin do any pleasure talking to you thank you for your time and steven on facebook live agrees with me he says all these things are hidden in thousand page documents and deep in hundred page settings hundred page settings pages and it's true we'll just take those things that we we never ever actually rate them sally my directors and she does it we old now. i want you to bear with me on this next ensure ok. how could a much harder what a wonderful phrase but can it be trademarked well that's an interesting case it should mean no worries for the rest of your days but it's a problem see if you're speaking swahili hakuna matata and yes i wrote all of that myself if you haven't gathered we are talking about that catch phrase from disney's nine hundred ninety four animated film the lion king and the reason it's come up again nearly twenty five years later is this. how
6:46 pm
out. disney is about to release the film it is an almost guaranteed hit which will bring in huge money at the box office and from all the related merchandising no doubt it does look fantastic to be fair what has brought attention to disney's though is a tear it's attempt back in one thousand nine hundred four to copyright the phrase . for the uninitiated it is a song sung by two of the characters to moan and cry right. from. them and if you weren't singing along to that i don't know where us are it's a fascinating story not least of all because we know it's twenty five years of history you know you can't help but harry and want to dance and run the lot of people certainly for me from my childhood but how kind of a top some might mean no worries but that doesn't really apply for businesses. the
6:47 pm
fate of being seen now there's these trademark the phrase back in one thousand nine hundred separate the debate has only just surfaced now as a cultural copyright among africans and because the thought that all growing calls for disney to drop the language trademark now there has been a petition it's going to do lots of the men to specially online and it says disney rob so here they have a campsite it's already got just over fifty five thousand signatures so far and they want to get to seventy five thousand seeking just kavanah imagine how people feel. thing about this now they're arguing the catchphrase belong belongs to the languages spoken by more than one hundred fifty million people and not just a cooperation well a couple of those one hundred fifty people spoke with their thoughts on this and the names of. born and raised east africa. and i just i just want to say i'm disappointed and frustrated by the sheer boredom to soreness from trying to play
6:48 pm
the african culture. we. sacrifice so much. i will have our resources i mean enough is enough i just don't understand how africans are to come up with a structural framework to protect. our duty to protect the region also this is a phrase that is not given it is in. one of kenya's national. so when someone says this phrase a country but. it's really really funny that they would do something that that's. now this story has also made headlines in kenya which is accused disney of stealing from the kenyan culture nonce because the original hakuna matata song was actually first ever recorded by a kenyan band this is them called them mushrooms that was
6:49 pm
a whole decade before the disney animation lion king even existed. or interesting lee for them most of them with probably quite a few years to even get the money back on that song but people online have been using the hash tag colonialism along with the hashtag of course the tata now mostly looking at some of the tweets and their action people are not happy about this and this is an example someone has posted for disney to trademark the swahili phrase a clean of its after is typical corporate colonialism which we should all say no to and here's another tweet that just gives you an idea trade marking her kinematograph as more like trademarking good morning it's absurd to fight it but of course there are all those people who are saying that you know it's just a song and if anything lion king is made people know what the phrase means but always we want to hear from you so you do let us know your thoughts what you think
6:50 pm
about companies or individuals trademarking phrases get in touch of us myself come on as well you'll find us on twitter. i didn't even know if. it was a made up in the movie but it's really got some interesting story behind it just a quick comment i wanted to bring you. the. united nations should be ashamed of itself for failing to bring back in the day after twenty years of a mission they don't remember with almost twenty thousand military doesn't want to go he needs to be removed good point a bit of context on the elections in. that comment. and then coming up. at.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
i'm. going to is here to talk sports with us on a bit of around this part of the world over t.v. rights has been going on for a year and now a kemal of the world trade organization says it's launching an inquiry into allegations saudi arabia has failed to protect sports broadcasting rights in a case where dated to qatari network b. in sports says the blockade of cars how it began in june twenty seventeen b. in sports content has been a blocked in saudi and rebroadcast on the brand be out q well the cutaway network holds regional broadcasting rights for much of the world's most high profile events
6:53 pm
saudi arabia has claimed the sports brought costs are blocked for national security reasons it says the w t o has no standing to hear the case well joining us now from copenhagen is laws on the nordic clinton protection organization working with t.v. channels to prevent piracy at large i think you very much for joining us first of all how he is the problem of piracy when it comes to illegally broadcasting live sports well it's getting bigger and bigger that still sort of pitch. it lucian out there it's on a connection to the high street so we're seeing a good many more criminal organizations getting bigger and bigger and shaking her illegal i'll come out of this. ip it should be stripping laws are the current laws enough and how difficult is it to enforce them.
6:54 pm
well in some countries it is a problem but there's no consensus between conscious i don't know which or two are your clients or this kind of criminality so there might be etiquette laws here on country questions many jurisdictions can't be involved in this criminal activity there is a need to have. brought about broader understanding of which laws and needed to to come to describe if strong punishment is not given from a device is how worried are you that it will make even more bold in what they still well it's said it's obvious that if you're not able to go to enforce this in the right way you want your. laws so it's international cooperation it will be easier for the criminal us to have their it illegal revenue out of this so there's a lot of neat fall for bringing in the laws or to speed and also have
6:55 pm
a much higher possibility of international cooperation to enforce this ok lars you're going bug from know that constant protection thank you very much for that but you know i meant to say united have named their form a strike only year as interior manager following the sacking of those same what he knew there were we didn't know paid for the club between one hundred ninety six and two thousand and seven after retiring from playing he became a reserve team manager the only other top level role he's held in the u.k. was with cardiff city a short lived spell in twenty fourteen so we'll manage united until the end of the season alex ferguson's former assistant mike feel and has been appointed first team coach. and for my and i to size that's an abramovich has signed
6:56 pm
a new contract with the l.a. galaxy which will see the striker return to the club for the twenty one thousand range in the focus eason he said the seven year old who joined a galaxy from majesty not in a march was named m.l.s. newcomer of the year last month this week to finished the twenty eight hundred season with twenty two goals and ten assists in just twenty seven matches but still couldn't lead his side to the playoffs and staying in the u.s. in the n.b.a. the denver nuggets have extended their home winning streak to seven games beating the dallas mavericks one hundred twenty six one hundred eighteen is the best sauce for the nuggets since the one nine hundred seventy six a season seven center in new york drove choose days when with thirty two points in the fourth quarter jamal mari took a block back up a court for a two pointer to seal the win off that that has had rallied trimming a fourteen point lead down to four the nuggets are topping the n.b.a.
6:57 pm
is western conference closely followed by the golden state warriors and of course live it will be back with more sports news that eighteen g.m.t. but for now i hand you back to come on thanks ana just another quick update on the story of u.s. troops paul possibly withdrawing from syria more opposition coming to it this time it is from senator marco rubio just seen on his twitter account here for the number little look. there comes a rubio. who has said that a full and rapid withdrawal from syria is a grave error with broader implications beyond just the fighting in size is too complex to outline why in a tweet and he's going to go on facebook live shortly to talk about that so that along with lindsey graham opposing donald trump's apparent plan to remove syrian troops american troops i should say from syria that'll do it for this newsgroup if you want to keep in touch with us. on twitter facebook what's happened telegram. and we will see you back here in studio fourteen
6:58 pm
a down to zero fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow thursday. what your thoughts are adored by millions of the stones most famous cricketing arrived as prime minister on the graves of national celebration. now one hundred days into his leadership people in power asks whether delivering on promises will be as easy in practice as it was in a very. right now the nation is not feeling confident right all people are disappointed with the bombing in moran's one hundred days on al-jazeera.
6:59 pm
because we're not. sure. rights being violated. and freedom being stripped away. on the seventh anniversary of the wishes of the whites that stand up. like this stand up for human rights. of the joining the green peace team come paining to protect the weddell sea in antarctica we're now in australia for the outcome with the first generation to realize the gravity of this crisis but we may be the last to be able to do something about it in another thread special find out if the effort to create the largest sentry on earth has succeeded thrice on al-jazeera.
7:00 pm
the u.s. says it still has a full withdrawal of all its troops from syria several senators have branded that a mistake. for the cigar you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. opposition supporters to follow an order suspending election campaigning in d.l. seems capital but that candidates who stalks point security.


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