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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 19, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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so you have this system where people at every level are big being given money money to agree destro zation our money to get other people to meet the sterilisation al-jazeera examines the politics of population control. this is al-jazeera. hello once again from doha everyone on the maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera pulling out of syria the withdrawal of all u.s. military personnel is underway donald trump says i been defeated. the fear of violence threatens campaigning for sunday's presidential election in democratic republic of congo to a sudden halt. the prime minister is recklessly running down the clock
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just one hundred days to go before break that and to resume on the opposition leader jeremy colvin to trading accusations over the u.k.'s plans to leave europe and protest in hungary they are calling it legalized slavery parliament has approved a bill forcing workers to do overtime. so the word coming out of the united states is that the country is planning to fully withdraw its troops from syria within sixty to one hundred days president donald trump has tweeted along side that saying nice has been defeated and that was the only reason that he was there in the first place they have been at their peak about two thousand u.s. troops on the ground in syria mainly trying to training i should say local forces to fight eisel in recent days though turkey's president reject typo on threaten the new offensive against kurdish forces these are the ones remember that the united states supports in syria's new. wolf if the u.s.
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withdraws it does still have a sizable presence in the region about five thousand two hundred troops over the border in iraq back in april it was the defense secretary james madison who said america wants to maintain a presence in syria until a peace agreement can be reached two in the country's brutal civil war so here is the team on duty on this story james by united nations headquarters in new york will be with you shortly james was standing there with patty culhane in washington d.c. this news broke when we were on the newsgroup about two or three hours ago what's developed since then paddy well what's developed i think is starting to set in people were pretty shocked by this i can tell you that people on capitol hill were given a heads up it seemed at the state department was taken aback even the pentagon we saw secretary jim mattis today me with the vice president he didn't answer any questions about this but he cannot be all that happy about this he's been pushing the president to stay in syria so as you mention the president after all these reports started to leak out that all two thousand u.s.
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troops were going to be pulled back within sixty to one hundred days the president tweeted out we have defeated isis in syria my only reason for being there during the trump presidency so he seemed to be confirming that and since then we've heard from the department of defense a tick them a good couple of hours to come up with the statement and they are kind of contradicting the president dana white the chief spokeswoman saying the campaign against isis isn't over we've taken the territory but the fight continues basically they're going to start returning troops home not saying how many or when for force protection but basically said they are transitioning to the next phase the problem is nobody knows what the next phase is going to look like even at the state department just a matter of days ago the representative who is part of the who leads to the american side of the coalition's if eat eisel he had a much different picture of what the next phase was going to be here's what brett mcgurk had to say. it's very same americans will remain on the ground after the physical to feed a caliphate until we have the pieces in place to ensure that that defeat isn't or.
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so what exactly is going to happen next well we were hoping to get some clarity from the state department they were supposed to have a briefing in just a couple of hours time but after this news broke they abruptly canceled the briefing without any explanation we've heard from some senators on capitol hill those influential with foreign policy and some of them even close to the president saying this is a horrible idea this is a big mistake the president is to change course but in the way the system works in the u.s. the commander in chief says the troops are coming home they're coming help ok interesting developments patty callahan in washington via thank you let's go to james by the united nations does that surprise that patty was talking about james extend to where you were surprised by everyone and certainly from u.s. allies there is surprise some confusion and also dismay at this certainly the u.k. defense secretary has said that i still has not in his estimation yet been defeated
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i've also been speaking to the head of the security council committee that is the person for the international body the u.n. that actually tracks eisel and he's the kazakh. omar off he told me no eisel has not yet been defeated in syria it's all me going operation and he stands by his latest report on this in which he says he believes there are between twenty and thirty thousand fighters from leisel in iraq and syria a number of the us is close allies that will be affected by this is israel i caught up with the israeli ambassador. there are reports that president trump is planning to pull all the u.s. troops out of syria in you were assessment is that threat from i saw in syria finished and are you concerned about israel's security if those troops leave syria . u.s. decision. specked any decision made by the administration we have our concerns
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about syria or the presence of a vineyard troops in thea if you do what every with every to protect our people regardless if you have american troops russian troops or any other nation to continue to follow a policy of not allowing the iranians to build their base of next door borders all these isolate defeated in syria in israel's estimation wonderful show we we can tell that they i think has been defeated in thea you can argue whether it's completed or not but. we can there agree with the international community there that the fight against i think has been successful these really ambassador now we have been talking all about isilon fighting eisel and president trump says that the only reason the u.s. troops were there in syria but clearly their presence i think had other roles as well one of those was putting pressure on the assad regime the u.n.
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trying to pursue talks in fact we're going to hear from the special envoy stefan de mistura at the u.n. in twenty four hours time and the fact those u.s. troops were there meant that assad didn't control all of syria and he was being told i think the message was to the talks negotiate and maybe all of syria will be unified again of course the other thing that the u.s. troops were doing were helping their allies on the ground and in many ways that's mainly the kurds that i think will now be feel completely abandoned and consider their next move and the other thing of course that the u.s. troops were doing is part of that big trumpet ministration plan to constrain. iran there are rainy and troops in syria now there are no longer u.s. troops the iranian troops may spread into different areas so it is actually a blow to one of the other aims of the trumpet ministration the winners in all this are iran or russia and turkey and a lot of speculation here about any recent talks that took place between turkey and
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the us particularly with the khashoggi affair still around people that wondering whether there was some sort of grand bargain that has been struck on this speculating but no facts at all other than this which is to tell you that new agreement for missiles between the u.s. and turkey has been signed with the u.s. providing turkey patriot missiles that's interesting excellent stuff james bays at the united nations thank you so it's tireless together now with lawrence korb joining us from washington d.c. is a former u.s. assistant secretary of defense our senior fellow at the center for american progress lawrence everyone seems surprised but i'm actually reading some notes from you here saying that you're actually not terribly surprised by this news talk us through that. well basically president trump campaigned and said he would get our troops out of there last year he wanted to announce it he was talked out of it by people like secretary of defense mattis for general mcmaster who was then his
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national security adviser general kelly who was the white house chief of staff and secretary of state rex tillerson well most all except for secretary mabus they're all gone the other saying is that basically he is trying to in my view distract attention for all the domestic problems he has at home and so by announcing this which is very popular with his base he campaigned on it and most americans are tired of the wars in the middle east this will help them at home what has been pointed out by your correspondent this is not good for the united states is not good for our allies and it's not good for peace in the in the region right so it's basically a it's a good political move for don't trump any president who can bring troops home that looks good for them is it as simple as that for him to signing off and saying they're coming home because i do know it's there is a lot of opposition from some prominent u.s. senate has already the likes of marco rubio lindsey graham as well no i mean
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he has power he's the commander in chief he can order the forces to go and there's a big debate about whether he can send them into a war without congress what's bringing them home they have no problem i mean you may remember we withdrew all of our troops from iraq back in two thousand and eleven there was no there are a lot of people in congress opposed to that but there was nothing they could do no this is his thing just like he can order the troops to the border and bring them back from the border the idea and this is what donald trump is certainly tweeted about but the idea that i still has been defeated in syria that would seem premature it wouldn't. well it is i mean we took back there we took back rock and coal bonnie to the cities but there's still maybe twenty thousand of them in the in the area and that's one of the reasons he was going mensa stay in there by his team last year and the other was because of the iranian president's we have no
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leverage now in any of the negotiations as to the future of syria or unschooled it's always a pleasure talking to you thank you for joining us thank you for having me. here's what's ahead. another leak from turkish media as more images of the children but. also why frey's book is in the spotlight over your right to privacy. manchester united calls upon a club hero to save it will tell you more about the new boss a little later when. the governor of the capital of democratic republic of congo has ordered a stop to all presidential campaigning in the capital. cited security reasons for his decision on wednesday he says there's evidence people are preparing for confrontations and just days before voting takes place on sunday more from
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catherine sawyer. being called. trying to make he way to the ground when the bulk of the way. it's supposed to be fine on. a convoy where out by you want when people here aren't they will not back down that we would want. iraq and it was all come about. by the level of cory by the governor they spending all all right and. i think information they have. really. a lot of people that are. not given it by the government. he need a lot of the right he absolutely gone out whereby you. don't want.
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to. bring in their one where you don't think they want to ground and. then. very many people. research analyst at the risk consultancy group very risky kroft she told state of unrest in democratic republic of congo is most likely to persist despite the outcome of the elections. i think what we're seeing here is a very clear indication of can be listened tensions he intends to be able to influence the results of these elections on sunday through from behind the scenes so he has stepped back and he's appointed this successor shattering who is meant to take the reins from him at least until twenty twenty three i think what he's trying to do by for example the governor of can of withdrawing the ability for you to hold
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this this demonstration today is is he's he's really trying to target for you loose campaign because he sees for you as the main contender the main contender to actually legitimately win this vote share that shutter is intended to take from them i think there's a lot of understanding about the way that is trying to manipulate this vote on sunday i think there is there is still an element of hope there is still an element that for you lou or to the end of the couple to be able to succeed and to win but ultimately these two main scenarios that we have various mental craftsy are firstly chattery winning and outright and secondly a scenario where shattering. is meant to win this vote but he actually is it has to co-opt opposition members into a coalition government both scenarios will involve great unrest and without doubt a contested result and definitely with with anything that's going on in d c there
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is a regional element i think in particular we're looking to the east we're looking to rwanda we're looking to burn date for their reactions to what's going on already we've seen a step up of troop action on the border with india on the border with south kivu as well we see we see in rwanda there have been just yesterday there was an attack on rebel militias coming over from d r c into a wound and they in the process of doing that killed two congolese army members i think this is the main issue that we have to see that anything that goes on that affects the instability in the east is going to spill over into the into the regional neighbors i think at the moment rwanda burundi will be watching what's going on and can just a very carefully today. former first lady years wanted for questioning in south africa gross mcgarvie is accused of hitting a woman with an electrical cord in a hotel room in johannesburg last year. said she suffered a serious head injury the wife of former president robert mugabe says it was all self-defense despite no longer being first lady grace mccartney is still protected
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by. explains her options could be limited the government spokesperson here in zimbabwe said that we have not received any written communication from south africa when we do the government will consider it according to the laws of zimbabwe what we know is a grace mugabe is in right now she was in singapore where she was getting treatment she's being protected by the state because she's a former first lady and as far as we know the last time she was in south africa was when that incident happened last year now what does that mean internationally it basically means that if she travels to a country anywhere in the world that country could arrest and hand over to the south africans and. loves to shop they joke that she's time on planes they know that she loves traveling now that means her travel options could be limited if certain countries take this seriously all eyes are now on the zimbabwean government if they receive this written communication. are they going to hand her over given
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the fact that she is a former first lady of the united nations world food program discussing food and more than one hundred ninety thousand people in gaza and the occupied west bank explaining a severe funding shortfall the u.n. is asking for three hundred fifty million dollars in funding to help one point four million people across occupied palestinian territories. warring parties in yemen are accusing each other of breaching the fragile ceasefire in the port city of a beta tuesday was the first day of the truce but there were four explosions in and around the city although it's not clear who was behind those blasts more from mohammed. pictures emerging from her data on tuesday show a relative calm at who the checkpoints documents were requested before people were allowed to pass in some areas the streets were largely empty in others the traffic slowed. down and we are optimistic about the ceasefire decision
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but who is implementing the resolution brokered by the united nations who is implementing the decisions taken during the suite in negotiations the saudi aggression did not implement any of the decisions made in sweden yemenis are suffering what the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis where millions are facing starvation. aid workers say the situation remains desperate around her data the main gate way for eighty percent of much needed food and humanitarian aid in sweden last week representatives from the who the movement and the saudi u.a.e. backed government the president will months old had agreed not only to withdraw fighters but also to establish humanitarian corridors and to allow for the deployment of un supervised neutral forces the redeployment from the ports of ho data salif russy signed critical parts of the city associated with the humanitarian facilities shall be completed within two weeks after the cease fires entry into
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force the full mutual redeployment of all forces from the city of her data and the ports of her data salif and russy so shall be completed within a maximum period of twenty one days after the cease fire enters into force it is a responsibility of the parties to fulfill the agreement and local leaders in her day to say they're determined to ensure the truce no matter how fragile it is holds . and the would have the land and sending the agreement that was discussed thank god we in the province of the data and the local authorities are committed to the ceasefire but there are some violations of the aircraft that are still flying over the city despite the reports of explosions and sporadic fighting yemenis in and around the besieged port city are for now at least feeling some small semblance of hope. took a show of media has links new photos showing the suspected saudi hit team arrived
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to kill jamal khashoggi the show. and the saudi consulate where the journalist died shot up in a surveillance. walking through istanbul airport dressed casually dragging suitcases the suspected saudi hit team arrived for the mission new photos leaked to turkish media showed them arriving at the saudi consul general residence in istanbul the faucheux time stamped eleven away on the second of october the day jamal khashoggi was killed at the same time others into the consulate this is from the same camera that captured the final images of. the saudi journalist entered through the same doors two hours later at one fourteen pm there is about three thousand five hundred hours of footage that the investigators are actually looking into saw due to the fact that this is taking time and there is new evidence come in notes we get these leaks was no while. within days the world learned khashoggi had
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been murdered and dismembered inside the consulate over weeks cause mounted for justice and accountability he was put on the cover of time magazine as person of the year saudi prosecutors responded with criminal charges for the men in this so-called hit squad five face the death penalty six a charged with related offenses it is also rejected turkey's request to extradite the suspects for trial using the vienna convention on diplomatic immunity as reason not to or the major question of who was at the killing has been left unanswered the results are fifty six and forty one news u.s. senators gave their verdicts last week passing resolutions blaming saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon for khashoggi sticks and calling for an end to u.s. military support for assad to lead a finance of in yemen this is now unanimously unanimously united states senate has said that crown prince mohammed bin
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salman is responsible for the murder of her male. the saudi foreign ministry denounced the senate's position saying it is based upon unsubstantiated claims and allegations contained blatant interferences in the kingdom's internal of fear is undermining the kingdom's regional and international role but condemnation and denials aren't enough to stop the leaks these timestamped images reveal more about the movements of the suspected saudi hitting before and after the killing of jamal khashoggi sharma ballasts zero it is becoming an increasingly dangerous world for journalists to do their job the number of revenge killings nearly doubled this year this is from the annual report for the committee to protect journalists the c p j it found thirty four journalists were murdered in retaliation for their work sixteen more than last year nineteen others were killed while covering conflict and violent protests the committee's blaming
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a lack of international leadership on the rights and safety of journalists one example of course the murder of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi in the saudi consulate in istanbul back in october thirteen journalists were killed in afghanistan year this year making it the most dangerous country to report from however the number of war reporters actually killed in war zones fail to its lowest level in seven years. donald trump's being asked to approve new sanctions on anyone in the nicaragua were involved in state sponsored repression or human rights violations attacks against government critics and the media have increased since peaceful protests against the president began in april. has our report now from managua. to the i the streets of money are calm the tension remains the presence of security forces is now the norm ready to quickly put down any acts of anti-government dissent like that that there are no protests because you'll get thrown in prison that's why this country has more than six hundred political
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prisoners in jail and he is a vocal critic of nicaraguan president daniel ortega. this is her being thrown into the back of a police vehicle the last time a public protest was held in when i was. in a similar manner i actually broke my foot in that moment then they took every one of us away in an act of absurdity and in front of all the members of the press. in the wake of the crackdown government critics and journalists run the risk of attack by pro-government forces i got a value. from the start of troubles which began over proposed reforms to a national pension program prison in order to get has underlined his commitment to human rights he says the violent scene so far is part of the right wing conspiracy against him. former nicaraguan ambassador to the oas who said we still ask is says that's nonsense there are only so much. this is more than a police state this is
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a state that acts completely arbitrarily the rule of law and no longer exists in the hands of hitmen it's like an orioles novel where they speak in newspeak where war means peace and freedom means slavery that's what happened here large protests are no longer allowed civic and business leaders along with mediators from the catholic church have all pleaded with president or to. turned to the negotiating table despite international condemnation and sanctions imposed by the united states there's no sign the president or figure is willing to accept early elections a condition demanded by the national opposition human rights observers board the political crisis will continue to deepen pushing the country further toward a situation similar to that of venezuela for activists like an am i to get aid to however what matters is continuing the resistance against the government in my mouth. we're going to continue until daniel ortega is gone they've never add when
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history has taught me anything it's that when you cry when people say enough it means in math yeah that sentiment means the calm on the streets right now maybe no more just a phase and you get i was political crisis went up a little dizzy when i was. here's what's ahead for you on this news are. we amazing the musicians intelligent tajikistan determined to keep the thousand years of tradition alive. and winning streak and other home victory in denver brings the nuggets run to seven million has all the highlights since. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts where we have been seeing some very stormy conditions here across the eastern mediterranean in the western part of the avant notice the clouds right there bringing some rain not only
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to israel but also to syria as well as into parts of turkey now the snow is not going to be as heavy as what we have seen previously but we are going to see quite a bit of heavy rain across parts of northern iraq as well thursday will be like that by the time we get to friday most of the heavy rain will have dissipated we'll see some lingering showers here across southern parts of the caspian maybe tehran will see. a passing shower to there twelve degrees in your forecast down towards quite city it will be a cool day for you at about twenty one degrees across much of the gulf we are looking at dry conditions we did see some clouds down here crosscut down towards yemen as well heavy showers were a problem down across parts of somalia but up towards the north doha is going to start at twenty four degrees on thursday may be getting a little bit warmer as we go towards friday and abu dhabi seeing about twenty five degrees in your forecast and then very quickly across parts of southern africa we have seen some clouds pushing across cape town but no real rain in the forecast over the next few days so for cape town twenty three degrees there over here
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towards johannesburg it is going to be showers in your forecast at twenty three and durban twenty one degrees for you. radicalism is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's everywhere we're told we're supposed to be highly suspicious of everybody and everything but our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society impacting you typing on the net there's only so much we can take before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization part of the radicalized youth series an al-jazeera. after joining the green peace team campaigning to protect the weddell sea in antarctica we're now in australia for the outcome with the first generation to realize the gravity of this crisis.
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but we may be the last to be able to do something about it another try a special find out if the effort to create the largest sentry on earth has succeeded thrice on al-jazeera. top stories for you here on the news our u.s. media is reporting the united states is planning to fully withdraw its troops in syria within sixty to one hundred days president donald trump's also tweeted saying we defeated isis in syria my only reason for being during the trump president's. election campaigning been stopped in kinshasa the capital of democratic republic of
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congo where the governor says there's evidence people are preparing for confrontations just days before voting takes place opposition candidate march in full a i had been due to hold a rally. and police in south africa. we have issued an arrest warrant for zimbabwe's former first lady grace mugabe the wife of the former president robert mugabe is accused of his model in johannesburg last year. more on our top story the u.s. plan to withdraw troops from syria and we've got a few from turkey. in istanbul the decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria coincides with turkey's announcement that it plans a cross border operation into syria particularly into the area where u.s. troops are stationed and the area under the control of the wipe e.g. a kurdish armed group that turkey considers a terrorist organization but that armed group has been an ally of the united states the white p.g. has so far not made any statement or given any reaction to the u.s.
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withdrawal announcement but clearly this is being seen as some sort of green light from the president to turkey to launch a cross a border operation now the question is will the turkish military go ahead with its threats and what exactly will happen to this enclave in northeastern syria that is under the control of the y.p. g are the russians the syrian government the iranian government they are going to lay claim to this territory as well but like i mentioned the decision to withdraw u.s. troops is linked to turkey's threats because just a few days ago turkey's foreign minister said ankara believes that trump is considering leaving syria and are gone president are gone said that trump supports his plans for an operation so this issue was being discussed between the turkish and the and us presidents a phone call and just hours after
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a gun announced that cross border operation what we've been seeing over the past few days are intensive contacts between these two nato allies these two nato allies whose relationship. really has been strained in recent years particularly over the u.s. support for the white p.g. the us eating out to turkey and the u.s. special envoy saying just yesterday that we understand turkey's concerns and we are taking steps to ease those concerns for the united states it is much more important to laurent turkey away from its alliance with russia and iran if it is to implement its strategy in the region then to keep really two thousand troops on the ground in territory in east syria so we have to wait to see whether or not turkey is going to go ahead with plans to enter the northeast syria and what is going to happen in that corner of that country. one hundred days to go now before britain is due to
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leave the european union the countdown to briggs it is growing increasingly chaotic prime minister theresa may has told him pays that negotiations with the e.u. is still going on but things got heated in parliament between mrs may and the opposition leader jeremy coleman. prime minister mr speaker has thrown away two years on her botched negotiations she's now recklessly wasting four billion pounds of public money and she's holding parliament and the country to ransom. thank you thank you mr speaker they said they put down of those no confidence then they said they wouldn't then they said they would then they did it but it wasn't effective i know this is the christmas season and the kinds of minds sees and don't want to be seen from the labor frontbencher the right on a budget and he's going to get a confidence vote oh yes it is. but at the same time the e.u. was piling pressure on theresa may saying
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a no deal bragg's it could mean british goods being subject to e.u. customs controls at the border may says her deal though is the best available while m.p.'s from all parties are calling it a disaster remember she has delayed the final vote to accept or reject the deal until the middle of next month more from that he's in london. well in parliament on wednesday jeremy corbin the leader of the labor opposition accuse prime minister to resign me of being reckless in announcing these new measures for speeding up preparations for those deals breaks it the end of march next year the government has one cabinet approval for measures worth more than two billion u.s. dollars more in funding for things like special flights to ensure medical supplies continue to arrive stockpiling certain. chemicals in britain putting three and a half thousand troops on standby and employed thousands more civil servants and
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he's not the only person who's worried about the prospect five of britain's biggest business organizations have written to the government saying they're watching on with horror as as they see it politicians engage in factional fighting rather than doing what's best for britain well on wednesday the european commission did outline some of its own measures that it's going to take to try to limit the damage if there were no deal breck's it next year it says that the e.u. will continue to allow u.k. based financial companies to access european markets for a twelve month period and similarly it says that british flights will be able to continue to use the so-called single european sky agreement an air traffic control system for twelve months that also extends some aviation licenses but i think that there is an admission on both sides that there will be an impact as world leaders
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vie for a say in europe's energy market one country is caught in the middle denmark's consent is required before the final section of a controversial russian pipeline can be completed that opinion there is divided as well for an answer has more from copenhagen. a new pipeline which could double the amount of gas russia delivers directly to germany has kept world leaders busy arguing if europe might become too dependent on russia so about thirty thousand pipes here in carson but in this harbor down in sweden near the danish border where departure stuart the economic benefits of the pipeline construction outweigh the concerns i have a course on the people here in karl's home think it's a great idea they're happy with it it creates a lot of jobs but in the rest of sweden they're afraid and they said if you let the russians into your harbor the pipeline is divided europe and its allies into those who are for and those against in september u.s.
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president donald trump criticize germany over the plan and germany will become totally dependent on russian energy if it does not immediately change course the twelve hundred kilometer route runs on the baltic sea a pipeline will be able to supply to european markets giving russian alternative to bypass existing pipelines running through ukraine with which it has poor relations poland and the baltic states are against a project saying it will damage their economies and leave them vulnerable to russia the pipeline cries permission from scandinavian countries as it will pass through their international waters feelings in sweden have already agreed but denmark the last country to approve is hesitant we have been pressured from all thought and we are very small countries russia have been more and more aggressive they have annexed crimea. actually waging war as we say against ukraine and then actually also building up militarily against the baltic states were one about
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dearest and closest friends denmark doesn't need the gas its energy policy calls for self-sufficiency by the year two thousand and fifty but it doesn't want to damage relations with its neighboring countries either this is one of the major foreign policy decisions since the cold war it is because it. we somehow signal if we belong still belong to the american camp or more you german following germany so therefore it's it's a very important decision politicians in denmark are looking to brussels for an agreement that she'll start country against the critics of the pipeline with their skinny navy never supporting the project they feel left alone in this decision and their response has been to play for time. tired of waiting the company building the pipeline has proposed a different route that runs just outside danish territorial waters where commercial project is a highway of gas that is going to secure europe with
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a supply of gas that is needed in the future construction of the pipeline is supposed to be completed by late next year and those building it seem determined to continue no matter how the politics play out here announced al-jazeera copenhagen denmark. the most popular video blogger in chechnya faces deportation from poland he fled his home town years ago after receiving death threats from government leaders but now he may be actually forced to go back home human rights activists say it's a situation thousands of church and are in fact dealing with. has more. to do rock one of his an online sensation but offline he fears for his life a popular blogger from chechnya has been living in exile in poland for the last three years he's terrified of what will happen if he's forced to return home not searches you want to be back in chechnya just the very thought of being deported to russia it's something i try to not even think about in august one of his you tube
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videos got two million views in it he's allegedly threatened by one of the most feared men in chechnya the speaker of parliament my goal met. ramzan kind of as a chechen leader he is reverb by supporters and feared by opponents they say he's notorious for running a brutal regime would rule through corruption torture and murder abdurrahman all fled to poland after he says he was threatened by the leader's cars and he told me let us meet up next time and i will take you to ram zion capital and if he tells me to kill you i will kill you if he tells me to put you in jail i will put you in jail and if he tells me to let you go i will let you go. he's been hoping to receive asylum in poland ever since without success kadyrov and his security forces have warned asylum seekers that they will pay for their criticism if they return. this is that in chechnya favorite rules people fear the authorities they fear each
9:41 pm
other people start to fit everything the state of affairs is practically the same as maybe in germany during hitler's time or in russia during stalin's time. the chechen government accused up iraq must know of an involvement with iceland syria stamps on his passport to prove otherwise he says and now security concerns in europe are complicating the status of chechens who fled the polish government says thirty one hundred people filed for asylum in the first nine months of the here about two thousand of them were russians mainly from the chechen republic only sixty three were granted asylum for many champions it's a matter of life and death. through the option i've been getting messages about this there have already been deportations and brenda berg germany many are worried they're calling in to see if it's true they're really scared right now. i've dropped my knowledge has managed to hide from chechen security forces but he doesn't know for how much longer. lopez so the young al jazeera i gather
9:42 pm
in opposition m.p.'s of the government protests will continue against the new slavery law one which they say will force ontarians to do extra time in alliance of trade unionists has also pledged to hold nationwide strikes if the law is signed into effect protesters are condemning the so-called slave labor law which allows up to four hundred hours of overtime and a delay of payment for up to three years the changes provoke violence scenes in the country's capital and thousands of been protesting since. with more from budapest. we haven't seen anything like the large scale protests of the weekend when thousands of hunger areas converged on the capital outside parliament and also. went to the state's broadcaster the hungry state broadcaster where we saw angry scenes and violent scenes where opposition m.p.'s who had entered the building two of whom were forcibly ejected and injured we actually met with
9:43 pm
two of those m.p.'s earlier today independent n.p.c. in the hunger in parliament and they explained to us that the protest movement which has become known as the solidarity movement is spontaneous sporadic it's not centralized we have different groups involved everything from students youth movements to the neighbor unions also now to these political parties on both the left and the right of the spectrum and they are saying that there is now likely to be another large scale protest towards the weekend when this since so-called slavery little is expected to be signed into effect by the president the demands of the protesters are not just about this slavery nor as they call it because it's going to affect many working class hungary and we sitting expected to put in
9:44 pm
perhaps an additional four hundred hours of overtime a year and not be paid for that overtime by up to three is there other to mons are also about freeing up the media in hungary which they now say the opposition is completely controlled by viktor old man his political policy and his supporters and also to campaign for an independent judiciary these are among the chief concerns of this opposition movement and they are hoping that they will. continue to maintain this momentum but they say that for the long run this is not about a two three week flash in the pan it's going to take a lot of talk to be able to create any significant change in the political system in this country. coming up for you on the. broadcasting rights are attracting so much attention even all the way to the world trade organization.
9:45 pm
9:46 pm
al-jazeera. now a new york times report has discovered facebook has been providing major tech companies with uncensored access to its users private messages this is the latest blow for the social media company under heavy scrutiny of course this year for its lack of
9:47 pm
transparency over the use of personal data according to the times report facebook granted the likes of netflix spotify and apple full access to its users private messages facebook released a statement saying it never gave access without user permission and it saved no evidence that data had been misused we spoke to kevin delaney co-founder and c.e.o. of the news website quartz he told us users are fully aware how much of their private information is accessible. you have an agreement with facebook to allow it to use your data and then what facebook is saying is that in certain instances margaret soft amazon netflix spotify all these other companies are effectively stand ins for facebook itself so your agreement with facebook itself should actually apply to them as well this was a specific this was defined specifically in the two thousand and eleven consent to create to allow facebook to use service providers like credit card processing
9:48 pm
companies and other companies that they need to actually do their own business i think most people would say they didn't imagine that it would actually apply to the these tech giants who had access to the state and facebook does give you controls you know if people know to let you turn off who you're sharing information with one of the most troubling things about this is that these companies that the new york times is reporting on according to the new york times they didn't necessarily appear listed in the controls that you could turn off data sharing with and so you had no idea in the first place that they had access to your data. well issues over privacy now have facebook facing legal problems as well the attorney general for the district of columbia is suing facebook over the cambridge analytical scandal the first time regulators in the u.s. have actually moved to penalize the tech giant the lawsuit says facebook failed to protect the privacy of its uses and deceived them about who had access to that data it sounds familiar the scandal revealed earlier this year triggered
9:49 pm
a wave of investigations and intense global scrutiny on facebook's privacy practices are at its change completely time you spoke with leah thank you come on we'll start off with football and gareth bale scored a hat trick as real madrid booked their place in the final of the world cup in the u.a.e. there paean champions took apart japan's kachina antlers beating them three one wales hattrick was a quick fire won the welshman getting his three goals in the space of eleven minutes will face him are on the sideline in the final. manchester united have named their former striker ole gunman soul share as interim manager following the sacking of jose marino the norwegian played for the club between one thousand nine hundred six and two thousand and seven after retiring from playing he became a reserve team manager the only other top level role he's held in the u.k. was with cardiff city a short lived spell in twenty fourteen so shire will manage united until the end of the season alex ferguson's former assistant might feel and was appointed first team
9:50 pm
coach one of the favorites to take over as united boss permanently is tottenham manager. put it tino his spurs side face arch rivals arsenal away in the english league cup later with a place in the semifinals on the line spurs lost against the gunners were to the last time the sides met which was earlier this month in the e.p.l. but with tottenham sitting third in the league the arsenal manager doubts his counterpart would be interested in the united job. day yeah you're there in the champions league and they are still in the independent leak in the best pussy show on the much as the much just as united in the premier league. has seen he's he's powerful minds in the ninety's baby. i don't know if he's thinking to change for another club chelsea are also in action in the competition they host
9:51 pm
burn with both games kick off in the next hour and the winners will join third tier side burton albion and holders men city in the semifinals. now the world trade organization says it's launching an investigation into allegations that saudi arabia failed to protect sports broadcasting rights saudi arabia is one of the country's blockading tarn have been since two thousand and seventeen and since then qatar's b.n. sports content has been blocked in the kingdom the content has recently been rebroadcast under the brand out q the qatari network holds regional broadcasting rights for much of the world's high profile events including this year's world cup saudi arabia has claimed the sports broadcasts are blocked for national security reasons and it says the w t o has no standing to hear the case. now earlier we spoke to lars under from nordic content protection an organization working with t.v. channels to prevent privacy piracy rather he says the piracy crimes will only get
9:52 pm
more sophisticated. well it's getting bigger and bigger and it also depends on the evolution of the internet connection the high speed so we're seeing ahead many more criminal organizations getting bigger and bigger and taking him illegal outcome of this. i.p.c.c. string well in some countries it is a problem but that there is no consensus between countries on which also a tool appliance or this kind of criminality so there might be adequate loss in one country but since many jurisdictions can't be involved in this criminal activity there is a need to have to have a problem broader understanding of which slawson needed to to come to this crime well it's it's obvious that the head if you're not able to go to inform says in the right way you want your. loss to international cooperation
9:53 pm
it will be easier for the criminals to try to have their it illegal revenue out of this so there's a lot of neat phone for bringing in the the laws to speak and also have a much higher possibility of international cooperation trying to force this. to the n.h.l. now where the chicago blackhawks got a rare win and what has been a dismal run of games for the team they came from behind to beat the nashville predators on tuesday trailing one nil gust of forcing equalized for chicago in the second period then erik the stops and scored the winner on a power plays to see what who's won this is only the blackhawks second win well again it's six and in the n.b.a. the denver nuggets have extended their home winning streak to seven games beating the dallas mavericks one twenty six to one eighteen it's the best start for the nuggets since that one thousand and seventy six season serbian center nicolo joke it drove tuesday's when with thirty two points in the fourth quarter jamal marie
9:54 pm
took a lack of walk back up court for it to point to seal the when after dallas had rallied a fourteen point lead down four points the nuggets are topping the n.b.a.'s western conference closely followed by the golden state warriors. there was also a win for the atlanta hawks they beat the washington wizards jeremy lin was the standout player storing twelve of his sixteen points in the final period for atlanta final score one eighteen one ten. that's all for sports and let me thank you for that we're finally tells you can stand a rich history of music in storytelling dating back a thousand years we've got the latest of a series of reports now from the central asian country with child strife and who went to a music school in the bay to find out how to musicians are keeping their traditions alive. oh the name of this ancient times folk song is. legend has it that it was the
9:55 pm
first song by a mother whose daughter married a man in a village on the other side of a river but there was no bridge to cross. the mother would stand on the bank and seeing it in the hope ploy. don't means. you. no money money. money this is a gift from god to me and i'm thankful to god for this and so through my fingers i share this with everyone this is not just for me. shelf comedy shows me around the go to means museum and music school in. the capital city of tajikistan the school was opened by go to mange zulkey because of a movie star and musician who became famous in the one nine hundred forty s. during the soviet era this is a rhubarb believed to be one hundred years old from bought a show on
9:56 pm
a region that stretches from southern tajikistan into northern afghanistan these type of instruments is believed to have first been played almost a thousand years ago as you can imagine there are stories to be told about these instruments this for example is a traditional tactic tongue boar it's believed to be around four hundred fifty years old traditionally the leather supposed to be taken from a killed pregnant horse the strings from a killed a pregnant goat and the main body here the wood taken from an apricot tree that is just about to go into full bloom and the belief is that when the instrument is played you can hear the voices of the infant goat and horse calling for their mothers. not only plays these instruments but he makes them to. yeah she had made
9:57 pm
craftsmanship is very hard especially drilling you have to do everything with your hands from the moment i see the wood i magine how that instrument will sound. he's joined by fairly musicians in his group called sambal meaning sky. show plays a role and say in a place the doff which is a type of drum. group of over the years two to europe and america. they play a piece called a song. composed in the one nine hundred forty s. means news from the mountains. to tajikistan. in london in just
9:58 pm
a month. on the turn of december the democratic republic of congo is finally heading to the polls off the road to yet do we announce the winner of this already controversial presidential election join us for special coverage of the aussies election on al-jazeera. when the shots came from the holiday and we heard cracks we heard some noise. this was no no sniper alley is one of the most dangerous intersections in
9:59 pm
saudi arabia. he didn't come in through the front entrance that was what happened to the people who were shot they came into the wrong and the nightly part of took pics of the furniture to the room can remember so that's good there are a lot of sorry a vote holiday and war hotels on al-jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera a policy imposed decades ago pregnant woman thought that she would selectively goods and when he boards changing demographics across asia with far reaching consequences are creating a pool of socially disadvantaged young men so you have the system where people at
10:00 pm
every level will be get being given money money to agree distro zation our money to get other people to be the sterilisation al-jazeera examines the politics of population control. the u.s. says it started withdrawing its troops from syria several senators have branded that a mistake. hello i'm barbara sorry this is al jazeera live from london also coming up on the program . position supporters the fire in order suspending election campaigning in the arsons campus.


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