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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 20, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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so you have the system where people at every level will be get be given money money to agree to certain zation money to get other people to be disturbed. al-jazeera examines the politics of population control. us president donald trump announces he's withdrawing troops from syria the clearing the battle against eisel over. are you watching out for a live from london also coming up. opposition supporters the fire ban on campaigning in the capital of democratic republic of congo. one hundred days before breakfast at the european union reveals its plan to protect the blockade crashes out without
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a deal plus. the visit the tajik music school that's helping to keep hundreds of years of central asian music alive. thank you for joining us the u.s. president has announced that he's pulling all u.s. soldiers out of syria there are currently around two thousand special forces there but the trump says their mission was defeat i soul and that has now been accomplished the move could have major repercussions in the region this particle he reports from washington. it's a massive move that will dramatically change the landscape of the war in syria and one not many saw coming the u.s. president tweeting out that isis has been defeated and that was the only reason u.s. troops were in syria seeming to confirm reports that the two thousand u.s.
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troops in syria will leave over the next few months. but according to the u.s. government the islamic state of iraq and the levant is not actually defeated a point stressed by the president's own state department just last week i think it's fair to say america will remain on the ground after the physical to feed a caliphate until we have the pieces in place to ensure that that defeatism during the move comes after a phone call between president trump and president erdogan of turkey he's made clear he wants to target the kurds who have fought beside the us and that is more difficult to do if u.s. troops are in his way just a few months ago the president himself has played heralded as a sacrifice the kurds have made we're trying to get along very well we do get along great with the kurds we're trying to help them a lot so they fought with us they died with us they died we lost. tens of thousands of kurds died fighting isis now many worry what will happen to the kurds what this message sense is we don't stick with people our friends without the kurds in the
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syrian democratic forces we couldn't have beaten isis we couldn't have taken back and rocker because we were not willing to commit all of those troops that were necessary others say that should be a concern for the u.s. first time in my lifetime we have a prayer a president with the courage to declare victory and bring the troops home this came as a surprise for many on capitol hill some senators calling this a big mistake if this decision is a withdrawal of all of our forces in syria were dramatically listen this isn't a bomb of like move it's now that the u.s. has withdrawn or is going to withdraw from syria we have left basically turn the country over to russia and to an even greater extent iran the administration and the pentagon both released statements saying the fight against iso isn't over that the u.s. is simply transitioning to the next phase of the campaign they didn't say what that phase might look like. al-jazeera washington. and the slow she's
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a senior fellow at the brookings institution in washington she says that kurdish fighters in syria may now seek closer ties with the syrian government. i think it's going to be a significant development it certainly one that is going to be welcomed into iran and moscow and damascus if not by the syrian kurds president trump has long been clear that he has wanted to pull the u.s. troops out of syria in fact his advisors managed to persuade him not to do that at multiple points over this year i think the kurds will probably not be surprised by this decision even if they may have been caught off guard by the timing and i think they have been quite strategic in terms of maintaining relations with a number of powers operating within syria and there's some speculation about whether the y.p. g. now is going to be trying to expedite its conversations with damascus so that it gets regime backing if the turks decide to launch
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a military campaign against them. police in the democratic republic of congo have fired tear gas to break up crowds of rock throwing opposition supporters in the capital kinshasa the protesters were rallying in support of opposition candidate washing for util he was using all the major campaign events but was blocked from arriving by the security forces for several hours and as there'll be no scorch of home earlier the governor of banned all political gatherings in the city citing security concerns and there are now been reports that sunday's presidential vote may be delayed at first so i was at that rally if you earlier. some of my if you'd like you. can see that i. am very tired but i'm also quite fine and that i think i'm going to stay put and
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that presidential candidate is going to tommy and the dragon is a must read and i know nothing running not just that we have not. been on our economy didn't have one of the many many. great means by not even more . going. on none of. that is. based on and it's all coming out from these. kids even easy ones when the old one was. very good at it was out by many people here. still aids. is disputed. a state of emergency has been declared in the sudanese city of
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a bara that's after the local headquarters of the ruling national congress party was burned down hundreds of people have been protesting against the hike in the price of bread at the subsidies were cancelled a twelve hour curfew has been imposed in madagascar a former president and the man who ousted him in a two thousand and nine kuo are battling to become the country's next leader in a fiercely contested runoff election bitter rivals marc ravalomanana and andry rajoelina cast a vote on wednesday election result is due to be released by the angle of. the head of the european union's monitoring commission says the vote has passed peacefully. busy i've just come from two lives the two teams to represent the candidates there told us we are ready to accept the other side's victory so it's a pretty good atmosphere the world food program has announced severe service cuts affecting palestinians in gaza and the occupied west bank food assistance to one
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hundred ninety thousand people will be reduced or suspended from the start of january the u.n. agency is blaming funding cuts having lost forty percent of its u.s. funding when president donald trump slashed they'd two humanitarian agencies working in the occupied territories it says it needs another fifty seven million dollars to continue its work next year this decision is extremely difficult to make the people that we do reach the most vulnerable across palestine and we appreciate that we're going to put further anxiety in these families we're going to make them more desperate to be at peace doing everything it can to try and find extra funding to meet that gap. explosions have been reported in the yemeni port city of a day there for a second day despite a u.n. mediated ceasefire the who these are the saudi led coalition have blamed each other for violations on the first day of the truce on tuesday a breakdown of the agreement that was reached at talks in sweden last week could
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lead to humanitarian operations being suspended around the vital port city the british government has set out its biggest reform of immigration policy for more than forty years as it prepares for a post relationship with the rest of the world the cap on the number of skilled immigrant workers is being scrapped and unskilled laborers will still be granted temporary visas but the government has the first plans for a controversial salary threshold on skilled immigrants and the plans have had a mixed reception paul brennan reports. the issue of immigration has been at the heart of the whole debate with the european union's freedom of movement rules limiting the u.k. government's ability to pick and choose who can enter the u.k. the government's dilemma post bracks it is how to visibly reduce immigration without damaging the economy the future system is about making sure immigration works in the best interests of the u.k.
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we are absolutely not closing our doors we're simply making sure that we have control over who comes through the. the new law will scrap the current limit on the number of skilled immigrant workers such as doctors or engineers it will allow low skilled immigrants to work for up to twelve months before they would be forced to leave again a suggested minimum salary threshold equivalent to around thirty eight thousand dollars for skilled e.u. migrants is being deferred for further consultation and the whole system would be phased in from twenty twenty one a new twelve month visa would be used for individual unskilled workers from specific low risk countries they would not be allowed to settle or bring their relatives with them and it seems destined still little for better integration but it is an explicit recognition from the government that despite anti immigrant sentiments some sectors of the u.k. economy have become dependent on cheap unskilled migrant labor using a salary threshold to define skilled and unskilled workers is worrying to hospitals
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and health care providers the starting salaries of nurses paramedics and midwives will likely put them below the threshold that's a problem in a service where twenty one percent of nurses and health visitors are non british and thirty percent of doctors come from overseas axel and tony is a german born accountant who built his business up in the u.k. his frustration at the treatment of e.u. workers here let him to co-found the campaign group the three million e.u. citizens are generating about two thousand three hundred pounds more in tax than the average adult in the u.k. seventy eight thousand pounds net contribution after all costing it take into account over the lifetime. prime minister theresa may emphasised her commitment to immigration control with a visit to london's heathrow airport on wednesday to see border guards at work but reaction to the government's proposals has been mixed some predict an imminent skill shortage in key sectors questioned as one opposition m.p.
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pointed out society javid the example of cabinet ministers shows that being highly paid and highly skilled do not always go together paul brennan al-jazeera london. still ahead this hour four hours south africa issues on a rest one for zimbabwe's former first lady brace for allegedly assaulting a model. new pictures show the fifteen men suspected of murdering journalist. entering the saudi consulate in istanbul. how the violence of the weather in australia has gone away to settle down to some degree it is a big tropical showers of mistily but this is just cloud in the south disappointment though does rain considering it's early summer the temperatures around about the twenty one mark for melbourne if you're in camera was a bit of
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a heat wave really that won't this come out of the interior of the spring it is still hovering around the forty mark and perth is doing well at twenty seven now we do get some late day showers spring up through queens and bits of new south wales up in northern territory but otherwise it's a fairly dry picture but the wind direction still wrong it's cold down a bit was i get to friday anywhere from adelaide right around the corner congress even got this chill by this time twenty degrees not so in brisbane enjoy your thirty seven enjoy the queensland coast which is considerably less wet than it was now a wet weather further sized is going across tasmania reaches new zealand that all systems still that a slow circulation which means persistent rain probably for north island but also for south on the sun should be out there a brighter day and slightly warmer day north and the following day now winter settled in to the korean peninsula and japan but it's nothing like as harsh is going to be temps venting is slightly rising in the cloud in honshu.
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adored by millions a stone's most famous critic him arrived as prime minister on a blaze of national celebration. now one hundred days into his leadership people asked whether delivering on promises would be as easy in practice as it was in theory. right now the nation is not feeling confident right now people are disappointed with the bombing in minus one hundred days on al jazeera.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. says all its troops will be withdrawn from syria within sixty to one hundred days it comes after president obama called the clear victory over i saw in a tweet. police in the democratic republic of congo have fired tear gas at crowds of rocks throwing opposition supporters in the capital they were protesting after campaigning was suspended in kinshasa and their candidates marching for you to was blocked from attending a major rally. and the world food program says severe funding cuts mean food assistance to one hundred ninety thousand palestinians in gaza and the west bank will be reduced or suspended from the start of january. south african police have issued an arrest warrant for zimbabwe's former first lady grace mugabe for assaulting a model with an electrical cord the wife of former president robert mugabe is accused of attacking the woman in a johannesburg hotel room last august every other angle said she suffered
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a serious head injury garber has previously claimed that she was acting in self-defense police say the warrant was issued last thursday well despite no longer being first lady graceful garber is still protected by zimbabwe but as her with us explains her options could be limited the government spokesperson here in zimbabwe said that we have not received any written communication from south africa when we do the government will consider it according to the laws of zimbabwe what we know is a grace mugabe is in right now she was in singapore which is getting treatment she's being protected by the state because she's a former first lady and as far as we know the last time she was in south africa was when that incident happened last year now what is the risk mean internationally it basically means that if she travels to a country anywhere in the war that country could arrest and hand over to these other africans and call her because she loves to shop the joke that she's the time
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on planes and so they know that she loves traveling now that means her travel options could be limited if certain countries take this arrest warrant seriously all eyes are now on the zimbabwean government if they're receive this written communication from the africans are they going to hand her over given the fact that she is a former first lady once again turkish media has leaked images of the some of the suspects accused of murdering journalists. the new photos appear to show the so-called hit team arriving at the saudi consulate in istanbul where he was killed charlotte bellis has the story. walking through istanbul airport dressed casually dragging suitcases the suspected saudi hit team arrived for the mission new photos leaked to turkish media showed them arriving at the saudi consul general's residence in istanbul the faucheux time stamped eleven o eight on the second of october the day jamal khashoggi was killed at the same time others into the consulate this is from the same camera that captured the final
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images of. the saudi journalist entered through the same doors two always later at one fourteen pm there is about three thousand five hundred hours of footage that the investigators are actually looking into saw due to the fact that this is taking time and there is new evidence come in notes we get these leaks was no while. within days the world learned khashoggi had been murdered and dismembered inside the consulate over weeks because mounted for justice and accountability he was put on the cover of time magazine as a person of the year saudi prosecutors responded with criminal charges for the men in this so-called hit squad five face the death penalty six a charged with related offenses it is also rejected turkey's request to extradite the suspects for trial using the vienna convention on diplomatic immunity as reason
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not to or the major question of who was at the killing has been left unanswered the results are fifty six and forty one news u.s. senators gave their verdicts last week passing resolutions blaming saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon for khashoggi sticks and calling for an end to u.s. military support for saudi prince of in yemen this is now unanimously unanimously united states senate has said that crown prince mohammed bin salman is responsible for the murder of your mail. the saudi foreign ministry denounced the senate's position saying it is based upon unsubstantiated claims and allegations contained blatant interference in the kingdom's internal of fear is undermining the kingdom's regional and international role but condemnation and denials on and off to stop the leaks these timestamped images reveal more about the movements of the suspected saudi hitty before and
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after the killing of jamal khashoggi ballasts. wednesday marks the second that of the attack on a christmas market in berlin that left twelve people dead and dozens more badly wounded at the time authorities were blamed for failing to offer adequate protections but two years on the sense of being under siege has faded so is the country now better protected or have the authorities just been lucky from the german capital domenic reports berlin police stand guard outside a mosque this week their investigation into illegal financing of the war in syria has brought them here intelligence led actions like this have become much more common in the last two years following the twenty sixteen attack on the bloodshed plant's christmas market the worst atrocity in germany for decades on wednesday survivors and relatives of the victims came to pay their respects. years ago i was
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standing at the blue vine stall with my mother when the truck drove through the fence and destroyed everything i was severely injured and my mother was killed that's why we remember the victims today it is hard for me to come back here but in two years i have grown strong it's been important to me to personally process this in the end everyone has to find his own way. for the security services finding their own way meant securing more funding and then prioritizing preventative action one analyst told me another factor was the defeat of eisel in syria and it's in suing effect here in germany well it really is a generational change and we've seen this in many many terrorists movements and complains that the you will from the first inspiring leaders to the second imitators to the third generation adventurers who are still dangerous but by far not as well organized and capable as the second generation. now the christmas
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market in bloodshed platts is one of the most secure in germany police vans stand at the main entrances and exits foot patrols are regular and conspicuous a sign of law and order in action which in caps relates the changed approach across the country a glance at the figures in recent years shows the effect in twenty sixteen there were seven violent acts against civilians killing twelve and wounding sixty last year there was just one killing one and wounding five so far this year there have been none which is just what people like deca want to hear she's had to stand in pride side plots every christmas for the past thirteen years as they become danielle and the people still come here despite what happened and i'm not afraid for myself we will not let ourselves be defeated by this act and that spirit is apparent on the faces of many of the visitors here now. it's clear the memory of
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what happened here two years ago has not faded but because there's been no repetition of such a major violent incident in germany the perception of the threat level has it's also clear that the authorities wanted to stay that way dominic kane al-jazeera berlin. one of the most popular video bloggers in chechnya is facing deportation from poland thomas or under on the article that fled his hometown after receiving death threats from government leaders but now he may be forced to go back home kathy lopez who reports. to me so of do rock one of his an online sensation but offline he fears for his life a popular blogger from chechnya has been living in exile in poland for the last three years he's terrified of what will happen if he's forced to return home not certain sure to be back in chechnya just the very thought of being deported to russia it's something i try to not even think about in august one of his you tube
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videos got two million views in it he's allegedly threatened by one of the most feared men in chechnya the speaker of parliament my goal met the golf clubs on kind of as a chechen leader he is reverb by supporters and feared by opponents they say he's notorious for running a brutal regime was rules through corruption torture and murder abdurrahman all fled to poland after he says he was threatened by the leader's cars and he told me let us meet up next time and i will take you to rahm's on capital and if he tells me to kill you i will kill you if he tells me to put you in jail i will put you in jail and if he tells me to let you go i will let you go. he's been hoping to receive asylum in poland ever since without success kadyrov and his security forces have warned asylum seekers that they will pay for their criticism if they return. this is that in chechnya favorite people fear the authorities they fear each other
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people start to fit everything the state of affairs is practically the same as maybe in germany during hitler's time or in russia during stalin's time. the chechen government accused up iraq not know of an involvement with iceland syria stamps on his passport to prove otherwise he says and now security concerns in europe are complicating the status of chechens who fled the polish government says thirty one hundred people filed for asylum in the first nine months of the here about two thousand of them were russians mainly from the chechen republic only sixty three were granted asylum for many champions it's a matter of life and death. through the option i've been getting messages about this there have already been deportations and brenda berg germany many are worried they're calling in to see if it's true they're really scared right now. i've dropped my knowledge has managed to hide from chechen security forces but he doesn't know for how much longer. personal jaan al-jazeera.
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because ricky stone has a rich history of music and storytelling back thousand years in the latest in a series of reports from the central asian country charles stratford went to a music school in the capital but to find out how the tajik musicians are keeping their traditions of life. out. of the name of this ancient times folk song is. legend has it that it was first song by a mother whose daughter married a man in a village on the other side of a river but there was no bridge to cross. the mother would stand on the bank and sing it in the hope her daughter would reply. means i miss you. know month month.
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month this is a gift from god to me and i'm thankful to god for this and so through my fingers i share this with everyone this is not just for me. shove comedy shows me around the go to mange museum in music school in. the capital city of tajikistan the school was opened by go to mange zulkey because of a toxic movie star and musician who became famous in the one nine hundred forty s. during the soviet era this is a rhubarb believed to be one hundred years old from bottle a region that stretches from southern tajikistan into norton afghanistan. these type of instruments is believed to have first been played almost a thousand years ago as you can imagine there are stories to be told about these instruments this for example is a traditional high cheek tongue bore it's believed to be around four hundred fifty years old traditionally the leather supposed to be taken from
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a killed pregnant horse the strings from a killed a pregnant goat and the main body here the wood taken from an apricot tree that is just about to go into full bloom and the belief is that when the instrument is played you can hear the voices of the infant goat and hoarse calling for their mothers. not only plays these instruments but he makes them too. young it says she had made craftsmanship is very hard especially drilling you have to do everything with your hands from the moment i see the wood i magine how that instrument will sound out and he's joined by fairly musicians in his group called sabol meaning sky. show plays a real and chord born a cena plays the dark which is
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a type of drum. group have over the years toured europe and america. they play a piece called the soft border the chorus started composed in the one nine hundred forty s. it means news from the mountains. al-jazeera . tajikistan. a british coroner's court says a russian businessman who collapsed while jogging near his home in southern england died of natural causes alexander previn each needle was just forty forty four when he passed away six years ago he blown the whistle on organized crime in russia and was helping to expose a money laundering operation worth hundreds of millions of dollars investigators were examining the possibility that he had been poisoned. the attorney general for
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washington d.c. is suing facebook over the misuse of the users they say in the cambridge analytical scandal the lawsuit comes as the social network faces new reports about data breaches the new york times as obtained internal documents showing that facebook arranged to share data with more than one hundred fifty companies including netflix and spotify facebook says the reason the evidence of misuse. thanks. and the reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. says all of its troops will be withdrawn from syria within sixty to one hundred days it comes after president donald trump appeared to declare victory over eisel in the tweet about two thousand troops are currently stationed there many of them special operations forces working with kurdish fighters against the on particle has more now from washington. we're seeing members of congress come out and say this is
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a horrible idea don't do this leave the two thousand u.s. troops in there but really it's unlikely that they can change the president's mind because he is after all the commander in chief so it appears that the president has made this decision of course the big question is now what happens to the kurds that have been allied with the united states fighting alongside really the key to defeating the islamic state of iraq in the levant which even the president acknowledged in a news conference just a few months ago so the president not talking about that basically just declaring victory in the war against iceland saying he's going to bring the two thousand troops home police in the democratic republic of congo have fired tear gas to break up crowds of rock throwing opposition supporters in the capital kinshasa the protesters were rallying in support of the opposition candidate martin he was used to hold a major campaign event but he was blocked from arriving by the security forces for
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several hours and then as now being a score to go home earlier the governor of a banned all political gatherings in the city citing security concerns. the world food program has announced severe service cuts affecting palestinians in gaza and the occupied west bank food assistance almost two hundred thousand people will be reduced or suspended from the start of january the u.n. agency is blaming funding cuts explosions have been reported in the yemeni port city of a day there for a second day despite a u.n. mediated ceasefire who these and the saudi led coalition of blamed each other for violations on the first day of the truce on tuesday a break that of the agreement could lead to humanitarian operations being suspended around the vital port city. that's coming up next people and power by. young african footballers are travelling to thailand in hopes of becoming professional players but they risk discrimination and exploitation. when east
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investigates thailand's football factory on al-jazeera. in july twenty eighth emerging crumbs p.t.i. poetry dramatically overturned the political status quo in pakistan and he became its prime minister which will a former cricketer turned politician be able to keep the empty shoes electoral promises he made to limit our pledges to revive the economy fortune justice and most challenging me to defeat corruption and montana has no idea what is against what is actually fighting against and what kind of resistance would come and not just from the politicians it's going to come from all quarters inspects the identical to the sent back that up sion gone.


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