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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 353  Al Jazeera  December 20, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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it's of our best suited in favor of our most. russia and iran. however the three of them agreed until yesterday on one that was that all were. thrown off your straight now that america this gauge i think that the visions between that the partners were because . everyone of thirty six people has a different not to say conflict thing and that the question is where did this when elected or with the role would they have their way for a second man it's worth why mentioning the position of russia yesterday saying that that was that or were may open or to see a date that chances of a settlement however the question today and that big question is how
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iran would react and which is this with their all would offer or would it be a gift to your own knowing that the strategy of few as it was defeated by the new station is to come from wrong forty eight pro-democracy and shia workers had been acquitted by an egyptian court their kids to spreading dissent and then rest before during and after a day two thousand and eleven uprising which ousted then president hosni mubarak the group which includes citizens from the u.s. europe egypt and other arab nations was jailed in two thousand and thirteen charged with operating without approval and receiving overseas funding the case has been seen as an example of egypt's crackdown on human rights. back to our top story now iran is one of the countries represented last weeks in talk last week rather in talks at the u.n. about syria along with turkey and russia and that decision by trying to pull troops
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out of syria is likely to figure in the talks between iranian in turkish leaders and encouraged today ryan present haasan rouhani arrived on wednesday night for talks with french a typewriter gone they'll be discussing economic ties between the two countries and a voter is in turkey's capital we are expecting a news conference from them so kind to lay out for us this complicated relationship between turkey and iran is particularly now that donald trump this made this decision. well turkey and iran don't stand on the same side in the syrian conflict but they do work together within this asked in a framework this path of negotiations the russian led past negotiations now honey's visit was unexpected it was a surprise announced just twenty four hours before it actually happened which is kind of unusual state visits are usually planned in advance so it seemed that there was
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a pressing issue to discuss and that was syria at the time turkey and the united states where we reaching out to each other trying to improve the strained relationship in washington making overtures to turkey and whenever that happens iran worries that iran feels vulnerable because it wants to keep turkey close turkey is the only country regional power it works with iran of course being isolated but when rouhani landed in ankara last night there was this unexpected this isn't by the u.s. president that u.s. troops will be leaving syria the northwest of syria and claves thirty five percent of syrian territory in one way or another that territory is up for grabs now we know what turkey one state wants the syrian kurdish armed group the white p.g. which enjoys self rule in this area and has been allied with the united states to leave that area to leave the border area turkey repeatedly says that it has no
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territorial ambitions in syria but the white p.g. is a national security threat now what will it discuss with the russians and the iranians on what happens next because the white p.g. is now left vulnerable or will the white p.g.a. engage in the gauche ations with the damascus government to reach some sort of an arrangement so following the decision by the united states to pull out its troops from syria there's going to be a lot of behind the scenes in the goshi ations. all right as you can see we had a bit of a glitch there with us but she laid out what we can be looking forward to in expecting between the meeting between richard typer go on and we will keep an ear to that press conference that should be happening soon russia's president vladimir putin has welcomed his u.s. counterparts decision to withdraw american withdraw america's troops from syria speaking at his annual press conference the russian leader says the u.s. military presence in syria is it legitimate he added his forces have not seen any sign of a withdrawal yet. look assertive might be than an evil is for defeat an ocelot i
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generally agree with the president of the united states with the chief some major advances when it comes to defeating the terrorists and we've struck major blows against terrorists in syria there is a danger that those terrorist groups may now infiltrate the neighboring regions for example afghanistan and other countries for example the countries of origin that is a great risk for all of us including russia and the us asian and seadrill asian countries still ahead on al-jazeera letting its underway in togo in violence what have the latest on the election and in our latest special report from to me like it too rampant trends that are taking a toll on families and when a central interest course nations.
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code has settled in and but it's not extreme the clouds coming up from the south from china through south korea and into southern home shoot for this part of japan but this general area is settled into a sort of rather quiet bit of winter the real severe cold is still around but it's right up pieced minus fifty thankfully that's not leaking out to sea minus fourteen is the coldest place along the tar and that's a high temperature but we're above freezing for your stock across the sendai snow is showing itself coming into the high ground and even the low ground times about timing it to saturday is only showing in her forty's and sapporo and rather pleasant fifteen down in tokyo now this unusual burst of activity was could see a couple days ago of suc like activity in the bay of bengal so the result in what should be a dry time the year in this part of china is a scattering of showers light showers out of the cloud that exists that girls will
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come. rather cloudy in hong kong but still at twenty five degrees the coast of vietnam cloudy potentially but not especially wet and probably not weighted towards be honest but there is more bring in the central and southern philippines this is probably the place to focus in the next couple of days for the heaviest downpours. xenophobe violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. al-jazeera infiltrates one of the continent's fastest growing far right organizations and exposes links to members of the european parliament and marine le pen's national rally property generation eight. part two of a special two project. on al jazeera.
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these are the top stories right now on al-jazeera president donald trump is withdrawing all american troops from syria saying i saw has been defeated in its decision though surprised or now allies and some members of his own republican party the pentagon says some soldiers have started to fly home. fourteen pro-democracy n.-g. o. workers have been acquitted by an egyptian court they were jailed in two thousand and thirteen accused of spreading dissent and unrest before during and after the two thousand and eleven uprising which ousted then president hosting the car. got out of the democrat democratic republic of congo we have confirmed reports that the electoral commission has summoned all twenty one presidential candidates to
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parliament there's been talk that the vote could be delayed for another week athens or reports on the growing tensions around the campaign. a stage all. charged opposition supporters down thing. and exuding confidence that this will be a fact but the ground will be fully packed by the time they lead a march. on the presidential candidate could not get here. police blocked the road his convoy and support his who had accompanied him were using. family fires in protest but those no getting through the police. all the while there are people remained hopeful. maybe i'm told not. to.
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go and vote. but. if. we're going to hurt. and i think everything there cannot be held responsible. at. all is. there what does make me. come to this all happened after. suspended political rallies in the city because of security reasons right after that a senior official at the electoral commission say there's a possibility of postponing the fan the election for a week. the main reason last week nearly seven thousand voting machines for kinshasa why destroyed when a warehouse where they were stored was burned down twenty five thousand replacement
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devices from other regions have arrived in the capital and they still have to be reconfigured. it's been a chaotic and violent complaint season and many people here are concerned that this could escalate action is disputed catch we saw al jazeera kinshasa. let's get the latest from kinshasa now malcolm is there for us and malcolm you had a chance to speak to someone one of the. so as we saw in kathryn's story that mass in play one of the main opposition candidates was allowed to meet with his supporters following the ban on the final campaign rallies by the governor of the police held in the out of the city late into the night there was a heavy rain storm is forces by when he was allowed into the city in a short while ago we went to speak to him we asked him about the planning of his
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final rally let's hear what he had to say. i'm asking while they are looking my campaign i have almost five days during my campaign where it was a complete loss in the lubumbashi they send soldiers military policeman to shoot people in the kindle manuma providers they didn't allow me to go there in the telling me they killed my supporters i'm asking why and i was prevented to fly to other part of the country i'm asking the question why the government cannot he has not right he has not a complete sense to. me that he did before continuing the election commissions talking about a possible delay to the power of the polish the lathe why different that will happen and how will you react the poll cannot be delayed because of mr nanga because don't go for electoral commission say that he will be on the twenty three
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and he told everybody that i would be ready and we asked are asking for. the election on that day if not you have to go he has to go just to leave because he's not capable mr nungesser is not responsible you know he has to give the clearly the credible and transparent election on the due date if he and mr kabila did have to. commission held a meeting with stakeholders for the election would fall into the green and gay when this election was first meant to happen following up on rather than on violence. leading up to the end as it is. saying that election should come. from that. that was the french sixty two years later
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commission we've got to make. me understand that talk about possible. and then. presidential candidates not just going on right now some of the presidential election commission just a few hours from now. the electoral commission we're expecting an announcement from them in which they'll say whether or not this election is going to be going ahead it will be delayed or it will be delayed and there will be waiting to see the reaction of. the opposition candidates who are many supporters here in the capital likely to be very disappointed if this already. delayed. even further. thank you. and yet many vitally important data is relatively calm on the second day of the u.n. brokered cease fire with. the rebels in the
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capital sana demonstrator there backing for the train then sporadically open since starting on wednesday. we won't pays for the yemeni people and we support with the committees and thank them for the reference and hope that the other saw before a few of the agreement and stop the war and the fighting. i think the disagreement is the beginning of something good for the yemeni people but. we still see violations from the enemy's method areas we find them not wanting peace nor stability for the people so i think my message to the world is that i want the war to stop so we can live we want to live like the rest of the world we want to restate harm nine s. whilst no planes it want to live and work for our children. one person has been killed is rising food and fuel prices are provoking protests across sudan a state of emergency is being enforced after riots in the city are a security forces fire tear gas at hundreds of protesters various at one of the
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world's highest inflation rates charleville us reports. i a wave of discontent over rising food prices the sudanese chant people want the government down others echoed the coup did the same chance heard in the arab spring revolution seven years ago. sudan as had a flashpoint over inflation now at nearly seventy percent that's one of the world's highest the state of emergency is being enforced in the city of up after they hit the issues the whole party says on fire the curfews in force and schools are closed . a few hundred kilometers south down the river nile protests are placed by queues and consume a lot of office for van marsh if the living conditions in sudan has deteriorated.


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