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country west we've been saying this this has been she took him two years. not two guys election on the jury for december twenty eighth if you can two is this not have a days enough not have a day or weeks to come that's going to neither be fair on this mission why because we're going to partner here a whole national. at the national level or international level i mean like i mean the size of the society you want to part with them you want to listen to anybody if you want even part of the opposition was taking things by his own hand because he is willing. to mr kabila mr kabila and mr nunn they wanted to guise of of course the elections you know and democratic elections not transparent elections is what they were happening even even right now we country like congo after to the care of low we facing a lot of problems become going to be the government there is a driving by doesn't have enough money to support the looks or commissions like
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a few months ago mr nunn i was crying i don't have money to take care of all the logistics we don't have enough logistics and this is the third time election in the congo the first one happened in two thousand and six the second happened to those eleven and this is the fed one in the european union the rippin union even the united nations to always be a partner of this lecture so that you now then even taking part of this election's and now showing the area because they failed to protect the people is the strategy pattern effect it's called that way it took to partner so that the partners and now he's clearly dispelling the following is announcement of the delay in getting your supporters try that. it's not about only calling a process that's about to force them to do to cortex we need to know first you know in this country the biggest political party is the people we cover mr wallace not even the political people are going to wait for anybody the interest of the country become personal. this people here supreme is a high level of poverty there's
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a lack of governance you know good governance these are the there is the lack of rule of law people are suffering the congo you know and many people die so many years of wars and this is the time that for the first time in the history of this country that we can have a peaceful transition of power in this country and suggesting to everybody is a dream for the you for who the young people of this country in this city just are in the income are in recovery everywhere as we one that went to see peaceful in the peace we made a mistake to khloe and it could be a good we be having in new in you personally so now we don't know what the people want to do they have to take their own this in their own hands because she belongs everybody is not a miracle with political political people that support x. no people they know that this the people know what they want they want they want to be they got to be there for themselves it's not as we're going to put people us as a as a political party as a political platform we are peaceful political party. to
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a platform where we are peaceful people even yesterday we know what happened they stopped mr parr you know trying to get through to have a meeting in the center raising the eastern side of things as they stop you if they release and after eight hours which was illegal even the governor the governor of kids are so concerned they did the campaign for president it's illegal is acting full to defend mr kabila is not acting according to the electoral law what we are saying right now people they have to do what they can do people or they have to express themselves they have to speak people have to express themselves they cannot see them to shut down they can in the they they cannot tell them go to protect they have to protect if there are protests but they have to protect peacefully we always say that there's a way to protect us but in the way in the push peaceful manner that you can communicate your visit but also also taking attention of international communities the united nations vatican so the u.n. can see so they have a security council meal so they have to be. this we've been telling them says mr
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kabila is the ready to come right to lectures because this election is it for him if you don't open for him to go. modi think is the real reason. they said technical problems logistical problems with the sound skeptical about what he thinks the real reason in living by another week moving for another week mr nunn you want to steal is the playing the game is protecting your powers protecting this is not the thing being the first time that the postponing elections if none is failing to connect it to you is a pressure what about the coming weeks or got you to do anything it's a lack of political will to get my selection destruction some people that they are we looking everything to the only choice like a political will to commit lections that is the main cause of the congo may not have a good democracy and trust with elections. and the government the ruling party
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can still rule the rallies in the final campaign rallies in the capital including yours which is meant to take place yesterday so i think that people planning violence among different political factions and people in the ruling party have called out your group. in particular as one responsible for some of this violence. some politicians he blamed your faction for the. fire in the warehouse where the electoral commission says voting machines were destroyed was your response to these allegations suggestions. they knew what they were playing and today people can see in the day during the day that those all those lies stop now because they claim that we as a political problem who did what but let me let me remind you some. they look just
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excited when the west bank it's the way this enemy this is the army the soldiers in the war those are of army difference both. headquarters how can you get dates good do it is that ok why only in kinshasa why not get our side you know are we are we soldiers are we in the army no we are it democratic platform practical we only want like you know to defend us a peaceful you know we don't have it in the army is that never happened and that was the reason today people of congo and international community can realize that the truth comes out that this was plainly the plan to ban it so they can claim that this is the reason for this fight x. why is there we not a board technically or we are technical you know what you told them as lessons so that was plain so to give mr nonda open road to claim that because of this so i'm not able to this is a fairly accurate in what i want to talk about the cancellation of our campaign to
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a no there's no there was no confrontation you know yes we are approaching this a power mr said i was running for the f.c.c. who is a computer scientists as a candidate you also have police academy must have mr for you but yesterday mr as a present he was the only person this position candidate there was more than a meeting with treasury with clash that we should be looking at each should be look at us and ask if was too political. prisoners a candidate that we can claim that there should be no question we see any any militant or any supporters of saddam or of. love i was there all the whole city you know that mr are you all oh it's all the supporters that could have you on the street you know all those was lies because they they they act saying you know everything is plain sees the pentacle the the roses exam and now they stop we stop or you. not to do it in the region in. the region now
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even if you just as i'm talking to you right now it's only way to congress on trial which is like six hours to get there we don't know what may happen stopping it because they don't want to elections and what it was reported as now we are seeing mr nunn to his yes to resign we knew we need somebody to take somebody who's ready to give free and fair election to take over thank you that was really. is a senior aide to martin is one of the leading opposition candidate in the presidential election here in the democratic republic of congo which has just been just been announced by the electoral commission that it's going to be postponed for another week after already being delayed for two years and that's the announcement was just had with elections expected to take place on the. december very interesting
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listening to your conversation that he was very passionate and seems to suggest that the logistical problems are being used as a pretext to simply not have a free and fair election in the deol say see the opposition is saying this is unacceptable how how much concern is there about that now being an outbreak of violence as a result of this. that's what everyone's waiting to see i mean there has been violence before the end of president joseph kabila is the second and final constitutional that ended in december twenty sixth two years ago because there were no elections planned in the lead up to the end of that they will try to test from opposition from civil society movement here on the streets you can just often broken up violently bind the police and we've seen protests like that as well continue over the last two years. people are now waiting to see what will happen
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in reaction to this announcement and of course there are many opposition supporters here in the capital martin and felix just a katydid main opposition candidate but have a very broad support base here we have heard today at the largest university in kinshasa there's been students protesting marching around. the compound that the campus very protesting carrying boards and so on waiting for this announcement saying that they were demanding elections they wanted alexion to go ahead as scheduled announcements just been made a few minutes ago we were waiting to find out if well when opposition supporters will be taking to the streets to protest this or not. all right thank you very much bring us all the latest on that story. there is still more to come for you on the program sri lanka's president installs
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a new cabinet in an attempt to restore some order. on line i want to start here. this is the. is a dialogue the government has codebase i legal protest and instructed police to use force to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice vote for lots of different reasons what's different types of bricks join the global conversation on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every new.
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young african footballers are travelling to thailand in hopes of becoming professional players but they risk discrimination and exploitation. when one has the best of gates thailand's football factory on al-jazeera. a yemeni woman has finally been reunited with her dying son in the united states off to a lengthy legal battle to enter the country shyam us we had been prevented from flying to california because of the trump administration's travel ban she was greeted by dozens of well wishers at san francisco airport john hendren was that.
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at san francisco international airport a long delay finally came to an end neither distance nor war nor the u.s. travel ban could keep this mother from a last farewell with her ailing son nearly two years after applying for a u.s. visa and twenty three months after the trumpet ministration banned visas from yemen and six other countries seamus whelan has arrived this is the vehicle time for our family but we are blessed to be together the journey to san francisco began in war torn yemen and ends at this nearby hospital there her two year old son of dylan lies on life support with a degenerative brain disease and doctors say only days of life left but this is what a bill is father pleaded with the u.s. state department for twenty eight times i want his mother to be next to him while he was going through it and because he was a lot like. bond with them with the mother although both only and abdullah haasan
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are american citizens the u.s. government granted shaimaa a waiver only on tuesday a day after her son appealed directly to the american people in a news conference the family's lawyers say it did not have to take this long cheema they say was clearly eligible for a waiver there is a sham process and this basically shows that the issuance of our visa this week was not an act of kindness on their part. that embassy and apartment of state had a legal obligation to adjudicate shamus waiver requests within a reasonable amount of time and they failed on that allegation but it is the most readers should we differ unionist to visit troops so long that little ability is now one hundred years on able to bring in by himself and unlikely to know his mother is there she says i want to go to the house with all take my child go home no words you are right she's not going to take his side of the home we're going to take his child to the grave because he's done when shaimaa received her visa on
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tuesday only said she wept for the first time in months for joy to his gran of happiness to come see her son and she was the same time bastian she's going to see her son. go away now after waiting two years they wait for the end together john hendren al-jazeera san francisco. a judge in new york has refused to dismiss sexual assault charges against disgraced us film producer harvey weinstein the next hearing in the case has been set for march weinstein is charged with rape and other sexual misconduct is lawyers trying to get the case thrown out arguing that people acted inappropriately cheering the investigation a publicist see around the weinstein case helped launch the need to movement well now to president lie to policy saying has appointed a new cabinet hoping to end a seven week long political crisis al-jazeera has been alpha and is has more on the
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story now from colombo. it's been a challenge for the new prime minister had to decide who's in and who's out of his new cabinet however we see to compromise and a whole lot of negotiation twenty nine people being sworn in to their positions this morning now strange we hear from reports inside that unlike some of the ceremonial swearing in in the sort of chamber of the presidential secretary building behind me. an old parliament we hear that today swearing in happened on an individual basis. of the i should in to present my to policy to say in his office one by one where basically the warnin to the new cabinet we hear that there had been a fair bit of wrangling with president seriously need to agree on the composition of that cabinet he had insisted that door members of his own sri lanka freedom party d.s. and their feet be accommodated in the new cabinet should they cross over and pledge
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the port for on the missing now this is obviously not the end of the road even though the entire country is hoping that after the sort of theatrical over the last two months things settle down and the country starts returning to normal there are essentially issues that need to be resolved the composition of parliament tools the opposition leaders pose and basically how this country goes forward as the prime minister said his priority is to rest or no most and then move on with development . mr chairman colace gun could soon be released from detention in japan he was arrested in november as part of an investigation into alleged financial misconduct and later formally charged but a court in tokyo has rejected prosecutors request to extend custody of the auto executives and it sounds spokesperson declined to comment on the decision. well now the united nations human rights chief is criticised denmark's plans to set up
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a detention center on a small island for asylum seekers who have committed serious crimes the danish parliament has approved building the center on the island of linda hong which has been used for disease research kathy lopez had to and has more this is lent home the small deserted island at the center of denmark's immigration debate it's set to become home for about one hundred asylum seekers whose amplifications have been rejected because they've committed crimes including murder and rape they say they risk being tortured or murdered back home in denmark deports them the remote location is symbolic some ministers say it's meant to make people feel unwelcome and for decades the island's been home to animals infected with contagious diseases or scientists research swine flu and rabies. at denmark denmark's immigration minister is a leading advocate of the new policy the danish people's party known for its strong stance on immigration posted
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a video on social media which says until we can get rid of them we will transfer them to the island opponents say the plan is shocking and will feel division and hate we have seen the negative impact of such policies of isolation and should not replicate this policies also feeling vulnerable are danes living near the island asylum seekers sent there will be allowed to leave during the day they'll be able to take the ferry to kill the head where people fear a drop in turkey them and sales we've already heard from some of the reality people . sales have been cancelled because of this imagine their one hundred fifteen million dollar project is scheduled to open in two years cut c.l.o. percival yon al-jazeera. the british army has been called in to help with the search for drone operators who forced the closure of gatwick airport near london for more than nineteen hours police hold had flights in
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a second busiest airport for safety reasons on wednesday evening often drones were sighted me of the wrong way they believe it's a deliberate attempt to stop flights at one of the busiest times of year more than one hundred thousand passengers have been affected each time we get close which will disappear when we look to reopen the airfield. convinced it's deliberate to disrupt. a more successful journey for three astronauts who are back on earth in time for christmas often more than six months on board the international space station a russian american and judgment astronauts landed safely in northern kazakhstan their homecoming was delayed by a. launch of the soyuz rocket carrying a replacement crew three astronauts remain on board the space station with three more scheduled to join them in january or there's more on everything we're covering here the latest on our top stories but also analysis that takes you behind the
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headlines al jazeera dot com is the address that's it from myself and now i will see you in a couple of hours time coming up though we have much more news for you from eldo honey center. after joining the greenpeace team come to protect the weddell sea and. we're now in australia for the outcome with the first generation to realize the gravity of this crisis but we may be the last to be able to do something about in another thread
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special find out if the effort to create the largest sentry on earth has succeeded thrice on al-jazeera. when i entered the spiritual modified car six hundred first power i feel the happiest. of. the women tearing up the truck in the west bank. challenge a stereotype. living life in the fast lane it's like the former for the duration of the. speech system on tuesday.
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with every. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. it is unacceptable. that we continue to uncover cyber crimes committed by china against america and other nations stealing trade and technology secrets worldwide chinese hackers are accused of global economic espionage. santa maria and this is the world news from al-jazeera sunday's presidential
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election in democratic republic of congo has been delayed for one week the election commissioner says it's technical problems donald trump defending his decision to pull american troops from syria saying it's time for others to fight in the middle east. frankly we are relieved that harvey weinstein failed in his efforts to avoid accountability for his actions and a new york judge refuses to drop charges against the movie mogul who sparked the global movement against sexual harassment. developing news out of the united states where it has been announced criminal charges against two hacker who allegedly worked for the chinese government the justice department brought it accuse them of waging a cyber campaign that focused on the large scale theft of commercial intellectual property the campaign allegedly targeted entities across the u.s.
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europe and asia all in breach of chinese bilateral international commitments they're also accused of stealing data from a hundred thousand u.s. navy personnel and spying on nasa and the u.s. department of energy look. it is unacceptable. that we continue to uncover cyber crime committed by china against america and other nations in two thousand and fifteen china promised to stop stealing trade secrets and other confidential business information through computer hacking with the intent of providing competitive advantage to companies in the commercial sector but the activity alleged in this indictment violates the commitment that china made that was a commitment they made to members of the international community to the united states to the g. twenty and to apec now we want china to cease its illegal cyber activities and honor its commitment to the international community but the evidence suggests
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that china may not intend to abide by its promises more on this with money held in washington d.c. hi patty these are pretty big his actions and when we're talking navy personnel nasa department of energy is a big u.s. so when is that asians. it isn't it's also the lot of private companies now they wouldn't detail exactly who was hacked because they said they didn't want to further damage their reputation but they said they were working with him basically summed it up as it's the who's who of american companies who have been targeted so it is a pretty sweeping allegation but what does it mean for these two. chinese nationals well probably not much other than limit in the places they can go on vacation it's unlikely that china is going to hand them over to the u.s. for any sort of trial so that as long as they have void going to any country with an extradition treaty with the u.s. they probably will stay out of u.s. custody the bigger thing is what this plot basically says and that is that these
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hackers were able to get into what something called a managed service provider f.b.i. director i think explained it best by saying it's like if you think of someone breaking into one home well this is if you broke into the supervisor of a apartment complex and got the master key they could break you they could get you into hundreds of not thousands of homes so it's a pretty broad allegation talking about forty five tech companies across twelve countries and they're also not holding back on the tough talk let's hear from the f.b.i. director christopher ray china's goal simply put is to replace the u.s. as the world's leading superpower and they're using illegal methods to get there they're using an expanding set of nontraditional and illegal methods china's state sponsored actors are the most active perpetrators of economic espionage against us in short. to strengthen themselves and to weaken the united states
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and while we welcome fair competition we cannot and will not tolerate illegal hacking stealing or cheating. so what this is likely to do is just further increase tensions between the u.s. and china already locked in a trade war and it is having a real world impact we're seeing the dow jones industrial the stock market in the u.s. basically plummeting hundreds of points again this is been consecutive thing this is now the biggest december lost in the u.s. financial markets since the great depression and this is just going to further inject into uncertainty into the concept of what's going to happen for further and you know what investors don't like it's uncertainty they're also now hearing that president trump might actually shut down the government over the border wall so obviously it's going to be a bad day on wall street ok thank you for all the information culhane in washington d.c. . the other breaking news this hour is the presidential election in democratic republic
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of congo it has been officially delayed till december thirtieth. but was made in the last hour by the electoral commission president a vote that had been scheduled for sunday but there is of course the above it was a fire that destroyed some of the polling machines and. those elements being blamed for the delay his malcolm where reporting from for us malcolm not entirely unexpected but not what the people obviously would have wanted either. you know was made just a short while ago actually commission building just commission we did the harm. we shouldn't in the country just because of a delay of one week but it's been delayed. in the lead up to the end of president joseph kabila constitutional election it was.
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the opposition and rights. constitution. stayed only not in till now. the opposition. say that all of these delays being part of a scheme by in the support of people in our state. moment it would have been delayed and then stuck in election to happen on sunday waiting very much to see what kind of reaction we're going to get from opposition. l.a. one week what sort of mood already in prior to this still are wondering how much the tension was regardless given they've been waiting well two years for this vote . from the tension including being from demonstrations in kinshasa the university campus today students were marching around the field off by police the history of unrest that day one of the students
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demonstrated to be not even allowed out of the county but this is a city of about eleven million people a big city in africa and when opposition politicians of the six percent through the streets all bally's you can get crowds of families found even hundreds of thousands of people. sometimes very angry off the bridge the government and demonstrations in the last carefully as have been broken up finally by the police using mind gunfire and the got it would have been a deployment of soldiers here and in some other parts of the country to find out now what your position leaders will say and what that forces will do it's all right lot more reporting to come from malcolm webb in the team and can chancellor in the next few days in fact next week hope to contain. turkey in iran have found to work closer on syria to the u.s.
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made its announcement to pull american troops from the country has this report for us from ankara. when iran's president began his visit to turkey there was an unexpected announcement from the white house donald trump ordered u.s. troops stationed in northeast syria to leave. neither haasan were hiding or turkey's president or the gun commented on the u.s. president's tweet instead they stressed their cooperation in the so-called asked to negotiate track talks led by russia. was. there are many steps that turkey and iran can take together to stop the fighting in the region and to establish peace will deepen our cooperation and consultations with iran on regional issues in this direction sudhir about. syria is very important to us and its destiny is in the hands of the syrian people and syria's territorial integrity should be respected by everyone and we two countries fully agree in that regard we will continue cooperation for regional peace and stability
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. in iran and turkey don't stand on the same side in syria's war but have been working together in recent days the u.s. and turkey have worked hard improving their strained relationship which some believe was the reason why rouhani made the surprise visit here an isolated iran has always been concerned about keeping turkey close and knowing where its leaders stand. whenever turkey approaches the united states or the units as it approaches to turkey we know that one of the losers of this. of this report will be the iranian state besides turkey there is no one contrary in the region which may cooperate with iran so for them it's quite. the u.s. decision to leave syria was seen as a concession to turkey which has been angered by washington's alliance with the syrian kurdish armed group known as the white p.g.
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turkey's president has threatened to cross a border offensive. to target why peachey fighters inside syria simply. we know of none of these in the east of the euphrates in front of us they can dig tunnels if they want they can go on the ground if they want when the time and place calm and they will be buried in the ditches that dog no one should doubt this any turkish military move into syria will likely have to be coordinated with russia they will also have to discuss and decide if the syrian government or the turkish bacteria and rebels will fill the vacuum the us presence in syria was militarily insignificant but it was a deterrent now will the wipe e.g. fight to maintain territory or reengage with damascus to reach some sort of an arrangement to avert military action either by the turkish russian iranian and or syrian army's who controls thirty five percent of syria's territory which is rich
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in oil and agriculture is in question but the message from serious power brokers iran russia and turkey is that they will hope to find common ground then after their also as iraq and. still ahead view on al-jazeera hopes the u.s. government says it is sending back some asylum seekers who crossed illegally from mexico and two cities under a state of emergency as protests.


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