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tv   Shock  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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due. to. technical. relief to whom can just. it's a logistical nightmare millions of ballot papers are yet to arrive in the country the last batch on the gets to kinshasa on saturday the president of the electoral commission has said that the delay is mainly because of a crisis in kinshasa after a warehouse where the city's voting machines while stored was barnes' down security and i need outbreak in the east i've also been mentioned that some people are angry about this position. blame all pain and suffering on president kabila and the semi president we are ready to be killed for our country this man who outside the commission's office is saying. send his executive board had held him audience your meetings with presidential candidates the catholic church and government officials
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to explain why it's impossible to go to the polls on sunday three main candidates a man will show diary of the ruling party. leader of the country's largest opposition party as well as martin for you the kind of a quality called did not show up we are telling him he has to be he has to be told if he and the mr miller they have to be removed from the actual position because of the people of color they are fed up that they cannot have any excuse not to push for the election for sure we're going to put the nod to this because this is kind of you know. of a way of you know all of the respecting people. on wednesday the governor of conciousness suspended all political rallies in the city for security reasons this campaign period has been chaotic and violent delaying the election only adds the
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tension and satin to in the country catherine sorry al jazeera kinshasa. still to come here on al-jazeera the danish government cracks down on asylum seekers with a criminal background. also ahead campaigning from behind bars and a girl's jailed opposition leaders are forced to get creative to try to win some votes. from flowing on in the winds to an enchanting desert breeze. you don't expect much right at this time of the year in china so the fact is a streak of cloud looks suspiciously like the rain bearing front it's a little old and it is the rain bearing front or at least a rain barry front and there's the evidence the forecast says if you will sponsor
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and we had some in you know we should be draw at this time the fact is spreading east was even developing as you see a push up towards the yanks am beyond is unusual hong kong should stay dry there twenty four twenty five degrees but more clouds than you might like fourteen in shanghai might be accompanied by rain and have you had a dry spell in the philippines recently this development you've already noticed i know because the central southern philippines there have been some heavy showers you should see the heaviest rain this time of the year really through indonesia and certainly have been flash floods in java and there's a chance of there being more of the same the same times a potential circulation developing just as this story stuff goes through the philippines during friday he carries on it'll head towards of it means coast on saturday as something more substantial that's one to watch at the same time it's draw it up in move out of the way to put instabilities e.m.'s to sumatra in singapore with the heavy rain now certainly further south in indonesia.
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sponsored by these. beautiful. women. in the. challenge. living in the. system. and watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s.
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defense secretary. at the end of february he said. he was more closely aligned to it comes a day after mr was withdrawing u.s. forces from syria. thousands of kurds in northern syria against the decision they want clear assurances from the u.s. led coalition after threats from the turkish president. to attack in the region. and the presidential election in the democratic republic of congo has been delayed until december the first. the president of the electoral commission said violence and logistical issues meant to stop could not be ready in time. now the u.s. has charged two chinese nationals of involvement in a massive hacking campaign the justice department's of the suspects on the to the
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chinese government passing away now from washington. at the justice department sweeping allegations against two chinese nationals accused of widespread hacking the victims included companies in banking and finance telecommunications and computer consumer electronics medical equipment packaging manufacturing consulting healthcare biotechnology automotive oil and gas exploration and mining the government says the hackers were able to get into the computers of nasa the energy department and the navy stealing the personal information of one hundred thousand sailors they wouldn't name the companies that were targeted but did say many of the attacks were aimed at managed service providers you've all heard about situations where you see somebody essentially the cyber equivalent of breaking into a house this is more like breaking into and getting the keys from the maintenance supervisor who has keys to hundreds and hundreds of apartments and all the
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residents in those apartments according to the indictment the to work for the chinese government and are believed to still be in china meaning they are unlikely to actually be arrested but this comes at a time of increased tensions between the u.s. and china after the arrest of a chinese tech executive at the request of the u.s. on charges of violating sanctions and the clock ticking on a ninety day window hoped it ending the trade war leading to another bad day on the stock market as the u.s. injects even more tension to the over the front u.s. china relationship. al-jazeera washington. well u.s. president donald trump has told republican party leaders he won't sign a bill to fund the government if it doesn't include money for his proposed border wall with mexico a temporary funding bill must be signed by midnight on friday to avoid a government shutdown mr trump wants it to include five billion dollars for the wall but the budget for border security and fencing is one point three billion a government shutdown would see more than eight hundred thousand federal workers
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forced to take time off or work without pay. the u.k. second busiest airport has been brought to a standstill after the appearance of large drones forced all flights to be cancelled u.k. troops are being sent to gatwick airport south of london as the police continue to hunt for the operator of the two two rooms the devices reappeared nearby everytime the airport tried to reopen the runway with one hundred thousand passengers stranded and about seven hundred fifty flights disrupted. was sitting on the plan nearly six hours on they tell as we can the fly zone is possible but they council after that they said to us you have to get out from there are planned and we get our all the families some of them they've gone back to london and we stay here as we sleep on the floor i have never seen any airport anywhere in the world affected by drones in this way eighteen months ago gatwick had a little bit of a scare when idiots who were drinking cheap price for forty minutes five flights
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diversity this is several organized orders of magnitude worse than whoever is behind this has very carefully and deliberately targeted the world's busiest single runway airport at a time when everything is under maximum straight britain's transport minister says everything possible is being done to deal with the backlog of stranded passengers were in regular conversation with the airlines and we look at all measures we counted ease the pressure on us and just kept people away one thing is are we going to be doing is temporarily i'm just temporarily lifting the night flight restrictions in other reports some more planes could get into the country apologise to the residents affected by this right and proper transport people's christmas is out apple is going to temporarily stop selling some of its telephones in germany it follows a munich court ruling over a patent rights dispute his dominant came. the implications for apple of this
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ruling by a court in munich cup potentially quite profound at issue is the technology installed in the i phone range pacifically the model seven seven plus eight eight plus and the i phone ten it was sold here in germany in the year twenty seventeen so this phone the i phone ten sold in germany last year the plaintiff in this case qualcomm says that its rights its patent rights have been infringed by apple this is not the case the only case that a qualcomm has launched against apple their case being to be heard in america next year but also a case that's already been heard in china for apple the well the implications are considerable already they have withdrawn the sale of these models concern from their stalls in germany qualcomm can have a temporary ban placed on apple selling those products if it chooses to but must pay a deposit of nearly two thirds of a billion euro for apple well if they wanted to stop this ruling taking permanent effect they must appeal for the protest expected in angry after the president
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signed off on a controversial labor reform which opponents are calling the slave law it allows employers to force people to work overtime delayed payment for up to three years robin for a city walk from budapest. new life has been breathed into the hug area an opposition thanks that so controversial laws passed by big governments in the hungarian parliament behind me the first law would create a parallel court system where the justice ministry would appoint judges and human rights groups say there is a further erosion of hungary's independent judiciary the second piece of legislation is a labor law which is really fired up a number of different organizations groups and political parties from both the left and the right because what it would mean would be that companies tend to monde's more working hours from their employees by up to four hundred hours that's an
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additional day for every week of the year is the interest of the biggest employers like the state itself but also these big multinational companies it's definitely not the interest of the country and people that have been to permanent tents established here outside the parliament by a hardcore of civil society activists who say they're going to stick it out throughout the christmas period and into the new year hello sabrina hi how you doing. i gather that you've been here for the last week that right is the first of yeah and you've had a couple of very chilly nights it's pretty cold and you know you need to. go down yesterday i do want everyone to have just what you need. to stand to to have rash to stand up for it if you're not a little christian now. victorious the government says that these laws are necessary and that this legislation is in line with the sorts of laws that you see
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in other european union countries and they also point out that amongst ordinary hungary and they still have high popularity rating they won a two thirds majority in parliamentary elections earlier this year but why. opponents of victory over government say is that in a healthy democracy opposition demands should be given. and yet the media in this country is largely controlled by viktor or and his supporters that's why thousands of people went to the state broadcaster on sunday into monday and we saw two opposition m.p.'s forcibly thrown from the building they were trying to get their demands on their eleven migrants of. the spanish southern coast thirty three others were rescued by the local maritime rescue service all of them who traveled from north africa more than sixty one thousand migrants have arrived in spain since the beginning of twenty eighteen. danish politicians have approved
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a plan to send asylum seekers have committed crimes to a remote island supporters say the new policy illustrates the government's tough stance on immigration the un human rights chief has criticized the move is catching on. this is land home the small deserted island at the center of denmark's immigration debate it's set to become home for about one hundred asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected because they've committed crimes including murder and rape they say they risk being tortured or murdered back home of denmark deports them the remote location is symbolic some ministers say it's meant to make people feel unwelcome and for decades of the island has been home to animals infected with contagious diseases where scientists research swine flu and rabies. denmark's immigration minister is a leading advocate of the new policy the danish people's party known for its strong stance on immigration posted a video on social media which says until we can get rid of them we will transfer
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them to the island opponents say the plan is shocking and will feel division and hate we have seen the negative impact of such policies of isolation and should not replicate these policies also feeling vulnerable are danes living near the island asylum seekers sent there will be allowed to leave during the day they'll be able to take the ferry to kill the head where people fear a drop in tourism and sales we've already heard from some of the real estate people their sales have been cancelled because of this imagine their one hundred fifteen million dollar project is scheduled to open in two years katia lobos of the young al jazeera. a prison cell in senegal has become the unlikely headquarters for an opposition campaign to stop the reelection of the president himself is accused of locking up his opponents so he can stay in power one of his rivals is the former
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mayor of the capital he's been jailed or what he says are trumped up corruption charges. it is from a prison cell that the once popular mayor of the current continues to challenge president mikey cell and campaign to stop his reelection his supporters such as besser we saw and are going house to house collecting the mandatory signatures from voters needed to become an official candidate. rules a rules this is an important election because our country is at a crossroads political adversaries are put in jail with thought the meca will be an alternative but it seems the president is trying to cling to power and making things worse the former mayor of the car was sentenced to five years in jail for corruption a charge he denies saying it is politically motivated to eliminate him from the election he's appealing to the supreme court. who want another challenger to the
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president was sentenced for corruption two he's also barred from running and is in exile in qatar both remain defiant there are hundreds of political parties every one of them believe that their candidate is best suited to stall president mikey self from winning another term in office the opposition is not united but divided with each karen today saying their struggle to get their voice heard i am listing international is calling on the government to immediately stop intimidation harassment of opposition leaders and crackdown on dissent supporters of president cell deny any wrongdoing saying all is in place for a smooth election and. we are confident and that institutions the opposition contest everything all the time it's now time to convince the sinegal people on the ground that i have policies that will make the last bitter. senegal's economy is booming becoming one of the fastest growing on the continent during lucky sales
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presidents and everything right from. the opposition of success has come at a cost to political freedom because hark al-jazeera the car. a judge in new york has cost a request to dismiss a sexual assault case against the disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein the sixty six year old whose alleged crimes inspired the me to movement is charged with rape and other sexual misconduct weinstein's lawyers tried to get the case thrown out at a hearing on wednesday they argued the police acted inappropriately during their your original investigation a pretrial hearing has been show for march. ok let's recap your top stories so far today the u.s. defense secretary james mattis has resigned and will leave his post at the end of february he said he's stepping down so president obama can have a defense chief with use more closely aligned to his own it comes
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a day after mr trump announced he was withdrawing u.s. forces from syria. thousands of kurds in northern syria protested against donald trump decision they want clear assurances from the u.s. led coalition after threats from the turkish president russia typer the one to attack kurdish fighters in the region washington support of the syrian defense forces allied with kurdish fighters that strained relations between washington and turkey the russian president has praised donald trump's decision to order troops out of syria but says he hasn't seen any sign of a withdrawal so far speaking at his annual media conference but he may put in that the u.s. military presence in syria was illegitimate. the presidential election in the democratic republic of congo has been delayed until december the thirtieth the vote had been shared tool for sunday the president of the electoral commission said
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violence and logistical issues meant his staff could not be ready in time the u.s. has charged two chinese nationals with involvement in a massive hacking campaign the justice department said the suspects are linked to the chinese government it says they targeted at least forty five us organizations including the us navy and nasa the pair are also accused of targeting dozens of other companies in at least twelve countries the u.k. second biggest airport has been brought to a standstill after the appearance of big drones forced all flights to be cancelled british troops have been sent to gatwick south of london as the police continue to hunt for the operation of the two devices the drones reappeared nearby everytime the airport tried to reopen the runway more than one hundred thousand passengers have been stranded at about seven hundred fifty flights disrupted eleven migrants have been found dead over the span of southern coast thirty three others were rescued by the nation's maritime rescue service or than sixty one thousand migrants
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have arrived in spain since the beginning of the year those are your headlines up next it's inside story our summary for you in about twenty five minutes ah see you then. really been defeated in syria the u.s. president thinks this is the total withdrawal of american troops america's allies a critical and what about. to help the us bottle this isn't.
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hello welcome to the program. donald trump is defending his decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria and his announcement that has been defeated his tweet surprised just about everyone including in the pentagon and abroad france is warning that has not been wiped off the map and the fight needs to continue rebel groups fighting ice will say a u.s. pullout could destabilize the region. sets up a discussion. it's a massive move that will dramatically change the landscape of the war in syria and one not many saw coming the u.s. president tweeting out that isis has been defeated and that was the only reason u.s. troops were in syria we have won against isis we've beaten them and we've beaten a badly we've taken back the land and now it's time for our troops to come back home. but according to the u.s. government the islamic state of iraq and the levant is not actually defeated
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a point stressed by the president's own state department just last week i think it's fair to say america will remain on the ground after the physical to feed a caliphate until we have the pieces in place to ensure that that defeatism during the move comes after a phone call between president trump and president urged one of turkey he's made clear he wants to target the kurds who have fought beside the us and that is more difficult to do if u.s. troops are in his way just a few months ago the president himself has played heralded as a sacrifice the kurds have made and we're trying to get along very well we do get along great with the kurds we're trying to help them a lot so they fought with us they died with us they died we lost. tens of thousands of kurds died fighting isis now many worry what will happen to the kurds what this message is we don't stick with people our friends without the kurds in the syrian democratic forces we couldn't have beaten isis we couldn't have taken back and rock of course we were not willing to commit all of those troops that were necessary
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others say that should be a concern for the u.s. first time in my lifetime we have a prayer a president with the courage to declare victory and bring the troops home this came as a surprise for many on capitol hill some senators calling this a big mistake it's hard to imagine that any president would wake up and make this kind of decision with this little communication with this little preparation if this decision is a withdrawal of all of our forces in syria were dramatically listen this isn't a bomb of life move because now that the u.s. has withdrawn or is going to withdraw from syria we have left basically turn the country over to russia and to an even greater extent iran the administration and the pentagon both released statements saying the fight against iso isn't over but the u.s. is simply transitioning to the next phase of the campaign they didn't say what that phase might look like. al-jazeera washington. turkey's president has
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threatened military action on the border with syria if u.s. but fighters don't leave saying the holder is following these developments from the turkish capital of ankara thirty five percent of syria in one way or another is up for grabs the north eastern enclave which is under the control of the kurdish armed groups the white p.g. the u.s. this is a to withdraw its troops leaves the white p.t. in a very vulnerable position yes the u.s. had some two thousand troops militarily this is insignificant but it was a deterrent and just a week ago turkey threatened they cross border operation and the y.p. g.'s self-will. in that that enclave because it sees this as a national security threat now what will the white p.g. do will it reengage with damascus earlier this year it wasn't talks with the syrian government to find some sort of an arrangement it broke off those talks after the united states convinced them to do that now engaging with damascus with in one way or another stave off the possibility of
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a cross border turkey operation but turkey government repeatedly says that we have no territorial ambitions in syria what we want is to get rid of quote these terrorists and the turkish defense minister reiterating. what they call terrorists have been digging trenches and that the turkish military will bury them in these trenches when the time comes so turkey keeping up the pressure but it will have to coordinate with russia and iran and its partners in the ass in the process if it does engage in any military action inside syria this is being seen as a concession to turkey it's seen as efforts by the united states to improve improve relations with turkey to try to pull it away from the russian and iranian camp in syria. over to our panel in london. at logan burg a specialist in kurdish politics he was in syria recently in washington d.c. general mark kimmitt former assistant secretary for political military affairs
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under president george w. bush and in moscow alexy klebnikov a middle east analyst at russia international affairs council welcome to you all i'd like to begin with you general mark kimmitt in d.c. has the white house simply abandoned the very people that helped defeat. no i don't think so i think there's a lot of misunderstanding about what this announcement means this just says that we're pulling the two thousand ground troops out of syria it will not stop our air support it will not stop our intelligence support it does not stop us from training and equipping troops outside of syria this is very similar to the strategy that we've used inside of iraq the local forces in that case iraqi security forces have been giving a lot of support by the americans but not ground troops and i think what has been done in iraq is a justification of the strategy those two thousand troops on the ground truly
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weren't making a significant difference. in london. will give heard well general mark kimmitt had to say that they know about issues to reach shifting of the strategies of the syrian kurds likely to see it that way i don't think so because there's not the real indication of there are supporters continuing today there's a meeting between between the kurds and the coalition about this issue and actually the kurds are afraid that in any moment turkey could attack them and also they are afraid about the regime and iran so they're now asking the world for more support to let the u.s. troops stay because the u.s. troops are there basically it's a terror and for turkey to attack and until now isis is thought to feed it and if there's no u.s. troops on the ground it's going to be very difficult to defeat the last fighters of isis in syria despite the very strong language of the turks have used there is still the russian involvement in all of this that needs to be discussed as well
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let's bring in alexey klebnikov in moscow the russians are still that does this mean that the russians are now the key player and they're the ones that be able to stop ticky coming in to lansing any particular offensive in northeastern syria one of the first place we shouldn't rush into conclusions about whether u.s. withdraws completely or just kills down as much your presence as my colleague in d.c. right the mentioned this statement doesn't mean the fool and of support to the kurds so they're basically several so there is the first narrow if united states basically. just lowers down it's a military on the ground living special forces. equipment training that doesn't change much on the ground basically just a business to turkey and us keeps guarding kurds in the area the second scenario is
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basically that yes u.s. withdraws from the east syria which actually leaves the. back home for turkey and iran to live in damascus to try to get those areas under the control which also exacerbates tensions between russia and turkey and the third scenario is that kurds under those circumstances will be more inclined to negotiate with moscow and damascus on possible terms of reintegration back into the syrian state you know to an agreement that general luck came out why is that well first of all i think that was a very balanced presentation from my colleague in russia. but i think what is left unsaid here is this notion that the united states has a significant responsibility to the y.p. g the y p g as testified by our former defense secretary directly links them to the p.k. k. second when we made this deal with the with the white b.g.
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it was said that our responsibilities and our assistance was going to be temporary transactional and tactical the president has determined that that that cigs actually where things are right now we are going to withdraw isis is not an existential threat to the united states of america so let's be practical it has been defeated but has not been destroyed so let's let somebody else do that work whether it's the kurds whether it's the turks whether it's the russians why is that the united states' responsibility to talk about the final destruction of isis. london is the turkish government is long regarded as part of the p.k. k. which it regards as a terrorist organization they've been a war since the one nine hundred eighty s. is this the opportunity for turkey to go in and simply destroy what is a u.s. supported organization them alongside with the syrian democratic forces is this
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turkey's reason to now go in because the u.s. has pulled out a lot turkey wanted to go in one week ago when i was there and syria but the u.s. was then telling turkey that if you go in you will not be allowed to go in because it will hit you because the u.s. they told turkey that this will undermine the fight against isis and they will not allow turkey to intervene but with this new southern of a draw and decision of trump things are changed and there was like a policy of the u.s. led coalition and also by the syria envoy james jeffrey to stay for a certain period in syria till things cool down on their own there is a solution with the muskets in geneva but if the u.s. just pulls out its troops then the u.s. will lose always leverage and credibility in the region it will help iran it will help russia so i i really disagree with michael that were previously thought here this is completely on the mining the policy of the syria envoy james jeffrey and also of the u.s. led coalition there was no plan to meet leave
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a draw that should have been a face withdrawal but now it's just sudden withdrawal without a clear plan and actually u.s. soldiers are now afraid was going to happen were on the ground because rules say that the d.s. of will not fight isis i mean it's a very dangerous situation for u.s. soldiers and discards to withdraw from syria because that nobody knows exactly what's going to happen turkey could attack the regime could do something it's very very unclear situation now but both the guests in washington d.c. and in moscow have said that this is a tactical change that there will still be support full syrian kurds a just will take a different shape are you still cynical. so cynical because in the past. and on the the coalition it was quite clear what the policy was but now there's a sudden but roll so now it's very unclear what's going to happen before it was clear but this decision is made by the us president the it's against the policy of the pentagon this against the policy of the state department is going against all
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the advice of his advisers like frances defense secretary so i think this is leading to a lot of instability and chaos in the region while for instance they could have taken two years to have like a face with raul to reach some form of accommodation with turkey make some administrative changes and reese also a peace deal on syria with russia and others but now u.s. will lose all its leverage and now it's up to russia and iran to decide the future of syria general mckibben emotion d.c. has president donald trump going against all the advice he's been given has he gone against the pentagon is this a decision he simply has taken on himself and with himself well two things first of all i would say that i was with the military command last week in baghdad so i i think that some of the things that our colleague from moscow may have heard in syria didn't seem to translate to the senior commanders there. so let's talk about president trump from the day he started on the campaign trail he said he was going
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to get americans out of stupid wars in the middle east now i don't know if the syrian boy wasn't listening i don't know if a succession of diplomats that had been working weren't listening but the fact remains that the only thing that should be shocking is how quickly the announcement was made and how spontaneous the lead the announcement was made but if anybody who wasn't listening to him consistently say that we were going to pull out of syria then i don't think that they were listening so what i would also say is this notion that the americans should stay there a couple of more years let's be clear we've been in syria longer than we fought the second world war the military has now come out with a plan to train and equip forty thousand local police how long would that take that would take months or years then if there was any final resolution to syria it would probably look like the balkans were a peacekeeping force would be needed so then the americans would stay even longer.
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listen the americans are tired of forever wars this president is tired of forever wars there may be some argument among his advisers about the timing and the shape of that withdraw all but everybody knew that this president intended to pull the troops out of syria. nicholas and moscow what is the official russian position hey wolf how with the russians going to take advantage of this current situation do you think. well just an hour ago loudon reporting was given his annual big press conference and actually when he was asked a question about the situation about the u.s. decision to withdraw from syria he asked like what is that about we so far we don't see any indications of that and he gave an example is that united states. are present in afghanistan for seventeen years and they promised to pull out of afghanistan every single year but they're still there but he didn't exclude the
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chance that trump will initially implement that decision that was the official also put in actually agreed with trump that the united states. helped significantly to. to. basically eliminate isis or degrade its got abilities in syria although not completely defeated as we still have some pockets of vises and had to finish in northern syria let in they then go in london there are still pockets of i saw fighters within syria and within iraq itself but they're no where near the kind of threat that we saw in two thousand and fourteen two thousand and fifteen do you still think that there is a massive level of troops needed and particularly international advisors like the u.s. a two thousand does a lot of troops at that level do you still think they needed to fight those small pockets of fighters that we're being told are still there look trump is now making
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the same decision as obama when he completely pulled out troops of iraq a few years later i says created and took one for of iraq sort of trump is completely gone over draw all troops from syria and later maybe also iraqi parliament will decide to that u.s. troops will leave there is a big risk that isis going to use the fighters they asked that they still have now to reorganize and then at some point later in the future take again parts of syria or of iraq and then again pose a threat to the west and carry out that the. acts in washington and london and other areas i think if you just pull out everything if you don't take your responsibility in the region it's going to backfire just like what obama did so trump is doing now exactly what obama did several years ago when he pulled out u.s. troops from iraq this is very significant threat to the role to the international community and we should not remember that although i says they lost a lot of territory you still have thousands of fighters and this is also confirmed by the pentagon last summer that still both in iraq and also in syria they still
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have several thousands of fighters and those fighters can reorganize and at some point again pose a threat to the west i'm just going to pick you up on a point that the iraqis would completely disagree with you that they needed the americans right now they said that the americans came in and gave them support but the actual fighting was done by the iraqi security forces it was done by the popular mobilization forces and it was an iraq heat victory well i says an iraq is not the feet of there are still thousands of isis fighters and i think the iraqis will not be able to defeat isis and will sort out us our support without us our support and u.s. support on the ground the iraqis will not be able to defeat isis it was a joint effort the iraq is made like a huge factor in the fight against osh but the without the support of the americans the peshmerga also the kurdish forces and iraqi forces were not be able to defeat isis in this area as i was myself an air bill when isis was standing on the door of
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our bill the capital of the kurdistan region and without u.s. airstrikes isis would have taken maybe our bill they could have also felt that even back that so i don't think that without u.s. support that iraq is could the defeat of defeated isis duma given washington d.c. would you think with the u.s. support i sold may well come back this is what we seem to be hearing. well first of all i should have picked up my cell phone and called my colleague because i was in baghdad at that very time and i've been working with iraq. he's for many many years and my colleague from moscow is exactly right the iraqis are the ones that have done the fighting the iraqi military was swept off the battlefield and ran off the battlefield but it was able to be turned around primarily with the help of the militias and the u.s. support and what i would say is that's exactly what this plan will envision the united states did not do the fighting i spent a lot of time with the federal police in iraq and they had thousands and thousands
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of casualties but they were supported by american airstrikes american training and equipment and american intelligence and that's exactly what we're going to continue to do in syria the only difference is that we're pulling two thousand ground troops out of there. that even a bet even ambassador jeffrey didn't understand why they were there so he was the first one to say these ground troops aren't making that much of a difference i do not believe that the american policy is to withdraw completely from syria i believe the u.s. policy in syria is the same as the u.s. policy in iraq provide training intelligence air support but let the people on the ground let the locals do the fighting not the americans alexy clinical if in moscow well it's the russia us relationship like now what should it be now that we've had this decision to withdraw on the ground advices from they'll
9:42 am
face in syria. well just as i mentioned and now we're go put in actually praised the. expressed satisfaction with the level of cooperation between russian and united states military intelligence security services on on syria but also i wouldn't jump into conclusions that after u.s. withdrawal or even scaling down of their presence russia is happy about that i wouldn't say so because it also brings certain. risks and limitations because even this gesture or a statement of the. u.s. withdrawal from from syria i think it's just as trumps general policy as announced a lot of things like withdrawing from different trade deals and basically he's trying to renegotiate and ultimately you know jumping back again so basically here we can see it may be. a similar logic that you declare one thing and behind
9:43 am
us and turkey might strike a deal and you also can see that two days ago in that it states state department actually cleared three point five billion dollars south of us to turkey actual which is the sign of washington's desire to reconcile to moppets relations with turkey so actually there is some some cames going behind the scene and we still should see as i also previously mentioned we don't know the exact modalities of that was drawn the exact parameters and as my colleague in washington rightly mentioned we shouldn't overstate this statement and also do not underestimate u.s. presence regardless of its even withdrawal of its military units but it's trained there is military advisers air support reconnaissance and other. thanks.
9:44 am
gentlemen we are running out of sunday i do want to let him and general mark kimmitt a question each all in the turkey u.s. relationships just very quickly i'll begin with you in d.c. general mark kimmitt what is the deal that's been struck do you think if any between turkey and the u.s. oh i'm glad you mentioned that i'm glad my colleague from moscow mentioned the importance of turkey listen over the past fifteen years our relationship with turkey is been a nosedive from the time that turkey did not allow the americans to use turkey to go through for the iraq war to the issue of going on to the issue with the khud to the issue with our support for the why p.g.a. . i think in many ways president erwan convinced president trump that among everything in his considerations about syria he needs to consider about the long term relationship with turkey and that's critical there are the
9:45 am
largest military in europe and in nato they are a valued u.s. ally in the region in a number of terms they fought with us for years and years in different conflicts they hosted us nuclear weapons and candidly i think that thinking about the relationship with turkey far more so than the relationship with other elements inside of this equation i think in many ways is probably the smartest thing president trump is doing in this policy turkey is important to the united states and this may be a step to bring it back just very quickly we all running out of time in london let me have and will have the u.s. and the turks got together and sold out the kurds it seems going to the reaction i mean michael vick before mentioned that turkey is a nato ally also turkey allowed thousands of jihadist to go to syria it was the reason that turkey didn't fight isis that the u.s. decided to work actually with the curse against isis so i think this is
9:46 am
a very serious threat to the stability to just drop the curse and leave them to prop open to a possible i'm afraid we are it's a time thank you very much to all our guests always cut you off they have blood in it than welcome but general mark kimmitt and alexey klebnikov and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting a website zero dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story for me imran khan and the whole team hit i found out. i.
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when the shots came from the holiday and we heard cracks we heard some noise. this was no no sniper alley was on in the most dangerous intersections in saudi arabia. he didn't come in through the front entrance that was what happened to the people who were shot they came into the wrong and the nightly pyrotechnics of the funny trying to come should it's get the hell out of here sorry a vote holiday and war hotels on al-jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to algeria because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. they want to forty three billion dollars worth of weaponry that was six billion pounds in commission.
9:48 am
there is no hope of any more because there's always a small cobbles people from really really good business. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function more shadow on al-jazeera. peter hall with the top stories from al-jazeera the u.s. defense secretary james mattis has resigned will leave his job at the end of the search he's stepping down so president from a defense chief with views more closely aligned to his own it comes a day after mr trump announced he was withdrawing u.s.
9:49 am
forces from syria mike hanna has more now from washington clearly the president trumps unilateral decision to withdraw troops from syria probably the final straw for the secretary of defense this resignation letter coming the day after president trump unilaterally without consulting the defense department withdrew or announced a withdrawal of troops from syria but there's been many differences between president trump and the secretary of defense though james mattis has taken pains not to express any of his reservations public publicly at any particular stage in his resignation letter he says as well because you have the right to a secretary of defense whose views are better aligned with yours on these and other subjects i believe it's right for me to step down from my position clearly james mattis making very clear that he and president trump are at different odds on so many different elements that he can no longer stay on as secretary of defense but certainly there's very much a blow to the trump administration some have described the secretary of defense as
9:50 am
the last adult within that administration and just yet another in what has been a completely. turn around in the administration week after week month after month some of the high profile figure comes and goes. thousands of kurds in northern syria are protesting against president trump's planned u.s. troop withdrawal. they want clear assurances from the u.s. led coalition after threats from the turkish president rushed up hyper to want to attack kurdish fighters in the region washington support of syrian defense forces allied with kurdish fighters have strained relations between washington and turkey the presidential election in the democratic republic of congo has been delayed until december thirtieth the vote had been shuttle for sunday the president of the electoral commission said violence and logistical issues meant his staff could not be ready in time the u.s.
9:51 am
has charged two chinese nationals of involvement in a massive hacking campaign the justice department says the suspects are linked to the chinese government's particle hey now from washington. at the justice department sweeping allegations against two chinese nationals accused of widespread hacking the victims included companies in banking and finance telecommunications and computer consumer electronics medical equipment packaging manufacturing consulting healthcare biotechnology automotive oil and gas exploration and mining the government says the hackers were able to get into the computers of nasa the energy department and the navy stealing the personal information of one hundred thousand sailors they wouldn't name the companies that were targeted but did say many of the attacks were aimed at managed service providers you've all heard about situations where you see somebody essentially the cyber equivalent of breaking into a house this is more like breaking into and getting the keys from the maintenance
9:52 am
supervisor who has keys to hundreds and hundreds of apartments and all the residents in those apartments according to the indictment the to work for the chinese government and are believed to still be in china meaning they are unlikely to actually be arrested but this comes at a time of increased tensions between the u.s. and china after the arrest of a chinese tech executive at the request of the u.s. on charges of violating sanctions and the clock ticking on a ninety day window hoped it ending the trade war leading to another bad day on the stock market as the u.s. injects even more tension to the over the front u.s. china relationship. dizzier washington u.k. second biggest airport has been brought to a standstill after the appearance of large drones forced old flights to be canceled u.k. troops have been sent to gatwick airport south of love but the police continue to hunt for the operator to drop the devices nearly every time the airport try to reopen the runway those are your headlines and you can stay in use here on
9:53 am
al-jazeera off to witness i'll have a quick summary of the news for you in about thirty minutes stephen. it's not work in. other words a good way but that's a really good start. i
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i say if only where you have been ill mostly because the so you are my this is any . then he should have to marry him and still be a. letter like that of any democrat you see at a camp but actually top with all i see going to be on my bus also i won't pick up any down bad moments nationally out of you to show you how so i'm a good shot of breath and equipped and if couldn't had zero if. i had a. my car my mom bought it nineteen mining. and then she was driving it all the time until i got my last year's acoustic and then i got into racing and i said i want to have this car to modify and. i guess as you can see right now it's not a car and more it's like
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a piece of i don't know nobody knows how to fix it and nobody knows what to do with it. i felt that she's in love with cars and all that but they never saw what it's going to become as a sports. since she's a child she's very active in care for you for nancy couldn't never catch. driving cars truthfully it soon be like you it's me going my hero nowhere where like my style my purse now if you. the young man i'm going to number seven on cannot should be johnny down you can unlock it for me it's a mission to show you any shadow what. i choose and some a shadow of the same i'm going to dot. i'm didn't want that they. were going to die
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like lonnie and she gave her a long sleep that if she didn't. i think there's a problem. maybe it's not a fake maybe there's clashes the. kids are just throwing stones and soldier throwing puppets. and i then i went home a fish. that's on me and it'll. s.a.i. busts in the night hell i just was on and it has a zanny feed the fish dino if you must check it out for just like i don't say almost. there's the ambulance on the hood as many. as a lot of them school their. hopes to i guess. eat
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