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tv   Shadow World 2018 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  December 22, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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there's the ambulance and i get as little. as possible i'm still there. i guess. i was on. the mission but if they were that's but look i am going to fall that i would get in i'm not going up and but that's not what that's the stance of.
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one of the homeless shanahan i'm going to do. my house with me. in the movie you. wouldn't want to. even call the hay from the scene if you debate for him a little your on war and your it's a man you ought to mean i'm a southern. gentleman but i don't. why bother you know when i'm ok i'm no gene. along with. the. oh no. oh oh. i don't for. a second the
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number of people who grew up here her mother music could really we're not even through let me in the know. well i did through a certain amount of don't worry. but you know when was the last minute. and that in that it. limits yeah i think the movie i mean he doesn't have any other chavo other live in the. region and that was. me i mean yes and i thought about the low number that you know palestine was actually examine them but i did. it nation had been in the room in. which the judge let us cross on shore with a sword so we're not in. a minnow when the minute one person there are no. it's about you know when. i can establish
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a wall able. to lift them and be with them that i'm going to do them out of the time and even here. say a line he remembered that alice walker emotion it's about her but how they moved to. my little daughter in near if wasn't good baseball but. if. do you mean i should to babs a little kick to sob it in again would act as
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a wall doling out of our shin saba see if dr zavos out to visit i can give you a buzz. rather than a little facade i have to take to solve it but when the. walk of had. been going to head off i hailed that's there would have been a hag. running. so political scene with his manhood in this in this it is easy. now i did good i'll be a. good loser customers into you need. it in the in the into this elite view.
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was i am i am. i am. i am. at. the moment because i. want to be a lot of dame and. i thought it was she i thought she might be in a. play and. you. thank. god thank.
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her. husband bob i said i. don't. have ghana so i was saying i mean have a humble. animal
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you can like see a wonderfully. handy ok for this to me it was his hand in letting me. in and sometimes. i mean this is good for man i'm going to need the room. it's that important to soon i'm not a tomboy. and acted competitive but may not then of that you can to me is there a can see when that members of the family in the bath i mean i can the best to. get him out. there but even the janitor so to start assigning plans to get better when one of them. than the beginner i.
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am i said how to know how. to have not a laugh. yet what the media. at. the hell can manage it you can. shove the mat is about to say out of the way to say you. had that big mass if you had to do i wish i had my son how far out. the unknown it and not going out and synod. well i had not been so well knew that i only. can do a little amused but i love the fellows the in in the interest of the maybe hodges i get is that any political. voice and you know it can't be. good means you can i'm not going to order. then you
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can sort of the quote on how. the hell you got to be. it was really a hold over to have. done with a bit more. but what was the men. who bought the how to have them. even on what. she had to get to been l.m.'s and discover the hundreds of it is a yearly. i'm going to have to have thought that could be the it's a lesson in what the words you'll come across that are wily. and a bad. date to those you'll have to pay and conclude you have been a bust because that that was a sham is a way. to fix it i'm a fool and. i'm. grateful.
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to be. seen. how to sit back and how mr bad now i'm not going after sixty eight and we have been mia. yeah i don't but i may go. to. school.
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think if i toss a book in your. head and the fact is maybe. more when i'm the second time do you think i'm going to visit the summer sometime martin said i don't really have to say that i'm not thank you i'm not the subject other than i said i'm not going to john holdren with such a colossal in the side of jonas better have not had enough of the hudson i had them in their hometown what i've been. holding at the back of the table board it looks like hell but you have it the thought of an all time classic not guilty. to one thing to get attention here and you're going to the dems know that i'm insulted i'm not into. bed to lie. that is the opposite ends of the sense i guess i get to say i was not a good one but i'm shots of tools and equipment. that lets
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us. know not how little she. had access to that stuff so. they sent it to someone else.
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her. son. wrote the article. i got the sponsorship for five years the minister of transportation gave it to me and here's my boss then bust the door of mexico here's a general manager my son mine manager speedsters hired for the lot of months and it was like a kick to come through. bugaboo . was.
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not feed off of the shuttle for this plane it belongs. to me if i hadn't seen. the. citizen bikini model works but i have to say that i posted this on one of those a that i mean like that that's next to her that must have been the thought of what they were bitten but. in media with diana did what i. can but of the fuck you must. know and when it came to her lawyer about a pedophile a live truck there and the displeasure to have some by now dahlia in with victor starving on the brand there was no motive that as. much as i did
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it. my main interest every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's journalists that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means i joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focus on how they were on the stories that matter the most him better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was about covering khuda taz tragedies quakes and that was it but not sure how capable feel how they look how they think. and that's what we do we go five and a half months of demanding it a good education system that was introduced to.
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latin america as a zero has come to fill a void that needed to be stilled. thanks love to mention learns to sufferance because behind the suffering a millions of taxpayers because most taxpayers never go away is a new one bone every single day a nineteen it is an urgent national necessity and we put it we as a visual request. of the support mechanism we created together because i happen to live in creeks somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera. hello i'm down jordan in doha with the top stories here on al-jazeera a partial shutdown of the u.s.
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federal government has begun after politicians failed to end their deadlock on a spending freeze and donald trump refused to back down on funding for his border wall forcing congress to adjourn without a budget deal impasse beeves hundreds of thousands of federal workers facing christmas without pay we're going to have a shutdown there's nothing we could do about that because we need the democrats to give us their votes call it a democrat your day and call it whatever you want but we need their help to get this approved so democrats we have a wonderful list of things that we need to keep our country safe let's get out let's work together let's be bipartisan and let's get it done the shutdown hopefully will not last long well the shutdown has spooked already unsettled u.s. stock markets the dow jones and nasdaq saw their worst weekly losses since two thousand and eight concerns of a slowing economic growth and fears of a recession have worried investors all major u.s.
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indices of lost between sixteen and twenty six percent from their highs earlier this year. the u.n. security council has approved a team of observers for a cease fire and yemen's port city of the data the u.n. monitors who won't be uniformed armed will be deployed for an initial thirty days demonstrators are running again in the hungary to protest against a new amendment to the labor laws what critics are calling the slave law would allow employers to force people to work more overtime and even delay paying them for up to three years nationwide protests have been held since last week. british police have made two arrests in connection with disruption caused by drones flying at gatwick airport near london airline flights are gradually returning to normal after drones first bought it on wednesday shut down the airport for thirty six hours. in spain thirteen people have been arrested after pro independence supporters in catalonia fought with police the protests were in opposition to a spanish cabinet meeting in barcelona a year after the region's bid independence was blocked. opposition candidates in
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the democratic republic of congo are edging supporters to show restraint the call comes as large protest groups cities across the country the latest on the rest follows this week's postponement of a long delayed presidential election. all right so those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness stated that fortune. so you have established and it.
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is a reality. you continue this need to. get this and this is about i don't have a memory. of the. civil war have. not first thought in the end anything. about. but i have had a lot of the pets end up with something that women but nothing you can of the gene . pool up to kenny at the level he has young and chatting is about out of the recent game the capital few say yahoo not to. say you got upset again how about the second half you said it was the out of your body are them for the purpose of putting her put her on my team a come on. that's going to have
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a little about what he going to get study done it but it had this debacle what he did they sent him actually look at all those. are going to. go to. the. right of the heart i don't. care who gives a. good look. because you're going to be on. the just the hof and that's why joe could not have been a space to any shit like that to run anything that.
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usage style system still uses a step in if the levels are. so bumped. up not what's up with some job. we got to go to the local. oh. my god oh my god i think of. that i can imagine your. ability. to get a good question about what i do not have a playbook to get in medicine and you want to.
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read a little. bit. not having to look up. is not the other half not. do you miss most of my looks like you decided that even though nothing like that is going to miss most from others and that if i left a good one at that something would come in the fitting with an oreo and about going to the mother again in the limo just the hope that to them i'm not sure i still have that you know i mean it was we go there are those something happens and this time we wouldn't shut up about it unless i had to go back again and yeah i know but this is what they were this is what they want and what is going to do the opposite just doing what was done in the middle of the study to do the most of the following the next film but that wasn't the case well but there was still so. why would i
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sell that obviously those are some of the soldiers that the books are in the us i love i love the hard i love that you forgive me and you know in the heart of the stuff never said that it. wasn't. until their own home i didn't if it was fair oh i'm not going to see them in to say morning i'm a bottom but i have no that's not that's where. you go. to the committee and design what make it there i know. i did that. because you bhansali on it or because i'm darker because you're you're pretty they're not going to show you the shot to death i think. that might have all the benefits feet my back on that i have got to give gun was a hand out to learn how to say yada and of the moment in the end going to myself half in a minute and so we're identifying. as the good feet. going home you argue that you
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know not if you're blowing if you have not if you're dark if you're pretty if you're ugly he doesn't do. the high jump up to one hundred to one hundred the best to show that he might not be so bad on them. without a thought i don't ask any and we can all for quietly make that dolly. had not i don't see but again i do give them. your. name and i am to succeed living on those damon is she feeling this amount before
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the month i cannot pm me some to mention mission hampel mission mother found innocent leaving home out of the unison. international need to not know what to do no function did not enjoy doing it on my friend on the punishment enough business succulents as both the little side that he she was to saw the some of the some of the this but enough. as anything can happen for the capital this isn't anything but. the. good it yourself with that many kids for sure if you have been in some second side. of the real. world this out there in the tools.
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i'm good. enough i don't. i need to keep my. past i live and they have to say i was and have been other will say out of the knee one of the has there has been the. feeling can of a community though was almost of the vivus and not it is the next contest and then the source of an asset with them and i'm told it's just a message because he had most of our going to fight could have been a shock because one of the few mausam output had this much.
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not. and oh no. the new no more. than the other and you were on the. bubble asthma conflict as they then i learn then the word about bob oh ok ok and then how and i'm on my laptop or the ones that really aren't enough. and having this meeting muttered old mean shelley in addition. yeah he has an arrest and they can guess our mother been in go ahead but i don't get your mother there's
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a. magical. wall that mr cathy. bash is here for the mr mitchell congresswoman purchases are you. decided. that it was only a. hundred fifty thousand facilities and in truth there was handed out. and had it khaled mashal you only had a one income. and that was started by the home of the bush that won a contest to unsettle the mist of the end of an indentation saying that. suffered from the sea at mass as you can show me and i will send.
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i .
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that a hot summer lin i have done my and that's about it going to be the dramatic that i have learned about. this man that was on the list but. let me in the same order to one of those say that all of us a deal of the hezbollah would have needed didn't deny it commanded a lot of long. list of women that in the hollows. that have even those little money can make the first one roll up the money the one that you on monday read wasn't shown up edition was elizabeth so the failure says the one had this was the one i had with the bus up to the city of fish when my mother did have it on most of the burden on her entire family still can look them up in the public a little doubtfully but. when it. was
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really really good. and it's the end of the decision and has to do obey the laws will struck. us as i lay in the attic philistine like an illiterate shit a truck bed to try three. years on it is the korea at.
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hello with. mr billow that has been a shock for last. interview learned it's not only. the lack of but notice whether some of the cologne on your.
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they don't tend to steer but a has a not a no to my son and they are fast and let him before.
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so. there's not enough time on loan from say to dusty to. put. this in the same letter box form will not sit out of hospital. so far been more no
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more. of the big place you get enough. say going to help me all my. getting.
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i know what i don't do much good in my own opposition i want to know and doesn't let down the whole word but you and what's said that the in the out vehicle make the bet that all the and only then not on your find they are good at the how they allege about the how to locate in the name of the lottery not on the signal. just a bit. but
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this it. was going to look. back on the summit that's a good event. thank you most don't condone it then up until today as you know and. i. wow.
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how well they helped in the mission can you. tell me. a little bit before. the d.v.d.'s named the happy began you had a handkerchief and then to have the on around a bit of course with the damage in and out of the bus but it was enough to. get the best of them to american adults. right this minute of the bottom of. the love that was. the tough. rock stuff how come i'm not. going to i'm not not i'm not
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a doctor do not mock you know. now you need. to know that he needed a d.v.d. . to get. it oh. ok. listen. to. the hour. league the with the eat. the.
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sleep. show me such.
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luck. the to. step into the unknown with central america's first ever theatrical production by actors with down syndrome. a life journey illuminates on stage each performer transformed with the rays of a curtain. witness tying to love a backstage take. on a zero. hello
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again it's good to have you back where across the volume we're not going to see too much in terms of clouds or rain over the next day most of that activity has been pushing up here towards the northeast what we're left with is basically some cooler air for much of the area tehran at about nine degrees after hyde that coup would be seen about eight degrees there maybe some clouds over here towards the western part of the levant but we're not going to sing really much in terms of showers so aleppo about fourteen degrees for you staying about that way down towards beirut we are going to see most of cloudy conditions with a temperature there of about eighteen degrees well it's going to be a little bit cooler here across parts of the gulf doha twenty three degrees is going to be a high here on saturday over towards riyadh we do expect to see twenty but across the gulf we could be seeing some clouds in the forecast particularly over here towards a high temperature if you of about twenty three degrees down towards a lot that is going to be quite nice winds are going to be coming out of the north we do expect to see a time to there of about twenty eight degrees and then very quickly across the southern parts of africa actually down here towards the southern coast it isn't
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quite nice may have some clouds reaching up towards durban with the temperature there of about twenty five degrees but as we go towards sunday we're going to see most of the rain up here towards parts of mozambique from madagascar as well catherine met nor the madagascar and attempt a few of about twenty eight degrees. they wanted forty three billion pounds with the weaponry that was six billion pounds in commission. there's no end in war because there's always a small cobbles. really really good business. in essence we in the united states have privatized the old public function more shadow on al-jazeera. if. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where
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you call home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. adored by millions like the stones most famous critic him arrived as prime minister on a blaze of national celebration. now one hundred days into his leadership people asks whether delivering on promises will be as easy in practice as it was in theory . or you know the nation is not feeling confident right all people are disappointed with the bombing in minus one hundred days on al-jazeera. we're going to our shutdown is nothing we could do about the u.s. senate has failed to reach a deal to pay for donald trump's border wall forcing
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a partial government shutdown. hello on the tail end this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the u.n. gives the green light for observers to monitor a fragile cease fire and the yemeni port city of had data. curfews as state of emergency and more school closures ensued on where protests against rising prices and corruption are growing. and we speak to the guatemalan family whose hopes for an american dream ended in tragedy but all that is on not giving up. a partial shutdown of the u.s. federal government has begun the political stalemate follows president donald trump's refusal to back down on funding for his border wall forcing congress to adjourn without
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a deal on spending the impossible as hundreds of thousands of federal workers facing christmas without pay mike hanna reports from washington. on this vote the yeas are forty seven as evening fell it was clear there would be no agreement in the senate democrats adamant they would not vote for any bill that included funding for the border wall and the senate majority leader acknowledged the inevitable hope show democrats will work with the white house on an agreement that can pass both houses of congress and receive the president's signature democrats have offered three proposals to keep the government open including a proposal offered by leader mcconnell that passed the senate unanimously only a few days ago we are willing to continue discussions on those proposals with the leader the president the speaker of the house and the leader of the house all five are necessary to get something done
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a procedural bill was passed said essentially places the onus on congressional leaders to strike a compromise with the president we're not voting on anything else in this chamber. relative to this issue until a global agreement has been reached between the president and these two leaders and the leader of the house on thursday the house passed a funding bill that included five billion dollars while president transportable will fence but without a vote in the senate the bull remains in limbo and funding still not there for what president trump described as a beautiful wall tweeting out the image earlier in the day the president insisted he would not compromise and he were talking about five billion dollars so it's a tiny fraction but unfortunately. they've devoted their lives to making sure it doesn't happen but then he sent a team to negotiate with congressional leaders which included his chief of staff
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close advisor jared and the vice president. house members went home for the night as did many senators they hope that the president will back down and that the partial closure of government will last a matter of hours rather than days or weeks the president confirming in a tweet that he's canceled as should jule trip to florida adding while we wait to see if the democrats will help us to protect america's southern border mike hanna washington well the departments and agencies now left unfunded make up about a quarter of the u.s. government more than four hundred twenty thousand civil servants across numerous agencies will work without being paid on time that includes fifty four thousand customs if it customs officers responsible for securing the u.s. as southern border with mexico and other three hundred eighty thousand federal workers are expected to be placed on temporary leave without pay all of that lost could cost taxpayers billions of dollars nine federal departments including
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homeland security and the state department will close from saturday dozens of agencies will also be closed for business. hopes the situation doesn't last long we're going to have a shutdown there's nothing we could do about that because we need the democrats to give us their votes call it a democrat shutdown call it whatever you want but we need their help to get this approved so democrats we have a wonderful list of things that we need to keep our country safe let's get out let's work together let's be bipartisan and let's get it done the shutdown hopefully will not last long. well wall street had its worst week of losses in years ahead of the u.s. government shutdown investors are worried about slow economic growth and a possible recession all major u.s. indices lost a sixteen to twenty six percent from this summer and autumn highs the prospect of
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a government shutdown also triggered a sell off around the world the dow jones industrial average finished the week nearly seven percent lower that was its worst week since two thousand and eight the nasdaq was down eight point four percent of the sharpest drop since two thousand and eight as well and the s. and p. five hundred was down nearly seven point one percent the biggest fall since twenty eleven i read johnson from investments believes the u.s. will start to feel the effects of a slowing economy next year. we've had nine straight quarters of g.d.p. growth on a rate of change basis that's impressive it's never happened before if you go to quarter one we had two point two percent growth it jumped to four point two percent in the second quarter and then three point four percent was just revised downward so essentially what's happened is we're going from great to good which is bad we're not just decelerating on the g.d.p. front but also inflation has peaked we had inflation peak at two point seven
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percent it's a three year higher so any time you have growth and inflation decelerating at the same time you'll see that's why you see the growth stocks the technology stocks get get get beat up pretty bad is because you know companies are predicated value of a company is predicated on future earnings and so those are earnings don't look as robust when you start to see global economic slowdown. the headline rest notwithstanding i don't think it's as much to do with trump or the fed or these other issues it's just we're at the end of a business cycle we've got we've growth at two point nine percent and that's significant because that's a lagging indicator and in time you see wages go up go up corporate profits get squeezed and when poor profits get squeezed they're trying to lay people off and so that's an indication that going forward in two thousand and nineteen you will start to see average americans start to start to feel the burden of a slowing economy the u.n. security council has agreed to send a team of observers to monitor a cease fire in yemen sports city of her data they went to
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a uniform. and are expected to be deployed in the coming week for an initial thirty day period it's part of a peace deal agreed by rebels and the saudi back to yemeni government talks in sweden last week how different james bay is as more from u.n. headquarters in new york. this resolution passed unanimously endorses the deployment of u.n. monitors to yemen i'm told the first advance team could be there in her data in a matter of hours they will then decide how many monitors there should be i'm told mission we were talking about thirty but they could go up to a figure of one hundred sixty seven the other thing the security council hopes this will do is bring momentum to the peace process with more talks to you in january the u.k. ambassador was the one who drafted this resolution the most important matter now is that we turn to urgent implementation it's vital that the parties funny thier neck commitments to pave the way for
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a formal mean launch of negotiations and at the same time mr president delivering real improvements on the ground that make a tangible difference to ordinary yemenis there were some tough negotiations to get this passed including an unseemly ryle between two allies the u.k. and the u.s. i'm told it even went to the office of the foreign secretary and the secretary of state one of the things that's come out of the original draft resolution drawn up by the u.k. is the provision of accountability for crimes under international humanitarian law that something that would have targeted the saudi led coalition it seems the u.s. has been doing the coalition's bidding and got that section removed. well meanwhile the saudi and u.a.e. backed government forces and who the fight is blaming each other for violating the cease fire around her data government forces released this video showing displaced yemenis it says they were forced to flee when he fighters shells of the government
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held district of. but the who he's accuse the government of targeting the city's district with artillery data is critical for the supply of food and humanitarian aid for millions of yemenis on the brink of starvation. nine people have been killed in sudan during violent protests against the rising cost of food and fuel the government has extended a state of emergency the cities of barra and director under emergency rule and demonstrations spread to the capital khartoum on thursday schools and universities are closed in at least five states protesters are angry at high inflation which is running as around seventy percent the economy has struggled since south sudan became independent in twenty eleven and it lost the majority of its oil revenue. president donald trump's decision on thursday to withdraw u.s. troops from syria surprised and angered many in washington and more questions are
3:59 pm
being raised about his foreign policy after reports of a possible withdrawal of forces from afghanistan she have returned he has more. there's been no shortage of voices in washington expressing dismay at donald trump's decision to withdraw troops from syria and the subsequent resignation of defense secretary james mattis i'm shaken by the news because of the patriot that general secretary models. and now with reports that the president has ordered a withdrawal from afghanistan republican senator lindsey graham has called for congressional hearings on both decisions the foreign policy establishment is confronting one of its greatest fear is that trump meant what he said on the campaign trail where the worst in the middle east that we were fifteen years ago i mean right now it's a disaster once trump filled his cabinet with people who did not share that view though the establishment thought it was safe i think it's fair to say that establishment never wanted this moment to come stablish need and that is certainly as a member of that establishment in good standing. is unwilling i think. ask and he's
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restored questions about u.s. policy in the region and even if things haven't gone well and they haven't they're going ation is simply to persist there is skepticism about how deeply geostrategic trumps decision was and whether the president will even follow through. but several issues are reported to have been involved in the syria decision including the primacy of the us a strategic relationship with turkey and the avoidance of mission creep. in the last few months national security adviser john bolton has made it clear that the us was in syria to confront iran that was a position explicitly rejected in the tweet that announced the withdrawal we have defeated isis in syria my only reason for being that during the trump presidency the president writes the military itself is divided there are many senior officers in the military would think the serial deployments were long periods of time just aren't working and they're eroding military readiness but it's worth remembering
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that even with these proposed withdrawals the u.s. still has tens of thousands of troops a massive effort in the region she ever towns the outer zero washington.


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