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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 22, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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just or we're. eroding a military. but it's worth remembering that even with these proposed withdrawals the u.s. still has terms of fowls of troops and massive air power in the region she ever terms the old washington. let's bring you more on the breaking news out of somalia two explosions heard in the capital mogadishu joining us on skype is journalist mohammad bulbul mohammed tell us just what we know at this stage do we do we have any claim of responsibility yet. to when explosion today up in mogadishu somalia capital and the political solution was use you said bunker and try to get to security checkpoint. in the national neighborhood issues somali presidential palace the second blood has a cord at the. statue which is not far away from the city would be opposed to explosion happened yet no group has claimed responsibility for the close but have
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they are hated sure this is deposed lucian. bitty people and. that six people come. out of the compound. and one hundred tell us a little more about the area where this attack took place i believe it is it is quite a fortified district there are a variety of hotels and other government offices in that area. they are. the area and it is really going to blow these. if it were. based by the shootings on it by the prison cell planners. of this you should learn by basically points i'm getting videos and one hundred i believe some of the casualties are believed to be security officers do we have any any word on the death toll as yet. and there big people to
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go. to or. reportedly it would be if it was the explosion which happy with the national theater. is their original our security officer is reportedly injured in the eye because the explosion and the hunted bulbul speaking to us there from skype on skype from thanks so much for your time one hundred will bring you more on the story as it happens. still ahead on out of their. anger as a new labor in new orleans to iraq consensus across political lines in hungary. and we speak to the guatemalan family his hopes for an american dream and attention. through a tranquil arabian can you. can free room to use and if
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any should go until a. hello get a welcome back here in the national weather forecasts we're here across europe we're seeing a real west to east flow which means a lot of the systems are moving quite rapidly right now we're seeing a lot of rain across central europe as well and one system here with an air of low pressure is bring some windy conditions that will stay over the next few days all the tickets for forecast map here on saturday rain across germany poland as well as down across parts of the alps and we are seeing some snow in the higher elevations snow out here towards the east is going to be a wet snow with warsaw seeing about six degrees so in the afternoon hours we're going to see a little bit of melting there but that is going to continue on for two over the next few days still quite wet out here towards the west another system coming in off the atlantic means for the u.k. we are going to be seeing some rain in your forecast but heavy rain is expected here across paris with attempt to there on sunday of about thirteen degrees well across the northern part of africa not looking too much in terms of rain a lot of clouds here along much of the coastal areas we are going to be seeing some
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winds over here towards been gazi maybe even towards alexandria we could be seeing some winds as well for benghazi it is going to be eighty cairo it's going to be a little cool for you at twenty one degrees there and then as we go towards sunday we are looking america looking quite nice with attempt to there of twenty in algiers is going to be a partly cloudy day with attempt a few of about a there with sponsored by qatar and meese. i mean every weekly news anchor are going to see recent breaking stories and then of course there's. through the eyes of the world's journalists that's right out of the script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what the. listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they recruit on the stories that matter the most. listening post on al-jazeera.
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welcome back. a reminder of our top stories this hour two explosions in somalia's capital have killed at least six people and injured thirteen others suicide car bombers attacked as a security checkpoint near the presidential palace in mogadishu. a partial shutdown of the u.s. federal government has begun to politicians fail to end their deadlock over spending president donald trump refused to back down on funding for his border wall forcing congress to adjourn without a budget deal. nine people have been killed in three dogs during violent protests against the rising cost of food and fuel schools and universities are closed in at least five of the country's eight states the city's about to. emergency rule.
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a controversial change to hungary's labor laws as uniting both sides of the political aisle what critics are calling the slavery would allow employers to force people to work more of the time and even delay payments for up to three years protests have been held since last week robin for us to walker has more from budapest. after ten days of public discontent hungary's opposition hoped their president would think twice about signing two new laws they say will make their country less european and more like a dictatorship he signed them anyway this week so protesters marched to his palace to express their anger i don't know reality keep telling me that nothing is going to change i feel like we shall see. if there's a protest i won't be there the first floor the opposition says will force hungry
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stretched workforce to work harder a second gives the government will control over the judiciary there is in direct pressure to do that here fear and bad that last three years and the boards prime minister viktor orban has accused the protesters of being violent agents of the hung gary in the liberal philanthropist george soros but on friday demonstrators with discipline and diverse as a genuine movement there's no one behind nothing strange nor strange movements in all soros or just normal people pensioners students housewife a sock sort of as a technique or bottle the government should take note that unions and parties and citizens and everybody else is demonstrating together and this is unprecedented but what's different about these protests is that this time for the first time. on both sides of the political spectrum you know it's it's in their criticism of victor
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government. hundred straight unions and now organizing the nationwide strike action the government hopes they will go home for christmas and for their robin first year walker al-jazeera for the past and in spain fat people have been arrested off to pro independence supporters in catalonia fort worth police. the secessionists were protesting against the spanish government's decision to hold a cabinet meeting in the regional capital barcelona they're offended by the timing of the session which come as a year off to madrid to bilk to the region's bid for independence. there are fears of are new developments and to gie cost on the eastern region of color but auction has long been opposed to the central government it has its own culture and languages but says it's ignored by those in power in the capital in the latest in a series from inside just on china stratford reports from caracas where the army was sent in after protests earlier this year it takes fifteen hours to get to the
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town of cork the capital of the semi autonomous gorno but auction region in east until you can stand the broken road winds its way through the pommy amounts of those bordering afghanistan the people here have long complained that demands for better infrastructure jobs and respect for their distinct culture or ignored by central government the mountains about it seanna provided a natural defense against all those who tried to impose their wealth already on this region for centuries the chinese the russians the british all have struggled to control a people with a distinct culture a distinct identity but recent protests here in horror suggests that the government into sunday is facing similar challenges even today the majority of going about actions approximately two hundred seventy thousand population. in september there
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were demonstrations against what protesters say has been gears of neglect and intimidation by the predominantly sunni muslim government. unemployment is estimated to be around fifty percent there are no major industries which could offer jobs. president and iraq man whose roots as you can stand for more than twenty five years has banned opposition parties imprisoned political leaders and journalists and crushed any independent media across the country he's also criticized local leaders often described as warlords as well as regional government officials for what he sees as their failure to crack down on drug smuggling from afghanistan it's a national and senile cultic say agencies say corrupt officials are involved tons of heroin and opium a smuggled across the border every year. this government mind refused to let us interview anyone on the streets and wanted names of anyone we had tried to talk to
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. we contacted one person by telephone and recorded disco. you know. unleased say president is aware of the risks of a crackdown in gorno box on a region that accounts for almost hauffe of. which. the people of that action are easy to mobilize it's a conservative society it's enough to just call someone a brother to him to them bring a thousand five hundred people from his village to support the authorities know it is a risk of crossing a line that's what president rahmani scared of president sent me into the region in
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two thousand and twelve off the bottom intelligence chief was stabbed to death around fifty armed men civilians and soldiers were killed in the fighting that followed the risk of renewed violence he's testing the government again one that critics say has to be year is relied on its intelligence services police and army to silence dissent. zero hawg tajikistan. police in britain have arrested two people in connection with drone sightings that forced the closure of london's gatwick airport flights are now back home a spokesman for the airport said delays and cancellations can still be expected as attempts are made to clear the backlog more than one hundred twenty thousand people missed their flights during a thirty six hour shutdown that started on wednesday when the fast train was spotted military technology has been brought into the area president donald trump's
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hardline policy on asylum seekers has been dealt a serious blow by the supreme court the proposed restrictions were rejected five four by the court's judges the measure had sought to ban anyone seeking refuge if they arrived outside approved border and she points trump signed the order in november aimed at people who are traveling in a so-called caravan from central america hoping to reach the u.s. through mexico the family of the guatemalan girl who died after she was taken into custody by border control gods is pleading with the united states to allow her father to stay seven year old jacqueline was taken to hospital suffering from dehydration and shock her family disputes the official story about how she died david massa reports one san antonio sioux cortez in guatemala. when claudia mccune said goodbye to her daughter jacqueline on december first she never imagined it would be the last time she'd see her alive but what started out as the dream of a better life quickly turned to tragedy and just
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a week after her husband and daughter left this remote what a mile and village and headed north the united states cloudy received the news every mother dreads. the moment i found out that my daughter died i felt an immense pain in my heart. it was something that i never thought would happen when she heard that her father was going she decided she wanted to go to jacqueline died in a texas hospital two days after being taken into custody by u.s. border patrol domingo kyle says his seven year old granddaughter was happiest when she was at her father's side jacqueline jumped at the chance to join her father on his trip north and her family saw it as a chance to escape the poverty and lack of opportunity that plagues their community and that. getting the girl made the decision to go to the united states and she was excited leaping up and down she was really happy but after they left we don't know
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what happened it hurts it really hurts the cornfield where jacqueline used to play is quiet now and the shack where she lived with her parents and three siblings is locked up the memories of the little girl are too painful yet even as her family mourns others are preparing for their own american dream in communities like because it's rumored that smugglers are convincing people to bring their children on the trip north promising to the have a greater chance of getting political asylum for authorities here it's a worrying trend if her husband is deported cloudier doesn't know how they will ever pay off their debt to the smugglers who took him in jacqueline to the border or to africa to find we don't have the means to support our children that's why my husband left i'm pleading to officials in the united states to let him stay and work so we can get ahead for now the cow family awaits for jacqueline's body to be
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returned so they can say goodbye for the last time david mercer al-jazeera san antonio as one of mala. u.s. supreme court judge ruth bader ginsburg has undergone surgery to remove cancer from one of her lungs the eighty five year old is said to be resting comfortably in a new york hospital after surgeons removed two minicon and jewels she previously had coat on and pancreatic cancer judge ginsburg is the most senior justice on the supreme court's liberal wing nigerian police say they've arrested a boko haram fighter believed to be the key planner of the twenty fifteen bombings in the capital a brooch or. and several others who confessed to their roles were arrested in lagos the twin blasts killed fifteen people and injured dozens more more than thirty thousand people have been killed and millions forced to flee from boko haram violence in northeast nigeria. a winter wonderland has been found on the red planet
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the european space agency's mars express shot these pictures of a creative filled with ice on mars the corollary crater measures eighty two kilometers across and the ice is nearly two kilometers deep while many of us may not have a white christmas mars and martians if there are any will shortly have one francisco diego specializes in astronomy at university college london he says it's not just the pictures that are impressive but the way they are captured as well. it is a very important way of starting mars from orbit we have they must express them honestly a global surveyor as well from nasa and they are gathering in pristine information if you see in detail the details of these quarterly crater on the remove the crater you see a lot of material as i weld the frozen water and probably frozen government outside which we like dry ice and examining the way all these had the post it's out of there together with the polar caps which also contain
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a lot of water and carbon dioxide both the south pole and the on the on the north pole polar caps we realize the mars cross a substantial amount of water now the relevance of the society explained before is the where there were what we call water there will be liquid water on their on the ground in more benign conditions so to speak where life could have thrived even today or in the past and certainly there is a big reservoir of water for astronauts going there in the future we have products of the mars express a few months ago also that on the water reservoir of liquid water actually salty water that is a substantial amount of water there which is pointing to the possibility of the life in the near future we're not going to finally go to mars i i'm sure they will that that some kind of signs or biological activity present or in the past.
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i understand you're taking time high and these are the top stories two explosions in somalia's capital have killed at least six people and injured thirteen others as suicide car bomb has attacked a security checkpoint near the presidential palace in la condition it's unclear who is behind the blasts. a partial shutdown of the us federal government has begun after politicians failed to end their deadlock over spending president donald trump refused to back down on funding for his border wall forcing congress to adjourn without a budget deal we're going to down there's nothing we could do about that because we need the democrats to give us their votes call it a democrat you're there and call it whatever you want but we need their help to get this approved so democrats we have a wonderful list of things that we need to keep our country safe let's get out let's work together let's be bipartisan and let's get it done down hopefully will
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not last long fears of that shutdown led to some of the worst losses on wall street in years all major u.s. indices lost sixteen to twenty six percent from their summer and autumn highs investors are also worried about slow economic growth and trade tensions with china the u.n. security council has agreed to send a team of observers to monitor a cease fire in yemen's key point city of her data they were into a uniforms and won't be armed and are expected to be deployed in the coming week for an initial thirty day period nine people have been killed in sudan during violent protests against the rising cost of food and fuel schools and universities are closed in at least five of the country's eight states the cities of at. under emergency rule demonstrators have rallied in hungary to protest against an amendment to labor laws what critics are calling the slave law would allow employers to force people to work more overtime and even delay payments for up to
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three years nationwide protests have been held since last week those are the headlines i'll be back here with more news after the listening post. al-jazeera. and. where every. thank. you.
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hello i'm richard gere's burton you're watching a special edition of the listening post it's been thirty years now since the publication of one of the most influential books ever written about the institution that we cover the media manufacturing consent the political economy of the mass media was coauthored by knowing chomsky and edward hermann the book provided searing critiques of journalists and the news media's relationship to power it spelled out how media corporations and the journalists who work for them often end up defending the economic social and political agendas of governments and corporations it walked us through how the media represents certain privileged groups in society while effectively suppressing the voices of others most of us working on this program have been influenced in one way or another by manufacturing consent and so to mark the anniversary of its publication we went to tucson arizona to talk to noam chomsky it's
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a two part interview we began by showing professor chomsky the following animation one that we made last year that boiled down some of the basic arguments that he and herman made in manufacturing consent. in nineteen eighty eight noam chomsky coauthored a book with edward herman called manufacturing consent. it blasted apart the notion that media acts as a chat on political columns. media operate through five filters. the first test to do with ownership mass media firms are big corporations often they're part of even bigger conglomerates their endgame profit. and so it's in their interests to push for whatever guarantees that profit critical journalism takes second place to the needs and interests of the corporation.
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the second filter exposes the real role of advertising. media costs a lot more than consumers will ever pay. so who fills the gap to. advertisers and what are the advertisers paying for audiences. and so it isn't so much that the media are selling you a product they're out. there also selling advertisers a product news. how does the establishment manage the media that's the third filter in. journalism cannot be a check on power because the very system encourages complicity. governments corporations big institutions know how to play the immediate games they know how to
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influence the news narrative they feed media scoops official accounts interviews with the x. friends. they make themselves crucial to the process of journalism since those in power and those who work for don they are in bed with each other. if you want to challenge power you'll be pushed to the margins your name will be down you won't be getting it you lost your access you lost the story. when the media journalists whistle blowers sources stray away from the consensus they get. that's the fourth filter when the story is inconvenient for the powers that be you'll see the flag machine in action discrediting sources trashing the story of this and diverting the conversation. to letters.
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and enemy targets. common enemy is the fifth. tanya's of terrorists and it's coming and it. will be met to hear helps corral public opinion. filters one big media theory consensus is being manufactured all around all the time. so professor chomsky does that video capture the ideas that you wanted in the book . i think that it's brilliantly done i think its success will be measured by whether it encourages people to ask what does it mean when you have concentrated private power producing a product namely audiences for
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a market which consists of concentrated private power with tight links to state power what do you expect the media output to look like and with the framework of structural framework behind it if it encourages people to ask that question i think it will be very successful the title manufacturing consent it does get to the crux of how you see the role of the media in western democracies we get the feeling that you are out to destroy a few myths well interestingly the term the phrase manufacturing consent was not ours we borrowed it from the leading public intellectual of the twentieth century walter lippmann is the new art in democracy to manufacture consent so that the. ignorant and meddlesome outsiders is for is the
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population will be passive and acquiescent and will accept the rule of the responsible that people like us and in fact the myth is that the media or independent adversarial caricatures struggling against power and so often true of some of the earth find often very fun reporters course while the media doesn't on a steroid just job but within a framework that the term and what to discuss what not to discuss and what we try to demonstrate in the book is that the if you simply look at the institutional structure of the media within a state capitalist society like ours they're performing a pretty much the way you'd expect. we'll get back to the rest of that interview in just a few minutes over the years manufacturing consent has sold millions of copies it's
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had a profound influence on many accomplished journalists and not just in the u.s. we spoke to three of them the editor in chief of the huffington post's indian edition amman satie the israeli journalist amir a hoss and matt taibbi an american best known for his work with rolling stone magazine we asked them about the book what they took from it and the importance of critical analysis of the global news media today. many fashion concerned had a big influence on me as a young reporter i had always thought if we lived in a completely free society were the reporting was outstanding the free press model worked exactly the way it should and when i read that book i realized that there were significant problems. the book and the notion and the analysis
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first of all unveiled america of the myth of being that such a splendid democracy so it was part of chomsky's in others and attempts to show that there are so many deficiencies in this democracy that are being ignored by many analysts. he is seeing that there is a superstructure of power that basically uses the media as propaganda that is has his broad formulation and i would push back against that and say that it's not easy to manufacture that kind of consent to do it because when people deceive news it's not like people actually believe everything we see on the news so i think one of the legacies of manufacturing consent has been. it kind of provided a neat formulation to sum up the unease that people felt with a movie monolithic production of information.
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this is a very human list and optimistic statement to believe that people with information. can bring to a change and this is how it started really when i started working in gaza early ninety's where did the israeli public knows nothing about your patients and what it means i was waiting for for my information to reach others and to change the awareness and i realised quite soon that this was not the case. but i think we've seen many graphic examples of how we can manufacture consent through the media. i think the ultimate example house to be the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three if you had told americans after nine eleven that we were
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going to invade a country that had no connection to the nine eleven hijackers and that we were going to do it under the pretense of combating international terrorism most people would have thought you were crazy but we were able to sell that idea relatively easily to the entire american population this is fox news and fox news channel continuing coverage of the campaign which now has begun to liberate and disarm iraq but all they really needed was a few key voices among the highest opinion makers in the country and on t.v. the read we get on the people of iraq is there's no question but what they want to get rid of saddam hussein and they will welcome as liberators the united states when we come to do that and we were able to sell that war pretty easily.
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i think sourcing is actually perhaps one of the most interesting fritters that he talks about i think sourcing is something we're all journalists have to think a lot about. we should think very hard the world with which or what are the sources that we give credence and balance to. which are the sources that we give importance to and which are the sources we don't give importance to. so who decides about the hierarchy what is important what is not important very often they realize that if you have information that is official this is called into investigative journalism but if you'd actually talk about the men at the same think of the scene from the most of the people themselves let's say about then jurors of a water contamination in gaza if it's the people themselves this is not seen as a serious or as serious information as when it comes from an official.


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