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we were disappointed but i am in understanding with president trump so it's not just a better relationship between the two countries but a good relationship with the u.s. president so a new face in a relationship that was strained in recent years particularly over the syria strategy the u.s. president's decision to withdraw u.s. troops from the north east of the country is not just about a withdrawal but it is about abandoning the y p g the syrian kurdish armed group its allies in syria a group that turkey considers a terrorist organization so trump chose turkey over the y.p. gee we have to remember over the past few years turkish officials have repeatedly criticized the u.s. policy of arming and training training this group because they believe that this group is not just fighting i saw what this group had plans to create a separate the state in north east syria so you know the turkish military was about to launch a campaign what do we expect them to do now. well
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the president announcing that that campaign has now been respond and he cited a cooperation with the united states an understanding with the united states and the turkish foreign minister is talking about a meeting on january the eighth with american officials they want to coordinate this pullout they do not want there to be any sort of vacuum this northeastern corner of syria is very strategic many players want that region it's rich in oil its rich in agricultural fields definitely for the damascus government they need this they need this economic assets it is struggling under sanctions but what turkey wants really and one way or the other this is what we understand from pro-government sources is the united states to an orderly pullout and in one way or another hand over this area to turkey's allies or who they believe are the rightful owners representatives from majority arab towns that are under the control now under the control of the white p.g.
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so for turkey this is about national security interests and it is about returning what it believes that these lands to its rightful owners of the syrian arab so what is next undoubtedly behind the scenes negotiations we haven't heard from the russians yes they welcomed this decision the russian foreign minister but where will it stand if indeed the northeast of syria as the united states handed over to turkey's allies the opposition instead of the syrian government or is it a holdover from of chocolate in turkey. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including the u.n. gives the green light for observers to monitor a fragile cease fire in the any port city of the day the. country on the edge we tell you why to g.q. stands minority is up in arms against the government and australian football is demand held for a refugee player being detained in thailand so now we have all the details later on in sport.
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two explosions in somalia's capital have killed at least seven people suicide car bombers attacked a security checkpoint near the presidential palace in mogadishu fourteen others have been injured it's unclear who was behind the blasts. nine people have been killed in sudan during violent protests against the rising cost of food and fuel schools and universities are closed in at least five states cities of. go that far under emergency rule protesters are angry at high inflation which is running at around seventy percent the economy has struggled since south sudan became independent in two thousand and eleven it lost the majority of its oil revenue about morgan is live for us with the latest from khartoum so what's the situation on the streets now. well sami in khartoum the capital of sudan it's
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very quiet beds it is the four of the protests that started on wednesday evening in riven asked the state specifically our people of all to come out today in the streets once again in the southern part of the country and our south kordofan specifically and they have also burned down the headquarters of the ruling ruling party the national congress party there and there are reports that police have been basically stationed around the around the country as was that specifically in the capital to try to avoid protesters from coming out again the minister of the of information of sudan came out this morning and said that they are going to try to do what they can to ease the economic crisis to try to make sure that people have bread and that the bread prices does come down from the three three sudanese pounds that has been proposed to once again this is what it was but even then people had found wanted me on an affordable which is why when they were in the proposed they basically said they had enough and they came out on the streets now the minister of information this morning said that they are going to try to solve the situation
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they are going to try to provide more week to bakery so that they can bake more bread and make it available to people they're going to try to provide more fuel so that there is no more lines and they're going to try to make sure that they do have liquid cash that they have cash in the bank so that people can be able to access their own money at the banks but up to now nothing has been done and people are still protesting and this is they for people are concerned that the situation is not going to ease as much as soon as they wanted to east's. exist to the internet or for so that have been restricted what's the situation like. well it's not clear yet the sudanese government said that they have nothing to do with it and the cell phone companies are saying that they also have nothing to do with it but it's very hard to access many social media platforms facebook twitter whatsapp all have been blocked it's very hard if you don't have a v.p.n. to access these are social media platforms some people are saying that some of the an attempt by the government to make sure that protesters don't want the lies and the pictures that are of basically security organs and security forces shooting at
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people laugh or shooting liability people and firing tear gas is not circulated so that people don't get more frustrated and don't get more angry there is a state of emergency in our in the cities of our citizens but i said but also the white house state the whole state has a state of emergency schools and universities around the country have been suspended until further notice because people are trying to make sure that not a lot of people are able to congregate and mobilize and come out to the streets and protest so the government is trying to make sure that people don't have the opportunity to gather and be able to protest and at the same time date the people are trying to express their frustration because of the economic situation or out here morgan their fame so much the u.n. security council has agreed to send a team of observers to monitor a cease fire in the ammons port city of the day the they won't wear uniform or be armed are expected to be deployed in the coming week for an initial thirty day period it's part of a peace deal agreed by a host the rebels and the saudi monarchy back to yemen
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a government that talks in sweden last week they were mad to go as a james vegas has more from u.n. headquarters in new york. this resolution passed unanimously endorses the deployment of u.n. monitors to yemen i'm told the first advance team could be there in her data in a matter of hours they will then decide how many monitors there should be i'm told mission they were talking about thirty but they could go up to a figure of one hundred sixty seven the other thing the security council hopes this will do is bring momentum to the peace process with more talks to you in january the u.k. ambassador was the one who drafted this resolution the most important matter now is that we turn to urgent implementation it's vital that the parties funny thier neck commitments to pave the way for a formal mean launch of negotiations and at the same time mr president delivering real improvements on the ground that make
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a tangible difference to ordinary yemenis there were some tough negotiations to get this passed including an unseemly ryle between two allies the u.k. and the u.s. i'm told it even went to the office of the foreign secretary and the secretary of state one of the things that's come out of the original draft resolution drawn up by the u.k. is the provision of accountability for crimes under international humanitarian law that something that would have targeted the saudi led coalition it seems the u.s. has been doing the coalition's bidding and got that section removed. meanwhile the saudi and u.a.e. backed government forces and who the fighters are blaming each other for violating the cease fire around the day the government forces released this video showing this place yemenis says they were forced to flee when both the fighters shelled the government held district of almanza for the houthi accuse the government of targeting the city's ashar district with artillery
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a day that is critical for the supply of food and humanitarian aid for millions of yemenis on the brink of starvation. opposition candidates in the democratic republic of congo are urging supporters to show restraint as large protests grip cities across the country the latest on the rest follows this week's of a long delayed presidential election welcome webb has this report from the congolese careful can show god. but. these opposition supporters chant if there's no election by december the twenty third people will be killed. president joseph kabila has let the democratic republic of congo for seventeen years be due to step down for the last two. this man says you would know could be this coming if you have a state in power and there's no election. but he can't kill us all.
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and this boy says we want the election it could be late doesn't want it he has to go. people here support felix he's a caddy one of the main opposition candidates they've gathered outside his party headquarters in the capital kinshasa. they don't have much patience with the government he said this man is a spy from the ruling party sent to stop violence to have it beaten. he was lucky to be handed over to the police. elections that would have been delayed fighting. all the people here have been protesting actual to be held since before that they're broken up violently by police something else alive people by the people here frustrated electoral commission and yet they're not a day late and they're waiting to hear what their leaders say.
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position presidential candidates including she security skeptical about the seven day delay. was the only move. we think this bespoken win is a way to push supporters to violence to burn election materials so that even the promise of an election on the thirty's the december cannot be fulfilled people here in kinshasa are waiting to see if they'll be trouble but leaders have called for calm i feel that this isn't for this was just two words and stand up. until. the december and do you articulate sixty four of our position and ask them you got to work. ruling party officials told us then nothing loud to comment lot of people here are wondering if the election really will happen on the thirtieth and wondering what will happen if it doesn't. now come where
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al-jazeera kinshasa in the democratic republic of congo. nigerian police say they've arrested a boko haram fighter believed to be the key planner of the two thousand and fifteen bombings in the capital abuja. and several others who confessed to their roles were arrested in lagos between blast killed fifteen people injured dozens more than thirty thousand people have been killed and millions forced to flee from boko haram violence in northeast nigeria. there are fears of renewed violence in terje christan the eastern region of god no but that sharon has long been opposed to the central government has its own culture and languages but it says it's ignored by those in power in the capital the latest in his series from inside stand charles stratford reports from the horror of where the army was sent in after protests earlier this year. it takes fifteen hours to get to the channel. the capital of the
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semi autonomous gorno but action region in eastern tajikistan the broken road winds its way through the premier mountains bordering afghanistan the people here have long complained their demands for better infrastructure jobs and respect for their distinct culture or ignored by central government the mountains about action are provided a natural defense against all those who try to impose their orthorexic on this region for centuries the chinese the russians the british all have struggled to control people with a distinct culture a distinct identity. but recent protests here suggests that the government. is facing similar challenges even today the majority of going about it shuns approximately two hundred seventy thousand population. in september there were demonstrations against what protesters say has been gears of neglect and
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intimidation by the predominantly sunni muslim government. unemployment is estimated to be around fifty percent there are no major industries which could offer jobs. president and iraq man whose roots as you can stand for more than twenty five years has banned opposition parties imprisoned political leaders and journalists and crushed any independent media across the country he's also criticized local leaders often described as warlords as well as regional government officials for what he sees as their failure to crack down on drug smuggling from afghanistan it's a national and senile cultic say agencies say corrupt officials are involved. tons of heroin and opium a smuggled across the border every year. this government mind refused to let us interview anyone on the streets and wanted names of anyone we had tried to talk to . we contacted one person by telephone and recorded disk on the sation.
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you know. unleased say president is aware of the risks of a crackdown in gorno box on a region that accounts for almost hauffe of to. which. the people of that action are easy to mobilize it's a conservative society it's enough to just call someone a brother to him to them bring a thousand five hundred people from his village to support the authorities know it is a risk of crossing a line that's what president rahmani scared of the president sent me into the region in two thousand and twelve off the bottom intelligence chief was stabbed to
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death around fifty maimed civilians and soldiers were killed in the fighting that followed the risk of renewed violence he's testing the government again one that critics say has to be year is relied on its intelligence services police and army to silence dissent. zero hawg tajikistan. well in a few moments we'll have all the weather with kevin but also still ahead on al jazeera. feeling helpless and frustrated palestinians in the occupied west bank say there are more israeli soldiers on the streets anger at a new labor law leads to a rare consensus across political lines in hungary and in sport find out why russia could face another suspension from the world anti-doping agency details coming up with some.
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by the skyline of an asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. well this are going to take you to the northern part of india where temperatures are beginning extremely low over the last couple of days in this region we're talking about job us well this kashmir temperatures are getting down to about minus twenty five in the overnight hours the high temperatures only getting to about minus ten in this area and if we look for the rest of the week we are going to be seeing much of the same across that area also the fog in this region has been a big problem as well tempers down here toward the south really about average for this time of year we're talking about mid twenty's for most of the region but also speaking of temperatures i want to take you over here towards the western part of australia in perth we have been seeing temperatures just today reaching to about forty degrees celsius and we have also been dealing with fire danger in this region because of the wildfires tomorrow we are looking at temperatures in the sierra
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coming down slightly to about thirty five degrees but it is going to stay quite warm at least for the next forty eight hours i would here towards the east it is going to be the thunderstorms we've been dealing with thunderstorms across parts of southern queensland and that is going to continue over the next few days because of a frontal boundary but down here towards the south melbourne is and quite nice with a temperature of twenty four degrees in sydney as we start the holiday week is going to be about twenty three. the weather sponsored by cats are always. a policy imposed decades ago pregnant woman thought that she would philip to be goods and when the boy is changing demographics across asia with far reaching consequences creating a pool of socially disadvantaged young men so you have the system or people at every level or being it being given money money to agree to start zation our money to get other people to agree to start the social out there examines the politics of
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population control. after joining the greenpeace the income painting to protect the weddell sea in antarctica we're now in australia for the outcome with the first generation to realize the gravity of this crisis. but we may be the last to be able to do something about it in another thread special find out if the effort to create the largest sentry on earth has succeeded thrice on al-jazeera. they're watching out to see a time to recap our headlines now
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a partial shutdown of the u.s. federal government has begun after politicians failed to win their deadlock over spending president donald trump refused to back down on funding for his border wall forcing congress to adjourn without a budget deal two explosions in somalia's capital have killed at least six people and injured thirteen others suicide car bombers attacked a security checkpoint near the presidential palace in mogadishu nine people have been killed in sudan during violent protests against the rising cost of food and fuel schools and universities are closed in at least five of the country's eight states cities are. under emergency you. get more and one of our top stories now on donald trump's decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria sami now the director of the levant institute for strategic affairs joins us now from beirut good to have you with us you know as more details
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come out about the conversation between donald trump and. is the image being strengthened here of the making a quick decision without referring to too many other policy advisers or even stakeholders. actually. by the day it seems that the decision is not based on sort of vision or. plan because because it's in contradiction actually be with the main strategy of. washington that say that not the number one objective of the united states and the region is to face iran this has been very well articulated by john kerry by bolton and by janet and matisse who just resign so the big question here in case of of with that all would who waited benefit from with this withdrawal would who will fill the void especially that. president from during his
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campaign has criticized that credit his predecessor president obama who decided to withdraw unilaterally from iraq and this pave the way to iran expansion in that region and the emergence of isis today he's taking similar moves by withdrawing from syria which is the same at ina in the middle east and that is a big question mark about who are gonna fill this void because it can't be. avoided if i may jump in in some of those areas at least and is it may be maybe that turks maybe did maybe the french but this is not clear and what's arising more than a doubt that if that is if they were to plan why this plan was not negotiated with
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general matisse and why mr matisse who symbolizes this strategy has resigned and in case that is an understanding with turkey will turkey became. of filling the hole void east of fuel for it off or just. a band on along the borders between is between syria and turkey and that question is i mean there are many doubts that iran which is present in there is order which is but s. and east of the west of and west and southwest of fuel for they can take advantage of such a withdrawal would if this is the decision was taken as you will without any further real to general mattis after a conversation with thai bolduan is it indicative of a new era in relations between donald trump another one at least definitely
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there is. definitely there are more than a reason and the motive for such an approach and their approach mom between turkey and washington is good to be to the advantage of both partners in nato there is no doubt about that however there are doubts about. if there will be other partners who can outsmart this deal and i mentioned iran and whatever is the case that he said he'd order no deal i think that this should be communicated to the large public that is really aware of the ways that all would because the last similar was that all were. resulted in the wide spread of terrorism in the emergence of isis and. i think
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threats and the region all right good to get your analysis thanks so much sami nodded to the. palestinians say they're increasingly frustrated living in the occupied west bank and it's a growing feeling of helplessness of told al-jazeera it's made worse by a greater israeli military presence. of their own political leaders stephanie becker reports from ramallah. it's been especially tense few weeks in the occupied west bank palestinian shootings in israeli incursions have killed people on both sides palestinians tell us they have not seen this amount of israeli soldiers on the streets of ramallah in years ramallah is the seat of power for the ruling palestinian authority and supposedly under full palestinian security control it's outage an already pessimistic atmosphere. what's needed is that the palestinian authority stop security coordination with the israelis stop working together we
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don't benefit anything where a lost people in the situation has become very bad every time i come to a misery it's so hard to reach checkpoints all over the roads the traffic is a nightmare we hope that the world will do something to change this political situation a recent poll across the occupied west bank and gaza indicates that almost two thirds of palestinians want the resignation of president mahmoud abbas and other shows that increase in support for half particularly off the mouth of the escalation here in the west bank and also in gaza and the poll also suggests that the idea of an armed intifada as opposition to the occupation is gaining support that's moving away from diplomatic negotiations. he carried out the survey he says the palestinian authority and president mahmoud abbas are facing increasing questions about their credibility the lack of palestinian unity between the rival political groups fatah and hamas is a major issue and significant criticism of the. for the lack of progress on the
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reunification efforts most of the public today blames the two to one the blame is being placed on the bars on the people rob a ban on hamas this is a significant change from the past in the past most of the blame was being put on hamas most people here say that if palestinians were united they would be stronger to deal with israel everybody for the beast but you know everybody knows the other side is very strong israel is very strong every time we come a closer to make abused and they stop it some six accuse all the time they have excuses our view were they are ready for peace but the other side are not ready you see the smile is seventy six years old and has lived in the ramallah all his life. in the palestinian authority to is controlled by israel just like us they should be a sovereign palestinian state every time the israeli want to raid the towns they go in they go out they do what they want. as another year draws to an end palestinians
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say they seem to be moving further and further away from their hopes of one day achieving their own sovereign state stephanie decker al-jazeera in the occupied west bank the us supreme court has now really voted to reject president on trump's restrictions on asylum seekers five of the line judges decided to keep a block that was imposed by lower tribunals trump and signed an order last month to ban asylum for anyone who didn't enter via an official ball the current yong francisco is a former u.s. deputy assistant attorney general in charge of immigration he says the supreme court's decision suggests president trump's asylum ban is illegal. what the supreme court did today was monumental because it basically gave the signal that even as the litigation proceeds through the lower courts in its full education of the mayor it's most likely by the time it gets to the supreme court it was
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a brain court will say that the trump asylum but it was illegal what this decision today has done is in affirms a decision from a few weeks ago that blocked that policy so for the last thirty forty years since the u.s. having the files that do what the asylum statute said was as long as you present yourself for asylum it doesn't matter how you got to the united states what the president tried to do is to say no you will be banned from seeking asylum laws you wait for a week to get through one of the eighty slots. at one of the ports of entry on the southern border and what today's ruling that is that's totally illegal when congress already programmed it wanted people to apply for a bible and there is no right to block people from applying if they can find someone who is a player in the. their intention to apply for it by law they thought well because we had five justices that have been appointed by conservative presidents for sure
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we're going to have this decision but what justice roberts showed today showed that in past immigration the most notable one being when the arizona law passed during the obama administration and justice roberts struck that that the show about immigration was effectively he's a very moderate judge and sided with the liberal wing of the court because this side you is very clear here to say you're going to apply for a file and it literally you were irrespective of whether you entering the port of entry or into green before and through the fact that it doesn't take a rocket scientist. and that's what the congress required and wrote in the ninth circuit with a very conservative judge and in the brain court with justice roberts both prime conservative judges have said that this law cannot be interpreted the way the president. the family of the guatemalan girl who died after she was taken into
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custody by border control guards is pleading with the united states to allow her father to stay seven year old jacqueline was taken to hospital suffering from dehydration and shock her family disputes the official story about how she died david most reports from san antonio's of cortez guatemala when claudia mckean said goodbye to her daughter jacqueline on december first she never imagined it would be the last time she'd see her alive but what started out as the dream of a better life quickly turned to tragedy and just a week after her husband and daughter left this remote what a mile and village and headed north the united states cloudy received the news every mother dreads media i quote the moment i found out that my daughter died i felt an immense pain in my heart it was something that i never thought would happen when she heard that her father was going she decided she wanted to go to jacqueline
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died in a texas hospital two days after being taken into custody by u.s. border patrol domingo kyle says his seven year old granddaughter was happiest when she was at her father's side jacqueline jumped at the chance to join her father on his trip north and her family saw it as a chance to escape the poverty and lack of opportunity that plagues their community and any of them was a. good girl made the decision to go to the united states and she was excited leaping up and down she was really happy but after they left we don't know what happened it hurts it really hurts. the cornfield where jacqueline used to play is quiet now and the shack where she lived with her parents and three siblings is locked up the memories of the little girl are too painful yet even as her family mourns others are preparing for their own american dream in communities like because it's rumored that smugglers are convincing people to bring their children
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on the trip north promising the have a greater chance of getting political asylum for authorities here it's a worrying trend if her husband is deported cloudier doesn't know how they will ever pay off their debt to the smugglers who took him in jacqueline to the border. we don't have the means to support our children that's why my husband left i'm pleading to officials in the united states to let him stay and work so we can get ahead for now the cattle family awaits for jacqueline's body to be returned so they can say goodbye for the last time david mercer al-jazeera san antonio support is what amala. supporters of announced in south korean president so turning to online video sites to demand her release she was jailed in april for twenty four years for corruption and abuse of power conservatives say they've lost their voice in politics off the she was removed from office eugene young reports told you did his
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team go live every weekday at six pm it may look like a television studio.


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