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tv   Crimea Russias Dirty Secret  Al Jazeera  December 23, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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false news and receiving foreign funds to defame state institutions he strongly denies the allegations and so does al-jazeera echoing international outrage the un has been calling for his release rights groups have reported an armed parallelled crackdown on egyptian journalists since the military deposed the first democratically elected president mohammed morsi in two thousand and thirteen the suppression has increased under former general now president sisi the committee to protect journalists say at least twenty media workers are being held in egyptian prisons hussein's detention has breached egypt's own penal code since he's being held without trial for more than eighteen months the maximum period allowed for anyone being investigated for a crime he should have been released or taken to court neither has happened and two years in his family and others are waiting for justice alex to topless al-jazeera most of us know agassi acting director general of the al jazeera media network and
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he says mark what you're saying is far from the only journalist to be suppressed by egypt's government. for journalists i mean. it's not the only one who is in jail i mean there are so many. egypt there are so many abuses people many journalists were killed. two thousand and thirteen i mean. is not free. there is no. any kind of position and that is what has been going on for a long time in addition to that quite often there is not only neutrality you have to support the government otherwise you are considered. it's the slogan of george bush the old george bush you know when he said that you are with us or you are against us and which is not the case as they said was not working on issues at all he was working doing his job here if you are you should not be going to egypt
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things are better and they hope that happens soon however i would like to take it but unity to call on the egyptian authorities to release mahmoud hussein with no conditions still to come here at al-jazeera no solution yet to the standoff the. u.s. government again. tanda itself into a leading. hello that is mostly dry across the southeastern parts of china at the moment with what they say area of cloud just snipping the far southeast and that's giving us a few outbreaks of rain but even that begins to break up as we head into cheese day and with a bit more sunshine the temperatures will be rising as well so this time we should get to around twenty one degrees there will still be some rain so once the south.
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of the philippines and stretching its way down towards. viet-nam the coast here looks really quite wet we're also seeing a lot of wet weather over the southern parts of india and sri lanka you can see the showers on the satellite pitch and here we're expecting plenty more as we head through the next few days so some pretty heavy downpours here it's usual at this time of year during the winter months see further north a bit of cloud perhaps for the central belt but to the north of all of that is fine and dry with the temperatures dropping away now we are seeing quite a bit of fog and that's caused a bit of problems few problems that in new delhi now for the arabian peninsula here is pretty breezy at the moment so the temperatures there around twenty two degrees by day but dropping into the mid teens at nice which is feeling a bit cool for us that when still going to stick around as we head through the next couple of days and further south when it will be a bit warmer forces perhaps making it all the way to twenty seven.
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war which produced one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world they will take shots even when they should not i believe the saudis have been. the story behind the deadly attack by the saudi led coalition forces on a school bus in yemen which killed forty children. yemen the solder. on al-jazeera. are the top stories. a tsunami has hit indonesia at least two hundred twenty people
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have been killed more than eight hundred others have been injured. or is along the strait between two of the country's biggest. demonstrations have got under way again across sudan this is the fifth day of protests against food and fuel prices at least ten people have died since the rallies began. schools and universities at least. four million ballot papers for the democratic republic of congo presidential election have arrived in the capital they also replace those lost in the fire of last week that. left eight thousand voting machines damaged. the latest yellow vests anti-government protests have been generally peaceful with around forty thousand people turning out across the country and that's well down on the hundreds of thousands of people who took part when the demonstrations peaked in
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the past six weeks but as bernard smith reports from paris have been pockets of violence. with just a few hundred yellow vest protesters on the shores elisei on saturday night a small number sparked a violent confrontation with police. as the policemen scrambled to save their bikes pulled a gun. the whole incident lasted about three minutes but is an indication of how quickly a quiet protest can turn ugly i. want yellow vest protesters described as act six began peacefully on saturday and became a nonstop march through the streets of paris the aim is always to reach the elisei palace on the front door of president emanuel macro but with police blocking roads leading to his official residence the vests just kept walking and walking. and if you don't it is clear that the response including judicial would be the most severe possible no it is calm and harmony that must prevail many people here that we've
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spoken to not at all interested in the concessions present manual drawn up to make they say they don't go far enough but too little too late and they will keep protesting right into the new year. for six weeks yellow vest protesters have been demanding relief from high taxes and more help for france's poorest the numbers of fallen from around three hundred thousand nationwide in the first week to about forty thousand this weekend birds with al-jazeera paris a man and a woman who were arrested on suspicion of being behind their disruptive drone flights at london's gatwick airport have been released. british police say the pat cooperated and no longer considered suspects in the case they'd been arrested on friday after drain sightings over the airfield disrupted the travel plans of thousands of passengers the motive for the drone flights is unknown but police
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believe the pair did not intend to calls home. the u.s. government remains partly shut down after politicians failed to break an impasse on budget spending the standoff is over funding for president trump's planned mexico border war the senate has now been agend until say john had been says the democrats a confident the government will be fully up and running early in the new year the u.s. partial government shutdown looks like it will go on for days democratic leaders say the two sides are very far apart and the incoming democratic leader of the house of representatives once the democrats take control of that body in january she says we have certainty we will end this the first week in january that is when democrats take over the republican leaders in the house and senate are more or less standing by it like manic and that's because the negotiations right now have to go on between the white house and president trump on the one hand and democrats in
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congress on the other because president trump wants more than five billion dollars for a southern border wall along the border with mexico and democrats don't want to give that to him they know that once they take over the house of representatives on january third that they'll be able to block that measure it least in that one house but meanwhile the president says he is not going to his vacation home at mar a lago in florida that's where his wife already is she will come back and they will spend the christmas holiday here in washington d.c. hoping to hash this out but democratic leaders say that is unlikely to be resolved any day soon. the turkish army is moving soldiers to the syrian border the move comes just days after u.s. president donald trump announced he was withdrawing american troops the turkish president dredger tire bedouin has threatened to strike why p.g. targets in northern syria that's the kurdish group that has gained significant
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control in the area after being backed by the u.s. in the fight against eisel but there was a deal between ankara and washington in june and turkish and u.s. troops have been holding joint patrols in manning bitch west of the euphrates turkey wants the city cleared of y p g fighters that are harder has more now from the turkish sound of caucus on the border with syria. the turkish military reinforcing its positions along the border and deep inside syria sending reinforcements thirty kilometers south from where we are to the northern front lines of the city of member the turkish army released not releasing any statement explaining the movement of troops but the timing as reports emerge that the syrian army is planning to move into members and also reports of a possible deal between the syrian army and the syrian kurdish armed group the y p g to hand over members to the syrian government so turkey really sending
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a message it is ready to use force if necessary if the city is not handed over to its rightful owners turkey has long said and long believed along with the syrian opposition that the syrian armed group the y.p. the kurdish group they have been taking over predominantly arab lands while fighting i still to create their own state so turkey believes members should be handed over to to to arabs really and this members finding it selves finding itself at the crosshairs at a time when the united states says it's putting to pull out its troops from the northeast of the country effectively leaving a vacuum so this whole area is up for grabs so the turkish military posturing at the end of the day yes the syrian government has the right to regain control of its territory but turkey also argues that what guarantees will it have if the syrian
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government takes over these areas who will neutralize what they see as a threat emerging from emanating from the white peachey a group it considers a terrorist organization a u.n. team is arrived in yemen's rebel held capital sanaa traveled there from the southern port city of agent where they met government representatives from sana is expected to go into his data to monitor the withdrawal of the warring sides full says they promise to leave the port city during. in sweet. tribute support in for the former leader of britain's liberal democrat party paddy ashdown who's died at the age of seventy seven after a short illness the former soldier turned politician also worked to uncover war crimes committed during the conflict in yugoslavia has had a gun as more of his life and legacy. he was a towering force and british politics credited with making the liberal democrats britain's third biggest party shot of his the ashdown
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a conviction politician he devoted himself tirelessly to centrist politics for more than a decade and was admired across the political spectrum for his powerful oratory is it not now perfectly clear that what the government has to offer the country is not a continuation of the cure it's more of a poison born in india and raised in northern ireland he later served in the royal marines and special services his influence went beyond britain becoming the un's high representative for bosnia and herzegovina in two thousand and two where he investigated war crimes including the massacre of more than eight thousand men and boys in the town of separate needs during the conflict in yugoslavia he was a forceful advocate for international intervention he would later give evidence at the trial of the former serbian leader slobodan milosevic he retired from politics in two thousand and one but remained a prominent voice campaigning vigorously against bracks it it's not my job to be
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popular he once said i'm goal driven my job is to get results can't see a little piece of the yawn al-jazeera where mexico's new president president was running for office his promise to cut government salaries including his own was unsurprisingly rather popular but now he's in power he's finding it a bit more difficult to deliver as john holdren explains from mexico city. it all started with this from exclaims new president that we can't have a rich government and poor people that's why the government stopped salaries are going down he's practicing what he preaches slashing his own salary by more than half and forcing others in the public sector to cut those two by next year's budget lopez obrador is more in a party has majority in congress and is backing his plans deputies and senators have reduced some of their own lucrative perks you're going to miss is that it i
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think it's necessary that we have an equilibrium between what a public servant and working person earns many have said that it's about training and we don't argue with that but a construction worker or night guard works longer and harder. it is no cuts the president's promising raises for the lowest paid public sector workers those who earn less than a thousand dollars a month but not everyone's on board with the changes will them five thousand civil servants have launched legal appeals the supreme court's also waited in temporarily suspending cuts for the judiciary and some other institutions but critics say the judges themselves are part of mexico's gaping wage inequality the end around seventeen times that of the average worker this measure from the president schools a lot of debate from here in congress down to the streets for a lot of people a really happy at the what they see as an entitle political class and public sector a finally going to get their salaries slashed other people say this could open the
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door to corruption and a brain drain to the private sector and to corruption experts say cutting the most exorbitant salaries is needed but applying the measure across the board could backfire. the consequences of cutting everyone salary is that even though it's a noble aim to slash the pay of high level bureaucrats the medium and low level ones who are specialists and technicians aren't going to have enough incentives to stay in public office and make the changes we need there are also worries that instead of taking the hit themselves those at the top could fire employees or trim their benefits to fit the shrinking budget it's now up to the new administration to check that good intentions to turn into power people change john home and out does it or mexico city and industrial city in south korea is now home to the world's largest outdoor miral their work covers almost twenty five thousand square meters as well mcbride ripples from intensity is become
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a source of pride it dominates this part of incheon skyline an industrial i saw turned into an eye catching thing of beauty standing nearly fifty meters tall. a facelift in a city known for its industrial grime. in town is a city of manufacturing and industry we have many aging buildings like this which poses a problem for us this is what they were grain silos but with an imaginative i it wasn't hard to see them as a row of books on the shelf so that is what they became sixteen volumes that tell the story of a boy's journey from childhood to adult hood while depicting the complete cycle of the four seasons incheon is probably best known to people outside south korea as a location for the international airport that serves the capital seoul but
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officials here seem determined that the city should be recognized for far more than just the place you fly in and out of with hopes that some of the millions of passengers who use the nearby airports can be persuaded to stay a while in incheon the city has big tourism aspirations. and now other industrial buildings are being looked at as potential canvases for more art. a lot of companies with similar styles of us have said they want to paint them aware that what might please the public don't put those paint brushes away just yet robert bryant al-jazeera incheon city south korea. travis a take a look at the top stories here it out there a tsunami has hit indonesia killing at least two hundred twenty two people and
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injuring more than eight hundred others ways between half a meter and a meter high struck areas along the sunda straight between two of the country's biggest islands andrew thomas has this update from jaffa. it's a clear highway from the capitol to the coast and that is meant over the course of saturday that many a merge and the personnel and supplies have been able to get to that disaster zone and past the roads right through pam the gland which is the main district of jobs that's been affected but we're told has been largely cleared vehicles can now navigate through some debris still but they can get down that road so help has a rifle but the bad news was the timing middle of a holiday weekends lots and lots of indonesian tourists enjoying a night out and the tsunami that came without any warning at all. demonstrations have begun across sudan for the fifth day of protests against food and fuel prices
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at least ten people have died since the rallies began on wednesday schools and universities a close in at least five states sunday marks two years it's al jazeera journalist who two sainz arrest in egypt his imprisonment has been repeatedly extended despite many calls for his immediate release he hasn't face any formal charges the turkish army is sending soldiers to the syrian border just days after u.s. president donald trump announced he was withdrawing american troops turkish president added one wants the y.p. g. troops removed from northern syria that's the kurdish group that skein significant control of the area after being backed by the u.s. in the fight against eisel a u.n. team is arrived in yemen's rebel held capital sanaa they've traveled there from the southern port city of aden where they met government representatives from sonar is expected the go to have data to monitor the withdrawal of the warring sides forces
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they promise to leave the port city during talks in sweden where i took today those are the latest headlines from us here at out jazeera coming up next it's the saga bus bombing. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after a while it borders between five safe countries facing realities the pain starts from the very beginning of the school providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story and talk to how does iraq. national level she won't get to travel the said affy only ocean he only. has to like the old horse the little bits of them drive the show year.
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but i've been years away how much i would rather you know what was all what i love not. the saudis are not the first country to make this mistake. yemen. after nearly four years of relentless conflict the world has grown used to images of killing and destruction. there is a danger the trolling news coverage can make viewers desensitized to prolonged conflict especially to the human suffering. but sometimes a single event can make the world sit up and take notice. a bombing on thursday the ninth of august twenty eighth team in the northern yemeni city of sadat near the
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border with saudi arabia was one such events of argument about the when the economy appears on the. why the lead really got out about halabja while a here's how well i value. and you can get it done even now from seeing that and i have lived a lady just wild thing to love and i want the title of last lesson in the early bite. of that on supply dog the somehow that. i thought i had. this coup looks at what's happened that day and how planes deployed by the saudi u.a.e. coalition managed to bomb a bus full of yemeni schoolchildren in sadat killing nearly everyone on boards.
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yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world. in twenty eleven a revolution parts of the so-called arab spring ousted president ali abdullah saleh . the armed sheogue group in the north of yemen who thiis took advantage of the instability they moved south and ultimately captured the capital sanaa seizing power from the government of new president up the rubble in fluid had to. dispute the takeover prompted a group of arab states led by saudi arabia and including the united arab emirates
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to launch an all out to talk on who the positions in march twenty fifteen the thing that the who were supported by iran and. the united nation with estimates that since then around six thousand six hundred yemenis to billions have been killed ten thousand five hundred injured and the largest humanitarian crisis in the world including famine and widespread disease has been allowed to develop. it's in this context that the bombing in saw a known who the stronghold took place. an international news story circulated saying that coalition forces had hit a bus carrying children on a summer school excursion. this little boy covered in soot and surrounded by the dead just minutes after the strike was asked if you was ok. my legs he said. the
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western backed saudi led coalition responsible offering no apology dozens of children killed in a saudi led coalition air strike that hit a school bus the instant caused outrage was condemned around the world. so to force this bond school. managed to shock a lot of people this is a school bus this is not a military target of course what happened was dozens of children were. fifty one people including forty children were killed and seventy seven others injured in the thought that attack. the international red cross said their medical team at the hospital received the bodies of twenty nine children each under fifteen . the hospital also treated forty eight injured patients
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of whom thirteen were children. hell it was a theory sort of films that you've had to go to for her uterus or ten i said. yes i was. the how that will show her. being. off of a bottle at night yet about well how can i you are. a lot better. yes big let's get him how the most. well you know. plan. let me give you that i. have a. you know it's a lot of i don't think i want to. read that. and i still say that if you. have an alley.
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i get anyone to. say. has been allowing a little. but the basic explanation about why these tragedies have happened is because often in war your intelligence is not very good and if you have someone who is trying to win a war fast who has a sense of impatience and recklessness they will take shots even when they should not and i believe that sometimes what the saudis have been doing. the initial saudi reaction was to deny responsibility for the bomb hitting the school bus. coalition spokesman maliki told c.n.n. that the attack had been on what he called and it just to make targets and that this was not a school bus and maliki went on to see that the targets had been
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a few rocket launch sites that had been used the day before to attack the southern style to city of his don killing one civilian and injuring eleven others. just follow me why stay down i'll be the i don't i scream assure you you know yes and i said yes but if we are not only did you waste time. when the bombing initially invaded what we do every time the terrible. same thing is they said from the bombed a wedding the same thing as i said we bombed a few same thing as we said from people in the market place they always say that. initially because i've always say that really quite unlike well. can a bug out bag that i got up and i got i was a lot of guidance that was so out of a bad had bag of oil meant that other what other high. profile that it had
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a bad ha ha about big worries culloden have. at helen at that i want to tell the bike that what happened in. this mobile phone survived the attack but it's only going to knott's. there were video clips on the phone of the children on the bus before the bombing. once these were made public it became difficult for the coalition to stick to its original story. the next day they announced that the bus bombing was natural damage resulting from another strike against a so-called legitimate targets and now the deal judy is an iraqi academic who sympathizes with the coalition in this conflict who noticed he was in a jar people that are more length of knowledge to have. i don't see it i don't know
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medart of society here are going to have thought about what they are and who feel how the strategy of all who feel a little bit in a home of them in the rubbish area but the color nautical mile and i walk into the nearest. doris you know head of. your own a day. one hundred thelema oh democrats over to him if you have had us over so on a number of us are you going on there or not the hell of a lot of the you have to made in. the united states has provided to coolish and with military support since twenty fifteen yes. the blowing up of a bus with civilians and children it is a horrible incident but first we have to find out the facts. then the united states has to make some choices if in fact our saudi allies were not involved in this we will continue this type of support for some time. we have
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made it clear at the u.n. from the secretary general's perspective and the perspective of the high commissioner for human rights our outrage at the targeting of minibuses and we've called for there to be. authority best occasioned this attack obviously these various attacks obviously all international humanitarian law must be respected and we need to make sure that there is a proper test a geisha and we'll have to see whether that happens or not. the thought the bus bombing triggered international condemnation. the commander of u.s. air forces central command lieutenant general geoffrey harrigan severely criticised both the coalition and the saudi authorities. the u.s. army central commander in the middle east michael x. garrets went to riyadh's to urge the saudis to conduct
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a thorough investigation. donald trump told fox news that the saudi led coalition in yemen didn't know how to use an american made bomb in the attack. and the un security council called for a credible and transparent investigation into the incident. we call on the saudi led coalition to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into the incident what we want to see is a stop to the fighting where we want to see is stopped to the humanitarian suffering what we want to see is a halt to civilian casualties members of the security council. met and heard that briefing from the assistant secretary general on the recent attacks in south which resulted in large numbers of civilian casualties including children they expressed a grave concern at these and all of the recent attacks in yemen.
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and. can be. managing a decade in a lot of. them are near. you know at the heart of. the media to. learn can that of the. one cause of us that i. can that have allowed.
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them. the families of the victims were not alone in the u.s. connection. said the bomb that killed forty children in yemen with applied by the u.s. . they said it was a two hundred and twenty seven kilo laser guided mark. made by lockheed martin. in a leading u.s. defense contractor. former u.s. president barack obama blocked arm sales to saudi arabia in twenty six. after u.s. weapons were used in an attack on a funeral in. killing one hundred forty people however u.s.
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president donald trump overturned that's banned in twenty seventeen. the u.s. has been utterly complicit in the destruction of the us government as the biggest arms dealer anywhere in the world involves our catastrophic because we're seeing in yemen right now a river has been a terrible humanitarian catastrophe and yet u.s. companies have profited every step of the way when that bomb was dropped it was a lock even martin bomb made in the usa. the politicians are concerned that the united states has no direct involvement in causing that humanitarian conflict and that humanitarian outcome so our elected representatives want to be certain in their mind that our actions or our in actions are not contributing to the deaths of civilians and children. as international pressure increased the coalition started
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to shift its position further denying responsibility was no longer an option and. its public statements began to suggest it might be seeking other ways out of the crisis i was considering opening an investigation. if in fact there was an allegation of a school bus incident as has been suggested then it's important for the commander to to advise his coalition our allies to go through the process of doing an after action review there may have been problems with the weapons system which is very rare there may have been problems with the operational control there may be some questions about the rules of engagement these are what these types of posts
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incident allegations are intended to prove. the coalition formed what it's called the joint incident assessment team the g eight. it's admitting that the coalition had ordered its jets to avoid hitting the bus as it was carrying civilians but that it had been too late the coolish and apologized for the loss of life and wished those injured to a speedy recovery. however human rights watch said in a reports in august twenty eighth seen that the g.i. eighty work was not credible adding that it was covering up more crimes. so that i'm going to be a list dawson of what i need to watch it meant in your view on the dinny if you didn't get a month or. more. i use an old timer just father he. got
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what he was sort of but it. really. has been how did. he get. to be credible and accountability mechanism needs to be unbiased and needs to be seen by the world. is impartial with regards to the various parties and that that will be the real test of whether. a count ability mechanism works or not. the reason that. so you feel as alliance eventually apologize from part of the school buses because because because we're always being told that so to resume is monitoring itself for war crimes we're always being told that we're taking every precaution possible to avoid killing civilians and yet some who is being trusted to
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evaluate itself for war crimes when we've seen reporting which has come from the. from the say the late coalition's own investigations they've almost always been a total whitewash they've always. find ways to absolve themselves of responsibility . to have that would limit or larger well limit to how the other one i guess by then that offer them a little. bit of a higher with a short. a shove are largely just half of them a. bad i'll only get in this if i had a good image. and then they get mad about obama and then and then and the real third day or the bonehead that one that so many that would you are that one of the
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lads and i would lead the game and then i'm a bit of a money grubber been. her on that about. the saw the bus bombing to draw why do global attention not just to the war in yemen but to the saudi you equalisation strategy and methods. it's also beg the question as to when the international community would finally cry enough is enough. it's a war that they have invested a lot of money and time and effort and it's in a period when the saudis are trying to redefine their image on the world stage and to accept defeat in a conflict in a small country like yemen. to a force that's largely backed by iran this would simply be
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a blow to saudi prestige that is so great that it doesn't allow them to think rationally we've seen three years worth of saudi air strikes so i think we have to declare the strategy unsuccessful and look for something else why they just refuse to accept the possibility that they're losing when to most of the rest of us it appears that yes they are loads. of that the status quo in yemen is clearly unacceptable the war's gone on for too long our hope is that the parties in the region and and in the wider world will come to accept that the war in yemen has gone on too long that no one is winning it this kind of crisis doesn't benefit any party.
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most of the world agreed. he's that the war has gone on far too long and caused untold unnecessary suffering to millions of yemeni people. since the start of the bus bombing there have been two significant developments with a direct impact on the war and those involved. the first affected how the world now views saudi arabia. on the second of october twenty eighth seen the saudi journalist. who was living in the united states was murdered in the consulate of saudi arabia in istanbul. most other countries reacted with disapproval if not horror at the extrajudicial killing of an innocent man on foreign soil all eyes
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turn to saudi crown prince mohammed bin said a man who denied any responsibility. the truman administration took him at his word despite advice to the contrary from its own intelligence agency but american politicians have been forthright in their condemnation sadly president trump continues for crying his love and affection for the saudi regime the brutality and lawlessness of the saudi regime as everybody in this country now knows was made clear to the entire world with the burt of dissidents saudi journalist jamal sharkey maybe if the saudis were willing to lie to us about what happened to jamal khashoggi they haven't been straight with us as to what's happening inside yemen because if the united states is being used to intentionally hit civilians. then we are complicit in war crimes i just believe that the
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relationship while valuable in the past has become too much of a burden and as long as india says around. think you'll ever be normal again meanwhile the un finally managed to bring all the warring factions in yemen together at formal peace talks in the swedish capital stockholm. the un special envoy for yemen martin griffiths managed to broker a peace deal and declared a cease fire between pro-government forces and who the rebels in the port city of who they dared to start on the eighteenth of december twenty eighth teen. after the saddam bus bombing a group of u.n. experts that that saudi and immorality forces may have committed war crimes in yemen. so everyone went into the peace talks knowing the seriousness of the saudi let action but peace could only be attained with the full participation and
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cooperation of mohamed bin sandman. sometimes the diplomacy needed to achieve peace has to involve suspending condemnation of the brutalities and illegalities of war. young african footballers are travelling to thailand in hopes of becoming professional players but they risk discrimination and exploitation. when one is the investigations thailand's football factory on al-jazeera. in the darkest of times brave men and women stood up. when oppressed they rose. together they fought for greater justice respect and
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compassion. they had a dream for a better future. today we are at a turning point. the stakes are high climate change inequality. hate speech you may feel overwhelmed but there is hope. you. we together can create the change we want. by speaking out by standing up by taking action. be the leader you are looking for stand up for human rights. step into the. woods central america's first ever trickled production by actors with down syndrome . a life journey. which. performer transformed with the rays of
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a curtain. witness talking to love. on. the differences. and the similarities across the. al-jazeera. al-jazeera and i from city of fourteen here al-jazeera headquarters in doha for the bat to ball welcome to the new straits swept away by a tsunami more than two hundred people after a volcanic eruption forces a massive tide of water into coastal towns on indonesia. there was no warning and
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hundreds of buildings were destroyed or whether such phenomena can be better predicted to save lives also on the grid it should have been election day in the. papers or only in the capital kinshasa the delayed voter ready postponed repeatedly since twenty sixteen has angered opposition supporters can they be a credible election in a week's time we'll have a live report and twenty eight seen hasn't been a good and various parts of the world one of somalia's most prominent reporters is among a dozen people killed in a bombing in mogadishu and. it's two years since our colleague mahmoud is saying was arrested in egypt imprisoned without charge the face of the u.s. led coalition to defeat eisel has resigned over president trump's sudden decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria but now the president says he doesn't even know him a major chapelle what the reaction to that story.
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you are with me is great live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us it's been a really lentulus year for indonesia with a series of natural disasters including two earthquakes and now a tsunami more than two hundred people a dead and at least eight hundred others are injured and the numbers i keep right a keeping on rising the eruption of the i'm not tolerable kaino is thought to have to get underwater landslides waves up to a meter high hits areas along the saundra straight between two of the country's biggest islands we begin our coverage with this report from al-jazeera as dorsetshire bari. a concert by the indonesian pop band seventeen and western java came to an abrupt and when waves from a tsunami swept away the stage musicians and fans. the water flowed up to twenty
11:51 pm
meters in land killing dozens and injuring hundreds. more in. the morning so there was a forty three weeks. region you know under estimated to need so this could have been much worse. indonesia's meteorology and geophysics agency believes the waves could have been caused by undersea landslides from the eruption of a knack kaka toa that's a volcanic island formed over years from the nearby carcass how a volcano search and rescue operation is now underway for survivors. were very soon found that kids get into their training. because this is a traumatic event especially given all of the things the indonesians suffered in the you know four months in september more than two thousand five hundred people were killed by a quake and tsunami that hit the city of palo on the island of soloway sea which is
11:52 pm
just east of borneo indonesia in the ring of fire. it's it's it's there's always volcanic eruptions happening there always sometimes there are tsunamis. and it's really no more active than normal actually it's just every now and then there's a confluence of events which unfortunately results in people being kind of literally swept up in these disasters and the number of casualties from this disaster over a holiday weekend is expected to increase as rescuers reach affected areas or such a party al jazeera and al jazeera is andrew thomas is on his way to the disaster zone he has just arrived on the island of java and sent us this update from chittagong city. where i am in chile gong is about five kilometers inland from the coast about seventeen kilometers from the part of the coast that's been hit worst
11:53 pm
by the tsunami we're not down on the coastline talking to you from there in the dark because there are real fears that there could be another tsunami if this volcano continues to erupt continues to displace water could create another wave and authorities are saying that everyone should steer clear of that coast certainly for now that's why we're here the good news if you can talk about good news in a situation like this is how close to indonesia's capital jakarta this tsunami has hit it took about an hour and forty five minutes to reach where i am from jakarta airports and it's a clear highway from the capital to the coast and that has meant over the course of saturday that many a merchant sea personnel and supplies have been able to get to that disaster zone and bossed the roads right through the gland which is the main district of java that's been affected that we're told has been largely cleared vehicles can now navigate through some debris still but they can't get down that road so help has arrived but the bad news was the timing middle of
11:54 pm
a holiday weekend lots and lots of indonesian tourists enjoying a night out and the tsunami that came without any warning at all there are no tsunami warnings for this sort of situation that wave hits without any notice whatsoever and lots of people there because of this holiday weekend and that's why so many have died. andrew thomas reporting there from chile gong as we've been saying the tsunami is believed to have been triggered by the eruption of. it's on a volcanic island by the same name between java and sumatra and has been spewing ash and lava for months the island has been emerging from the sea since the one nine hundred twenty s. and early a volcano in the same place it up to the eight hundred eighty three that event was described as the explosion heard around the world thirty six thousand people were killed in a series of tsunamis which followed as a volcano collapse into itself well let's make some more about this not too james
11:55 pm
goff was a professor of tsunami research at the university of new south wales in australia his eyes from southampton in the u.k. thank you so much for joining us so this took people by surprise as we've heard because they weren't the earthquake traumas that usually precede a tsunami tsunami set off by volcanic activity just how unusual a phenomenon is it but it's actually not not unusual the problem is we tend not to focus so much on those because the warning systems are set up the larger earthquake generated tsunamis but there are quite often little bits of the sort of volcanoes falling off in generating small tsunamis is just that invariably they tend to happen locally affecting areas and those areas don't have people in this case unfortunately you have the the worst case scenario possible you have a densely populated coastline incredibly active volcano and we also have a high tide so you put a los together and this is one of those worst case scenarios and it's raising the
11:56 pm
awareness of two people that these convents can happen from volcanoes right other external factors that influence the activity of al qaeda is able to predict this kind of volcanic activity. well to a certain extent you can take the volcanic activity or you you can you can tell there's a bit of magma moving around and you can sense very very small the earthquakes happening but can you predict there's going to be see nami generated by that no that's a completely different kettle of fish if you wish much harder to try and get a sense of whether any tsunamis are going to be generated by this volcanic activity everyone's familiar of course with the infamous crocodile volcano has eruption in eight hundred eighty three was one of the world's worst natural disasters that may seventy six thousand were killed then but what about this so-called child of krakatau just how dangerous is it for the people who live in its vicinity well you know it's clearly a very very active volcano and it's been active for quite some time it's growing
11:57 pm
very rapidly you put all that together and you've got a lot of magma underneath it that's moving around. clearly you don't have unstable slopes on the side of the volcano both underwater and above it it's highly likely that there will be more tsunami generated by submarine landslides of the question is when is that going to happen we don't know they're going to be bigger ones we don't know what warning do you have well it's an active volcano and that's the essentially the warning yeah and i read as you say that you know in the years before the eight hundred eighty three eruption activity around the pockets of ok it was intense and earthquakes were felt as far away as australia so could what we're witnessing right now be that pale you to something even more catastrophic. well that record terrorism law small of them. was when it when it blew up but that
11:58 pm
doesn't mean that it won't do something so catastrophic or more catastrophic than. it's it's really difficult to tell i suspect the maybe one or two more submarine landslides rises to come but in all honesty we just need to be aware that it's a problem and keep away from the coast as the government is a boys in saugus your boys in and watch thank you so much for speaking to us very interesting thoughts on this thank you for your insight james cough professor of tsunami research at the university of new south wales in australia thank you very much for your time and of course all the latest updates on the indonesian tsunami on al-jazeera dot com the disaster in pictures if you scroll down you'll see just the extent of this disaster destroyed houses and cars bodies of victims being recovered survivors being treated in hospital some very dramatic pictures as you can see there and videos also on our web site just show you the devastation that was caused by the tsunami it's on our web site at al-jazeera dot com and we are
11:59 pm
getting a few comments from our viewers on this here on facebook it says indonesia and philippines are often affected by floods and japan as well with earthquakes another comment from malala who says our hearts are with the injured and the families of the victims of course this is a story that's touching a lot of people around the world this area of the world of course very much affected by disasters swat the year throughout twenty eighteen send us more of your comments on this and other stories we're covering on the news great today our different ways to get in touch with us on your screen right now. of course is that a news great our twitter handle at a.j. english. now it's been two years since al jazeera journalist mahmud hussein was arrested in egypt he hasn't been charged with any crime since his imprisonment has been repeatedly extended despite international calls for his immediate release.
12:00 am
colleague much much hussein has now been held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he's a journalist as journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence wars of truth we will continue our news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of our colleague mahmoud to say and all journalists detained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom. well earlier we spoke to moustapha swaddle is the acting director general of the
12:01 am
al-jazeera media network he says the input prison meant to say it is a violation of egyptian law itself. is on prison unjustly and for no reason except that he's a journalist so when you have an oppressive regime that doesn't like media freedom that doesn't like journalists and specially they don't take it does either because it has all this got to respect then it's not an easy thing to deal with because the law is not respected and does not enforce that act. violated and every step from the beginning it has been a violation of the egyptian law itself or human rights law for the national law everything.


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