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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 24, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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charged with any crime since his imprisonment has been repeatedly extended despite international calls for his immediate release. called the must much hussein has now been held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he's a journalist as journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence wars of truth we will continue our news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of our colleague mahmoud to say and all journalists detained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom.
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well earlier we spoke to moustapha swaddle is the acting director general of the al-jazeera media network he says the input prison meant of mahmoud oh say it is a violation of egyptian law itself. hussein is in prison unjustly and for no reason except that he's a journalist so when you have an oppressive regime that doesn't like. media freedom that doesn't like journalists and specially they don't tackle does either because it has all this characteristic then it's not an easy thing to deal with because the law is not respected and does not enforce that act actually violated in every step from the beginning it has been a violation of the egyptian law itself of human rights law at the national law everything but what has been in thing we have been trying to do everything we can as they said we have a lawyer that has been defending him trying to do something but they don't listen
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to him that much because that he is in jail and he is repeatedly this is the seventh was the seventh time i believe last time of renewing his forty five days of jail with no specific charges and with no. presenting him to court well let's now speak to the daughter of mahmoud hussein who joins us on the line as sane as the daughter of a colleague saying thank you very much for speaking to us your father as we said has been held without child for two years have you heard from him how much contact have you had with him since. for the last two most we've been seeing or other one two week we go this sets with him lest the first a minute and since it's only allowed to see people to go me and my sisters and brothers have to change turn so i end up seeing my father most of
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my siblings end up being the father and it's almost something. so you have been a i'm a father yes you have been able to see him what can you tell us. about his condition his physical and mental condition. well actually his his mentally and emotionally choking because it's been a lot in a lot two years and in one room it's too much too much for one man especially my father because he was very social and he he he was very active and he always he was always with his family with his voters and sound so every time i go and see him his face powder them the develop spine touched me to see my father like this and the longer he stays i can see that on his face. what toll has this had on your family as are i imagine it's
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a very difficult time for you. yes of course actually my youngest brother was two years only was and his dad was taken now he's turning for intruding two years without his father. he can't even sometimes he can't remember. he doesn't go that much because the person on the visits is very hard for him to handle waiting lines for many hours my grandfather and grandmother all of them the two of them have been sick and even my grandfather has been finalized you know from the shock. it's been like eleven eleven months ago he was with my father visiting him and emotionally he was very distressed and he went back home unable to move at the same until now so it's very different stages. it's ruining our family i can't describe how hard it is for our friends. we are not we are not giving each one of us
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a different stage of you know school in life so everyone everyone's life is by realizing. we all of us like it feel like it's not only my father who is in prison all of us we're all in the prison with them very very have been. called in a campaign around the world calling for mahmoud hussein's release as are from journalists around the world what would you like your father to know today about you know the efforts that are being made for him. it's actually over and over whenever i see such events but i go there and so my father of course that changes you know his spirit son his emotional situation but actually you know the situation here in egypt is very hard so you can't figure out really what's going to make the change what's the point that you know this will all disappear and you know life will go back as it were before so yes of course all these events and you know and
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solidarity stands with the father you know. it feels great you know to have the board but still we won't we want something to happen i'm scared that my father's going to be forgotten two years is too much and i'm scared that the number is always only going to get higher for so many following what's your messages are to the egyptian government today. well actually i don't know why and i wish that i speak to someone and asking why i don't want to know why if he had if he had done something why don't you give him a charge you know why don't you investigate and you know do you work i don't know i don't understand please please let my father out please bring him back to our allies have been stopping the drug doesn't move in. the two years so it's very hard please please give us back. i hope your message is heard thank you so very much for
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taking the time to speak as a hussein is a daughter. who's now been imprisoned in egypt without charge for to me is we've heard so many stories this year of journalists under five just for doing their jobs in somalia a prominent journalist was among dozens of people killed in the deadly blast on saturday in mogadishu and who is here to tell us what so why so many people are talking about this case thanks folly will his name this journalist name is. he in at least one thousand others were killed in bomb attacks in the capital mogadishu on saturday the armed group al-shabaab took responsibility for two blasts near the presidential palace it's not clear whether it was specifically targeted in this attack but the news of his death has gained quite a lot of attention on social media because he spent years working in somalia known to be one of the key figures in the country that was trying to revive the media landscape there but he then fled the country in two thousand and five fearing that he could be targeted for that now we heard from one journalist in somalia he says
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that he knew salada and thinks it's very unlikely that his friend's death will even be investigated. is it very done just to be a journalist in somalia on it is very unlikely that moderate is would be investigated. but bleak on the militants are all hostile to us we'll like to fish in a post in a sweltering we can be a tot at any time just the days you know stocked it friend of mine on a broom and into somebody's gin that is filled fit and i'm really saddened by the death of my friends we so malise genetics does. some of us up being killed some of us being wounded as fled from the country we face in a tour of both time now many of his colleagues and readers have paid tribute to him one journalist wrote that somalia has lost a great journalist and presenter i've known him for over twenty five years my
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sincere condolences to his immediate family and friends another says somalia needs every living somali figure because the country is dying and needs all our efforts to help rebuilt let's all protect somalia she'd here says that these attacks are targeting somalia's greatest assets its students as teachers doctors academics and journalists they deserve justice and finally a simple question from mary here when will this violence and now the committee to protect journalists describes somalia as one of the most dangerous places for journalists reporting at least sixty five killings there since one thousand nine hundred two and for the fourth year in a row somalia has ranked at the near the top of the countries where journalists are slain and as we've heard earlier there are killers end up going free fifty three journalists were killed worldwide this year according to see p.j. with afghanistan being the deadliest country on earth for journalism out here in somalia we'd like to know what you think about the here death and what it means for
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journalism in the country you can get in touch with us on twitter using the hash tag it's in it's good. andrew thank you very much why are journalists around the world increasingly targeted watch this edition of inside story for an interesting discussion on what should be done to reverse this dangerous trend who should be responsible to protect journalists and what can be done to restore the public's trust in news reporting the show is recorded just last week here at the doha forum and featured former white house press secretary sean spicer filipino journalist maria ressa and david frum the committee to prop protectionists watch it on al-jazeera dot com. now to the democratic republic of congo where thousands of people's millions in facts of people across the country should have been voting this sunday to elect a new leader to replace president joseph kabila but ballot papers for the long awaited presidential election have just arrived in the capital kinshasa they needed to replace almost four million others which were destroyed by a fire last week the blaze in kinshasa also left eight thousand voting machines
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damage there's been protests since the announcement that the election has been postponed by a week as week to catherine sawyer who is live from kinshasa now so catherine the good news is that the ballot papers have finally arrived in kinshasa but does doesn't mean that the logistical problems surrounding this election are over. well you you're right it is a relief that these people arrived it was supposed to arrive yes the day on saturday so a lot of people are relieved that this has happened but then still a lot of on saturday in the country we've been talking to people here in the capital who say they don't trust the electoral commission at all that saying that they feel that this election could be postponed again. that another crisis might just come up the electoral commission itself will use and a lot of pressure today leave a fairly credible election and who had the last few days the president of the
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commission coming out to tell people to exercise patience and that they're trying to do everything in their part to make sure that their reason election on sunday and this election is fairly credible but let me tell you where we are actually now as you mentioned those four million ballot papers meant are in the country machines voting machines eight thousand had been destroyed in that fire so the voting machines that were recalled from other parts of the country will that are in kinshasa and technicians. in the process of reprogramming them voting materials other parts of the country already in a different regional headquarters they get they are to be transported to the different centers and eventually the polling stations but as you mentioned this is a logistical nightmare because this is a country that has very poor infrastructure we are in the rainy season and some parts of the country are unsafe we have an ebola outbreak in the east so all these
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issues really complicating matters more. the opposition complicated issues that the opposition has nonetheless agreed to this delay to this extension of the votes by one. half say said how they would react what they would do is the vote doesn't go ahead in a week side. we was. when you know one of the opposition candidate was speaking to here hundreds of supporters are reacting to this news of a delay of the election and he told them yes they call him let's wait for the thirtieth let's see what the electoral commission but he's also told supporters that should there be another should there be another delay should the commission come back and say we need another extension that they shouldn't wait for a meeting such as what kind of they should just go out to the street and express
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their you know you don't make it had and protest we also spoke to other. presidential candidates who are think that also watching to see what's going to happen but the other question the people are asking is that even if the election only happens on sunday how credible is it going to be i was talking to a political analyst today who said that he doesn't think that the election is going to be credible the electoral commission itself has been a very not transparent a tool they have not been paid the full truth about the preparedness of all this election and then again we're just coming out of a very violent very chaotic campaign season so a lot of people that i've talked to think that they are concerned that going forward this a balance could only escalate especially if the election is disputed or even the electoral commission act or another delay fully thank you very much for that catherine story live for us in kinshasa as you heard there this is a very crucial election for the d r c one in which the incumbent joseph kabila is
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not running and one of the most powerful players calling it's a change in congress catholic church is congress catholic church. has more now from st joseph's church in. in the democratic republic of congo the catholic church has clout nearly half of congo's eighty million people go through its church services like this one in the capital kinshasa when president joseph kabila didn't step down at the end of his second and final constitutional mandate the church stood up. john bell i was one of the key coordinators of the protest for democracy which eventually led to an election being called for sunday two years late three days ago it was postponed again till next week. until today we are aware of strategies to not organize elections we are not surprised that we don't have elections even though there was enough time we were
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informed about the postponement of elections until the thirtieth and we think that for seven days let us not burn the whole country. the priest asks people to pray for the elections to be peaceful. the last two years were not dozens were killed by police in the protests the catholic church brokered a deal for a delayed election to take place when it was finally announced more were killed during the campaigns mostly at opposition rallies the government promises it's delivering democracy because. the president of the republic is the one who has brought democracy in this country we've had difficulties organizing elections on time and the president is the one who is conscious of the fact that his two mandates are over that's why the electoral commission has all the means to organize elections. since the commission and nouns the postponement there have been pleas and soldiers on the street near the university activists tried to organize
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a march they were completely out numbered so they gave up. the catholic church is powerful here they can speak up when others can't it's political works north over people and i'll be waiting to see if next week's election really will happen a lot of people are wondering if the ruling party and the electoral commission intends to hold any election at all most people here say they want change they still don't know if they'll get it malcolm webb al-jazeera kinshasa in the democratic republic of congo and if you get a chance check out this great documentary by witness of the fight for democracy in the d r c it's a story of three young activists who put everything on the line to change the political future of their country to find it just click on the documentaries tab at al-jazeera dot com and then click on witness. it watching the news great on al-jazeera if you're with us on facebook live coming up
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a story about how some women in madagascar are working to bring light to their village and still ahead on the grades the u.s. troop withdrawal from syria how donald trump's decision to pull out u.s. forces is worrying some of the country's closest allies to stay with us the at. the end of the. hello the weather is all quite quiet across the middle east at the moment we're going to few bits and pieces of cloud around one drifting its way eastwards across afghanistan and another one making its way down from turkey but nothing too significant i think that area of town we saw of a turkey will just drift its way eastwards towards the caspian sea on monday a few bits and pieces of rain maybe some snow mixed in with that but as this system we've got to watch because this one is going to work its way towards the northwest impulsive take if you choose day and it's choose day that is looking pretty wet windy pretty miserable actually for many of us in the northern parts of turkey
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expect some snow at times to elsewhere looking lushly fine and draw i know that will mean baghdad now with a top temperature just of seventeen degrees here in doha it's also feeling quite cool particularly if you're out in the wind it does have a bit of a bite to it twenty two degrees is the maximum during the day but at night we're dropping all the way down to around fifteen so it is feeling rather fresh woman for us temperatures topping at around twenty seven and no major changes as we head into cheese day down towards the southern parts of africa and there's quite a few showers he can see there on the satellite picture stretching from angola all the way across into madagascar and then more showers in the eastern parts of south africa these have been pretty violent i think we'll see a few more over the next few days. kidnappings amount is in crimea since russia's full stomach sation of the black sea in the. i don't understand why.
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schools of crimean teutons have been arrested. by russian security forces. crimea russia's dirty secret on al-jazeera. yes. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents living green the stories they tell. about it. sued in world news.
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headlines on al-jazeera and the stories trending on our dot com the tsunami in indonesia of course the latest natural disaster to hit the island top trending that number one and two more than two hundred people killed and hundreds more injured
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after the tsunami hit indonesia on a saturday also trending turkey sending reinforcements to. syria after the u.s. decision to withdraw its troops from the syria conflict then turkey's foreign minister criticizing the israeli prime minister calling that's the whole cold blooded killer . all those stories and more on our website at al jazeera dot com. well america's western allies are alarmed by president donald trump surprise moves to pull troops from syria and its fallout that decision has prompted two high profile resignations from the trumpet ministration defense secretary james mattis and brett mcgurk the u.s. envoy to syria in the global fight against i saw the french president a man in my call has just responded to the latest developments here's what he had to say well in all of this you please i very deeply regret the u.s. decision on syria and i would like to pay tribute to general mattis and what he
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wrote in his resignation letter i have witnessed over the last year and a half of how reliable general mattis has been missed he has all westernized the meaning of what being allies was being allies it's fighting short by shoulder. well let's get reaction from john hendren in washington d.c. for us john a macor seems to be saying that the u.s. has for been an unreliable alaia how's this likely to go down with the trumpet ministration. well the trump himself is is likely to dismiss mccrone xp perspective but there are a lot of people in his administration and here in washington republicans on capitol hill who normally are on trump's side of these issues who also agree with him a lot there's been a lot of anger expressed on the sunday talk shows here in the united states about trump's approach dick durbin a democrat said we've read now reached a depth of dysfunction that i've not seen in washington he said that he personally appealed to madness to stay in the administration and said that we counted on him
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to be here and stop this president from his worst impulses the president apparently announced the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria two thousand of them by tweet apparently without consulting his own defense secretary or mr mcgurk who at the time was meeting with kurdish leaders in the region so it was an embarrassment not just to american allies but to people here in the government and in the united states so a lot of concern being expressed here as well and i think a lot of sympathy for mr mccrone his remarks right and president has seen two major resignations as we said as a result of his decision to pull out of syria against the advice of his military leaders john is there a crisis in u.s. strategy here. i think a lot of people here would say that indeed there is these military leaders feel undermined by a president who unilaterally makes decisions announces them on twitter without
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consulting his own leaders madis in his resignation letter talked about the importance of building alliances like the one with france and went on to say that the president deserves someone whose views were more in line with the president's own views but implicit with that is that the president has not been a very good partner with those allies he has been very critical of nato is moving in syria has made russia and turkey happy but they are often seen here in the united states more as rivals then as regional allies and it's upset a lot of the allies of the united states that he has done so without consulting to them so there is a sense of something of a crisis going on here in an administration that is undergoing just one series of tumultuous events after another thank you for that john hendren life for a same washington d.c. and the president's reaction to mccarthy resignation has left some scratching their
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heads and he was back with more on that subject thanks folly will shortly after mcgurk announced his resignation president trump tweeted basically that he didn't know the guy he said brett mcgurk who i do not know was appointed by president obama in two thousand and fifteen then he cusins him of being a grandstander for resigning now instead of next year so this is made washington d.c. twitter if you will explode for a couple of reasons ryan here post that the idea that you would take credit for the defeat of eisel and not even know who the u.s. envoy responsible for defeating eisel is just insane there are many many leaders in the region especially who know who is he helped assemble the seventy nine member coalition that countered eisel he brokered military aid in agreements with them between. armed groups and governments were in competition with each other and by the time that trump took office that coalition he had overseen had taken back half of isis control they've now lost all but one percent of the territory they once
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held in iraq in syria and just twelve days ago brett mcgurk was highlighting the importance of the u.s. continuing in the fight against eisel in syria we have obviously learned a lot of lessons in the past so we know that once a physical space is defeated we can't just pick up and leave us or we're prepared to make sure that we do all we can to ensure this is enduring no sign of that areas that we have cleared of isis they have not returned or actually seize physical space there's kindest and so nobody is saying that they're going to disappear nobody is that naive so we want to stay on the ground to make sure that stability can be maintained now several members of the former national security team president obama's team have shared their thoughts susan rice here says that the statement that trump made speaks volumes to his commitment to fighting and degrading isis as she says here while the former director of the cia john brennan he tweeted that mcgurk believes in the principles values and partnerships that define america donald trump does not but i must say not everyone will be sad to see
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mcgurk leave the role it drifts here culls mcgurk the architect of dangerous and short sighted policies in iraq and syria he's probably referencing the group's work with the george w. bush administration he was an early advocate for the surge in iraq in two thousand and seven now in an e-mail to his colleagues mcgurk said trump's decision to pull troops out of syria came as a shock and left our coalition partners confused and our fighting partners bewildered i worked this week to help manage some of the fallout but i ultimately concluded that i could not carry out these new instructions and maintain my integrity. now let us know what you think about this latest high profile departure from the trump national security team you can get in touch with us as always on twitter using the hash tag it's a news group thank you for that andrew and the impact of president trumps decision is being felt on the ground in syria al jazeera is in a harder has this report from the techie syrian border. turkish military
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reinforcements are being sent deep into syria to the front lines north of the city of mumbai the message turkey is sending is that it's ready to use force if membership is not handed over to what it calls its rightful owners the turkish deployment followed reports that the syrian army planned to move in there will be a vacuum once the u.s. begins with drawing its troops from areas across northeastern syria controlled by the syrian kurdish armed groups the white p.g. . people are afraid after reports of a possible military operation and other reports of the regime was to capture the city were preparing to escape if the regime enters or if there is military action the u.s. military in what is known as the members military council are the forces on the ground but the turkish government and the syrian opposition say the council is a front for the y.p. g a group they consider terrorists and separatists who have exploited the fight
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against eisel to carve out a state of their own members is among predominantly arab areas under why peachey control over. damascus has been making its position known state media has been broadcasting images from the white b.g. controlled region of what it says are protests against a possible turkish offensive the government has accused turkey of territorial ambitions turkey's main objective in syria is to prevent the establishment of a kurdish state along its borders so as not to inflame separatist sentiment among its own kurdish population it's not clear if turkey will accept y.p. g.'s rule to be replaced by that of the syrian government but if it does its will demand guarantees that the y.t.d. is rendered ineffective. turkey's president has promised to dr eisold and the chief from syria his military has changed its posture strengthening turkey's hand a serious player is likely engaged. backdoor negotiations to prevent what could be
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a new conflict that occurred there on the turkey syria border let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world now this hour and it's been another day of demonstrations in sudan protests that have at times turned violent ten people have been killed since wednesday the protests began over the rising cost of food and fuel that have grown into a movement aimed at forcing the end of president bush's nearly thirty year will doctors are now warning that they're planning an indefinite strike even morgan has the latest on sudan's capital khartoum. it may all seem calm here in the sudanese capital khartoum but the doors of the school behind me tells of a different story itself the story of a country that has been forced to issue a nationwide suspension to schools high schools and universities to try to prevent people from congregating because they're worried that there will be for the protests on top of the five days of protests that it's already witnessing over the past few days people have been going out to the street they've been complaining and
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protesting against the rising prices of market commodities against the fact that the government has been planning to increase the price of a loaf of bread from one to the new spawn to three sudanese pounds which to them is already an affordable and they don't want to see more price hikes but they've also been protesting about the government and its comic policies and reforms that hold the ground for the economic situation in sudan and deteriorating living conditions and high prices no bread no fuel no medicine and all that has led to the protests in different parts of the country the protests have been going since wednesday and more cities are joining every day it will grow our demand to sudanese is no longer improved economic conditions it's now a demand for the government to step down. because situation is suffocating one leaves the house in the morning and doesn't know if he should go to the bank or stand in the line for bread or go to work because there is no transport things have become suffocating at least ten people have been killed. thousands have been
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injured and dozens more have been prisoned now the government think that they're going to try to find hallways they're going to look for ways to try to ease the country out of this crisis but the people have in thing that they don't want the government they want to new government they want new policies they want new faces particularly and a big they're not going to stop protesting until they have better living conditions guaranteed for them. a u.n. team meant to monitor the cease fire in yemen has arrived in rebel held. the capital after landing in the government controlled city of aden earlier they're expected to travel today day in the coming hours to monitor the withdrawal of fighters from the port city saudi iraqi back to elation forces and healthy fighters have agreed to a truce in who data it's hope the end of fighting will improve the country's diet humanitarian situation cuba's national assembly has agreed on the wording of a new draft constitution a referendum will be held in february and whether it will be passed into law the major changes that cubans ride to on private property would be recognized the
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update would maintain the country as a centrally planned economy ruled by a single communist party after pressure from the catholic church plans for legalizing same sex marriage have been removed mexico's new president is facing a backlash against the decision to cut the salaries and perks of the country's top government earners including himself at the same time andres manuel lopez obrador has lifted mexico's minimum salary by sixteen percent the biggest single increase in more than twenty years john heilemann has this report from mexico city. it all started with this from exclaims new president that we can't have a rich government and poor people that's why the government stopped salaries are going down he's practicing what he preaches slashing his own salary by more than half and forcing others in the public sector to cut those two by next year's budget lopez obrador is more in a party has majority in congress and is backing his plans deputies and senators
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have reduced some of their own lucrative perks you're going to get in a society i think it's necessary that we have an equilibrium between what a public servant and working person earns many have said that it's about training and we don't argue with that but a construction worker or night guard works longer and harder. it is no cuts the president's promising raises for the lowest paid public sector workers those who earn less than a thousand dollars a month but not everyone's on board with the changes will them by a thousand civil servants have launched legal appeals the supreme court's also waited in temporarily suspending cuts for the judiciary and some other institutions but critics say the judges themselves are part of miscues gaping wage inequality the end around seventeen times that of the average worker this measure from the president schools a lot of debate from here in congress down to the streets for a lot of people
12:36 am
a really happy at the what they see as an entitle political class and public sector a finally going to get their salaries slashed other people say this could open the door to corruption and a brain drain to the private sector and to corruption experts say cutting the most exorbitant salaries is needed but applying the measure across the board could backfire. the consequences of cutting everyone salary is that even though it's a noble aim to slash the pay of high level bureaucrats the medium and low level ones who are specialists and technicians aren't going to have enough incentives to stay in public office and make the changes we need there are also worries that instead of taking the hit themselves those at the top could fire employees or trim their benefits to fit the shrinking budget it's now up to the new administration to check that good intentions to turn into power people change john homan out zita mexico city and former british politician paddy ashdown who was a leading figure in the peace process after the balkans war has died following
12:37 am
a short battle with cancer he was seventy seven years old a former soldier also worked to uncover war crimes committed during the conflict in yugoslavia. and reports. he was a towering force and british politics credited with making the liberal democrats britain's third biggest party to have a stash out of conviction politician he devoted himself tirelessly to centrist politics for more than a decade and was admired across the political spectrum for his powerful oratory is it not now perfectly clear that what they government has to offer the country is not a continuation of a cure it's more of a poison born in india and raised in northern ireland he later served in the royal marines and special services his influence went beyond britain becoming the un's high representative for bosnia and herzegovina in two thousand and two where he investigated war crimes including the massacre of more than eight thousand men and
12:38 am
boys in the town a separate meter during the conflict in yugoslavia he was a forceful advocate for international intervention he would later give evidence at the trial of the former serbian leader slobodan milosevic he retired from politics in two thousand and one but remained a prominent voice campaigning vigorously against bracks it it's not my job to be popular he once said i'm goal driven my job is to get results llopis of a on al-jazeera. i am watching the news great coming up after this short break all the sports and a basketball legend meets one of the biasing stars of world football and even though they don't speak the same language they have lots in common as we'll find out with joe in just a moment but first a check of the world. development
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. progress for some the end of a way of life. a clash between corporate interests and the people who must prepare a long fight to protect their heritage and the march to progress in the philippines part of the you find asian series on al-jazeera. after joining the greenpeace campaigning to protect the way i don't see in
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antarctica we're now in australia for the outcome with the first generation to realize the gravity of this crisis. that we may be the last to be able to do something about it another try special find out if the effort to create the largest sentry on earth has succeeded thrice on al-jazeera. this war so his joy and it's been quite a week for manchester united but their fans are smiling again absolutely follow your ups and downs this man only going to put a smile back on the faces of millions of manchester united supporters on saturday
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he was appointed as united manager wednesday following a marine yes sacking and he made the dream start the region he played for united in the one nine hundred ninety s. noughties led them to a five one victory over cardiff here yet she still manage a few years ago and it was the first time since alex ferguson's reign at the club that united have scored five goals in a match although they're still down in six in the premier league standings with some work to do to catch the top four. the attitudes been fantastic the dressing room the way they approach this game. throughout because it's been a difficult week for everyone. and to get the full pierce performance as well as they did. impressed were eight points behind and we've we've caught up teams before at this club. though we've got to catch up with a couple so. i would job is just take one game at
12:42 am
a time they don't look too far ahead of course manchester united have been one of the top trending sports topics online or week and lots of people have said their thoughts after the cardiff came including jesse lingard he said it was an enjoyable day at the office he scored two goals and was named man of the match now sosa has only been given the manager's job on temporary basis and united say they'll get a new permanent boss at the end of the season but former top midfielder jermaine jenas thinks they should sign him up right now former united goalkeeper peter schmeichel told british media today that he'd consider applying for the vacant director of football role at the club and he is full of praise his soul says saying that he brought the united spirit back now the hash tag poke back is one some of you have also been using after paul pogba made a return to the united starting line up and pope himself said this celebrates her each if he was regularly admitted from the first eleven by marine year despite having cost united over one hundred million dollars to buy. from
12:43 am
a team looking to rebuild so one that's going from strength to strength now bolton will ravens were another top trend after their latest win in the n.f.l. puts them on the brink of a first playoff spots in four years they beat the charges and it's largely thanks to this guy to be telemark jackson he became the starting quarterback in the ravens have also just extended the contract for coach john harbaugh to a tall season with team talks like this one it is easy to see why right first of all the shore we. never. heard of was. the worst drought the. why what no one follow. was we still got one more win to get points through but once again a barracks were against the wall that we thought we come out here and were right were set to zero zero zero zero no way there's
12:44 am
a chance we were the only ones that believed in ourselves to do this thing rivers are. now what do you get when you basketball legend le bron james in the same room as young french football star pay the answer is a fascinating conversation the two may not share the same language but they still have plenty in common at a sponsor's event in paris both say they're aware of the power they yield in influencing the next generation. what means will then and that's what more than actually me. is that you should never allow people to put us out of the box for maybe more after we you know i'll been able to feel you know a great amount community giving back to my community being able to be outspoken to be able to lead to the next generation letting them understand how important voices how powerful to their voice is to people and. to get my kids to every month we want to go through a saucepan the two of the ones that come to. us if you think one side is going to
12:45 am
trump. the tough on. one of them we know everything the disc is are going through because we were them at some point i want them to be able to have someone that they can look up to and also have someone that they know they care about their. seclusion. john calling somebody to one of the problems here at milwaukee this is what she faced helpful. in the diet they would still need to get to shore that up a few technical shows we change culture what we do what we say how we change culture so we have definitely the right in the power to be able to do more than. play football play but school. is not maybe you could say you're allowed to sit next to a great conversation you know regulate or you're on that thing that. all right well
12:46 am
first a huge thanks to you had in all sports for gc's leaving us today a piece of we'll be back with more eight hundred g.m.t. but for now it is back to folly thank you very much joe and thank you to helen as well that will do it for today's news great remember to keep in touch with us on social media at all times that are eight hundred is great and all the other ways to get in touch here including our whatsapp number from the forty back to one the whole these great team thank you for watching we'll see you again tomorrow at fifteen g.m.t. my fam. medieval western society it was
12:47 am
a feudal society detail to keep the one above the law and as soon as to pulp ended his speech some people stood up and said god will sit down and the entrance to the city was horrific they killed people in the streets in their houses and in. the crusades an arab perspective at the sold one shop at this time on a. resort is one of nigeria's top tourist destinations but in the shadow of the mountain some nigerians continue an ancient tradition with child protection workers say condemns young girls to a life of slavery and sexual exploitation five year old miracle was married for money just a few weeks ago joan leaves with some missionaries who says she's proved many marriages happen i couldn't reach it is a missionary or rescues goals the money goes to buy outrightly a local neighbor one big truck to gail before she's born there what if it takes
12:48 am
fourteen years mondays the brothers can still go to get the money wife. of. the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that has claimed so many lives such info sanctuary padawan people in power on al-jazeera. tsunami devastation more than two hundred people die and hundreds injured after a huge wave triggered by a volcano hits indonesia. and
12:49 am
on tape this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. sudan on rest doctors jordan protestors on a fifth day of the demonstrations that have led to ten day. campaign to free out is there a journalist mahmoud hussein who's now spent two years behind bars in egypt without trial. and a policeman pulls out his gun in paris during the weekends you know best demonstrations the number of protesters is decreasing. and our tsunami in indonesia has killed more than two hundred twenty two people and injured more than eight hundred forty others it happened in the sindh straight between the two popular tourist islands of java and sumatra water crashed into land destroying homes hotels and roads the current swept away people and vehicles
12:50 am
scientists say the tsunami was triggered by undersea landslides or an eruption of the volcano krakatau a site had been on a watch list because smaller eruptions had been recorded throughout the year under thomas has a report from china gone in indonesia. a concert by the indonesian pop band seventeen western java thanks to an abrupt end when waves from tsunami swept away the stage musician plans. to float up to twenty leads inland killing dozens and injuring hundreds more in. the morning so. we. retreat you know under our leader so the. much worse in these years meteorology and geophysics agency believes the waves could have been caused by an undersea landslide from the eruption of and krakatau that's a volcanic island formed over the years from the nearby crocodile volcano the
12:51 am
search and rescue operations are now underway for survivors who were very family not to get people that are true. because this is a traumatic event especially given all of the things the indonesians suffered in the last you know four months in september more than two thousand people were killed by a quake and tsunami that hit the city of palu on the island of sort away z. which is just east of borneo indonesia on the ring of fire it's it's it's there's always volcanic eruptions happening there always sometimes there are tsunamis. and it's really no more active than normal actually it's just every now and then there's a confluence of events which unfortunately results in people being kind of literally swept up in these disasters the number of casualties from this disaster over a holiday weekend is expected to increase as rescuers reach affected areas and there
12:52 am
are already hundreds of rescue workers in that disaster zone in part because of how close is it to jakarta indonesia its capital where all the emergency services are based the fear now though is of a second tsunami if more volcanic activity causes more underwater landslides and that's why i'm here in chile going about five kilometers inland from the coast up a hill the authorities are saying that nobody should be along that coastline tonight in the dark in case another wave hits andrew thomas al-jazeera chiller gone into an easier. now to david rather easily a professor of planetary geosciences at the university and joins us live via skype from near portsmouth in southern england thanks very much for being with us what can you tell us about the cause of the tsunami in this particular case. well it definitely wasn't caused by a big earthquake which is the usual course of tsunamis that we think of and connect with it and they said it was related to
12:53 am
a collapse under water of the island and that cracker time the trouble this is broken it collapses and not directly related to a particular direction which is happening surface mean i'm not cracker time it's been erupting off and on all given to several years prior to this and it's quite spectacular you can see the red hot lava coming out sometimes but that wasn't especially ruction that happened which caused this landslide what happened was as a as the island has grown up with you know it's all built shore part of it has become steeper and steeper and eventually parts we presume became to state to be stable and it collapsed and that's what displace the seawater which caused the weight but if you're washing it the instant it happened you want to see it was equal erupted event going on above sea level it's just that it gots to state to be stable and this is what's going to happen spillane continues to grow there will be other collapses some of which might cause tsunamis but it doesn't mean there's another one imminent now we could go
12:54 am
a long time before the next yesterday also about that because you tell us are saying that the authorities there are saying that there's a possibility of another one and do you think that's kind of not not as my case as all that then what is probably more likely in the weeks following a collapse if corrupts happens then the areas adjacent to the collapse you could say they've been on my mind undermined if everything give way expecting to give way soon if a week or two conses with no more tsunamis down with back to that ground level of risk and who knows when the next one will happen they do strike without warning there's really no way. so it's continuously surveying that publicly which names under was a sudden no sense not to keep mapping it all kind of has no way to know when it's become to state to be stable or when it's on the verge of being. on the state police state there's no telling when it's going to get what base things happen pretty much out of the blue so you don't lose that trying to predict when they see
12:55 am
going to happen we know there will be such future events around and not crack it's . all you can do is suggest to people don't be now sea level around this coast but people live that solitary people live them as well so it's a calling to cause an indifferent and when you know when to take it in the traditional way then the warning technology can have a chance to work is that what you're suggesting in this case there isn't anything really that you could have that would give you any kind of viable warning time period this are not crack it's how we soak in the straits between sumatra and job a tsunami waves travel through a three hundred kilometers an hour so they'll come ashore very quickly and there's no trigger event like a big earthquake but the indian ocean tsunami on twenty six december two thousand and four the really big one was where the indian ocean floor was pushing below beyond of sumatra jerks and it did cause waste across the ocean and they can be
12:56 am
detected by tsunami warning boys now i thought happens you've got time to warn people in sri lanka are overwhelmed yes but they said duction zone by one place is going to allow another is so close to the shore of sumatra that you're going to get various warning time before the waves come ashore anyway so if you threaten response dutch is. probably too close to get warning of a tsunami coming your way but you will feel the earth trembling if you don't have a coast of sumatra or java on the ground tremble at the moment ten seconds also you'll know that's a big earthquake potentially he's underwater could be a tsunami coming so the best warning we can have is to educate people if sea level unfair the ground trembling trying to get to higher ground but in the case of a silent underwater collapse of the flank of a volcano. those nothing to detect thank you very much indeed to have
12:57 am
a terrifying that david rather thank you feel expertise you're welcome. oh saddam's doctors are going on an indefinite strike in the first a series of work stoppages aimed at paralyzing the government of president omar bashir demonstrations have been rallying for five days across several cities in anger over rising fuel and food prices as well as corruption at least ten people have died in reports that police are fired tear gas to disperse protesters in the rubber in or for the fun in the logan has this update from the capital khartoum. may all seem calm here in the sudanese capital khartoum but the doors of the school behind me tells of a different story itself the story of a country that has been forced to issue a nationwide suspension to schools high schools and universities to try to prevent people from congregating because they're worried that there will be for the protests on top of the five days of protests that it's already witnessing over the
12:58 am
past few days people have been going out to the street they've been complaining and protesting against the rising prices of market commodities against the fact that the government has been planning to increase the price of a loaf of bread from one to the new spawn to three sudanese pounds which to them is already an affordable and they don't want to see more price hikes but they've also been protesting about the government and its comic policies and reforms look at their homes without the economic situation in sudan and deteriorating living conditions and high prices no bread no fuel no medicine all that has led to the protests in different parts of the country the protests have been going since wednesday and more cities are joining every day it will grow our demand to sudanese is no longer improved economic conditions it's now a demand for the government to step down there. situation is suffocating one leaves the house in the morning and doesn't know if he should go to the bank or stand in the line for bread all go to work because there is no transport things have become
12:59 am
suffocating at least ten people have been killed. dozens have been injured and dozens more have been present now the government is saying that they're going to try to find ways they're going to look for ways to try to ease the country out of this crisis but the people have been saying that they don't want this government they want a new government they want new policies they want new faces to take lead and a big they're not going to stop protesting until they have better living conditions guaranteed for them ballot papers for the democratic republic of congo's long awaited presidential election have arrived in the capital kinshasa up to four million papers were shadow to arrive by saturday or face those destroyed by fire last week the blaze in the capital also left eight thousand virtual machines damaged or presidential pose originations will for sunday have been pushed back by weeks and so is in contrast a forest so cats are never seen on for next week well that's a very important question morin and
1:00 am
a lot of people here that i've been talking to are asking the same question they're asking is a week even enough for the electoral commission to get its act together to make sure that there is a fairly reasonably credible election on sunday so let me just. could you just reached where we are right now as you mentioned those four million ballot papers meant for the are in the country now which is a big relief to many people the voting machines that had been recalled from the different problem is we're told are already here technicians are reprogramming them now out of what the materials that were meant for other parts of the country are in the different regional headquarters they will be or are being transported to the various then. eventually the polling stations as well but that's another big problem logistically this is a country that has a very poor infrastructure we're talking about places that you cannot get using
1:01 am
a whole or even a bicycle.


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