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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 24, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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under why peachey control over i don't mask this has been making its position known state media has been broadcasting images from the white b.g. controlled region of what it says are protests against a possible turkish offensive the government has accused turkey of territorial ambitions turkey's main objective in syria is to prevent the establishment of a kurdish state along its borders so as not to inflame separatist sentiment among its own kurdish population it's not clear if turkey will accept y.p. g.'s rule to be replaced by that of the syrian government but if it does it will demand guarantees that the y.t.d. is rendered ineffective. turkey's president has promised to dr eisold and the p. y. chief from syria his military has changed its posture strengthening turkey's hand a serious players likely engage in backdoor negotiations to prevent what could be a new conflict. on the turkey syria border. sudan's doctors have voted to go
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on an indefinite strike any protests calling for longtime leader omar al bashir to step down the demonstrations are underway in several cities at least ten people have died since protests started last wednesday the reports that police fired tear gas to disperse rallies in in the north or just on the protests were sponsored by the rising cost of food and fuel prices as well as corruption here morgan has more from sudan's capital khartoum it may all seem calm here in the sudanese capital khartoum but the doors of the school behind me tells of a different story itself the story of a country that has been forced to issue a nationwide suspension to schools high schools and universities to try to prevent people from congregating because they're worried that there will be for the protests on top of the five days of protests that it's already witnessing over the past few days people have been going out to the street they've been complaining and protesting against the rising prices of market commodities against the fact that the government has been trying to increase the price of a loaf of bread from once a nice pond to three cinemas pounds which to them is already an affordable and they
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don't want to see more price hikes but they've also been protesting about the government and its comic policies and reforms look at the whole without the economic situation in sudan and deteriorating living conditions and high prices no bread no fuel no medicine and all that has led to the protests in different parts of the country the protests have been going since wednesday and more cities are joining every day it will grow our demand a sudanese is no longer improved economic conditions it's now a demand for the government to step down. because situation is suffocating one leaves the house in the morning and doesn't know if he should go to the bank or stand in the line for bread all go to work because there is no transport things have become suffocating at least ten people have been killed dozens have been injured and dozens more have been present now the government is saying that they're going to try to find hallways they're going to look for ways to try to ease the
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country out of the. crisis but the people have been saying that they don't want his government they want to new government they want new policies they want new faces to take leave and the big they're not going to stop protesting until they have better living conditions guaranteed for them. head on al-jazeera angry confrontations in paris as protesters continue their accounting to shrink the divide between rich and war last honda industrial city in south korea turned into a leading tourism park. and i bet the weather is all quite quiet across the middle east at the moment we're going to few bits and pieces of cloud around one drifting its way eastwards across afghanistan and another one making its way down from turkey but nothing too significant i think that area chad was sort of a turkey will just drift its way eastwards towards the caspian sea on monday
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a few bits and pieces of rain maybe some snow mixed in with that but it's this system we've got to watch because this one is going to work its way towards the northwest impulsive take if you choose day and it's choose day that is looking pretty wet windy and pretty miserable actually for many of us in the northern parts of turkey expect some snow at times to elsewhere looking lushly fine and draw i know that will mean baghdad now with the temperature just of seventeen degrees here in doha it's also feeling quite cool particularly if you're out in the wind it does have a bit of a bite to it twenty two degrees is the maximum during the day but at night which often all the way down to around fifteen so it is feeling rather fresh woman for us temperatures topping at around twenty seven and no major changes as we head into cheese day down towards the southern parts of africa and there's quite a few showers say you can see there on the satellite picture stretching from angola all the way across into madagascar and then more showers in the eastern parts of south africa these have been pretty violent i think we'll see a few more over the next few days.
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after joining the greenpeace dean campaign to protect the weddell sea in antarctica we're now in australia for the outcome with the first generation to realize the gravity of this crisis. but we may be the last to be able to do something about in another thread special find out if the effort to create the largest sentry on earth has succeeded thrice on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour
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a tsunami has hit indonesia killing at least two hundred twenty two people and injuring more than eight hundred others waves of up to two metres high a metre high rather struck areas along the saundra state straight between two of the country's biggest island. u.s. defense secretary james mattis will leave his post at the beginning of the year almost two months earlier than expected president donald trump has named deputy secretary of defense patrick shanahan as the man to succeed madness and they've been more demonstrations across sudan for a fifth day in a row now many people are angry at the rising cost of food and fuel at least ten people have died since the bodies began on when you say schools and universities are closed in at least five states. now millions of people across the democratic republic of congo were due to vote this sunday in a long delayed presidential election to replace joseph kabila but the election has been delayed by a week now and the vote is b.
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is due to be held in a week's time one of the most powerful players calling for change is congo's catholic church. has more from st joseph's church in kinshasa. in the democratic republic of congo the catholic church has clout. nearly half of those eighty million people go through its church services like this one in the capital kinshasa with president joseph kabila didn't step down at the end of his second and final constitutional mandate the church stood up journalist john bell i was one of the key coordinators of the protest for democracy which eventually led to an election being called for sunday two years late. three days ago it was postponed again until next week and. until today we are aware of strategies to not organize elections we are not surprised that we don't have elections even though there was enough time we were informed about the perspire moment of elections until
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the thirtieth and we think that for seven days let us not burn the whole country. the priest asks people to pray for the elections to be peaceful. the last two years were not dozens were killed by police in the protests the catholic church brokered a deal for delayed election to take place when it was finally announced more were killed during the campaigns mostly at opposition rallies the government promises it's delivering democracy because then there is. the president of the republic is the one who has brought democracy in this country we've had difficulties organizing elections on time and the president is the one who is conscious of the fact that his two mandates are over that's why the electoral commission has all the means to organize elections. since the commission and noun's the postponement there have been pleas and soldiers on the streets near the university activists tried to organize a march they were completely out numbered so they gave up. the catholic church is
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powerful here they can speak up when others can't it's political works northover people are now waiting to see if next week's election really will happen a lot of people are wondering if the ruling party and the electoral commission intend to hold any election at all. most people here say they want change they still don't know if they'll get it malcolm webb al-jazeera kinshasa in the democratic republic of congo. a u.n. team has arrived in yemen's for city of her data to monitor a cease fire deal between the government and who the rebels earlier they met government represents is in the city of aden the deal between yemen's government and who the rebels was reach in sweden almost two weeks ago it's now been two years since al jazeera journalist mahmud hussein was arrested in egypt he hasn't been
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charged with any crime since but his imprisonment has been repeatedly extended despite international calls for his immediate release alex got topless reports. for two years mcu the same has been locked inside an egyptian prison his right to trial denied his legal rights rejected the al-jazeera journalist flew to cairo in two thousand and sixteen to visit his family after he landed he was questioned the detained without being formally charged he suffered a broken arm and was refused proper medical treatment egyptian prosecutors accuse the cutter based journalist the broker asking what it describes as false news and receiving foreign funds to defame state institutions he strongly denies the allegations and so does al-jazeera echoing international outrage the un has been calling for his release rights groups have reported in our poll crackdown on egyptian journalists since the military deposed the first democratically elected president mohammed morsi in two thousand and thirteen the suppression has increased
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under former general now president of the federal city the committee to protect journalists say these twenty media workers are being held in egyptian prisons hussein's detention has breached egypt's own penal code since he's being held without trial for more than eighteen months the maximum period allowed for anyone being investigated for a crime he should have been released or taken to court neither has happened and two years in his family and others are waiting for justice alex to topless al-jazeera. hundreds of people have been demonstrating in lebanon angry about deteriorating economic conditions and corruption some scuffles broke out with riot police and the army when protesters tried to reach a government building in beirut demonstrations have spread in recent weeks because politicians are failed to form a government following elections in may somewhere wearing yellow vests a reference to the ongoing protests in france while the latest yellow vests for us
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in france's anti-government protests have been generally peaceful with around forty thousand turning out across france that's well down on the hundreds of thousands who took part when the demonstration speaks or in the past six weeks that has been a smith reports from paris have been pockets of violence. with just a few hundred yellow vest protesters on the show's elisei on saturday night a small number sparked a violent confrontation with police. as the policemen scramble to save their bikes pulled a gun. the whole incident lasted about three minutes but is an indication of how quickly a quiet protest can turn ugly. yellow vest protesters described as act six began peacefully on saturday and became a nonstop march through the streets of paris the aim is always to reach the leaves a palace on the front door of president emanuel macro but with police blocking
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roads leading to his official residence the vests just kept walking and walking. and if you don't it's clear that the response including judicial would be the most severe possible no it is calm and harmony that must prevail. many people here that we spoken to not at all interested in me concessions person manual from how to make they say they don't go far enough they're too little too late and they will keep protesting right into the new year. for six weeks yellow vest protesters have been demanding relief from high taxes and more help for france's poorest the numbers of paula from around three hundred thousand nationwide in the first week to about forty thousand this weekend but as with al-jazeera paris cuba's national assembly has agreed to the wording of a new draft constitution a referendum will be held in february on whether it'll be passed into law the document recognizes a ride on private property for the first time but it says the country will say
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a centrally planned economy ruled by a single communist party after pressure from the catholic church plans for legalizing same sex marriage were removed. by greece israel industry is the smallest in europe but things are on track for change things to all of things economic crisis johnson opera's explains from athens. athens commuter railway was built ahead of the two thousand and four olympics and to change the lives of outlying communities a journey into the city that used to take an hour now takes twenty minutes by train . it's very convenient time a cancer patient and had to go into hospital. but now i just take the train it's a feat grayle hopes to repeat by the end of this year when it fully electrifies the country's main rail line from athens to the northern port city of. that'll have
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travel time to three hours and twenty minutes so the train will now compete with the airplane that line will help realize another ambition this train loaded with goods made in china is headed for budapest the rail yard here in the port of paris is part of china's new silk road to europe the idea is for this port to become southeast europe's main supply line these changes are happening as a result of greece's economic crisis port operations were sold to the china ocean shipping company the government rail monopoly was broken up there are now seven competing train operators and grayle was able to focus on one particular area upgrading track now the industry is trying to make up for lost time. is the smallest in the european union. one percent. and one and a half percent of transport compared to europe. and. that's because after greece joined the european union in one thousand nine hundred one
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most infrastructure spending went to rebuilding its motorways and rail was neglected so the trains currently move only a tiny fraction of these containers inland most leave by truck that is about to change this twenty five hector freight is the largest in southern europe and hellenic rail has just taken over its management of them. this shark connects the container port with the rail network and beyond cargo from asia will enter here and will be distributed across europe greece's economy will acquire a new dimension and greece will become one of the biggest freight rail herbst in europe. even though the greek market suffered during the crisis the country is now taking advantage of its geographical position to produce growth jumps up last. now an industrial city in south korea is now home to the world's knowledge a dormir all the work of his nearly twenty four thousand square meters as rob mcbride reports from incheon city it's become
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a source of pride. it dominates this part of incheon skyline an industrial i saw turned into an eye catching thing of beauty standing nearly fifty meters tall a facelift in a city known for its industrial grime. in chan is a city of manufacturing and industry we have many aging buildings like this which poses a problem for us this is what they were grain silos but with an imaginative i it wasn't hard to see them as a row of books on the shelf so that is what they became sixteen volumes that tell the story of a boy's journey from childhood to adult hood while depicting the complete cycle of the four seasons in john is probably best known to people outside south korea as a location for the international airport that serves the capital seoul but
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officials here seem determined that the city should be recognized for far more than just the place you fly in and out of with hopes that some of the millions of passengers who use the nearby airports can be persuaded to stay a while in incheon the city has big tourism aspirations. and now other industrial buildings are being looked at as potential canvases from out. there you say literacy or when a lot of companies with similar silos have said they want to paint them with what might please the public don't put those paint brushes away just yet robert bright al-jazeera incheon city south korea the latest on all of our top stories on al-jazeera dot com including the tsunami in indonesia which has killed more than two hundred twenty people.
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and for the battle with the headlines on al-jazeera tsunami has hit indonesia killing at least two hundred twenty two people and injuring more than eight hundred others waves of up to a meter high struck areas along beslan dress trade between two of the country's biggest islands and thomas says this update from chile gone city on the island of java it's a clear highway from the capital to the coast and that has meant over the course of saturday that many a merchant sea personnel and supplies have been able to get to that disaster zone and fast the roads right through the gland which is the main district of jobs that's been affected but we're told has been largely cleared vehicles can now navigate through some devery still but they can't get down that road so help has arrived but the bad news was the timing middle of a holiday weekend lots and lots of in the nation tourists enjoying a night out and the tsunami that came without any warning at all. the u.s.
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defense chief james mattis will leave his post at the beginning of the year almost two months earlier than expected president donald trump has named deputy secretary of defense patrick shanahan as the man to succeed manage. sudan's doctors are voted to go on an indefinite strike us people protested across the country for a fifth day many are angry at the rising cost of food and fuel at least ten people have died since the rallies began on wednesday schools and universities are closed in at least five states in lebanon hundreds of people have been demonstrating angry over the terri orating economic conditions and corruption in the country some scuffles broke out with riot police and the army when protesters tried to reach a government building in beirut anti-government demonstrations are spread in lebanon in recent weeks because of politicians not being able to form a government following elections in may and a u.n.
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team has arrived in yemen or city of her data to monitor a cease fire deal between yemen's government and who with the rebels they met government representatives in the city of aden a deal between yemen's government and who sees was reached in sweden almost two weeks ago. you're upset with the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next year its entire story to stay with us. headlines for weeks but almost three months on still waiting for who killed him. and who gave the prime suspect.
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story. to the program. that. shocked the world and drew international outrage demanded answers from the saudi kingdom with turkey leading the calls. eighteen saudi suspects extradited to istanbul to stand trial and says he's determined to find out who gave the order to kill believing it came from the highest levels of the saudi government. as time goes by the case might be. the fallout from casualties murder has been felt in different parts of the world saudi arabia has revamped its intelligence services and fired
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two senior officials with al asiri and south alcatel many who are accused of being behind the fifteen man hit squad sent to istanbul both were close to mohammed bin some none the u.s. senate last week blamed the crown prince for the murder off the cia reportedly concluded he ordered that the united states which has provided military support for the coalition fighting the war in yemen has the kingdom to end hostilities them and earlier this month a ceasefire was agreed between the yemeni government and who think rebels in the port of her data thank you with end the discussion and joining us here on inside story to do so from anchorage we have no can buy a bureau chief for the daily sabah in london sami handy as to in chief of international interest and from miami via skype robert gucci associate professor at
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lancaster university a very warm welcome to all of you know let's start with you how's the quest for justice over the murder of jamal khashoggi lost its bomb and i'm. actually i don't see any indicator to make this conclaves in. terms of losing memory momentum. the perspective of from the perspective of turkish government so let's look at the present that runs latest words in the center of fourteen during the oil sea meeting so present on was so decisive on the trial and the dollar evidences and the whole process will be clear as much as two months ago when the actually the murder what took place in istanbul so prison and on again sad that in on the line that the whole evidences and the whole stabs throughout the
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murder will be rebuild step by step by the turkish government so turkish government and turkey doesn't have any hesitation to bring up the whole evidences or request the insisting that request and the meant demands from the saudi government to shed light on the case but as you say that was december fourteenth that was ten days ago we've had very little since then of course of events carry on and overtake events such as the. weather we next going to hear from turkey on this. so as you mentioned doing ten days. been a lot of things actually turkey has been going trip about the syria about to other national security interests about the why p.g. and syrian border but again i would like to point out that turkey doesn't doesn't seem at least as we have observed me as a journalist doesn't seem that turkey will step back in any action to put pressure
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on saudi government internally and internationally i have to underline that internationally because the investigation still underway and ongoing the leading but lead led by a stumble prosecutor the chief or secures office so again soulfire we have seen request of extradition from the saudi government of fifteen suspects of the murder and again the president add on's wordings on that v. no we know that all relevant to do this murder. will be revealed and we know they are the closest aides to m.p.'s so from that point from that's facts that turkey doesn't seem much to step back or losing him amounts him to put more pressure on saudi government but the international backing
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needed on the ground now ok m.b.'s of course had been sound on the crown prince of saudi arabia will certainly get back in just a moment to what turkey does next right now their role but i want to get an idea of to the extent you feel the issue has slipped off the agenda of world leaders well i read through. president of the united states perspective as being a world leader is it took forever to get any traction you know donald trump talked about the situation or the whole garon almost that the coverage just. it wasn't good enough and that the saudi officials should be ashamed that they were able to hide any involvement better than they did these other movements by the united states. withdrawing you know support for the yemen war i mean that's been going that were going on for years and just now they're interested in having a discussion about u.s. involvement in it seemed to do with the r.c.l.
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so saudi arabia you know connecting this back to this journalist murder you know it's becoming a distraction point donald trump doesn't want this to go any further we don't know what information is going to come out about what the president knew about this when he knew about it so so from united states' perspective there isn't going to be a lot of interest and help in the international community understand what truly happened the prince could walk up to donald trump into the cia and say yeah i did it myself and i don't know that they would believe him i don't i don't know they want to believe what's happened and so for the international the international community is on their own on this one ok and this i mean do you think it's good that we have more information for the state that is to be revealed will it be with fails or is this more of a case of of being case closed. i think we have to look at the bigger picture here
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from the perspective that when the turkey was pursuing the case and putting out these leaks there was a clear intention from turkey to try to come out of isolation to try to convince the u.s. to come onboard to try to convince the u.s. to abandon one hundred been selma and i think the release of the pastor in the early days was a sign of good world a sign of a gesture but it seems trump disliked the idea that the turkish president of iran was a strong arming him essentially trying to force donald trump to choose between turkey and between saudi arabia trying to force donald trump to abandon one hundred been so many let's remember donald trump in the early days he was saying look guys why my going to give a hundred and ten billion one hundred eighty billion however much it is of contracts for somebody who wasn't even a u.s. citizen so i think with a gusher how should you case i think it was from the polygamist this was always going to come of the political perspective on a silly the legal the reason why i say this is because from a legal perspective turkey has to prove that mohamed bin send men gave the order directly over according to the leaks there are a lot of implications definitely that perhaps give more than
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a reasonable beyond reasonable doubt that mohamed bin solomon knew about it but nothing yet to say that he gave the actual order and that's what's needed in order to prove that mohamed bin cement was involved moreover there is a very interesting twist in the coverage of the shoji case that actually took place a couple of days ago there is a very interesting article in the washington post that discusses how shocked activities within his last days notably that he was trying to secure funding from the saudis from the qatar foundation trying to set up a think tank trying to find some door back to the government in the sense that we needed this is what we think the saudis we need this think tank in order to try to disassociate saudi arabia from accusations of terrorism this is a very interesting article to be published at this moment in time because although it doesn't feel like trying to put a stain on the should does memory it's certainly very interesting in that it changes this perspective that has been made the shoghi as an angel as a defender of of freedom of speech and reform in saudi arabia to somebody who. it is still within that framework of operating within that particular world and i
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think this article is very interesting because it shows a shift in the public attitude towards the case let's remember the only reason it was on the table for so long is because of the turkey leaks because turkey was so insistent on going after one hundred percent men but when you look at the bigger picture no one would be so low got his public hi-fi from vladimir putin when he went to the g. twenty in turkey has come out of isolation trump is now withdrawing from syria and turkey now has the green light to go after the wipe e.g. in northern syria and there is a definite warming of relations between al-qaeda and washington and oregon convinced trump when. he sued his superseded john bolton's advice trunk took evidence advice of john bolton's advice with regards to syria in terms of turkey politically it's out of isolation it's got what it wants in syria mohammed bin so learned his reforms have been damaged and again status has gone up in the arab and muslim world won't be so lucky a bit wounded but at the end of the day the reason is this did what i say is this politically the justice is more likely to come politically but not legally legally
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is much more difficult to prove and i don't know how much turkey has if what it has the definitive proof that muhammad is alone or did the order the killing plenty of questions being raised there no let's first pick up on sammy's last point is there any more do you think does the government believe that's going to come out that is to be revealed that will create a direct link between the crown prince because of his murder yes i believe so in terms of that so far we have seen. we actually we we received. from the speaking and speech of the pres now dan and foreign minister to wish all know that. turkey has more to prove that m.b.'s is playing a major role actually give or gave the order of killing so we can we can take that . from the. speech in meeting so as longest serkin
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knows that the closest aides including qahtani wasn't taking place directly in this into this murder so turkey doesn't go further actually at this point at this time to directly figuring out the. prince moment been so mun so turkey doesn't want to pretend to be just politically just playing a political ruined but you know why why would they even holding that information if they do have that direct link and they've been very open about releasing other information in a drip drip method through to local media why they were holding the crucial link so probably turkey. expects more actually more backing from the other countries such as united states from. european union or international. institutions such as united nations again since the beginning turkey's repeatedly saying that
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this trial needs to be held in an international court international institutions so after the trial actually held in istanbul so that should should be carried out to the international platforms so probably turkey's perspective is perspective from the beginning as it meant maintain up to now is that turkey doesn't want to be the sole actually player in this in this whole process ok just playing the political cards as they washington does as the other capitals in the europe as. defense will do you also believe that there is still a smoking gun that is withholding in this case and if it is is the u.s. likely to take that bait and give turkey the backing that it wants to release it. well i do think that there's more information out there from interviews from or
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interrogations depending on who's doing the questioning. i do think that there are answers out there do you think there's a smoking gun what that what that is i'm not sure there seems to be a lot of evidence that's been put forward lots of smoking guns that have been uncovered but i think our other guest is is correct that united states is really playing a role here in what gets released what what shouldn't get released because turkey would be on its own and the united states has a vested interest financially and politically possibly even legally in this case we know such connections between jared pushchair and the trump family in saudi officials and business owners as is amazing and great and deep and non lasting so there are lots of motivations here for the you for the united states to keep kind of a lid on this information see if we can we can get this to go away through you know
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actions with the military maybe. influencing saudi officials to change their own organizations as dave announced in the last day or so and so any smoking guns that are out there you know the water is going to be dumped on the flames going to be put out doesn't need to be you know so so negative here but this is how the united states operates in terms of its international partnerships and making sure its own interests go forward because we don't know what the smoking gun would actually be pointing at in in how deep the knowledge base to this murder goes by and you know you'd have to know that the white house probably hates that show he was was a u.s. resident not a citizen but a resident if that had been the case just would have been another international journalist killed by a despot someplace and so they're probably just you know ringing their own necks that they have to you know be involved in this is that how do you think the saudi leadership is viewing all. this if it does believe that turkey has more information
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on the one hand but on the other hand it's pretty confident that it's got the backing of the us what does it need to do to move forward i think we have to view first point out is that if saudi arabia believed that turkey was bluffing they would never have made all the changes that needed changing the story from he left the embassy to venture he was killed to venture lee he were to to defect he was beaten up that he was dismembered they kept changing their story nor would they have fired syria your god danny or some of these other advisors saudi arabia does believe that turkey has something but they are not sure what and i think this is why there has been extensive lobbying in washington by the likes of netanyahu for example the israeli prime minister who said that saudis should have a pass with regards to the killing of. this is why my pompei or he went to riyadh and he said them have been similar look we need you to clean this up and here's a suggestion how to do it this is why mohammed bin so many did his top to these we countries egypt beheading u.a.e. and tunisia huge countries that can't really defy him in order to show that he's
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not isolated politically and when he went to the g. twenty he finally got his high five from putin and that was a stamp of authority that he is now ready to be accepted on the international stage i think the biggest issue for anyone who's looking for justice for jim of ashaji is the reality of the situation in the region which is that the u.s. isn't one hundred percent man a vital ally some people say that the relations between us and saudi arabia should be separated from the relation with mohammed bin said man i think this is a superficial view because mohammed bin so man is unlike any other prince before him he is the first prince arab leader to put more pressure on the palestinians than on the israelis he has been an integral part of the deal of the century he's essentially paul two money into donald trump and into do us essentially pleading for their support in order to survive and he's ready to do anything that they tell him in the region in order to implement u.s. interests i think with regard to the u.s. with regard. the pentagon with regards to all of the u.s. institutions one hundred percent men is a rare find he is a very vital ally to u.s.
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interests and let's also remember that the standards in this region a very different this is a region where you see open fire on thousands of protesters killing hundreds in broad daylight and he was invited to give a speech at the nelson mandela forum at the u.n. general assembly ironic but this is the standards of the region this is a region where libya is a civil war syria is in civil war the standards are very different i think with regards to if we're looking at it from a legal perspective we're not going to get it but politically there has been some movement forward one hundred percent has changes told towards turkey in london he was saying they are part of an axis of evil and supporters of extremism at the davis in the desert for he said nobody can harm saudi turkey relations as long as one had been said man is here and present and again is an anchor he changed his tone towards carter saying qatar has done well economically seemingly ignoring the fact that he is leading a blockade against the cutter he's one hundred percent has made tangible changes as a result of the pressure that he is under but the problem for the turks is this.
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the foreign minister he said during discussion of the case we are ready to participate in an international investigation france britain and germany gave all the words they said we woke up this investigation but no action was taken the u.n. welcomed the investigation but no action was taken why because the u.s. does not want action taken out of the shoji case and let's be honest here why should they i mean in the sense that morally ok morally or of course they should take action but let's talk in the realities of the world and the realities of the way that they operate journalists are killed all the time in the region why should you be any different repression of human rights is normal in the region why should it be any different violation of human rights is normal in the region why should her shock you be any different this is an america that invaded iraq and afghanistan are the best records you have internationally or haven't is who are certainly but it was about five minutes left and i want to explore as to whether nor there will actually be an investigation. president obama has said he wants that how far is he willing to push for it. yet it's a hard question to predict actually but we can clearly say that as well aware of
2:41 am
that the prominent names of saudi government among the saudi government and among the administration are full in the international public international. ethics actually on that murder so but i can i can clearly say that turkey doesn't want to portray themselves self to be stepping back from this investigations. at least first the wall immorally so turkey puts the moral moral moral perspective on this case from day one so turkey was the country actually is who the spread the whole information and actually turn back to spin expected spin information flow probably ganda flow from the saudi government from the beginning so turkey went all. wrong
2:42 am
assumptions about the case or an imminent manipulation so far so as turkey as done the all things in two months from the day one so i don't think that turkey will step back from this case putting pressure on saddam government and international putting pressure on the u.s. government as much as it can so but again it depends on u.s. administration. maintaining or not maintaining the hypocrisy on this murder because for the sake of the relations of it saudi arabia robot. made it very clear that the u.s. is not it's not its priority anyway to continue investigating or looking at the shoji morally speaking. what about the un is that a body that is willing to pursue an international investigation or is everybody
2:43 am
just willing to drop this as well i think the united nations you know has has a couple routes here in terms of a court a court investigation you know a full fledged investigation through the security council or through another entity within the united nations is probably not going to happen because any sort of legally bound outcomes that would have to have to come from the fact finding certainly i think we're going to see you know some some u.n. fact finders going through some of these documents going through interviews going to these places of the world that we've been we've been talking about to try to understand what's what really happened here but look what are they going to come up with that the u.s. cia hasn't come up with again they don't you know cia likes to say they don't they don't make conclusions they just kind of have information that they provide information or you know we've had the cia we've had the f.b.i. we've had turkey we've had you know all of these different. you know it's just looking into this and and except for those guns whatever they may be which i don't
2:44 am
think a u.n. fact finding team is really going to i'm cover what more do we need more do we need to know here i mean this has been pretty pretty clear and i think even this morning we today we've pretty much outlined some sort of keys for the moral obligation and the political obligation to do something here but the question is what will the united nations actually be able to do from the fact finding investigation or a fact finding effort and i really do think that that the pressure is going to be to the point in the in the new year that this just this just goes away a slap on the wrist don't do this again ok look the changes that you've made her submission. just in the last minute we've got. maybe being given a free hand to do this all over again no they're not given a free hand to do this all over again i think i think this is. case has been a shock we have to understand what we want when we say just this one not going to get accountability of mohammed bin so much what happened to her children but we
2:45 am
will see a change in policy we will see warnings taking place we will see some dissenting voices in the us even within the cia who are unhappy with what hamad bin so members rise at the expense of their favorite mohammed bin nayef there is just definitely a change in policy there are things on the table be considered that work before he has changed some of the dynamics i think if we stop being idealistic and perceive this world as a moral good and just world where everybody is helped accountable for their crimes i think if we move away from this idealistic approach and upon a problem pursue it from a political justice approach we will see if i showed you has the case has done much to change the dynamics in the region has benefited saudi arabia has been harmed by it so i mean if we change our parliament as a bit we will see some sort out of a good reality check indeed many thanks to all of you for joining us for a very interesting discussions they can buy some handy and robert gucci and thank you to very much for watching you can see the program again any time by
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schools of crimea into tons have been arrested. in cameroon most believed by russian security forces. crimea russia's as he secret on al-jazeera. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. banks love to make loans to sufferance
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because behind the suffering a millions of taxpayers because us taxpayers never go away is a new one born every single day a nineteen it is an urgent national in mississippi and we put it we officially requested the education of the support mechanism we created together because i happen to live in greece somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera. i mean this is difficult to say whether someone is going for someone who's very rich it doesn't matter who you meet st i think it's how you approach an individual and that's what it is a certain way of doing it you can just buy a story in fly out. this is al jazeera.
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fully back to bo this is the news hour live from the headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes destruction without warning a volcano triggers a tsunami in indonesia demolishing everything in its spot. on his way out much earlier the u.s. secretary of defense now has just days left in the job also this solid. widening protest doctors vote to join on tight government demonstrations in so don now in their fifth day and it was late to get on board but not trains are transforming travel around greeks. thank you for joining us a country that sits on what's known as the ring of fire is dealing with yet another catastrophe a tsunami in indonesia has killed at least two hundred twenty two people and
2:50 am
injured more than eight hundred others algiers andrew thomas is near the disaster zone and has this report. a concert by the indonesian pop band seventeen in western java came to an abrupt end when waves from the tsunami swept away the stage musician and runs. the water float up to twenty meters inland killing dozens and injuring hundreds more in. the morning so. we. reach you know under half a meter two meter so this could have been much worse into these years meteorology and geophysics agency believes the way you can. being caused by an undersea landslide from the eruption of crocodile that's a volcanic island formed over years from the nearby crocodile volcano search and rescue operations are now underway for survivors. who were very family.
2:51 am
we're people that are treated. worse because this is a traumatic event especially given all of the things the indonesians suffered in the last you know four months in september more than two thousand people were killed by a quake and tsunami that hit the city of pallu on the island of subtle ways in which is just east of borneo indonesia in the ring of fire it's it's it's there's always volcanic eruptions happening there always. sometimes there are tsunamis. and it's really no more active than normal actually it's just every now and then there's a confluence of events which unfortunately results in people being kind of literally swept up in these disasters and the number of casualties from this disaster over a holiday weekend is expected to increase as rescuers reach affected areas and there are already hundreds of rescue workers in that disaster zone in parts because of how close is it to jakarta indonesia its capital where all the emergency
2:52 am
services are based the fear now though is of a second tsunami if more volcanic activity causes more on the water landslides and that's why i'm here in chile going about five kilometers inland from the coast up a hill the authorities are saying that nobody should be along that coastline tonight in the dark in case another wave hits under thomas al jazeera chilltown internees here james golf is a professor of tsunami research at the university of new south wales in australia he says there's often a little to no warning for these types of tsunamis. but it's actually not that unusual the problem is we tend not to focus so much on the others because the warning systems are set up for larger earthquake generated tsunamis but there are quite often little bits of the sort of volcanoes falling off and generating small tsunamis is just that you know invariably they tend to happen locally affecting
2:53 am
areas and those areas don't have people in this case unfortunately you have the the worst case scenario possible you have a densely populated coastline incredibly active volcano and we also have a high tide so you put a large together and this is one of those worst case scenarios and it's raising the awareness of to people that these convents can happen from volcanoes to a certain extent you can take the volcanic activity i mean you can you can tell there's a bit of magma moving around and you can sense very very small earthquakes happening but can you predict there's going to be seen army generated by that murray that's a completely different kettle of fish if you wish much harder to try and get a sense of whether any tsunamis are going to be generated by this volcanic activity it's clearly a very very active volcano and it's been active for quite some time it's growing very rapidly you put all that together and you've got a lot of magma underneath that's moving around. clearly you then have unstable
2:54 am
slopes on the side of the volcano both underwater and above it it's highly likely that there will be more tsunami generated by submarine landslides the question is when is that going to happen we know they're going to be bigger ones we don't know what warning do you have well it's an active volcano and that's the essentially the warning. in other world news the u.s. secretary of defense now just has days left in the job james mattis is leaving the polls on january the first two months earlier than scheduled in the last hour present we did this saying i am pleased to announce that our very talented deputy secretary of defense patrick shanahan will assume the title of acting secretary of defense starting january first twenty nineteen patrick he says has a long list of accomplishments while serving as deputy and previously bowing he will be great let's bring in john hendren in washington d.c. for us john so jim mattis was supposed to leave at the end of february but he's
2:55 am
leaving now next week do we know why. well he just couldn't leave fast enough for president trump the president was very upset about a lot of the coverage about madison so many people on capitol hill and elsewhere emanuel mccrone of france all expressed their regrets that matters was leaving he was widely seen as an adult in the room senators had gotten on the morning talk shows here in the united states and expressed their regrets and it is perhaps no accident that the announcement of his replacement has premature replacement and the eyes of many came hours after those morning talk shows here dick durbin a democratic senator from illinois said i was one of those who told madison to please stay as long as possible he said we counted on him to be here and to stop this president from his worst impulses and there were others who said similar things the president did not like the fact that matt has resigned in protest over
2:56 am
his withdrawal from syria of all two thousand u.s. troops and his resignation letter mattis was very clear about why he had done that he said my views on treating allies with respect and also about being clear eyed about both malign actors and by that he likely russia and turkey and strategic competitors are strongly held and informed by over four decades of immersion in these issues went on to say that the president should have someone whose views are better or lined with his and while he said thank you for being able to serve the united states and the military he didn't directly praise or thank the president so the president seems to be a little annoyed with him after his resignation of course we had the resignation of brett mcgurk the head u.s. eisel fighter and the president apparently was just annoyed by all this wanted to get mad as out earlier had his replacement ready in the form of the sitting deputy
2:57 am
defense secretary and elevated him earlier than expected so what do we know that about the man who will replace mattis well his views be more aligned with the president's. well he's a long time boeing company executive who oversaw a number of plane projects the president would not of course name anybody who was not committed to pursue his vision all of those people who had been thought to rein him in over the years seemed to be gone and he is increasingly taking his own advice in things like pulling out of syria it doesn't sound like he consulted madis at all it doesn't sound like he consulted mcgurk at all he's been pretty much his own chief of staff and so whether or not the new defense secretary is going to go along with him he doesn't seem to care he seemed perfectly happy simply to pick the
2:58 am
next person if that's what happens thank you for that john hendren reporting there live from washington d.c. and as john mentioned the french president has reacted to the developments in washington and to the u.s. decision to pull its troops out of syria here's what a mannion michael had to say with him on it if you would please and i very deeply regret the u.s. decision on syria and i would like to pay tribute to general mattis and what he wrote in his resignation letter i have witnessed over the last year and a half of how reliable general mattis has been missed that he has a westernized meaning of what being allies was being allies it's fighting short by shoulder. well the impact of tram syria decision is being felt on the ground the turkish army sending soldiers to and supporter with syria take a president has threatened to strike bases of the kurdish. in the north. reports on the border. turkish military reinforcements are being sent deep into
2:59 am
syria to the front lines north of the city of mumbai the message turkey is sending is that it's ready to use force if members has not handed over to what it calls its rightful owners the turkish deployment followed reports that the syrian army planned to move in there will be a vacuum once the u.s. begins with drawing its troops from areas across northeastern syria controlled by the syrian kurdish armed groups the white p.g. . people are afraid after reports of a possible military operation and other reports of the regime was to capture the city were preparing to escape if the regime enters or if there is military action the u.s. military in what is known as the members military council are the forces on the ground but the turkish government and the syrian opposition say the council is a front for the white peachy a group they consider terrorists and separatists who have exploited the fight against eisel to carve out
3:00 am
a state of their own members is among predominantly arab areas under why peachey control over. damascus has been making its position known state media has been broadcasting images from the white b.g. controlled region of what it says are protests against a possible turkish offensive the government has accused turkey of territorial ambitions turkey's main objective in syria is to prevent the establishment of a kurdish state along its borders so as not to inflame separatist sentiment among its own kurdish population it's not clear if turkey will accept y.p. g.'s rule to be replaced by that of the syrian government but if it it does. demand guarantees that the right is rendered ineffective. turkey's president has promised to dr eisel and the chief from syria his military has changed its posture strengthening turkey's hand a serious player is likely in gauging back door negotiations to prevent what could
3:01 am
be a new conflict. on the turkey syria border and spent more on this al jazeera news hour including why voters in the democrat.


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