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tv   Shadow World 2018 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  December 24, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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thus they slow and highly coordinated withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria but the u.s. move is already changing the battleground then a hundred reports from the turkey syria border. turkish military reinforcements are being sent deep into syria to the front lines north of the city of mumbai the message turkey is sending is that it's ready to use force if not handed over to what it calls its rightful owners the turkish deployment followed reports that the syrian army planned to move in there will be a vacuum once the u.s. begins with drawing its troops from areas across northeastern syria controlled by the syrian kurdish armed groups the white p.g. . people are afraid after reports of a possible military operation and other reports of the regime was to capture the city were preparing to escape if the regime enters or if there is military action the u.s. military in what is known as the members military council are the forces on the
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ground but the turkish government and the syrian opposition say the council is a front for the y.p. g a group they consider terrorists and separatists who have exploited the fight against eisel to carve out a state of their own members is among predominantly arab areas under why peachey control over. damascus has been making its position known state media has been broadcasting images from the white b.g. controlled region of what it says are protests against a possible turkish offensive the government has accused turkey of territorial ambitions turkey's main objective in syria is to prevent the establishment of a kurdish state along its borders so as not to inflame separatist sentiment among its own kurdish population it's not clear if turkey will accept y.p. g.'s rule to be replaced by that of the syrian government but if it does its will demand guarantees that the why p.t. is rendered ineffective. turkey's president has promised to dr eisel and the chief
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from syria his military has changed its posture strengthening turkey's hand a serious player is likely engage in backdoor negotiations to prevent what could be a new conflict. on the turkey syria border so that is police have fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of antigovernment protesters were blocked the road in the capital hard to him protest has gathered in the center of the city after a soccer match they chanted freedom songs calling on president omar bashir to step down several cities are under emergency rule protesters demand a change of government while the protests are now into their fifth day forcing schools and universities to shut down across the country doctors have gone on indefinite stripe strike more pressure on the government morgan reports from hard to. drive in his minivan is the only way out of the only owns a living he says taking passengers around used to bring in enough money but with
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a fuel crisis in sudan that's no longer the case. we can stay from the day before till the next day waiting for fuel with the fuel shortage sometimes you have to look for fuel in the black market for a higher price and even then you can't find fuel easily unless you know someone who can direct you to find around two gallons just so you can drop people off. fuel isn't the only thing scars in sudan this is shortage of money too over the past few months the sudanese have been forced to line up in front of a.t.m. machines for what little cash is made available he was also appeared in front of bakeries as the shortage of hard currency mentalists wheat to make bread the proposal by the government to lift subsidies on wheat and fuel and prompted protests in many parts of the country last week as a result curfews and emergency rule were imposed in at least five cities and schools and universities have been shut across the country to prevent large gatherings of people real and bread shortages may have triggered protests. as the
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country but other factors are helping to keep them going people seem to be frustrated not just by the comic crisis but by the way the country is being run and they want to see change the. demonstrators have been met with by fire and tear gas by police causing a number of deaths and injuries but the protests continue along with the demand that president omar al bashir who has ruled for almost thirty years to resign some analysts say it's time for others to take the lead. i mean this crisis can't be left for the government to solve alone other political parties need to come in and join hands to find a way out of the crisis the crisis is no longer an economy crossness it's no political process and people are blaming the government for it. sudan appears to be at a standstill with the people on one side and the government and its policy on the other people morgan al-jazeera part. still ahead on al-jazeera sunday was supposed to be election day in the democratic democratic republic of congo but it wasn't we'll tell you why the french president calls for calm after an altercation between
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protesters and police in paris goes viral. from the waves of the sounds. to the contours of the east. and i know that there's plenty of dry weather across many parts of china at the moment we do have this little overhang of cloud here making things a little bit of gray down towards the southeast that could bring us one or two showers but elsewhere it's fine and dry if rather cool with sharing i would say the temperatures rise a bit high they choose day up to twelve i will say for us in food you will get to around twenty one but more cloud towards the south will stay with us so for some of us in the philippines it will be a little bit gray at times at the moment though it's pretty wet we're seeing some very lively showers across the country very heavy down. indeed this system is
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expected to track its way towards the west and it's a developing feature so we'll see some more intense rain begin to formal not to and then as we head into chews day and we working its way towards viet nam so there's a chance of seeing some heavy showers here particularly in cheese day and into wednesday and thursday for the south even see the showers here that stretch all the way across java for some of us in java that's a pretty wet on tuesday and another place where expecting to see some heavy downpours is in sri lanka and the southern parts of india hey thanks to the one to monsoon way expect the showers at this time of year and we're expecting a fair few more as we head through the next few days and a bit of cloud is pushing ahead of it as well but to the north of all of that is new delhi where it's cooler twenty. sponsored by cat time. medieval western society it was a feudal society to. keep the wind out of the ball and as soon as the pope ended his speech some people stood up and said we'll see him in the entrance to the
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city was horrific they killed people in the streets in the houses and. to say i'm respected that the sold one. this time on the. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera this hour rescue workers are struggling to reach many areas devastated by saturday's tsunami in indonesia at least two hundred twenty two people are dead and more than eight hundred injured in the country's second such disaster this year the president has announced his new defense secretary patrick shanahan will take over from james madison on january the
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first maddest resigned on thursday in protest over donald trump's sudden decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria. protests and. forcing schools and universities to shut down across the country the protests were triggered by bread and fuel price rises doctors have gone on indefinite strike keeping pressure more pressure on the government. well millions of people across the democratic republic of congo should have been voting this sunday to elect a new leader the pole to replace president joseph kabila has been put off for a week blamed on a fire that destroyed voting machines and ballot papers there have been protests over the latest delay with the election already two years behind schedule catherine soyuz in the capital kinshasa with more on the logistics needed to hold the election. those four million ballot papers meant for that are in the country now which is a big relief to many people the voting machines that had been recalled from the
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different province is told already here technicians are reprogramming them now out of what the materials that were meant for other parts of the country are in the different regional headquarters they will be or are being transported to the various then. eventually the polling stations as well but that another big problem logistically this is a country that has a very poor infrastructure we're talking about places that you cannot get using a whole or even a bicycle you have to walk on this is also the rainy season of parts of the country as well and they are there's been a boil outbreak in the east so all these complications making it even more difficult for the electoral commission and it's also important to note that the government has refused all international help to call help financial help from the
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u.n. and other countries as well a lot of people really just watching to see how exactly this week is going to play out this is going to be a very difficult we could not had any word from the government or not had any what either from the president joseph kabila and causing a lot of concern here u.n. observers have arrived in yemen sports city of pro days out to monitor a cease fire deal between the saudi backed government and jose rebels earlier the group. in the capital sana'a they also help talks with government representatives in the city of aden the deals between yemen's government and the rebels was reached the talks in sweden almost two weeks ago. for the french president has called for calm after a six weekend of so-called yellow vest antigovernment protests the interior ministry says nearly forty thousand people took part in saturday. demonstration a major decrease on previous protests and as bernard smith reports from paris or forty's are defending what some say were aggressive police actions. with just
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a few hundred yellow vest protesters on the shelves elisei on saturday night a small number sparked a violent confrontation with police. as the policeman scrambled to save their bikes pulled a gun. the whole incident lasted about three minutes but is an indication of how quickly a quiet protest can turn ugly. yellow vest protesters described as act six began peacefully on saturday and became a nonstop march through the streets of paris the aim is always to reach the elisei palace on the front door of president emanuel macro but with police blocking roads leading to his official residence the yellow vests just kept walking and walking. in it if you don't it is clear as a response including judicial it would be the most severe possible no it is calm
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and harmony that must prevail many people here that we've spoken to not at all interested in the concessions present manual drawn up to make they say they don't go far enough they're too little too late and they will keep protesting right into the new year. for six weeks yellow vest protesters have been demanding relief from high taxes and more help for france's poorest the numbers of fallen from around three hundred thousand nationwide in the first week to about forty thousand this weekend bernard smith al-jazeera paris. a partial u.s. government shutdown is likely to stretch into the new year after democrats refused to back funding of over five billion dollars for president trump's border war with mexico the political stalemate means numerous government departments longer half and funding and around eight hundred thousand federal workers have been left unpaid over the christmas holiday senate approval is needed for any deal to break the law but it's been adjourned until thursday. and mexico's new president is facing
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a backlash for delivering on a campaign promise some workers have launched a legal challenge after undress money well lopez obrador cut government salaries including his own at the same time he's boosted the minimum wage for public sector workers by sixteen percent it's the biggest single increase in more than two decades john heilemann reports from mexico city. it all started with this from excludes new president without it we can't have a rich government and poor people that's why the government stopped salaries are going down he's practicing what he preaches slashing his own salary by more than half and forcing others in the public sector to cut those two by next year's budget lopez obrador is more in a party has majority in congress and is backing his plans deputies and senators have reduced some of their own lucrative perks you're going to get in a society i think it's necessary that we have an equilibrium between what
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a public servant and working person earns many have said that it's about training and we don't argue with that but a construction worker night guard works longer and harder. it is no cuts the president's promising raises for the lowest paid public sector workers those who earn less than a thousand dollars a month but not everyone's on board with the changes will them five thousand civil servants have launched legal appeals the supreme court's also waited in temporarily suspending cuts for the judiciary and some other institutions but critics say the judges themselves are part of mexico's gaping wage inequality the end around seventeen times that of the average worker this measure from the president schools a lot of debate from here in congress down to the streets for a lot of people a really happy at the what they see as an entitle political class and public sector a finally going to get their salaries slashed other people say this could open the
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door to corruption and a brain drain to the private sector. and to corruption experts say cutting the most exorbitant salaries is needed but applying the measure across the board could backfire. the consequences of cutting everyone salary is that even though it's a noble aim to slash the pay of high level bureaucrats the medium and low level ones who are specialists and technicians aren't going to have enough incentives to stay in power. coffers and make the changes we need there are also worries that instead of taking the hit themselves those at the top could fire employees will trim their benefits to fit the shrinking budget it's now up to the new administration to check the good intentions to turn into power change john home and . crew city the body of a seven year old girl who died while in u.s. border patrol custody has now arrived in guatemala jacqueline cals coffin was picked up by foreign ministry officials in guatemala city her grandfather told the
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associated press the family didn't have enough money to travel to the airport her body is expected to arrive in her home village early on monday her father says jacqueline was second when they were taken into custody by a u.s. border patrol earlier this month cuba's national assembly has approved an update of the constitution the final step before a national referendum the vote will be held in february to determine whether it will be passed into law it contains more continue it see bench a new with plans to legalize same sex marriage put on hold after pressure from the church cuba will still be ruled by a single communist party but it recognizes private property for the first time. go into it the fundamental laws we have approved reaffirms our revolutionary socialist path and allows the state and the people to work towards protecting our society it's reinforces the prevalence of the constitution that ensures inclusion equal
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rights and empowers to people over cuba's government the former british politician paddy ashdown has died from cancer at the age of seventy seven he was a leading figure in the peace process after the balkans war the former soldier also worked to uncover war crimes committed during the conflict in yugoslavia catch a lopez had a young reports. he was a towering force and british politics credited with making the liberal democrats britain's third biggest party shot of his to ashdown a conviction politician he devoted himself tirelessly to centrist politics for more than a decade and was admired across the political spectrum for his powerful oratory is it not now perfectly clear that what the government has to offer the country is not a continuation of the cure it's more of a poison born in india and raised in northern ireland he later served in the royal marines and special services his influence went beyond britain becoming the un's
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high representative for bosnia and herzegovina in two thousand and two where he investigated war crimes including the massacre of more than eight thousand men and boys in the town a separate. during the conflict in yugoslavia he was a forceful advocate for international intervention he would later give evidence at the trial of the former serbian leader slobodan milosevic. he retired from politics in two thousand and one but remained a prominent voice campaigning vigorously against bracks it it's not my job to be popular he once said i'm goal driven my job is to get results can't see a little piece of the yawn al-jazeera. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera rescue workers are struggling to reach many areas devastated by saturday's tsunami in indonesia at least two hundred twenty two
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people are dead and more than eight hundred injured in the country's second such disaster this year roads have been cut off by destruction hampering recovery efforts well there was no warning of the approaching tsunami in indonesia as president says he's considering installing new detection systems. that i've ordered a check of all the tsunami detection equipment and the replacement of broken ones i think in the new budget year of twenty nineteen early january older the replacement of broken equipment or old ones which can no longer be used the us president has announced the deputy defense secretary patrick shanahan will take over from james madison on january the first donald trump announced the change in a tweet pushing rattus from office two months earlier than planned modest resigned on thursday over trump's decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria meanwhile trump says is this just the slow and highly coordinated withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria with his turkish counterparts trump and russia play
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a bird agreed to prevent a power vacuum in northern syria after u.s. troops leave. sudanese police have fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of anti-government protesters who blocked the road in the capital hard to the protesters gathered in the center of the city after a soccer match several cities are under emergency rule as protesters demanded a change of government. millions of people across the democratic republic of congo should have been voting this sunday to elect a new leader the pole to replace president joseph kabila has been put off for a week blamed on a fire that destroyed voting machines and ballot papers there have been protests over the latest delay with the election already two years behind schedule. a partial u.s. government shutdown is likely to stretch into the new year after democrats refused to back over a five bill over five billion dollars for president trump's border wall with mexico
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around eight hundred thousand federal workers have now been left unpaid over the christmas holiday those are the headlines story is coming up next on the. headlines for weeks but almost three months on the west still waiting for who killed him. and who. the prime suspect. goes away with this story.
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and a warm welcome to the program. the murder. shocked the world and drew international outrage demanded answers from the saudi kingdom with turkey leading the calls president. eighteen saudi extradited to. trial and says he's determined to find out who gave the order to kill believing it came from the highest levels of the saudi government. as time goes by the office the case might be. the fallout from casualties made has been felt in different parts of the world saudi arabia has revamped its intelligence services and fired two senior officials with al asiri and south africa tunney who are accused of being behind the fifteen man hit squad sent to istanbul both were
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close to mohammed bin saw none of the u.s. senate last week blamed the crown prince for the murder off the cia reportedly concluded he ordered it the united states which has provided military support for the coalition fighting the war in yemen has the kingdom to end hostilities them and earlier this month a ceasefire was agreed between the yemeni government and who think rebels in the port of her data thank you with end the discussion and joining us here on inside story to do so from anchorage we have no oars can buy a bureau chief for the daily sabah in london sami handy as to in chief of international interest and from miami via skype robert gucci associate professor at lancaster university a very warm welcome to all of you and now let's start with you how's the quest for justice over the murder of jamal khashoggi lost it's been mentum. actually i don't
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see any indicator to make the skunk lose in. terms of losing the memory momentum and the perspective of from the perspective of turkish government so let's look at the present that runs latest words in the center fourteen during the oil sea meeting so prisoner and on was so decisive on the trial and the dollar evidences and the whole process will be clear as much as two months ago when the actually the murder what took place in istanbul so prison and on again sad that in on the line that the whole evidences and the whole stabs throughout the murder will be rebuild step by step by the turkish government so turkish government and turkey doesn't have any hesitation to bring up the whole evidences or request the insisting that request and the men demand from the saudi government to shed
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light on the case but as you say that was december fourteenth that was ten days ago we've had very little since then of course of events carry on and overtake events such as the. weather we next going to hear from turkey on this. so as you mentioned doing ten days. been a lot of things actually turkey has been going trip about the syria about the other national security interests about the why p.g. and syrian border but again i would like to point out that turkey doesn't doesn't seem at least as we have observed me as a journalist doesn't seem that turkey will step back in any action to put pressure on saudi government internally and internationally i have to underline that internationally because the investigation still underway and ongoing the leading
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but lead led by a stumble prosecutor the chief or secures office so again soulfire we have seen request of extradition from the saudi government of fifteen suspects of the murder and again the president add on's wordings on that v. no we know that all relevant to do this murder. will be revealed and we know they are the closest aides to m.p.'s so from that point from that's facts that turkey doesn't seem much to step back or losing him a man of him to put more pressure on saudi government but the international backing needed on the ground now ok m.b.'s of course burma been psalm on the crown prince of saudi arabia will certainly get back in just a moment to what turkey does next right now the robot i want to get an idea of to
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the extent you feel the issue has slipped off the agenda of world leaders well i mean. president of the united states' perspective as being a world leader is it took forever to get any traction you know donald trump talked about the situation the whole garon almost that the coverage is. it wasn't good enough and that the saudi officials should be ashamed that they were able to hide any involvement better than they did these other movements by the united states withdrawing you know support for the yemen war i mean that's been going that were going on for years and just now they're interested in having a discussion about u.s. involvement in it then seemed to do with the r.c.l. so saudi arabia you know connecting this back to this journalist murder you know it's becoming a distraction point donald trump doesn't want this to go any further we don't know
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what information is going to come out about what the president knew about this when he knew about it so so from united states' perspective there isn't going to be a lot of interest and help in the international community understand what truly happened there the prince could walk up to donald trump into the cia and say yeah i did it myself and i don't know that they would believe him i don't i don't know they want to believe what's happened and so for the international the international community is on their own on this one ok and this i mean do you think it's good that we have more information for the state that is to be revealed will it be with failed so is this more of a case of of being case closed. i think we have to look at the bigger picture here from the perspective that when the turkey was pursuing the shoulder case and putting out these leaks there was a clear intention from turkey to try to come out of isolation to try to convince the u.s. to come onboard to try to convince the u.s.
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to abandon one hundred been selma and i think the release of the pastor in the early days was a sign of good world a sign of a gesture but it seems trump disliked the idea that the turkish president of iran was a strong arming him essentially trying to force donald trump to choose between turkey and between saudi arabia trying to force donald trump to abandon one hundred been so many let's remember donald trump in the early days he was saying look guys why my going to give a hundred and ten billion one hundred eighty billion however much it is of contracts for somebody who wasn't even a u.s. citizen so i think with the gusher the case i think it was from the polygamist this was always going to come of the political perspective not necessarily the legal the reason why i say this is because from a legal perspective turkey has to prove that mohammed bin cement gave the order directly over according to the leaks there are a lot of implications definitely that perhaps give more than a reasonable beyond reasonable doubt that mohamed bin stillman knew about it but nothing yet to say that he gave the actual order and that's what's needed in order to prove that mohammed bin cement was involved moreover there is
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a very interesting twist in the coverage of the shoji case that actually took place a couple of days ago there is a very interesting article in the washington post that discusses how shocked activities within his last days notably that he was trying to secure funding from the saudis from the qatar foundation trying to set up a think tank trying to find some door back to the government in the sense that we needed this is what we telling the saudis we need this think tank in order to try to disassociate saudi arabia from accusations of terrorism this is a very interesting article to be published at this moment in time because although it doesn't feel like trying to put a stain on her should use memory it's certainly very interesting in that it changes this perspective that has been made the shoghi as an angel as a defender of of freedom of speech and reform in saudi arabia to somebody who. it is still within that framework of operating within that particular world and i think this article is very interesting because it shows a shift in the public attitude towards the case let's remember the only reason it was on the table for so long is because of the turkey leaks because turkey was so
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insistent on going after one hundred percent but when you look at the bigger picture no one would be so many got his public hi-fi from vladimir putin when he went to the g. twenty in turkey has come out of isolation trump is now withdrawing from syria and turkey now has the green light to go after the white b.g. in northern syria and there is a definite warming of relations between us and washington and again convince trump when. his suit is superceded john bolton's advice trunk took evidence advice over john bolton's advice with regards to syria in terms of turkey politically it's out of isolation it's got what it wants in syria mohammed bin so learned his reforms have been damaged and again status has gone up in the arab and muslim world. a bit wounded but at the end of the day the reason is this did what i say is this politically the justice is more likely to come politically but not legally legally is much more difficult to prove and i don't know how much turkey has if what it has the definitive proof that mohamed bin solo ordered the order the killing that's plenty of questions being raised there no let's first pick up on sammy's last point
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is there any more do you think does the government believe that's going to come out that is to be revealed that will create a direct link between the crown prince because of his murder yes i believe so in terms of that so far we have seen. reaction we received. from the speaking and speech of the pres now gone and foreign minister to wish all of that. turkey has more to prove that m.b.'s is playing a major role actually give the or gave the order of killing so we can we can take that. from the. speech in meeting so as long as her kid knows that the closest aides including qahtani wasn't taking place directly in this into this murder so turkey doesn't go further actually at this point at this
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time to directly figuring out the. prince mohammed bin so mun so turkey doesn't want to pretend to be just politically just playing a political revenge but you know why why was holding that information if they do have that direct link and they've been very open about releasing other information in a drip drip method through to local media why they were holding the crucial link so probably turkey. expects more actually more backing from the other countries such as united states from. european union or international institutions such as united nations again since the beginning turkey's repeatedly saying that this trial needs to be held in an international court international institutions so after the trial actually held in istanbul so that should should be
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carried out to the international platforms so probably turkey's perspective is perspective from the beginning as it meant maintain up to now is that turkey doesn't want to be just seoul and actually player in this in this whole process ok just playing the political cards as they washington does as other capitals in the europe as. defense will do you also believe that there is still a smoking gun that is withholding in this case and if it is is the u.s. likely to take that bait and give turkey the backing that it wants to release it. well i don't think that there's more information out there from interviews from or interrogations depending on who's doing the questioning and i do think that there are answers out there do you think there's a smoking gun what that what that is i'm not sure there seems to be
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a lot of evidence that's been put forward lots of smoking guns that have been uncovered but i think our other guest is is correct that united states is really playing a role here in what gets released what what shouldn't get released because turkey would be on its own and the united states has a vested interest financially and politically possibly even legally in this case we know such connections between jared pushchair and the trump family in saudi officials and business owners as is amazing and great and deep and non lasting so there are lots of motivations here for the you for the united states to keep kind of a lid on this information see if we can we can get this to go away through you know actions with the military maybe. influencing saudi officials to change their own organizations as dave announced in the last day or so and so any smoking guns that
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are out there you know the water is going to be dumped on the flames going to be put out doesn't need to be you know so so negative here but this is how the united states operates in terms of its international partnerships and making sure its own interests go forward because we don't know what the smoking gun would actually be pointing at in in how deep the knowledge base to this murder goes by and you know you'd have to know that the white house probably hates that show he was was a u.s. resident not a citizen but a resident if that had been the case just would have been another international journalist killed by a despot someplace and so they're probably just you know ringing their own necks that they have to be involved in this is that how do you think the saudi leadership is viewing the old. this if it does believe that turkey has more information on the one hand but on the other hand it's pretty confident that it's got the backing of the us what does it need to do to move forward i think we have to be the first
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point out is that if saudi arabia believed that turkey was bluffing they would never have made all the changes that needed changing the story from he left the embassy to venture he was killed to venture lee he were to to defect he was beaten up that he was dismembered they kept changing their story nor would they have fired syria your god danny or some of these other advisors saudi arabia does believe that turkey has something but they are not sure what and i think this is why there has been extensive lobbying in washington by the likes of netanyahu for example the israeli prime minister who said that saudi should have a pass with regards to the killing of. this is why my pompei or he went to riyadh and he said to him had been said no look we need you to clean this up and here's a suggestion how to do it this is why mohammed bin so many did his top to these we countries egypt beheading u.a.e. and tunisia huge countries that can't really defy him in order to show that he's not isolated politically and when he went to the g. twenty he finally got his high five from putin and that was a stamp of authority that he is now ready to be accepted on the international stage
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i think the biggest issue for anyone who's looking for justice for jim of ashaji is the reality of the situation in the region which is that the u.s. sees a moment a vital ally some people say that the relations between us and saudi arabia should be separated from the relation with mohammed bin said man i think this is a superficial view because mohammed bin so man is unlike any other prince before him he is the first prince arab leader to put more pressure on the palestinians the long the israelis he has been an integral part of the deal of the century he's essentially paula to money into donald trump and into do us essentially pleading for their support in order to survive and he's ready to do anything that they tell him in the region in order to implement u.s. interests i think with regard to the u.s. with regard. the pentagon with regards to all of the u.s. institutions one hundred percent man is a rare find he is a very vital ally to u.s. interests and let's also remember that the standards in this region a very different this is a region where sisi opened fire on thousands of protesters killing hundreds in
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broad daylight and he was invited to give a speech at the nelson mandela forum at the u.n. general assembly ironic but this is the standards of the region this is a region where libya is a civil war syria is in civil war the standards are very different i think with regards to if we're looking at it from a legal perspective we're not going to get it but politically there has been some movement forward one hundred percent has changed his tone towards turkey in london he was saying they are part of an axis of evil and supporters of extremism at the devil's in the desert for he said nobody can harm saudi turkey relations as long as mohamed bin said man is here and present and again is an anchor he changed his tone towards carter saying qatar has done well economically seemingly ignoring the fact that he is leading a blockade against the qataris one of the segment has made tangible changes as a result of the pressure that he is under but the problem for the turks is this. the foreign minister he said during discussion of the case we are ready to participate in an international investigation france britain and germany gave all the words they said we woke up this investigation but no action was taken the u.n.
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welcomed the investigation but no action was taken why because the u.s. does not want action taken out of the shoji case and let's be honest here why should they i mean in the sense that morally ok morally of course they should take action but let's talk in the realities of the world in the realities of the way that they operate journalists are killed all the time in the region why should you be any different repression of human rights is normal in the region why should it be any different violation of human rights is normal in the region why should her shock you be any different this is an america that invaded iraq and afghanistan on the best records you have against last law who is who are so ugly but there was about five minutes left and i want to explore as to whether nor there will actually be an investigation. president obama has said he wants that how far is he willing to push for it. yet it's a hard question to predict actually but we can clearly say that is well aware of that the prominent names of saudi government among the saudi government and among the administration are full in the international public international.
9:41 am
ethics actually on that murder so but i can i can clearly say that turkey doesn't want to portray themselves itself to be stepping back from this investigations. at least first the war immorally so turkey puts the moral moral moral perspective on this case from day one so turkey was the country actually is who the spread the whole information and actually turn back to spin expected spin information flow probably ganda flow from the saudi government from the beginning so turkey went the whole. wrong assumptions about the case or an imminent manipulation so far so as turkey as done dole things in two months from the day one so i don't think that turkey will step
9:42 am
back from this case putting pressure on saddam government and international putting pressure on the u.s. government as much as it can so but again it depends on u.s. administration. maintaining or not maintaining the hypocrisy on this murder because for the sake of the relations of it saudi arabia robot. made it very clear that the u.s. is not it's not its priority anyway to continue investigating or looking at the shoji morally speaking. what about the un is that a body that is willing to pursue an international investigation or is everybody just willing to drop this as well i think the united nations you know has has a couple routes here in terms of a court a court investigation you know a full fledged investigation through the security council or through another entity
9:43 am
within the united nations is probably not going to happen because any sort of legally bound outcomes that would have to have to come from that fact finding certainly i think we're going to see you know some some u.n. fact finders going through some of these documents going through interviews going to these places of the world that we've been we've been talking about to try to understand what's what really happened here but look what are they going to come up with that the u.s. cia hasn't come up with again they don't you know cia likes to say they don't they don't make conclusions they just kind of have information that they provide information or you know we've had the cia we've had the f.b.i. we've had turkey we've had you know all of these different. you know it's these looking into this and and except for those guns whatever they may be which i don't think a u.n. fact finding team is really going to uncover what more do we need more do we need to know here i mean this has been pretty pretty clear and i think even this morning we today we've pretty much outlined some sort of key piece for the moral obligation
9:44 am
and the political obligation to to do something here but the question is what will the united nations actually be able to do from a fact finding investigation or a fact finding effort and i really do think that that the pressure is going to be to the point in the new year that this just this just goes away a slap on the wrist don't do this again ok look the changes that have made her sufficient. just in the last minute we've got. maybe being given a free hand to do this all over again you know they're not given a free hand to do this all over again i think i think this is. case has been a shock we have to understand what we want when we say justice we're not going to get accountability of mohammed bin so much what happened to her but we will see a change in policy we will see warnings taking place we will see some dissenting voices in the u.s. even within the cia who are unhappy with mohamed bin segments rise at the expense of their favorite mohammed bin nayef there is just definitely
9:45 am
a change in policy there are things on the table be considered that weren't before he has changed some of the dynamics i think if we stop being idealistic and perceive this world as a a moral good and just world where everybody is held to accountable for their crimes i think if we move away from this idealistic approach and upon a problem pursue it from a political justice approach we will see a special g. has. done much to change the dynamics in the region has benefited saudi arabia has been harmed by it so i mean if we change our part of it as a bit we will see some sort out of a good reality check indeed many thanks to all of you for joining us for a very interesting discussions they can buy some handy and robert gucci and thank you to very much for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website is al-jazeera dot com of a discussion do go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j.
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inside story from me and laura kyle and the whole team here by phone. my. my main dish every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's drama trucked to town through the eyes of the world's channel ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most him better use
9:47 am
a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know that each other's lives but it is but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior we're good audience across the globe. kidnappings and murders in crimea since russia's full stomach sation of the black sea and. i don't understand why he was kidnapped. schools of crimean to have been arrested tortured and killed most believe by russian security forces. crimea russia's dirty secret
9:48 am
on al-jazeera. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera lives. young african footballers are traveling to thailand in hopes of becoming professional players but they risk discrimination and exploitation. investigates thailand's football factory on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera i'm doubting with a check on your world headlines rescue workers are struggling to reach many areas devastated by saturday's tsunami in indonesia at least two hundred twenty two people are dead and more than eight hundred injured in the country's second such disaster this year roads have been cut off by the destruction hampering recovery
9:49 am
efforts there was no warning of the approaching tsunami in indonesia president says he's considering installing a new detection systems. that. i've ordered a check of all the tsunami detection equipment and the replacement of broken ones i think in the new budget year of twenty nineteen early january to the replacement of broken equipment or old ones which can no longer be used kathy miller is with the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies she spoke to us from palo on the indonesian island of silhouette their teams are facing a massive support mission. a lot of people have lost everything their homes have collapsed a lot of the homes in the shops in the businesses in this area they're made of bamboo and sachse roofs and or a return roof so they're not able to withstand the force of the wave they're also built right along the shoreline so they've lost in some cases their homes their
9:50 am
businesses that means their ability to earn a living so the red cross is going in and the things that are being provided immediately include water where we're deploying fourteen water trucks. people who desperately need clean water after an event like this because infrastructure has been damaged or providing tarpaulin to the rainy season right now people have lost their or their shelter they need somewhere where they can be protected from the elements so we're handing out blankets in the evening and get quite chilly so trying to keep people warm as best protected and possible from the element but u.s. president has announced the deputy defense secretary patrick shanahan will take over from james mattis on january the first donald trump announced the change in a tweet pushing madis from office two months earlier than planned mattis resigned on thursday over trump's decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria when jordan has more from washington d.c.
9:51 am
. there was already a lot of consternation on capitol hill both from democrats and from republicans that jim madison even decided to walk away and leave his post when the resignation was announced on thursday this is not going over well because there is raising a very real concern that the administration may be taking the united states into a place where the u.s. perhaps does not want to be and that national security interests may be jeopardized as a result meanwhile trump says he has discussed the slow and highly coordinated with drawl of u.s. troops from syria with his turkish counterparts trump and wretched tell you berta won agree to prevent a power vacuum in northern syria after the us troops leave well a partial u.s. government shutdown is likely to stretch into the new year after democrats refused to back funding of over five billion dollars for president trump's border wall with mexico around eight hundred thousand federal workers will be paid over the
9:52 am
christmas holiday the body of a seven year old girl who died while in u.s. border patrol custody has now arrived in guatemala jacqueline cals coffin was picked up by foreign ministry officials in guatemala city her grandfather told the associated press the family didn't have enough money to travel to the airports her father says jack to leave a second when they were taken into custody earlier this month. so denise police have fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of anti-government protesters who blocked a road in the capital khartoum the protesters gathered in the center of the city after a soccer match several cities are under emergency rule as protesters demand a change of government. millions of people across the democratic republic of congo should have been voting this sunday to elect a new leader the poll has been put off for a week blamed on a fire that destroyed voting machines in ballot papers the election is already two years behind schedule those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera the crusades an
9:53 am
arab perspective is up next to stay with us. in the history of conflicts between east and west and. the mightiest battle between christianity and islam. a holy war in the name of religion. for the first time. the story of the crusades. from an arab perspective. love. love.
9:54 am
love. the crusades are the epitome of holy war. yet the roots of this two hundred year conflict laid out in religion but in the economic condition of medieval your latest little sleep. shae that look at that the less you know. the in the less no. doubt the less that's in the cliche . while the pope was trying to hang on to his historical forat over the people of your. fuselage and then all elements and balboa like elements i get. meanwhile in the
9:55 am
east internal divisions had to weaken the previously all powerful islamic empire. so let me lay for a while but i too upset i didn't. but i so accept the philosophy for them and pretend like you know i'm just and that's always valid has to shout it's a c.s. you assume it. was. in the first episode of the series the story of the show but then go from the muslim world with the arrival of the crusades. the mediterranean basin the eleventh century of the common era. the peak of the middle ages.
9:56 am
after centuries of european domination largely through the armies of imperial rome . the region that fall in firmly under muslim control. and was mean going to it will be all but me spending a lot of on. shock the bottom of the loss of chuck. it does that it will being all that he let in the shadows as well because he i mean then when that let it hang around him but this. with a day in that would. mean a time out of. a coffee has healed both. oma the byzantine
9:57 am
at home in the same shop and of his oaks well mostly mean. business but it will be a shot of bush later waged in the horse oculus you know sort of thing my dad was in jimmy to shot a can show where he shot a kid on me and was done i was you know a fuck off. as the muslim east lived in prosperity. the west europe had declined into poverty and comfort. obama. listen to be honest honest enough. that liberals are often
9:58 am
yet hesitant to canal and smoke little. would do it to obama let me up on a wooden. telethons ties in the new line of the so what an old. world part of. the medieval western society was a feudal society which meant that you had a military our stock recy in charge of. a large amount of people that had no no land possessions. what had been me a municipal. and well. our auxerre are you with this out this infinium minutes of. your own afternoon and before the train and i'm not on.
9:59 am
other than and yet. send out your love home of. says oh my new post who said we love you cooked a lot of us who won't trade you have. a panic all this on the existence believe it . when we had our sort of that we got the last i am raw kinda well not better than this kind of our of the. key leyland. and well at this moment cool. good oh my baby do not cry. and die that the men they leave now.
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but the lemon has. atheism. despite the poverty and suffering of the common people. feudal lords were living a very different life. and many. bomb scrapping even the folks in. the. sand a little you know you know how do you know when i mean had they say you know man had the fossil bar you. can get that one let its paw. home before martina. whether foreign or san.


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