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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 24, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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government and their. own right hand over. you know. how the howard government can lead. people. all right we'll go live now to our correspondent him all the news in the capital hard to you and hear what started out to protests against the increasing price of bread and feel of now turned from economic into the more of the political calling for a change in government yes martin we've seen that last night after a football match when football fans walked out of the stadium and started protesting the police and the government have banned any kind of gathering so for them before ball match was an opportunity for them to come together and be able to air out their frustrations where they came up after the football match and started chanting protests slogans like we want the government to go you know when we're done with the government that they want a new regime they want to see change so obviously this protest which started out on
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wednesday last week because of shortage of fuel and bread has completely turned from an economic protest to a political protest where we now see protesters demanding the government to go demanding change demanding a new government because they feel like this government has been around way too long now we're talking about a government that's been in power for nearly thirty years they think that's a little bit too much and that they want to see new comic reforms and a new government to try to bring about that reforms and is the reappearance of that veteran former prime minister saudi kalmadi a leader of the opposition who's been out of the country for at least a year is his reappearance in khartoum having any impact on these demonstrations which you say. what one father of my do returned last week he was welcomed by a large crowd but they were not protesting they were basically there to welcome him i think what happened is after he arrived a few days later on saturday he held a press conference and he said that he was siding with the protest and he's also for a new government he wants to see a new government as well but he basically said that this protest is something very
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temporary you say he's saying that it probably will not last and that basically made the protesters not support him any more if it were supporting him in the first place so it's article had he had any impact on the protesters to begin with his statement on saturday seemed to make it clear to the protesters that he is not siding with them and they basically decided that he's not going to present them if there is a new government to be formed if this government ever goes in the first place all right morgan lives in this region these capital khartoum thank you. come here including how hundreds are dying on britain's streets as homeless this reaches record levels. and over their zones of weather pushing its way across year if at the moment the satellite picture is showing all that town looking its way eastwards it's giving us
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a fair amount of rain and where it's hitting the coldest air we are seeing a lot of that turn to snow so more wintry weather over the next few days then mostly in the eastern policy of europe and here the temperatures really will be struggling over the next few days samal sky will stay below freezing for the entire time as we head through monday and tuesday and then kiev will see the temperatures drop as well as we head through chews day that area of wet weather will lead begin to push its way down through parts of greece and into turkey heavy downpours here strong winds as well and over the mountains in turkey we see some of that snow as well meanwhile for the west two miles for too much in the way of ice here but no about war we're looking at a top temperature in paris of around six degrees and in london around eight for the other side of the mediterranean well here there's more in the way of sunshine i'm warm those well so how do you is we'll get to around twenty degrees for monday but we do have this area of cloud over parts of morocco that's edging its way eastwards and that could just give us
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a few outbreaks of rain at times to miss that area of rain that's making its way into the northern parts of turkey quite a bit of clown pushing ahead of it as well so we could see some of that around the coast of libya to. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories . providing a glimpse into someone else's world. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness documentaries to open your eyes on al-jazeera.
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time for us to take a look at the top stories here of al-jazeera at least two hundred eighty people have died after saturday's tsunami swept along the saundra strait and crashed twenty meters inland without warning and rescue teams are working around the clock in search of surviving the president juggle with his promise to upgrade tsunami detection systems and there are fears that more tsunamis could hit the indonesian cosigners a volcano which triggered the weekend's devastating wave continues to erupt coastal residents near indonesia's anna volcano have been warned to keep away from the beaches. trade unions in sudan are calling for a general strike aimed at paralyzing the government this comes after police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters in the capital khartoum on saturday
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night. now the u.s. pentagon has signed off on the withdrawal of military forces from northern syria this comes after the turkish president roger tired after one spoke again with president donald trump on sunday the president trump has tweeted about the phone call saying president ed or one of turkey has a very strongly informed me that he will eradicate whatever is left of isis in syria and he is a man who can do it plus turkey is right next door our troops are coming home. then the hunter is our correspondent who's been following developments from the turkey syria border she sent this report. turkish military reinforcements are being sent deep into syria to the front lines north of the city of mumbai the message turkey is sending is that it's ready to use force if membership is not handed over to what it calls its rightful owners the turkish deployment followed reports that
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the syrian army planned to move in there will be a vacuum once the u.s. begins with drawing its troops from areas across northeastern syria controlled by the syrian kurdish armed groups the white p.g. . people are afraid after reports of a possible military operation and other reports that the regime was to capture the city were preparing to escape if the regime enters or if there is military action. the u.s. military in what is known as the members military council are the forces on the ground but the turkish government and the syrian opposition say the council is a front for the y.p. g a group they consider terrorists and separatists who have exploited the fight against eisel to carve out a state of their own members is among predominantly arab areas under why peachey control. damascus has been making its position known state media has been broadcasting images from the white b.g. controlled region of what it says are protests against
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a possible turkish offensive the government has accused turkey of territorial ambitions turkey's main objective in syria is to prevent the establishment of a kurdish state along its borders so as not to inflame separatist sentiment among its own kurdish population it's not clear if turkey will accept y.p. g.'s rule to be replaced by that of the syrian government but if it does it will demand guarantees that the y.t.d. is rendered ineffective. turkey's president has promised to dr eisold and that the white b.g. from syria his military has changed its posture strengthening turkey's hand a serious player is likely engaging that door negotiations to prevent what could be a new conflict. well let's go live now to santa who's in the southern turkish town of gaziantep right on the border with syria and zaina first of all so we had a second phone call between president at one of turkey and president trump and it
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sounds very much according to the the account of it tweeted by donald trump the president everyone is offering up more assurances if you like to miss bolstering the trump decision which is popular to remove the two thousand or so u.s. troops from northern syria. well undoubtedly what we are seeing is a new relationship between these two nato allies to united states and turkey over the past few years there was a strained relationship over syria policy now you're hearing u.s. president donald trump in one way or another choose a turkey as its representative in syria saying that order god told him that they will fight eisel he gave him guarantees that they will fight isis so it's almost as if the u.s. president is saying we're pulling out and turkey is going to represent our interests in syria turkish officials over the past few days have been stressing
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really two words coordination and vacuum what they have been asking the united states is for this pullout to be orderly so that as to prevent a vacuum a security vacuum to avoid chaos what we understand from turkish officials is that in one way or another they want to avoid a military confrontation and what they're expecting from the united states is for them to hand over to hand over their positions to hand over this these territories and this really is going to raise a lot of questions because what is the fate of the syrian kurdish armed group the white p.g. former allies if you like of the united states is the united states going to disarm this group before they leave so many questions left unanswered but what is clear is that this is not going to be a rapid pullout and the u.s. and turkish officials are going to sit down together in washington on january eighth to discuss this with droll and meanwhile we hear the representatives of the s.t.'s now that's the grouping that was supported by the united states in this part
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of of northern syria we hear that representatives all making. me having meetings in moscow clearly trying to seek out new alliances. yes the p.t. dominated the f. they're in a very vulnerable position now that the u.s. is pulling out the u.s. pullout is basically abandoned in them so they've reached out to france in the past few days now what we understand from our sources is that the delegation is in moscow they're reaching out to russia russia of course being the main player in syria officially russia says that it is welcoming the u.s. troop pullout that has long said that the united states has no place in syria and those troops in one way or the other are occupying forces but what we understand from russian diplomats is that moscow is concerned about what happens next we know that moscow is never happy when the u.s. and turkey when there's a real problem all between these two countries because turkey and russia have been working together calling the shots really in syria so what happens next is this
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a shift in alliance this russian diplomat even telling me that president bashar assad is now rumbling about taking the northwestern province of idlib we all have to remember that the russians and the turks reached a cease fire deal in so is it looks to be used as a negotiating card definitely there is behind the scenes backdoor negotiations taking place as all these parties vie for more influence in syria if turkey is handed over the northeast of the country that means it controls fifty percent in one way or the other or has influence fifty percent in syria. live in southern turkey thank you now homelessness in the u.k. has reached a record high with around one hundred seventy thousand families and individuals affected british government figures show almost six hundred homeless people died in the past year alone. ripples from london. remembering
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a friend who died too young jeweler a mesure rough sleeper from hungary was found dead in this london underground station right opposite parliament bore a fellow hung gary and is still traumatized it's come down to say goodnight to my friends and i saw him laying on his stomach and his head was when i was telling my friends something not right he's not reading his own will and then they turn him out on their league difference in. july was just forty three his death came in the same week as government figures reveal the total number of deaths among people sleeping rough or in temporary accommodation they estimate almost six hundred homeless people died in england and wales last year that marks a rise of twenty five percent in five years more than half of those deaths were due to drug poisoning alcohol abuse or suicide the vast majority who died in recent years were men and their average age was forty four for women it was just forty two in this city whether you live here or you're a visitor it's virtually impossible not to notice the shocking number of rough
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sleepers was not so easy to grasp is just how difficult it can be for those people to get off the street even when they're determined to do so. in the run up to the new year the charity crisis is running drop in centers for homeless people in several u.k. cities at this one they're offering not just hot meals and medical treatment but somewhere to sleep at night and advice on housing. that's become a national emergency because of a fall in social housing stock and other cuts in services over decades of failed to build the social housing that's needed so now much more no people are relying on the private rented sector which is a bad thing in itself but it's rents and benefits all freeze and then more and more the cost of housing isn't covered by the social security system so that's been driving by us because up with david's one of those who fall in through the cracks he returned to the u.k. in november after decades abroad with most savings in no way to stay for now he
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spends his days on the street whatever the weather it's a visual day like today if you get picked session. so having no cushy duty to. be based here for several days i don't have to worry about. striking a boat your belongings is is great. this charity says the real challenge is stopping people becoming homeless in the first place but for now it's trying to attract more donations so it can provide alternatives to life on the streets with al-jazeera. now fifty years ago during this christmas week three u.s. nationals flew around the moon and in the words of one all struck human saves nine hundred sixty eight al-jazeera israel and jordan explains why this scientific feat was historic in more ways than one. apollo eight the u.s.
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is bid to make history launch astronauts bill anders jim lovell and frank borman into space have them orbit the moon ten times bring them back to earth alone while the remarkable things about nasa at that time people that were there all or willing to subordinate every factor in their life their families their health everything. saying to the success of the mission we three of us were very fortunate to a system work in that kind of an environment i believe that this nation should commit. to refuting the goal before it got out of landing a man in the moon or returning him safely could be your john kennedy had set the country this challenge in one thousand nine hundred sixty one but despite several preliminary missions and a fatal fire time was running out what's more the soviet union was ahead of the u.s. in the so-called space race washington was desperate to catch up nasa got its
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chance in august one thousand nine hundred sixty eight. had intelligence information i think that robert mentioned the that the russians were going to put a man or a man seven navigate the moon not orbit the moon which has gotten certain navigating come back sixteen weeks later time to board a saturn five rocket and leave the russians behind it was four days before christmas. examiner. along the plight of apollo a minimal yes the mission was newsworthy but the apollo eight mission also happened at the end of a very rough year in the united states. both dr martin luther king jr and bobby kennedy had been assassinated and people were writing because of racism and because
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of the vietnam war and the failure of vietnam had forced the u.s. president to quit running for reelection it seemed everyone needed some good news maybe not since the civil war we so torn apart so divided so many people distrustful of so many others and it seemed nothing could bring us together again so with chaos in the streets and the highest of stresses at work finally the reason for the voyage seen through a window suddenly here was this beautiful fragile looking. planet our own home planet coming up in particularly is out emphasized over the starkville in her eyes and. i thought. i've. often thought of. a christmas eve message from these adventurers perhaps even more heartfelt than they could have ever imagined.
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roslyn jordan al-jazeera washington. travers a take over the top stories here. at least two hundred eighty one people have died after saturday's tsunami swept along the saundra strait and crashed twenty meters inland without warning rescue teams are working around the clock in search of survivors president joko widodo has promised to update tsunami detection systems that. i've ordered a check of all the tsunami detection equipment and the replacement of broken ones i think in the new budget year of twenty nineteen early january the replacement of broken equipment or old ones which can no longer be used their affairs more tsunamis could hit the indonesian coastline as the volcano which triggered the
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weekend's devastating wave continues to erupt coastal residents near and that clock a towel volcano have been warned to keep away from the beaches. trade unions in sudan are calling for a general strike aimed to paralyze in the government this comes after police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters in the capital khartoum on saturday night they chanted freedom songs and demanded president omar al bashir step down doctors across the country have already walked off the job as anti-government protests enter the sixth day. the pentagon has given the green light signing off on the withdrawal of u.s. military from northern syria comes after the turkish president spoke with president trump on sunday president trump says mr edwin informed him he will eradicate whatever is left of isis in syria and patrick shanahan will assume office is the new u.s. defense secretary replacing james mattis on january the first president trump
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announced a change in the tweet pushing matters from office two months earlier than planned inside stories next. on counting the cost two thousand and eighty the year the u.s. china trade tariff gregg's it used to everyone quit opec will review the year that was new dynamics shaping the global economy. counting on the. world headlines for weeks but almost three months on the west still waiting for answers who killed him at the consulate in istanbul and who gave the order as the prime suspect. got away with murder this is inside story.
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hello there and a warm welcome to the program i'm laura carlisle the mother of saudi jamal khashoggi shocked the world and drew international outrage while they just demanded answers from the saudi kingdom with turkey leading the calls president wants eighteen saudi suspects extradited to istanbul to stand trial and says he is determined to find out who gave the order to kill believing it came from the highest levels of the saudi government says he'll push for an international investigation but as time goes by the off is the case might be losing its momentum . the fallout from casualties made has been felt in different parts of the world saudi arabia has revamped its intelligence services and fired two senior officials with al asiri and south alcatel many who are accused of being behind the fifteen man hit squad sent to istanbul both were close to mohammed bin saw none of the u.s.
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senate last week blamed the crown prince for the murder off the cia reportedly concluded he ordered that the united states which has provided military support for the coalition fighting the war in yemen has the kingdom to end hostilities them and earlier this month a ceasefire was agreed between the yemeni government and who think rebels in the port of her data thank you with end the discussion and joining us here on inside story to do so from anchorage we have no oars can buy a bureau chief for the daily sabah in london sami handy as to in chief of international interest and from miami via skype robert gucci associate professor at lancaster university a very warm welcome to all of you and now let's start with you has the quest for justice over the murder of jamal khashoggi lost its bomb and i'm. actually i don't
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see any indicator to make this conclaves in. terms of losing memory momentum for and the perspective of from the perspective of turkish government so let's look at the present that runs latest words in the summer fourteen during the oil sea meeting so prisoner and on was so decisive on the trial and the dollar evidences and the whole process will be clear as much as two months ago when the actually the murder what took place in istanbul so prison and on again sad that in on the line that the whole evidences and the whole stabs throughout the murder will be rebuild step by step by the turkish government so turkish government in turkey doesn't have any hesitation to bring up the whole evidences or request the insisting that request and the men demand from the saudi government to shed
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light on the case but as you say that was december fourteenth that was ten days ago we've had very little since then of course events carry on and overtake events such as the. weather we next going to hear from turkey on this. so as you mentioned during ten days. been a lot of things actually turkey has been going trip about the syria about the other national security interests about the why p.g. and syrian border but again i would like to point out that turkey doesn't doesn't seem at least as we have observed me as a journalist doesn't seem that turkey will step back in any action to put pressure on saudi government internally and internationally i have to underline that internationally because the investigation still underway and ongoing the leading
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but lead led by a stumble prosecutor the chief or secures office so again sulfide we have seen request of extradition from the saudi government of fifteen suspects of the murder and again the president add on's wordings on that v. no we know that all relevant to do this murder. will be revealed and we know they are the closest aides to m.p.'s so from that point from that's facts that turkey doesn't seem much to step back or losing him amounts him to put more pressure on saudi government but the international backing needed on the ground now ok m.b.'s of course had been psalm on the crown prince of saudi arabia will certainly get back in just a moment to what turkey does next right now they will but i want to get an idea of to the extent you feel the issue has slipped off the agenda of world leaders well i
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read it through. president of the united states perspective as being a world leader it took forever to get any traction you know donald trump talked about the situation the whole garon almost that the coverage just. it wasn't good enough and that the saudi officials should be ashamed that they were able to hide any involvement better than they did these other movements by the united states. withdrawing you know support for the yemen war that's been going that were going on for years and just now they're interested in having a discussion about u.s. involvement in it than saying to do with the r.c.l. so saudi arabia you know connecting this back to this journalist murder you know it's becoming a distraction point donald trump doesn't want this to go any further we don't know
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what information is going to come out about what the president knew about this when he knew about it so so from united states' perspective there isn't going to be a lot of interest and helping the international community understand what truly happened there the prince could walk up to donald trump into the cia and say yeah i did it myself and i don't know that they would believe him i don't i don't know they want to believe what's happened and so for the international the international community is on their own on this one ok and this i mean do you think it's good that we have more information for the state that is to be revealed will it be with failed or is this more of a case of a bank case closed. i think we have to look at the bigger picture here from the perspective that when the turkey was pursuing the case and putting out these leaks there was a clear intention from turkey to try to come out of isolation to try to convince the u.s. to come onboard to try to convince the u.s.
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to abandon one hundred been selma and i think the release of the pastor in the early days was a sign of good world a sign of a gesture but it seems trump disliked the idea that the turkish president of iran was a strong arming him essentially trying to force donald trump to choose between turkey and between saudi arabia trying to force donald trump to abandon one hundred been so many let's remember donald trump in the early days he was saying look you guys won i going to give a hundred and ten billion one hundred eighty billion however much it is of contracts for somebody who wasn't even a u.s. citizen so i think with the gusher the shoji case i think it was from the polygamist this was always going to come of the political perspective monastery the legal the reason why i say this is because from a legal perspective turkey has to prove that mohammed bin some men gave the order directly over according to the leaks there are a lot of implications definitely that perhaps give more than a reasonable beyond reasonable doubt that mohamed bin solomon knew about it but nothing yet to say that he gave the actual order and that's what's needed in order to prove that mohamed bin cement was involved moreover there is
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a very interesting twist in the coverage of the shoji case that actually took place a couple of days ago there is a very interesting article in the washington post that discusses how shocked activities within his last days notably that he was trying to secure funding from the saudis from the qatar foundation trying to set up a think tank trying to find some door back to the government in the sense that we needed this is what we think the saudis we need this think tank in order to try to disassociate saudi arabia from accusations of terrorism this is a very interesting article to be published at this moment in time because although it doesn't feel like trying to put a stain on the show does memory it's certainly very interesting in that it changes this perspective that has been made the shock g. as an angel as a defender of of freedom of speech and reform in saudi arabia to somebody who. is still within that framework of operating within that particular world and i think this article is very interesting because it shows a shift in the public attitude towards the case let's remember the only reason it was on the table for so long is because of the turkey leaks because turkey was so
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insistent on going after one hundred percent but when you look at the bigger picture no one would be so many got his public hi-fi from vladimir putin when he went to the g. twenty in turkey has come out of isolation trump is now we're drawing from syria and turkey now has the green light to go after the wipe e.g. in northern syria and there is a definite warming of relations between us and washington and again convince trump . his suit he superceded john bolton's advice truck took editors advice over john bolton's advice with regards to syria in terms of turkey politically it's out of isolation it's got what it wants in syria mohammed bin so learned his reforms have been damaged and again status has gone up in the arab and muslim world. a bit wounded but at the end of the day the reason is this did what i say is this politically the justice is more likely to come politically but not legally legally is much more difficult to prove and i don't know how much turkey has if what it has the definitive proof that muhammad is some an order that ordered the killing plenty
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of questions being raised there no let's first pick up on sammy's last point is there any more do you think does the government believe that's going to come out that is to be revealed that will create a direct link between the crown prince because of his murder yes i believe so in terms of that so far we have seen. we actually we received. from the speaking and speech of the pres now gone and foreign minister. that. turkey has more to prove that m.b.'s is playing a major role actually give the or gave the order of killing so we can we can take that. from the. speech in meeting so as long as serkin knows that the closest aides including qahtani wasn't taking place directly in this into this murder so turkey doesn't go further actually at this point at this
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time to directly figuring out the. prince mohammed bin so mun so turkey doesn't want to pretend to be just politically just playing a political ruined but you know why why we're holding that information if they do have that direct link and they've been very open about releasing other information in a drip drip method through to local media why they were holding the crucial link so probably a charge he. expects more actually more backing from the other countries such as the united states from the european union or international. institutions such as united nations again since the beginning turkey's repeatedly saying that this trial needs to be held in an international court international institutions so after the trial actually held in istanbul so that should should be
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carried out to the international platforms so probably turkey's perspective is perspective from the beginning as it meant maintain up to now is that turkey doesn't want to be the sole actually player in this in this whole process ok just playing the political cards as they washington does as the other capitals in the europe. first will do you also believe that there is still a smoking gun that is withholding in this case and if it is is the u.s. likely to take that bates and give turkey the backing that it wants to release it. well i don't think that there's more information out there from interviews from or interrogations depending on who's doing the questioning. i do think that there are answers out there do you think there's a smoking gun what that what that is i'm not sure there seems to be
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a lot of evidence that's been put forward lots of smoking guns that have been uncovered but i think our other guest is is correct that united states is really playing a role here in what gets released what what shouldn't get released because turkey would be on its own and the united states has a vested interest financially and politically possibly even legally in this case we know such connections between jared pushchair and the trump family in saudi officials and business owners as is amazing and great and deep and non lasting so there are lots of motivations here for the you for the united states to keep kind of a lid on this information see if we can we can get this to go away through you know actions with the military maybe. influencing saudi officials to change their own organizations as dave announced in the last day or so and so any smoking guns that
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are out there you know the water is going to be dumped on the flames going to be put out doesn't need to be you know so so negative here but this is how the united states operates in terms of its international partnerships and making sure its own interests go forward because we don't know what the smoking gun would actually be pointing at in in how deep the knowledge base to this murder goes by and you know you'd have to know that the white house probably hates that show he was was a u.s. resident not a citizen but a resident if that had been the case just would have been another international journalist killed by a despot someplace and so they're probably just you know ringing their own necks that they have to you know be involved in this is that how do you think the saudi leadership is viewing all. this if it does believe that turkey has more information on the one hand but on the other hand it's pretty confident that it's got the backing of the us what does it need to do to move forward i think we have to view first point out is that if saudi arabia believe that turkey was bluffing they would
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never have made all the changes that needed changing the story from he left the embassy to venture he was killed to venture lee he were to to defect he was beaten up that he was dismembered they kept changing their story nor would they have fired syria your god danny or some of these other advisors saudi arabia does believe that turkey has something but they are not sure what and i think this is why there has been extensive lobbying in washington by the likes of netanyahu for example the israeli prime minister who said that saudis should have a pass with regards to the killing of. this is why my pompei or he went to riyadh and he said to him have been similar look we need you to clean this up and here's a suggestion how to do it this is why mohammed bin so many did his top to these we countries egypt beheading u.a.e. and tunisia huge countries that can't really defy him in order to show that he's not isolated politically and when he went to the g. twenty he finally got his high five from putin and that was a stamp of authority that he is now ready to be accepted on the international stage
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i think the biggest issue for anyone who's looking for justice for jim of ashaji is the reality of the situation in the region which is that the u.s. sees a moment a vital ally some people say that the relations between us and saudi arabia should be separated from the relation with mohammed bin i think this is a superficial view because mohammed bin so man is unlike any other prince before him he is the first prince arab leader to put more pressure on the palestinians than on the israelis he has been an integral part of the deal of the century he's essentially paul two money into donald trump and interview us essentially pleading for their support in order to survive and he's ready to do anything that they tell him in the region in order to implement u.s. interests i think with regard to the u.s. with regard. the pentagon with regards to all of the u.s. institutions one hundred been solenn is a rare find he is a very vital ally to u.s. interests and let's also remember that the standards in this region a very different this is a region where sisi opened fire on thousands of protesters killing hundreds in
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broad daylight and he was invited to give a speech at the nelson mandela forum at the u.n. general assembly ironic but this is the standards of the region this is a region where libya's a civil war with syria is a civil war the standards are very different i think with regards to if we're looking at it from a legal perspective we're not going to get it but politically there has been some movement forward one hundred percent has changes tone towards turkey in london he was saying they are part of an axis of evil and supporters of extremism at the divorce in the desert for he said nobody can harm saudi turkey relations as long as one had been said man is here and present and again is an uncle or he changed his tone towards carter saying qatar has done well economically seemingly ignoring the fact that he is leading a blockade against the cutter he's one hundred percent has made tangible changes as a result of the pressure that he is under but the problem for the turks is this. the foreign minister he said during discussion of the case we are ready to participate in an international investigation france britain and germany gave all the words they said we woke up this investigation but no action was taken the u.n.
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welcomed the investigation but no action was taken why because the u.s. does not want action taken out of the shoji case and let's be honest here why should they i mean in the sense that morally ok morally we're of course they should take action but let's talk in the realities of the world in the realities of the way that they operate journalists are killed all the time in the region why should it be any different repression of human rights is normal in the region why should it be any different violation of human rights is normal in the region why should her shock you be any different this is an america that invaded iraq and afghanistan on the best example you have international have it is who are so ugly bitch about five minutes left and i want to explore as to whether nor there will actually be an investigation. president obama has said he wants that how far is he willing to push for it. yet it's a hard question to predict actually but we can clearly say that is well aware of that the prominent names of saudi government among the saudi government and among the administration are full in the international public international.
4:41 pm
ethics actually on that murder so but i can i can clearly say that turkey doesn't want to portray themselves self to be stepping back from this investigations. at least first the wall immorally so turkey puts the moral moral moral perspective on this case from the day one so turkey was the country actually is who the spread the whole information and actually turn back to spin expected spin information flow probably ganda flow from the saudi government from the beginning so turkey went the whole. wrong assumptions about the case or an imminent manipulation so far so as turkey as the un doll things in two months from the day one so i don't think that turkey will
4:42 pm
step back from this case putting pressure on saddam government and international putting pressure on the u.s. government as much as it can so but again it depends on u.s. administration. maintaining or not maintaining the hypocrisy on this murder because for the sake of the relations of it saudi arabia robot. made it very clear that the u.s. is not it's not its priority anyway to continue investigating or looking because shoji morally speaking. what about the un is that a body that is willing to pursue an international investigation or is everybody just willing to drop this as well i think the united nations you know has has a couple routes here in terms of a court a court investigation you know a full fledged investigation through the security council or through another entity
4:43 pm
within the united nations is probably not going to happen because any sort of legally bound outcomes that would have to have to come from the fact finding certainly i think we're going to see you know some some u.n. fact finders going through some of these documents going through interviews going to these places of the world that we've been we've been talking about to try to understand what's what really happened here but look what are they going to come up with that the u.s. cia hasn't come up with again they don't you know cia likes to say they don't they don't make conclusions they just kind of have information that they provide information or you know we've had the cia we've had the f.b.i. we've had turkey we've had you know all of these different. you know it's these looking into this and and except for those guns whatever they may be which i don't think a u.n. fact finding team is really going to uncover what more do we need more do we need to know here i mean this has been pretty pretty clear and i think even this morning we are today we've pretty much outlined some sort of key piece for the moral
4:44 pm
obligation and the political obligation to to do something here but the question is what will the united nations actually be able to do from a fact finding investigation or a fact finding effort and i really do think that that the pressure is going to be to the point in the new year that this just this just goes away a slap on the wrist don't do this again ok look the changes that you've made her submission. just in the last minute we've got maybe being given a free hand to do this all over again no they're not given a free hand to do this all over again i think i think this is. case has been a shock we have to understand what we want when we say justice we're not going to get accountability of mohammed bin so much for what happened to her children but we will see a change in policy we will see warnings taking place we will see some dissenting voices in the u.s. even within the cia who are unhappy with what hamad bin so members rise at the expense of their favorite mohammed bin nayef there is just definitely
4:45 pm
a change in policy there are things on the table being considered that weren't before he has changed some of the dynamics i think if we stop being idealistic and perceive this world as a moral good and just world where everybody is held to accountable for their crimes i think if we move away from this idealistic approach and upon approach and pursue it from a political justice approach we will see if i showed you has the case has done much to change the dynamics in the region has benefited saudi arabia has been harmed by it so i mean if we change our parliament as a bit we will see some sort out of a good reality check indeed many thanks to all of you for joining us for a very interesting discussions they can buy some handy and robert gucci and thank you to very much for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website is al-jazeera dot com of a discussion do go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j.
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inside story from me and laura kyle and the whole team here by from. my. thank.
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you. after joining the greenpeace the income painting to protect the weddell sea in antarctica we're now in australia for the outcome with the first generation to realize the gravity of this crisis. but we may be the last to be able to do something about in another thread special find out if the effort to create the largest sentry on earth has succeeded thrice on al-jazeera by a major dish every weekly news cycle going to see only sept breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that
4:48 pm
phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most impact is a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every. fears of more tsunamis in into these here is the volcano that triggered the devastation continues to erupt. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm martin dennis also coming up up up
4:49 pm
up the goals for a general strike in sudan as antigovernment protests continue into the night. a second phone call between the u.s. and turkish presidents as american troops prepare to withdraw from syria last christmas on the moon we look back at the first voyage around the satellite fifty years ago. there were fears that more tsunamis could hit the coastline as the volcano which triggered the weekend's devastating wave continues to erupt at least two hundred eighty one people have died after the tsunami swept along a straight and crashed twenty meters inland without any warning on saturday night
4:50 pm
rescue teams are working around the clock in search of survivors president joko widodo has promised to upgrade tsunami detection systems maryanna hundred for. the tsunami hit without warning and with such force that this is all that's left of the open e. stage with the band seventeen had been performing. the wave struck on saturday night at the tender listening beach resort and on a holiday weekend the wall of water sweeping the stage out from beneath the band and slamming it into the crowd the lead singer was reportedly script out to see the full being rescued he struck. to tell his hundreds of thousands of followers on instagram of the fate of his band members. we lost bonnie in our road manager ok annie and herman a new jag not been found please pray that my wife dylan will be found there. it happened between sumatra and job or islands on indonesia's soon to straight waves
4:51 pm
hitting with such force the water traveled about twenty meters in length and and september more than two and a half thousand people died in the indonesian city of on the island of soon away sea from a tsunami caused by an earthquake but these waves appear to be different experts believe they were caused by the end that crack a tour of all that has been erupting since june it's still to have triggered underwater landslides which displaced water to create the large waves there were no telltale trim as it came without warning you know that. i've ordered a check of all the tsunami detection equipment and the replacement of broken ones i think in the new budget year of twenty nineteen early january the replacement of broken equipment or old ones which can no longer be used. but expect say that even with high end technology and round the clock surveillance there's no guarantee they'll be a warning of a volcanic tsunami to
4:52 pm
a certain extent you can take the volcanic activity i mean you can you can tell there's a bit of magma moving around and you can sense very very small earthquakes happening but can you predict there's going to be seen army generated by that murray that's a completely different kettle of fish if you wish much harder to try and get a sense of whether any tsunamis are going to be generated by this volcanic activity . the death toll has risen quickly emergency workers not only searching for the dead and missing but now i'm backing on the grim task of identifying bodies. survivors have crowded hospitals and emergency shelters on higher ground many with nowhere else to go and fearing further away this. debris now lit is this once picturesque coastal area people a naturally drawn to the sea to create their lives and livelihoods many will now be weighing the beauty against the three of these which is maybe on one hand
4:53 pm
al-jazeera a rather mcbride is our correspondent in java and he's reporting now from an your district. people are not on the beaches where we are at the moment about to not be because of that warning it has to be said is because we've just had a torrential rain storm blowing in from the sea for the last ten minutes or so the full that we've been watching the teams police are going. to going a large cleanup in this district and the district is that the start of some fifty plus kilometer stretch of coastline that really was pulled the full brunt of these a tsunami waves over the weekend there was an awful lot of activity all along here we are seeing the cleanup operation continue there still a search operation in the hope of finding any more survivors but as we progressed into the second day after these tsunamis then it has to be said it is now more
4:54 pm
sadly full bodies as the death toll continues to mount it approaches three hundred we also have of course the priority for many of the emergency services all the injured some thousand plus people injured with a number of injuries typically traumatic injuries from broken bones and cuts they are being treated at hospitals and clinics along this stretch of coastline there was a clinic just up from where we are here either coast djoko we don't owe the president of indonesia has been here visiting some of these survivors in hospital and seeing for himself just the kind of destruction that was wrought here over the weekend. and this is another of our correspondents. he had a closer look at the damage. that in the same district that further along the coast of java. it's a pretty murky day but on a clear one you can see the volcano pulte seven kilometers out the sea and even now
4:55 pm
those low rumble occasionally here on the make my voice value saw both kind of corruptions they've been going on for months and it was one of those on saturday night that cools. a landslide that then caused the tsunami that swept through this this is the garden of a hotel you can see the swimming pool there the child's body was found after the tsunami swept through we're told the wall of water was about a meter high off the surface of the water but with all that water coming in they got over to me to see you all over there came through here presumably at a height of another meter or two smashed into some of these bedrooms you can see one there that's been really destroyed on the ground floor at least this hotel has an upper floor and people were able to run through that when they saw the water coming in to children did die here now the water powered through here this is the reception area of the hotel where now about three meters above sea level and they carried on and went across the road smashing into the houses on the other side and
4:56 pm
people there tell us that the water came through their homes at a height of about a meter now we're talking to here because if another tsunami would hit we have somewhere to run upstairs in this relatively well built hotel but really around here it's just so flat people had nowhere to go and this is well built but many of the holiday homes shacks really very flimsy really built along this coast and those are the ones that have been totally destroyed. trade unions in sudan are calling for a general strike aimed at paralyzing the government doctors across the country have already walked out of their jobs as anti-government protests and a six day on saturday night police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters in the capital khartoum they'd gathered in the city center after a football match chanting freedom songs and demanding president omar al bashir step
4:57 pm
down the protests were triggered by a shortage of bread and fuel. president of the sudan doctors union in the u.k. she says sudan is heading. for a turtle shutdown if there's no change in leadership. i don't think people on the street are just protesting because of humor because of brant they are the best the because there is over all salient of the whole system and for the medical sector there is complete destruction for the infrastructure there is an overall. savior from the current government and therefore they have to step down and hand over the . you know the b.b.b. the power to the power to a government that can lead and can provide a better life for the people of sudan more now from our correspondent in the sudanese capital halting him orgon. there's been five days of process across the country and more protests are expected today the doctors' union also issued
4:58 pm
a statement last night and said that they are going to hold a general strike and a big calling for people of other professions to join them on a nationwide strike the terms of fifth of december now it's not clear yet if this strike will happen it's not clear if the strike will take place but what we do know is that last night after a football match people came out of the stadium and protested against the government they've been chanting slogans like down with the government we don't want the government anymore we want a new regime so it's very obvious that what started i was at what started out as an economic protest has turned into political protests that started all last week in the city of bar in the state but that quickly escalated and went across the country now we've seen people protesting from different parts of the country and including the capital khartoum yesterday the police had to use live ammunition and tear gas to disperse the protesters there were reports of some injuries including a child who has been killed that brings the death toll to eleven if we go with the government death toll and it brings it down to twenty brings it up to twenty eight
4:59 pm
if we go with activists it's not clear yet if this process would ever stop the people seem to be demanding a new government they don't seem to be willing to listen to what this government is willing to offer solutions to try to ease them out of the economic crisis that began the whole thing the pentagon has signed off on the withdrawal of u.s. military forces from northern syria it comes after the turkish president. spoke with president trump again on sunday president trump has tweeted about a phone call saying the president had one of turkey has a very strongly informed me that able to eradicate whatever is left of isis in syria and he is a man who can do it for us turkey is right next door our troops are coming home our correspondent is in the holder has been following developments from the turkey syria border she sent this report. undoubtedly what we are seeing is a new relationship between these two nato allies to united states and turkey over the past few years it was
5:00 pm
a strained relationship over syria policy now you're hearing u.s. president donald trump in one way or another choose a turkey as its representative in syria saying that god told him they will fight eisel he gave him guarantees that they will fight isis so it's almost as if the u.s. president is saying we're pulling out and turkey is going to represent our interests in syria turkish officials over the past few days have been stressing really two words coordination and vacuum what they have been asking the united states is for this pullout to be orderly so that as to prevent a vacuum a security vacuum to avoid chaos what we understand from turkish officials is that in one way or another they want to avoid a military.


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