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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 24, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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if and for this period the majority of the debt has been piled up dude in the five year annual riches the last five years of the muslim league led by mr nawaz sharif so the documentation is very clear he has lived beyond his means the section nine eight of the accountability act say's that if you cannot prove that your ass or salve not beyond your means or income then the burden is on you and because you feared to prove that he could not explain the money trail now in this case he could not produce the evidence and remember one thing in not it does not happen in many cases he has not produced any evidence deliberately for example if you had brought his sons back and produced them as a narrative as a piece of evidence as a symbol of this concrete evidence then he'd learned lawyers from the government side prosecution side they would have torn him apart because he noted the
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contradictions of one too many based on the statements of his daughter his two sons and this is the reason he has not produced any evidence before the court of from his side and no has been produced no other piece of evidence solid piece of evidence has been produced so he is in a bad shape in my legal judgment ok we'll leave it there tariq posada in islamabad thank you very much israel is heading to early elections april the ninth you know answered by the coalition parties headed by the prime minister benjamin netanyahu follows a deadlock over a controversial bill the vote was shuttled for november of twenty eight nineteen stepping back and joins us live from bethlehem steph you're there i know because it's christmas but we just talk about politics the next couple of minutes why now do we think that they decide it's called the election. israeli prime minister's hijacked our christmas coverage well he's a very smart political operator peter yes there was
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a narrow majority one seat only his coalition so it is very difficult to pass any form of law any form of bills he's been wanting to go to early elections for quite some time even before the resignation of his defense minister avigdor lieberman what many people will tell you is that this is another shrewd move of someone who is seen as a monster in politics peter prime minister benjamin netanyahu is seen as extremely savvy when it comes to this because he's got three cases looming over his head a fruit of bribery and corruption charges now the internally general has said that it's believed that he will recommend indicting the prime minister this could happen in the next couple of months i think it's three months so this would be before april before these elections so some people will tell you that perhaps he believes that this is the right time to go to quicken actions in terms of a quick campaign to distract from that because from what we understand even if he is indicted he will then have to go to court and he can still do that in capacity
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as prime minister now just briefly there is when you look at the polls his party is ahead and there is a reading that one sees that actions go underway that he will once again become prime minister so it won't be anything box a normal election campaign it'll be an election campaign about mr netanyahu. yes well you know this is the way he's always operated and israel hasn't had time million actions for a very long time i think the figures of netanyahu going to elections has been a time so most israel goes to the polls in around two and a half years every two years from. the figures i was just reading so this is something the israeli public is used to now he will be campaigning yes on multiple platforms at the moment he holds various ministries he holds the prime minister he holds the foreign ministry he holds the defense ministry i believe it also holds the health ministry and some others so it is in his interest to move forward with this to try and get a wider majority in parliament there's
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a few crucial bills he's trying to push through that are not happening because of this one seat majority it's a very fragile it's a very weak coalition so many people will tell you this was expected well yes it's now been announced on christmas eve so a lot of media now talking about how perhaps this is a very smart move on his part to distract from those looming cases that have also is something very significant but it hasn't really dented his popularity peter we're looking at the latest live pictures following on from announcement as you're talking to a stephanie but i guess his his calling card joining this what we assume will be a very short campaign will be don't change the captain of the ship right now because i give you security through strength. yes i'd be in as you say security is known as mr security peter this is what many israelis will call the netanyahu used to be in the special forces used to be in the army of course pretty much everyone serves in the army in israel he has played it very
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interesting the i think he went to one more one more in gaza in two thousand and fourteen his decision of a cease fire with hamas in november after quite an intense escalation was not popular it led to the resignation of his defense minister of abu dorothy verman but at the same time there's another flipside to this which is quite interesting and that's charms peace plan peter this deal of the century that we were expecting to be rolled out before the end of the year well that was delayed we also know from speaking to people that is run is not happy with it we heard nikki haley's speak the other day the security council saying that this is has something that many people let palestinians and israelis would be happy with both also not unhappy well from what we understand the israelis are not very happy about it and this could also mean that that deal is going to have to wait more months now to be rolled out until the next election so many different factors playing into this stuff. from short. well so most of the coming on the news for you including.
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calls for a general strike in sudan as more antigovernment protests flare up overnight. and tango with a twist venezuelans who fled to argentina the popular music form a new identity. of the sports news with peter six people from a title contender performance in the english premier league details on that for you in thirty minutes from. the big blast has been reported in the afghan capital kabul a car's reported to have exploded near a government building fighting in the area is going between the police and armed fighters no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. is a security analyst joining us live on the line from kabul much talking i know you're not a million miles away from where this trouble is going on just explain to us what
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you've been seeing and what you're hearing where you are right now. when i fostered by the media just after the attack a few minutes after the attack took place. it is reported to be two car but car bomb. blasts taking place near the ministry of public works and blast took place just before. the stuff getting out of your offices and going away from work saw yes a lot of smoke coming out of the idea was. the office was the fire had broken out in the building where the ministry spaced the ne i do have some local apartments which i to residential and it's a semi does eventually area is it a particularly soft target. it is a soft on a good in
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a sense that it's a ministry that is mainly focused on reconstruction and then he have billet titian affairs as far as the highways and sound of the public infrastructure has been sent normally it is not seen as a as a main target just like many security be a facet you deleted ministry sessions ministry of interior ministry of defense etc so this this building has been there for many years and has not been has always been seen as it's not one of the main targets for the opposition groups so as such one can see that it's seth ness soft target target we've had no claim of responsibility yet but if you had to identify who might be behind this who would you be looking at. well right now it's difficult to do or to to really finger blankets and any of the groups but considering the events of last couple of weeks where the peace process has faced some hurdle is now and you all know that there
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are issues in terms of peace process pro sing but progressing ahead amended to both sides have been trying them in the oven government and the taliban to exert themselves and except now and then and never will once again make the show off so for in that regard what can see that the taliban might be behind this attack because i point to the most recently as such a soft out of it were not attacked by the taliban mainly because. there was a process of this confidence building in both sides that now has started taking steps so i have me be very cautious studio to finger point at anyone at this moment of time but taliban is one group that you can never really think off to be behind this attack every few months which you report here on al jazeera about somebody getting dangerously close to either a government building or the buildings near government buildings what is it's about the security operation in kabul where they can't guarantee or get close to
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guaranteeing the security of this kind of installation. well a bit of a government and particularly security forces have been doing a lot of effort they have been putting a lot of measures in place to secure public places but you know they began the suicide attacks are difficult to be caught dead in a city which is highly congested with a lot of. population especially in the center of the city so much traffic moving around it's usually difficult to really track down the suicide attackers and then a cunt friend them but i i i i believe that the security agencies have been doing their utmost effort to secure all of the media cities including kabul and that they have been quite successful over the course of last one an hour period was talking to him in kabul for us thanks very much and here in the states the pentagon has
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given the green light signing off on the withdrawal of the u.s. military forces about two thousand of them from syria it comes off the turkish president much of time spoke with president bill trump mr trump says mr erdogan assured him he will eradicate whatever is left of ice or in syria is in a hold up as more it's thirty percent of syria's territory that can tip the balance of power in the north east was america's zone of influence in this divided country it will soon pull out its forces abandoning longtime ally still by p.t. the syrian kurdish are the group. truck decision is arctic force. not going to see. there's. perhaps a closer version should the crusher. under
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the syrian government that's why p.g. dominated syrian democratic forces is reaching out to the syrian government and russia the main power broker in syria to prevent a possible turkish military offensive or takeover of territory the u.s. has said it is going to coordinate its pull out with turkey a signal that turkish troops or its local allies will move in there is a new relationship between the nato allies after years of disagreement over syria but the warming of ties is testing russian turkish cooperation u.s. withdrawal from from syria and that puts at risk relations between russia and turkey because if that is states and turkey managed to reach the deal on syrian kurds in some way or another that puts at risk. russia turkey. agreements on it or russia's plans on friday was also.
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it's not clear how turkey will further behave itself in asked in a forum what. russia turkey and iran have been closely working together on syria within what is known as the astronaut format over the years the u.s. has repeatedly tried to pull away from that alliance. if the u.s. hands over the area to turkey it will not be good for iran so now turkey will be on a collision course with iran. the u.s. decision to withdraw could result in shifting partnerships and a cease fire deal in syria's opposition controlled northwestern province of idlib could be in jeopardy that deal was the result of russian turkish cooperation this opposition from the syrian government turkey wanted to prevent a military action that could destabilize its security and create a massive refugee crisis now russian diplomats tell us it will be hard to constrain syrian president bashar assad from launching an offensive if turkey takes territory
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in the north east. the bargaining has begun zeneca there al jazeera southern turkey. well a delegation of the s.d.f. the syrian democratic forces that help to us in the fight against isis is in moscow to discuss a possible plan to stop the turkish attack east of the euphrates river the group is the armed wing of the kurdish rebel group known as the y p g y p g controls a strip of territory from iraq to the eastern banks of the euphrates as in reports just explained that's almost thirty percent of syrian territory turkey is labeled the y.p. g a terrorist organization saying they are an extension of an outlawed group that is fighting for kurdish autonomy in turkey. a third of the u.n. mission tasked with monitoring the fragile cease fire in yemen has arrived now in the port city of data retired dutch general patrick come air met government representatives in the southern city of aden before talks with hu theatres in the
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capital sanaa over the weekend the ceasefire and who data is largely holdings since it came into effect last tuesday but there has been sporadic fighting between both sides yemen's warring parties agreed on a truce in the strategic city during peace talks in sweden earlier this month has been covering the conflict in yemen extensively a little earlier i spoke to him here in the studio basically they would act as the eyes and ears of the united nations and the rest of the international community because international pressure is what is needed most to make not only this is for succeed but also the purtiest commit i mean not come off with the drawing troops from the city of course but they there is a key plank in the conflict in yemen the most important issue with it is because most of the aid and commercial goods are passing through the ports there in
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a day that it's vital for the survival of millions of yemenis and if this is fire and the troop withdraw from the city succeeds then that can be extended to places that is for example where there's been years of the siege on it and other places where fighting still rages on. trades unions in sudan are calling for a general strike aimed at paralyzing the government for entering the sixth day there on saturday night police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters in the capital khartoum they gathered in the city center after a football game chanting freedom songs and demanding president omar al bashir stepped up to the protests were triggered by a shortage of bread and fuel morgan has the latest now from. there's been five days of protests across the country and more protests are expected today the doctors union also issued a statement last night and said that they are going to hold a general strike and a big calling for people of other professions to join them on a nationwide strike the terms of fair for december now it's not clear yet if this
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strike will happen it's not clear if the strike will take place but what we do know is that last night after a football match people came out of the stadium and protested against the government they've been chanting slogans like down with the government we don't want the government anymore we want a new regime so it's very obvious that what started i was at what started out as an economic protest has turned into political protests that started all last week in the city of bar in there in our state but that quickly escalated and went across the country now we've seen people protesting from different parts of the country and including the capital khartoum yesterday the police had to use live ammunition and tear gas to disperse the protesters there were reports of some injuries including a child who has been killed that brings the death toll to eleven if we go with the government death toll and it brings it down to twenty brings it up to twenty eight if we go with activists it's not clear yet if this process would ever stop the the people seem to be demanding a new government they don't seem to be willing to listen to what this government is willing to offer solutions to try to ease them out of the economic crisis that
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began the whole thing. the world weather his stuff europe this time peter and it's looking decidedly soggy if we have a look at the satellite picture we can see this big weather front here that's digging its way down into the eastern parts of europe that is giving us some rain but also as it hits that cold air we're seeing a fair amount of snow as well so quite a bit of wintry weather there and those things going to continue its journey down towards the southeast as we head through the next twenty four hours or so so for some of us in greece we'll see that rain eventually begin to clear but it's making its way towards turkey turkey certainly looking very very wet on tuesday a lot of heavy snow in the north over the mountains as well and then that system will continue its journey southwards and work its way across the east coast of the mediterranean so some of this particularly in syria and of into turkey there on wednesday will see some very wet and windy conditions and then that will spread further southward i think for beirut in lebanon there will see some of the worst of the conditions later on on wednesday and we could see the winds gusting over fifty
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kilometers per hour so very windy as well it's pretty wet in this region as well further north as i say a lot of that will be turning to snow over the mountains in turkey for the east and what is actually quite quiet for us at the moment a very cool in baghdad our maximum just seventeen degrees and head for that you still kabul still dry unfortunately the drought continues here seven is our maximum peter. thanks very much still to come here on the news hour the u.s. treasury moving to study fears in the markets because of the state of the american economy plus christmas on the moon we'll look back at how the first lunar voyage made history in more ways than one. and in sport find out why this goalkeeper was not having a cracking talking details later on with peter. bartels
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. thanks love to making loans to some friends because behind the suffering a millions of taxpayers because those taxpayers never go away is a new one born every single day and ninety it is an urgent national necessity visually request. of the support mechanism we created together because i happen to live in greece somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news hour live from doha in peace a topic these are your headlines at least three hundred seventy three people have died after saturday's tsunami swept along the central straits and crashed twenty meters inland without warning rescue teams are working around the clock in search of survivors president. has promised to upgrade tsunami detection systems. of course in pakistan a sentence the former prime minister nawaz sharif to seven years in prison sharif along with his daughter and son in law was jailed earlier this year in another corruption case for dating to the purchase of luxury properties in london. part of the story israel will be heading to the polls april the nineteenth and early
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election the announcement by the coalition party headed by the prime minister benjamin netanyahu follows a deadlock over a controversial bill. now there are fears that there could be more tsunamis following on from the events in indonesia in the past twenty four hours survivors are concerned about the inability to predict a devastating wave or waves rob mcbride reports now from the new districts on the west coast of java. the indonesian president djoko we don't go visiting the tsunami affected area prone to earthquakes his country deals on a regular basis with their disastrous consequences using detection equipment to warn of tsunamis ahead of time on this occasion the president appeared to admit something went wrong. i think in the new budget year of twenty nineteen early january a lot of the replacement of broken equipment or old ones which can no longer be used. the landslide of the undersea volcano made it harder to detect than
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a regular earthquake and happening at night many people had no idea the wave was on its way to strike them. this couple only realized it when water started surging through the small food stall they operate near the beach that had a theme there was no warning at all even a tsunami warning and it suddenly happened in a husband believes the government should invest in better monitoring equipment and i hope the government can use new technology because you're afraid there's going to be a voice in the future. living in such close proximity to a rumbling giant people here want that solution to come sooner rather than later and the experts seem to agree it's highly likely that there will be more tsunami generated by submarine landslides in the question is when is that going to happen we don't know are they going to be bigger ones we don't know what warning do you
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have well it's an active volcano and that's the essentially the warning. longer after the dead brief from this enemy has been cleared away the fears of people living here will linger many of the people who used to live down here at sea level are now in temporary accommodation on higher ground whether they'll return here depends in part on whether they'll be able to confidently predict what that sea will do next robert bryant al-jazeera and your district in tunisia. thomas another report for us this hour on the disaster this time looking at the devastation caused by the tsunami to a popular beach resort and pantai tomato tests on the west coast of java. it's a pretty murky day but on a clear one you can see the volcano forty seven kilometers out to sea and even now those low rumble so you might occasionally hear underneath my voice well those are
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both cannick eruptions they've been going on for months and it was one of those on saturday night that caused a landslide that then caused the tsunami that swept through this this is the garden of a hotel you can see the swimming pool there the child's body was found after the tsunami swept through we're told the wall of water was about a meter high off the surface of the water but with all that water coming in they got over to me to see you all over there came through here presumably at a height of another meter or two smashed into some of these bedrooms you can see one there that's been really destroyed on the ground floor at least this hotel has an upper floor and people were able to run through that when they saw the water coming in to children though did die here now the water powered through here this is the reception area of the hotel where now about three meters above sea level and they carried on and went across the road smashing into the houses on the other side
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and people there tell us that the water came through their homes at a height of about a meter now we're talking to here because if another tsunami would hit we have somewhere to run. up there in this relatively well built hotel but really around here it's just so flat people had nowhere to go and this is well built but many of the holiday homes shacks really very flimsy really built along this coast and those are the ones that have been totally destroyed. the u.s. treasury has taken extraordinary steps to ease investors' nerves and worries following a week of heavy losses on the financial markets the treasury secretary stephen held a one on one phone calls with the heads of the six biggest u.s. banks and also convened the presidential working group on the financial markets it's called the plunge protection team it was first created following the markets crash in one nine hundred eighty seven the group was reconvened in two thousand and nine when the subprime mortgage crisis hit the world economy she has returns he
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joins us live now from washington so they getting this crisis team back together again what can they actually achieve. well actually it's called the plunge protection team because there's always been a suspicion amongst critics all for this particular organization that they do intervene in stock markets to try and to try and shore them up about something that's always been denied because theoretically the federal reserve doesn't have the authority to buy equities it lends lots of money to other banks and things like that but it doesn't it doesn't theoretically have the have the power to spend money on stock so that is always some confusion as to exactly what what this what this organization what this group actually does that will be that group will be convened later on later on monday meanwhile if this was an attempt by steve minute should to calm markets what simply has not worked at all the major indices now down in pre-market trading and futures trading that wasn't the case two hours ago but now they're all down and in fact leading the losses are all the banks actually when it shouldn't talk to j.p. morgan chase is down one point six percent goldman sachs down one point five
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percent bank of america down two percent citigroup down one point four percent i think of it because when it shouldn't was reassuring investors about something they haven't actually been considering before that they might be some kind of banking crisis on top of a stock market set up to minutes and released a statement following his conversation giving assurances that all these banks are liquidity available for that going to consumer business markets and other market operations they have not experienced any clearance or margin issues and that markets continue to function properly but no one really considered that there was any banking problem up until he released the statement and now people wonder well is there some systemic systemic problem we've got to worry about too whilst would whilst would be trying to get reassurance from these banks otherwise asian markets would done subject on monday but investors in the states are worried about the big list of things the government shut down the us china trade dispute interest rate rises and donald trump's very personal dispute with the fed chairman because he's
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been taking advice on whether he could get rid of that individual or not but those are all issues that mr trump could ease worries over if he just went public and and gave people his opinion on the way he thinks those issues are heading surely. and that didn't help either because various administration officials tweeted didn't talk to sunday shows second bone trump has no intention of firing jerome paolo the federal reserve chief and in fact the new chian gave what appeared to be some sort of a bait some conversation you had with trump saying that trump doesn't believe he has the power to jerome powell but why didn't truck tweet why didn't trump say point blank in a tweet i don't think i can fire a drone pow and also they did as a result of confirming that these conversations were under way they did confirm the dollar has been considering firing drone power which doesn't help much doesn't help much either and there is theoretically there is a sort of legal legal gray area as to whether donald trump has the power how but clearly it hasn't been tested before but if trump is considering it and then that's also not being ruled out either so that's not helping either is this being seen as
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very unusual she has been as much as we're seeing politics leading market sentiment not the other way around because usually the other way around any place in the world. right but i think i mean we have to put this into some context in that you know it's not clear that the stock market is necessarily the greatest gauge of the health of an economy anyway of fifty percent of people in the us anyone have any stocks this is all about you know rich people you know playing with their money in the markets and of course the for one case of the middle class that without using your that's a different matter as well the point is all trump has put such store in the stock market as a a sign that his economic stewardship is so brilliant so therefore we're in by the same token when the stock market does falter then donald trump himself that is has put this on himself to stress well that he has policies on actually working in fact there is some speculation that the reason why we're neutral did anything this weekend a tool and this was an emergency phone call from his holiday in kabul his son lucas
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well you know which didn't help the optics either was maybe it's more just a ritual dull trouble to me and it's told trump you really put so much store in the stock market as an indicator of the overall health of the economy maybe he just wants nugent to be seeming to be doing something even though it seems to have backfired pretty terribly she had thanks very much. he says is working with several countries to take an investigation into the killing of the saudi journalist to the united nations now the announcement came from the foreign minister mystic of a sort of a news conference and he's also demanded its findings on the case with the international community was killed inside the city consulate in istanbul on october the second cinema as the latest now from istanbul. there were some skepticism and criticism that turkey has given up chasing after jamal his murder which took place on october the second in saudi consulate in istanbul and turkey's foreign minister statement came after a little silence let's say because took us officers have been speaking
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a lot about jamal khashoggi but they are not speaking as much as before and this is perceived as if turkey has given up on the investigation have ever been investigated in turkey is still under way and according to turkey's foreign minister it's getting deeper and deeper however disadvantage the church is experiencing right now is that the lack of cooperation that the officials called from the saudi arabian side and the international platform seem to be the only way out for turkey because the investigation process is kind of stuck here because turkey it doesn't get any information from the saudis side and for day u.n. side we can say that turkey's foreign minister had had some meetings with the u.n. officials diplomats in new york a couple of weeks ago during this civilizations meeting and to turkey received some commitments from united nations but as far as we know as far as what the minister to tell studio audience is that they're working on some technicalities and some
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other procedures to take this issue jamal khashoggi murder case more advanced platform which is the human u.n. human rights still to come here in the new surfing superstar gabriel medina arrives home to a hero's welcome just a few days after winning the world title. thank . you.


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