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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 25, 2018 1:00pm-2:02pm +03

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lead. al-jazeera selects. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam is a than this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes torrential rain hampers the search for survivors in indonesia the number of dead from saturday's tsunami climbs to four hundred twenty nine. gunman am a suicide bomber attacked libya's foreign ministry at least four people including the attackers are killed in the capital. another night of angry protests in sudan
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president promises changes he speaks publicly about the crisis for the first time. a road map for man bridge here announces plans for the withdrawal of u.s. backed kurdish forces from the city in northern syria. and this scaping venezuela the search for food in colombia increasing number of indigenous people are struggling to find their next meal. torrential rain in indonesia is hampering the search for survivors of saturday's tsunami the number killed in western java has risen to four hundred twenty nine with one hundred fifty four missing experts fear more tsunamis if the. volcano erupts again under thomas reports from band-aid lang. the scenes in time because
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the million indonesians have seen lots of place this year the drudgery of a cleanup following disaster. this is what remains of the hotel look and all day in the greeting guests when the tsunami hits on saturday both were swept inland by the water and were injured as they were tumbled it was terrifying but not completely unexpected must decide what i will do i saw what happened and i knew i just knew it would happen here i just didn't know when. carl lewis the city on indonesia's fourth largest audience struck by another tsunami and earthquake in september more than two thousand people don't like that and two major earthquakes killed more than five hundred people in the east and island of lombok a few months ago. and volcanologists say the amounts of tectonic activity in indonesia in twenty eighteen hasn't been particularly unusual what is on usual is
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that the areas destroyed were heavily populated increasing the number of victims that's meant a very busy year for emergency services and aid organizations that help survive as pretty decisively to stamp and beyond our planning yeah so that's a we have read. about some of it is in to assist us and they also collect money over and under national to fight this and they're not in the north hundred land is now in the first stage of a disaster recovery process that is more advanced in other parts of indonesia it's almost as if this rain which is constant throughout the tsunami hit even mocking people up on the ground i try to clear up and dry out bad life but it will clear and like a it will improve that little company right now but the narrative in indonesia is a familiar one undertone of al-jazeera hundred one. now rob
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mcbride joins us from district we don't have rob bride right now we'll try and bring him up a little bit later into the show though. moving on to libya where a gunman have attacked the foreign ministry headquarters in tripoli initial reports say one of the attackers blew himself up in the compound mood a head joins us now live from tripoli we do have us there is so mahmoud tell us about this attack. well official sources at the foreign ministry say that the attack started by two gunmen one of them started shooting at the security forces securing the building to distract their attention and to give way to the other attacker to get inside which happened actually the other attacker managed to get inside the building while the first started exchanging or engaging in a shooting with this acuity of forces at the gate now the first attacker was killed
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by the security. forces and before he was killed one of the security forces was killed two the other attacker managed to get inside and blow himself up which he killed another employee at the ministry of foreign affairs then he set fire was said at the building and smoke is coming out of the building until this moment despite the fact that they had specially to this force has managed to take control of the building and evacuated the whole staff from the building now the ministry of interior says that it will hold a presser. in the coming couple of hours to give more details about the exact numbers of casualties this attack mines us of two similar attacks that have targeted government facilities in the past national election commission
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in the capital tripoli in may and the national oil corporation that is their state oil firm and at last september sami all right thanks so much more who from tripoli let's go back to the situation in indonesia are people of course have been hit by that tsunami joins us from her district further along jarvis west coast so you're in an area rob that's been hit give us an idea if you will of just what the word devastation means to some of the people in those areas where you are. that's right sami we have been at this location following the work of various teams that are being coming through here army police also search and rescue teams some of them with specially trained dogs they've been going through some of the mountains of debris that we have at this location around forty people alone died here at this
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at this one resort a location but these are scenes that are being replicated all along this this sure line the sure that has been devastated by this tsunami people have been coming through but as you mentioned that things have been hampered frustrated by the weather we are into the rainy season rain was forecast for today and it was accurate and they are expecting rain in fact throughout the whole week which does make this a very miserable business they are expecting to find more bodies here as they are elsewhere as the death toll continues to mount they have they get hampered by the rain they must suspend their operations they have now gone for the day tuesday but are expected they say we'll be back here again first thing at first light tomorrow wednesday it has to be said sorry it's also still a rather nervy atmosphere here along the shore line driver has just recently been down to the village next door to hear reports that many people there are in
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a state of panic that there is a report of a tsunami warning now it does seem to be a hoax we have checked with the authorities here we have checked with our producer they said there is no doubt an army warning in force but it does give you an idea of just how jittery people are being understandably the experience that they have been through especially as night falls here and of course we know that the what made this be so scary was the fact that they had no prior warning of it it simply came out of the darkness so as you get to these later hours people do get more jittery and i have to say it is slightly contagious we don't think anything's going to happen but i got to tell you our vehicle is already packed and we are keeping a very sharp eye on the horizon behind us i mean we could see some diggers in action there in some of the pictures we were running while you were talking rob and i'm wondering how the rescue efforts are progress in at this point. that's basically what they have been doing they will find
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a spot either by the some of the sniffer dogs they have the who are trying to find either people or bodies and piles of rubble they will then call in diggers or people to remove stuff by hand and they've been doing that all throughout the day i do also have various other locations along here and it has to be said that there are teams from throughout indonesia this is as we know sadly an archipelago that is no stranger to natural disasters and we have been seeing a real communal effort if you like with teams from all over java from the capital jakarta and so on coming in here and lending a hand that is also given a chance to people who are returning to their homes to find what's left of their homes and businesses just to really appreciate just what kind of a cleanup is ahead of them but also what kind of a rebuild as they try to rebuild a business is to make a living in the future sammy all right thanks so much rob mcbride. protests
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are expected in sudan again for the seventh day in a row the country's president has responded to demands from demonstrators valen what he calls real reforms to improve living standards for middle bashir is warning the public not to respond to attempts to sow discord in the country more protests overnight in the capital civil society groups on the president to step down. from all this let's cross over now to hillah morgan she's live for us from khartoum so how are the process shaping up so far. well sammy the ports are expected to happen within an hour it hasn't happened yet people seem to be mobilizing but other side is also mobilizing specifically the police we've been out in the streets about thirty minutes ago and everywhere you go around khartoum you would find a group of police men carrying their batons ready for the protesters in case they come out in the streets as they have promised carrying their memo was demanding the president to resign now let's remember they are going to march from
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a certain square not far from the presidential palace and then they would head on to the presidential palace to deliver a memo demanding president omar al bashir to resign they will not find him there he's one of the he's in one of the states in the central east of the country because they are aware he's going to or he's planning to open a project so they will not find him but they have been protesting over the past seven days it started out as an economic protest over a shortage of fuel of a shortage of bread and over the rising cost of food commodities but it quickly escalated into a protest where people have been demanding the government to go and they've been demanding a new government how the authorities responding able to some of the criticisms from human rights groups about indiscriminate use of lethal force. well the government is saying that they are not trying to attack the protestors they're not trying to respond to the protesters what they're trying to just a make sure that these protesters do not harm public properties let's remember that the headquarters of the national congress party the ruling party around various states have been burned to the ground which is why they are curfews and states of
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emergency in various parts of the country and which is why universities and high schools and education institute creamy has not been functioning because the government said that they don't want people gathering around to protest so a state of emergency has been declared the government said that they will not tolerate has been declared a state of emergency declared in several parts of the country the government to be not going to tolerate protesters are damaging properties and putting other people's lives at risk so they're responding with basically what agnes international said brutal force there is saying that thirty seven people have been killed the government said the figure is roughly around twelve so it's very but it's very hard to verify because there are various reports a lot of these are happening in towns which is outside khartoum and people have been different people are keeping different records they're activists involved there are local journalists involved and they are obviously human rights group involved and the government. more i'll leave it there for now thanks so much more morgan somehow to. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including voters in the democratic republic of congo get ready for an election that's been delayed for
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years. plus wife thousands of asylum seekers in greece been left out in the cold again this winter. and so now i'll be here to look back at some of the year's biggest sports stories that's coming up later in the show. the presidents of belarus and russia are meeting in moscow hoping to repair their strained relationship president alexander lukashenko has accused russia of using its oil and gas reserves to deepen its control over. takes a closer look at how russia ties have evolved over the years. when the soviet union crumbled rusher and remained symbolic in strategic partners but in recent years and the g. supplies and economics of revealed where the wheel founders of. earlier this month
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live on russian state television president lukashenko interrupted president putin made flow as he outlined a new tax regime for russian oil imports the price hikes could cost the ballet russian economy billions of dollars they can't afford. compensation rushes refused a heated exchange continued on camera tensions eventually subsided but in later interviews appears to suggest that tax hikes would deliberate to push the country further into russian control what has been upset about is what he perceives as a threat to serenity here of a challenge to sovereignty is how russia reacted to his demands for compensation there are basically one option you can pursue this is advanced integration is not the first time look at his question belarus is ties with russia was in georgia ukraine on the twenty fourteen an extension of crimea have prompted the president
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to stand up for belorussian sovereignty. something that belarus is a part of the russian world in most rusher itself forget it belarus is a sovereign and independent state. it's a difficult dilemma for look at how to be an independent state whilst remaining on favorable terms with russia if you want to get up to do so you need to give something back the kind of a trade or if you don't want to get up to this you may be very independent but in this case economic wonder will disappear and maybe you will face some kind of political disaster or oil like it was in ukraine this is one way bellaver used to sweeten the relationship. in twenty seventeen russia staged joint military exercises code names meeting west a clear message for nato ukraine has since accused russia of using the exercises as a pretext to station troops in belarus the kremlin denies this one thing moscow is
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wary of though is the attraction of europe for many young belorussians as the only leader they've ever known it's led to pro e.u. anti-government protests but currently any challenge to look at those twenty four year leadership is quickly silenced. walking a geo political tightrope. even tried buying oil from venezuela to ease its dependency on russian supplies but right now nothing quite beats the help it gets some its old friend russia and the occasional outburst. left with little choice but to keep calm and carry on. al-jazeera turkey's foreign minister says the us has agreed to take back weapons given to kurdish fighters in northern syria turkish and us troops began joint patrols last month in the area around the city of man big in northern syria that was part of the agreement known
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as the man biju road map for the withdrawal of the kurdish group the y p g the turkish government labels y p g a terrorist group because of their links to kurdish groups seeking autonomy y.p. genes help the u.s. forces in the fight against i saw. crossover now designer in the turkish town of gaziantep on the border with syria so let's start with that line about what's going on on the ground. do the turks believe that they now have an understanding a green light from washington to fill any vacuum on the ground left by the u.s. withdrawal is that where things are heading on the ground. yes. we're getting more details really from turkish officials on what seems to have been agreed with the united states over that planned u.s. troop pullout from the north east syria a u.s. military delegation will be an anchor this week for further discussions and u.s.
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president donald trump making it clear this is not going to be a rapid pullout it will be slow and highly coordinated with turkey so these two nato allies are going to be working together the turkish foreign minister saying that the united states promised that it's going to take back the weapons that it provided to the syrian kurdish armed group why p.g. providing weapons to that group really has been a source of tension between the two countries foreign minister also saying that the united states promised to implement this so-called road map that road map calls for the wife to leave the city repeated the implementation of that road map really caused tensions between the united states and turkey so what is emerging is a more clearer picture it seems turkey wants the united states to hand over areas in northeast syria it would draw from at least turkey's allies in syria because it believes the wife has taken control of arab lands exploited. and taken
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a lot of land that is not rightfully theirs. having. the standing over some of the issues of change going on on the ground in syria. well that is not clear yet every time the united states and turkey move closer together. because turkey and russia have been working together in syria for some time now as part of the astronaut process so this between the united states and turkey concerning russia yesterday. spoke to russian diplomats who are now even talking about the russian turkey deal in the syrian controlled province opposition controlled province of it live saying that deal could now be in jeopardy turkish russian cooperation could be in jeopardy in syria so those ties are being tested as the u.s. and turkey work together so the turkish foreign minister saying that he's going to go to moscow it is not clear if alliances are going to shift in syria but clearly
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the united states has this itching to pull out of northeastern syria has caused a lot of far reaching consequences. from does the untap after announcing the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria donald trump says saudi arabia will help restore cities destroyed by years of war the us president tweeted saudi arabia has now agreed to suspend the necessary money to needed to help rebuild syria instead of the united states see isn't it nice when immensely wealthy countries help rebuild their neighbors rather than a great country the us that is five thousand miles away thanks to saudi a. has more. president drops tweet prompted more questions than answers he didn't specify how much money saudi arabia would offer to rebuild syria when it would be given how it would be spent or most importantly who would receive the money well
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that's the big question is where exactly will this money go and i think that that obviously depends a lot on where saudi arabia wants it to go we could probably assume it's not going to go to the russians it's not going to go to the turks for where there are spending a lot on humanitarian aid for refugees it's going to go somewhere else and it may not go to the assad regime either and you know where the saudi government delivered one hundred million dollars to the u.s. for syrian reconstruction but troops tweaks seem to imply more money would now be forthcoming. trump has frequently complained about u.s. expenditures abroad and berated allies like the nato countries and south korea for not spending enough on defense alternately he boasts about striking deals to save the u.s. money five hundred thirty three million dollars monday's friendly tweet thanking the saudis is symptomatic of trump's enthusiastic attitude toward the kingdom he
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shrugged off the conclusions of his own intelligence agencies that saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon most likely ordered the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi trump said saudi arms purchases and its strategic partnership with the us outweighed international condemnation of the killing they see saudi arabia as a strategic partner in the region and trump a certainly gone out maybe odd kind of on the fence to defend that strategic partners that ship and now he's saying look we are still committed to you now you've got to step up and do what needs to be done one thing is certain after seven years of a devastating civil war that is still under way an estimated half a million people killed and about five million syrians forced to flee their country the syrians badly need vast amounts of aid whether they will get it and from whom
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remain unanswered questions robert oulds al-jazeera washington. at least forty three people have been killed in a car bomb and gallant attack in afghanistan's capital the attack began when a suicide bomber blew up his car outside the public works ministry kabul gunman then stormed the government compound at least twenty people were wounded in the eight hour siege that ended when the three gunmen were killed no one has yet claimed responsibility. one of iran's top clerics mahmoud hashimi chaudiere has died at the age of seventy one of the was the deputy head of the government body tasked with choosing the successor to supreme leader come in i shadowed deals headed iran's judiciary during a fierce crackdown on dissidents journalists and activists in the late ninety's and early two thousand the end of his tenure coincided with mass protests over allegations of rigging in the two thousand and nine presidential election.
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thousands of asylum seekers living in tents on one of greece's the jian islands are enduring another winter without heat all running water that's because there's no space in the official camp that's supposed to house them and there's johnson reports from sam also continue waiting in the cold till the government builds somewhere for them to live. when abdullah part and his family from afghanistan arrived on some us a few weeks ago they were given blankets and sleeping bags but nowhere to live because there's no space and the government run camp together with a friend they made this tent for their wives and ten children but there isn't enough room for the more a lot harder they can invade or i sleep outside the tent only my children and my wife have the tent one night i sleep on the ground one night on a chair one night i asked my friends if i may sleep with them one night i sleep outside the camp a town on one night i sleep in a mosque the former interpreter for u.s.
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forces in afghanistan says all the children are sick this blue tarp all in isn't waterproof so on days like this the rain drops through in a high wind many tents are pulled apart and heavy rains can cause them to slide off their base of wooden pallets into the mud almost three thousand asylum seekers live in similar conditions in an olive grove beside the camp those who have the money by turns to put under the tarp all in the lucky ones have camping stove but an open flame is a fire hazard some light wood fires and burned plastic food containers and egyptian asylum seeker trying to stay warm died of carbon monoxide poisoning last year unless of course his family is suing the greek government for failing to provide housing government handouts can be difficult to get many spend hours queuing for food. i usually go early in the morning to wait for breakfast food service begins at eight and i can get food at nine i give the food to my family and then rejoin the queue for lunch i wait there for three hours and then i were. it another four
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or five hours for dinner starting at four o'clock i spend all my day in the queue for food for my wife and children this camp ensembles was built for six hundred fifty and already houses twice that many a few new arrivals still build their own accommodation on vacant spots inside the camp these men say they found the timber in town because he. the truth is the situation is not the best given that asylum procedures take this long the good news is that the government is looking for a new space where we hope conditions will be better this camp used to be an army artillery range it was hastily chosen and built in twenty sixteen to honor the e.u. turkey agreement the army was the only institution that could get the job done in short order until now has fiercely resisted the official camp's expansion the government now seems to have overcome that obstacle and plans a new camp next year that will be twice as large as this these asylum seekers have
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a whole winter to survive first jumps at all plus al-jazeera most well in a few moments we'll have all the weather with kevin but still ahead here on al-jazeera. cataloguing the checkered past of an entire continent how a new museum in senegal wants to right the wrongs of slavery. and the raiders check out of oakland and i will explain all coming up in sports. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. well we are watching out here in the pacific the formation of a new storm you can see the clouds out there just to the east of the philippines over the last twenty four hours those clouds have really developed and this is now
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a tropical depression now in the end of december it's not unusual that we get it but it just doesn't happen every day that we get a tropical storm out here in the northern hemisphere over the next few days the storm is expected to become a tropical storm and it is going to be making its way towards the west northwest and heading towards the central part of the philippines as we go towards thursday we start to see the precept of the storm affecting the syud the the middle islands of the philippines and we do expect that once the storm makes its way across the philippines that's going to be friday and saturday we're going to be seeing plenty of rain associate with this anywhere over three hundred fifty millimeters of rain could be expected with the storm so that means localized flooding could be an issue in that area down towards parts of australia where we have this area of high pressure that is dominating much of the eastern part of the of australia well this is causing some problems here tomorrow we are looking for a bad quality air day across parts of sydney because of the very high ozone levels
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across that region temperatures there is going to be about twenty eight. the weather sponsored by cat time peace. kidnappings a man is in crimea since russia's for stanek sation of the black sea. i don't understand why he was killed now. schools of crimea into towns have been arrested. most believe by russian security for the city's. crimea russia's as he secret on al-jazeera.
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al jazeera. where every. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines this hour torrential rain in indonesia is hampering the search for survivors of saturday's tsunami a number of killed in western java has climbed to four hundred twenty nine with one hundred fifty four missing experts fear more tsunamis are possible with the. erupts again. and the suicide attackers have targeted libya's foreign ministry killing at
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least two people police say they targeted the building in the capital tripoli initial reports say one of the attack is in the compound. turkey's foreign minister says the u.s. has agreed on a plan to disarm kurdish fighters in syria and for kurdish groups to leave the city of man bitch the u.s. had previously supported the kurdish y p g in their fight against eyesore. more in our top story now the devastation in indonesia following the recent tsunami deano on jan toe is a spokesman for oxfam he joins us now from java in indonesia good to have you with us first of all start with those reports that say things essential things like medical supplies clean water are running out why why is it proving difficult to get those kinds of things into some of the evacuation centers yes because. what that network is. that is trying to fix that
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then some of. that in some areas. and get clean water from the month. expressly for a b.p. scam set up with the government in what is really required and the public works department grain supply but of course on the lake eleven arson people who. receive assistance. is are also in by the sas they're also required in what they are of no let me ask this if i can how can the world help what sort of plea would you like to make to those watching this show to governments around the world how can we help to get clean water to people especially to kids in some of these centers yes as you might aware that our government interest and
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government are still not deciding where they're at this one is going to be. of is that there and then we will be there any international i see is that for help but for now is similar lag and in response the government of a certain time to go is not clear to you from what you've said that the country does need international help if there are as we're reading reports of even kids not getting enough clean water not getting medicine they need if authorities aren't able to deal with this is it not clear to you as oxfam that international help is needed. yes the best we or international community will have indonesian people least by who are their lawful and yours are for instance like. well why we work with partners so when we receive the money from international
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community we will work with us for the money for the pats and the quarterly brahmana and providing ambulance a lot of people left in the past the best good for the people in needs since our government declared that if this it is not and a matter of we are bound and not more are in our corin's it. will count for this this one s u l s n l u n n rumbaut told them if i witness that yet please do have any local organisation or international organisation who work closely with us and us. lack of slum we work with local n.g.o.s or. implemented do so that's on. the profile assistant of the committee. or i do know argenta thanks so much
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for your thoughts and sharing the experience of what's going on down there focuses in the democratic republic of congo head to the polls in five days to choose the next leader many are not confident the election will be free and fast the numerous delays over the past two years let's cross over live now to catherine soy who's in the capital kinshasa first of all catherine as i said they've been several delays are people confident that this time it's for real. well i mean let me just i think we've seen a very strong why did they meant christmas message from the aftershock of the catholic up to sort of just basically said that the people of the are. are you leaving exile in the country you did that being how you say that they are walking in darkness but it also are just congregation to keep the faith that you mentioned
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family are very young black in times in the country and many people that we've talked to really seem to have lost all confidence in the ability of the electoral commission to believe a fairly smooth and credible election if it does happen on time to hear the story with the. electoral commission technicians in kinshasa a dealing with a crisis they have to make sure thousands of electronic voting machines recalled from other regions and four million new ballot papers will work on fourteen day material to replace those that are saved to have been destroyed bad fire in a warehouse crippling the poly in the city and leading to a postponement of the election a lot of the luck was four million voters here but we also needed some spares ballots so we ordered for five million ballots because we know organizing them disagree disagree working hard to make sure they are ready for election of the. the
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show say out of routine with his already in regional headquarters across the country so this analyst believes getting them to polling stations during the rainy season in a country with that infrastructure poor security in parts as well as an outbreak in the east will not be. ok or in terms of religious texts nobody is able to give. on the tempo so credibility of the process is very very low robot cup but can a train local observers that are to be deployed to the province's he's already this it in many parts of the country as its electoral process to this point has been a sham don't. it is that there has never really been a concert other both use of the voting machine. has been unable to publish their map of all the polling stations in the absence of the two so you might have station but don't exist on the machine meant for those used to manipulate the outcome these
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are difficult and uncertain times in congo people here in the capital do not trust the commission they say they're afraid the election could be postponed again and even if it goes on sunday they're not confident it will be credible we don't trust the process but we must go vote one week is nothing but on election day we will take responsibility we either have a good election they resign or we force them to leave. the only thing we expect to receive mission of president kabila so we find another solution and i think the electoral commission is just a puppet of the president and he is the real problem the commission is under pressure to deliver a reasonably credible election and with just a few days to go many congolese and not so sure.
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maybe and hope for the best. very well. very disappointed with the fact. that. being some people opposition leaders for the resignation of the president. who think that is not i told because the president of the electoral commission there is a vacuum. there. and that could. be the process. right catherine thanks so much. the latest reports from northern iraq say a car bomb explosion has killed two people several people were injured in a market in the city of tal alpha more on this story as it develops. in another
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part of the country iraqi christians are celebrating christmas at the modest use of church and bank that that if we devise all means many of them can now safely return to their homes and more so many of their homes have been destroyed the christian community has dwindled in the country but for those who remain the largest christmas tree ever has been erected in the city. has the latest from bank towns. this is a much more hopeful christmas than iraqi christians have seen in a very long time. use of church the st joseph's church here in central baghdad people in riving across christmas day to attend mass and there is a very hopeful atmosphere that things have changed for iraq's christians that there are much more secure than they ever have been just give you some facts and figures the last census that was undertaken was in one nine hundred eighty seven and there were about one point five million christians living in the country and officially
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in two thousand and eighteen the nearest figure that we can get is there are about two hundred fifty thousand christians left they fled after the us led invasion and occupation of iraq in two thousand and three and then when their homes were destroyed by eisel in mosul and on the outskirts of baghdad in two thousand and thirteen two thousand and fourteen now the iraqi government wants those christians to come back indeed what they've done is they've made christmas day and national holiday across iraq for all iraqis to take place and you only have to go to a lot of the hotels here the public spaces here and the big christmas trees and other decorations like the ones you see behind me up in the hotel so there's a real sense that christians are much safer than they ever have been and the iraqi government would like them to come back to a safe and secure iraq. thousands of pilgrims are celebrating christmas in
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bethlehem in the occupied west bank earlier a procession of visitors made their way through an israeli checkpoint from jerusalem and into bethlehem where christians believe jesus was born palestinian president mahmoud abbas was among those at midnight mass in the church of the nativity stephanie decker was among the crowd. where you from. where canada texas hong kong. fuck off or ca canada again i got all came together. how did you find out. barbara bush. on the bus how did you find out by bus. all right was you can see a lot of foreigners here of course is millions of christians are celebrating christmas we are in the ancient town of bethlehem where it all began and people are now listening to midnight mass it is attended by the palestinian president and many
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people here a lot of palestinian christians as well that have come from across the occupied west bank also parts of israel to celebrate the birth of jesus christ and basically even though it's been a very festive atmosphere here are a lot of families there is no underlying in theme here when you speak to people about the issue of course the message of christmas is one of peace one of joy but that is an issue that they say here has not been addressed particularly obviously because of these really occupation and people will tell you that that seems to be further and further away than ever things like people taking time to get here because of checkpoints you need permissions if you live in the west bank to go to druce the most of the tourist industry is controlled by israel so all these foreigners that you see here come into israel and people the businessmen particularly here in bethlehem will tell you that they come and go they don't really spend the night so all these issues they're saying they need to be address.
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a helicopter crash in mexico is killed the state governor and a husband who was a senator. became the first female governor of the central face of wedlock following elections earlier this month it's not clear what caused the crash shortly after takeoff. fireworks are blamed for setting fire to homes in mexico the blaze destroyed around one hundred homes in tallyho people in the coastal resort scramble to save their belongings before the fire took hold but lack of food and other essentials in venezuela has forced hundreds of thousands to look for their next meal in neighboring colombia where they include a growing number of indigenous people of the tribe complain of the less than warm welcome and the sun that m.p.'s are reports from the border city of kuta. standard bellies in the gaze of children are telltale medical signs of hunger they're all members of the indigenous euclid tribe. search of food they now call home
1:45 pm
a makeshift camp just over the border in colombia. there was a huge crisis in venezuela no medicine no food for our children we had no options but to leave. chief the uneasier left his land in the mountainous. area have been hoping to find relief instead he says his tribe faced the rest mountain discrimination but. in recent months some of the you have clashed with police attempting to block their entry. we now resort to illegally crossing the river dividing the two countries. the lens of the u.k. divided by the border and their legal status has never been formalized traditionally they've been free to move across at will but that's more difficult to go back in two thousand. court ordered states to protect.
1:46 pm
internal conflict but the ones who have the rived here fleeing the crisis often don't have the documents to prove their ethnic identity. some of those who have made it across the recycling cans to help feed their families others live on the streets of the border city of begging or braiding baskets in half. of the refugee service says of the millions who have left venezuela it's the indigenous people who are worst off it isn't just based on one another we are in a crisis and we need the government to provide timely responses three ukba kids died from malnutrition there are special needs these communities have that must be recognised to provide protection whether they are colombians or not. on the outskirts of members of another tribe they are working to extend their shack twenty
1:47 pm
one new arrivals are sleeping in this small room. and i want to stay here i don't want to go back to venezuela and the same is true for my children and the rest of the tribe but we can all live here we need land housing health services the crisis in venezuela as many layers and well as worked hard to help the fleeing menace where the indigenous communities feel their plight has so far been neglected. well still ahead on al-jazeera two of the biggest stars in basketball are set to collide on christmas day and that got the details coming up in sports. as this year old threats in negotiations comes to an end. we examine what the top stories might be to try to get to be very interesting results.
1:48 pm
in the new year. join us. as we take a look ahead to twenty nine seen. on al-jazeera. development. progress for some the end of a way of life for others. a clash between corporate interests and a people who must prepare for a long fight to protect their heritage and the march to progress in the philippines part of the you find asia series on al-jazeera.
1:49 pm
sports fan stand outs by the wall we know that means thank you very much i mean well this fellow boscobel an m.b.a. fans are set for a real gift on christmas day two of the game's biggest stars le bron james and steph curry faceoff later as the l.a. lakers take all the champions golden state the n.b.a. usually a save the marquee match for christmas day and this will be the first competitive game between the sides a sense of the brawl moved to l.a. is the latest chapter of liberal struggle against corey and golden state while playing out for the cleveland cavaliers the brawn came up short against them in three of the last four n.b.a. championship finals and he still trails a carry it this season the warriors second in the west two places above the lakers . they're a team that's. trying to figure out what i'm. after going to. go
1:50 pm
but we have been in. between takes you know to get to know when we. discuss an issue but we don't have champ should happen. now it's pressure on special days chris. get to play the game of basketball on christmas. thirteenth. grandiose but describe. some pre-season out of the difference is. probably. not for gas in terms of what they're trying to do you know we see a lot of the last four years. before i have this fear. and his team on christmas or less well. for goodness years and. everything atmosphere fun game. the raiders to have signed off but with the win in
1:51 pm
what's likely to be the final game in oakland the team. is set to move to last vegas where they beat the denver broncos twenty seven to fourteen on monday but will be missing the playoffs and their departure won't be smooth though the team's las vegas deal does not start till twenty twenty meaning their without a home for next season say and on an oakland for one more campaign is highly unlikely since their niece is up a city officials are suing them over their morals. was already measured ready you one last winner you know you were right to measure we know you. were nice and mean we love you know we appreciate all the money you want to. write and mention that. i was the last one but when i want to buy remember the liverpool manager your gun club says he's not taking anything for granted and says the english premier league is not a one horse race the reds are looking to end
1:52 pm
a twenty eight year wait to be english chekist and are currently four points ahead of second place man just the city they're all beaten and the league this season and face newcastle on wednesday it can to continue what's been a historic run that's forty eight points in eighteen games that is their highest ever total at this stage of the season it was a really impressive. programme did so that the same going to have. to do to chelsea too often and all that stuff there's no no no decision is it's made that's how it is why should it be that nobody can feel safe nobody should feel out of the race whatever that's it's just not good it's. not the time to think about what it takes and. there were a number of well there's just one week left this year sports writer. takes a look back at some of the big events from last year in what's being quiet here. no i was no fan of the critical style of putting us on the street i mean who wants to
1:53 pm
see that happen you should pay us to watch him fight questions you know both of them but you know when you have these three it does evoke memories of early for it is there a bullet it's just i'm not saying that anything is great that those fighters but they just grip the imagination and you know you've got a kid and you want to be glad to take them to meet their parents and i think joshua and you're going to be roving man mythos and fury running around that's just fantastic and some in the middle of all that is the anti rather and it's just burning whether you're a boxing fan not you you kind of got to watch he's going to mean that to me just to a full when it's ninety thousand people that's ridiculous and one hand i have wrote some of the with the people who go into the if you like of people to get your power wanted to help you you simply cannot go on either an occasion like that you know and having what the crowd or part of it is his he then says that's all stop good and that's what you've been donald trump in a dress you can't read the problem and then you know then vote about it but on the
1:54 pm
other hand. you don't have to be very clever to work out that women sports stars and woman of color particularly just get a raw deal or whatever happens and wherever they're going whatever their place so i think there was good and bad of both sides of the. sport as a whole was was amazed at how the australians over reacted to the whole situation overreacted and also how made it where you know every normal strode in cricket i think was going emma you didn't know your guys were the most unpleasant team to play against and i think that's been part of the world reaction to it and the australians they still seem to be reading you know from from what they've taken as a personal assault it seems to me that they think cricket defines them in the world and that these three boats these men that are going in particular encountered bankrupt or somewhere robbed them of their national identity all their national or . it is you know world. and that's it for manhunt
1:55 pm
about to sammy. now a new museum is opened in senegal tracing millions of years of african history it's also provoking calls for the return of african artifacts stolen by slave traders. reports it is under this tree that the story begins three million years ago in africa with the beginning of the human species it's a tale of a long journey from which most never returned part of the slave trade there were sorrow and destruction along the way but also color courage the spiritual and humor leaving those that want to learn more in our religion it's so overwhelming i don't really understand it some of it's familiar some of it's not but it definitely grabs you by the guard. the museum of black civilization has been fifty two years
1:56 pm
in the making it's the brainchild of single first president nicknamed the poet president because he spent a third of the national budget on arts and culture it's a legacy president is carrying on. keeping our culture is what saved african people from attempts made up making them soulless people without a history and if culture does link people together it also stimulates progress. work on the museum only began in two thousand and fifteen after a thirty four million dollars donation from china the exterior was inspired by the medieval city of great zimbabwe now a world heritage site while the inside is modeled on a senegalese hut fourteen thousand square meters in size with this museum the call from african countries to get their artifacts back to no longer be ignored because this space is a celebration of black artistic expression and so whether stalling or not
1:57 pm
much of it comes from outside the continent. the museum's director shows us the eighteenth century sward of. it was stolen from senegal and is in possession of the french who have now lent it to the museum if not for the front of the river when they stole our belongings they weren't art they were just objects of daily life but then colonizers to find these objects african art the aim of this museum is to show that african art is in fact much bigger than that our focus is not just on the past but also on the future and the voice of the diaspora. a large part of the museum is dedicated to contemporary art with many pieces from the caribbean the diversity of the collection that's been assembled so far is unique for many africans who come to visit it is much more than a museum it's a mirror to see themselves in a new light because hawk al-jazeera the car. all that said for this news hour but
1:58 pm
martine's back in a moment with more of the day's news so stay with us. in the first episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval to slamming a period in the field of. professor jim. brings the brilliance of the pause to light. last point credible always does no real all we've done is block out the mud from the roof and then allow it to come through the small old served one of science and go into marriage on al-jazeera. the latest news as it
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breaks i'll go and sit on both sides of the political spectrum though it seems in their criticism of victor governments with detailed coverage only change so far as to make it explicit they cuba's communist party will remain as the only party. from around the world the idea of an armed intifada of opposition to the occupation is gaining support that's moving away from diplomatic negotiations. thanks love to make loans to sufferance because behind the suffering a millions of taxpayers because those tax payers never go away is a new one born every single day a nineteen it is an urgent national message to put it we officially request rationing of the support mechanism we created together because i happen to live in creeks somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera.
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demential rain hampton's the search for survivors in indonesia and the number of dead from saturday's tsunami climbed to four hundred twenty nine. hello welcome to al jazeera live from doha i'm. coming out increasing here is he in sudan's capital as demonstrators prepared to march on the president to demand an end to his illness of the. government and a suicide bomber attacked libya's foreign ministry at least four people including
2:01 pm
the attackers a killed in the capital tripoli. and escaping venezuela in search of food in colombia but an increasing number of indigenous people are struggling to find the next meal. terentia rain into these areas hampering the search for survivors a saturday tsunami the number killed in western java has now risen to four hundred twenty nine and one hundred fifty four people still missing at experts share more tsunamis if the and that krakatoa volcano erupts again as andrew thomas reports from panda. the scenes in time all the video into these events have seen lots of bass this year the drudgery of a cleanup following disaster this is what remains of the hotel workers may have.


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