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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 26, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera. police use live fire to try to break up a seventh day of banti government protests in sudan. hello and welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm martin damn it's also. a flashpoint close to damascus missiles that syria says were fired by israel a shot. and just a day after
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a little girl's burial another guatemalan child dies in u.s. border custody. i just showed you where the government is going to reopen. refusing to budge donald trump says he won't end the shutdown until he gets what he wants. sudan's president has called anti-government protests as traitors as a seventh day of rallies took a dangerous turn police fired into the air when demonstrators tried to march on the presidential palace in the capital khartoum they're demanding president obama steps down after twenty nine years in power there is here more than this. they started by protesting against shortage of credit and rising inflation but seven days on the demand has completely changed they're now demanding the government and its twenty nine year rule and step down. and which is led by
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president omar al bashir has responded to using tear gas and live ammunition. president omar al bashir addressed his supporters in tuesday hickeys the protest says of being influenced by external agencies. as a. thank you for hosting me thank you for your support and enthusiasm which is a response to every foreign agent traitor lauren destructive person you are the ones responding to them right now from here you are responding to all the churches in foreign agents i support you and with your support i will be back here next year . thousands came out to protest in the capital anyway some opposition groups have voiced support to the protesters they say the people have legitimate reasons for turning an economic crisis into a political crisis for the government but the as we cannot at this moment lower our demands to economic ones only the protesters started demonstrating at the bridge
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fuel and financial instability however they are now demanding the toppling of the regime and changing it the masses of realize that there is a strong relationship between the economy and politics the regime has promised several times to forward to correct its part of the crisis is the nature of the regime which spends a lot of money on protecting itself and on buying loyalty and support. president bashir has faced protests before but throughout his reign he's never had to face protests this big protests that those participating in seem determined to keep going till their demands are met peter morgan is there a sort of. well the soaring price of bread and fuel truck of the anti-government protests a week ago that the anger has been simmering for a while all the oil has been main source of income for decades but it lost most of its oil fields and three quarters of its output when south sudan gained independence that was seven years ago. the u.s.
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lifted trade sanctions on sudan in october last year which had been in place for twenty years but sudan has struggled to attract the foreign investment needed to revive the economy the sudanese pound has been devalued three times this year and inflation has sought to almost seventy percent its mild sudanese american journalist he says the lack of a strong opposition party has worked in our bush's favor for a long time the city's opposition has been divided there are various. political parties rebel groups used groups so for a long time i think the government has been able to make use of that very fact that the opposition has been quite divided but i think with what we're seeing now is that different opposition groups are. calling on their political base to take to the streets to join these protests why how that translates into actual
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political gain remains to be seen but yes there is a history of the division within the political parties amongst the political opposition you know all kinds of. regardless of the active in opposition politics or not really have have felt. the burden of of the economic woes that have taken place this year. syrian air defenses have opened fire on what state media is cooling enemy targets near damascus blaming israel for the miss hour raid they quote a military source citing most of the missiles were downed before they reached their targets and on separate was hit and three soldiers injured in the attack meanwhile the israeli military says it's a defense system intercepted an anti aircraft missile fired from syria in the past israel has laws and strikes into syria against what it says are israeli and of hezbollah targets. turkey's foreign minister says the u.s. is going to take back military equipment supplied to kurdish led forces this
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follows president trump sudden decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria they've been supporting kerry's forces in the fight against i so since twenty fourteen the kurdish led syrian democratic forces are s.t.'s control about a third the syrian territory including the city of land age so tran bought a cat is director of the center of a conflict and humanitarian studies at the doha institute he says kurdish fighters in syria are being deserted by the u.s. . they relied quite a lot on the united states as much as the united states relied on them to undertake much of the work on the ground and they have by doing so elina to the number of neighbors and other potential allies and i think they must feel very disappointed. and my personal view is that they don't think there's anything strategic about about this decision it seems that it was a trump decision that has already cost him his defense secretary and where the
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story is still unfolding so maybe the united states will revisit some parts of this decision and maybe fine tune it a little bit so that there is no total desertion of the white beach or the only option facing them today is really to go back to the government of syria and you have to remember that at the beginning of the war they were kind of allied with the government so they are they've never really severed their relationship with the state so maybe the best option would be to go back to to the to us understand with some kind of relationship they would probably require the russians to mediate a little bit but to. continue with their aspiration of total control of the areas particularly north of syria bordering turkey is very unrealistic i think they need also to revisit their own ambitions probably have to draw their forces back to where the kurdish territories originally are. because country like turkey takes
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against them the fact that they have more or less ethnically cleansed many arab settlements in the north and i think that gives them a degree of legitimacy for for their intervention this is all part of turkish expanded influence in the region following the haji ji affair and it clearly or divan has reached a deal with the tram within the white house by withdrawing the finance and first withdrawing the forces is really dismantling the whole the whole plan so it's no longer a stabilization force it's no longer a stabilization engagement in the north and northeast of the country. a second glass a man and child seeking a new life in the u.s. has died in government custody u.s. customs and border protection say the eight year old boy died at this new mexico hospital after showing signs of illness on monday he was initially diagnosed as with cold and defeat earlier this month a seven year old fellow also from guatemala died after being detained by bewildering agents reynolds has more from washington d.c.
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. there's still a great deal we do not know about this case we don't know the boy's name and we don't know exactly why he died what the cause of his death was the information that we are getting comes from a u.s. government agency the customs and border protection service which is part of the department of homeland security it said that it is notified the inspector general for the department of homeland security and also notified the government of guatemala but the reaction has been coming in for example a democratic member of congress. paul who represents a district in the u.s. state of washington wrote on twitter this is deplorable two children have died under d h s is that's department of homeland security watch this month what happened to one death too many secretary nielson that's a reference to d.h. as secretary cures genea listens comment following the death of
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a young guatemalan girl earlier in december saying one death is too many and the american civil liberties union which is a frequent legal flow of the trumpet ministrations border policies and immigration procedures tweeted this is a horrific tragedy c.p.b. must be held accountable and stopped from jailing children the a.c.l.u. also called upon the incoming democratic controlled house of representatives to launch an investigation of the department of homeland security as one of its first priorities. just a few kilometers north of the white house a chechens giving sanctuary to a woman who faces deportation to el salvador shut government immigration policies means. is spending christmas away from her family in order to be able to remain in the country. has his story. rosa gutierrez
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lopez moved to the u.s. thirteen years ago to save her life. i came here from a salvador because the country was growing so violent and there were people threatening me especially one person who had threatened me several times. but because i. missed an early hearing in immigration court the u.s. government said she must return to el salvador her flight was meant to be on december tenth. as hired a lawyer and someone suggested she seek refuge at a church as it happens the members of cedar lane unitarian universalist church near washington d.c. had decided in may two thousand and seventeen that they would provide refuge to immigrants a neat they knew u.s. immigration officials normally avoid entering houses of worship to detain people facing deportation orders while some say the sanctuary movement violates u.s. immigration law the senior minister says cedar lane is both following the law and
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living its values our act of fate. is to be in solidarity with rosa. that that is our primary focus and goal and and supporting her and giving her the space and the time that she needs in order for her to receive due process in the trump era religious activists in the u.s. have stepped up efforts to protect asylum seekers and lopez has been willing to publicize her case but she really wants to be back home in virginia with her three children in the meantime home is with the congregants of cedar lane. but i will always think them because they gave me a very warm welcome and they've embraced me as a member of their family and they've promised to protect me all of them all of them
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will. put the best possible gift at this christmas time rosalyn jordan al-jazeera the festa maryland and president trump says parts of the government will state shut down until he gets five billion dollars for his war on the mexico border his demand for the rule is being rejected by the democratic party and even some members of his own republican party and in retaliation president trump is refusing to sign a wide a spending bill temporarily stripping funding from parts of the government i can't tell you when the government's going to be open i can tell you it's not going to be open until we have a. fence whatever they'd like to call it i'll call it whatever they want. but it's all the same thing it's a barrier from people pouring into our company into our country more now from our correspondents you have written. on the face of it it was
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a tough restatement of donald trump's position the twenty five percent of the federal government that's currently shut down wouldn't reopen until he got the money for his wall however you could interpret his statement as suggesting some wiggle room for negotiation he didn't just call it a wall he said the federal government is going to open he said until we have a wall a fence whatever they'd like to call it perhaps he thinks that there's a way forward in negotiation if he if he relents on the idea off a concrete barrier which he's already been doing in the last few weeks talking about steel slaps artistic steel slabs perhaps he thinks there's a way for the last offer we heard from the white house was over the weekend which was not for a concrete barrier which wasn't for five billion dollars so perhaps the white house hopes there is a way forward but from what we're hearing from the democrats that are just as confused as anyone else there was this tweet from chuck schumer who said different
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people from the same white house are saying different things about what the president would accept or not accept to end just from a shutdown making it impossible to know where they stand at any given moment the senate does reconvene on thursday when they go to set that continue. still to come here at al-jazeera i'm. panic attack false alarms add to the anxiety for people recovering from indonesia's tsunami. and get and frustration on the streets of tunis here after the death of the genesis of himself on fire because of the country's economic problems. hello again it's good to have you back this hour do want to start over here towards the western part of the bont we do have
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a storm system that we are watching coming out of turkey notice the clouds right there this storm is going to be moving to the east as well as the southeast of the next few days so that means the rain is going to be on the increase right along this frontal boundary and you are from turkey down here across parts of syria over here towards egypt so we are looking at some very heavy rain in places for aleppo a temperature few of fourteen degrees by the time we get to thursday the rain's going to be even heavier the front going to push through and we do expect to see a little bit of more colder air coming into play there over here towards baghdad it's going to be a rainy day as well thursday is going to be about seventeen degrees in your forecast also clouds down here towards kuwait city at about twenty two where the same clouds are going to be making their way down here across parts of the arabian peninsula so for riyadh here on wednesday clouds coming into your forecast at about twenty two but as we go towards thursday those clouds start to make their way across paré as well as over here towards qatar temperature for us about twenty three degrees abu dhabi really not looking too bad at about twenty five degrees there and then very quickly across parts of south africa we are going to sing cape
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town with some clouds in the forecast twenty one degrees as your forecast but your head of spring is going to be a hot day with a mostly cloudy day at thirty four degrees. my main interest every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's channelise that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most him better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. let's
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have a look at the top stories here of after syria police in sudan of use live fire to disperse anti-government protesters in the capital khartoum it was a seventh day of demonstrations that started because of rising prices that are now demanding the president step down president omar al bashir has dismissed the protesters as traitors syrian state television is reporting the government had defenses of intercepted an israeli missile raid near damascus it says an arms deputy was hit and three soldiers were injured in the attack. a second guatemalan child seeking a new life in the u.s. has died in government custody u.s. authorities say the eight year old boy died in hospital after showing signs of illness. in indonesia to ritual rain and the possibility of all massive waves to
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bring in further on to the victims of saturday's tsunami thanks. in to say villages in simba jaya raced to higher ground and to spread another tsunami but it was a full salaam at least four hundred twenty nine people were killed when the way struck at night without warning the settle fire near by volcano that is still erupting government right has more from some bono than and on the west coast of java after the tsunami comes the flooding torrential rain overnight in this part of java has continued through into it wednesday making the clean up on the recovery effort simply impossible especially in villages like this where many of the houses don't actually have any roofs people need to wait for a rest fight from this weather the roads at the back of this village are flooded in
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the big concern now is for this main road this is the road that runs all the way along this shattered piece of coastline all the recovery vehicles the rescue vehicles have to use this stretch of road it was already damaged as a result of the tsunami parts of it have been flooded and the hope is that it doesn't flood anymore meanwhile the warning of further tsunamis remains in force and it's will remain so while we're in this high tide period through until tomorrow thursday the concern for volcanologists is they simply don't have a good idea of what krakatau is actually up to at the moment they know it is a erupting but without a visual reference either from the shoreline or from the air it's difficult to know exactly what kind of danger it poses but we know it's there we know it's erupting because between the claps of thunder you hear these sharper cracks of continued eruptions. japan has announced it will withdraw from the international whaling commission and resume commercial whaling next year as a member of the i.w.c.
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japan hunted whales in the end target for what it called scientific research the government says it will only hunt in its territorial waters in the joints iceland and norway as the only countries in the world that allow commercial whaling. a few more violence in tunis is capital following the funeral of a journalist who set himself on fire in protest at unemployment and the ailing economy is actions mirror those of a street vendor in twenty eleven his death spots the arab spring mariana honda has more. discontent has been simmering in tunisia for months. they've been messed demonstrations even a nationwide strike to be interesting meant of the soaring living costs and unemployment but it's the death of a journalist on monday that could ignite the anger protestors have been clashing with police for a second day responding to abdirizak silkies online post calling for
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a revote. this is a call to the unemployed in kasserine let us start a revolution i will demonstrate on my own and i will set myself on fire for eight years i've been trying to find work year after year nothing happens everything is lies. funeral drew huge crowds and turned into demonstrations. on fire in protest just like a street vendor in two thousand and eleven whose death gave birth to the arab spring and brought the twenty three year rule of president zine el abidine ben ali to a named june as he enjoyed a relatively smooth transition to democracy but has failed to fire economically. and now feeling the pinch unemployment is at fifteen percent. ation is a record high and a two point eight billion dollar loan from the i.m.f.
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two years ago came on the condition of economic reform i just last month around two thirds of a million public sector workers stopped work to demand better wages and to match for two nescience who day say it was struggling to survive a sentiment echoed in sudeikis post. they don't have anything to eat to fill their stomachs people protest but the authorities call us terrorists they just tossed to shut up. dorothy said the promises of the arab spring remain unfulfilled the response to his death could force the government to confront how to deliver for its people while satisfying those it owes money medium to hand out to syria. police in the serb run part of balls there have arrested several opposition leaders and clashed with protesters after the detention of a man see here answers about his son's death the police were trying to break up
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a vigil for twenty one year old david drug. whose body was found in a creek in march it was initially ruled a suicide but his father maintains there was foul play months of rallies over the death of an expanded to include corruption and the struggling economy. has been a bleak festive season for many zimbabweans this year is the country struggles with food and fuel shortages even in the toughest times sales of always increase in the days before christmas but this year businesses haven't seen the usual seasonal rush it's a far cry from the revived economy president women god were promised when he took over from robert mugabe more than a year ago our own macassar has more from harare oh. these teachers say they don't want to be paid in local bonnets zimbabwe's side of the currency the government insists the notes are equivalent to the u.s. dollar. but on the black market they are constantly
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losing value that's why workers want the salaries in dollars so they can at least afford the basics. the moment for the poor the working class in zimbabwe it is going to be this is in for the elite class in the ruling elite was enjoying to but with what not busy and what not with this nothing for the. price is a basic goods have more than tripled in just a few weeks some people say they are barely able to buy the essentials never mind the luxuries the mood is very different this time last year robert mugabe was forced to resign as president by the army many people really hoped his departure would in a new and more prosperous era fuel cash and medicines are in short supply after decades of government mismanagement and public funds it seems the situation is getting even worse the economy is just. a point of explosion. we have
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been happening for the last ten years. trade deficits that we're importing more than all the exporting and to date we have accumulated. thirty billion dollars others say there is really nothing they can do about the current situation challenging the government is sometimes not an option it can be too risky to continue. on just before on. as anger and frustration grows over the economy the general sentiment here is that it's not complements but complications of the season in zimbabwe. al-jazeera. the crew on a german ship say they're still looking for a port of call after rescuing thirty three migrants in the mediterranean sea they hope germany will actually mainly and allow the sea was three to dock after being ignored by italy spain and the netherlands most of the migrants on board are from
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nigeria libya and ivory coast and a spanish aid group says it has rescued more than three hundred migrants from three boats on friday proactiv are open arms says two of the boats are in danger of sinking the group says it doesn't yet know where the migrants will be allowed to disembark. a lack of food and other essentials in venezuela has forced hundreds of thousands to flee to neighboring colombia and they include a growing number of indigenous people of the tribe complain of the less than the warm welcome alice hundred m.p.'s he reports from the border city of cook. standard bellies in this in the gaze of children are telltale medical signs of hunger they're all members of the indigenous euclid tribe who left venezuela and search of food they now call home a makeshift camp just over the border in colombia. there was
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a huge crisis in venezuela no medicine no food for our children we had no options but to leave. chief the uneasier left his land in the mountainous. area hoping to find relief instead he says his tribe faced the rest menton discrimination but. in recent months some of the you have clashed with police attempting to block their entry was. we now resort to illegally crossing the river dividing the two countries. the lens of the u.k. divided by the border and their legal status has never been formalized traditionally they've been free to move across at will but that's more difficult now back in two thousand. court ordered states to protect. internal conflict but the ones who have the right here fleeing the crisis often
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don't have the documents to prove their ethnic identity. some of those who have made it across the recycling cans to help feed their families others live on the streets of the border city of begging or braiding baskets in half. of the refugee service says of the millions who have left venezuela it's the indigenous people who are worst off it isn't just someone and we are in a crisis and we need the government to provide timely responses three ukba kids died from mt nutrition there are special needs these communities have that must be recognised to provide protection whether there are colombians or not. on the outskirts of members of another tribe are working to expand their shack twenty one new arrivals are sleeping in this small room. you know i want to stay here i don't want to go back to venezuela and the same is true for my children and the rest of
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the tribe but we can't all live here we need land housing health services the crisis in venezuela as many layers and well colombia has worked hard to help the fleeing menace where the indigenous communities feel their plight as so far been neglected by south beauty i'll just. take a look at the top stories here police in sudan have used live fire to disperse antigovernment protesters in the capital it was a seventh day of demonstrations which started because of rising prices but now they're demanding the president sat down president omar al bashir has dismissed the protesters as traitors syrian state t.v. is reporting that government defenses of intercepted in israeli missile raids near damascus it says an almost jeffrey was hit with three soldiers but injured. a
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second child seeking a new life in the u.s. is died in government custody u.s. customs and border protection say the eight year old boy died at this new mexico hospital after showing signs of illness on monday earlier this month the seven year old girls are from guatemala died after being detained by border agents. president trump says parts of government will stay shut down until he gets five billion dollars for his war on the mexico border his demand for the rules been rejected by the democratic party and even by members of his own republican party and in retaliation the president's refusing to sign a why this spending bill temporarily stripping funding from parts of government i can't tell you where the government's going to reopen i can tell you it's not going to be open until we have a. sense whatever they'd like to call it i'll call it whatever they want. but it's
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all the same thing it's a barrier for people pouring into our company into our country japan has announced it will withdraw from the international whaling commission and resume commercial whaling next year as a member of the i.w.c. japan hunted whales in the antarctic for what it called scientific research the government says it will only huntin its territorial waters now joins iceland and norway is the unique countries in the world that allow whaling. in indonesia as original rain and fears of another tsunamis in villages in some big gyre racy higher ground at least four hundred twenty nine people were killed when the waves struck the coastline on saturday night without warning it was set off by a nearby volcano that is still erupting roger today those are the latest headlines from last year about as they are coming up next the listening post. kidnappings and murders in crimea since russia's full stomach sation of the black sea. i don't
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understand why he was kidnapped. schools of crimea into tang's have been arrested. and can. most believe by russian security forces. crimea russia's dirty secret on al-jazeera. hello i'm richard gilbert and you're watching a special edition of the listening post it's been thirty years now since the publication of one of the most influential books ever written about the institution that we cover the media manufacturing consent the political.


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