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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 26, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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on the seven year anniversary. of white's let's stand up. for human rights. unrest in sudan and the struggle to contain protests as the president calls the demonstrators straight to. hello i'm the star detail and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a flashpoint close to damascus missiles that syria says were fired by israel a shot down. another guatemalan child dies in u.s. custody as family members bid farewell to a little girl who died earlier this month. and japan changes course
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a ban on commercial whaling is reversed sparking concern from conservationists. anti-government demonstrators are preparing for an eighth day of protests in sudan as president says trait is behind the calls for him to resign a week of violent protests has left at least twelve people dead and more critically injured on tuesday police fired into the air as demonstrators tried to march on the presidential palace for more on this let's cross live now to have a morgan in khartoum these protests have now continued for over a week and they seem to be getting more violent how the demonstrators responding to government attempts to actually stop them. or less as a let's remember this for just to seem very determined to go on with their protests they seem to be very distinctive very keen on their demand they didn't seem to be
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backing off yesterday the protests we've seen that when police were firing tear gas and live ammunition in the air and in fact some people some people got injured because of the live ammunition that didn't stop the move seen people continuing to march on continued to put as they were determined to make it to the presidential palace but we had to fire several rounds of a live ammunition and tear gas before they were able to disperse the crowd and it was not just in the organized square that they had initially planned for there were several other parts of khartoum that also witnessed protesters coming out demanding that the president to go so obviously regardless of how much force the police is using to try to stop this for just as didn't seem to care they don't seem to mind the fact that some of them will be news in their lives mrs said that thirty seven people have been killed now from yesterday's for tests several people have been wounded by bullets as well they were in hospital in a last evening some of them in critical conditions and that number of thirty seven that amnesty gave out is expected to rise if the protests continue. they started by protesting against shortage of credit and rising inflation but seven days on the
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demand has completely changed they're now demanding the government and its twenty nine year old and step down the government which is led by president omar al bashir has responded using tear gas and live ammunition was. president omar al bashir addressed his supporters on tuesday he accused the protesters of being influenced by external agents. thank you for hosting me thank you for your support and enthusiasm which is a response to every foreign agent traitor lauren destructive person you are the ones responding to them right now from here you are responding to all the churches and foreign agents i support you and with your support i will be back here next year. thousands came out to protest in the capital anyway some opposition groups have voiced support to the protesters they say the people have legitimate reasons for turning an economic crisis into
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a political crisis for the government but the. as we cannot at this moment lower our demands to economic ones only the protesters started demonstrating at the bridge fuel and financial instability however they are now demanding the toppling of the regime and changing it the masses of realize that there is a strong relationship between the economy and politics. the regime has promised several times to forward to correct its part of the crisis is the nature of the regime which spends a lot of money on protecting itself and on buying loyalty and support president bashir has faced protesters before but throughout his reign he's never had to face protests this big protests that those participating in seem determined to keep going till their demands are met. now the president seems very defiant as i've said earlier and i stand here he has called the protesters creators he says that they were foreign agents that are influencing these protests and he seems to think that these people who are protesting don't have any legitimate reasons he's also
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promised that he was going to try to introduce new reforms but to the people who are protesting they feel like after the twenty nine year rule of president bashir they feel like they've been there done bad and that there's nothing new they feel like it's a promise they've heard before and that they're not going to see any change that would produce something concrete they don't think that anything he says or his government says will make a change which is why the saying that they want this government to go and they say that this is that want to reform they want to see they want to see a new government new faces with new ideas that would improve their living conditions and would end with the corruption that they say has been. basically infiltrating the government. here morgan speaking to us there from khartoum thanks . syrian air defenses near damascus have opened fire on what state media is calling enemy targets blaming israel for an air raid the military sources saying several missiles were downed before they hit their targets and arms depo was damaged and three soldiers injured meanwhile the israeli military says its own air defense
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system intercepted an anti aircraft missile fired from syria in the past week israel's prime minister has said he plans to intensify attacks on a rainy and targets in the south of the country and staying with syria turkey's foreign minister says the u.s. is going to take back a military equipment supplied to kurdish led forces this follows president donald trump's decision to withdraw all u.s. troops american soldiers have been supporting kurdish forces in the fight against isis since twenty fourteen the kurdish led syrian democratic forces control much of northeast syria including the city of men bitch sin and cos who has more from istanbul. turkish officials how welcomed the u.s. decision to withdraw from syria they also welcomed a commitment to would take weapons provided to y.p. to fighters in order to fight against eisel in syria where when you speak to the military experts and security experts they have doubts about the way how these weapons are going to be collected because they say there's a huge amount of weapons provided to the white p.g.
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and no one can assure that these weapons have been haven't been taken out of syria to iraq or other places or no one can guarantee that these weapons can be delivered by the white p.g. to russian military forces over there or the syrian regime army forces inside syria of course it is a question mark also for tricky whether united states is totally going to isolate the why peachey in syria in that case a scenario comes up for the turkish officials still consider whether the white preacher is going to align with the syrian regime or a rush hour we know that to kurdistan the geishas from the syrian democracy a council which is the political wing of the s.d.f. have been to moscow and they have been discussed they discussed about the future of that is the euphrates where turkey and threatens to hold a military operation in order to clean the region from the y. p.g. and moscow has been the second capital after paris which hosts. meetings for the
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s.d.f. main the a y p g and turkey says that this is the hosting of p.k. k. in their own capitals now talking to these sources in ankara they are very uncomfortable about these latest dialogue between moscow and the s.d.f. for the second time this month aggression lalan child has died while in u.s. custody the eight year old boy died after receiving medical treatment at a hospital in new mexico border agents say the child showed signs of sickness and the cause of his death is being investigated the guatemalan foreign ministry has called for an investigation. meanwhile relatives and neighbors of seven year old jacqueline col have been attending her funeral in guatemala on tuesday have body has been repatriated from the united states she died earlier this month while also in the custody of u.s. border patrol. she was a very emotional girl dynamic and very happy she took the decision to follow her father and she told her grandparents that she was going to send money for the
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family here in the community but unfortunately she died. unfortunately the death of this girl is not the only one there are many girls were dying on the road as if they were nothing. like that and it is good that we should try to respect our rights because we travel or our comrades have trouble because there is no money here in our region. u.s. president donald trump says parts of the government will stay shut down until he gets five billion dollars for his war on the mexico border his demand for the wall has been rejected by democratic party rivals and some members of his own republican party in retaliation trumps refusing to sign a wider spending bill temporarily stripping funding from parts of government. i can't tell you where the government is going to be open i can tell you it's not going to be open until we have a. sense whatever they'd like to call it i'll call it whatever they want. but it's all the same thing it's
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a barrier for people pouring into our company into our country and she had returned he has more from washington. on the face of it it was a tough restatement of donald trump's position the twenty five percent of the federal government that's currently shut down wouldn't reopen until he got the money for his wall however you could interpret his statement as suggesting some wiggle room for negotiation he didn't just call it a wall he said the federal government isn't open he said until we have a wall a fence whatever they'd like to call it perhaps he thinks there's a way forward in a negotiation if he if he relents on the idea off a concrete barrier which he's already been doing in the last few weeks talking about steel slats artistic steel slabs perhaps he thinks there's a way for the last offer we heard from the white house was over the weekend which was not for a concrete barrier which wasn't for five billion dollars so perhaps the white house hopes there is
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a way forward but from what we're hearing from the democrats that are just as confused as anyone else there was this tweet from chuck schumer who said different people from the same white house are saying different things about what the president would accept or not accept to end just from a shutdown making it impossible to know where they stand at any given moment the senate does reconvene on thursday when they go to set that continue. torrential rain and the possibility of more big waves in indonesia bringing further anxiety to the victims of saturday's tsunami thank you know the. villages in some big giant race to higher ground when word began to spread that another tsunami was coming as it was a false alarm more than four hundred people died on saturday when the waves struck at night and without warning at recession nearby volcano that still erupting from the bride has more from the ledge on the west coast of java. after the tsunami comes the flooding torrential rain overnight in this part of java has continued
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through into wednesday making the clean up on the recovery effort simply impossible especially in villages like this where many of the houses don't actually have any roofs people need to wait for a rest fight from this weather the roads at the back of this village off flooded in the big concern now is for this main road this is the road that runs all the way along this shattered piece of coastline all the recovery vehicles the rescue vehicles have to use this stretch of road it was already damaged as a result of the tsunami parts of it have been flooded and the hope is that it doesn't flood anymore meanwhile the warning of further tsunamis remains in force and it's will remain so while we're in this high tide period through until tomorrow thursday the concern for volcanologists is they simply don't have a good idea of what krakatau is actually up to at the moment they know it is erupting but without
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a visual reference either from the shoreline or from the air it's difficult to know exactly what kind of danger it poses but we know it's there we know it's erupting because between the claps of thunder you hear these sharper cracks of continued eruptions. weather is next but still ahead on al-jazeera settling scores in iraq the story of violence between triumph and the police officers trying to stop it. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast or here across southeastern europe watching a big storm system that's been moving through parts of turkey now up through the black sea and into the ukraine and with that storm we do expect to see quite a lot of rain as well as winds even still in the higher elevations and for the storm is going to really stay out here in the same location for the next several
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days so going to see quite a bit of accumulation fish in those higher elevations from korea temperatures going down high temperature here on wednesday only reaching to about zero and athens is going to be a cold day for you a little bit more sun in your forecast at about six but as we go towards thursday notice it gets even colder and air filters in from the north minus one is going to be your high out here towards the west what we're looking at single digits for most locations london at nine degrees we're going to be seeing mostly cloudy conditions there down towards zurich it is going to be a better day with a temperature of five degrees for you well that same storm system i was talking about in turkey is going to cause a lot of problems here across the eastern med and down here towards egypt as we go towards wednesday the cold front is going to extend down here towards the coast that means rain anywhere from the gods over here towards alexandria we are going to be scenes of winds in the forecast as well but for tunis it is going to be a nice day with a temperature few fifteen. welcome
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back. a reminder about top stories this hour anti-government demonstrators across
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to dawn are preparing for an eighth day of protests riot police opened fire to just pass a mass rally in khartoum on choose day the president says the protesters are treated . syrian state television is reporting that government defenses near damascus have shut down israeli missiles the israeli military says it's only an education system intercepted an anti-aircraft missile fired from syria. for the second time this month a glossy modern child has died while in u.s. custody border agents say the eight year old boy showed signs of sickness the cause of death is being investigated. japan has announced it will withdrawal from the international whaling commission and resume commercial whaling next year as a member of the i.w.c. japan hunted whales in the antarctic for what it calls scientific research the government says it will only now hunt in its territorial waters joins iceland
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norway and the faroe islands as the only places in the wild when a commercial whaling is permitted. by an n is a spokeswoman for humane society international she joins us now via skype from sydney and explain to us the impact of japan leaving the r.w.c. after all japan's been waiting for at least the last that he is despite being a possible. by leaving the international whaling commission the i.w.c. japan is walking away from the international body that is agreed under international law to be responsible for the management and conservation of whereabouts leaving that body means that japan is walking away from international law or hundred very concerned that they're beginning and new era of pirate whaling and the killer presumably japan will still have to abide by some laws around its maritime activities. un convention that the lure of the sea requires countries to cooperate in the conservation and management of maureen resources and
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the international body for that cooperation is the i.w.c. so japan is turning its back on an international agreement which has agreed and several decades ago back in ninety two that there should be no commercial hunting of whales on the high seas or in countries coastal waters so japan is going to be operating completely outside the bounds of international law or if it continues with commercial whaling once it's left the idea of u.c. net i want to ask you about the practical implications of this move if so legal legal questions aside japan leaving the i.w.c. does that mean it's going to be potentially hunting more whales and they have been whaling throughout this entire period what are what are the actual practical implications of this. so says since the i did b.c. agreed that not all commercial whaling ship has been exploiting
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a loophole at the idea of e.c. which allows for scientific research everybody knew that there was nothing scientific about what japan was doing but it was that loophole that allowed them to get away with continues commercial hand saying so at least to this decision we will have no more pretext about scientific research and japan has said that it will cease whaling in the southern ocean the southern ocean is an international century for whales so we are pleased that they will finally comply with that century and the whales that will be left in peace but we're very concerned about what that decision means for the northern hemisphere where they have said that they will continue to mesh the hands you whereas in the coastal waters we call an end not to do that if they leave the i.w.c. and they stop all commercial hunting whereas there is no problem we would say that at this stage in the i do see instructions emails or leave and start planting
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whales basically but to continue hunting wells outside at night at the sea is very serious some are worried about the creases and for an international agreements to consider the marine model s. and fisheries and so on shore but nick i want to ask you because japan has argued for some time now that it's part of local culture to consume whale and i may well mean it only makes up i think something like point one percent of meat that sold in japan and it wants to sustainably commercially whale is there an argument for sustainable commercial whaling. no whales are a very vulnerable group of animals they really slowly and they cannot cope with commercial hunting that's why the international community at night to the sea decided they don't crash will hunting of whales should stop and we also need to be aware that in today's oceans wells are facing many more environmental threats climate change prey depletion pollution in terms of stakes and some noise in
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tournaments and fisheries the last thing that was need is continued commercial hunting nicholas buy in and speaking to us there from sydney thanks so much for your thoughts nicola you are complex police officers in iraq are pushing tribal leaders to find a better way to settle disputes for decades tribes have avoided involving the police and often resorted to violence or there it is a become concerned the fighting poses a threat to law and order as a monk on reports from baghdad. in iraq some feuds acetyl like this this video taken two weeks ago shows one tribe attacking the house of another on the outskirts of baghdad these future becoming a growing problem for iraqi authorities who say the tribes operate outside of the law tribal tradition in iraq goes back centuries and was a way of organizing society. in major urban areas like baghdad they have limited
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influence but in rural areas tribal leaders can enjoy almost unchecked power. power that comes from the barrel of a gun. and as long as they're not easy to access weapons in the hands of people and tribes then there is no security and tribal feuds continue to take place if there is any dispute between two tribes then the use of force with heavy weapons and armored cars will inflate the tribal feuds. but it's not as easy as simply taking weapons away iraq's tribes have always been useful to iraq's leaders the british use them to quell the rebellion saddam hussein used them in the one nine hundred eighty s. in his war against the americans use them to defeat al qaida during the u.s. led occupation and more recently the of all here for it is. to help defeat them for that reason they've been given special treatment. while the. police force is trying
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to educate tribal leaders into using a different approach to settle disputes and the newly passed law prohibits using to settle feuds. with the law must be imposed by the government and to be considered their red line never to be crossed security forces and many iraqis on the streets have risen up to counter such actions known as tribal feuds and vengeance the issue has excessive rated lately and got out of hand. the tribe seems to be listening for the longstanding hostilities don't just disappear overnight and many tribal leaders will be reluctant to give up their weapons simply because they fear the other tribes will not leaving iraqi authorities with a long way to go before they can be confident the tribes operating within the law and. back. there's been more violence since unity is capital following the funeral for a journalist who set himself on fire to protest unemployment and the ailing economy his actions mirror those of
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a street vendor in twenty eleven whose death sparked the arab spring but he has more. discontent has been simmering in tunisia for months. they've been mest demonstrations even a nationwide strike to vent resentment of the soaring living costs and unemployment but it's the death of a journalist on monday that could ignite the anger protestors have been clashing with police for a second day responding to abdirizak silkies online post calling for a revolt. this is a call to the unemployed in cusser arena let us start a revolution i will demonstrate on my own and i will set myself on fire for eight years i've been trying to find work year after year nothing happens everything is lies. zoellick is funeral drew huge crowds and turned into demonstrations sold he says himself on fire in protest just like
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a street vendor in two thousand and eleven whose death gave birth to the arab spring and brought the twenty three year rule of president son ben ali to a named tunis he enjoyed a relatively smooth transition to democracy but has failed to fire economically to new zealand and now feeling the pinch unemployment is at fifteen percent inflation is a record high and a two point eight billion dollar loan from the i.m.f. two years ago came on the condition of economic reform i just last month around two thirds of a million public sector workers stopped work to demand better wages and to much for tunis ians who they said was struggling to survive a sentiment echoed in sort of post. of a crucial but don't have anything to eat to fill their stomachs people protest but the authorities call us terrorists they just tossed to shut up. dorothy said the
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promises of the arab spring remain unfulfilled the response to. his death could force the government to confront how to deliver for its people while satisfying those. two activists have been arrested in northern china while protesting outside the trial of a prominent human rights lawyer john was detained in twenty fifteen he was known for taking on cases involving accusations of police torture the forty two year old was one of more than two hundred people swept up in a government crackdown targeting people working in the legal system there's been high security around the courthouse and the trial has been closed to the public. police in the serb run part of bosnia have arrested several opposition leaders after detaining a man speaking out on says about his son's death scuffles broke out between protesters and officers who tried to disperse a vigil for twenty one year old de the drug it's a bitch his body was found in
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a creek in march it was deemed a suicide but his father says he was murdered the case has sparked months of anti-government rallies in bosnia people are angry over government corruption and the struggling economy. the crew of a german ship says they're still looking for a port of call after rescuing thirty three migrants in the mediterranean sea three days ago they hope germany will act humanely and assist the crew which has been refused permission to dock by italy malta spain and the netherlands most of the migrants on board or from nigeria libya and the ivory coast. italy's could tanya airport has reopened after an ash cloud from mountainous latest eruption forced it to shut down more than one hundred tremors have been felt from the volcano in sicily this week the observatory monitoring mt etna says a new fissure has opened near its southeast crater at no which is one of three active volcanoes in italy has been particularly active since july. and it's been a bleak festive season for many zimbabweans this year as the country struggles with
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food and fuel shortages even in the toughest time scales rocketed in the days before christmas but this year businesses haven't seen the usual seasonal rush it's a far cry from the revived economy president promised when he took over from robert mugabe more than a year ago has more from harare. these teachers say they don't want to be paid in local zimbabwe side of the currency the government insists the notes are equivalent to the u.s. dollar. but on the black market they are constantly losing value that's why workers won't pay salaries in dollars so they can at least afford the basics. for the board with the lessons of bob. the ruling elite was enjoying it too but what would not be would not with. prices a basic goods have more than tripled in just
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a few weeks some people say they are barely able to buy the essentials never mind the luxuries the mood is very different this time last year robert mugabe was forced to resign as president by the army many people really hoped his departure would in a new and more prosperous era fuel cash and medicines are in short supply after decades of government mismanagement and alleged to decent public funds it seems the situation is getting even worse the economy is just. a point of explosion. we have been happening for the last ten years. we importing more than all the exporting and to date we have accumulated to diffuse to fifty billion dollars others say that is really nothing they can do about the current situation challenging the government is sometimes not an option it can be too risky . the bodies of their own just before long.
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gone from gaza as anger and frustration grows over the economy the general sentiment here is that it's not complements but complications of the season in zimbabwe. al-jazeera. doha and these all the top stories anti-government demonstrators across three dawn are preparing for an eighth day of protests riot police opened fire to disperse a mass rally in khartoum on shoes day the president says the protesters are traitors to morgan has the latest from. the sort of the scene very determined to go on with the protests they seem to vary the thing to be very keen on their demand didn't seem to be backing off yesterday at the protests we've seen that when police were firing tear gas and live in the missions in the air and in fact some people some people got injured because of the live ammunition that didn't stop the
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move seen people continuing to march on continued to put as they were determined to make it to the presidential palace but we've had to fire so rounds over live in munitions and tear gas before they were able to disperse the crowd and it was not just in the organized square that they had initially planned for there were several other parts of course but also witness protestors coming out syrian state television is reporting that government and defenses near damascus have shot down israeli missiles the israeli military says its own ad offensive intercepted an anti aircraft missile fired from syria. for the second time this month a child has died while in u.s. custody border agents said the eight year old boy showed signs of sickness the cause of death is being investigated. japan has announced it will withdraw from the international whaling commission and resume commercial whaling next year as a member of the i.w.c. japan hunted whales in the antarctic for what it calls scientific research the government says it will now only hunt in its territorial waters joins iceland
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norway and the faroe islands as the only places in the world where commercial whaling is permitted. in indonesia torrential rain and the possibility of more big waves bringing further anxiety to the victims of saturday's tsunami villages and some but jaya sort higher ground on tuesday at least four hundred twenty nine people were killed when the wave struck the coastline on saturday without warning. demonstrations and india's capital have continued for a second day following the funeral of a journalist who set himself on fire to protest economic problems police used tear gas to break up the crowds of drugs or he had posted a video online before his death saying the promises of the twenty eleven arab spring remain unfulfilled those are the headlines join me here for more news after inside story. the democratic republic of congo is finally heading to the polls on the road. you will know the winner of the already
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controversial presidential election join us for special coverage of these election . rebuilding syria seven years of war has devastated much of the country donald trump says saudi arabia is ready to pay for reconstruction but who will get the money and how will it be spent this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. syria seven year war has transformed ancient cities into ghost towns entire neighborhoods wiped from the map schools and hospitals reduced to rubble.


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