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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 27, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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dies in its care. here in peru where residents are struggling to deal with the influx of venezuelan migrants fleeing the turmoil back home. and australian cricketer cameron bancroft breaks his silence on a bomb tampering scandal we'll tell you who he's pointing the finger at. the long awaited presidential election in the democratic republic of congo has been postponed in some parts of the country sparking concern about upsurge in opposition protests the vote delayed in beni and tembo in the east which have been dealing with an ebola outbreak since august and you may be in the west where would one hundred people were killed in ethnic violence last week the electoral commission says that the vote will be held in those areas in march instead affecting more than a million people have been several delays in the last two years provoking demonstrations across the country and i just was earlier this month after more than
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eight thousand voting machines were destroyed in a fire in the capital kinshasa the opposition says it won't accept any further postponements own desires malcolm webb is in contrast with this report. the democratic republic of congo's the election is already here as a video. and the electoral commission has announced the second postponement in a week in three areas let's elect strong direct elections than any protests and you may initially plan for december thirtieth on our program from march twenty ninth it will be subject to a specific calendar all. the electoral commission said the three areas would have delayed parliamentary polls and provincial elections in march that means that we can think excluded from the presidential poll that's meant to happen on sunday the electoral commission said the reason was conflicts and then a polar outbreak all three areas a key opposition strongholds. and this is one of the reasons why
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hundreds of civilians have been killed in a series of massacres around the town of benny in the last four years it's not clear who is behind them the government blames a rebel group called the i.d.f. . you've heard of outbreak started in august and spread to the area around benny more than three hundred people have died. the campaign rallies were allowed to take place there. and it's opposition candidate martin flailing through the biggest crowds i think this is the people that need change in this country most because they've been under walls rules of war atrocities the must killing ceased to kid and also want their votes cancel out in this country there was want to change. there are about one point two million voters in the regions that will be excluded many of them support five. congress catholic church which has played
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a key role in campaigning for democracy they question the decision to do this. with think this is a dangerous decision and also we don't see a clear with the patience for it why did they not decide this during the campaign when people were more exposed why only now i think there is a hidden agenda behind it. the election has been repeatedly postponed opposition and the millions of followers now question its credibility to even if it happens it's result may not be accepted malcolm webb al-jazeera can shatter in the democratic republic of congo. alex hynes is head of africa program at chatham house hearing on it and he joins us in the studio thanks for coming as well would you make a decision to postpone the elections in these in these particular areas. well the timing is terrible i mean we're just going to few days before the elections this election has been constant perspire and as many of you viewers know since twenty sixteen and the two locations in the east of the country. the
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authorities say a because of ebola and then you may be in the west because of violence when the but the problem is going to be that these an awful spawn to march their opposition strongholds and we don't know how they're going to tally these votes with the final result especially since at the moment the plan is to announce a president a new president in the democratic republic of congo on the eighteenth of january two thousand and nineteen so what do you think that the opposition is going to do about this summit is that do they have a unified response to this oh well they've done i mean one of the opposition leaders is saying he'll probably still go ahead to contest the elections several of us are saying they they're thinking about what to do and a number of others are saying that they'll pull out i mean there are twenty one candidates for the presidency in the democratic republic of congo so getting a unified platform is going to be pretty difficult but in terms of their electoral
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significance i mean that i know you said that that the government has to do the boehner and other security based is it your impression that actually if you exclude those areas it could really make a difference as a result a level see in terms of how the result is at the end of this month when congolese go to the polling booths if it's really close which is what i suspect it could be then the this could be significant what this doesn't do is instill any trust in the process and that's going to main the getting opposition recognition of the result is going to be more difficult and you mention is the sheer numbers of candidates who other new people they need to watch out who because of kingmakers it would make a difference to that the outcome well if the couple of favorite favored candidate so many out of the twenty one have no chance at all. not so people think that the former interior minister mr dari who is the mr can be so the incumbents choice
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may well still win but as your correspondent has just said in the for out of concession the opposition has a strong four following one of the problems though the opposition is is split is divided attempts to get a unified platform have failed unless is this gives the incumbent see the incumbent party the biggest opportunity i think and what about the i mean the we've mentioned about as far as an issue to the election but how serious is it this particular very really good question is serious and so i have some sympathy for that particular part of the issue for the east it's the second worst outbreak in congolese history so it is a worry but why allow campaigning and then only just now say that they're going to postpone the elections in bamiyan boot temba until march that doesn't make a lot of sense axons thank you very much and if you notice it's just thinking. and our protest against the government of president omar bashir have entered the second
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week in sudan hundreds of people are once again rallying in the capital khartoum but right police have been heavily deployed to stop them from marching to the presidential palace there were similar scenes on tuesday when riot police to specify thousands of protesters with tear gas and live ammunition doctors say they treated at least nine people for injuries four in those demonstrations one of them is still in a critical condition officially some twelve people died in the unrest there the real figure could be as high as thirty seven demonstrators angry about rising food and fuel prices and blame the government for economic mismanagement speaking to supporters on tuesday president of a she had dismissed the protesters as foreign agents and traitors. yes medical students at the university of calgary for in eastern sudan have organized a protest calling for regime change professors from the public hospital participated in the rally which took place inside the hospital premises i witness is said police forces cordoned off the demonstration i'm sure there have been
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morgan has bases from khartoum. what we've seen so far is that people are not satisfied with just marching up to the streets demanding that the president resign and that his he and his twenty nine year rule we're seeing people doing basically they were seeing people protesting in different ways. of today for example doctors issued a statement saying that they are on strike they're not going to go to work they don't want to work for a government that basically they see is oppressing them and is not giving them any benefits especially comic benefits now they were able to mobilize medical students also to go out and strike against the against the government they've also called on people of other professions not just in the state but around the country to join them on a nationwide strike it's not clear yet if people would actually follow through on that one but people are saying that they're not going to be satisfied with just walking out to the streets demanding that the government resign and that president bashir step down and his rule they're going to try to find every single way they can to try to pass on their message to the government that they're not happy and
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that they want to see a new regime in place of the current regime president bashir is that he is not going to step down he's he basically said that the those people protesting are traitors and are being infiltrated by foreign agents so he has appeared to have dismissed those people who are protesting in the streets despite their huge number yesterday we've seen thousands of people protesting there saying that they were done with the government but obviously president bashir by saying that he is he thinks that there are foreign agents and that they're traitors he has completely dismissed their protest and now so there is a standstill out between the protesters on one side saying that they want the government to go away and that they want to see a new government new faces new cabinets new reforms and new policies and president bashir is saying he's not going to back down is going to try to go to provide new economic reforms and new policies but then people said that we've been there before we've heard that before we don't want that anymore we want to new government that would give us new ideas so right now sudan is at a standstill between the protesters and the government it's not clear how this will play out over the coming days with both sides seeming to be very determined to get
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what they want. represents is a yemen's war in factions of met in her data in what's being hailed as historic breakthrough un monitor general patrick come out who's to talks between the government and who's the rebels in the port city or a cease fire is currently in place the two sides are set to meet there again on thursday but the movies have accused coalition forces of violating the truce with ground attacks and at least twenty eight airstrikes during the last twenty four hours coalition commanders haven't responded to those allegations. two former presidents of egypt two of both deposed have appeared in the same court whose name mubarak has testified in the retrial of egypt's first democratically elected leader mohammed morsi over a jailbreak during the uprising seven years ago china has more. egypt's revolution may seem like a long time ago but its consequences are still unfolding as mine. and i wanted the whole of the information i'm requested to provide here is related to
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the trial and what happened before it such information was delivered to me because i was the president as supreme leader of the military forces in a car oh courtroom an extraordinary scene two former presidents adversaries in the events of early two thousand and eleven now appearing on opposite sides of the law the long time ruler hosni mubarak many called him a military dictator was deposed by the revolutionaries he gave evidence against egypt's first democratically elected leader mohamed morsi morsi who faced a death sentence until it was revoked is being retried on other charges along with fellow muslim brotherhood defendants they're accused of conspiring with foreign groups including hamas and hezbollah to orchestrate a violent jailbreak in the early days of the revolution but it was some say a third president the current leader abdel fattah el-sisi attempting a show of strength here to wield more power you see that he's telling the former
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president mubarak you must come to court and so we're seeing this power play that sisi signaling to both mubarak and his people that i'm consolidating power and myself i am the eternal power in this state and the level of repression today's unprecedented and the economic situation is even worse the attacks on journalism and freedom of speech and press and civil society egypt is quickly becoming governor and sisi is afraid of a counter revolution in two thousand and sixteen egypt's highest appeal court overturned a life sentence handed down to president morsi ordering a retrial last year mubarak's own conviction on charges of negligence in office was overturned and he was released but it is president el-sisi who now faces the possible outpouring of public anger a stagnating ican. beyond the repressive. globalist eighty years egypt appears to
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have come full circle. to zero. u.s. border protection has ordered medical checks on every child in its custody after a second guatemalan child dialed one of its care eight year old philippe gomez unknowns or died on christmas day hours after being discharged from hospital he'd been diagnosed with a cold and fever philippe and his father had been in u.s. border control custody since entering the country a week earlier a seven year old guatemalan girl died earlier this month also after being detained . peru is struggling to deal with the influx of asylum seekers and migrants from neighboring venezuela some two thousand people cross the border every day and that number is expected to rise next year the u.n. says it expects at least two million more than israel has to flee in twenty nineteen arianna sanchez reports or how such migration will impact on local communities. receiving when i find nothing i mean is going to buy you has been
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selling coffee on the streets of lima since she arrived from venice willing november the thirty two year old is qualified in food quality control but she's afraid she'll get in trouble for trying to work in an industry she knows well she missed the october deadline to apply for a work permit by just a few weeks i'm afraid we came here to work legally and to be in the country legally i don't want to do anything against the law to do so so-called foreign police along with immigration officials are conducting inspections across the capital to ensure been a swill and half the required permits to work out of the muzzle by the immigration chief. said the briefly detained some than a swell and for security reasons these criminalities sadly some people have committed crimes and that makes us sad because it affects the way peruvians see them and it also makes peruvians afraid of the immigration office and many are rushing to apply for work permits before yet another deadline december thirty first
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two says it won't issue any more after that they will try i haven't waited for the last minute but it's been very difficult because i still don't have a certificate from interpol immigration authorities say they've increased the number of personnel and office hours to help these men as well and get their paperwork done fast but they also say eighty five thousand business will have missed their appointments and twenty thousand have not picked up their approved permits. six hundred thirty five thousand in a swim and. no living according to official estimates the middle it. says she feels lucky that she crossed the border in time to work legally and. i pride in august they gave me to a point where you just know i don't know what will happen to those who get here after the situation in venezuela is a tragedy and officials say those winter doctor can only apply for asylum now but i mean. this doesn't guarantee
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a job you get that we've got it but the better i applied for asylum they gave me a paper that allowed me to work but no one is accepting it as valid on average two thousand in a sweden's cross into bit every day but again officials say they will not issue work permits after december but for now they will keep the border open to those fleeing the deepening economic and political crisis back home again a sign just just. sort of on long hours their news hour japan draws international condemnation after it announces it will restart commercial whale hunting from july. human microchip implants will report on the benefits and the risks of the technology that could replace keys and access cards. and support a nervous wait to l.a. lakers fans as the key man hits a problem. hello
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you know welcome back here in the national weather forecast we're here across the western part of europe things have been quite nice of the last couple days we've turned to spend a little bit lower but plenty of sun and many locations high pressures dominating you can see here on satellite a lot of clear skies anywhere from germany all the way down here toward spain over the next few days we do expect that trend to continue we may see some clouds appear towards the north but anywhere across central europe it should be partly cloudy to sunny a little bit cool those are at five degrees but dritte is going to be seeing at about eleven degrees there well over here towards the southeast of course we've been dealing with a big storm system pushing through parts of turkey into parts of the one that brought a lot of snow across parts of turkey as you can see here on friday a lot of that active weather is going to be making its way towards the east so much clearer conditions here across parts of turkey we have certainly seen the snow terms as quite low ankara
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a temperature there of only reaching zero degrees well here across parts of the eastern med we did see some rain across parts of. over here towards parts of cairo over here towards alexandria as well clouds along the coast but as we go towards friday things get better as well we are going to be seeing those winds out of the north with ghazi attempt a few of about sixteen degrees up here towards algiers it is going to be a sunny day with the temperature fifteen. january on al-jazeera. an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth. as brazil gets ready to swear in its controversial president we'll have live coverage from brasilia an award winning series showcasing hard hitting stories from the world's most populous regions. as the united states prepares for a new congress we'll examine what this will mean for the country and the world.
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with maybe a trend is constantly changing the listening post continues to analyze how the news is covered. january on al-jazeera. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after you while it borders between five safe countries facing realities the pain starts from the very beginning of the ballet school providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story and talk to al-jazeera. man. band. one of the top stories here. donald trump says he has no plans atoll to remove u.s.
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troops from iraq as he made an unannounced visit to the country as it comes just days after he announced plans to withdraw american troops from syria. russia has accused is ready jets of endangering civilian flights launching what he called a provocative raid near syria's capital. some days noice a presidential election in the democratic public of congo has been postponed in some parts of the country talking concern about an upsurge in opposition protests. when our top story u.s. president donald trump's visit to iraq joining us from washington d.c. is brigadier general mark kimmitt he's a former deputy director of operations for coalition forces in iraq thank you very much indeed for joining us on the program so what do you make of this visit at this stage is another criticism because of a sudden announcement about pulling out from syria you think this is a kind of a p.r. exercise to soften that criticism or i don't think it's a p.r. exercise at all first of all it is always good to get out and see the troops i mean
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candidly president clinton saw me in bosnia in ninety seven president bush called me in iraq in two thousand and three thanksgivings right number one for the opportunity that he had the troops that's a good thing but number two i think it's an opportunity for him to explain to his generals on the ground in the troops on the ground what the syrian withdrawal means and most importantly hear from those generals how they plan to execute that withdrawal so i mean he did say when he was a no plans to pull out of iraq though so why a pull out of other places and not pull out of iraq explain that to us. well syria is a very very different case we are in iraq and afghanistan at the invitation of the governments we are only in syria under a very narrow interpretation of the two thousand and one authority for the use of military force the military was starting to look at additional missions training forty thousand troops keeping an eye on iran potentially being part of
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a peacekeeping mission if a resolution of the syrian conflict came about those missions would take years and years if not a decade and candidly president trump like many of the american people are tired of these these forever wars so i mean he said he made the point that the as he put it the u.s. cannot continue to the policeman of the world which i suppose is what you know alluding to but he does seem to fill it out in a big way with his with some of his generals over the way he's carried things out i'm sticking with with matches it was a concern about not respecting alliances do you think that something that trump has to rebuild you think that kind of trust with other allies if the u.s. is to to what well it brought him no i think that's right but that's a completely separate issue i think senator madison's comment about alliances had to do with the somewhat wire brushing that president trump gave nato coming in i
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think much of that. tension between nato and and president trump has gone away but nonetheless jim madison is right there needs to be a focus on alliances we will never fight a war not as part of an alliance and that doesn't happen if you're continuing to insult your allies do you think though that after the syria pullout announcement president tom has actually slightly changed his tune in that he's now talking about an orderly and slow withdrawal whereas when he announced it was the impression was given that this was going to happen pretty much straight away did you think that he's actually had to take in some of the criticism that was that about him. no i don't think he's taken in any of the criticism and i think think he's taken all of the advice that he's been given this is not an easy operation to just pull troops out of a foreign country where they're currently engaged in combat and as you said he gave the impression that this was going to be quick rather than rather than slow
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methodical that's an impression many people got they just happen to be wrong ok but a general mark kimmitt thank you very much indeed for joining us with the thoughts thank you for forces loyal to renegade general who for have to a rising to capture a number of cities and areas in southern libya sources have told out there that the u.a.e. is backing the forces through financial support and they fear that the major southern city of samarra could be targeted soon and this comes after a tribal delegation met officials a few weeks ago japan has announced it will withdraw from the international whaling commission and resume commercial whaling next year in our joint iceland and norway their new countries in the world that authorize commercial whaling dosage barry has latest. this is what japan says it will restart next july the commercial hunting and killing of whales in japanese territorial waters the chief cabinet secretary
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explained why. japan's basic policy of promoting sustainable use of aquatic living resources based on scientific evidence has not changed and under that policy we have decided to resume commercial whaling the government says the hunters will end their controversial annual expeditions to the southern ocean and antarctica provoking confrontation such as these with conservation groups greenpeace quickly reacted by urging the japanese government to reconsider its ban reversal. and the marine conservation group c. shepard which has fought many battles with japanese hunting fleets says japan's decision to abandon whaling around antarctica is a victory though their campaign will continue elsewhere. among other reactions the australian government says it is extremely disappointed and they are not alone are leaving the international whaling commission the i.w.c. japan is walking away from the international body that is in grade international to
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be responsible for the management and conservation. leaving that means that japan is walking away from international rivera concerned that they're beginning a new era of pirate whaling commercial whaling was banned by the international whaling commission in one nine hundred eighty six because of the hunting of some species on the verge of extinction pro whaling nations expect that the ban to be temporary until an agreement could be reached on sustainable catch quotas instead it became a generally accepted permanent ban for the past thirty two years many japanese argue that eating whale meat is part of their culture while two hundred thousand tonnes of whale meat a year was consumed in the one nine hundred sixty s. that dropped to about five thousand tonnes in recent years. japan is the leader of the probe whaling countries which include norway iceland greenland and the faroe
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islands. japan is leaving the eighty nine member international whaling commission but will continue to be bound by certain international laws the united nations convention on the law of the sea binds countries to cooperate on whale conservation . now with leaving the i.w.c. japan will continue to do what it's done for the past thirty years hunts for what it calls scientific research purposes and in seven months time resumed the commercial killing of whales to dorset to pary al-jazeera. indonesians are being warned to stay at least five hundred meters away from coastal areas because of fears of another tsunami at least four hundred thirty people were killed last weekend after a volcanic eruption set off a landslide and large waves along this wind a straight a stormy weather continues to plague the area rescue workers are persisting with recovery efforts rob mcbride reports from some bono village on the
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java west coast. after being inundated from the sea now flooded from above along much of the coastline devastated by saturday's an army to wrench will rain poured more misery on already awful conditions. like their neighbors. to this family sort through the possessions from their flooded home he knows they won't likely dry out until the other side of the rainy season which is weeks away. everything's red that's all broken there's nothing left. he has no choice but to move back into his house on this exposed coast. this is my home i have no other pleas to go but if i had money i would buy some or see if it will have. the rain is also threatening to cut off the main coastal road upon which the recovery operation depends parts of this road were damaged by the tsunami and the rain has flooded
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other parts of it it's still possible but there's a big effort on now to make sure it stays that way for the root is also increasingly important for the tons of aid that is arriving poor visibility makes it difficult for experts to predict what the crocodile volcano will do next. further eruptions could cause another wave a tsunami warning remains in force and false alarms quickly spread on social media have caused panic and people to seek safety on higher ground. proof of the fear that the volcano still rumbling in the murk beyond the horizon is able to evoke pride al-jazeera north west java indonesia. at least eighteen people have been arrested in tunis here during two days of protests sparked by the death of a journalist. posted a video online before he set himself on fire complaining of the country's economic
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problems and calling for a revolution there and hunt has more. discontent has been simmering in tunisia for months. they've been messed demonstrations even a nationwide strike to be interesting meant of the soaring living costs and unemployment but it's the death of a journalist on monday that could ignite the anger protestors have been clashing with police for a second day responding to abdirizak silkies online post calling for a revolt. this is a call to the unemployed in cusser arena let us start a revolution i will demonstrate on my own and i will set myself on fire for eight years i've been trying to find work year after year nothing happens everything is lies. zoellick is funeral drew huge crowds and turned into demonstrations sold he says himself on fire in protest just like
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a street vendor in two thousand and eleven whose death gave birth to the arab spring and brought to the twenty three year rule of president son banally to a named tunis he enjoyed a relatively smooth transition to democracy but has failed to fire economically. and now feeling the pinch unemployment is at fifteen percent inflation is a record high and a two point eight billion dollar loan from the i.m.f. two years ago came on the condition of economic reform i just last month around two thirds of a million public sector workers stopped work to demand better wages and to much for two nescience who they see it was struggling to survive a sentiment echoed in saudis. post. they don't have anything to eat to fill their stomachs people protest but the authorities call us terrorists they just tossed to shut up. dorothy said the promises of the arab spring remain unfulfilled
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the response to his death could force the government to confront how to deliver for its people while satisfying those it owes money medium hard and now to syria. a grieving bosnia's father who was released on wednesday says he'll continue protests to find out what happened to his dead son of a drug coverage and several others were arrested on tuesday during scuffles with police in bosnia's autonomous republic which alleges his twenty one year old son was tortured and murdered in march but the prosecution completed an investigation and no one was charged the justice for david protests have widened out into an anti-corruption movement what's regarded as pure science fiction human microchip implants are making a slow but steady arrival in the modern workplace or some volunteers already been fitted with a technology several was businesses in the united kingdom and now actively looking
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to provide them to willing employees as need barker reports there are concerns the risks may outweigh the benefits the future is a wave of a hand the way in case you missed it here it is again. this is a whole new level of security though keys or access cards difficult to steal and copy but the technology requires a certain level of commitment that is not for the faint hearted. so this is where the micro chip implant story begins for those who want them at least a clinical setting a sterile environment with some rather daunting bits of medical kit so talk us through what happens next the first part of cedar is where when acetic the point of interest yeah and. then we'll use a scalpel to make a small incision just now and then finally rob a large.


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