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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 27, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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he's of massacres around the town of benny in the last four years it's not clear who's behind the government blames a rebel group called the a.t.f. . you know outbreak started in august and spread to the area around benny more than three hundred people have died as the campaign rallies were allowed to take place there. and its opposition candidate martin freely through the biggest crowds i think this is the people that need change in this country most because they've been wars was a war of choice it is a must human ceased to kids and they also want their votes consulate in this country there was want to change. there are about one point two million voters in the regions that will be excluded many of them support five. congress catholic church which has played a key role in campaigning for democracy they question the decision so this is.
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within this is a dangerous decision and also we don't see if there were two patients or why did they not decide this during the campaign when people were more exposed why only now i think there was a hidden agenda behind it. the elections being repeatedly postponed opposition and then millions of followers now question its credibility to even if it happens it's result may not be accepted. malcolm webb al-jazeera kinshasa let them across to the public i'm very. protests against the government of president omar bashir have entered this second week in sudan hundreds of people have once again rallied in the capital khartoum but riot police have been heavily deployed to stop them from marching to the presidential palace there were similar scenes on tuesday when police dispersed thousands of protesters with tear gas and live ammunition to say they treated at least nine people for injuries following those demonstrations one of the mist in a critical condition the demonstrations angry at rising food and fuel prices and
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blame the government for economic mismanagement there's a hippo morgan has the latest from khartoum. what we've seen so far is that people are not satisfied with just marching up to the streets demanding that the president resign and that his he and his twenty nine year rule we're seeing people doing basically they were seeing people protesting in different ways. of today for example doctors issued a statement saying that they are on strike they're not going to go to work they don't want to work for a government that basically they see is oppressing them and is not giving them any benefits especially konami benefits now they were able to mobilize medical students also to go out and strike against the against the government they've also called on people of other professions not just in the state but around the country to join them on a nationwide strike it's not clear yet if people would actually follow through on that one but people are saying that they're not going to be satisfied with just walking out to the streets demanding that the government resign and that president bashir step down and his rule they're going to try to find every single way they
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can to try to pass on their message to the government that they're not happy and that they want to see a new regime in place of the current regime president bashir is that he is not going to step down he's he basically said that the those people protesting are traitors and are being infiltrated by foreign agents so he has appeared to have dismissed those people who are protesting in the streets despite their huge number yesterday we've seen thousands of people protesting there saying that they were done with the government but obviously president bashir by saying that he is he thinks that there are foreign agents and that they are traitors he has completely dismissed their protest and now so there is a standstill out between the protesters on one side saying that they want the government to go away and that they want to see a new government new faces new cabinets new reforms and new policies and president bashir saying he's not going to back down is going to try to to get to provide new economic reforms and new policies but then people said that we've been there before we've heard that before we don't want that anymore we want to new government that would give us new ideas so right now sudan is at a standstill between the protesters and the government it's not clear how this will
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play out over the coming days with both sides seeming to be very determined to get what they want. still to come on out his era we're in korea where residents are struggling to deal with the influx of venezuelan migrants fleeing the turmoil. and human microchip implants were part of the benefits and the risks and the technology that could replace kase and access cards. hello again and welcome back we're here across australia we have been seeing some pretty bad air across parts of sydney all dealing with high pressure dominating but things will be getting better as we go towards the end of the week you can see clear skies across much of the area temperatures are going to be on the increase as we go from thursday and into friday so thursday we're going to start with about thirty one degrees and still some bad air quality in the region up towards brits
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been twenty eight degrees but we are going to see those temperatures on the increase as you can see sydney is going to go up to about thirty three degrees there over here towards adelaide clouds coming through and we think once that front pushes through your temperatures are going to come down as well so saturday will be a nice change in your forecast here across parts of dizzy land things are looking quite nice we are in between two different storms one out here towards the south pacific and one coming across the tasman sea so a lot of clear skies across much of the area that is how your weekend is going to begin with plenty of sunshine for auckland at twenty two degrees christchurch of eighty degrees here on friday and then as we go towards north asia we are looking at plenty of snow across parts of japan over the next few days things are really going to cool off as we go from thursday and into friday with tokyo temps is coming down to about eight degrees there with snow in parts of the higher elevations.
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look the arrival of refugees is debated in the european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives searching for sanctuary part one people in power on al-jazeera. from one of the top stories here on jazeera donald trump has said he has no plans at all to remove u.s.
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troops from iraq during an unannounced visit to the country his visit comes just days after he announced plans to withdraw american troops from syria. russia has accused israeli jets of endangering civilian flights were launching what it called a provocative grade syria's capital. and sunday's long awaited presidential election in the democratic republic of congo has been postponed in some parts of the country sparking concern about an upsurge in opposition protests. two former presidents of egypt two of both deposed appeared in the same court was named barak has testified in the retrial of egypt's first democratically elected leader mohamed morsy over a jailbreak during the uprising seven years ago trying to. egypt's revolution may seem like a long time ago but its consequences are still unfolding. you want to the whole of the information i'm requested to provide here is related to
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the trial and what happened before it such information was delivered to me because i was the president and supreme leader of the military forces in a car oh courtroom an extraordinary scene two former presidents adversaries in the events of early two thousand and eleven now appearing on opposite sides of the law the long time ruler hosni mubarak many called him a military dictator was deposed by the revolutionaries he gave evidence against egypt's first democratically elected leader mohammed morsi morsi who faced a death sentence until it was revoked is being retried on other charges along with fellow muslim brotherhood defendants they're accused of conspiring with foreign groups including hamas and hezbollah to orchestrate a violent jailbreak in the early days of the revolution but it was some say a third president the current leader abdel fattah el-sisi attempting a show of strength here to wield more power you see that he's telling the former
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president mubarak you must come to court and so we're seeing this power play that sisi signaling to both mubarak and his people that i'm consolidating power and myself i am the eternal power in this state and the level of repression today's unprecedented and the economic situation is even worse the attacks on journalism and freedom of speech and press and civil society egypt is quickly becoming governor and sisi is afraid of a counter revolution in two thousand and sixteen egypt's highest appeal court overturned a life sentence handed down to president morsi ordering a retrial last year mubarak's own conviction on charges of negligence in office was overturned and he was released but it is president el-sisi who now faces the possible outpouring of public anger a stagnating a car. beyond the repressive. eighty years egypt appears to have come full circle.
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to zero. forces loyal to renegade general highly for have to immobilizing to capture a number of cities and areas in southern libya sources have told out there that the u.a.e. is backing the forces through financial support they fear that the major southern city of sever could be targeted soon this comes after a tribal delegation met a officials a few weeks ago u.s. border protection has ordered medical checks on every child in its custody after a second guatemalan child died while in its care eight year old philippe gomez and on zero died on christmas day hours after being discharged from hospital he'd been diagnosed with a cold and fever and he pinned his father had been in u.s. border control custody since entering the country a week earlier a seven year old guatemalan girl died earlier this month also after being detained she had returned he has more from washington d.c. . from what we can piece together from both the u.s. and guatemalan authorities this boy crossed into the u.s.
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with his father on tuesday of last week he was taken into custody his symptoms were noticed on monday of this week he was taken to hospital and yet discharged even though he had a very high temperature one hundred three degrees fahrenheit thirty nine point four degrees centigrade nonetheless he was discharged with ibuprofen and antibiotics taken to a holding cell where his condition worsened he was then returned to hospital where he died a few hours later so many questions are raised by this latest child death in c.b.p. custody why it was a child released into a holding facility these are notorious for being cold for not having the facilities to handle adults let alone sick children also why was the child and his father in custody for so long they should have been in custody for about seventy two hours according to guidelines we now have the assurance from the c.b.p. that children will be tested for any medical problems when they when they are
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admitted up to this point they don't get man to treat testing although that still to be seen whether they will have the facilities to do that congress is also for a view the white house well one spokesperson who is rich simply said it was all quote very sad. u.s. markets are so volatile after a major run of losses in the run up to christmas. the dow jones posted its biggest gain in a single day rising eleven hundred points that's worse five percent a partial rebound followed a pretty christmas losing streak killed by a slower global growth and political uncertainty in washington. peru is struggling to deal with the influx of asylum seekers and migrants freeing from neighboring venezuela some two thousand people cross the border every day and that number is expected to rise next year the u.n. says it expects at least two million more venezuelans to flee in twenty nineteen or in a social as reports from lima or how such migration will impact on local communities
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. when. i meet is going to buy you has been selling coffee on the streets of lima since she arrived from venice willing november the thirty two year old is qualified in food quality control but she's afraid she'll get in trouble for trying to work in an industry chanel's well she missed the october deadline to apply for a work permit by just a few weeks i'm afraid we came here to work legally and to be in the country legally i don't want to do anything against the law to do so so-called foreign police along with immigration officials are conducting inspections across the capital to ensure a business will and half the required permits to work and as he was a by the immigration chief. said briefly detained some than a swell and for security reasons what's your earliest gleam in their lives sadly some people have committed crimes and that makes us sad because it affects the way peruvian see them and it also makes peruvians afraid of the immigration office and
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many are rushing to apply for work permits before yet another deadline december thirty first two says it won't issue any more after that they will try i haven't waited for the last minute but it's been. very difficult because i still don't have a certificate from interpol immigration authorities say they've increased the number of personnel and office hours to help these men as well and get their paperwork done fast but they also say eighty five thousand business with us have missed their appointments and twenty thousand have not picked up their approved permits. six hundred thirty five thousand in sweden and snow leaving according to official estimates economy though he. says she feels lucky that she crossed the border in time to work legally and also at work i pride in august they gave me to a point where you just know i don't know what will happen to those who get here after the situation in venezuela is a tragedy and official say those winter doctor to work can only apply for asylum
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now but i mean. this doesn't guarantee a job you can get that mean that but the benefit i applied for asylum they gave me a paper that allowed me to work but no one is accepting it as valid on average two thousand in a sweden's crossed into a bit of every day but again officials say they will not issue work permits after december but for now they will keep the border open to those fleeing the deepening economic and political crisis back home but in a sign just just. that was regarded as pure science fiction human microchip implants are making a slow but steady arrival in the modern workplace or someone and his already been fitted with the technology several u.k. businesses are looking to provide them to willing employees as need barker reports there are concerns that the risks may outweigh the benefits in the future is a wave of a hum the way in case you missed it here it is again. this
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is a whole new level of security no keys or access cards difficult to steal and copy but the technology requires a certain level of commitment that is not for the faint hearted. so this is where the micro chip implant story begins for those who want them at least a clinical setting a sterile environment with some rather daunting bits of medical kit so talk us through what happens next the first part of cedar is by while setting the point of just you and. and we usually. just make a small incision. and then finally rob a large need to out and that we first just i'll stop you there for me in my case at least i think i've already was no is that really hood completely pain free the u.k. firm biotech office implants to businesses and individuals is fitted one hundred
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fifty implants in the u.k. so far and the number is rising assistive technology from stable people implant. banking security general years of contact as payments passport date or be stored on these microchips and embedded in your hand comes down to convenience i suppose for people it's very hard to lose your hand it's easy to lose or he sure was a lot of sound demographics will not convenient this is one of several implant firms reportedly in discussions with british financial and legal companies the names of the companies are being closely guarded this isn't new technology microchips have been implanted in tents for many years but the prospect of implanting them in employees to spot concerns from trade unions back tipping gives even more control and power to being employer and comes wary of inherent risks and dangers overdressed inventors a shouldn't just be ignored by an employer i would
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need to of into consideration and their definition be pressuring any workers into every market biotech company say the technology should be voluntary and that people must have a right to privacy but with one swedish bio hacks claiming to have already implanted four thousand people their worries micro chipping could eventually become the new normal society's embrace the mobile phone making is easy to track on a daily basis but by implanting microchips there may be few places left to truly escape technology leave barca al-jazeera london. on one of the top stories around jazeera donald trump announced he has no plans at all to remove u.s. troops from iraq as he made an unannounced visit to the country the president accompanied by his wife spoke to troops and met military leaders is it comes just
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days after he announced plans to withdraw american troops from syria he's now said iraq could be used as a base if the u.s. had plans for anything in syria he also invited the country's prime minister i do monday to visit washington. this year our eternal gratitude for everything you do to keep america safe strong and free. you know the reason i'm here today is to personally thank you and every service member throughout this region for the near limitations of the isis territorial caliphate in iraq and in syria. russia has accused is ready jets of endangering civilian flights while launching what it called a provocative raid near syria's capital russia's defense ministry says six israeli f. sixteen jets started strikes as two planes were preparing to land in damascus and beirut
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sunday's long awaited presidential election in the democratic republic of congo has been postponed in some parts of the country sparking concern about an upsurge in opposition protests the vote has delayed in beni and boateng both which are dealing with an ebola outbreak and you may be when all the hundred people were killed in ethnic violence last week the opposition says it won't accept any further postponements. sudan's president has accused protesters of being traitors after more than a week of rallies calling for him to resign demonstrations have vowed to fight on saying they won't stop until omar bashir is gone comes as doctors have also staged and to government protests with promises of more to follow. u.s. customs and border protection says it will carry out medical checks on every child in its custody after a second got him on child died in its care eight year old for you to go ms unknowns or died on christmas day after being taken to hospital for
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a second time within twenty four hours. there's a top stories just stay with us next up its people in power thanks very much indeed for watching see you soon. the democratic republic of congo is finally heading to the polls off the road yet the lady who will be announced the winner of the already controversial presidential election join us for special coverage of the os these elections on al-jazeera. it's become one of the defining things of all times a tidal wave of humanity in search of sanctuary from war repression or poverty in recent years millions have taken to the road in the hope that safety and a better life while sway some manage it some don't but almost every journey is
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a tale of hardship insurance and great risk over consecutive episodes where telling one such story as seen through the eyes of those who made it. in. some way and southeastern europe and the summer of two thousand and fifteen. modern day refugees on the march. in fact it was you that. did out
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as from concha hoon in west in syria he's filming his journey. he's joined forces with the can patrick miller georgists. out here on the road where anything can happen they've learned to watch each other's backs. i know. that in the dumb wave that i can recognize you know. like so many others did out in may lead stories began back in twenty eleven when syrian president bashar assad sent in troops to crush protests against his regime. the uprising that followed triggered the worst refugee crisis since the second world war. since then eleven million syrians half of the country's population have been displaced.
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in twenty fifteen alone four million were on the move. the majority sought safety in neighboring countries. a world most felt that the had to. also listen almost or even a comment that you like and what is he really other than. an economics student at aleppo university did art had been arrested during the uprising and thrown in jail on his release he'd fled over the border that he proposed to his fiance. badmouths order. and see the area and you know. why the choice why. handedness or. a nose the only son of a can will sign long for.
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me and suffer. any minute of it by then. so on the twenty second of may twenty fifteen did our joint thousands of others on a long journey searching for sanctuary in europe. if he made it he could meet up with his wife who dorothy going to head by another route. and for heaven of the. alien on this of the that. yet it is a tower on all. george us was a literature student from northeastern syria when he ended on a mat in the takesh put of izmir they stablished an immediate bond you know i know . i said. and when i said if. after
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days of making discreet inquiries the pending goshi to deal with a people smuggler to take them across the sea. or. that. they would lead. me a lot about a. good long. life mixing. it live. fully and when i was a brazilian on the bus. in the muck on my second. with a. gun i mean as
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a. though the waters were calm that fear wasn't misplaced over three thousand seven hundred refugees were to drown in mediterranean crossings that almost a thousand of them and the eastern sea is through which that pass. this time they were lucky within a few hours their overloaded boat came within sight of chaos a greek island. if you look. at the.
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scene. by the early summer of twenty fifteen more than one hundred thousand refugees had arrived by small boats in greece and the government was struggling with the influx.
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but after three days in the camp they managed to obtain documents which allowed them to move illegally around greek territory. then. what i had is the them i had to buy has. the money the balkan route as it was becoming known went from greece through macedonia serbia and hungary eventually leading to austria and germany the most popular target for asylum seekers. by the middle of twenty fifteen the flood of syrian and iraqi refugees into europe meant anti migrant sentiment in some countries was heartening . but germany under chancellor merkel was bucking the trend and its borders remained. a safe haven back and only providing refugees could reach it. when the club are. there are only.
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michoud wrongs three camera and if across the disorder. one of them would not there are any but burma action. one of. the how to do more do dips oreo the oldest yes you will but the. doesn't. have the feel and he doesn't quote me on you as with i have yet. to. be foolin here and. someone who can. speak. good morning sweet. johnny in the. spirit.
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should be. listening to the show me. good today you may go. on to talk. northern greece some twenty five kilometers from macedonia a small group forge ahead the first hurdle crossing the border. holding in common with as in the end of the liberal gun a month or. but. if .
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they use railway tracks and their g.p.s. phones for a guy. reaching the border crossing in the dead of night. breaks revealing the beautiful countryside.
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in the darkness the group had made it into macedonia. now they set off north again to the serbian buddha. and then she'd been. how many on a bottle. but it does he want this. as the refugee crisis escalated that summer politicians in the balkans and the rest of europe was slow to appreciate its sheer scale. tens of thousands of people were left without cat for assistance.


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